Gaddafi: I will die a martyr. Well, I’m sure the Libyans can help him with that.

This guy is crazier than a rat in a coffee can. Here he is telling his ‘people’ he’s still in Libya. He says he wants to be with his people but Allah made it rain, or something.

Nice hat, psycho!

Live from his bunker.

While I still can’t find a video, here’s a shot of the nutball during his speech telling Libyans in his usually …um… well-organized way:

– “From tomorrow police and the army will restore security and will hunt the cockroaches who are destroying this country.”

– “The west and the US arab nations have drugged our youth who are now not understanding what they are doing.”

– “I will cannot leave my country –  I will die a martyr”

– “Do you [Libyans] want to turn into Afghanistan, do you want the Americans to come here and take over?”

“I cannot resign I am not an elected leader I am the leader of the revolution and I am only armed with a gun.”

“We will not surrender to global superpowers.”

“Demonstrators are against their families, you [parents] you need to re-teach them and tell them to become engineers or join the police and serve their country.”

“Those who are protesting are young people they are ignorant of history.”

“This is a young generation they are taking hallucination drugs.”

“Peaceful demonstrate is one thing but armed rebellion is something else.”

“Nobody can allow our country to become a laughing stock.”

Nah. He’s not crazy at all. The only laughing stock in your country, dipwad, is you.


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  1. I’ll be putting up an open thread later to follow Rahm Corleone’s election thanks to all the cemetaries in Chicago.

  2. Election or coup? Rahm Corleone! ROFLMAO!
    They may as well just hold the coronation now- foregone conclusion anyway. I feel sorry for any normal people left living in Chicago.

  3. Stocks are tumbling. My portfolio just took a horrendous hit after recovering a little bit.

  4. Mom check your mail stat.

  5. We gotta get leslie outta Chicago.

  6. Hey Uppity! This is offensive to rats everywhere, in coffee cans or not 😉

  7. Got it Uppity. Thanks

  8. Val Val Val, I am so sorry. I never liked rats, but I realize this is beyond the pale.

  9. Gaddafi blame game on who started what...

    Gadhafi blames “a small group of youth who have been given hallucination pills” for attacks on some police stations.

    Is this guy on the same planet? His bunker is his universe UW. If he is going to blame it on drugs, it is from his stash.

  10. How did this nutcase ever get into power? Jeez, the outfits from The Wind Done Gone (a la Carol Burnett) should have given people the first clue.

    I want some hallucination pills so I can be in power too. My first appointment will be MKB for First Cat (but only if he promises to give my fuzzy brown and my fat red cats cabinet positions).

  11. I wonder where the Lockerbie bomber is during this uprising. I hope he becomes a martyr too.

  12. I bet he endorses contraception for horses, too.

  13. Things don’t change=That Libyan wacko was nuts when he came to power decades ago.

    Jesse Jackson rumored on his way to interfere in Wis mess….eye roll….If that’s so, the protests are dead. The 10-campus state university system will close down. Meaning state workers will lose jobs whether union members or not. Strike almost certain. The guv is going to point at that national poll and say “you’re fired” a la Donald Trump. What a mess. Yeah UW, union bosses will vanish.

  14. LOL AnnE, from the look of him, he fathered some of them.

  15. From my non-union son minutes ago at UW-Madison.

    “AFT has called for a statewide strike of all teachers in the state. Holy sh*t. This is huge.”

    God help us all.

  16. This picture looks like one of the Lego sets I did with the kids, complete with mini-figures:

  17. Easy, Uppity= stocks are rebounding. Vatinell is going on?! Somebody is playing with the ticker!! Soros?

  18. Sophie – Is that picture from Libya or Madison?

  19. Aw, geez….after paring the losses to under one half, stocks plummeted 100 points to minus 176 at closing. Sorry, Uppity. Horrible day.

    From son at UW, latest in Madison and Wisconsin statewide=

    AFT has called for a strike early next week in anticipation of bill passing. The expectation is that there will be a massive following of staff and sympathizers that work for the state. That is 434 school districts, 12 Universities, and whatever staff follow them, which everyone anticipates would be a HUGE NUMBER. Our COOP Plan will be activated, potentially as early as tomorrow.

    Meaning his management level job now includes janitor and custodian.

  20. That picture is Libya, FF.

  21. I knew that Hal. Thanks 🙂

    I was just so struck by the similarities of the images!

    and, I was being an a**hole. LOL

  22. MKB’s New Best FriendMidEast Dictator Kitteh loves MKB

  23. “Is this guy on the same planet? His bunker is his universe UW. If he is going to blame it on drugs, it is from his stash.”

    I think he’s a secret Republican.

  24. Shhhhh churl, only his goat knows for sure.

  25. PHOENIX – A jury in Phoenix has convicted a 50-year-old Iraqi immigrant of second-degree murder for running over and killing his daughter in a case prosecutors called an `honor killing.’

    Faleh Hassan Almaleki also was convicted Tuesday of aggravated assault for injuries suffered by the mother of his daughter’s boyfriend during the October 2009 incident in a suburban Phoenix parking lot.

    Prosecutors told jurors during the trial that he mowed down 20-year-old Noor Almaleki with his Jeep Cherokee because she had brought the family dishonor by becoming too Westernized. He wanted Noor Almaleki to act like a traditional Iraq woman but she refused an arranged marriage, went to college and had a boyfriend.

    Defense lawyers called Noor’s death and Amal Khalaf’s injury an accident. They say he only wanted to spit on the older woman.

    Read more:

  26. Second degree?

  27. Probation and time served?

  28. Wow I guess I killed the thread.

  29. It’s dinner time DE. hahahahaha

  30. freedomfairy01, at 4:10 PM:

    Sorry…was offline for a few hours. Yes, it’s Libya.

  31. If I had more writing talent, I would thinly disguise clients & their animals & tell their amusing stories…
    (I have a client who dearly dearly loves her lil’ pet rats, but try as I might, I cannot extend their natural lifespan of 3 yrs or so…)

  32. 3 years for a rat is darned good Val. Around here they live five minutes should they be ever seen. lol.

    I would LOVE to hear those stories. Come on. Make a secret blog with those stories. I shall die wanting to be a veterinarian. No matter everything else I’ve done. It will always be the one thing I really wanted to be. Silly me. I should have followed my heart.

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