New footage of JFK on the day before his assassination.

This 8 mm footage of JFK on the day before his assassination was donated by 88 year-old Roy Botello to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. The film was taken on November 21, 1962 at the  Rice Hotel in Houston –where Jack and Jackie met with local Hispanic leaders.

I just thought you all might want to see it.


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  1. But, but, where were the red ropes that kept the people separated? Oh, right, I remember, they didn’t exist. Geez Uppity, you really know how to joggle the memory. I knew JFK was a babe magnet and a bit of a dillettante, but he promised so much and with his brother (a much more capable administrator) as his right hand man – there was so much to look forward to. I held out hope when RFK came back and decided to run, then he too was cut down. It was a devastating time.

  2. I recently watched a show where the Secret Service agents on his detail were interviewed. Very revealing and moving show.

    I agree, HT. There was such promise. JFK was inspiring. That was the only time I ever saw my mother interested in politics. She took us to a campaign event. i could not see JFK, but I saw the heliocopter land. I will never forget it.

  3. Hugo, the amazing thing that I remember about that time was that most people really believed that it was going to work. Most people really wanted it to work. Even after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, most people wanted it to get better. I have no idea who decided it was a good thing to kill him, and I have no idea who decided to kill RFK, but those guys were so incredible in inspiring people that there were better days ahead – not like the current pres who used PR slogans with nothing to back them up, then quite frankly lasted beyond his best before date. I’m not sure what has happened with politics and governance in the last 50 years, but honest to gosh, I wish I were back then and could change things so that both could stay alive and fulfill their potential. BTW, Caroline Kennedy was a stain on their legacy and I’m thankful she’s dropped out of sight – may she ever stay in the shadows.

  4. HT
    I posted a comment to you on the previous thread about tech support people.

  5. HT, you are correct. It was a different time and Americans had different outlook. We want to help people and acheive. We have become so stingy and cynical and our leaders are not leaders. Kennedy inspired people to act. I will always think of the space program and the Peace Corps as the best of his legacy. Bill Clinton is close to being like JFK IMHO. His Clinton Global Initiative is impressive. I have also been reading his book, “Giving.” Meanwhile obama is probably working on a book called “Gimmee.”.

  6. Lots of things were different. We weren’t overrun with open borders, we didn’t have a bunch of Islamofascists looking to rip up our laws. People were proud to be Americans. It wasn’t a horrible thing to say the pledge of allegiance or display a flag. People would rathr eat a broom sideways than go on welfare. Everybody had health insurance, which was CHEAP and didn’t rule your LIFE. Nobody told you what to eat. Nobody told you what to do. The government wasn’t up your ass, in your bedroom and looking to tax everything that wasn’t nailed down. People didn’t buy things they couldn’t afford to pay for. You SAVED to buy a home. You could leave the doors to your home unlocked and come home and your stuff would still be there. There were neighborhoods and everybody knew everybody else and their kids. America produced its own goods. Your food didn’t come from China.I could go on and on and on.

  7. You can’t have a safety net with virtually open borders, especially when the cultures that are coming have mucho children, are generally uneducated (I’ve met some illegals who couldn’t even read or write in SPANISH!). Then they send the money they make back to Mexico – so we provide benefits to them, and they don’t even spend must of their earnings here.

    Hugo, I think people wouldn’t be so stingy, if they felt that when their wealth is redistributed, it would be teaching people to fish (job retraining, limit on welfare, etc), instead of feeling like they’re just throwing fish down a bottomless pit full of generations of people who won’t fish for themselves.

    There are businesses which employ mentally/physically challenged people, teach them some small productive behavior they can do that will be used later with a product which will be sold, they are bused in every day, work a full day like any of us, and they are paid. Granted, it’s a small check, but it’s a big deal to them. The point is they are learning the value of work, of contributing to society, and it feels good to them, also feels good to them to “be just like everyone else”. I don’t think anyone cares about their taxes going to help the challenged people (taxes probably pay for the bus, the aides, etc).

    So in between hardworking taxpayers on one end, and hardworking challenged people, there’s that big group that likes to suck the government teat. That’s where the challenge is, and where we all at times may feel stingy.

  8. Ewwww Greta just interviewed a guy from Indiana, senator, congressman, I don’t know. But he was really testy with her, and at the end of the interview, he made a “shoo-shoo” movement with his hands towards the tv camera. What a jerk.

  9. How nice of that man to donate his film. Another historical piece accessible to the people, instead of staying in someone’s closet.

  10. Takes me back to childhood and the day I held my mother’s hand. I will never forget that day and I think it is a permanent scar on the psyche of this generation of mine. As were the others. Amazing to see how modern this looks now? After so many years. I was watching the show Mad Men — to know the era watch that show. Whew. Nails it — all of it! The way the world looked, then — especially I like the pre-feminist dynamic going on as women were just entering the workforce en masse.

    Hugs Uppity & Co.

    Oh, for our childhoods when it all seemed so simple.

  11. On a lighter note, remember JFK’s “just move” (ahem) campaign? It spread like wild fire. I recall the 50 mile walks all around the country. One Saturday a local radio station sponsored a Walk. Hundreds of people (adult and youth), 2 friend s and I met at UC, Santa Clara and proceeded up the Embarcadero to the Mark Hopkins Hotel, SF. It was truly amazing Nobody was in a hurry to set a record. We were all out just enjoying the day.With rest/eat stops along the way, my friends and I made it in about 13 hours!

    Yes, it really was a hopefully time.

  12. getfit, JFK’s Move and just about anything else he did was embraced because Americans admired and respected him. He was what you call a “Leader”. I rest my case. Obama exudes a “Just go die or something” feeling, ala Jimmy Carter. No matter what slogan he comes up with, people roll their eyes.

    I also remember when the opposing party didn’t act like assholes day and night, thrwarting whomever was president. When a president was elected, Americans respect that president even if it wasn’t their “Party” in power. In the past 15 years, these two parties have been positively disgusting people. And their members are drones with no respect for anybody else. They have alternately taken chances apiece ruining america for twenty years. I remember when your party didn’t MATTER. Nobody stuck their noses in other people’s business. Now they only want to date and marry within their party.WTF is that shit?

  13. GFN,
    Does it seem to you like the Obama crew is trying way too hard to be compared to both JFK and Reagan?
    It’s the triumph of marketing over substance. Can’t believe my party has fallen for that trap. MO is even going as far as to dress and do her hair like Jackie.
    When do we get a president with substance and knowledge again?

  14. I am sitting here watching out my double glass doors to the deck. We have 12 doves, two blue jays, a couple of Chickadees, a female Cardinal , a red headed Wood pecker, a Nuthatch, and a whole flock of Dark Eyed Juncos.
    We have a bird feeder, but I also put seed along the railing and on the floor of the deck for the birds who are “ground feeders”.
    I have to go out and clean the bird caca every day, but it is worth it. We sit here for several hours in the morning watching the birds. In the summer when the doors are open we can also hear then sing. Then we get Indigo buntings and all kinds of finches.

  15. What, Teresa, no partridge in a pear tree?

  16. Teresa, somebody needs to explain to the white house children that the world wasn’t crashing down upon the USA and unemployment wasn’t at depression levels, a million people didn’t lose their homes and food was affordable during Reagan and JFK. And as for Michelle, a hair style is a far cry from Jackie O.

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