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Sorry I didn’t get time to write anything for this morning. So tell you what: You decide the topic (s). Who knows, maybe Gadaffi will off himself and the thread will hop.

“If moduratur wuz orange kitteh, thur wuld be a post”.


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  1. Thanks for this forum, Uppity!
    I know you have a strong disregard for USPS, and the details you mentioned recently provide further emphasis & confirmation (which was not necessary because, after all, you are Uppity!) 🙂

    I am also aware of longstanding, grossly negligent practices at the Denville NJ PO at least through the mid 1970’s. This from a friend and yes, I have a good memory for malpractice. What percentage of PO’s in this country are poorly run, I do not know.
    The service I have is excellent beyond all expectations. Winter hits this area long and hard, and the mail delivery people use their own vehicles which gives them another obstacle.
    Now for my beef, the catalyst for which was a local window clerk who mentioned that if USPS did not have to provide so much free mail service for the guvmint it would be doing ok. I know the Congress Critters use their franking privilege at will. So … I was outraged to find that my requested 1040 forms and instructions were mailed by the guvmint IRS via DHL SMART & GLOBAL MAIL Zone US. Now DHL drops it off at my PO and their stuff is delivered along with USPS stuff. Lucky for me because Fedex and DHL don’t care a whit about delivering things to the right place. I guess USPS receives a pittance for it’s delivery service for DHL, but I don’t believe it is right to take the free part if the paying part is going to be placed elsewhere.

    Question: What do others think about this?

  2. Here’s another concern I’ve been saving up. Where is all the money raised for breast cancer research really going? By now it has got to be a huge total of dough and surely someone has found a way to funnel some off. A former neighbor just emailed a bunch of us here to relate the FL community where she and hubby now reside has just concluded their 2011 fundraiser for the pink cause, and have raised $67K.

  3. We are in a rural area- and the post office in our tiny town does a good job- and our mail woman does drive her own vehicle (sure she gets some kind of tax break?) The PO in the “city” (LOL no way to explain 3rd class cities in PA- as I don’t understand it- the “city” has less than 100,000 prob less than 30,000 so how is it a city? but I digress) The PO in the city sucks. We never ever mail anything from there. Things can take months to get to the address from there.
    Seriously, we did an experiment- I went to one, hubby to the other- we coordinated by phone and dropped the letters to sis at the same time.
    Mine arrived three days later- the one husband mailed took five weeks.

    Now then- whoever ordered this snow- please come and get it as it has been delivered to the wrong address. I did not order any and yet- there is another 4 inches on the ground with 4 more expected. No return address was included so I am unable to return to sender.

  4. Ah Class Cities. If it’s like NY State, cities are divided into classes by population. For example a second class city is over 100,000 residents and third class would be under 100k residents. they do this to define by separate Municipal laws what kind of government the city should have as well as how schools are led. There a a book of laws for each class. For example a second class city must have a school board and be separate from city governmnt rule. it must have a council and it must have a charter,, legislation would require 2/3 vote in certain circumstands, 3/4 vote in others and simple majority in yet others. Etc etc etc. My guess, PA is similar in Municipal law for describing “cities”. So even though it’s a town to you, for purposes of Municipal Law, it’s probably a third class city.

  5. What I think, Pamela, is we have a postmaster whose job is protected by congress and he is constantly referred to as “Like a CEO”. You can search this blog and see pieces on this piece of work, because if he were a real CEO, he would have been fired years ago. yet he makes upwards to a million bucks a year in salary and goodies. He is doing what has always been done and calling it “change”. Honestly and truly, I don’t think the general public gives a rat’s butt who delivers their mail, IRS forms, packages, so long as they GET there. I once had a priority mail envelope get lost in the noise. Too bad it contained stock certificates to cashing, which means I lost money. This is not the kind of crap that endears the public. They want to deliver and receive things on time. Some of those “things” can ruin their lives if they aren’t delivered in due time. There was a time when the mail carrier was known and trusted, had the same route for decades. Everybody knew who it was and trusted him (they were mostly “hims”). But something happened in the last decade for “change”. Instead of ditching all the extra management and pecking order people who never touch mail, they started dumping carriers and replacing them with “permanent part time” employees. In summer, they are often college kids who couldn’t care less where the mail goes or even if it makes it anywhere. Dressed like slobs and delivering slobby mail. The other thing they have been doing is switching routes. So there are some great carriers I have had who, after they get to know everyone and their dogs and learn the route, get shifted to a new route and new learning curve. This is positively STUPID and results in more and more errors. It also slows the carrier down because he has to stop and figure out where he or she is. Thus mail goes to the wrong place quite a bit. I also notice that mail carriers no longer can claim that neither rain, nor sleet or …whataver the saying was, will keep them from delivering. When the weather gets a little testy, you see no mail. So the PO is no longer the customer-oriented place it was. They removed stamp machines in many PO’s in the USA and you have to freaking stand in line while 3 out of 4 of the postal attendants are on break, and you get the picture. If your only opportunity is lunch hour you are screwed. You won’t eat and you are lucky if you get back to work on time after waiting in line. It’s just not geared up for the customer any longer. I could say more, but I ould say at this point the only people who care if DHL delivers 1040s are people who work for the post office. everybody else couldn’t care less how the forms get delivered. This is because the post office no longers means something warm and fuzzy to people like it once did. Typical of government, the only way they know how to operate is cutting services instead of costs, and raising prices for less service. People are fed up with that.

    Last year we had the most WONDERFUL mail carrier. It was like old times. She…yes she…knew my dog, my dog loved her, she brought treats instead of pepper spray. She once put mail in my foyer because she knew it was important and I was on the phone. She delivered to a few other homes and came back for m to sign. Everybody knew her and she was just like a mail carrier always was in days when it mattered. And of course, they moved her. Now we have a slug who can barely speak English leaving mail….wherever.

    I pay exactly ONE bill a month using a stamp and that’s only because they don’t offer electronic withdrawal. I do this not because I’m mean to the postal union. I do it because I don’t trust the post office any longer.

  6. Leave it to Uppity to explain concisely and precisely something nobody in the local gov could ever explain satisfactorily.
    Your description sounds very close to what we have here. The school thing is maybe a tad different- as we have a county name “central school district” that serves the city and the surrounding townships.
    We live in one township- but have a street address in the next township- and that gives us postal service from the good one. Thanks be! Our post woman is great! And she comes even in the snow! We have to keep the mailbox- curbside- clear- but she has been very good since my back injury. If it isn’t clear and there is important mail (non junk) she will stop and toot the horn to alert us (and if I don’t hear it- the dog certainly does lol) Then she will wait for me to come out. Which if I do not have my boots on can be a few minutes. But she will wait.
    Sometimes it’s a pain to live in the back of beyond- but other days there are immeasurable benefits to living where “everybody knows your name.”

    SNOW PICKUP AISLES 1 through 10000!

  7. MOM, I just added text to my comments on PO and cities. In truth, female carriers CARE more and get to know you. Maybe it’s for their own survival and safety, but they are always smiling and get to know you. For what that’s worth. Maybe we need a female postmaster general. Of course the salary will be cut in half for the girl. But maybe some customer-orientation will be interjected again.

  8. Agreed on the female carriers. ANd come to think of it- most of the employees I see at the good PO are female. The ones at the crappy takes five weeks to deliver a letter one in the city?
    You guessed it- men.

  9. OT, but I have to rant about what I heard on NPR last night. I forget what show it was, but it was a group of 3 women and they were discussing Limbaugh’s crack about MO not practicing what she preaches about diet (I of course didn’t hear it but he apparently brought up her fancy rib dinner in Vail and commented on the caloric intake). Anyway, of course they were blasting him – how *could* he possibly criticize Our First Lady, she is SOOO beautiful and in such good physical shape, he is RAAAAAcist because he mentioned that she was eating ribs (“why didn’t he also mention watermelon?”), etc. One of the women then said, “nobody has ever criticized a First Lady like that before. Can you imagine if he said those things about Laura Bush?” The other guest very timidly mentioned that when Bill Clinton was in office, there was all kinds of criticism about Hillary and her looks, and even of Chelsea. The first woman replied, “But there was some truth to that” and went on to explain that Hillary DESERVED to be criticized because she DID have physical imperfections which (according to her) were fair game. I didn’t hear her explain exactly WHY all the constant criticism of Hillary’s personal appearance was justified (as opposed to all their righteous indignation about an offhand wisecrack about MO) because I slammed the radio off and nearly threw it out the window. I am still fuming.

  10. Here’s another concern I’ve been saving up. Where is all the money raised for breast cancer research really going

    That’s a good point. I would like to ask where is any of our money going. I mean specifically the contributions to Haiti.

    Bill Clinton and George W Bush made commercials together and seemed to be bringing attention to the problems in Haiti. I actually contributed a few dollars.

    I have recently seen a report from Haiti, in which the reporter said that the earthquake might have happened yesterday. The poor people are still living in tents and in makeshift huts in the mud.

    So, where the hell did all the money go?

    I am slowly being dissuaded from contributing to anything now.

  11. Has anyone read “Obama Nation” by Jerome Crosi??????

  12. PMM – Am certain there is some kind of reimbursement for their vehicles. The drivers here drive from the passenger side (yikes – do they do that where you are?) and I notice sometimes they have to lean way out the window to reach down an uncomfortable distance to place the mail in the box. In my (private residential) community there are cluster boxes up front; certainly that is much easier for the PO worker to access.
    UW – as always, you have a ton of knowledge and are willing to share it to open my eyes a little wider.
    That’s always a good thing. I guess we have the advantage of real small-town stuff. There is just one mail clerk and window service does not keep him that busy so he works in the back too. At Christmas time, the post mistress works the other ‘window’ as required. My concern is what will replace USPS letter/parcel delivery because I am not ready to give up paper billing, and there is little to admire about PO competitors. My home is a half mile from its corresponding mailbox, so this is a problem for theout-of-town guys. UPS has a good driver at the moment, but when I first moved up here and ordered much-needed window shades, the shades rode around on that truck for 3 weeks. I found out about it when the Visa statement arrived. Another botched UPS delivery was for medicine for my terminally ill cat, Katie. When PA renumbered everything for E911, my house number changed from 10 to 12. (Don’t ask; now there is no #10 on this street.) The substitute driver chose not to check. It was a Friday and he just took the meds back. Need I say more? Once FedEx left a package at a home 3/4 of a mile away. It was a $90 order from the supply arm of the United Methodist Church; fortunately the family there tracked me down, gave it to me. I did not need the stuff that badly, so returned it with a note suggesting they not to use FedEx in this community.

    I guess each of is is truly the same. If something serves us well, we would hope to be able to keep it.

  13. the post mistress works the other ‘window’
    This fits with your theory of whom to hire

  14. The post office supervisor decided that our business mail should be routed at the end of the day. We get our mail after 3pm. When the regular is sick, the a$$clown doubles the route for the guy which means we don’t get mail until after hours.

    Since I have to do a lot of work that requires east coast time, I am screwed when the paperwork comes in. Our working days were cut by 2 days. Monday received mail is too late to call anyone on the east coast since I am in a mountain standard time zone. Friday, I lose because most east coast facilities close by 4 est. Monday holidays means that I also get screwed out of Tuesday work.

    We had fabulous delivery up until the guy retired and the new a$$clown took over. I told the mail carrier that I would surely let anyone who is waiting on a letter of approval from their insurance company where to go to find out why a notification might actually make it to my hands 5+ days longer via the USPS. It’s now to the point that approvals reach the person before they reach our office. People become extraordinarily angry when they get the answer to why it took so long to take care of them.

  15. McNorman, nothing like being Business-Oriented in this economy. This is what I mean. They are a self-contained, self-absorbed monopoly functioning on the You Need Me I Don’t Need You system. And your postmaster is a moron who should be fired for NOT THINKING.

  16. The drivers here drive from the passenger side (yikes – do they do that where you are?)

    Yes. I believe that idea originated when carriers could just lean out and place mail in boxes near the road, while still legally driving on the right side of the street. Of course, that idea is no longer valid, but why change? That would require thinking. I wonder how many accidents carriers get into yearly because they can’t see properly when pulling back into traffic. Now there may be another more current reason for the navigation on the right side, but if there is, I wish someone would explain it to me.

    Dora, re: Breast cancer research. I have read some pieces questioning where a lot of this money goes, and the thought that we are still using it for “educating the public” and “Awareness” is ludicrous. Everybody knows about breast cancer and they don’t need to be told it exists, since most people already know soomeone who died from it. It seems to me that all some of these foundations achieve is a celebration of pink ribbons now, yet nobody seems to know what progress has been made or where most of that money is going. You see companies saying they donate to breast cancer research and, well………………what does this mean exactly, besides being a way to get you to buy things. It’s starting to remind me of President’s Day. A good shopping day and nothing more any longer. And it’s getting bigger. I even saw pink pepper spray containers, for Chrissakes. Buy pepper spray because you are f**king terrified of being raped or killed or maimed by a pitbull, and if you buy the pink one you donate to breast cancer ………and exactly who and what are you donating to while the company gets a writeoff. Just asking. I ask because nobody seems to KNOW where this money is really going.

  17. I think it’s also becoming abundantly clear that money America gives to backwards countries living in the cave era generally goes to the despots that are keeping everyone poor and desperate. It was so in Haiti with Papa and Baby Docs and now Baby Doc is back. He smells green. Haiti is a very unfortunate place that will NEVER change. The people are grossly uneducated and superstitious beyond belief. Two very opportunistic conditions for despots and thieves. Keeping your people illiterate is a great way to dupe them time and again. Toss in superstition, demons and all that other stuff that makes people go over the edge with their beliefs, and you have a continuous incubator for poverty, sickness and thievery.

  18. “But there was some truth to that” and went on to explain that Hillary DESERVED to be criticized because she DID have physical imperfections which (according to her) were fair game. I didn’t hear her explain exactly WHY all the constant criticism of Hillary’s personal appearance was justified (as opposed to all their righteous indignation about an offhand wisecrack about MO) because I slammed the radio off and nearly threw it out the window.

    It’s simply the continuing obot effort to defend the indefensible. It’s so obvious now that it’s laughable. They have run out of excuses and now they are into the bizzare. Seriously, these people are embarrassing themselves daily. Like Hillary always says, If you want to do that kind of thing, it says more about you than it says about the person you are attacking. As for ribs. I eat them all the time and I’m so white I glow in the dark. And I would be a lot more careful about my activities if I were the first lady in a country that’s growing more desperate economically by the day while the first lady simply pokes her fingers in her ears, visits Spain and hums loudly. She IS Imelda, right down to the shoe fetish. Only Imelda had better taste. And if you are going to be a first lady wagging your finger at everybody for not eating like a root digger, she only embarrasses herself more and trashes her own integrity and credibility by scarfing down ribs, cakes, Wagyu beef and all the gout-inducing lobster she can get her gluttonous hands on.

    Sleepyhead, what you were hearing is a classic example of the far left caught in their own irony, having become the very thing they purported to despise in the far right. They have lost their ability to be objective and they have gained the ability to be very very mean. Far Left and Far Right. Mirror images.

  19. Now richlaw, I have never read any of Corsi’s books, mainly because I stay away from one political agenda attacking another political agenda. They cancel each other out after awhile. So While Corsi seemed interesting to me in the beginning, I find him to be a political tool. But then he might be 100% correct. But when you become obvious as the boy who cried wolf, you kind of lose your base.

    I guess I’ve just become very jaded and can only hope it doesn’t detour my ability to learn something.

  20. MOM, the reason most of the employees you “see” at the PO are women is because the men are in the back doing very little. They are called supervisors.

  21. I like this thread. I’m glad I opened it. There is a lot on people’s minds and it’s good to pay attention to things that are getting buried under the noise.

  22. I’m a little shocked at the lousy post office service so many are experiencing. I’ve never experienced a problem other than my 2nd class mail coming considerably later that it should. My carriers are friendly and know me by name (this still surprises me a little in this age of unfriendliness, then I remember my name is on my mail). Sounds like the postal service, like everything else in America needs some reform.

  23. It is no longer the case since they moved the local post office, but for the longest time we could not get our mail delivered to our house because (and only the government could come up with this) WE LIVED TOO CLOSE TO THE POSTOFFICE. Our choices were paying for a post office box or having our mail held as general delivery. The people the next block down could get their mail delivered to their homes, but because we lived a block away from the post office, they would not deliver it to us.

  24. I want to address living in a condo from the previous thread. When you reach an age where mowing the grass, shoveling snow and maintaining roofs, etc. is beyond your capability and means, you hope that you can downsize to a condo, pay someone else to do the maintenance and live happily ever after. I’m here to say, it ain’t so. Don’t ever move to a condo. The greed culture in this country means you cannot get a fair return for your fees and the nasty culture means they will try to control every aspect of your life. I will never ever buy another condo again.

  25. we could not get our mail delivered to our house because (and only the government could come up with this) WE LIVED TOO CLOSE TO THE POSTOFFICE

    OMG ROFL! That’s a real Keeper!

  26. ROFL the driving from the passenger side. Yes our mail lady has the passenger side drive- as she is a rural route carrier and delivers to the mail boxes at the ends of the driveways. (Even though we live on the main drag through town- still rural.)
    Fingers crossed the DPW guys haven’t knocked our mailbox down yet this year. Yes the plows knock over mailboxes- when the snow is heavy and they are plowing it throws the snow right up against the box- enough of that and over they go. They will send someone out to put it back up if you call. Makes us eagle eyed and eared for the mail- if it goes over with mail in it- you might not see that mail til June. Buried. Like us.

    Are you all SURE you are not missing a snow delivery? This stuff is piling up faster than they can plow. One sort of open lane on each side- of a normally four plus turn lane road. Seriously, I would not want to be illegitimately taking delivery of somebody’s snow order.

  27. BCL you are not the first person I know who has been burned by condos and their “associations”. Franky, it’s cheaper for me to pay someone to mow, shovel and fix things than it is for my friends in condos. And I get some land I don’t have to share and some privacy. I have known condos that felt like covens to me. Seriously. They watch each other’s comings and goings. No thanks.

  28. The drivers here drive from the passenger side (yikes – do they do that where you are?)
    But Uppity, the steering wheel, brakes and accelerator are on the left side of the cars they drive………

  29. BCL- at the rate things are going we will never be able to sell what we have- never mind buy a condo. All I ever wanted was to be able to sell this place and buy an RV- which we will park in National Parks and at the kids houses.
    Guess I need a plan C- the cost of gas is going to send that dream down the toilet.
    Son and DIL had a house in Alaska- and the “neighborhood association” had lots of those rules. What colors you could use for the house, the garage, even a fence had to be approved. What kind of decorations were acceptable for the holidays. On and on and on. I could not deal with that. It worked out for them- as most in the neighborhood were military and used to living with nonsense rules. They did end up selling at a good price- to another military family.

  30. Fingers crossed the DPW guys haven’t knocked our mailbox down yet this year. Yes the plows knock over mailboxes

    I’m dying here! They leave cliffs at the ends of our driveways too, usually just before you are leaving for work. You see, this is a main reason people are pissed at municipal labor organizations. They have felt for a long time that public employees think you work for them and killing your mailbox is a great way to display the disdain they seem to have. Piss them off and they’ll hit your hundred year old tree, or leave three feet of snow at the end of your driveway, or ticket you for an extra inch of snow before you got a chance to shovel………..or leave your trash right where it is and pick up everyone else’s. These are the things that have pissed people off for years and now the property owners just can’t conjure up any support and everyone is shocked. It’s happening here. Nobody is defending the public employees except their families and the people they bus in. Something went wrong in the past two decades, by degrees. I don’t know the answer but something has gone terribly wrong.

  31. Pamela, I too wonder where the zillions that the Komen Foundation makes goes.

    * My husband’s company (national franchisor) stopped participating in their drives this year because they were rude, pushy and…. well…. corporate, instead of the 501(c)(3) that they’re supposed to be. They’re too big, to holier than thou, and too much of a hassle. Their attitude was that their ‘business’ was much more important than Company’s business. Didn’t go over well. Buh-bye.

    * Think of how much just your local three-day event makes. How much of that is eaten up in advertising (they now start radio ads six months in advance in this market), set-up, insurance, rental items, police assistance, city assistance, salaries (those who run it are not all volunteers), etc.? Doesn’t matter, there’s money out the wazoo. Multiply that by X amount of cities across the US. It’s mind boggling.

    * My friend’s mom is battling breast cancer now. The treatments my friend describes, at a decent hospital/doctor/facility, are really no different than those my sister was put through back in 1991. These same reatments didn’t/couldn’t save my sister’s life when I was 19, and my sis was just short of 30. Yes, indeed… where does all that money go? I would like to know.


    Post offices? I’ve been rather lucky. Don’t get me started on the ding-dongs at the service window, though.

  32. The main bait and switch with condos is that you buy one after carefully crunching the numbers and talking to the Board President about the rules and regs, then viola, they change everything. Makes you feel really stupid. One month after I moved in they DOUBLED monthly fees and 6 months later, they rewrote all the rules. Each new manager comes up with more goods and services he talks the Board into buying and his cut of these is his motivation. This has become a big problem lately with our culture of needing to have whatever the latest trends are. No secret ballots and clever shenigans make it difficult to fight back. Owners just put their units up for sale decreasing the value of each one. I really think it’s the culture in the country that has created this problem.

  33. I come from a long line of champion letter writers–on paper. It’s quite the mulisensory rush to have a tangible letter/card in your hand to enjoy time and again, and in our history/genealogy loving families, become part of the generational story.

    So USPS, go ahead and cut Saturday mail, if that means I can keep sending and receiving letters during the week. Shoot, just keep operating one or two days a week–fine with me.

    Many thanks to our citizen investigative journalists across the blogoland who shine a light on the real workings of of bloated bureaucracies public and private.

  34. ROFL Uppity- yes we called ONCE to have them put the box back up the first time it happened. Funny all the snow that piled up at the end of the driveway and in FRONT of the box the rest of that year.
    Hubby just puts it back up himself now.
    Most on this road put a board about five feet tall and three or four wide beside the box in the plow path. If properly done the snow piles on the board and doesn’t knock the box down. Or you can encase the entire box and pole in concrete.

  35. “too” holier than thou, even. Sorry.

    And yes, Uppity, I agree, I get sort of pissed when I see pink uniforms in the NFL. What’s the point??

  36. I’ve had the same questions for a long time about all the money that seems to give few results in breast cancer treatments. I remember back when prostate cancer became a cause celebre and right away they came up with a blood test to diagnose it so the guys did not have to rely on the embarrassing finger test anymore. Then, within a year, they had a treatment that was very effective. Call me suspicious, but if you compare this to the history of breast cancer treatment, WTF.

  37. Oops, multisensory, I mean.

  38. * My friend’s mom is battling breast cancer now. The treatments my friend describes, at a decent hospital/doctor/facility, are really no different than those my sister was put through back in 1991
    Alas, this is not surprising. I had one course of chemo for it in 1994. Consulted with two oncologists because I had an auto-immune condition – never admitted to by MD’s.. Each agreed it was the latest out of Sloan Memorial…. I looked up the three ingredients. They use the term issue in dating the age of them. The oldest was issued in the 1940’s, the newest was issued in the 1970’s. Think combining them was what made them feel justified in touting it was the latest and greatest.
    It really boils my blood. Men make money from healthy breasts, diseased breasts. Which makes no never mind to them. That is really what I think. The one good thing Richard Nixon did was vow to get rid of cancer. That’s about 40 years ago.

    And by the way, Uppity, this is a very good thread!

  39. Real men, like the ones here, are excluded from my earlier reference to ‘men’. Imagine if the truth were to be known, women are making money on this too.

  40. This is an interesting thread. So many good topics discussed here.

    I’d like to say that I am quite content living in my own home. The winter shoveling and the summer mowing are becoming strenuous, but I’d never move into a condo or a so called ‘neighbood community’.

    My sister recently moved to one of these communities in Nevada. She thought she’d have it good being away from the cold and winter weather and the chores that go with it. Because of the home association rules, she can not decorate her house, put out a flag or Christmas ornaments, etc.

    Regardless of the benefits, that kind of living is not for me.

    BTW I have no complaints at all with my local Post Office. In fact, it’s the only government service that works.

  41. Ha ha! Uppity if you want the rat in the coffee to off himself, strap him down and make him read George Elliot for days on end. That would make anyone sane or insane want to off themselves.

    Re: the PO–we are on the “training route.” Which means that we are frequently assigned carriers that have no familarity with letters or numbers. The only time that we seem to get our mail delivered is when the older man and younger man of Chinese decent are on the job. The white guy ( and I can say this because I am white) is just grateful that breathing in an involuntary function. Whatever.

  42. Which means that we are frequently assigned carriers that have no familarity with letters or numbers.

    OMG. you people are on a roll!

  43. Pamela I like these threads because, aside from some badly needed breaks serious bloggers need, we are distracted every single day by something, deliberate or otherwise. And when that happens, some very important news and thoughs slip through the cracks, deliberately or otherwise…

  44. BCL, condo associations, generally made up of coven members, not only rewrite rules but they love hitting condo owners with “Assessments”. I watched a friend freak out when they decided to assess for completely new sewers. It was way out of her budget. She got rid of that place before the assessment even hit. In fact, there was a huge exodus from the condos when word slipped out that they were going to have to cough up thousands each. Enough was enough and that place is half empty at all times now. And they can thank their coven for that.

  45. Yes Allie, I’ve heard a lot of not good word of mouth about Komen in the past year in particular. It’s started to look as if the money goes to perpetuate the “company” known as Komen. I would like to think it’s not true, but it wouldn’t be the first time something started out with the heart and turned into a wallet issue instead.

  46. This is not my yard- but it could be! The birds were missing this morning- just now coming out- so have to go out and brush off the platform feeder and refill. Enjoy this short break.

  47. But Uppity, the steering wheel, brakes and accelerator are on the left side of the cars they drive………

    You’re kidding! Ousr have their apparatus on the right side. Too bad most all mailboxes are attached to homes here. lol. My grandmother used to say God gives bread to people who have no teeth.

  48. Hmmmmm wonder why that video didn’t show up MOM. How cute. All those flying shi*thouses in the yard.

    Around here they would be La Crowza Nostra. Those suckers are as big as chickens.

  49. Ok I see. It didn’t show up in admin comments panel. Happens sometimes.

  50. La Crowza Nostra is across the street in the field having fits. There is a road kill deer over there that was uncovered last week during the “thaw”- it is now partially buried again. The snow is blowing this way so it is not completely covered- but it is frozen- so no stench thank God!

  51. ROFL flying shi$houses! Funny- we very very rarely get any droppings on the cars or the grill. Must be their way of saying thanks!

  52. Mom they don’t shit on your cars because they hold it and wait till they get here.

    Hey Gang. March 6 will be the third anniversary of this uppity blog. We should plan a bash here.

  53. your postmaster is a moron who should be fired for NOT THINKING.

    I personally think that he has one of those “contagious” comas. Come to think of it, that is probably where it all began.

  54. The key phrase is “breast cancer programs.” Some research programs.

    According to the charity’s IRS 990 form, 82-and-a-half percent of its revenue goes to breast cancer programs. Only about 9-percent goes to administrative expenses and the organization only spends about 8-percent on fundraising costs.

    Locally based, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, also boasts a 4 star rating, with about 80-percent of their money going towards programs.

    “83 cents of every dollar we raise goes right back into program and i can say that with assurance,” said Jean Sachs, Executive Director.

  55. YES March 6 should be a celebration!

  56. WOOT! Party on March 6! We can reminisce about our favorite posts and headers!
    Will DE be providing dessert?

  57. Shhh, lorac and karen will hear you. Ahh, there will be plenty for all.

  58. Pot Luck? What shall I cook? Hmmm. Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with homemade black raspberry jam is SOOO 20th century.

  59. I am tossed between making paella or stuffing a whole chicken.

  60. Here’s a sober note- though Uppity has been warning us to stock up for quite some time-

    “ARLINGTON, Virginia (Reuters) – Huge U.S. corn and soybean plantings this spring will likely fail to refill razor-thin stocks enough to quell the surge in grain prices, the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Thursday.

    In updated forecasts for the world’s biggest crop exporter, the USDA warned that it could take several years to restore inventories to comfortable levels. It mostly maintained earlier forecasts on how many acres farmers would sow this spring, but said stocks at the end of the 2012 season would remain tight.”

  61. with about 80-percent of their money going towards programs.

    What programs are those? More “awareness” and pink ribbons or CANCER CURE RESEARCH?

  62. Good thing Karen is on vacation for a few days. We won’t have to guard dinner.

  63. OOOH- Paella! Haven’t had any since leaving the environs of the big city. One of the sacrifices of rural life. Or you could make the ever popular Vesuvius recipe!
    Perhaps socal will make one of her Dad’s recipes too!

  64. I got some papaya and mango at the store- marked WAY down- soft spots and no longer looked perfect. Brought it home and cut it up- got a good two pounds of fruit out of it- for- wait for it-
    Fruit salad and cottage cheese for lunch! With some rye toast!

  65. IMO, it’s more “awareness” and not as much research. I’m tired of these groups. It’s come to the point where you don’t know how your money is actually spent. These groups are all very heavy in admin. I remember our United Way and how much they siphoned off for overhead.

  66. Well I might not make the paella, because I’ve been thinking of shrimp with garlic sauce a lot lately and might make that in a few days. Or tomorrow. So I don’t want to OD on shrimp. I’m not in the mood for vesuvius today. I’m being finicky.

  67. mcnorman hit it with the use of “Program”. These are not research/clinical programs but feel good/promotional programs which do nothing to get at finding better treatments and a potential cure. In other words, Kormen feeds on itself and does little else. But then I have always been suspicious. There used to be other small organizations and they have all been run off. Either you join up with Kormen or else. In this area they have even been bad mouthing Avon for not giving up their own efforts and/or folding them into the Kormen Organization.

    Pink ribbon pepper spray – there are no words.

  68. Well, there are always the late night guests that love to snack. lol

  69. I love paella though. There’s a zillion ways to make it too. I like that. But you gotta have saffron or it’s no deal.

  70. Looks like I’m going for the chicken with garlic, lemon and fresh rosemary and some roasted potatoes with olive oil and rosemary. You think?

  71. OK guys, what’re your Oscar predictions? I have to lay a bet and want as much counsel as possible. Please say it ain’t a Black Swan sweep. Rarely have I hated a movie more!

  72. Upps, on books and being jaded. I have a cure (if you haven’t already imbibed it). Take a Harry Potter book a week (or more frequently) — they’re multilayered — good story, moral play, allegory, alchemical classics — and make for good soul-building. I was a skeptic for many years (thinking them just kiddie books). I’m now obsessed with them, and have even taken to reading commentaries and critical essays on them.

  73. Dinesh D’Souza’s book on the Roots of Obama is much better.

  74. Oh. My. Gawd. Is anybody watching the press briefing. This new press secty can’t put two words together with a string! I was WINCING. I feel SORRY for him, he’s that bad. Oh Gawd. How awful.

    He can’t think on his feet, he can’t speak impromptu. He’s Obama with a buzz cut!

  75. Yes I ditched United Way years before people caught on. Once again, an organization that started out with good intentions and ended up a a siphon.

  76. Hey you could make a nice chutney with those mangos and papayas…roast it over chicken or something. Fruit is great to cook with.

  77. So, with gas already creeping towards 3.50, and taxes rising in many places because the municipalities are broke, and the cost of just about everything getting jacked up, we get grains through the roof, too?

    And there are boneheads who think Barky is Teh Won. Lord have mercy.

    On a happier note:

    Oooooh, March 6! Would you like me, in the flavor of the southwest, bring chicken enchiladas and tacos (I make my own taco shells). 🙂

  78. I vote for the chicken with the yummy potatoes.

  79. Gas went up here 27 cents since Tuesday morning.

  80. Obama is AWOL on his pal’s pal in Libya. As for poor Jay Carney, I read an article yesterday (On Big Pink, I believe) that said he is only able to give out info that the President (Jarret) gives to him – which is next to nil.

    He HAS to adlib all the way.

    State Department coming on Fox soon. Not sure if it’s Hillary. Let’s hope so.

  81. The madman of Tripoli has apparently told his people to dance and be happy. Have I fallen down the rabbit hole?

    Oh, and in ONN news–Kathleen Spitzer is leaving the network. When in doubt, fire the chick. Given that network’s loathing of women, I am suprised they don’t make them wear burquas.

  82. I’ve heard the same FF. Bam is allowed two visitors…Meechelle and Valerie. Everything has to go through those two.

  83. Hey AnnE, she is the “chick” and the dick gets to stay. ughh

  84. Here’s some scary news on the food front. I’m not at all a fan of genetically engineered crops or irradiated foods. And it appears that a scientist have discovered a new trouble with alfalfa crops already. It may also be impacting corn and soy crops. Better living through science? Not so much…

    “Just two weeks before the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) fully deregulated Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa, a senior soil scientist alerted the department about a newly discovered, microscopic pathogen found in high concentrations of Roundup Ready corn and soy that researchers believe could be causing infertility in livestock and diseases in crops that could threaten the entire domestic food supply.”

  85. Yes Hugo, I read about how Obama let those killers Monstanto release their creepy alfalfa. The USDA has got a Monstanto creep appointed by him there.Roundup! Isn’t that the chemical that kills everything in its wake? How appropriately named. Somebody needs to stop Monsanto before we are all dead.

  86. Well I believe it about Carney, FF. He was pathetic.

  87. Yup McN. I have the chicken all ready to go into the roaster. And some organic carrots and a bunch of those baby vidalia onions with the stalks on them. I stuck chopped rosemary, butter, fresh garlic and thin lemon slices under the breast skin and between the Thighs and legs. Threw a stalk of celery and more spices inside the cavity. I didn’t stuff it though. Just have to cut the potatoes and mix them up with some olive oil and rosemary. Gonna splash the pan with some white wine too.

  88. Yes yes allie! Enchiladas. I LOVE them. This is going to be a covered dish party. and BYOB. Maybe we’ll set up a toast at the same moment. And hopefully FF will do us a birthday header.

  89. DE says he will come out of the cake for us too!

  90. I like Hillary’s #1 at state, PJ Crowley. I can see why she picked him.

  91. I was wondering if the roundup crops were related to theweed killer. Sounds like it has the potential to kill crops. Then we’ll have food shortages for sure.

    Since this senior scientist discovered a new pathogen in the alfalfa crops and warned the USDA before they approved it, I wonder if Issa will hold a hearing to investigate why the USDA ignored the scientist. Seems like a more important place to focus that his current pissing match with DHS. JMHO.

  92. I think this officer must be a fan of Imelda.

    Ga. Girl Scouts fear arrest for cookie peddling

  93. Awesome. I’ll introduce y’all to the bliss of a local brew called “kiltlifter” to enjoy after the toast. 🙂

  94. Hugo, we won’t have a shortage of food. We will just only have MONSANTO food. That’s the goal. Then they can charge whatever they want for their mutant food and cull the population besides.

  95. 45 minutes to chicken…

  96. Allow me to shed some light on the roundup ready thing. They have genetically modified their crops to be resistant to the weed killer Round-up.
    From Hugo’s link
    “Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn, soy, cotton and alfalfa are genetically engineered to be resistant to glyphosate-base herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup. Farmers can blanket fields of Roundup Ready crops with glyphosate knowing that unwanted weeds will be killed and the genetically engineered crops will not.”

    Now you all know I am not a plant scientist or geneticist- just a plain old common sense back yard gardener.
    That common sense tells me that the Round-up may not kill the Monsanto special killer crops- but the plants are surely sucking that stuff up through their leaves and roots.
    Guess where it goes then?

    Heirloom plants and seeds sounding better and better? I fight the bugs in order not to drown my food in poisons. We also have well water- which I have no desire to contaminate with herbicidal or pesticidal runoff. Bad enough we live in a rural area where many farmers plant the franken crops and spray the hell out of their fields.
    No wonder the bees are dying.

  97. They have genetically modified their crops to be resistant to the weed killer Round-up.

    Wellllllllllllllllllll isn’t that swell Mom! This means Monstanto can spray their Roundup all over everybody’s crops nearby—-and only theirs will survive. …

  98. Crops, schmops…. Isn’t anyone going to focus on my question re Oscar winner predictions?

  99. I’ll have a piece of chicken. Leg.

  100. With or without gloves? (DE out of the cake, that is.)

  101. Uppity and PMM, my concern, based on the article that I linked above, is that there is a new pathogen in the crops that is allegedly linked to infertility in livestock and diseases incrops. that sounds like the makigs of a food shortage to me. But I’m no farmer or rancher. I’m just a consumer, but this is alarming news. I think the USDA should explain why they ignored the scientist who warned them of the new pathogen. JMHO Guess I’d better have dinner while it’s still available.

  102. NES, I haven’t seen any of the Oscar nominated movies, but I hope The King’s Speech wins. Looks great and I can’t wait to see it somewhere.

  103. BCL, I am so sorry you’ve had really bad experiences with condos. I’m in a condo townhouse, have been for 37 years, but there’s a twist to ours. It’s quite unique. Up to seven years ago, all contractors were hired by the Board – then they brought in a management company – bad move. Those guys are lazy, do nothing thieves. Anyway, my experience has always been good, but I’m not in an apartment.

  104. WRT food prices, went to the grocery today – lettuce 2.99, green peppers – 2.47 a pound, tomatos – 2.49 a pound and so on – double what it was two weeks ago. It’s started.

  105. Hugo, I saw the King’s Speech – it’s a wonderful character study of everyone involved. Well worth the time, if you enjoy character driven movies as opposed to the action / mayhem driven ones.

  106. Speaking of character driven, I’m watching Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes on youtube. Terrific.

  107. NES- sorry- due to my back injury I am unable to sit long enough to go to the movies. I think the last one I went to was a Harry Potter a couple of years ago. Sorry.

    Hugo- I actually did a search on the key ingredient in Round-up and found this

    Not a big wiki fan- but there is some indication in that article that the glyphosate itself is an abortifacient in mammals. It is extremely difficult to find any info that does not rely on Monsanto’s research.
    “Another study has shown that Roundup formulations and metabolic products cause the death of human embryonic, placental, and umbilical cells in vitro even at low concentrations. The effects are not proportional to Glyphosate concentrations but dependent on the nature of the adjuvants used in the formulation.”

    Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in the wiki article is that Round-up was used by the govt in the fight against cocoa plants in Columbia. Talk about them being in bed together.

    Your concern for the soil is valid. When we bought this place and tilled for the original garden plot- we had not one worm or any kind of insect or amphibious or reptilian life. The previous owner had made extensive use of weed killers and pesticides- and the land showed it. It was virtually dead- grew nice flowers and grass- but it was dead. The first few years the garden yield was terrible as the soil had been destroyed.
    It can be corrected- nature if left alone can and will repair our poisonous ways. We helped out with generous applications of manure and returning all the vegetable scraps and egg shells to the garden. We never ever rake leaves unless it is to pile them on the garden space.

    I too would like to know why the PTB did not listen to that scientist. But the govt using round-up in the war on drugs gives some insight to the answer does it not? Along with the Monsanto lackeys in govt positions.

  108. HT- food prices will continue to rise- as Uppity predicted long ago. STOCK UP on essentials. Flour, sugar, beans, rice, coffee- canned goods. Dry milk and canned milk. Make sure you are rotating your products- newest to the back- oldest to the front to be used first.

    And meant to reply to FF above on the gas- daughter’s friend is cashiering at a local gas station/convenience store to pay college expenses- she says gas is going up AGAIN tonight- I filled up this afternoon- at $3.39 a gallon.

    DAMNIT! The gov needs to get with the program and tie wheat, rice and corn exports to the price of oil. If oil goes up- the price of wheat should follow five minutes later. F*&k the bastards. We drive at a reasonable price and they eat. Simple.

  109. HT, thanks for the review of “The King’s Speech.” I do enjoy character-driven movies and I enjoy Enbglish history, so this one has extra appeal. But I also like the action films. I recently watched Red with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and Morgan Freeman. Nice to see an exciting film with stars of a certain age.

    PMM, thanks for doing some more research on the Monsanto product. Someone with a real background in chemistry and microciology needs to compare the Monsanto data to the findings of that soil scientist. That clearly will not happen at the USDA or as part of a Congressional investigation. Maybe Ralph Nader or Mother Jones should investigate his claims.

  110. Just heard the saudis are going to bump up production of oil to try to offset the loss of Lybian oil. I recently read that oil producers met to try to get an agreement on stabilizing oil prices and to prevent speculation and price gouging. Not sure how that fits with the current upheaval, but looked like good news that they would even discuss getting prices under control.

  111. Here is a link to an article about the meeting between oil producers and oil consumer states.

  112. Hugo, watched Red recently as well – loved it. Helen Mirren was, as usual, fabulous, as was that old reprobate Brian Cox (the original Hannibal Lecter) and the inimitable John Malkovich.

    Mom – meant to mention rice. I only buy it every 6 months, as there are only two of us – gruesome and me, but I buy a big bag, cause we eat a lot of it. It was more than double the price today – I knew it had gone up, but what a shocker, and the worst is that I can barely afford it – how can people who exist at poverty level afford to feed their children? They can’t – I had this discussion with the lady who was cashing me through. She’s worked there for years, and she is shocked at the rise in prices in the last three weeks – she also feeds two – herself and her husband, and she is very worried, as the prices are rising every week. Another little cutie. Gas this time last week was 112.4 per litre (that would be approximately 4.50 per your gallon) Today the price is 120.6 per litre – that would be approx 4.83 per gallon. Like you, I’m on a fixed income – it’s going to get a lot worse.

  113. First let me say that the chicken was so good it should have been declared illegal.

    Hugo, I get what you’re saying about the pathogen, but they won’t be explaining a thing about why they didn’t listen to the scientist who warned them. They didn’t listen when it came to aspartame either. At the highest level, it’s politics. The USDA is now officially lorded over by Monsanto. Obama appointed their guy to keep things running “right”.

    As for the Saudis. You have gotta figure the royals are one scared set of puppies, so they are going to bend over backwards to help out all those countries that might be able to help them if they need it.

  114. NES, sorry, but all the dark meat has been gobbled up. scuse the gobble pun.

  115. Spoiled little rich kid who converted to Islam and threatened the lives of the South Park guys, then tried to join al Qaida, is sentenced to 25 years. He says he’s sorry. Toughsky Shitsky you little pissant. Now pick up the soap.

  116. Heck HT, those prices you listed are less than our prices were BEFORE the increase. 2.49 for decent tomatoes around here would be a sale.

  117. Monsanto is killing bees too.

  118. Uppity, I didn’t say they were “decent” tomatoes. the really decent tomatoes are not carried in the store in which I shop normally – too expensive.

  119. Thanks for the link to your earlier piece on Monsanto. It is spot on. Neither politcal party is looking out for the consumer. DeLauro talks the talk, but she is an idiot. I had no idea that hubby is linked to Monsanto. Seems like a major conflict of interest.

    I also note that the obama USDA appointee is an under secretary. I don’t think they require a confirmation hearing. A play from Bush’s book. sigh…no hope.

  120. “DE says he will come out of the cake for us too!”


  121. DE, lol, reminded me of a book that I read to the gruesome when they were little – Chicka chicka boom boom, gonna see ya real soon.

  122. Uppity, roflmao – that is definitely now what I read to the gruesome infants, but is so much more appropriate to DE’s offer.

  123. Hugo- thanks for that link- if we eliminated speculation on oil (and on food commodities!) we would not have these bizarre fluctuations. Greedy bastards betting on disaster. A pox on all their houses to the thousandth generation. May the corbies pluck their eyes out!
    (For those unfamiliar- the corbies curse is an old Scots thing- nasty- corbies are the ravens that come to pick the bones on a battlefield- they go for the eyes first. Bet HT knew that)
    Will check back in the am- I have to think of an appropriate song for DE’s “cake walk.”

  124. How about this one for DE

  125. What HT said re the King’s Speech. Stupendously good movie. See it, Hugo (and all), you won’t be disappointed. I saw it twice.

    PMM, I can’t eno’ of Harry Potter movies.

  126. Hey Upps, I can’t believe you didn’t save a leg for me! How like you to gobble up all the dark meat.

  127. Yes yes I dare confess. I am a dark meat afficionado. Breasts are only good for sandwiches and decadent sauces.

  128. Methink NeS is Harry Potter hooked.

  129. On behalf of myself, lorac, FF, and any closet-dwellers here, I protest UW’s heterocentric circumscription of the use and value of breasts. Where’s the purple lunge whip?

  130. Sorry, I’m just a leg and thigh kinda gal and that’s final.

  131. Really, all that’s left is some breast and the wings, which we regard as a waste unless they are buried in hot sauce.

  132. I’m telling you this chicken was the best roasted chicken I ever made, barring none. I am currently auctioning off the recipe.

  133. I do hope you will be bringing the scotch on the blog’s third birthday party, NES. I would love one on the rocks with you.

  134. Three years ago on March 6, I did my very first lonely post.

  135. Mom, you’ve reminded me of so much from my youth, but the “corbies” is the most obscure. Thank you for the reminder – must be because our ancestors lived so close.

    As I was walking all alane,
    I heard twa corbies making a mane;
    The tane unto the t’other say,
    “Where sall we gang and dine today?”

    “His hound is to the hunting gane,
    His hawk to fetch the wild-fowl hame,
    His lady’s ta’en another mate,
    So we may mak our dinner sweet.

    “Ye’ll sit on his white hause-bane,
    And I’ll pike out his bonny blue een;
    Wi’ ae lock o’ his gowden hair
    We’ll theek our nest when it grows bare.

    “Mony a one for him makes mane,
    But nane sall ken where he is gane;
    O’er his white banes, when they are bare,
    The wind sall blaw for evermair.”

    The Twa Corbies – I haven’t thought about that since I was a wee’un.

    NES, I was the same about Harry Potter until the last installments. I got hooked because of the gruesome twosome – I read the first five books – started with me doing all the reading, then they took over (the beauty of not having cable or satellite – you read). I have the first 5 movies, and I loved them as did the gruesome twosome, although just like every movie, they could never be as good as the books (LOTR comes closest). I haven’t seen the 6th, cause it’s part one. I’ll await part two before I give it a watch.

    Upps, I can understand NES’ being hooked. The books are full of wonder and excitement. When I was working at a very, very stressful job, meeting and having to work with all sorts of unimaginative morons pretending to be important, it was soothing to read to the gruesome tales of a wondrous world where children dealt effectively with the evils of the world. Fairy tales of the modern era I suppose, but it was soothing to the mind to think that somewhere, somehow the bad guys were being dealt with. I felt the same way when I first read LOTR and I was only 12 at the time. Big plus, both sagas had very strong female presences. I wanted to be Galadriel or Eowin. Didn’t happen, but a girl can dream. I hope my gruesome female wants to be like Hermione – strong, self possessed, proud and capable.

  136. Movies are almost NEVER as good as the books.

  137. Hey NES, not to worry. I’m sure that when Monsanto is through taking over the entire food supply, there will be four-legged chickens.

  138. On the rocks, on the beach, on the mountain top…anywhere UW.

  139. You know NES, if I were to invite you to dinner, what I would make for you?

  140. I love me my scotch on the rocks. It’s so warming.

  141. Something Italian of course! Chef’s choice. I would bring a case of Chivas.

  142. Dora,

    Haiti looks like a earth quake just hit all the time. That is how it looked in 2001 when I went there. I think maybe the reporter needed some reference points he/she could understand.
    Oscars? Easy, Natalie Portman…… lol
    I loved that movie. I also loved “The King’s Speech”.

  143. Make that Glenmorangie, and I’ll provide dinner and cognac!

  144. no not Italian unless you requested it.
    At first I was thinking rack of lamb, but no….leg of lamb would be more sensous. With fresh chopped rosemary and garlic and a special balsamic drizzle I make. But first, a tomato bisque. A greek salad, with field greens, frisee, cherry tomatoes, cracked olives and feta before the lamb. Some sorbet before the lamb is served, I think, perhaps raspberry for the palate. There would be a twice baked potato with the lamb and some thin, tender asparagus. And a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which is perfect with roasted lamb.

  145. Switch that cognac for grand armagnac and you got a deal, HT.

  146. Teresa haiti was a sh!thole in the late 70s too. One thing about Haiti: It’s consistent.

  147. OMG, forget my offer of dinner – no one can do it like Uppity can. Sigh.

  148. Of course, NES, I would certainly switch to an Italian dish of your choice.

  149. Oh HT, I’m sure you could keep up.

  150. HT, for you – Jeremy Brett singing “She Moved Through the Fair” and then performing a duet with Twiggy (1975) :

  151. Beata, thank you. I forgot that he was a talented singer in addition to his incredible dramatic skills. He struggled with bipolar yet was one of the most talented actors/performers of my era. Sadly, in My Fair Lady, they dubbed his voice with that of Bill Shirley. Too bad, I think his voice with it’s lower timbre would have been more effective, but I suppose they wanted a classic tenor.

  152. nite everyone – Lorac, sorry I missed you yet again. I tried to stay awake, I really did. but I failed. Someday soon we’ll be on at the same time?

  153. HT! I stayed away, because I thought you said you were afraid of me! lol

    I got home late, you know me and my wild Friday nights. What can I say.

    And I brought home company to sleep for the night!

    Of course, he’s in 6th grade, but maybe I had you there for a second lol He just got a new baby brother, so he’s stuck with lorac tnua. But he’s happy, he’s drinking soda, and watching movies, and eating junk, and all is well in the world of 6th grade! 🙂

  154. Breasts are only good for sandwiches and decadent sauces.

    NES, who did you say last had the lunge whip?

  155. legs? Yep
    thighs? Yep.
    Breasts? Yep.

    But do Chickens have shoulders and that really soft place right below the belly button?


    I see that there is a Service Pack (SP1) available for updates. Has anyone loaded it yet? I tend to shy away from these service packs till they are debugged. MS has this sickening habit of throwing shit out there and seeing who crashes, also known as debug in the field off the backs of customers. So I am looking for people who loaded it to see if there are any problems.

  157. Thanks UW I was wondering what was up with my computer.

  158. Yes DE, the update takes a long time. Did you have problems? this is why I NEVER allow automatic updates without my OK. I have it set where they tell me an update is available but I get to decide if and when to download. It keeps all their optional crap out of my computer too. I am sitting on this service pack download until I know it’s debugged. What kind of problems are you having?

  159. Yeah UW I’ve been trying to install in on my powerbook for two days now.

  160. Funny, I just saw a posting somewhere about how laptops are having trouble loading it. My advice is wait a couple of weeks while they clean up their own mess.

  161. Yes UW I’m having trouble loading the Windows 7 service pack on my apple powerbook running mac osx.

  162. Yes UW I’m having trouble loading the Windows 7 service pack on my apple powerbook running mac osx.

    Um. LOL.

    Ok that’s right. You have that alien machine. The one that when it finally does crash, it’s gone forever and irreparable. If I ever decide to use a MAC, will I become obnoxious too?

  163. But of course…now pass the Grey Poupon.

  164. Douche of the day.

    A Georgia state representative has reintroduced an anti-abortion bill that would make miscarriages a felony if the mother cannot prove there was no “human involvement.”

    The legislation from Rep. Bobby Franklin, a Republican, would make all abortions, described as “prenatal murder,”

    Read more:

  165. DE, I posted that a couple of days ago obnocto. But you can’t help it if you’re slow…

  166. hell hath no fury…

  167. Fredster Exclusive! Glenn Beck attacks uppity woman!|1819770-uJl9f.x&referred_by=18838178-xKexNKx

  168. Tell me you don’t want to string this 22-year old “daycare” owner up right now.

    A fourth child died today as a result of a fire in a Houston home day care center, a local television station reported, and investigators are trying to determine whether the center’s owner was out shopping when the deadly blaze ignited.

  169. Dear Uppityites,

    This is as good a place as any to put this as I have been MIA. Taking care of my mom in OKC while she was on hospice here for nearly a month. She was taking REMECAID. NEVER let anyone you love go on this crap. It gave her a terrible fungal lung infection, and remecaid induced lupus. She was fine on a Friday before her last “treatment” by the next Thursday she passed away.

    I know Uppity is always warning about these damned drugs. All of mom’s kids had BEGGED her not to try this stuff but, she was convinced to by a doctor it would be “okay” even though you are not supposed to take it if you ever lived in the Mississippi river valley which she had for twenty five years.

    This is the third family member I have been caregiver too on hospice and they were wonderful. I am too old for that now though, as I found out the hard way! I’ll be back “home” later this week and be happy to catch up here Uppity.

    People, you need to really pay attention to these wonder drug warnings. How do they get away with approving this poison for rhumetoid arthritis?!??

  170. Alice, I am very sorry to hear of the death of your mother. I know that’s a rough thing to go through and I am here. And yes, you have got to ask how it is that some of these drugs make it to people’s bodies. Especially with the elderly, you have to oversee and act as their agent or I can tell you for sure they will take advantage of them, like guinea pigs. It’s sad but it is VERY true. I guess her doctor was right. It was “okay” for him. Not for her.

    Hospice was also there for my mother so I can also attest to how wonderful they are. Those folks actually called me once a month for a whole year after my mother died. Just to see how I was doing. All the way from Florida. Hospice people simply have to be in a category all their own on the list of “special people”.

    Meanwhile, please take care of yourself, do something good for yourself. I know you need it.

  171. Thanks so much Uppity. My laptop totally failed after I got here so I’m using bil’s. I’m taking a break till I get home and get a new one. Maybe I can finish my renos after I get home! A “rest” sounds nice, booking a massage!

    But, boy were you right about the “new” drugs. Thanks for all the warnings you’ve posted here. You are SO right about that. Blessings to everybody here!

  172. AliceP, so sorry to hear of your loss of your Mom! Yes, hospice is a godsend, and thank you for the warning about the drug. Hugs & condolences to you.

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