Update! The creature who is front and center at today’s Let’s Implement Sharia demonstration

Update: This obnoxious event was canceled by the lead obnocto. **snort**

As you all know, there is a “rally” or “protest” or What. Ever planned today outside the White House. It’s purpose? To demand the implementation of Sharia in the USA. Yes, you heard that right. The Nerve! You say. Yes, if they have nothing else they have Nerve, coupled with the ability to play our own belief in freedom of speech, freedom of religion against us at every turn right here on our soil.

I just thought you might like to meet the sweet, wonderful man who will be front and center at today’s astrocity. Barack will probably hold a brunch for this bunch, with this character as the guest of honor. Let’s face it. Bravery isn’t Obama’s strong suit.

Warning: The more he talks the more you will wish you could bitch slap him.


124 Responses

  1. First, this idiot was allowed to control the entire “interview” by these so-called journalist and spew his bullshit.

    Second, when he referred to Sharia Law as a superior way of life, Parker just sat there mute. How could she let him get away with making this assertion without pointing out the principles of “human rights” for women, and not just men, in America?

    If this is considered “confronting” radicals like this guy, then the women of this country are in deep trouble because it appeared to me throughout the interview that the men were not concerned about Sharia Law and Parker was nothing more than a potted plant.

  2. Seriously? This man is being hosted at the White House? (Sorry, I am out of the loop a bit.)

  3. Batshit crazy club member- maybe even the pres or vp of that club. Anybody who thinks bin laden is the voice of truth has gone off the edge.
    The day sharia becomes the law here and that flag flies over the white house I will surely be driven to put all my female progeny out of their reach forever.
    I agree with Kathleen- no spine in these journalists at all. They allowed this ass to spew his diarrhea of the mouth all over.

    Part of the problem is that jerks like this and the madmen in Iran are among the few educated people in their countries. Too many in Iraq, the desert of Libya, and hundreds of other predominately muslim countries are illiterate and have never read the Koran for themselves. All they know of their religion is what the batshit crazy club tells them.
    Example- as most know my son did two tours in Iraq. What he discovered over there was that the people believed there were two oil pipe lines out of their country. One went to Israel, the other to America. Why did they believe this? Because it is what the propagandists told them. Given their very very poor education many, if not most, had no way of knowing any better.
    How long did the Christian lords keep the peasants in ignorance- for the same reasons. Power and wealth- for themselves. Even to the last century the Catholic church did not want people to read the Bible- lest we “misinterpret” (make up our own minds)

  4. Kathleen and ProudMilitaryMom are upset that the anchors allowed the POS to rant on with his abominable, anti-human bullshit. The problem all over the spectrum is that anchors and reporters allow this kind of crap on the “news” routinely. In fact many in the MSM are assisting Obama and his henchmen with the idea of allowing “free” expression of Islam which (by default) includes Sharia. You can’t get one without the other.

  5. No Syd, he’s not being hosted (at least not publically). He’s playing a part in the “demand sharia” protest today at the WH.

    Katherine, this creepy crawly dominates the interview where EVER he is allowed to go. Frankly, I agree that nobody should give him the time of day with his own watch.

  6. So one of these monsters guns down two airmen in Frankfurt and the networks give them a stage to vomit across? For once, the tea baggers could do something useful and counter-protest this bunch– if they have the nerve.

  7. Churl – your comment is offensive to me. Why the hell don’t YOU go and protest them. The “Tea Baggers” as you so disgustingly call them are AMERICANS. And WILL probably be there because it’s fools like you who would not mind Sharia Law in the USA, if it didn’t bother with you.



  8. Churl what’s up with the scrotum reference?

  9. The Penguins are coming! The Penguins are coming!
    Well maybe that is a good thing as we still have a vast amount of ice and snow available. Are they coming to clean it up?

  10. Lotsa gays and lesbians here churl. Want to change your reference before they vote you off the island or something?

    And by the way, there SHOULD be a counter protest, but there wont be because Americans are far too complacent. But I will be if there IS a counter protest, the far right, much as I diislike them along with the far left, will probably be the ones who do the counter protest. If they don’t, why the hell blame them? There are over 300 milllion people in this country waiting for Someone Else to do Everything.

  11. WOW. Looks like the Penguins are getting ready for some kind of party!!!!

    Hey on the 6th, I’m not posting. I’m leaving it to the privileged to write posts and tell me how wonderful I am. lol. Again and Again and Again. I want testimonies. Like, I had warts until I found uppity’s blog and my warts went away. Or, I was legally blind until I heard about Uppity’s blog and I wanted to read it so badly, it was a miracle! Or my dog always bit me until I started reading Uppity.

  12. “protest”…”demand the implementation of Sharia in the USA…”

    Obviously, they have not looked around. people do not want their brand of lifestyle, etc. here in the U.S.A. But they can have it, from whence they came. It is but a plane ride away.

  13. I take that back. I’m working on a post of testimonies I’ve received. The rest of you can add yours to it. I’ll give you mods your own place on the post for updates.


  14. Testimonials! Ok! Heh! We all need to coordinate. Heh heh heh

  15. Yeah I’m working on it. You can check what I have written in the “scheduled” area under drafts. I’ll be putting text in there soon.

    I’ll have a section for Moderators and the testimonies they’ve ‘collected’.

  16. Testify! Testify! – Robin & The 7 Hoods is in my brain. Should we hold the Alan A Dale booze revival on the 6th? 🙂

  17. These guys are so irritating. Mouthy, mouthy, mouthy. So the protest is outside the WH and he’s not going in. By the way, Kathleen Parker is now gone from Parker/Spitzer because she would not speak up. The new show name is The Arena and they’ve found a new loudmouthed, interrupting rightwing woman to fill in temporarily. Hopefull, the will eventually get it right.

  18. Mr. Bill looks shocked in the header and I still see Peeps.

  19. Wait wait wait wait wait – the header is starting a celebration, UW is taking the 6th off, and there is a call for testimonies……? It will be your birthday???

    But…. that would make you a Pisces – Pisces are sweet, gentle, kind souls, pure as the driven snow….


  20. lorac
    Yep, that’s Uppity.

  21. FF you’re very creative!

  22. Not Pisces. Taurus. Sounds more likely doesn’t it, now?

  23. I have a testimony here from someone who can’t stand me but comes for the headers.

  24. lorac, March 6 is the 3rd anniversary of the blog.

  25. Taurus here too. Stubborn, strong and never wrong (okay, sometimes I’m wrong), but I’m surrounded by Taurus men so I have to be strong.

  26. I can’t hang out with taurus men. There would be blood. But mostly, I do awful with water signs.

  27. My father, brother, son and last significant other were all Taurus. It was not pretty.

  28. BCL I have no idea why you keep landing in Moderation, other than it’s your turn.

  29. UW, the blog and I are water signs, and you do fine with US!

  30. LOL BCL, Ben Hur.

  31. I guess that Let’s Kill Women protest starts at 1 PM. Keep a lookout, everybody. Post links. Find live feed.

  32. My ex husband, best friend and boss were all Cancers. I seem to collect them. They hurt me, I go on and forgive. Their egos are a problem, but I think my steadiness attracts them. Strange relationships.

  33. Oops, I meant to say they are Leos, not Cancers.

  34. Well, I’m in the deep south, about to get on a big boat. I’m going to miss the blog birthday party 😦

  35. Choudary said that at his protest, he will call on Obama and all Americans to “embrace Islam, not only as a religion but as a way of life.”

    Go screw a goat.

  36. thanks Uppity, I just thought the blog was having problems, but It’s just me.

  37. lorac
    Hope the big boat is a cruise ship. enjoy.

  38. The guy in the video is a total creep. He feels that his prophet was “the final prophet” (hence, has the most correct info, I suppose), and that we should all convert, because it’s the superior religion.

    As an agnostic, I have to say that I hope that the Christian missionaries who go to other countries to supplant the natives’ tribal beliefs with Christianity notice the irony.

  39. I’m seeing that Choudary has cancelled the rally. But I only see it on far right delusional sites. Stand by.

  40. The claim is that a huge counter protest was planned and they scurried away like sewer rats. Stand by.

  41. Now now Uppity- I am a water sign- Cancer- (cardinal water sign) and we seem to get along just fine.

  42. BCL, the moderation and spam thing happens to everybody here sooner or later. I have no idea why. But it goes away after a few times. You might have a different IP address. If you change emails it happens too. Stuff like that. Or sometimes, no explanation as all.

  43. lorac! You are NOT ALLOWED to miss the party! You must find a way on the boat.

  44. Thx, BCL. Yup, going for a nice cruise. We’re sailing through the gulf, so I’m going to keep my eyes open for any oil spill vestiges.

    Oh my gosh, I bet we’re driving past FF’s side of Florida. FF, I’ll wave!

  45. BCL, my spousal unit is Cancer and I couldn’t have possibly done better.

  46. Uppity, I did change email addresses but that was a couple weeks ago. I Hope the counter protestors still hold their protest.

  47. He blamed media’s “distorting” of his message as the reason for canceling the protest. He said the media have been “talking about security matters and conflict and they are talking about us threatening the Americans.”

    All the media had to do was show videos of you, you POS.

  48. lorac, I can’t attest for pisces women but I have always been attracted to pisces men and they are just wrong for me. Too much pathos.

  49. My only Cancer contact is a sister, it’s the Leos that I attract.

  50. test

  51. Oh, sure, THAT one goes through lol

  52. Taurus here too. And I have no problem with Taurus men. But then, I don’t sleep with them. All I have known are funny as hell with a quick wit.

    Lorac! You cannot go on a cruise past my house and not stop. My neighbor’s have a dock. I’ll tell them to expect you. I’m right across the street.

  53. Uppity. Zerro Probably sent Jarret out to tell them to stop, but to come inside for a tour and some lunch.

    Or, that jerk canceled it because no one showed up but OFA members.

  54. Also everyone, I have been getting a lot of posting errors this morning. Barack is probably mad at Uppity for pointing out what a creep this Islamofascist Gasbag guy is.

  55. Speaking of Gasbags – Obama is on TeeVee AGAIN.

  56. WordPress is doing some work on their data base or something. So be patient. it’s not a hack, just WP doing its thing.

  57. Is that little Rodney in the header, looking all scared?

  58. Well that’s better then. I thought they were coming to get me for sure- I so dislike being gagged.

  59. I swear I cannot follow WTF on TeeVee. He has NO POLICY and he is flubbing and stuttering.

  60. testimonials, testimonials….. which post is my favorite? Which comment?
    So much material so little time……..
    What shall I cook? Perhaps I will make homemade crackers and break out ajar of that zucchini relish.
    Ice- check- PLENTY of ice.
    Booze- yup check- plenty of booze.

  61. ROFL FF- is that what that annoying buzzing is in the background?
    Did they cook this up to keep the focus off his friends standing out in the cold? Or did they really cancel that thing?

  62. Calderone: We condemn any act of violence against people.

    Tell that to the Drug Cartels in your country, asshat.

  63. The world burns, and WTF and Calderone joke about football.

  64. The Constitution’s Second Amendment allows Americans to bear arms for hunting.


  65. Hey- as long as Calderon is here can he pick up all his constituents and take them home with him?
    Now the dipshit is saying he is in favor of the 2nd amendment. Oh and we can stop Americans from shipping guns in to Mexico.
    How about we STOP THE MEXICANS from shooting their bullets IN to our country???????? How about we enforce the immigration laws?
    Now I know why the protest was called off- he is busy with a different voter block today.

  66. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  67. FF, Calderon is shitting bricks right now. I read that 34,000 people have died in Mexico from violence since that jackass came to power. He’s freaking right now because the PRI which was the long standing ruling party is probably going to take back the presidency. Calderon and Barack are one in the same. No balls and powerless because they sold out their citizens long ago. Look at Juarez, the most violent city in Mexico. A minor detail.

    There were 3,111 civilians murdered in the city of Juarez in 2010 and 2,421 in the entire country of Afghanistan.

  68. Don’t get me wrong, the PRI is equally as corrupt as the PAN. Mexico is hopeless and has been that way for decades. Everytime a president leaves office to the same tune that Baby Doc did. Richer than rich. They always leave the country to live in the nation that has kept their ill gotten fortunes.

  69. But, but, but mcnorman – Obama has a party to go to.

  70. I think calderone had balls the size of grapefuits to come here last year and tell us what to do about the immigration of all the disgusting people he wants to get rid of and sends here. I lost it for him that day. I can’t believe we send our people over there unarmed. Who the hell do these people think they are? We should give them all AK’s right now before we agree to send another border agent or any other agent over there to help that sewer out.

  71. And who gives a shit if he favors our second amendment or now? Our laws are none of his goddamned business. He can’t even manage himself and clean up his own mess, and he wants to come over here and manage our country.

  72. The Constitution’s Second Amendment allows Americans to bear arms for hunting.

    ROFL what a limp wristed twit. He’s even afraid of some third world president of a horror and poverty swamp.

  73. Oh yeah, the Motown party. lol

  74. Calderone: We condemn any act of violence against people.

    And you’re so good at keeping it from happening that your own people are dropping like flies.

    Congress, can congress make a law that says we don’t cross that border without weapons. Tell Calderone to shit in his hat and he’s getting no help from us if he thinks we are sending any more sitting ducks to his hellhole. Then next time he wants “help”, send troops.

  75. AARRGGHH The Fl judge just put a stay on HIS OWN ruling on obamacare. WTF?

  76. Mom, I suspect Chowder man called off his ‘rally’ because he found out he was about to meet up with his opposition.

  77. Honestly UW, the man has no balls. That is why the cartels do as they please in his country. He seizes whatever opportunity that pResident gives him to make himself feel a little taller. Perhaps he will be moving to Boston just like Gotari’s bro did in order to evade prosecution for draining the country’s coffers? I can honestly say that after having watched Mexico’s elections for decades, they swing no different than Haiti or any other third world. Both parties are corrupt beyond belief.

    I could care less what that little man and his little or nothing balls thinks about us. It is about time that we say, “hasta la vista” to that little pos.

  78. The pResident of this country is the laughing stock of the world. His own disciples are leaving him.

    CNN’s Piers Morgan asked Matt Damon about Sarah Palin and President Obama in an interview last night, asking him if he was happy the way Obama was running the country.

    “No.” Damon said glumly, “I really think he misinterpreted his mandate.” Damon quoted a friend of his, adding, “I no longer hope for audacity.”

  79. McNorman you know they will replace him with one just like him. If we are going to have to put up with this shit, then we need to line the border with the reserves and national guards and we won’t need a fence.

  80. Absolutely UW. The cartels are not interested in being the government, they are only interested in dictating to the government. I saw this man being interviewed this morning on his ranch. The guy said that he has to turn and drive off when he sees them crossing onto his land (US country). He doesn’t want to die and I don’t blame him. Janet filled a bunch of seat warmers with National Reservist and Guards. They need to be armed and waiting for any incursions. Let me just say that Mexico doesn’t put up with this stuff. They have their southern borders armed. Such hypocrisy.

  81. FF.said
    Speaking of Gasbags – Obama is on TeeVee AGAIN.
    I say YET!!! 😆
    nice header

  82. As a Virgo (and I right in the centre although I don’t have an obsession with health) and with a Taurus, Aquarius and Cancer sister, I can attest that we can all get along – peace is possible (although sketchy). I was married to a Pices – my one true love, and we didn’t make it. Sad that, but shit happens. Insofar as Sharia is concerned, it’s 14th century slavery of women and children, so this asshat should be ridiculed, not given a podium on national networks in order to boost ratings. It should be something that is shunned in a big way because that is the only way to combat these 14th century wannabe caliphs.

    OMG, a peep – in the header. Easter must be just around the corner. Help – no more peeps, no more peeps – and what’s with the penguins helping the peeps.

    WRT to the anniversary of the blog, have been here for all those years and anticipate I shall be here for the next 10 years – I’m older so my time on earth is limited. I hope that this blog will continue long after I have been dissected on the medical students table. (yes, I’m donating my body to science – should prove interesting because of my addictions. I just hope that they can find something to help people)

  83. Mcnorman,

    Client #9 for Mayor? Great, in Louisanna years ago they had a bumper sticker that read “Vote for the Crook–It’s that Important.” It was for the governor’s race and the candidate that put it out was the crook.

  84. Just got back from a trip to the vet- Kozmoe had a “horny growth” on one of his pads. All good.

    Gas went up ten more cents- we are at $3.49 a gallon. Approaching summer 08 levels. I remember the last time it did this- and I was still working. We did not eat out, did not rent movies, bought nothing new and cut all errands down to those which could be done on the way to or from work or church.
    here we go again

    OT- I have been reading through the old posts here trying to pick a favorite. So many many excellent posts. I am having trouble narrowing down the top ten. The Comradess posts are a riot. The Monsanto posts are chilling – as are some of the BP posts. There are of course so many many good posts exposing the fraud.
    Any of you have a favorite or two?

  85. I’m at a loss for words. Are you talking about Huey Long? lol

  86. We have to have an animal post.

  87. Yes- I went back and looked at the thread we had a back in Nov on favorite posts-

    time to revisit and pick the winners for the party???

  88. So where is PumaPac today?

  89. Party? We are having a party?

    What for?


  90. Hopefully no bots declare a Fartwa on the party.

  91. Hey DE- if they show up we can play “whack-a-troll”

  92. Dora, I was just over at skydancer/dakinikat’s place and she had some info on a denial of service attack on wordpress, although wordpress.org and wordpress.com are a bit different. Since Murphy hosts her own site and uses wp, she may have been caught in the storm for now. They will sort it out I’m sure. This is also probably why people had trouble with wordpress free blogs this morning.

    Go here.

  93. Thanks Uppity.

  94. Are The Puffins bringing Muffins?
    Are the Penguins brings Scotch?
    Is the Peep
    (the little bastardI)
    Just here to cause Debauch?
    Were it time to party now
    Then the Lobster would be here

  95. FF, you’re a poet! I am impressed.

    PMM, I can’t think of a favorite, they are all fingerlickin good. I really cannot cite one that was my best of…..perhaps the other denizens will opine?

    DE, what’s this fatwa of which you type? Uppity has more friends. Those cowards depend on fear, and Uppity has a lot of friends who are not afraid of cowards.

  96. Uppity you have mail

  97. Uppity sayeth to lorac=

    “I can’t attest for pisces women but I have always been attracted to pisces men and they are just wrong for me. Too much pathos.”

    YYYesss!!!!!! I knew you had a thing for me! I’m wrong for you? But but we haven’t even met.

  98. FF! Sounds like the whole cast of characters is on the way…….


    Great poem! love the peeps line! lol

  99. DebauchPeeps?

  100. The lobster is not here because michelle ate them all.

  101. Get it yet, woman killer? America does not want your 7th Century fascism.

  102. Oh yeah. Religion of peace.

  103. Nah Uppity- he can’t hear us over the screaming of his goat.

  104. Please DO watch that video. Check out the statue of liberty.

  105. Ok Uppity fans- there is a post up over at my place where you can vote for your favorite Uppity posts. I took the favs from the thread we had a while back- and created polls for each category.
    Go Vote- or there WILL BE PUNISHMENTS!

  106. Wow- that video is horrifying- and Lady Liberty veiled?

    Over my dead body!

  107. McNorman,

    I think it might have been another corrupt politican named Edwards–not our little Johnny. But maybe it was Long–all cut from the same cloth though.

  108. So glad you found that video Uppity I meant to post it here on the comments earlier but then my day exploded so to speak!

    BTW what’s with the header? Is there a birthday???

    Happy girl’s day……3-3 is girl’s day in many Asian countries.

  109. We had better get a President with a fucking spine.

    Oh yeah – we had one, but the Little Muslim Apologist Boy King and his little fascist army of Banksters shrouded her in a veil.

    This makes my blood boil.

    Notice how all the nations covered in “Islam” turned black? The evil flows over the lands.

    As for the “Imam” I could only get through 2 minutes of his tripe. Spitzer was right. He should go to jail for inciting attacks on the USA.

  110. I’m baaaaack. WTF? I go away for a week and the pengy’s throw a party. I hope y’all saved me some of that cake.

    I didn’t read any news. It will take me days to catch up with the archives. What did we do before computers. Does anyone remember that far back? I guess we had to carve stone and utilize paperbark trees and deliver the news by horseback.

    So, what did I miss…..

  111. Karen – well – Barky was on TeeVee ALL WEEK. Ya missed that.

    but you’ve not missed the party!

  112. Is Fredster around? Fredster, I’m getting wierd emails from you meant for someone named sara. I think your yahoo has been tampered with.

  113. March 3. 03/03/11
    “March 3 is the 62nd day of the year (63rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 303 days remaining until the end of the year.


  114. After watching the (statue of Liberty) video and then watching the video that followed about Minneapolis, I’m worried. My beautiful, liberal, brilliant (anti-BHO) unmarried daughter may be moving from AZ to Minneapolis this year. She’d be days closer to home, and we are all hoping she gets the job so we can see her again. But after seeing the video, I don’t know. After seeing and hearing (not really either) POTUS in action in the last 3 weeks, and being aware of his penchant for supporting anybody (and his goat) who could vote for him, I nearly want to tell her to “throw the interview”.
    Please keep your fingers crossed for the right opportunity to be present for her.
    Am I in time for the party?

  115. Nasty goat rapist. Since he admitted he’s a terrorist at the end of the interview, do you think he’ll be picked up by the FBI? Probably not. They only want to arrest regular Americans that don’t want to be felt up at airport security checkpoints.

    Is it almost 3 years??? Time flies. I’ve spent many happy & informative hours here, in superlative company, thats for sure.

  116. “I’m working on a post of testimonies I’ve received”

    Uppity you must be on volume four by now.

    And back to the 7th century we will send them. Tick Tick Tick

  117. Hey thanks Teak! Good to see you! Actually, you should come to the celebration read it on the 6th. I promise it will be funny, because Funny R Us.

  118. Uppity? Did you see their website? The images REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!


    The Statue of Liberty, designed by Frederic Bartholdi, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor; representing Libertas, the Roman (false) goddess of Freedom, it is symbolic of the rebellious nature of the US constitution that elevates the command of man over the command of God.

    In Islam, the public veneration of idols and statues is strictly prohibited. This has forced sincere Muslims to develop realistic plans that will aid in the removal of the Statue of Liberty.

    Due to the scale of the task at hand, it is highly likely that rigorous safety checks will need to be employed before the demolition of the Statue of Liberty can commence; thus as a temporary measure, it is proposed that a large burkha is used to cover the statue, thereby shielding this horrendous eye sore from public view as well as sending a strong message to its French creators.

    Post demolition, it is recommended that a minaret be built as a fitting replacement, allowing the glorification of God to be proclaimed daily as well as act as a powerful reminder of the superiority of Islam over all other ways of life.

  119. Morning Tiger. Yes I saw it and I am at a point where I can’t even comment rationally any longer about these freaks. That cancelation of the Let’s Kill Some Women rally, which that freak called a “postponement” is a glimmer of hope, however. I think he knnew he was about to meet American rage In His Face. If they even let the subhuman into the country. That cancelation was a beautiful turn of events. I don’t think we have even assimilated how significant it is. Let them do their parody sites, because that is what they really are, some kind of convoluted Onion website. This country is not going to put up with this shit and I think he knew instinctively that his protest rally was going to be a well-deserved disaster.

  120. Lost someone dear this week, but have viewed the videos multiple times…

    Guess everyone caught the statement that ‘I assure you, whatever Muslims are saying to your faces is what you want to hear’ (for now… until…)

    He’s good – monotone vocalization like the Islamic chants over loud speakers, hypnotizing the Sheeple – saying all of the “right” things in the selling of an Islamic, Sharia Law, global Dictatorship, as that of a heaven on earth for zombies… verses non-Muslim man’s Laws, governing favoring the haves over the have nots.

    That’s quite a sell to the masses that he’s got going on. Too bad he leaves out the punishments for ‘non-compliance’ or violation or ‘missing the mark’ and dishonoring Mohammad – according to whomever might accuse another – like, of prostituting herself by performing CPR on a non-family member male – or defending herself against a rapist, or…?

    Some Choice. Shouldn’t be too hard for women of all nationalities to say, “Yes Sir” and “Ouch” in Arabic, too, you think?

    Thinking.Thinking.Thinking.Thinking…. is this REALLY HAPPENING… and how can it be stopped now… with the “choice” of either “peaceful accommodation” of their march to achieving total submission to Islamic Law Rule or be terrorized into it!?

  121. herlo, so sorry for your loss. It’s aslways difficult to lose someone you love – it hurts.

    I don’t think women are as compliant to slavery as some think – at least women who have experienced subjucation first hand. It’s the youngsters I worry about. They’ve live free their entire life and have never felt the strictures of a repressive mandate, however, young women do age, and do face the daily grind of trying to carve out a place for themselves. Honestly, I may be wrong, but there is no place for Shari-ia in North America. The men might yearn for it, and judging by the current bills being introduced – they want to emulate it, but at some point women must rise up and say NO GODDAMN WAY. Otherwise, they and we are lost. I don’t have to worry – well past child bearing age started menopause at 35, so I’m out of the loop on all of these draconian attempts to put women back, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but I do worry about my daughter and about all women who are still capable of reproducing – sounds like a copier doesn’t it? Anyway, I don’t think Shari-ia has a chance in North America, and unfortunately I think it will be the fundies who stop it – they have their own plans for enslaving females. Bitter, who me? Never, just disillusioned.

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