Judge to wife-beheading “Bridges TV” cockroach: Self-defense? I don’t think so…


Jury took less than an hour to convict this cockroach.

Just another Sharia day, it was, for this freak Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan.

(Reuters) – The founder of a Muslim TV network who was convicted of beheading his wife was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years to life in prison, the maximum penalty under the law for the charge against him.

The freak tried to call what he did “self-defense” because he was afraid of his wife. Too bad she left diaries behind that made it pretty clear to anybody who saw them that this guy was an animal.

Like all fools, this barbarian represented himself.

Hassan never once denied that he had decapitated his wife, but instead made the argument that he was a “battered spouse” and often feared for his life. At one point, he took the stand for about four days, spouting off often wild stories of his marriage.

“All these people are hearing stories,” he told the jury. “They want you to believe stories are evidence. They have no witnesses.”

How’s that working out for  you now, Mo?

Beheaded Aasiya Hassan

After the self-defense crap didn’t work out for this savage, he decided to provide an unapology that gives us an even deeper understanding of how despicable these Honor Killers really are.

“I deeply regret that things came down to what they came down to,” he said. “I truly wish there would have been some sort of alternate mechanism.”

Like what, freak? Setting her aflame?

Aasiya Hassan had filed for divorce on the grounds of “Cruel and Inhumane Treatment”. I guess she wasn’t exaggerating, was she now?

This is America. We are a nation of laws, not 7th Century savage freaks. If some knuckle-dragger wants to bring  7th century savagery here, he should move back to the sh*thole cave he came from. When you come to the USA, you come to a country of laws that will continue to remind you that American women are not  going to allow you to place them one step down from your goats.

May Mo room with Bubba and drop the soap daily, until, hopefully, the prisoners around him will help him die, freak, die. Slowly.  Even hardened criminals have limits on what they will tolerate in their space. They don’t like pedophiles and they don’t particularly like freaks who lie in wait to behead their wives who are trying to get the hell away from them. Hang onto that soap, Mo!

I only wish this had happened in Texas instead, because his cockroach ass would fry and American women could cheer–and I suspect, so could a fair number of captive women who worry for their lives daily at the hands of creatures like Mo. Unfortunately, he will get a chance to appeal. So we will have to wait a bit longer for Muzzammil  Mo Hassan to get what’s coming to him. If you ask me, his conviction wasn’t quite right. It should have been for First-Degree murder. But 25-life should be plenty of time for the disgusted prisoners around him to work their magic.

This is not Custom. This is not culture. This is Criminal.

–Hillary Clinton

See the judge tell him what he thinks of him. Awwww.

Poor abused Mo. He looks so sad. I just know you are all playing the world’s smallest violin for him.


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  1. 50 minutes for the jury to come back with the guilty verdict! Excellent job by the jury and kudos to the judge for spelling it out to the creep. I hope there was a good representation of women on that jury – what better way to get the message through that sicko’s head- in America it is a jury of your peers pal- peers includes women.
    Alas no death penalty. Too bad. Now the NY taxpayers have to support the freak until Bubba dispenses real justice.

  2. Sometimes I wonder how we all survive being ‘female in America’. First, we have the story of an eleven year old girl being gang raped by countless thugs (28 and counting) who fortunately for the prosecution were stupid enough to make movies of the crime and show it at school. A defense attorney made sure to note that the victim was “willing”. I see it a ‘willing’ 11 year old. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/41991272#41991272

    Of course, in America girls even younger than 11 can be deemed as ‘willing’. ABCnews.com has the following lead up:

    Unapologetic for Affair With Pedophile
    “Tiger, Tiger” Author Margaux Fragoso describes man who abused her from age 7.

  3. Sorry– I hit post by mistake. Just wish to note that a 51 year old man does not have an ‘affair’ with a seven year old girl. He rapes a seven year old girl. Second, why would be expect a victim to be ‘apologetic’ about the abuse that she was subjected to. The author clearly notes that due to her victimization, she became attached to her tormentor, but she does not see herself as a person in an ‘affair’. She also notes that she wrote the book, so that others would see the warning signs of abuse and other victims would not feel like they were alone.

    The way media covers these stories of women’s victimization color the way we view women in society.

  4. 25 – life?!!!!!!!!! UNF@#$KBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

    Why wasn’t this a case of first degree murder? Does this conviction mean he’s eligible for parole? Will he be freed in X years for “good behavior”?

  5. If you recall, they asked for 2nd degree murder because they were warned that they couldn’t mention the words “Honor Killing” when dealing with this bag of shit.

  6. A willing 11 year old. There ya go. Some attorneys will do anything for a buck.

  7. trixta, we can hope that the prisoners will take care of this creature. It’s happened.

  8. The Rape of the 11 year old:

    “The case has rocked this East Texas community to its core and left many residents in the working-class neighborhood where the attack took place with unanswered questions. Among them is, if the allegations are proved, how could their young men have been drawn into such an act?”

    “how could their young men have been drawn into such an act”

    “The New York Times’ Rape-Friendly Reporting


  9. …Those poor, poor boys and men. How could that little wretched 11 year old girl do that to those 17 to 27 year old boys!?!

    I think I need to go tie one on and look at this from an entirely inebriated angle.

  10. If only we could make the world safe from 11 year old girls, I would be able to sleep at night.

  11. It’s the wimminz fault. Even when they are 11 years old.

  12. If these animals want to behave like that and have the behavior excused, they can just go back to their caves and their brutal, antiquated ways, in their homeland.

    In other words, take your shit elsewhere, you animals.

  13. trixta, I think we can be pretty confident he won’t be sprung in 25 years. Eligibility for parole is often a technicality honored in the breach. Murderers tend to stay incarcerated for much longer than their minimum sentences.

  14. Interesting on the reason why they charged second and not first degree murder. For first degree they’d have to should premeditation and deliberation. How does one not premeditate a decapitation, really? A little different from a sudden urge to stab or shoot someone, it would seem.

  15. NES I recall after this slimeball was arrested that the prosecutors were all ready to declare it an Honor Killing and somebody put a foot on their throats. They asked for 2nd because somebody told them to.

  16. I hope the prisoners give this rat shit what he deserves, a painful and terrifying death. Why should taxpayers have to feed this scum for another 30 years?

  17. Herlo, thanks for the mother jones link. Horrific story. Nyt is so worthless now. Sometimes I find it hard to deal with the strange times we’re living in.

  18. Whoa, WTF…I just listened to that video clip you posted on your piece on the killer, Upps, and there’s no way the prosecution didn’t have a first degree case even without the honor killing stuff. The judge (god bless him for not mincing words) said he bought two knives, sharpened them, tested their sharpness, and lay in wait to ambush her. If that’s not premeditated and deliberate, I don’t know what is. No evidence of honor killing was needed. So, yes, there was something else going on — some hole in the prosecutor’s case or some political influence.

  19. Yup, NES, glad you saw it. There was an intervention there and some Dhimmi didn’t want an example set for these honor killers. Sorry, but the stench was there from Week 1.

  20. Hopefully, the parole board will be a bunch of hard asses who keep that beast locked up forever. I would have far preferred to see him executed.

  21. You got mail NES.

  22. And these islamists are trying to bring sharia law to America under the protection of “freedom of religion”.

    Does anyone think for one nanosecond that if men were subjected to sharia law, instead of women, that such protection would not exist? The fact that there are those in our government who are even flirting with letting this kind of religious law to prevail in America is beyond comprehension and surely a huge red flag that women in America should not assume that our “laws” and “principles of freedom” will protect us from the creeping sharing law while disguising itself under the cloak of freedom of religion.

    I don’t believe that all Muslims are fanatics like this guy, but where are they in protesting honor killing as a religious right? Their silence speaks volumes.

    As for the 11 year old girl being “willing”, this is just another red flag that women in this country are under seige by a patriarchy that has gone literally insane for that kind of logic ever being expressed by anyone! It’s right up there with the islamic fundamentalists. It’s the horrible consequences of men having too much power, for too long, proving once again that not only does “absolute power, corrupts absolutely”…it makes you insane too.”

  23. I’m sure the bubbas’ll take care of him, and without costing taxpayers a dime. Had he gotten the death penalty, NY’ers would be paying up the yin yang to fund his various capital punishment appeals — a long and expensive process. Also, capital prisoners are isolated from the general population (so we wouldn’t be able to hope for the ‘bubba solution’).’ I think it’s fine this way, altho’ he should’ve gotten 50 to life (first degree).

  24. Another case of the jury taking less than an hour because they had to visit the restroom and take a brief siesta.

  25. What does it take in a “human” to actually cut the head off of another human being. Sharp knives or not, it is not such an easy task, I would assume. The hatred WITHIN and stomach turning ACT while in the process must be mindblowing.

    So, he cuts off her head, and he claims he was abused.

    Goatfucker. What a sick, sick bastard. Let him rot in hell.

  26. Of course, I suppose he should be forgiven. After all, he was trying REEEEEELY HARD to show Americans what great folks Muslim Extremists are via Tee Vee. No need Mo, we have NPR, NBC and the White House doing that quite nicely.

    Enjoy your showers asshat.

  27. FF: Let’s hope it takes only one or two showers.

  28. Given that prisoners have a higher sense of honor than the justice system–I have a feeling that he will turned out into the general population while the guards turn their backs. I am sure they will claim self-defense.

    I think the turd thought that he could get away with it.

  29. I think the turd thought that he could get away with it

    He forgot which country he was in, I guess. Or maybe he figured American justice would be too scared to give him what he had coming to him. A test case, if you will. He got an F on the test.

    The irony of thise beast is his TV channel was supposed to build “bridges” and break the stereotype of Islamists being 7th century beasts. Ooops. Cancel that one. He turned out to be The Living Stereotype.

  30. socalannie,

    You’re welcome for the MJ link. I think it epitomizes what little girls and women are up against.

    It’s horrifying, when I think about it, actually. How can we possibly “undo” the inhumanity towards women and girls when such a huge segment of the world’s population believe subjugation of females is a fundamental “law” of nature – thus our equal value as “unnatural”?

  31. Yeay, UW. These a holes freak my husband out. One of his relatives has gotten all holy and is not shaving because Mohammed didn’t shave. Of course my hubby looks him up and down and says “Jesus Christ are you an idiot? No, take the 5th. In Mohammed’s day they didn’t razors. Why are you driving or going to a hospital? They didn’t have cars or hospitals in Mohammed’s time. “

  32. However, it has been recently reported that one of the fastest growing “Conversions to Islam populations is… wait for it… within the Prison System.

  33. I guess they are *required* to have a beard after they marry the first of their god knows how many wives.

    Cheaper than a wedding band, though!

  34. “Conversions to Islam” Populations (forgot the end quote.)

  35. Yes I know Herlo. That’s why they have a special place for the worst of them in one prison, so they can shoot the crap together and it keeps them away from the populations in other prisons. I have a link somewhere…

  36. (I know – it’s PBS but here’s a link on “Conversion to Islam in Prisons”)


  37. Oh, Uppity, I wasn’t aware that they try and keep them segregated from the general population.

    I’ve read quite a few headlines here and there, but not enough on the details.

  38. They always make fun of California, and especially our schools, which is ironic.


  39. Yes, here’s one prisoner in Nebraska who sued over being served pork.

    Also that freak who killed his daughter in Georgia was giving the prison a hard time over his special diet.

    Herlo, they very worst are together in an area of one prison. I had a major article on it but have no idea where it went.

  40. To be honest, I can see the attraction among male prisoners. Muslim men seem to have a real comraderie, looking out for one another. Unfortunately, they don’t give a fig about anybody else and don’t care what they do to them. But they are very much a “brotherhood”. Women are just one step above goats to them, but each other, they love.

  41. “SScott says in his lawsuit that he was sickened by the pork and that his rights to practice his religion were violated”

    “Scott is serving three-to-five years in prison for cocaine distribution”


  42. Uppity,

    Doesn’t Islamic Practice find it acceptable for men to take young boys “under their wing” – which includes them having sexual relations with to keep them from having premarital sex?

    …Yet, “Homosexuality is an abomination to Allah and punishable by death”?

  43. I’ve tried to study Islamic “Religion(s)” – as if I might could understand where the “peaceful religion” claims are coming from.

    It All makes me think, “Insane.”

    Oh well, goodnight.

  44. The classification of this crime still boggles the mind! So, I guess all one has to do is fabricate some “reasonable explanation or excuse” for killing someone and voila a second degree murder charge. I’d like to know who in the DA’s office found his “explanation or excuse” for murdering his wife “reasonable” — especially given the history of domestic violence here? And how is it that his actions were not seen as “especially cruel and wanton” or form of torture?

    “Was New York wife alive during beheading?” http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=89824#ixzz1GAVwx7M4

    “Some have described the murder as an “honor killing” – a term used to describe a killing in which a Muslim man murders his daughter or wife to defend the family’s honor. In countries where Islam is practiced, the murders may be perceived as excusable or understandable punishment for a woman’s disobedience.

    While CNN reports Hassan admitted to killing Aasiya, Hassan’s defense attorney, James P. Harrington, claims his client never confessed to the murder.

    An Erie County grand jury is expected to hear Hassan’s case soon. If convicted of second-degree murder, Hassan may face life in prison. According to New York State law, the charge is applied in cases where an attacker “acted under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance for which there was a reasonable explanation or excuse.”

    A first-degree murder conviction could have meant a maximum sentence of life without parole, but prosecutors say the charge may only be applied to 13 specific deliberate types of homicides, including murders of judges, law enforcement officers, witnesses, or in cases of torture, contract, terrorist or serial killings.

    According to New York Penal Law Section 125.27, a person is guilty of murder in the first degree when he causes the death of a person and “acted in an especially cruel and wanton manner pursuant to a course of conduct intended to inflict and inflicting torture upon the victim prior to the victim’s death.”

    Despite the gruesome nature of the attack, stab wounds and decapitation, and the law’s torture clause, prosecutors told the Buffalo News they cannot charge Hassan with first-degree murder because the crime doesn’t fit New York State requirements. […]”

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