Earthquake – Tsunami open thread, Part 2

I know some of you are having problems loading the thread below this on because of the number of comments, so here is a second thread. Post your information on Japan and other affected areas here.

Here is the link to BBC ongoing video coverage from Japan. It continues to be the most detailed coverage IMO.

It is said that nearly 100 aftershocks have occurred. There is a current threat of a meltdown at one of the reactors. They may need to release some radiation in order to relieve some pressure.  This is all truly a travesty.

You have all done a great job posting current information in the comment section of this and the previous thread, but then that doesn’t surprise me.

Moderators, if you see anything you feel should be added to this post, feel free to add it here, leaving the BBC link at the top.\

Why worry about the information being provided on Fukushima?  TEPCO’s checkered past.


The company was suspected of 29 cases involving falsified repair records at nuclear reactors.

In late 2006, the government ordered TEPCO to check past data after it reported that it had found falsification of coolant water temperatures at its Fukushima Daiichi plant in 1985 and 1988, and that the tweaked data was used in mandatory inspections at the plant, which were completed in October 2005.

And in 2007, TEPCO reported that it had found more past data falsifications, though this time it did not have to close any of its plants.

From the International Atomic Energy Agency

From that same IEAE link

Why use INES?

INES, to facilitate understanding, uses a numerical rating to explain the significance of nuclear or radiological events. This is just like using ratings for earthquakes or temperature, which would be difficult to understand without the Richter or Celsius scales.

INES applies to any event associated with the transport, storage and use of radioactive material and radiation sources. Such events can include industrial and medical uses of radiation sources, operations at nuclear facilities, or the transport of radioactive material.

Events are classified at seven levels: Levels 1–3 are “incidents” and Levels 4–7 “accidents”. These levels consider three areas of impact:
people and the environment, radiological barriers and control, and defence in depth. The scale is designed so that the severity of an event is about ten times greater for each increase in level on the scale. Events without safety significance are called “deviations” and are classified Below Scale/Level 0.”


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  1. Is it a stretch to wonder if those anchovies that made a wrong turn into Redondo Harbor had some kind of early waring signal to this massive quake?

  2. Wow, the anchovies. I never thought of that.

  3. What a day! Of course the notnews is not covering the real news. Sad sad sad- and how many Americans are watching some idiotic mind numbing reality show or whatever the latest bread and circuses rage is the latest fad. Guess we just have to keep the BBC up.

  4. imust- good thought- land animals alert to quakes- why not the fish?

  5. Seems like Mother Earth knew. Forewarning with volcanic activity prior to big shift.

  6. I’m really worried about the nuclear power plants that they say are “out of control.

  7. I’m supposed to be in bed reading, but just could not resist coming back to check on updates. imust, you might have something there. Animals are so much more attuned to nature than humans. Which makes me worry even more – I have two suet feeders and one really big feeder for the larger birds which the squirrels maraude. Anyway, one of my suet feeders has disappeared – whoever it was took the whole feeder. the other one is still there, but has not been disturbed much. The third – the big one – lots of squirrels per morning, and then lots more per afternoon. Something is upsetting the animals. P.S. the robins never left to go south, the geese are back too soon, the chickadees were here in December, but nowhere to be seen today, and there are no racoons around. This is one very disturbing season.

  8. Great question.

    Steve Kerekes, from the Nuclear Energy Institute in Washington DC, says: “Even if there were to be a release of radiation, that in itself is not necessarily something that means the public is being harmed… the question would be ‘what are the levels’?

    How in the world can they be taking care of business? They just got slammed with a 6.8.

  9. re the nuclear power plants, you won’t hear anthing more about them other than the problem has been addressed and there is no danger. It’s the way the Powers that be address things for the hoi polloi. Nuclear power plants are big money. They do not want anything to interfere with that – I do wonder how much money is enough and how many people are they willing to kill whether directly or indirectly?

  10. HT- perhaps the raccoons are not around because they stole the suet feeder? I have seen raccoons and skunks cart off suet feeders. And every spring the local authorities remind people to remove their bird feeders – the bears LOVE them. Yes, alas, we have bear here. Have never seen one- but there is a sow that lives up on a nearby hill and every few years she makes the local paper when she brings a new cub or two down off the hill and strolls along the local waterway- marauding bird feeders along the way.

  11. Another 2.6 in Hawaii and the quakes and aftershocks in Japan are non stop.

  12. OT- completely- but I know how many of us here hate those horrible headache inducing imitation light bulbs- so here we go- Who is doing the lightbulb run?
    Lights On in South Carolina? Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Restore Incandescent Bulbs

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  13. Going to try and get some sleep- hope socal checks in soon.
    In the morning.

  14. Oops, thanks barry,
    The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday that it would retest every full-body X-ray scanner that emits ionizing radiation — 247 machines at 38 airports — after maintenance records on some of the devices showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected.

  15. Kyodo reporting that “minute” amounts of radiation is being leaked.

    From ABC

    “Given the large quantity of irradiated nuclear fuel in the pool, the radioactivity release could be worse than the Chernobyl nuclear reactor catastrophe of 25 years ago.”

  16. minute amounts eh….why.don’t.I.believe.that?

  17. Chertoff should be subjected to enough run thrus until his nuts are the size of peas.

  18. I know Imust.

  19. Upgrade on the quake from the tsunami center to 9.1.

    I don’t know, continuous earthquakes, no electricity, a possibility of a a nuclear meltdown, it all sounds like Hell.

    No trains running so many people stuck and sleeping rough in freezing conditions as had heavy snow storm just after quake when people running to go to evacuation points in parks.

  20. Quakes that large trigger aftershocks that are like major earthquakes themselves. No matter how much you build to “earthquake code”, nothing is earthquake “proof”. The length of the first quake alone was enough to do so much damage and then the subsequent large quakes finish off the damage.

  21. True Imust. Nothing is 100% eq proof. Nite to all, gotta go.

  22. more on the dead fish…..possibly a toxin….or something…..,0,5066789.story?track=rss

  23. I hope this helps if needed. A person finder site for Japan
    If people have family or friends in Japan maybe this will help locate them.



  24. Quickly checking back in – cause I couldn’t get to sleep without checking if socal and lorac had surfaced.

    Gnite mcnorman – sweet dreams.

    G’nite to all of you – sweet dreams to you too. Please be safe socal, laker, socalhubbie, lorac. And where the heck is karen? Okay, I’m done, g’night.

  25. HT – don’t worry anymore, I’m okay 🙂

    I’m only 5 miles from the ocean, but I’m waaaay down south – I think they were more worried about NoCal.

    BUT I’m 15 miles from Mexico – so if FF is right about the Baja EQs coming, THEN you had better worry!

  26. Ahhh, lorac, you’re okay. Now I can get some sleep. Thanks for checking in.

  27. Phew, only socal to check in, but in the meantime

  28. Okay, well some poor suckers want my opinion on our “leader”. Usual disclaimer: you cannot truly diagnose a person you have never personally evaluated, maybe given a battery of tests. But, I will get comfy in my easy chair, and give my armchair speculation/opinion lol

  29. Okay, well some poor s*ckers want my opinion on our “leader”. Usual disclaimer: you cannot truly diagnose a person you have never personally evaluated, maybe given a battery of tests. But, I will get comfy in my easy chair, and give my armchair speculation/opinion lol

  30. Of course they are going to say the levels are “minute”. Do we expect them to tell us they are freaking going to glow in the dark? This reminds me of that Monty Python scene where the guy’s legs get cut off and he says it’s only a flesh wound. There will be international checks on this, I’m sure.

  31. HT you are so sweet to worry. We here in CA are okay but were given another wakeup call to check our emergency supplies.
    I have to say though, I have a strange feeling….like I’m a dinosaur at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

  32. Mom re: bears. We had a place up North where the bears would come right up on the front deck and try to get in. There were people around there who found bears breaking into their pantries and fridges. They were the black bears that people thought were cute and fed them along the roads. Far as I know they never hurt anybody but they sure could wreck your home.

  33. Uppity, the international scene is controlled by the same people that brought the Wall Street meltdown, so don’t expect honesty.

    That scene from the Holy Grail with the Black Knight still makes me laugh and I think I’ve watched that wretched movie over – well I’ve watched it a lot.(I had to buy the darned thing cause it was costing me a fortune to rent – and that was before DVDs)

  34. imust, of course we all worry – it’s endemic to Uppityites. If you have a gut feeling, then please take care and follow your instincts. I’ve had gut feelings before and in one instance it saved both me and the gruesome twosome’s lives. Just take care, please.

  35. Kyodo now reporting radioactive cesium is now being detected near Fukushima plant.

  36. My sense is that he does not have Aspergers.

    Persons who have Aspergers (and they are usually males) exhibit certain diagnostic features. Aspergers individuals are going to have significant impairment in important areas of functioning (not just social, but also in their job, etc). They usually also will have some type of repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behaviors or interests (ie, finger flapping, intense interest with only part of an object).

    I think what people are sensing is that BO seems to have social deficits (including a lack of emotional reciprocity), which is true of BO, and which is pretty standard (to varying degrees) with Aspergers individuals.

    However, Aspergers usually lack an understanding of social conventions. They may have an interest in having social interactions, but they do not understand the give and take of a conversation, and have limited abilities to understand nonverbal cues. So, for example, an older Aspergers may walk up to a couple of people, wanting to engage in conversation, but start repetitively talking about some eccentric topic, and be unable to read the verbal or non-verbal responses of those around him (ie, responses indicating boredom, irritation, etc).

  37. My guess is that BO has narcissistic personality disorder. There are three main components to NPD – grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

    Their self-esteem is very fragile, which leads to the need for the admiration, and also why they are easily “hurt” and may fight back very strongly when they believe someone has insulted them (on a psychoanalytic level, this would function to keep the conscious from recognizing the truth of the insult).

  38. Tweeted 6 Minutes ago @ 12:10am Central Time USA:

    Reuters: High possibility of meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 reactor, per Japanese authorities 6 minutes ago via RavenExt

  39. I agree lorac. NPD seems more like BO. He’s completely self centered. When he reads statements that express any empathy at all, they are hollow, empty words.

  40. lorac, he’s not aspergers – those people have intelligence, even though they cannot convey it. I am marginally aware of Aspergers because I had the gruesome male tested. He’s very bright, but different than what I expected.
    Obama is not very bright and is in over his head. Witness his behavior with all the crisi in the middle eastern countries and the response to Japan’s disaster. This is not a leader with any intelligence. It’s a middle manager faced with a crises that he has no idea or plan to address. Guess he didn’t get the memo from his handlers.

  41. So, while BO also seems to have difficulties in some aspects of social relationships, I don’t think the problem is that he doesn’t know what is appropriate, as would be with Aspergers.

    My guess is that he DOES know what is appropriate, but he isn’t moved to reciprocate appropriately because his grandiosity leads him to not care, and because his lack of empathy does not allow him to “feel” what the other may be feeling (which often steers the rest of us to automatically know how to respond to someone else in pain or need).

    My feeling is that he is not in touch with and doesn’t process much of his own feelings, which would make it hard for him to put himself in another’s shoes, so he doesn’t even have THAT clue as to how to behave appropriately.

    My sense is that he is pretty shut down. He can have fun on a court, and he can get angry/want revenge, but I’m not sure he allows himself to process more subtle or varied feelings – I think they would upset his delicately constructed self-defenses. Sports enjoyment and anger both “point out”. He doesn’t seem “to do” emotions which lead back inside – sadness, fear, other types of “vulnerable” feelings.

    I think at some point he cut himself off from his vulnerable feelings because of the trauma in his early life, and on some level has to be on perpetual guard against those feelings rising to his conscious, because he fears being overwhelmed by them. I imagine that the NPD arose as that very defense – the grandiosity, lack of empathy, and need for admiration allow him to keep one step ahead of his buried fears.

  42. herlo – oh sheite re the tweet and meltdown.

    Imust, I agree with you and lorac – NPD.

    Why can I not sleep? you guys are saving my sanity. I’ve watched ever episode of Criminal minds in the last week – serial killers do tend to induce sleep, but I’ve run out of episodes.

  43. Oh, and when I say “revenge”, I mean that revenge that is meant to correct for some perceived PERSONAL slight against him. I think his delayed reaction to horrendous world events may be because they barely seem real to him – because they’re not about HIM.

  44. Yes lorac. He only sees world events as they relate to him. For example, if Japan’s quake prevents him from taking a vacation or interferes with his life or schedule in any way.

  45. HT: I can’t sleep either, yet.

    Still trying to confirm the report – and that tweet seems to correspond with a Japanese Station’s Breaking News ticker report.

    The government’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says nuclear material cesium has been detected near the Number One reactor at the Fukushima Number One nuclear power plant. The agency says the detection indicates that some of the nuclear fuel at the reactor may have started melting, because cesium is produced during a nuclear chain reaction.

  46. I think the above quote must be related to the report that mcnorman was referring to earlier about “cesium being detected”.

  47. imust – yes, I could see him having some urgency if a domestic or world event interfered with his personal plans!

    HT – I agree. I think he is of average intelligence. Not enough to be a curious person, but not so little that he can’t fake it (and fool some of the people bots for awhile….

  48. Oh great….its the China Sydrome….in Japan. All kidding aside (and I do that to alleviate any tension from being scared sh@tless), does that mean that radiation could drift over to the US ala Chernobyl?

  49. I caught a second of something on Greta, they said that one of the reactors has a high probability of melting down…

  50. That station is sending out constant warnings from the Meteorological Agency that “very High Tsunamis are expected and that everyone near the coast must evacuate to higher ground.”

    With the continued huge aftershocks and the new earthquake, the danger of new Quakes and Tsunamis occurring is pretty certain, obviously?

    Those poor people. They are sitting on a time bomb – both natural and nuclear.

  51. imust – I feel you on that scared spitless – I wish I knew how great the threat in your question:

    does that mean that radiation could drift over to the US ala Chernobyl?

    But, my guess is, it could reach the US, depending on the Jet Streams, etc.?

  52. Lorac, after having the gruesome male tested – just to make sure of course, I found out that he was above average in intelligence – just that he marched to a different drummer, which he does to this day. I can recognize a fake – Obama is a fake. BTW, gruesome has an IQ that makes me seem like a dimbulb (and mine was 140).. Mind you, my brother had similar IQ – meaning that they both could join Mensa, however my brother’s brain fizzled out years ago from drug use etc. I keep an eye on gruesome however, what’s a mom to do – he’s 22.
    WRT Obama, you and I are in agreement. He’s average on the intelligence quotient, and below on the emotional quotient. He is a person that in a crises would save himself regardless – and yes, I believe before his daughters. He’s a heartless sumbeotch.

  53. imust and herlo – don’t get upset, whatever will be will be. There is nothing any of us can do to stop whatever will happen. Chernobyl did not reach the shores of the U.S. despite warnings. If the reactor in Japan does melt down, it will impact China and Russia, as those are the closest countries. I’m sure that Putin and Jintao are already discussing the way to stop the problem.

  54. Herlo you are so right that they are sitting on a time bomb. I was looking at the USGS site and counted about 24 aftershocks in Japan OVER 6.0. I didn’t count the ones that were in the mid 5s. Japan is being hit hard and relentlessly by these quakes and they’ve got to try to stop a nuclear meltdown while being bombarded by these constant quakes….its hard to wrap my brain around how difficult it must be.

  55. I hear you HT. I just hope that the government of Japan is honest and transparent about what’s going on unlike who the former Soviet Union was after Chernobyl. We have a right to know if a nuclear cloud might be heading our way! And on that happy note….I’m off to bed! Sure wish a had a nice slice of PIE to take my mid off things 🙂

  56. HT: You are right, ‘what will be will be’ and will just have to deal with it as it comes.

    Jeesh! “It’s been a hell of a day… week… month… year” is becoming the new norm and Hillary Clinton has leaped over BO and emerged as “THE ONE” World Leader after-all?

  57. imust, I’m going to try to sleep (again) also, as for pie, DE’s Angi is the pie lady. Sorry I don’t have one for you.

  58. Me too, Goodnight.

  59. Hi Everyone! We’re okay. Sorry I missed last two days, was sick with killer migraine with vomiting. You guys are sweet to worry. Anyway, we’re checking in. Going to look at the videos now. Am filled with horror from what I’ve seen. I’ve heard there have been some tsunami warnings around our coast. Poor Japan.

  60. I just read the long thread. You guys have all the news thats for sure. My hubbie was in L.A. all day yesterday, he’s deputized for emergency situations, in other words, if there’s a catastrophe in L.A., he has to stay/or go there and help out, although nothing happened there. I’m praying no more earthquakes. I’ve been to Japan, Tokyo, and east & south of Tokyo. Also, I have a step brother in Brookings, OR, which I read had the most damage on the coast. Will have to call him in the AM. He’s a daredevil and totally fearless (actually, he’s pretty evil). He’s the type that would be standing out there watching it. Now that I think of it, he lives on the river there, near the coast. He could have gotten flooded, I’ll have to find out. Going to check on the nuclear plant & then back to bed now. I know none of you are up yet, but when I read you guys were wondering about us left coasters, thought I should check in. We’re 11 miles from beach, btw, it would have to be a catastrophic tsunami to reach us, unless, we were at the beach of course. Earthquakes, thats another story.

  61. “Officials are now considering releasing some radiation to relieve pressure in the containment at the Daiichi plant and are also considering releasing pressure at Daini, signs that difficulties are mounting. Such a release has only occurred once in U.S. history, at Three Mile Island.

    “(It’s) a sign that the Japanese are pulling out all the stops they can to prevent this accident from developing into a core melt…”

  62. Explosion at Plant #1 TV footage shows the roof and the walls of the building housing the reactor have all gone. The operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said the roof of the building has collapsed following an explosion that occurred 3:36 p.m. after a large tremor. 45,000 evacuated, 20km evac zone widened and the government is saying that there is no health hazard?

  63. Mcnorman – I am following that too. The NHK link (Japan TeeVee) is doing a good job.

  64. Yes FF. We are witnessing a huge disaster. The odd part is that I am reading that in Tokyo, people are trying to go about their daily business. I suspect that they aren’t aware of what the northern part of their country has undergone. The weather is going to turn on the rescue ops which will not help them.

  65. (CNN) — The powerful earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami Friday appears to have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.

    “At this point, we know that one GPS station moved (8 feet), and we have seen a map from GSI (Geospatial Information Authority) in Japan showing the pattern of shift over a large area is consistent with about that much shift of the land mass,” said Kenneth Hudnut, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

    Reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters).


    The quake occurred as the Earth’s crust ruptured along an area about 250 miles (400 kilometers) long by 100 miles (160 kilometers) wide, as tectonic plates slipped more than 18 meters, said Shengzao Chen, a USGS geophysicist.


  66. mcnorman 0 IMO I am sure they are aware, as many probably have friends/relatives there – if not that, then there is plenty of news coverage.

    but life MUST go on – even in disasters. It creates a normalcy that people need in times like these.

  67. FF, you think there is another eq waiting within the ring of fire?

  68. The sense of “normalcy” helps the mind. No reports of looting or other bad behavior which is very good.

  69. Of course there is – and will be. It is the nature of Plate Tectonics.

    And I BELIEVE (tho I am not a scientist – I just play one on this blog) there will be something in Alaska/Russia land bridge , Juan de Fuego plate and Baja.

    The southern Pacific plates (Paupa, Tonga and down to NZ) are always active too. But IMO, this will move east.

  70. Yes, ff, what is your best guess. Also, what does it mean about the earths axis shift by 4″?

  71. The power of nature is something else. I wish it would take the Westboro freaks straight to Hell. They are now planning to picket the funerals of the 7 Mennonite children that died in that house fire.

  72. If you zoom into the north american map (from the world map) on the usgs site, you can clearly see the plate boundaries for the pacific plate and the north american plate are in the ‘the middle’ of california (Hence the Central Valley)

    the pacific plate travels west. the NA Plate east. Logical outcome? Another ‘tear’ in the earth. But I think Oregon will take a hit first (offshore)

  73. Socal – glad you are well and sorry about your migraine. What it means is that all flight, satellites, gps stuff will have to be recalibrated. The same thing happened in Chili. Moved the earth by 12′ or so. But oddly, that offset some of the movement caused in the Bande Ache quake in 2004.

    It’s like something shoved the earth over. Just changes the tilt slightly.

    They have just finished re-numbering the runways here at Tampa airport because of a natural shift in magnetic north over time. Not sure that this will change that again.

    It’s really too early to tell what the long-term outcome will be.

  74. I get the sense we aren’t getting all the information on the reactor situation. If our government can bullshit everybody about the BP oil spill, I’m sure they are capable of doing the same with a nuclear incident.

  75. Had to go get Charlotte’s paper

  76. Uppity – Japan TeeVee has said they have expanded the evac zone around the reactor from 10 to 20 kilometers.

    That says a lot.

  77. …as does the video of the explosion. Wow.

  78. 4.4 at the tip of Baja

  79. from BBC

    Japan’s Fuji TV has run a screen caption saying that as many as 10,000 people are missing in the town of Minamisanriku in Miyagi prefecture.

  80. I have to get out to the garage and finish this job. Will take you all with me and check in.

  81. {socal} Thanks be! So are all our left coasters accounted for now? On the migraines socal- use rosemary- a few drops of rosemary oil in a bath- or a drop in a bowl of steaming water- tent yourself over the bowl and breather deep. If no oil available, get a sprig of fresh and rub it between your fingers and inhale the fragrance. We used this method for my daughter (still do to this day) and it never fails.
    The reactor explosion is unbelievably scary. How much radiation has been released?
    4.4 near the Baja

  82. From the BBC link
    “1305: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says Japanese authorities are making preparations to distribute iodine to residents in the area of both the Fukushima nuclear plants”

    no danger huh?

  83. {{socal}} thank the goddess you, laker and hubbie are okay. Phew, but where’s Joey?

  84. precautionary? from the BBC live link.
    1149: A team from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences has been despatched to Fukushima as a precaution, reports NHK. It is reportedly made up of doctors, nurses and other individuals with expertise in dealing with radiation exposure, and has been taken by helicopter to a base 5km from the nuclear plant.

  85. Confirmation that a toxin was found in the sardines that died at Rodondo Beach California:

    LOS ANGELES – The millions of sardines that were found floating dead in a Southern California marina this week tested positive for a powerful neurotoxin, researchers said Friday.

    High levels of domoic acid were found in the sardines, which may have distressed them off the Los Angeles coastline and caused them to swim into the Redondo Beach marina, University of Southern California biologist David Caron wrote in a summary of his laboratory’s findings which were reported by the Los Angeles Times.

  86. There will be more fallout from the toxic sardines:

    Domoic acid is often found in the stomach of fish that have been feeding on plankton during toxic algae blooms. The toxin has been linked to neurological disorders, illnesses and deaths in seabirds, sea lions, sea otters and whales.

    Caron’s lab is working to determine if the poisoning was caused by a toxic algae bloom spotted off Redondo Beach on Wednesday.

    The presence of the toxin in the sardines could lead to health complications for pelicans, gulls and other sea life that have been feasting on the dead fish.

    “There were tons of birds feeding on these fish and it’s conceivable that we’ll see some bird mortality as a result,” Caron said.

  87. Am back glued to the BBC link. They just interviewed a scientist from the U.S. geological service – over 100+ aftershocks over 5 magnitude, and one just awhile ago at 6.5. Very sad. Those poor people.

  88. HT – I’ve been concerned about Joey for weeks. Maybe she went off on a boat trip or something. With hope, she will check in soon.

  89. Explosion rocks nuclear plant?

  90. BCL i just fished you out of spam. You accidentally tacked a “b” on the end of your name. Please correct it or you will land in spam all day at Bill’s mercy. And he hates working on Saturdays.

  91. if the poisoning was caused by a toxic algae bloom spotted off Redondo Beach on Wednesday.

    Oh My! What a Co-Inky-Dink. Funny, nobody mentioned it before the fish turned up dead. It’s magic! Just like the loud noise explanation.

    Neurotoxin. Nice. And of course, the levels are “acceptable” for humans. Nothing to see here!

  92. GRRR- If I recall correctly, and my memory is usually pretty good, one of the things that was reported on the sardines was that NO ALGAE BLOOMS had been reported in the area, No red tides, nothing.
    Lying bastards!

  93. California Members! In spite of the fact that we are well aware that they tip the country sideways every few years and all the weird people slide into California, we LOVE you and are VERY RELIEVED that you are all okay!

  94. freedomfairy01
    Reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters).
    My sister told me months ago that the earth was due for a shift in it’s axis or a change in the poles, or something like that. Could that have been the cause of the earthquake and not a result?

  95. yikes, a radiation leak confirmed by the Japanese government.

  96. Uppity
    I corrected the extra b, but I may have a previous post in spam. Thanks.

  97. Ditto what Uppity wrote

  98. Fish Killed by Toxins? Wonder Why… EPA doing its job of allowing big business to (Eat People Alive)

    Abandoned Mines that the EPA has long ignored, knowing that many are leaking dangerous toxins into streams, lakes and and water supplies – and many that feed into the ocean.

    California has approximately 520 abandoned mines on BLM-administered lands that have potential impacts on water quality in seventeen priority watersheds. These impacts include: elemental and methyl mercury point and non-point discharge from placer gold mine sluice tunnels and tailings in stream channels, discharge from mercury mines and millsites, acidic mine drainage from mine openings and dumps at massive sulfide orebody-type mines, asbestos mines discharge fibrous mine wastes in stream channels, and airborne erosion of mine wastes. All of these impacts are regarded as posing a serious public health risk. In addition, California has over 120 high-risk mine openings—the majority of these sites are within the jurisdiction of six BLM field offices.

  99. BBC says 1300 believed dead
    FF- more to come in Baja?

  100. I wish I knew Mom. I say farther north. I just sent myself a ‘prediction’

  101. From BBC
    1459: At least three residents evacuated from a town near quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 plant have been exposed to radiation, both Kyodo and NHK report

  102. 10,000 unaccounted for in Miyagi prefecture:

    Around 10,000 people also remained unaccounted for in the Japanese port town of Minamisanriku in quake-hit Miyagi prefecture, public broadcaster NHK reported. The figure is more than half of the population of roughly 17,000 in the town on the Pacific coast, it said. — AFP

  103. Gotta go run some errands- bbl

  104. per BBC link:
    All available personnel, vehicles, aircraft and vessels of Japan’s Self Defence Force have been mobilised for relief efforts, up to a total deployment of 50,000, local media report,

  105. Will check back later this evening.

    A friend said this morning: “Those of us who survive will see nature thrive and new students of life arrive – until our graduation comes – so, let’s go participate with the right here and now.”

  106. Abandoned mercury mines? Haven’t you heard? Mercury is GOOOOOOOOOOOD! now. They were up everybody’s ass about it, making them take it out of thermometers and now……Poof! Your CFL light bulbs with mercury in tow are just SOOOOOOOOOOO GOODDDDDDDD for you!

    EPA is a sham and a tool. Hear much about BP from them or Sierra or any of those other suddenly quiet groups?

  107. They assumption that only a few thousand people are dead — in the aftermath of an earthquake that was one small step away from the End Of The World, followed by a Tsunami–is simply ridiculous.

  108. BCL, I fished two out together and don’t see anymore in spam.

  109. After reading about TEPCO’s checkered past, I would have a difficult time believing that the radiation leak is a minor problem. I updated the post with a bit of TEPCO history.

  110. Thanks McNorman! You’re ALWAYS there.

  111. You’re welcome. I am really concerned. As you said before UW, our poser in chief doesn’t have to tell us anything if Exelon had a problem like this. I think that Japan is bracing for the worst possible scenario without throwing the country into a tailspin. As if the the tsunami didn’t do that already.

  112. good grief, 100’s of thousands of people looking for shelter? line ups at gas stations? Russia offering liquified natural gas – it’s bad folks.

    what’s happening in Wisconsin? The international disaster tends to take attention away from serious domestic issues.

  113. Japanese government seems to have everything under control. Back to domestic issues.

  114. McN, re: Exelon. I have a post here somewhere on it, but Senator Barack “I care” Obama had promised constituents that he would make a law to force Exelon to notify them if there was a leak. There had been a previous incident. By the time they got finished greasing Senator I Am Honest Obama’s palms, the law wasn’t just watered down. It was pissed on. the final product made notification of a leak to surrounding residents…..voluntary.

  115. Oh lookie who pops up with Exelon search….from Wiki:
    Political activity

    Rahm Emanuel was a “key player” representing Unicom Corp., the parent of Commonwealth Edison, in forging its merger with Peco Energy Co. to create utility giant Exelon Corp. in 1999 when Goldman Sachs was also advising Unicom.[9]
    Exelon’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is EXELONPAC.[10] The company is positioned to profit from “expensive carbon” and has been lobbying for cap and trade of carbon dioxide emissions.[11] Executives at the company have close ties to the Obama administration as advisors and fundraisers, and Obama’s chief political strategist David Axelrod did consulting work for it.[11]

  116. imust, with this nastiness re the nuclear reactor in Japan, that wiki entry will probably be cleansed. Apparently the Koch brothers have employed people in an astroturf operation that includes altering entries on wiki, and OFA has done the same. Dueling keyboards.

  117. My goodness gracious, what a mess. 8 feet? Axis shifted 4″? Sounds to me like Ma Nature is getting pissed off.

    Glad to know our left coasters are all ok.

    The ‘report’ on the harbor full of fishes sounds like a harbor full of shit. An unreported bloom in NorCal, where the environmentalists are usually in full force? Doubtful. Something stinks, and it’s not just the dead fish.

    Thoughts and prayers for the Japanese, who are dealing with an unimaginable crisis. Evacuate thousands of people off islands… where to? Another island, that’s equally under threat of aftershocks and possible radiation exposure?

  118. The damage to Japan and the loss of life is beyond belief.



  119. This website has up to the minute news all the time.



  120. 55 nuclear plants in Japan. If Cesium was detected, they have a meltdown according to Bill Nye, the science guy. He is an engineer by trade, so I do believe what he says. Good news, the winds have shifted south toward Tokyo.

  121. Just got back and caught up- falsified records from a nuclear energy company? Shades of Chitown.
    Had 20 inches of hair cut off- my lenten sacrifice- going to locks of love- enough for two complete wigs.

  122. From the bottom of my heart PMM, thanks for the locks.

  123. mcn- the kids need it and I can grow it back- believe it or not my hair is still shoulder blade length. Have to give up something for Lent- and I already quit smoking and I am not giving up chocolate lol

  124. Oh, it’s here…the rating

    Fukushima nuclear plant on the IAEA scale of 0-7: “Right now we are considering the accident should be rated four. The rating may be changed in accordance with the development of the condition.

    Anyone want to bet that the rating is going to change?

    Sony, Toyota, Nissan and Honda are among the major corporations to have closed factories, while transport of manufactured goods remains difficult due to damage to roads and rail lines.

  125. PMM – wonderful sacrifice – this from a woman who was advised by a hair expert that I had more hair than most, but it was too fine to be of much use. Now I sit in the chair and advise them to cut to finger length. I would love to have had hair that was thick so I could have long hair. I envy you.

  126. The “accident” at the nuke has been rated a 4 on the IAEA scale- here is a graphic of the scale

  127. PMM/Rapunzel… long WAS your hair!!!

  128. From that same IEAE link

    Why use INES?

    INES, to facilitate understanding, uses a numerical rating to explain the significance of nuclear or radiological events. This is just like using ratings for earthquakes or temperature, which would be difficult to understand without the Richter or Celsius scales.

    INES applies to any event associated with the transport, storage and use of radioactive material and radiation sources. Such events can include industrial and medical uses of radiation sources, operations at nuclear facilities, or the transport of radioactive material.

    Events are classified at seven levels: Levels 1–3 are “incidents” and Levels 4–7 “accidents”. These levels consider three areas of impact:
    people and the environment, radiological barriers and control, and defence in depth. The scale is designed so that the severity of an event is about ten times greater for each increase in level on the scale. Events without safety significance are called “deviations” and are classified Below Scale/Level 0.”

    Uppity or mcn- do you want to add that to the post?

  129. Joey, come out come out wherever you are and let us know you are okay, please.

  130. Wellllll- the last time I had it cut (other than dead end trims) was 1994. It was shoulder blade length then. So today they cut off 20 inches in two segments and then probably another inch or so for the final cut.
    It was just below my butt.

  131. Fukushima #2 is now on red alert.

  132. Wow PMM!

  133. Red alert doesn’t sound good mcnorman.

  134. Add it PMM. We are going to be hearing about these numbers in the coming days. We might as well know what heck they are talking about and who is controlling the number rate.

  135. Jeebus, red alert? Is that red alert in american political keep the people anxious, or is it a legitimate alert? One wonders.

    Mom, if my hair were strong enough to grow to below the behind, I would probably still get it cut to finger level. Never had the patience to take care of hair, but I do love the look. Gruesome female and male have amazing hair – both have thick masses of hair. Female keeps her hair shoulder length – thick and silky. Male has extremely tight curls (which if not combed would and has become dreadlocks) and right now it comes down to mid back. If it was straight, I have no doubt it would hand to his knees and he’s 6foot plus – he’s also a redhead which is unusual, and a heavy metal musician which explains the hair. .

  136. mcn- having trouble with the editor- can’t get the pic in-

  137. I see some mention of Excelon, Commonwealth Edison, and Rahm. You all may know this, but Bill Ayers’ daddy was Chairman of Commonwealth Edison.

    Way off topic, but related to violence against women and abuse of power, here’s an article about an AZ state Senator slugging it out with his girlfriend on a roadside, then getting immunity from arrest because he is a politician. She was arrested. What a man!!

  138. HT- that is why I keep it long- it is very carefree- wash and dash. No curling or blowdrying.

  139. Another 4.7 Baja quake

  140. Uppity or any mod- having trouble in Uppity’s editor- I put the graphic and link in a draft on my blog- somebody please lift it and insert it above.

  141. This breaks my heart.

    backtrack did not even mention Japan in his radio address today. What a putz



  142. I am telling you- the BBC is doing a great job. Here is a link explaining the ops of the nuclear plant – easy to understand! With a good graphic.

  143. God. That picture is comforting…

  144. Not sure which graphic you want to add? The one on fallout was sent to me via Quipster. The rating for Chernobyl was a 5 and they are saying that this one is a 4 right now. Even though the cloud is huge, it all depends on how much is leaked. Since there are two plants now that are having issues, we won’t know. Actually, I doubt that anyone is going to know how much is or was leaked until someone spills the beans. I suspect, that this is why Japan did not request help immediately. I know, I am being suspicious.

  145. It’s just a pattern FF. We won’t know much until someone ponies up the leak damage data. Logistically, this is a nightmare. People have no water, no electricity, weather is crappy, aftershocks are severe and continuous. I honestly don’t know when we will really know anything?

  146. The BBC link on Libya and Japan really have been outstanding PMM. They are on top of it 24/7.

  147. Ouch on that fallout graphic. Looks like the Aleutians are right in the away
    So much for it is going to blow out in to the Pacific and nobody is in danger.
    Only if you live in Alaska. Wonder how soon before She who shall not be named weighs in.

  148. 5.0 South Sandwich Islands- and Japan is still having quakes every half hour or so.

  149. About that map…west coast should be able to measure some particulates in a day and a half because of how the jet stream moves.

    Currently the Jet Stream is moving over Japan and streaming across the ocean towards the US. The average speed of the jet is about 100 – 120 knots, or about 110 – 140 mph. Simple math, 4,500 miles divided by 120 mph equals about 37 hours (plus or minus). A day and a half to reach the west coast.

  150. Wow on that fall out map mcnorman- looked it up online and that stuff is going to be falling all over the west- including BC and even to Colorado in the next ten days.
    Damn and double damn

  151. Day and a half. Jet stream moves quickly.

    “IF” and whatever amount of radiation is released, will disperse rapidly from the site. It’s not like there will be millions of glowing people on the west coast U.S. 36 hours later, but there would certainly be some amount of exposure given the current jet.

  152. Well, California is the breadbasket of the nation. Look for glowing heads of lettuce and strange stalks of celery at a grocery store near you! I know many of you grow your own produce. Do you suppose Barry & Co. will be having any CA arugula? What about that Kobe beef? Doesn’t that come from Japan? Poor BO and MO will have to eat only east coast lobster….

  153. Crap, what will they eat? lol

  154. imust- lol on the Kobe beef- there will be fireworks at 1600 when mo tells bo.

  155. Following the Guardian Uppity and Co. Sends you hugs.

    Lede story — plants were built disregarding risk of seismic. Oh great. Hugs.

  156. Comforting mcnorman….meaning it’ll be most of the continent in about 24 nours after it reaches the west coast?

  157. Speaking of tsunamis, the Lost city of Atlantis, swamped by a tsunami, may have been found.

  158. there will be fireworks at 1600 when mo tells bo.

    Make that a nuclear event mom.

  159. Yes Hal. 😦

  160. McNorman’s map. Right. Maybe Obama will decide that going ahead with more nuclear is not the right thing to do. Nightmare. It really is.

  161. Meanwhile, MO and BO are going to a party tonight.

  162. mcnorman- you mean one or both of the squatters are going to have a “melt down”?

  163. Both, you know how hungry Mo gets and Bo feels entitled to that Kobe steak. Shoot, the lobsters will glow and Mo will be filled with rage. I think that rating will shoot to a full blown 7.

  164. Well when BO finds about about the beef maybe he will really work up some emotion about the tragedy in Japan.

  165. mcnorman, another party? You’re kidding right? No, you’re not kidding. Well as the world goes to hell in a hand basket, perhaps a party is the best place for them to be – and I call my kids the gruesome twosome – boyo am I wrong. My kids are not the gruesome twosome, the current president and his wife are.

  166. Only when the hunger pangs hit imust. It won’t be tears over Japan, but over the loss of his steak. He is devoid of feeling for others. Lorac did a whole spiel on him.

  167. Not kidding…imust found the party. You know the squatters will NEVER turn down a party HT. Meanwhile, Japan is turning off lights at landmarks over electricity concerns.

  168. I know mcnorman, Obama is only upset when it affects him personally.

  169. Valentine, he doesn’t care. If it is not on TOTUS or textable, he doesn’t care a bit. 😦

  170. mcnorman et al, and isn’t that the saddest thing of all – Americans elected a man who doesn’t give a shit about them and who couldn’t give a speech is his life depended on it, with the aid of a mechanical device programmed by immature idiots.

  171. Geebus, I can’t type. Is should be if, and with should be without. I really do need that Mavis Beacon refresher – but unfortunately my DVD RW is kaput, and I’m advised that I need a new computer.

  172. We can’t take “it” back HT. We do the best that we can and move forward. We built this country this way, and I think that we will have to continue to think like this in order to get back on track.

  173. they put poor old Nero to shame 😦

  174. BTW, these are the train tracks from Japan. Is it any wonder that four trains are mia?

  175. Outer portion of reactor building that blewup.

  176. 5.0 papau new guinea- after effects running the ring of fire?

  177. Gawd I’m gone a few hours and everything REALLY went to hell. Oh man, Russia and China must be shaking in their boots. And our west coast is now in danger. Shit. SHit. Shit.

    Hugo, Ayers was not only Consolidated Edison but he hand picked his successor Frank clark, who is on the board of exelon and just happened to bundle six figures for the candidate Obama.

  178. Hugo could you please give me the name of the congressman who beat up his girlfriend, and she got arrested? I can’t log in to that trashy Times website, so I will go find the article someplace better.

  179. Shit shit shit is correct- keeping BBC live link open in the background and popping the EQ page open frequently- Japan is still getting aftershocks every fifteen minutes or so.
    IMO the reports coming in about the radiation are crap. I do believe the radiation levels around the plant are going down- because it has been released.
    What now? Duck and cover?

  180. Uppity- from Hugo’s link
    “The majority leader, Scott Bundgaard,”

  181. So tell me, do you believe this guy’s story? Check out his tone. Seen this kind of thing before?

  182. I think the guy is full of it. What was that assh*les name in NY? I think he is another one.
    THis just off the BBC link
    2055: More on evacuations: According to an IAEA statement, 110,000 people have been moved away from Fukushima No. 1 plant. Another 30,000 have been evacuated from a 10km radius around Fukushima No. 2 plant. But full evacuation measures had not been completed. ”


  183. And THIS took TWO Editors?

    From Tony Stark’s link:

    Experts plan further excavations are planned at the site where they believe Atlantis is located and at the mysterious “cities” in central Spain 150 miles away to more closely study geological formations and to date artifacts.

    (Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Greg McCune)

  184. New post up. This thread is getting long.

  185. That SOB Bundegaard….oh yeah, she was hitting him and “made him” drag her onto the median. Just another creepy pubbie named Scott= Wis guv Walker, Wis Sen Majority leader Fitzgerald, AZ Sen. majority leader Bundegaard….Suurrrre there was no domestic violence. My apologies to the decent Scotts of the world. I know some.

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