Photos and videos of Japan Devastation -will update

BBC ongoing video and commentary coverage. Constant  live coverage, including live reporting from Japan. I suggest you leave this live video running. As usual, UK has better coverage. If you go nowhere else today, all you need is at this link! They are interacting directly with Japanese TV and reporters in the field. UK blows the lazy USA media away in news coverage.

Update: Obama interrupted his workout and “issued a statement”. While the rest of the world’s leaders are on TV offering their condolences, our President can’t do it if he can’t text it. He probably waited till somebody wrote the statement. No sense of straining himself. We see his face on TV constantly with crap, but he can’t make it today.

Further Update: The President is “planning” a press conference. Just as soon as somebody writes down what he should say and loads it into TOTUS. Please name me one president in your lifetime who wasn’t among the first to IMPROMPTU interrupt TV stations to personally offer condolences in a situation like this. Not this guy. He has to Plan a Press Conference. He’s going to pretty much be the last world leader to show up.

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  1. Tsunami warning page- easy to navigate- news just said the warning now applies to 20 countries

  2. TOKYO – The car park at Tokyo Disneyland was drenched with water-logged segments from the ground following the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan’s Pacific coast Friday, police said.

    It was earlier reported that a tsunami might have caused the inundation but police said the phenomenon was due to liquefaction of soil caused by the intense shaking of the tremor.

    There were 69,000 people at the Disneyland and the adjacent Tokyo Disney Sea, built on a landfill in Tokyo Bay, when the quake occurred, a spokesman at the local Urawa police station said.

    There were no injuries or property damage reported at the theme parks, he told AFP.

    “The visitors have been evacuated to safe places but there are many puddles due to liquefaction around the theme parks,” he said.

  3. just watched videos on the weather network and CNN world – horrific devastation. The West Coast Alaska tsunami warning centre has issued warnings all along the west coast. I do hope all our friends out there stay safe.

  4. Videos added to new post. will add Mom’s live page

  5. Just reported that the ocean has “pulled back” 150′ feet off some coast in Hawaiian Islands. If this is true, Here it comes.

  6. Wow a ship was swept away with 100 people on it. A train is missing. Missing!

  7. Reporter from Japan at BBC says they have cameras all over the country to capture earthquakes. Thus all these real-time photos and videos.

  8. OH OH! Caught this a little bit ago on the news- took me a while to find it online.
    “TOKYO —
    Japan declared a state of emergency Friday at a nuclear power plant after its cooling system failed following a massive earthquake. There was no radiation leak.”,0,6542180.story

  9. MOM that bbc site is GOLD. I have it up and running. They are real-time. People bring up the BBC link at top of page. It’s constant real-time updates.

  10. 200-300 bodies found in coastal areas NE Japan. bbc.

  11. Yikes, I was late turning on the news this morning. Those videos are shocking.

  12. Hey California people! What’s up where you are? NES? imust???

  13. Uppity- it is really sad that the first news agency I look to for coverage of major events is the BBC- Not an American agency- as all we have here is infotainment.
    I have the abominable snow dog again. He is the only one that likes this weather. My poor snowdrops are covered again. sigh
    Trying to decide if I should brave the weather and roads and go to water walking.

  14. We are on tsunami warning along areas of the coast.

    Geez! The quake lasted 5 minutes!! I can’t even imagine. Even a few seconds in an earthquake seems like forever.

  15. Yes- where are our left coasters? Socal and family?

  16. Mom, we had that 18 inches just a few days ago and it’s all melted and sloppy, wet and swampy here. My dog LOVED that snow but she hates all this mud and much. She’s coming in soaked with rain and doesn’t even want to be out there. It was in the 40s early this morning, and now it’s quiet. Wind was bad during the night. It’s very cloudy so I imagine it will rain, and then the prediction for tomorrow is snow!

  17. They are probably preparing – it’s supposed to hit there around 11AM EST.
    That BBC feed is incredible.

  18. CNN is reporting that the tsunami is hitting Hawaii now. Of course on cable news Now is relative.

  19. Warning lifted for Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand, so perhaps it’s abating.

  20. I think logistics monster is in hawaii.

  21. i was thrown off the BBC link and now it says to try back later. Too much traffic there?

  22. I’m running it constantly. Try again. don’t give up!

  23. BCL. I just exited and went back it. Working fine. Clear your cache.

  24. yesterday we had flood warnings- then snow overnight- more today and through the night- and it’s the wet heavy stuff- then in the 40’s tomorrow so more floods.
    I will take it and say my thanks that I am not in Japan or in the way of tsunami’s.
    gonna take a shot at going to the pool- bbl

  25. I’m back on to BBC. Thanks.

  26. MOM socal only comes on at night, so I don’t expect to see her.

  27. imust, do you folks have preparatory programs? I know, that quake is said to be their worst in history.

    What’s the weather doing there?

  28. UK blows the lazy USA media away in news coverage.

    We have real news coverage?

  29. The BBC keeps showing that small boat going around in the whirlpool. Are there people in all those ships and cars rushing along in the water.

  30. Yes McNorman, we have news coverage if you are interested in that psycho Charlie. Or Mel. Or the Kardashians.

  31. If octomom belched, that would be the california story here. We have the worst, most biased frigging news media EVER. It’s nothing but trash, talking heads and “news” suitable to People Magazine. I can’t stand our news channels any longer. It’s just plain biased trash.

  32. BCL they said earlier that an entire ship went down with 100 people in it. And a train can’t be located.

  33. What time in Japan did the quake hit?

  34. I agree on the news coverage. I expect Charlie Sheen to give his take on the EQ any moment. Yes, we do have preparatory programs. The coastal areas are already on alert. No mandatory evacuations yet. There’s concern that the waves will hit at the highest tide period of the morning.

  35. Oh right UW. What the heck does 60,000-70,000 now in shelters in city of Sendai, Japan mean anyway? BTW, Kyodo News, (link above) says that a chemical team has been dispatched to one of the nuclear reactor sites.

  36. imust, I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t just off himself and get it over with, so we don’t have to look at him again. the world WILL go on. I am just so sick of these hollywood crackpots. the worst part of it is Gen Y eats this shit up while the power around them is working hard to ruin their lives–all they care about is this shit and haul videos.

  37. Aloha all…Uppity asked me to check in with you folks as I live on the Big Island, and explain that the wave sets coming in aren’t that big. We may or may not get a ‘bigger wave’ sometime before 7am, but so far they are only 1.8 to 2.8 feet depending on the island and ‘side’. It’s all good here, no damage so far.

    You can watch live (stupid Oahu newscasters) at this link:

  38. Imust, I heard that Crescent City CA has been ordered to evacuate?. The first waves hit the Aleutian Islands earlier. First wave was high.

  39. UW, you forgot to add Linsanity (what is she wearing to court?) to the Hollywood gaggle. Yes, that is all that this gen Y cares about.

  40. I hadn’t heard that mcnorman. I know Oregon, San Franciso are expecting the waves first. They’re talking about waves in our area, Malibu, Ventura, & Central Coast about 1-2 feet. Crescent City is farther north near Oregon.

  41. AK got 5.1′ high on one of the islands. Better safe than sorry.

  42. mcnorman, Lindsay is a woman, they never ask her opinion on anything! Only male stars like Sheen, (including his dad Martin), Matt Damon, the Baldwin brothers, ect have opinions on politics or world events that people drool over.

  43. I think the evacuation has more to do with kids in school, etc.

  44. BCL, I was online and saw a news flash at 2:00AM Central Time that reports were coming in of Major Quake in Japan – so sometime before that.

    Saw on the BBC crawler a few minutes ago that “88,000 people missing in Japan?”

    Did anyone see that? It disappeared, so maybe they meant it to read “heading to Shelters” like mcnorman mentioned?

  45. Oh yes imust. What could the Hollywood femmes possibly comment on? I was trying to listen to the news about Japan on the drive, but was interrupted to listen to Charlie’s cooking videostream instead. Well, I knew it…Charlie has had his antique weapons taken away from him. Alert the media. Erstwhile, our POTUS states that it would be far easier to be prez of China. Go figure?

  46. They’re closing the Santa Monica beach and pier. Waves are estimated to arrive at 8:39 am PST. One to three feet…..concerned about people going into the water. Warning lasting 10-12 hours.

  47. Oh man. Where’s NES?

  48. Japan is evacuating near the nuclear plant. Reportedly is precautionalry for now.

  49. people leaving seattle. it’s no longer a warning there. it’s a watch.

  50. Tiger thank you! Be safe!!!

  51. Waves expected in San Francisco at 8:16 am PST

  52. Remember, it’s dark here and I have been watching the pier through binocs – looking like 10 feet here and alot of debris in the water being pulled out. Car alarms and fire alarms going off but power still on down at the shoreline.

  53. …need chocolate!!!

  54. Ok cripes, Tiger. I hope this turns out okay. What’s your take based on experience?

  55. lorac is Cali too, isn’t she?

  56. Debris. Oh oh.

  57. And WHERE THE HELL IS OBAMA, playing basketball? He should be ALL OVER TV right now giving condolences to Japan. Jesus Kerrrrrrrist!

  58. Tiger, if I could get it to you I would send you a boatload of chocolate.

  59. Obama issues a statement pledging our help to Japan. Ha ha.

  60. He issued a STATEMENT??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Dear God! We have a socially inept moron for President. Just like his followers! If you can’t text it you can’t say it!

  61. CNN is carrying on about how big this is going to be on our west coast. They say it’s coming and don’t think it won’t be bad.

  62. I don’t usually get this way but I don’t have a good feeling about all of this.

  63. Uppity, better to send a plane load of choco. Boatload may not make it to it’s destination.

  64. it’s going to be okay folks. Watching the buildings, water line just up to the edge, but not over. Power still on. Don’t worry about us, worry about the idiot in the White House.

  65. Maybe Obama is not appering on tv because he hasn’t dyed his hair today.

  66. Who cares what CNN says? They never get anything right. Dipwads. they probably are worried about their weekend. Remember Haiti? Over the weekend we had to watch an endless loop of the same Friday piecees with Anderson and Sanjay. If I saw that one baby one more time, I was going to smash my TV. These CNNers don’t want to work. Disasters on weekends? Forget it!

  67. Guess what the headline is at Larry king said something snarky about Anderson. Gasp! That’s the REAL news!

  68. Calm down Uppity. Eat some chocolate. LOL

  69. BCL this man is a huge embarrassment. He takes a whole day to react to the IMMEDIATE. Weeks to react to the CRITICAL. He’s a bust. Period.

  70. Uppity – you are being way too kind to that ass-clown.

  71. The nuclear reactor issue is not benign. Shutdown of 7 plants. One with a cool down problem. Waste deposit sites will have to be checked. If they don’t have cooling, they get a meltdown. Moving people in the middle of a tsunami is serious.

  72. DiamondTiger
    They are saying the tsunami will hit in waves, so let us know if more than one larger than normal wave hits were you are, please.

  73. Maybe Obama’s speechwriters are busy now, but he’ll be sure to make a speech once they write one for him.

  74. he is supposed to make a speech in about 45 minutes my time (6:15 am)…probably saying nothing of course.

    As for the waves, the boats are going back out right now…possibly a bigger one coming in. Usually it’s a later wave – we will just have to wait and see.

    Very very weird hearing it come in and not being able to see it.

  75. San Fran mayor just held a news conference. They aren’t evacuating however on alert. They’ve closed the coastal highway just in case.

  76. What help is obama pledging? He gave all our money to Goldman Sachs. What’s he gonna do, print more?

  77. You name me ONE president in your lifetime who wouldn’t have been one of the FIRST to appear in person on TV about what’s happening in Japan? Name me ONE!

  78. P.S. he sent condolences to Japan and pledged to help in whatever way they required. According to him, over 1000 people confirmed dead and close to 2 billion in damages so far reported.

  79. Yeah Tiger, somebody has to write his speech and load it into TOTUS. He CANNOT THINK ON HIS FEET and he is ALWAYS too late. You don’t PLAN a press conference for things like this. You GET OUT THERE AND SAY SOMETHING.

  80. There are going to be tens of thousands dead in Japan when this is all over, I fear.

  81. Damn broken in NE Japan.

  82. DiamondTiger
    why do the boats go out when they know more waves are coming?

  83. Damn broken in NE Japan.

    Holy shit.

  84. All the boats went out to the horizon line many hours ago…the ones that were in the bay were rescue boats and they are going back out because the waves are only inches high farther out. When the wave comes in and hits the shelf, it’s gets height then. The boats go back out to ride the wave.

  85. Tiger, thanks for being here so we can get information from somebody there.

    Cooling failed at one reactor. So there is some power cut. Emergency water is being pumped into that reactor to keep things working. Smart people.

  86. Holy cannoli. are you looking at the shots at the bbc site? Good God!

  87. Welcome….hopefully, I will be able to get some sleep later….the boy and I are taking shifts as our landlords are visiting the islands and are now camped out on our couches because there rental condos were right on the beach.

  88. The report on the damn is that it is closer to Sendai, lots of homes washed away.

  89. Nuclear facility at Fukushima is “under control”.

  90. Residents within 3 kilometers of Fukishama, Japan nuclear power plant evacuated because cooling system has shut down. Other power plants withstood the earthquake damage as they were designed to do. IAEA on way to Japan to check the one with the problem.

  91. Sendai must have been the hardest hit. I just heard that their airport is completely underwater.

  92. Some aftershocks 5.1

  93. Fox reporting that the tsunami in Japan was 23 feet high.

  94. Hillary Clinton issued a statement saying US is sending coolant to the nuclear power plant in Japan (Fox news)

  95. Thank you Sec of State Clinton.

  96. BCL, you beat me to it.

  97. American woman living in Japan for a month with Navy husband was on the 25th floor of her residence building when quake hit. Emergency announcement was in Japanese and she doesn’t speak it but went to the exit door to walk down stairs but the door was locked. She is back in her building which is still swaying with the aftershocks but is standing.

  98. BCL the cooling system in the reactor failed, so they are pumping emergency water into it. So it’s under control for now.

  99. lol Tiger, the tenant puts up the landlord. Priceless.

  100. BBC radio stated that one of the Japanese radio stations was reporting 80,000 unaccounted.
    Confirmation: the dam broke.

    A passenger train near Sendai is unaccounted for while a dam in Fukushima prefecture broke and washed away numerous homes, Kyodo news agency said.

  101. Obama just continues to embarrass us- you would think I expect it by now and be able to shrug it off. Nope. It never ceases to stun me. What a friggin amateur.

  102. The casualties in Japan will be measured in percentage of a million. You can tell. Hundreds of thousands. How horrific.

  103. Yes I freaked this morning when I heard they couldn’t find a TRAIN!

  104. They are still looking for the boat with 100 people on it that was swept out to sea.

  105. Massive fire at oil refinery/Tokyo.

  106. Yes UW, a whole freakin’ train is mia. That blew me away.

    Nuclear physicist Dr Walt Patterson tells the BBC it sounds like there is a “serious problem” at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant. “It’s the sort of thing that nuclear engineers have nightmares about,” he says. “If it is not resolved in the next few hours it will get serious. If the core is uncovered, then those rods at the top may get hot enough to melt themselves.”

  107. Thanks Hillary for taking the latest three a.m. phone call. Is that red phone on call forwarding to Hillary’s cell?

  108. PMM
    No doubt.

  109. PMM, those calls are forwarded to both Bill and HRC.

  110. 1717: A second train has been reported missing following the quake and tsunami in Japan, according to the AFP news agency.

    From the BBC

  111. in other news- Aristide is expected to return to Haiti in a matter of days, the Saudis are viciously cracking down on protests and officials in an AMERICAN border town have been charged for running guns to mexico. the madman in Libya- well he gets more sociopathic by the minute.
    The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

  112. Doing fine Upps — no tsunami here…just higher than usual tides. The danger to these shores was way overestimated.

  113. Weather — fairly warm, blue skies.

  114. Yes PMM, it’s definitely getting worse.

  115. Obama’s press conference was scheduled before the Japanese earthquake/tsunami to talk about oil, etc. It has been delayed for 1 1/2 hours so his speechewriters can incorporate these unexpected natural disasters into his statement (snark but true).

  116. Oh gawd, the inept one finally got his speech onto TOTUS. Will be on teevee to make a statement.

    Ahh here we go…what celebrities say about Japan…HUGE news from our msm.

  117. Obama gave 30 seconds to Japan in his press conference then moved onto the price of gasoline.

  118. BCL, the kids writing his junk don’t really understand geology. They majored in BS.

  119. KILL ME NOW! He is blathering on about oil prices and how we need to become more energy efficient.
    Somebody please put me out of my misery. He thinks the reduction in SS withholding is going to be a cushion against rising gas prices.

  120. I told you PMM, it’s just getting worse. My hair is standing out like Don King’s hair. I just don’t understand how this inept amateur twit can spew so much stupidity all at once? I guess he might make sense if I was on powerful meds of some sort.

  121. mcn- nope- meds don’t help- even right after the surgery when I was on vicodin he made no sense-
    maybe if I was smoking crack or living in a cloud of cannabis fumes.

  122. He must be mad- the first reporter question ignored completely his energy nonsense and went right to Libya.
    I bet he’s thinking “Dammit- that question wasn’t on the test!”

  123. What, no cheat tweets from his crew behind the curtain?

  124. I don’t think we’re being told about the true impact on the nuclear power plants. I’m glad we’re sending coolant, but it’s not a good sign that they need some.

  125. Agreed NES. If those rods overheat, the quake will be the least of Japan’s worries.

  126. Bam’s afraid the rising oil prices are a death knell to his reelection prospects. If oil hits $5/gallon before the ’12 election, hope and change won’t fill his tank.

  127. You need the HopeyChangeyBrew, vintage c. 2008.

  128. Bam feels no one’s pain but his own. We knew that. Too bad the country was too blinkered to see it too.

  129. Right, McN. If there’s a nuclear meltdown in Japan, will we be affected by any fallout? Anyone know?

  130. He’s calling on the usual suspects. First, Chuck Todd, then I did some online shopping, then listened again as he called on Jake Tapper.

  131. NES, so glad that it didn’t hit your area and you and our other friends weren’t threatened.

    PMM and mcnorman – to hell in a handbasket is so true.

    RE Obama – he is what he is – no surprises at all, however the disappointment is palpable. As Upps most capably wrote earlier, name one other President……
    Re the nuclear plants, after what happened at three mile and then at Chernobyl, the media will not get the true news because it would cause massive panic. What will be, will be I guess, but I fear greatly for the people of Japan.

  132. Now he called on Chip Reid. That does it for the networks, Todd for NBC, Tapper for ABC and Reid for CBS.

  133. Don’t know the answer on that one NES. It all depends on the winds. Remember Chernobyl? The amount of space that died and is still highly radioactive is big. I would imagine that would deal a horrific blow to the entire nation of Japan and it’s neighbors.

  134. Here’s a good round up:
    Calif. once again escapes ‘falling into the sea.’

  135. NES I guess now you know why I emailed you.

  136. Not sure a coolant failure in a reactor implies danger. Since they use it to generate power, it does imply power outage though. World Nuclear people are satisfied that the situation is under control. They immediately began running emergency water through the system to keep it cooled down. Our coolant has already reached them. Yay Hillary! She didn’t take all day to freaking think about it like somebody I know would do.

  137. Thanks HT and others here who prayed for us benighted LeftCoasters.

  138. with the Chernobyl incident, fallout was detected 700 miles from the epicentre – in Sweden, but as mcnorman wrote, it depends on the winds. The real damage of course is sustained by the people in Japan, however, it could contaminate the Pacific and who knows what that would do. Chernobyl was landlocked, as was three mile, so the water table was affected, but any affect on the ocean was minute. This time…. well let’s just hope that they get the situation under control.

  139. Chit.
    Maybe there’s something to that whole Mayan calendar thang.

  140. Oh please, NES. Don’t stir up the nutcases.

  141. Of course the global warming people will be on this taking “credit” for it.

  142. Re: Gas prices. Remember, he wants them high. he said as much in 2008. He calls it his “signal”. Here comes cap and trade bullshit again too. He’s Jimmy Freaking Carter only taller and not as smart. By 2012 we will have the gas lines and complete malaise.

  143. I think that BO’s problem in such situations goes beyond his basic ineptness. I believe his lack of empathy/compassion/emotion is also a factor.

    It’s not just that he cannot think on his feet and give an impromptu address. BO does not seem feel anything that does not effect him personally and is unable to process that fact the he is suppose to give a damn. He has to wait for someone to tell him he should respond and what to say and therefore we get the cold remoteness of an automaton rather than a living, feeling human being.

  144. Japanese reporter is asking Obama about his personal feelings about the natural disaster in Japan.

  145. He’s heartbroken but he’s sure with Japan’s technological skills they will recover and will rebuild, with our help.

  146. Mt Laurel, there is pathology associated with this behavior.

  147. Some reports from local US media of the tsunami’s arrival on the US West Coast: Joe Vazquez from CBS5 tweets: “Second tsunami surge now hitting Santa Cruz. CBS5 reporting a dozen or so sunken boats. County spokesman says at least $2m damage.” KGO Radio tweets: “Crescent City OES: All docks are gone after first surge, 35 boats crushed, water starting to fill harbor parking lot.”!/kgoradio

  148. Yes, tv news has been reporting that Crescent City was the most vulnerable to tsunami damage because of it’s shape.

  149. BBC is now stating that a “small” radiation leak might occur. That doesn’t sound good at all.

    From Reuters:

    FLASH: Japan’s trade minister says a radiation leak could take place at the Fukushima nuclear plant: report

    US broadcaster ABC reports. Water levels dropped by about 9ft (2.7m). Cliffs above Ocean Beach in San Francisco have been filled with spectators, it says.

  150. Fox tv said nuclear power plant situation was originally reported as being under control, but now reports are saying the pressure is now rising in the plant.

  151. BCL this is the latest update from Kyodo News.

    Radioactive steam could be released from troubled plant

    If they are putting this out, there is a high possibility that it will happen.

  152. I am fuming . . .
    I wish I had the time to give to this today. I just want to say that I awoke just past midnight – for no known reason. I turned on the teevee and watched in horror as the world became aware of the earthquake, the tsunami, and massive destruction taking place. I was up for nearly the rest of the night/morning until I had to get ready to leave for work. AT NO TIME did oilsoc or anyone else from his administration address this tragedy.

    Just now, more than 12 hours later, on the BBC link (thank you) I heard his highness pontificate on this tragic circumstance for the part of the planet most affected by the quake and following tsunami.

    I’m so glad he could take the time to order the rest of the world to follow directions! He stinks.

    I’m @work and need to be away again. This is all just so frustrating.

  153. leslie, he is what he is – NES’ gravatar – an empty suit.

  154. BCL The cooling system to the reactor was damaged. They are confirming that now.

  155. Aww c’mon Upps.

  156. Exactly. I prefer the Mayan-calendar people to the global warming freakos.

  157. He wants higher gas prices but not before his reelection (god forfend).

  158. I agree, Mt. Laurel. He appears to have Asberger’s Syndrome.

  159. His pretend ‘heart’ is “broken.” Yeah right.

  160. Maybe lorac can give us a DSM-R for him.

  161. Chit, I thought Cal. had been spared.

  162. Interesting, …there are no cliffs behind Ocean Beach. They must mean another one of the beaches. In any event, people should not be standing around watching. Humans are strange.

  163. There’s a high possibility that it has already happened. What a nightmare for Japan — it has barely recovered from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  164. Yiu know, before when bloggers would make jokes about feeding him lines at the lecturn by his staff, I laughed but didn’t take it seriously…until today. The Japanese reporter asked him first about his personal feelings, then asked a second question. Obama said let me take the 2nd question first, answered it taking about a minute to answer. then he gave his rather odd answer about Japanese technology meaning they could rebuild. I think someone did feed him clues to be upbeat or may have actually fed him those odd words.

  165. Exactly HT. My gravatar and screen-name say it all (and have always done so).

  166. Hillary sending the cooling agent was the tip off that damage was a foregone conclusion. They’re trickling out the news to forestall a full blown panic.

  167. Yes NES, probably already is a done deal. This came over the BBC a few minutes ago. Looks like there may not be any other choice.

    More on the troubled nuclear plant: Japan’s trade minister, Banri Kaieda, says authorities are nearing a decision to release radioactive steam from the Fukushima nuclear reactor in a bid to ease a build-up of pressure, AFP reports.

  168. Maybe lorac can give us a DSM-R for him.

    NES, yes! Let’s ask her. I’m sure she will have us rolling.

  169. Yes, ABC just opened up another can of worms. They can’t fire up the system to cool down. Coolant is water. We are trying to get diesel engines in there asap.

  170. It seemed too important to move 3000 people away from the area. The other power plants did not carry that sense of urgency. Breaking News now reporting that they ARE going to release radioactive steam (if they have not already).

    Shoot, they just got hit with a 6.6 aftershock.

  171. I was just finishing up some work and when I went to email the files, found the news of the earthquake popping up. Finally went to bed only to find that the US was still in a holding pattern hours latter.

    I thought this BBC article did a nice job of explaining the real science at to just how devastating the 8.9 (and the strong aftershock) is relative to the 6s that are so frequent in Japan.

    I say real science because the supermoon people have emerged (the quake is the moon’s fault) to do battle with the 2012 Maya groups and the global/climate/whatever changers.

  172. Lorac, please diagnose him.

  173. I think Asperger Syndrome is as close as we’re going to get with him. I think empty suit is a perfect description – and keeping right in line with the Asperger explanation of his bizarre and often (almost always) off-putting affective displays.

  174. NES
    plant was designed by GE in 1971 and is believed capable of withstanding several hours of outage

  175. As for the nuclear plant issues . . .
    Early this morning I heard them denying any problems with the powerplant (which one I’m not clear about) even as they began evcuating the thousands of nearby residents. At that time, as they were denying problems, I said to no one in particular, that there has to be a problem. This was too big and they don’t evacuate entire villages of peoples for no reason.

  176. Mcnorman is that the real name of the reactor or are you poking fun The Fuk-U-Shima reactor?

  177. Bwhahahahaha yes.

  178. Yes leslie, very true. They just got slammed again with another 6.6. If anything is hanging by a thread, this might push it over since the USGS is unsure if it is an aftershock or another quake.

  179. The agency said plant workers are scrambling to restore cooling water supply at the plant but there is no prospect for immediate success.

  180. California…

    At the two-reactor Diablo Canyon plant at Avila Beach, Calif., an “unusual event”—the lowest level of alert—was declared in connection with a West Coast tsunami warning. The plant remained stable, though, and kept running, according to the NRC.


    “The Japanese are considered the best in the world,” said Schneider. “They had several generators in place in case one of them doesn’t work. This is the first time I’ve heard of where none of them worked. To me, that is a very deep concern.”

  181. CNN is reporting that the 6.6 is another earthquake in Nagano not in same region as the first one.

  182. Good grief, they’ve had over 70 +5.0 magnitude after shocks, and now an additional earthquake? Those poor people.

  183. 6.6 is an aftershock, I believe. A sizeable earthquake anywhere else.

  184. 6.6 is reported as an earthquake because it is in different location.

  185. Wow, you’re right BCL — northwest coast this time. Chit!

  186. Now the news is stating that they have lost contact with 4 trains. It’s getting worse.

    Good news on the reactor.

    Three to four new power supply cars have arrived at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant in north-eastern Japan to provide emergency electricity for the earthquake-damaged cooling system of one reactor

  187. One man reported swept out to see in Calif (Crescent city I think) by tsumani. He was taking pictures.

  188. Three volcanoes went off at approximately the same moment after the EQ in Japan.

  189. 4 reactors have stopped working in Japan according to news reports.

  190. Just found this on the BBC live link
    “1940: The 8.9-magnitude earthquake which struck Japan on Friday was the strongest in the area in nearly 1,200 years, David Applegate, a senior science adviser at the US Geological Survey, tells the Associated Press. He says the quake ruptured a patch of the earth’s crust 240km (150 miles) long and 80km (50 miles) across.”

    Anybody know if that is an expected result of a quake this big?
    Also, looked at the EQ map page- and the “aftershocks” appear to me to be moving north to south- so wondering if some are actually separate quakes.

  191. Saw that PMM. Nature is something else.

  192. mcnorman- saw at your place the earth’s axis shifted ten inches too.
    Quakes in Hawaii as well- but hey- no worries- the PTB say it’s not related to the Japanese quake.

  193. Yes Pmm…axis shift. Talk about movement, this was it.

  194. BCL, make that one VERY STUPID man.

  195. Uppity,

    Gabrielle Gifford is walking and talking.

    “”I’m very happy to report that she’s making leaps and bounds in terms of neurological recovery,” added, Dr. Dong Kim, a neuroscientist. “She’s doing spectacularly well.”

    You are now officially obligated to keep your promise to reconsider a relationship with the Divine. It could not come at a better time.

    …May I humbly suggest taking baby steps and just… PRAY LIKE YOU WRITE!

  196. time lapse of Alii Drive this morning.

  197. A fifth train has not reported back. All of the trains missing apparently run north to south along the eastern coast.

  198. Uppity- you’ve got mail

  199. Incredible up-to-date coverage, Uppity and Uppity-ites.

    Thank you. As tragic and unnerving as it all is, thank you for keeping us informed.

    Our Earth is obviously very stressed. (I’m praying for her, and us all, too.)

  200. mcn~ where are you getting the info re the trains?

  201. this is terrible.for those who pray.please pray for those that don’t please send good thoughts.

  202. leslie- a lot of the info I am seeing is from the BBC live link- there is live news video on the right and a live blog column on the left
    From that blog
    2021: Contact has been lost with four trains in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures, Japan’s official Kyodo news agency reports.

  203. One was AP Kyodo News, Reuters and another was BBC. This just in on yahoo about radiation leak.

  204. The BBC live link blog is updating the nuclear plant issue and it is not sounding good at all.
    2132: The Tokyo Electric Power Company has said radiation may already have been released at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant.

  205. thanks, mcn.
    when I’m done working (and I will say this has been a difficult day to work rather than to focus on the news) I”ll be able to focus on the BBC blog.

  206. You are welcome leslie. We are going to be learning more in the days to come. I don’t know if they will find the trains or the boat?

  207. The Kyodo news agency is now citing a safety panel as saying that the radiation level inside one of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant is 1,000 times higher than normal.

    Kyodo News

    worse part
    TEPCO says it probably already released radiation inside the plant

    TEPCO is the Tokyo Electric Power Company

  208. You are now officially obligated to keep your promise to reconsider a relationship with the Divine. It could not come at a better time.

    …May I humbly suggest taking baby steps and just… PRAY LIKE YOU WRITE!

    Rut Roh. Somebody remembered my promise.

  209. Good God, if they don’t get those things cooled, they are going to have a meltdown!

  210. Shit, they’ve already got a leak?

  211. Incidentally thanks to Senator Obama, if that leak were Exelon they would not be required to let the people in the area know. He’s such a concerned man!

  212. According to BBC, minute radiation leakage has been detected outside the plant, prompting the government to evacuate everyone within a 6 mile radius of the plant. This is not good.

  213. Just like NES said, we were being prepared for what was going to come. Also, the “coolant” that we were going to send, we did not. I think we must be one of the countries trying to send in one of the generator cars.

  214. UW — I think we’re hearing only 30 percent of the bad news on the nuclear-power-plants front.

  215. Like I said earlier. I have a bad feeling about this.

  216. Lorac, please diagnose him.

    I second this.

  217. You know that when the media is passing out snippets, there is more to what they are handing out. Like PMM said, there are several scenarios. Up until a bit ago, they were only talking about ONE reactor. Now, it’s 3.

  218. Anybody hear Obama Robot say “I’m brokenhearted”? I mean did this guy’s body language, face language and voice show how exactly brokenhearted he is not capable of being?

    NES is right. I’m beginning to think the nuke leak is worse than they are even saying, and meltdown is already occurring or will occur very soon. Anybody tracking that coolent we are sending???

  219. Leaving for a bit- Fish dinner at church- the ONLY good thing about Lent.

  220. Actually, mcn., BBC is reporting that the US Airforce delivered the coolant.

  221. ABC non news said something other than “coolant” was delivered. Thanks for the update NES.

  222. ABC news is growing a pair…Evacuation expands.

    “Given the large quantity of irradiated nuclear fuel in the pool, the radioactivity release could be worse than the Chernobyl nuclear reactor catastrophe of 25 years ago.”

    The Kyodo News Service has reported, however, that some radioactive material may already have escaped, citing reports from the Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency that radiation levels outside the plan have been eight times the normal level.

    They are now beginning to follow Kyodo News which feeds both the BBC their info.

  223. McN, I just heard on the fox that the levels are a THOUSAND times the normal level.

  224. I THOUGHT I had heard the coolant was already there. So it’s true. Thanks NES.

    The thing is, it might be too late.

  225. Yes, UW. This is sooooo bad.

  226. Mom, Fish fry with french fries and cole slaw??? Yum. I have to have that every once in awhile. Ketchup for the fries and tarter sauce for the fish, which should be haddock.

  227. per Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military did not provide any coolant for a Japanese nuclear plant affected by a massive earthquake on Friday, U.S. officials said.

    Earlier, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said U.S. Air Force “assets” in Japan had delivered coolant to a nuclear plant. One U.S. official said Japan had asked the United States for the coolant but ultimately handled the matter on its own.

  228. I simply cannot believe i am still reading about that idiot Charlie Sheen. What the hell is wrong with our press. And somebody cart that CRAZY man off somewhere so we don’t have to suffer his stupid moronic, psychotic babble. WHO CARES?????????????

  229. It’s either Charlie or Lindsey. Who cares is right.

  230. I believe the level of 1000 times the norm is inside the plant. Yet, anyway….

    Interesting on the. Conflicting reports on the coolant, Mcn.

  231. Yes you’re right. Inside the plant.

  232. McN. those two need to do the world a favor and remove themselves from the gene pool.

  233. Did you folks see Tiger’s time lapse video in Hawaii? Jaysus.

  234. NES there must have been a logistical nightmare at the plant. I looked at the location on the map and it is in a hilly area. I would imagine that when the diesel engines ceased after an hour, they had to move quickly. I can’t imagine how they would fly in more equipment into that area. The northern part of Japan took the brunt of the quake.

  235. I would hope that the dingalings would disappear, but the gen Ys have to have them.

  236. In that case, McNorman, they would do a drop. Our troops can do anything we tell them to do.

  237. I know that they have enormous redundancy when it comes to safety, but all of their engines failing is big. GE built those reactors. They have x amount of hours before the safety nets begin to fail. It cannot be easy with so many aftershocks and a fire at the plant.

  238. I think in light of the severity and the continuing quakes and after shocks, we should be very thankful that the effects did not reach our shores.

    Charlie who? Oh, you mean that manic masquerading as a celebrity? Same with Lindsay who? Mind you, I do feel badly for the Lindsay person, after all she is the same age as the gruesome female, and while gruesome is just starting to enjoy life as her own person, Lindsay is exactly where she is – a ruined career which could have netted her bazillion dollars, and a body that is ravaged by drug and alcohol usage.

  239. I like Japan. They have proven to be a good friend. I feel for them.

    I”ll bet Hillary goes there. They love her there. I’m betting she visits.

  240. Hillary has provided a phone number for people who have relatives in Japan. I’m telling you, the woman thinks and cares. Not like the boob in the white house.

  241. In that case, McNorman, they would do a drop.

    I think that they may have. Timing would be everything. The fire took an hour to put out. I don’t know how many hours is in the window for the plant. I do know China chimed in quickly this morning. There was an American aircraft carrier in the vicinity and perhaps they moved something from the ship? Either way, no one wants to see another Chernobyl happen.

  242. TEPCO is reporting that Fukushima #2 did have three reactors shutdown cooling systems. TEPCO has been very quiet about the reactors. They have consistently said that only one lost their cooling capability up until awhile ago.

    NEWS ADVISORY: TEPCO reports Fukushima No.2 plant sees 3 reactors lose cooling function

  243. Flash on Kyodo…Government will order Fukushima #1 reactor to open release valve.

    #2 was has now been added as emergency
    More from the Tokyo Electric Power Company: It says the ability to control pressure in some of the reactors at Fukushima-Daini has been lost. Pressure is stable inside the reactors, but rising in the containment vessels, a company spokesman says.

  244. HRC is doing what she knows best to do. The idiot that sits in the WH pretending to know what to do is watching teevee. Shit, he might as well hang with Charlie and Lindsey.

  245. I pray that somehow, something stops this. We have 8 major warships close to Japan right now. The Blue Ridge is resupplying in Singapore right now. The USS Essex has 2000 Marines on it and is also on the way. USS Harpers Ferry and USS Germantown also on their way.
    Rescue teams from LA and Virginia have also been deployed. Japan is our friend and we will help.

  246. 3000 people have left the 3km vicinity of Fukishima #1, but the evac radius was increased to 9km.

  247. I would expect the evacuation radii are being dictated more by logistics than danger. Given the speed with which radiation contamination spreads, I can’t believe that people outside the 9km radius are safe.

  248. I can’t imagine that anyone will be safe if the coolers heat up NES. These statements are a preparation for worst case scenario. I think that searches for wind patterns are probably up now. Like I said before, China was at their door asking if they needed anything. I imagine that both Russia and China both know what consequences this problem brings to their doorstep.

    S Korean rescue is on the ground now.

    MSNBC says radiation leaked into the sea.
    THose who remain within 7 mi radius have been warned not to go out.

  249. Good news if this happens.
    A mess, but not horrific.

    Mark Hibbs, a nuclear expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told Reuters that there is serious concern in Japan whether the cooling of the core and removal of residual heat could be assured. “If that does not happen, if heat is not removed, there is a definite danger of a core melt … fuel will overheat, become damaged and melt down.”

    “Even if fuel rods melt and the pressure inside the reactor builds up, radiation would not leak as long as the reactor container functions well,” Tomoko Murakami, leader of the nuclear energy group at Japan’s Institute of Energy Economics, told Reuters.

  250. Okay, I haven’t finished reading the comments yet but my report from Oregon. Brookings Harbor in Seaside has lost several ships, part of dock destroyed. That’s the worst damage reported. Our Governor, Kitzhaber, has been on television and radio all morning allaying fears and making sure everyone was okay.

    California is suffering a bit more damage up towards the Oregon stateline in Crescent City where the docks were destroyed.

  251. A bit of good news in Japan: the boat that was swept under early today that they have been reporting was lost with 100 onboard had been found and all on board have been rescued.


    Here’s a photo of what the wave looked like once it reached the SF area.

  253. Uppity- yes haddock- Icelandic. Choice of fried or baked. With coleslaw (or applesauce for those of us who can not eat cabbage) Mac n cheese or grilled cheese dinner for the kiddies if they don’t like fish.
    Full meal, $7.50 for adults- includes coffee, tea or punch. Build your own ice cream sundae for a buck extra.

  254. Very cool, thanks for the pic link NES.

  255. Hi y’all. Been working/cooking all day. but been keeping track HERE:

    Japan TeeVee live in english (translation AND English speaking Anchor) with NO COMMERCIALS for Viagra or Goldline or anyone. Along with BBC, this is AMAZING! No need to pay for Cable Trash anymore.

    This is what CNN is feeding without the BS. And a LOT MORE INFO.

    If this has already been posted, sorry for the repeat. But I just got in from early this morning.

    West Coasters, glad you all are safe. The damage there was eye-opening.

  256. Welcome Mcn. Thanks for your consistently good updates.

  257. NES- what mcnorman said- nice pic. imagine it must have been scary watching the water recede and not knowing how high or fast it would be coming back.

  258. Hey MOM, I’m betting you prayed mightily for the Japanese.

  259. Mom, I can’t say I was scared. I panic only after the danger has set in. But, I also don’t go courting trouble.

  260. Love how FF is forever warning us Cal-eee-for-nee-uhns.

  261. See NES- we have something else in common
    “I panic only after the danger has set in”

    I never ever panic. I take care of whatever the immediate needs are- when the danger has passed- then I can shake and think. lol
    Yes yes on the praying- went to Stations of the Cross after dinner. Many more attended than usual.

  262. NES, people laugh, but the threat is real.

  263. BTW – on the wwitv link, double click on the video to expand. Same to collapse.

  264. FF- had a question for you – earlier the BBC had a report on their page that said the EQ ripped the earth’s crust- a trench under the ocean 150 miles long by 50 wide. Is that a normal thing for a quake to do?

  265. New update on the reactors. Looks like the pressure release is happening now. The scary part is the time window…hours left.

    TEPCO also said it has lost ability to control pressure at some of the reactors at its Daini plant nearby.

    So, we keep praying that somehow the cooling can be kicked into active speed. Evac zone now 10km.

  266. And FF, earth axis shift happened as well.

  267. BBC


    0143: Tokyo Electric Power releases more radioactive vapour from a second sticken reactor, AFP reports.

    They are working as fast as they can.

  268. Mom – I heard similar, although larger estimates. All I can say is when a major Plate moves (ie, the Earth’s Crust offsets 15 miles down enough to create an offset on the surface by 8-10 feet) anything BELOW the surface is possible.

    It just ripped apart – UP.

  269. FF- thanks- so it sounds like it is an enormous undersea crack- like what we see on the surface when one side of the road is up and the other down after a quake- only on a gigantic scale.

  270. Anyone watching df Spitzer interview a scientist? Let’s just say that I hope he joins Charlie on his next rant. How was that man elected?

  271. And ya know – Hillary was right. I have listened to worldwide coverage all day on the internets while painting. Then I turn on the US TeeVee and see: Elliot Spitzer – sexual criminal. Glenn Beck – accused Sexual Criminal. BillO’reiley – sexually accused criminal – all touted as “reporters”

    We are losing the info wars.

  272. Been watching the EQ page all day- and every time I check there are yet more new red squares in Japan. All over 5.0.
    Those poor people. My heart goes out to them.

  273. just checked in again before going to bed and thought I would suggest opening another thread. It took a long time to load. In the interim, I am so happy that our west coast friends were not impacted. There really is good news today.

  274. FF, if the news isn’t about someone’s meltdown…it isn’t news.

  275. HT- Just looked- 283 comments on this thread! My computer seemed to be loading slowly- I thought it was from having so many tabs open- and one of them the live BBC thread. Cleared my cache and it is slightly better.

  276. YIKES!! It’s FIVE reactors???
    Japan quake causes emergencies at 5 nuke reactors
    TOKYO – Japan declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants after the units lost cooling ability in the aftermath of Friday’s powerful earthquake. Thousands of residents were evacuated as workers struggled to get the reactors under control to prevent meltdowns.

  277. And now we have a 6.1 in Tonga. Not unusual for this part of the world. Look for more. You CANNOT have that much movement without a semi “equal and opposite reaction”

    My earlier predictions still stand.

    I have to go to bed too. Lost two hours last night. Not much compared to those in Japan. God Bless them all.

  278. Mom, I clear my cache constantly – thank the goddess for CC cleaner, but it still takes a long time to load this thread. As I am retiring to BED and a good book, I’m not affected beyond this comment, however for lorac and karen and all the other late night commenters……anyway, G’nite all and once again, so good to know that our west coast friends are safe.

  279. Try and get some rest FF- it was eerie reading through the comments today. So many of us woke up in the middle of the night for absolutely no reason and turned on the news. (I woke at about three am- which I have not done in ages.)
    Am watching the EQ page frequently- waiting for the quakes to start on this side. They seems to have been traveling the Ring of Fire the last few weeks from south to north. Wondering if it will continue on to Alaska and down the other side.

  280. Mom – the Plate off Oregon has been very active. Look for more. Baja and northward too,

    Get some sleep. I ‘felt’ this one in my sleep too.

    Pray for Japan.

    Night all

  281. I know the threat is real, FF, but one doesn’t think about it when one lives here. Frankly, I think one is in greater danger of being injured, bodily and property-wise, by hurricanes in FL than earthquakes in CA.

  282. Night HT, night FF. Dreams of peace!

  283. mcn., do you really believe the earth axis shift bit? How reliable is that website you linked. Seems like 10 ins. is a bit much for one event.

  284. Perhaps NES, but with hurricanes you gets warnings. EQ’s not so much – yet.

    nite. glad you are safe.

  285. NES- well with the winter we have had- and the snow load on roofs- and now creeks and rivers rising! And let us not forget the deer that want to commit suicide on our vehicles. Every area has its weather hazards it seems. I don’t think of the ice and snow as being dangerous- but would be petrified to have to live through quakes and hurricanes.
    We have felt two small quakes since we moved here to back of beyond PA- both scared the beejesus out of me. Lived through one hurricane when I was on Cape Cod- nasty thing dropped trees all over! One on my car!
    If I had to choose- I would keep the gazillion inches of snow and ice every year over quakes OR hurricanes lol

  286. Ok if the thread is too long for some of you, I will open a new open thread. Doing it right now.

  287. Cnn “What’s behind the lates string of EQ’s over the past 3 years”

    Always, there has to be a reason!

    “Is it global warming? The moon? Or SOMETHING ELSE?” they ask.


    It’s because Mother

      Nature ALWAYS has the last laugh.
  288. They can’t even figure out what they had for lunch and they are going to analyze nature, now? Bunch of numbnuts.

  289. New continuation thread up because this one is so long.

  290. What did they blame EQs on before Al Gore invented Global Warming?

  291. NES- I remember the earth axis shifted on the Chile quake too.,8599,1969081,00.html

    Not that Time is a fantastic source either- but the article sites NASA

  292. I think it’s a lot as well, but an event of this magnitude is significant. I read that same link on more than a few updates for news as well as science bloggers. Power of nature is something else. As FF said, I think there are more to come. Look at the ring of fire. It’s not complete for a shift of this magnitude. Not that I know anything, but the ring historically is a ring inside a time window. I’m just looking at the history on the maps.

  293. PMM, I remember that as well.

  294. Here’s an interesting site tying the recent earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan to the recent large solar flares.

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