Earthquake -Tsunami open thread #3

It’s just not enough to get slammed by an earthquake, have a nuclear meltdown and wash away thousands of souls.  This is a picture of a water line which will probably be impacted by scheduled rolling blackouts.

Lines for kerosene.

h/t to TowneCrier. I think… Larger graphic here.  The map was not made by the Australian Radiation Services.  That being said, it does show the correct jet stream effect. This map is a better map of how the trade winds blow.

From ki4u:

The fallout threat here in the USA, from an ‘event’ originating far overseas, like Iran or North Korea or Japan, will be based upon four factors;

    – Type and quantity of radioactive isotopes unleashed; nuclear fission bomb(s) and/or nuclear materials facility.
    – Resulting plume or mushroom cloud altitude and wind direction and speed.
    – Distance and time before arriving at your location.
    – Ultimate isotope type and quantity falling out at your specific location.

 Reporting partial reactor meltdown.  10 days required to cool down using seawater.  170,000 evacuated.

The evacuation zone around the facilities was doubled in size from 6 miles to 12 miles. More than 170,000 people had been evacuated from the area by early Sunday morning, and evacuations were continuing, the safety agency said.

Don’t worry, TEPCO has issued a press statement to quell all.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. That is one very disturbing fall out map. Anchorage, the Kenai peninsula, Seward and all of the western states.

  2. And that doesn’t include the OTHER directions.

  3. Robbed this from a link at mcnorman’s-
    “Due to failure to cool down the No. 1 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 plant, radioactive cesium and iodine were detected near the facility Saturday.

    The detection of the materials, which are created following atomic fission, led Japan’s nuclear safety agency to admit the reactor had partially melted — the first such case in Japan.”

    Oh God- go read it

  4. Well, if that’s accurate, all the western states are screwed. Lovely. If there’s ever a west coast uppity fest, i’ll be glowing right along with em. 😦

  5. another snip from the above link
    “Officials of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said new cooling operations have so far been proceeding smoothly, and the melting of the core has not been aggravated.”

    The melting of the core? Has not been aggravated?
    Did they not just tell us that the core was not in melt down?
    Who knows who has the truth and who has the lies.

  6. Gee – the Header was supposed to be a DST reminder. Not a Doomsday Clock.


  7. Allie, you already glow, but this time you’ll be radiation friendly and we’ll need a geiger counter to check you out.

  8. #
    2123: Reuters: The emergency cooling system is no longer functioning at the Fukushima No. 3 reactor, an official from Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has told journalists.


  9. Just opened the EQ page- not one red square on the whole map for the first time in two days! Small blessings!
    FF- lol on the clock. Spring forward!

  10. Spring Forward is just what the Pacific Plate did Mom!

    Now let’s just hope the NA Plate doesn’t choose to “Fall Back”

  11. If anyone had any plans to build anything, buy your supplies now. I am adding on to the deck. Wasn’t planning on doing it RIGHT NOW, but I will be getting the supplies (wood) this week. Prices will be going up.

  12. #
    2145: Reuters: The number of people exposed to radiation near Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant could reach 160, an official from the Japan Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has said. Nine people have shown signs of possible exposure.

  13. “The agency denied that the radiation amount will pose an immediate threat to the health of nearby residents, as the wind was blowing toward the sea in the Pacific coast town in northeastern Japan.”

    ….from the Kyoto article. IMMEDIATE? Define immediate. Hiroshima immediate? One US health official said such an accident would lead to at least 10,000 new cancer cases. Nahh…that’s not immediate, you see.

    They are distributing iodine pills to people in and around the nuclear plant area.

    One report had the nuclear cloud drifting toward Tokyo.

  14. Hal – FOXNooze just reported 170,000 people being evacuated from the area.

    No danger?

  15. #
    2212: Some clarification: It is the number three reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 plant where officials have just announced that the cooling system has failed. This morning’s blast took place at the number one reactor at the same plant. “All the functions to keep cooling water levels in No. 3 reactor have failed at the Fukushima No. 1 plant,” a spokesman for the operator said.

  16. Whoa! 170k? We better head for those nonexistent fallout shelters. No. We’ll party like BO and MO. Japan burns and Nerbo fiddles.

  17. Japan Rocks. Baja Rolls. Another 4.5 there

  18. FF, do “plates” get moved or are they more likely to move after a huge EQ? Even the shore of Japan were shifted 8 feet. The earth’s axis shifted. Big EQs are becoming more frequent= Haiti, Chile, NZ, Japan.

  19. Ahh. More terrifying news. Nuclear fallout, quakes, toxins in the ocean.

    I wasn’t able to reach my step bro in Brookings, OR, but I read that 75% of their harbor was destroyed yesterday. My step bro has a small boat & lives on the river that flows into that bay. The people that were interviewed said it wasn’t height of waves, it was just the force and speed and volume of the water. It flowed in 3 separate times over a period of about 3 hours. Destroyed lots of boats, fishing & recreational. Wild. Also, in Hawaii, the water flowed right into the hotels on Waikiki beach. Its amazing to think how far away the effects of an earthquake can be felt.

  20. FF, interesting point about your doomsday clock header! Are you psychic?

  21. More steam release.

    2252: Reuters: Operators are preparing to release radioactive steam from the number three reactor at Fukushima No. 1 plant, after the cooling system failed there

  22. FF is right. Buy what you need now. Japan has shutdown Honda, Nissan and Toyota until they can get those plants operational.

    When people are lining up around the block to cull water from a swimmingpool, you know it’s bad. Reports are that some lines hold 160+ cars for “petrol.”

    And the poser in chief hits the golf course. Later, the party. The cooling use of seawater is now being labeled “an act of desperation.”

    US nuclear experts warn that pumping sea water to cool a quake-hit Japanese nuclear reactor is an “act of desperation” that may foreshadow a Chernobyl-like disaster, AFP reports. “The situation has become desperate enough that they apparently don’t have the capability to deliver fresh water or plain water to cool the reactor and stabilise it, and now, in an act of desperation, are having to resort to diverting and using sea water,” said Robert Alvarez, who works on nuclear disarmament at the Institute for Policy Studies.

  23. LAT says they have evacuated 50,000 people around the nuke plant, but that its not a meltdown. Yeah, right.

    LAT also says that there are tens of thousands of protestors at the capitol in Wisconsin.

    Also, a decent editorial for us socalians:,0,1073966.story?track=rss

  24. Words fail me lately. I read. I take it all in and nothing comes out. I hate what the world has become but it isn’t as if I didn’t see this happening over much of my lifetime. I attended many NO NUKES rallies 30 years ago for this reason.

    Once there was an earthquake under Indian Point nuclear plant in NYS. I felt it in Flushing Queens, NY and it woke us up. It turned out they built that plant on a fault line. Why do they build nuclear power plants in the ring of fire?

    We need some miracles down here, God.

  25. Yes karen, miracles are in order right about now.

  26. Also, looks like Crescent City, CA was hammered by a small tsunami yesterday. Lots of boats wrecked, harbor damage, 4 people swept out to sea, 3 were rescued, the 4th misssing, and the 101 highway closed.

    We were there in December and spent the night there on our way up to Wash. Its very low, all at sea level, not like Malibu for instance, so I can picture the 101 being inundated. The restaurant we ate at that night, had pix all over their walls of the big tsunami they had there in 1964.

  27. Uppity, here is an excerpt from that article about the AZ State Senator:

    “PHOENIX — The majority leader of the Arizona State Senate scuffled with his girlfriend during an argument on the side of the road late one night recently. He hit her and she hit him, according to the police, but the two suffered dramatically different fates…The majority leader, Scott Bundgaard, told Phoenix police officers that he was a state senator, and he cited a provision of the Arizona Constitution that gives lawmakers limited immunity from arrest, the police said. Police Department lawyers were consulted, and they ordered that Mr. Bundgaard be uncuffed and released…Aubry Ballard, Mr. Bundgaard’s girlfriend of about eight months, on the other hand, was arrested for domestic violence and spent the night in jail.”

  28. socal 170,000 being evacuated 10 days required to cool down one reactor core partially melted

  29. Thanks mcn. Imagine the white hot heat those things generate, to start a meltdown. Terrifying. I feel for the poor souls that have to work there, to try to lessen the catastrophe, so to speak.

  30. “Partial meltdown”. All righty then.

  31. Hugo, upstream I posted a link with a video of this guy’s song and dance. You just gotta see it to believe it. Mr. Passive.

  32. Yes, and this is one reactor. They are on red alert with three right now. I suspect that they are moving right along and bam, they get another strong eq aftershock. The vessels we have sent are on a sea recovery mission. They are reporting an incredible amount of debris. Hoping to find any survivors.

  33. Hugo, didn’t mean to dismiss the assclown’s antics.

  34. At mcn’s link, right above, there are some interesting pix of the disaster, you have to scroll down the page.

  35. socal boric acid had not been mentioned before.

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said TEPCO has begun new cooling operations to fill the reactor where the melting occurred with seawater and pour in boric acid, which absorbs neutrons, an operation expected to take several hours, Kyodo reported.

  36. Watched the video, Uppity. He’s lying, IMHO. Innocent people behave with more conviction that that.

    mcnorman, no problem. The disaster in Japan is clearly the bigger issue at the moment. It’s overwhelming….sigh.

  37. Yup Hugo, the poor me, look how innocent and sweet I am and I tried to keep things calm, which is why she has marks on her body and I don’t.

  38. Returned from a day of volunteering, checked in with Mom (my own – not PMM – although a nod on the hair – that was such a positive approach to the Lenten ritual of offering) and then checked with our favorite blog becuase I knew the best info would be summarized here.

    I think that “partial “meltdown is akin to “just a little bit” pregnant.

  39. “Partial meltdown”? Is that like being “a little bit pregnant”??

  40. Whoa!! Mt. Laurel…..great minds! 🙂

  41. Yeah imust, it’s almost identical to being a little bit pregnant.

  42. Uppity, pulling the girlfriend out of the car sonds like assault to me, But, i’m sad to see that they issued a joint statement. He must have forced her to do so in exchange for something like not testifying against her or pulling some strings to get the charges dropped.

  43. Uppity, a bunch of sites are claiming that the fallout map is fake, which I hope is true (that its fake). I’m looking for something official.

  44. Three Mile Island had a partial meltdown. I don’t think there have been any documented clusters of illnesses.

  45. Imust
    Look away to check on dinner and come back to find that Uppitites are in sync once again!

  46. Well if it is a fake, we can blame australia.

  47. Yes Hugo, the old Joint Statement trick. As in I know my bones are broken and stuff but I really just fell down the stairs.

  48. Honk Kong is officially planning to test all produce from Japan for radiation.

  49. If there is indeed a meltdown, then it is man’s fault – unfortunately women and children will suffer as well. As karen wrote, why on earth do they build on faults – and Japan is on one gigantic fault. That being typed, my hopes for a better outcome are centred on the Japanese people right now. They are the ones that are really close to the epicentre. They’ve already experienced what nuclear meltdown can do – Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  50. I think everyone is referring to the time frame for particulates. It’s much sooner than what the map says.

  51. Good thinking in Hong Kong. I’d be concerned about eating anything out of the Pacific too. Gee Whiz. Just when the Repubs are trying to take a big chunk out of the food safety budget, we may have a really big problem with seafood and imported food products from that whole area.

  52. The Australian Radiation Services is a private company in Australia. The map is nowhere to be found on their website. I’m hoping they’ll issue a statement about it soon. We were hoping to live until at least 2012!!! 🙂

  53. I think someone used the map on a youtube and added a bunch of weird stuff socal.

  54. I was in school in PA when Three Mile Island went down and I can tell you even in the western half of the state we were waiting for evacuation notices if things went south. It was scary.

    Early studies out of Columbia said there were no problems from the fallout at Three Mile Island and the increase in incidence was most likely becuase the state was full of (bitter) bible totting, gun loving, cigarette smoking hicks who were already unhealthy.

    However, later researches basically called Columbia out as not having followed proper research procedures and focusing only on lung cancer and not a wide range of cancers and other ailments as well other effects such a hair loss.

    It’s still being debated.

  55. Socal, I fixed the post. I have to say that it is freaky that the conspiracy site Godlike Productions is the one calling “hoax.” It shows the correct jet stream. I added some info on factors that would alter the timing etc.

  56. I read that thyroid cancer is a common ailment from nuclear fallout. It would be nice if the govt or media would make some kind of statement about this, and let us know if we only have a week to live or if we’re supposed to flee inland or something. I’ve looked at a bunch of other sites talking about the map, and one of them said that it meant that 1/4 of the population of the US would be wiped out if it were true. I didn’t post any links, cuz its all speculation at this point.

  57. Ok, thanks mcn!

  58. I don’t doubt the jet stream…air and water currents flow to the west coast from Japan.

  59. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that Alex Jones’s site is the one that called hoax?

  60. You see, the map’s plume is correct. It would go north and then spread south. Someone must have gotten very excited about the possibility. lol I don’t worry about our shores as much as those who live within the evac boundary. They will get ill and there is no cure.

    If it is heated to a very high temp it becomes aerosolized, this increases the chance of it being inhaled.
    Cesium 137 is water soluble: this makes its removal very difficult. Using seawater and returning it to the sea is a problem and so is blowing contaminated steam.
    While it’s half life is 30 years, it’s biological half life (point at which half the cesium is eliminated from the human body after contamination with it) is about 70 days, fairly short. As a point of comparison, the biological half life of uranium (point at which half the uranium is eliminated from the human body after exposure) is around 15 days.

    There is a second reactor that the govt is actually saying is in fact in partial meltdown.

    Kyodo reports the water level at the no. 3 reactor is 3 meters below the top of the fuel rods. And it is a mixed plutonium-uranium (MOX) core.

  61. Correct Socal=

    Thyroid cancer is the main cncer from radiation exposure. From the gov fact sheet=

    Iodine 131 is a radioactive isotope of iodine—an altered form of the element that is chemically the same as the naturally occurring element but is radioactive. I–131 is found in fallout from atmospheric nuclear bomb explosions, along with a variety of other radioactive substances such as strontium–90. I–131 has been of greatest concern because it concentrates in the thyroid, particularly in children, and may increase the risk for thyroid cancer.

    However, there appears to be little risk of thyroid cancer for people exposed to radiation as adults. Because iodine concentrates in the thyroid, high doses of I–131 are used to treat some types of benign thyroid disease as well as thyroid cancer.”

  62. Not assuring for those who have children or grandchildren, but it is said to be very curable..

  63. Again. following up what mcnorman said about cesium’s half life being 30 years, the half life of Iodine 131 is just 80 days, according to the website.

  64. Well this certainly doesn’t bode well for any future nuclear plants.

  65. No, it doesn’t. The containment walls are made with boron. Now, the pouring of boric acid makes sense. This was a meltdown. They have six on that one site. The govt is stating that they are having problems with a second one which translates to it already melted down. Rods that are exposed 3 meters is a very bad sign.

    More on the specific dangers of Fukushima 1 plant’s reactor 3: The BBC’s Chris Hogg in Tokyo says the reactor is fueled with uranium and plutonium, meaning the consequences of a meltdown are much more severe than at the other reactors.

  66. Also there are many among us who still recall those chocolate flavored iodine (thyroid) pills we all got in grade school 55-60 years ago during the “red scare.” Ohhh, those were good years. lol

  67. Boric acid?

    Looks like whatever radiation doesn’t kill the ants and roaches, the boric acid will complete.

  68. I worked at a government facility and everyone had those pills in their desks. lol

  69. Somehow, I think cockroaches will make it crier.

  70. Sweet Jesus. What a mess. Well, thanks all of you guys for finding all this info. Hopefully each new day will bring more info.

  71. Brace yourself socal…6th reactor now on red alert.

    0352: The news coming from Japan remains bleak. Government spokesman Yukio Edano: “We do believe that there is a possibility that meltdown has occurred – it is inside the reactor, we can’t see. However, we are acting, assuming that a meltdown has occurred and with reactor number 3 we are also assuming the possibility of a meltdown as we carry out measures.”

  72. Where are those magical microbes that ate all the oil at the bottom of the gulf????? Maybe we can get some of those magical microbes to eat radiation!

  73. Hey, there’s an idea imust.

  74. Oh shit no mcnorman=

    Another meltdown??? Sweet Jesus=Maybe God meant forbidden nuke instead of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. As in, mess with my creation at your peril!

    Didn’t he also say, go forth, be fruitful and multiply? Well, there you go.

  75. Yes Hal, another meltdown. Before all of this is done, I think that atleast three of the six are going to have a “partial” meltdown. The aftershocks are relentless. They can’t control anything. Logistically, this is a nightmare. You fix one thing and another breaks completely. I can’t imagine the horror that the people working within the plant are dealing with. Yes, there are STILL people working trying to control the reactor’s cooling.

    This could all have been far worse if the devastation had been in Tokyo. 30 million people live there.

  76. Government confirms two meltdowns. Translation, four more on Fukushima.

  77. Radiation exposure drastically increases your risk of leukemia.

    This is unbelievable. Do we know if that plume map is real??? If it’s real and it really blankets the western states like that holy cow. Does anybody know how bad the exposure might be? I’m assuming it will effect our produce as so much is grown in the west.

  78. Somebody, if its true then it supposedly means that no one in the western states could survive, unless they a) get the hell out or b) have a nice fallout shelter. There wouldn’t be anyone around to pick the produce. 750 rads is supposedly more than a human can survive, from what I read earlier. Who knows?

  79. Discussion on Fark is saying that fallout map has been debunked, or is just the worst case scenario. They can’t make up their minds.

    For those with nuclear-knowledge-fu, what’s worse – the two bombs at the end of WWII, or this progressively ugly situation? Inquiring minds want to know.

    O/T: my ex-boss posted this comment on FB via an article he linked: “”to quote one comment:”Nero fiddled while Rome burned, our emperor plays
    golf while the world burns and sinks underwater (both mortgages and tsunamis) Well with Obama would it be appropriate to say “that is par
    for the course”?” Heh.

  80. Somebody and Socal, the plume map has been reportedly called a hoax, but mcnorman calls it pretty accurate. Realistically though, we’re looking at a potentially huge nuclear disaster because 11 of 55 nuclear reactors in operation in Japan lost their cooling abilities from the quake and tsunami. Two have been confirmed as meltdowns so far. mcnorman predicts 3 meltdowns. More coming.

  81. McNorman: I ran that time Jet Stream time lapse for cast – in the animated format at the link you provided:


    Wish I hadn’t. I don’t see how it can be a “Hoax” considering what’s being reported.

    The Jet Streams are predictable and calculable, regardless of shifts in air currents due to climate changes.

    It could most certainly reach all the way to Texas – as well as farther north or south, depending on weather, etc..

    It looks to me – and I am no meteorologist, for sure – that the only uncertainty, at this point, is fallout concentrations from meltdowns already occurring and Jet Stream changes.

    Those particulates, in some level of concentration – are going to go SOMEWHERE.

    The only theory that isn’t flying with me, for purely logical reasons, is the one that’s trying to cast that particular map as a “Hoax” in order to minimize the fallout that WILL TRAVEL, via the Jet Stream, TO SOMEWHERE.

    In what levels of concentrations and what atmospheric heights and pressures are in play that increase or decrease the threat to which populations, are the only questions that remain for me.

    Realistically, I don’t think they can get those reactors under control, at this juncture, with the damage already done and the conditions they are operating under there.

  82. For me, this isn’t like BP – it isn’t Japan’s fault – so I just hope they level with the rest of the world on what is happening with the reactors – and that the rest of the world stands behind them, no matter what impact we may have to prepare for or endure. They are in one hell of a horrific situation over there. It’s unfathomable.

  83. Goodnight – God Bless Japan’s People – and us, so we can be of some help.

  84. I know Her. It must go somewhere. The rods are different fuel mixes and the government is not saying (probably because they do not know) what is being released or in what amounts.

  85. I don’t mean to be overly realistic here, but maybe it’s not such a hot idea to build nuclear facilities in places that are KNOWN and REPEATED recipients of earthquakes and Tsunamis. Let’s face it, Japan is immensely resourceful and they have building codes that will beat anyone, but the truth is, they live above unstable earth.I have no idea where alll those millions of people who will no longer be able to live anywhere near those reactors are going to go in a country that is already over-crowded with people. Land is a rarity there.

    As for Obama, each thing that happens is a glaring example of how disassociated he is. This is a frighteningly abnormal man who can party no matter what happens. It is way beyond sick. And all those freaky rapture people have plenty of meat to chew on, since disaster and unrest follow this man everywhere. he is a jinx. A walking pox upon the earth. And he seems to almost enjoy it. At least he makes sure he parties no matter what. Very very sick. He really IS Nero.

    As for food supply, well, Monsanto stands ready to give us all the franken food we need. These things are a joy for that company’s bottom line. Also very sick.

  86. Happy daylight savings time everyone.

    Look, we’re all bummed out. You all need to do something good for you today. That’s an order!

  87. Just got done reading through the comments- and it struck me that the Japanese govt seems to be shading the truth (yes I am being overly polite I know) much as our own did during Katrina and the Gulf Spill. Some secret oath they take after the public one?

  88. From BBC live- (Maybe a temporary side bar with the live link?) Are they going to lose this entire facility?
    1309: Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Co (tepco) is preparing to put sea water into the No 2 reactor at Fukushima Daiichi, or Fukushima 1, power station, Reuters reports. It has already been pouring water into reactors No 1 and 3 to try to cool them.

  89. Before this tragic disaster, I had no idea Japan had nuclear power plants…just one would have been too many, considering how tectonically unstable that region is.

  90. Does anyone here really love Daylight Savings Time?

    Japan’s PM is calling to rebuild a new Japan. That statement says more than I think that country knows about how bad the situation is.

    I don’t understand the need for nuclear plants on an island that sits on lots of faults either.

  91. Yes, McNorman. I really love daylight savings time. I look forward to it and celebrate it. Hate when it’s over. So there.

  92. Is it because you love to see the sun rise at an appropriate time? 🙂

    It’s time for me to order sun blocking shades for the house.

  93. Did anyone see the lines for water? Even this precious commodity maybe interrupted by the planned rolling blackouts. No relief.
    I had heard that there were lines to people’s homes that had swimming pools for water. The nuclear problem has been elevated to 6 on a disaster scale. This is a race against time.

  94. Oh. My God. Put that up on top of this post, McN.

  95. Done UW. Water is the one thing that I fear losing. I am not in a place where that is easily accessible. Nor does Mother Nature provide it readily. 😦

  96. Well yet another reason to live up North. Water. It rains. And rains. And snows. And rains. And snows. And there are dams and rivers and fresh water streams and water is actually cheap. I only remember one year a few years ago when the reservoir water tables were lower than norma and that got taken care of by some torrential rains. Of course, in NY the taxes on the water amount two three times as much as the water on the bill. Thieves, really.

    They don’t call a desert a desert for nothing, you know.

  97. 10 magnitude 7 aftershocks expected according to usgs scientist.

    Snow melt and rain. Yes, lots of free water. When this area was thinking about storing radioactive waste, they had to consider the floods that occur here. When we get rain, it comes in one day and rips through the earth just like that tsunami. Thankfully, we experienced our 500 yr flood a few years ago.

  98. As for taxes, our bright city gov officials decided to tax us on how much pavement we had on our property because we lost water during the floods. Can you believe it? They are all well funded by the developers around here. They allowed them to develop in arroyos. They forced us to rip out any lawns and place desert friendly landscaping, but they added another golf course.

  99. Jeez, now one of their volcanoes is coming to life.

    Meanwhile, the Shinmoedake volcano in southern Japan has resumed eruptions of ash and rocks after a couple of weeks of inactivity, Japan’s meteorological agency has said. It is unclear if the eruptions are linked to Friday’s earthquake.

    Erstwhile back at the farm, a call for developing other types of bras instead of the padded bras aka devil cushions.

    “After the meeting was over, the council released a recommendation to the media that said: Padded bras are Devil’s cushions and he likes to rest of them. The Council of Islamic Ideology is recommending that Pakistani Muslim researchers should try to invent a bra that makes the female chest area unnoticeable.”

    The world is upside down. Oh yeah, that nuclear reactor was supposed to be decommissioned. Instead it got a 10 year extension.

    TOKIAI Nuclear Power Plant Cooling System Has Shutdown It sits 75 miles away from Tokyo.

  100. Happy daylight savings time.I still get up with the chickens 😆 😆

  101. Chickens? We have a rooster close by and he is one messed up animal. He crows at full moons as well. lol

  102. And what is POTUS doing in light of impending disaster for Japan, the world?

    He went golfing!!!

    Makes me feel so-o-o much better.

    This is a frigging disaster in the making. Not only the human suffering now but in the future. Food prices, standard commodities like rice, have already been escalating in Asia. This event could easily push the envelope. And then, there’s radiation threatening the entire population.

    You think things can’t get any worse. But then . . . they do.

  103. ROFL at the rooster mcn. Ours goes crazy in the night sometimes- but it is only because he wants the dog to get up and run off whatever vermin is prowling. Roosters are crazy alarm systems. Little do the bad guys know how mean and nasty the damn things can be.

  104. Uppity, I, too, love daylight savings time.

    I hear you about the geo-instability of Japan and it going forward with building a Nuclear Power dependency that would be ultimately be tested as unable to withstand the inevitable – as unsafe.

    With Japan’s population density, I don’t know where they could have put the Nuclear plants and how much they have lessened dependency on coal – as the payoff for the risks to EQs and Tsunamis they took.

  105. Peggy Sue, he really went golfing? Not that I doubt your comment, but how on earth can any leader of a country be so bleeping tone deaf.

  106. It seems to me, that with Japan’s wealth and technological advancements, they are the perfect World leader (like we once were in the position to be) for building alternative, relatively safe solar power infrastructures throughout their more vulnerable regions of the country?

    From what I read about current installations of solar power systems, if they are planned and designed correctly, they produce a surplus of distributable energy beyond the supplied grids – thus ultimately pay for themselves.

    It also seems to me that the more they are incorporated, the less strain on our earth’s core?

  107. HT: That’s how he protects himself from being exposed to all of the pressures of the job he was never qualified to be in, no?

  108. From the BBC live link
    1548: Mr Goto said the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant were suffering pressure build-ups way beyond that for which they were designed. There was a severe risk of an explosion, with radioactive material being strewn over a very wide area – beyond the 20km evacuation zone set up by the authorities – he added. Mr Goto calculated that because Reactor No 3 at Fukushima-Daiichi – where pressure is rising and there is a risk of an explosion – used a type of fuel known as Mox, a mixture of plutonium oxide and uranium oxide, the radioactive fallout from any meltdown might be twice as bad.”

    1558: He described the worst-case scenario: “It is difficult to say, but that would be a core meltdown. If the rods fall and mix with water, the result would be an explosion of solid material like a volcano spreading radioactive material. Steam or a hydrogen explosion caused by the mix would spread radioactive waste more than 50km. Also, this would be multiplied. There are many reactors in the area so there would be many Chernobyls.”

    The person saying this is apparently a former nuclear plant designer and is also accusing the Japanese govt of suppressing info.

  109. Sadly herlo, I think you are correct. Running from responsibility can get tiring I suppose – I and everyone I know never tried it. Sad, really bad optics. I’m not worried about the useless OMan but about the reputation of the U.S. and I’m not even an American. I don’t know how you folks can keep your chin up and keep fighting. It must be inherent – that revolutionary spirit.

  110. And another 4.6 in the Baja

  111. I heard on some news channel, who remembers?…that they built those reactors for 7.9 quakes, never IMAGINING an 8.9, which is now upgraded to 9.0. Ordinarily, that would have been a safe bet considering there hasn’t been a 9.0 in something like 1200 years. Just goes to show you that you can lose even the safest of bets.

  112. HT
    Yes, he went golfing

    and they went to another party.

    Oh and he and Imelda took time to whine about being bullied. He said it was because of his name – but as a child he went by Barry -not Barky Obamy – but then it always has to be about them.

  113. One big reason I love DST is, you can piddle around out in the garden and and take a nice walk with your dog as the temp cools a little, all after supper, and still not be in darkness. I like that you can have a fairly late supper out on the deck as well. I just love me my DST.

  114. I saw this while catching up on news at the bbc site and found this story bittersweet:

    Zahida Kazmi: Pakistan’s ground-breaking female cabbie.

  115. Seriously if I could have chickens, I would. But alas, we have codes and even if i still pulled it off, I would hate to see somebody put a bullet thru my front window. lol.

  116. Mt.Laurel, that is bizarre – truly bizarre. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and those two ….well enough typed. (head desk, head desk).

  117. I also love DST – I can’t seem to sleep in daylight (and don’t have much luck at night either) so anything that puts sunrise one hour later is A-okay with me. Funny thing – was listening to a news interview with a sleep specialist at 6AM DST (that would be 5AM EST), and she was going on about how people in North America were seriously sleep deprived. I finally turned off the interview – no solutions, just the diagnosis.

  118. PMM and Uppity. Well. That doesn’t sound like our MSM’s reporting style of obscuring the facts.

    So, the reality of the situation is being reported as it is, which is quite sobering, rater than “stimulating” – which is a relief for a change, imo.

    …adjusting the mind to the facts being the antithesis of crazy-making.

  119. HT: See here, ABC News reporting:

    Just warm enough for golf! Just warm enough for hell, too.

    In the past, I’ve believed Obama was simply clueless and narcissistic. But after his comments about Manning’s treatment being ‘appropriate’ [whether we believe Manning to be a hero or villian] and now this?

    Obama isn’t merely a fool or peacock. He’s an arrogant prick, posing as a human being! Disgusting. And he joins a whole crew of them in power or soon-to-be in power. Larry Kudlow at CSNBC made a comment the other day that sums it up [this is a paraphrase]:

    Well, yes, there has been damage and loss of life in Japan but thank God the markets haven’t taken a hit.

    These are comments and actions of people who are positively soulless–no empathy, no concern for anyone but themselves and their own pocketbooks. I hope Anonymous and his hacker crew stick forks into these people. This has to stop, the sooner the better.

  120. Yep, HT. You need to alternate head banging on softer spots as well. Try head-couch and head-pillow between head-desk and head-wall.

    Mt. Laurel, barky and imelda are useless anyway. They might as well be at a party or on the golf course or away on some lavish vacation. I wonder if they will go to Hawaii now that it is closer to the fall out zone? Poor little barry needs to find another gold coast spot.

  121. Isn’t He Amazing!?!

    THE ONE sent to save the world cannot even manage the slightest bit of couth in human decency – by keeping his detachment from the very real lives of human beings – out of the headlines.

  122. OMG, that Kudlow person is soulless. I expected the Oman to say something trivial in response to a Manning question – he would never admit that his administration is soulless and supports torture, but people on news shows should at least pretend they care. What a world we live in – heavy sigh.
    On an up note, there are lots of benefits being planned for Japan here. Lots of people getting involved. Of course, they are regular people like us, however bring enough together and you can move mountains. To ell with the elite – useless bloodsuckers most of them.

  123. karen, I’m thinking of wearing a helmet. Head banging is getting to be a regular activity, and I think I should protect the brain to body connectivity.

  124. PJ Crowley deputy sec of state has been forced out by the White House over his remarks that Bradley Manning was not being treated fairly.

    I hate daylight savings time. You shouldn’t fool with Mother Nature’s time or bad things will happen. I like things to be natural and don’t understand who DST advantages anymore unless it’s the malls where you can shop in the daylight at 10 pm. Just my opinion.

  125. I bet he would eat chocolate-covered turds if he thought it would make him look special and above it – and “us” all.

    Wish I had the nerve to make him up a box, with his picture on it, to send to him – from all of us. lol.

  126. karen for Clinton,
    Japan has no natural resources to supply its own energy needs at all. It has to either get its energy in the form of oil from the Middle East or rely on nuclear power. It was its absolute dependence on foreign oil and the oil embargo that the US imposed over Japan’s war of conquest in China that led it to go to war against the US and its neighbors during WWII in order to secure the oil fields in Dutch Indonesia. To call for Japan to stop relying on nuclear power with the Middle East going up in flames is sheer suicide for them as a nation.

  127. BCL – I figured Crowley’s departure was a real possibility when I read about what he said.

    It makes you wonder if what he said was actually his very public “resignation letter” to the BIG Boss of the House?

  128. Peggy Sue, POTUS goes golfing because that is all the what selected leader is capable of doing. That and have a press conferences to raise a hand to say Present. Then race off with fingers plugging ears for tee time.

    It is a lot easier than actually acting like a leader. Then again, that is what happens to anyone without any real leadership experience, suddently thrust into a role of responsibility.

  129. Obama was partying down with the so-called journalists last night. He even [gasp] poked fun of Himself!

    He didn’t spare himself, either. He noted that last time he was at the Gridiron, in 2006, he was a first-term senator from Illinois.
    “Back then I was a newcomer who couldn’t get anything done in the Senate. Now I’m a president who can’t get anything done in the Senate.”

    From The Detroit News:–journalists-ham-it-up-at-Gridiron-dinner#ixzz1GVDDuogF

  130. Hope everyone can enjoy the day. bbl.

  131. The Herlocaust
    There was not a lot of reaction to what Crowley said except in Obama’s press conference. I was lulled into thinking he would get away with it, but nope.

  132. To FF, your new header rings daylight savings time, right?

    That and all the timely comments at the UW site.

  133. imust, he also can’t get anything responsibly done. Except his own selfish, egomaniacal agenda.

  134. The Weather Channel is a surprisingly good source for damage footage from the earthquake. The first video I’ve linked to is in Santa Cruz Harbor, but keep following the ones that come after that one for some scenes from Japan:

  135. Re the Crowley resignation – wouldn’t you know – Huffpo articles infers it’s because he and Hillary didn’t get along. When will they stop making excuses for the sad butkis they supported for pres?

  136. town, the world is indeed going to hell in a handbasket. Think I’ll burrow down and hibernate.

  137. A miracle found floating.

    Tsunami victim Hiromitsu Shinkawa, 65, waves to rescuers who spotted him floating on the roof of his home nearly 10 miles out to sea.

  138. Glad you are here. Following the VOA this morning and The Guardian. Hugs Uppity and Co.

  139. He really is an asshole. A Big Arrogant Asshole – COMPLETELY Self-Absorbed and incapable of empathy.

    I simply cannot stand Barack Obama. He is SUCH A FAILURE AS A LEADER.

    I took the morning off from reading, went to Home Depot and bought the stuff to make my first-ever canvas stretcher. I cut the wood, made the stretcher and then stretched my first canvas. 5’x6′.

    I have been listening to the BBC and music from the 70’s on and off and thinking how badly I want to return to Disaster Relief work, but cannot until Charlotte meets her maker. I don’t mean that badly or with resentment. Just fact.

    We are ALL aware of Japan and the ME and the Economy and such, and now we have a VERY REAL PROBABILITY of a Major Nuclear Catastrophe which will engulf a very large area if it happens.

    Then I come here and read that it’s FINALLY warm enough for this stinking asshat to GO FRIGGIN’ GOLFING!!!! And THAT is a NEWS STORY?!?!?!?!?

    I swear even Hell wouldn’t want Obama. He is simply pure evil.

  140. Eh I don’t think he’s evil. I just don’t think he’s normal psychologically.

  141. Evil comes in many forms UW. Anything that brings out the Tourettes in me is sheer evil. 😀

    I honestly can’t find any one word to describe the creep.

  142. Agreed- the man is totally abnormal – imo in ways the pshrinks have not even gotten around to classifying.

    Total fail as leader of the free world- and for what it is worth – total fail of the caucus system, the DNC, and the electoral college.

  143. As if those poor people don’t have enough to deal with- looks like that volcano is getting very nasty

    Sunday’s eruption, which was the biggest volcanic activity in Shinmoedake in 52 years, caused widespread destruction and panic. The blast could be heard for miles, and shattered windows four miles away, the BBC reported. Hundreds of people fled the area as the volcano spewed debris, including hot ash and rocks, more than 6,000 feet in the air, according to BBC reports.”,0,2486939.story?track=rss

    I think I will waste a few dollars and go out for a bit. Need some air- though it remains cold and cloudy here. PFFFT

  144. Its hard to tell. Not sure if he is aware enough to be evil (Knowingly). He seems – ignorant in many ways and as he seems to have no interest in anything outside himself – has never bothers to address his ignorance.

    I have always assumed that his total disinterest in the world about him is one of the very factors that lead his puppeteers to chose him . As long as his ego is stroked he just goes merrily on his way not really conscious of his actions/words and certainly with no care toward the consequences

    I would say he is surrounded by people with evil intentions and I would add that Imelda, may be academically mediocre, but she is fully aware and knowing and appears to take the path toward evil with glee and seems to find pleasure in the suffering of others.

  145. This kind of thing just fans the fires in my head that Nuke energy or nuke anything will never be safe. Wish there were not so many here in the states hell bent on going Nuke. I think the deserts in the west have enough space and wind to power this entire nation and windmills are not going to hurt the wildlife there trust me. Our west shakes bad and we need to reconsider Nukes. I was down right pissed when the waste was getting dumped in Nevada and still am. Leave the shit where it is made and further stop making it !

  146. The worst Evil is Ignorance of Self when one is in a position of responsibility.

    He sees himself as accountable to NO ONE, and the Press is happy to oblige.

    You can bet money that MOST of the REAL World Leaders are in meetings about Japan, their Economies, et al, and not strutting an preening.

    As my sister said this morning “He’s just way in over his head, so he just play-acts. It’s others, the career government employees and his Czars who are doing the work”

  147. FF – I agree with you and your sister. (Why haven’t I met her yet? lol)

    PS. I’ll be sending you an email!

  148. I’ve always been nervous about nuclear energy. Besides the waste issue, it’s like gambling with our whole world. Maybe we can put in lots of protections and reduce the chances of something going wrong, but when it DOES go wrong, the results can be catastrophic. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk.

  149. Think they were making a point about…

    “You never know what might happen next… when people do publicly and impose onto others what should be done privately and non-intrusive to others”?

    Pilots lock down cockpit over praying passengers

    “LOS ANGELES – Pilots on an Alaska Airlines flight locked down the cockpit and alerted authorities after three passengers conducted an elaborate orthodox Jewish prayer ritual during their Los Angeles-bound flight.

    Airline spokeswoman Bobbie Egan says the crew of Flight 241 from Mexico City became alarmed Sunday after the men began the ritual, which involves tying leather straps and small wooden boxes to the body.

  150. I’m telling you, I don’t know how Jewish people take the never-ending. very public lslamic assault on their heritage?

    When people have to not only wear their views, but ritualize them in inappropriate places and then demand that others respect them by accommodating them outside of their own places of worship and homes or else… there will be hell to pay for violating them and THEIR rights?

    I hope that these men were making that point.

  151. FF 3:10, “He’s just way in over his head, so he just play-acts.”

    Definitely. No Oscar for him though.

  152. Lorac 3:15, “nuclear energy… Maybe we can put in lots of protections.”

    Newsflash to all nations. Umm, we see how well that’s working out.

  153. Well seriously now, tying leather straps to your body and affixing small wooden boxes would scare the freaking shit out of me too. So would a bunch of guys in dresses howling that absolutely frightening call to prayer and throwing themselves in the aisle.

  154. An airline is no place to impose your religion in everybody’s face. As a matter of fact, neither is the middle of the road or the sidewalk or anyplace else. That goes for everybody. I don’t want to watch you worship anybody in my face. I don’t have to and i shouldn’t have to. that’s part of America too. You can worship any way you want, don’t force me to put up with it, interfere with my ability to get around or embarrass yourself in front of me. It’s gotten out of hand. I dont’ want some Jesus freak getting in my face and I don’t want to have to stop my mobility for the call to prayer either. In the USA you have a right to worship as you please, you do not have the right to make me watch it. If you want to be Godlike, do something useful for others and check out your own faults instead of badgering and bothering everybody else.

  155. Obama fancies himself a Pharoah.

  156. Texas has a FEW quakes now and then, so maybe Phoenix will be next.

    I tell ya, there are some strange goings-on on either side of the New Madrid Seismic Zone….

    If you live in Missouri or anywhere in that area, buy EQ insurance

  157. Like I said, I would rather shovel snow. At least I know I won’t be swallowed up or my house will disappear.

  158. Oh man. I wonder what tomorrow will bring in the aftermath of this horror? I wonder what the market is going to do too.

    Let’s not forget the mess in the middle east too. god, the only thing that hasn’t happened under obama is locusts. So far.

  159. Remember Uppity – He was going to transform the world.

  160. Locusts. Oh Uppity how can you always make me manage to laugh even in the most horrific times.

    I love you, Uppity, geez.

    ps: am with Utah and others above on nuclear in general. We have wind and tide power so get going on it and close down the poison. I say this as a Californian used to earthquakes.


  161. Remember Uppity – He was going to transform the world.

    Well, we can’t say he lied, then.

  162. Ok. No nuclear. And no drilling. And no coal. And no natural gas. So we are going to power the whole damned country with windmills. Good luck with that. The truth is, we need gasoline. Plenty of people would have to start walking to work on Saturday to get there on Wednesday without gasoline. And then there’s those pesky people who live in MOST of the country and who need heat in winter. Then there’s a matter of getting produce and meat and pretty much all that pesky food everywhere waiting for that windmill to power tht tractor trailer. Either we bite the bullet and start using our alternatives or we are all going to die.

  163. Uppity:

    I just don’t believe that the Orthodox Jewish men on that plane were doing it as if it were a regular public practice – but, making a statement to those who do.

    I could be wrong. But that’s my gut reaction to it. I’ve never seen it or heard of it being done in public before, have you, or has anyone else on here?

  164. We’re all going to die anyway, Uppity. That’s why these asshats we (s)elect don’t do anything by steal the money and talk and bicker. They put if off and off and off.

    Remember the Arab Oil Embargo?


    Carter started the Department of Energy – and that was 30+ years ago. Now all they do is cost us and screw things up.

    They are all liars and thieves, and the sooner we REALIZE THAT, the better off we will be. It’s ALMOST every (wo)man for themselves.

    I have to go cook – speaking of fuel.



    As for Obama “transforming the world” – the only thing he has transformed is making a bad really crappy golf swing into applause news.

  165. I’m not so sure about that locust thing. There is an invasion of stink bugs from China in my area–not far from DC. They are impossible to irradicate and they are multiplying and they stink. I blame obama for their presence. We never had them until he rolled into town.

  166. He is a horrible looking golfer. Has his handicap ever been reported?

  167. This article from WaPo says the stink bug invasion is biblical, so I do think obama has the locust thing covered.

  168. I agree with Uppity about the praying on the plane. What a ridiculous thing to do. Maybe we’ll get more info on it later.

    Re: the fallout map. I’ve looked at a lot of articles about it on websites that were frankly screwy and not worthy of being posted here, but this Indian guy seems to have a more logical take on it:

    Also, he posts a link to this map, which the other one was probably culled from:

    Note the differences. Hope we’re getting a new thread soon!

  169. Jewish Mexicans praying on plane:

    I wonder what Pam Geller will think of this.

  170. FF said, “Texas has a FEW quakes now and then, so maybe Phoenix will be next.”

    Hush, you. *waggles finger*

    You’re more likely to get a 9.0 in LA than any serious quakes in this part of the state. That’s why people move here – no quakes, no hurricanes, and no DST. It’s worth hibernating in the summer in A/C for these bennies.

    We rarely get seismic activity here. There are some lazy fault lines up north toward Flagstaff that stretch out every once in awhile… and IIRC there are some inactive fault lines through the metro area, but that’s about it.

    There are a LOT of helicopters running around today; I feel like I’m back in the USFS with them buzzing around. I saw a pod heading south to either Davis-Monthan AFB or to Ft Huachuca. Something is up.

  171. We actually have a fault running through an old neighborhood in town. The guy bought the house and kept wondering why he needed so many repairs compared to his other neighbors. lol

  172. DE at 5:07, Nope. He has that hidden like his transcripts.

  173. Things could be far worse, plants like the Bataan reactor (never loaded, built by Marcos regime) sat next to Mt Pinatubo. It sits idle on the mountain. I suspect we are going to have to make some very important decisions about the 100+ nuclear plants that we have in the US.

  174. Just back and catching up on the BBC link- and this popped out at me
    2103: Japan’s Earthquake Research Committee estimates Friday’s devastating earthquake forced the tectonic plate on which Japan sits to spring eastward by about 20m (66 feet), says NHK. The researchers also say the quake caused some areas, from Iwate to Fukushima prefectures, to sink up to about 75cm.

    What say you FF? What kind of equal and opposite reaction can we expect?

  175. Has his handicap ever been reported?

    Which one?

  176. I just saw John Smart up at twitter. Did you guys hear about that numbnuts state senator from Wisconsin? The unions were roused outside his house and his wife came out the door and informed them the senator doesn’t live there. He’s living someplace else outside the district with his 25 year old mistress.

  177. OT- our local public broadcasting station has been doing different music genres all day! they had a Foster hour, then Do-Wop, last hour was folk music (my favorite) And now it sounds like Big Band. Great for taking a break. It’s their fundraising week- but the music has been great all day!

  178. I emailed these guys about that map & they just posted this:

    DISCLAIMER: Australian Radiation Services is aware of information about radioactive contamination being spread from the Japanese nuclear reactor incident released under the ARS logo and name. We wish to be clear that this information has not originated from ARS and as such distance ourselves from any such misinformation.

  179. Uppity- more of the numbnuts- roolz for thee and not for me type? Figures. All of US should get married and stay married- the powerful types? Not so much.

  180. Uppity, ROFL! Did you see where it said the wife was going to sign any recall petitions against her lowlife husband?

  181. I’ll bet that wife of the WI State Senator enjoyed making that announcement. LOL!! I hate polticians like that. they should all be like Barbara Mikulski–no scandals, no drama, just hard work for her constituents. And the good news about here is that she is being inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Very appropriate. You all may already be aware of that. Too bad we can’t clone her and Hillary.

  182. Love love love that the wife blew his ass out of the water!
    Just how many members does Newt have in that club of his anyway?

  183. Anyone wishing to hear live Japanese TV news in English. Link here.

  184. I heard on TV today that Newt is out addressing his infidelity so he can get that out of the way and ficus on real issues if he runs for POTUS. Funny thing is these are the same people who couldn’t stay out of the Clintons’ personal life. Then they trot out Newt and Rudy. And they don’t get the irony?

  185. Newt. LOL. What can I say. He’s an assinine jerk on so many levels I can’t even get my arms around it.

  186. Yes Mom! I thought that senator’s wife did him in just fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Hahahah.

    Newt’s club consists of newt, his mommy, newt, his mommy and Portia, his THIRD wife, or whatever the F her name is. Man that would be the day I would marry a guy who was discarded twice. I mean let’s face it, he can’t be very good at being married, besides the fact that he can’t keep his own dick in his pants when he’s married, and then has the audacity to pull the Family Values shit. Who the hell does he think is going to buy his schtick anyways?

    And yes Hugo. Talk about caught in your own irony. Newt attacking Bill.

  187. Trying to remember his wife’s silly name. Clamidya? WTF is that woman’s name?

  188. Uppity, ROFL! Did you see where it said the wife was going to sign any recall petitions against her lowlife husband?

    BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet.

  189. Thanks for the ars thing socal. I’ll take it down.

  190. Anyone wishing to watch live Japanese TV news in English. Link here.

  191. Thanks McN! And thanks for the post updates too! Looks like we have the next couple of days cut out for us.

  192. Did you see the pics of the mud that reclaimed towns by bubbling up through the streets? Unbelievable shots. This is the gallery. 1.4 million people out of water.

  193. You betcha. I mean, who knows, maybe we’ll have to go into shelters or flee east or south anyway, but its good to know.

  194. Callista. That’s newtie’s third wife’s name. Imagine a first lady named Callista. Who the F names their kid Callista?

  195. Harrison Fords wifes name is Callista (Flockhart). Maybe he would make a good prez. He was kick ass in Air Force One!!!

  196. I don’t think crazy newt lizard has a chance anyway.

  197. Thanks for all the pix and linx mcn. This is truly heartbreaking. Massive earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption and nuclear meltdown. Who has ever seen anything like it? Those poor poor people.

  198. Newt will give us Obama’s second term. He will break every kneecap in the field to get the nomination. Eye of Newt has him a Dream. And he has a seriously exaggerated sense of his own importance. His second wife blew the lid off him long ago. She came right out and said he doesn’t live what he preaches and furthermore, doesn’t think he needs to. Newt is a con, a phony and a very ambitious man with no scruples whatsoever — which is why he finds it so easy to hang out with Dick Armey.

  199. People who support these rightwinger family values creeps seem to be blind to the fact that these creeps can’t rune their own affairs. Saint Reagan had horrible a horrible dysfunctional family. Yet, his flock seem to think he is the God of family values. It’s as if they are living in a fantasy land.

  200. socal, if you have to flee, I’ll take ya.

    ..and muh boy, laker dude.

  201. Oh boy, wait till NES sees what I just said to socal.

  202. Hugo, you know what cracks me up about the far religious right? They have the highest divorce rate of any democraphic, which means they have mulitple wives who can collect THEIR social security checks in addition to the ones they collect. And then they have the audacity to act like some old lady who was married 50 years is milking the system.

  203. Well Hugo, Reagan only had two wives. In that circle he IS a saint.

  204. The catholic church is great for guys like newt. All he had to do was convert and they would give him two annulments from his first two marriages, just like they didn’t happen. And poof! A walk down the aisle!

    I know a guy who did that. Had two ex wives, married a woman and got two annulments for the right price. Of course, that marriage croaked too but nevermind. he’s Born again. And by the way his fourth marriage ended in divorce too. Four wives. Say I Believe.

  205. Question ?? Who is the other woman that slept with Newt ? I want to know what the face of desperation looks like.
    He will get shot out of the water in the campaigns conservatives hate him.
    Anyway still trying to figure out what is so bad in life someone would play mistress to Newt or Rudy for that matter. Hear tell they got tossed out of Nevada, there just wasn’t enough money to get any of the girls to service them lmao

  206. It’s always do as I say, not as I do with that bunch.

    The Reagans did havea lenghty marriage, but they fail as parents. I highly recommend the Kitty Kelly bio of Nancy Reagan. It’s delicious. I think of it every time I hear about him as some type of icon of virtue.

  207. Question ?? Who is the other woman that slept with Newt ? I want to know what the face of desperation looks like.

    OMG! My cranberry juice came out of my nose! It hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttsssssss!

    Ah Rudy, the most morally bankrupt man who ever walked the earth. And I’m not kididng. I know a bundle about that guy and none of it is good.

  208. I dunno Hugo. I just figure anybody can have one divorce. Okay you picked wrong. You do it again and pick more wisely. But when you start moving towards numbers three and four, you gotta figure there’s a certain shallowness to you about commitments and dealing with hard stuff. Commitments come with hard stuff. It’s rising above the hard stuff that shows character. Anyways, that one guy I know, I know him well and I finally said to him after number four went belly up and he blamed the wife 100% (Again), “Do you get the feeling you are not very good at this?”. Some people love getting married but they can’t stay married. They should do everybody a favor and stop doing it. But most of all, don’t carry a bible around because you are a laughing stock for doing it, knowing your ongoing history.

    I do notice that the current generation doesn’t take the Forever thing very seriously. They pick spouses very carelessly.

  209. I don’t understand the Catholic church annuling marriages. Tthey even do it when children have been born to the couple. I do think it is a money thing. Kind of reminds me of that nice letter someone in the Church wrote for Ted Kennedy to get him into heaven.

  210. Hugo, they gave an annulment to Frank Sinatra. Nuff said. It’s this Tribunal thing they have. You get married and they say what God has joined together let no man put asunder. And then for a couple of thousand bucks, a bunch of old men in black dresses say it never happened. There has to be something missing there.

  211. When I envision Tedward dying, I envision his first site being that of Mary Jo, wearing steel toed boots and having the privilege of kicking him downstairs. But that’s just me.

  212. I think the annulment idea got designed as a loophole. Twas Jesus who said you probably would be better off not to marry (like Himself), but better to marry than burn. But if you married that was it. You married once and if you did put that marriage aside you couldn’t get married again. except in the case of adultery, I think. In which case, boatloads of right wingers know if they commit adultery they can dump their spouses. lol. Because otherwise, no deal and you can’t get married to another person. A loophole comes in the form of Annulment. If somebody appointed by God can somehow rationalize that you were never married, even though you know damned well you were, you’re good to go again.

  213. I agree with you on divorce, Uppiy. Been there, done that. And life is good. I suppose average people who marry multiple times are ether slow learners or eternal optimists. But these politicans may like to be married because t looks better on the campaign trail. Newty may be using #3 to re-hab his image after we learned that he was a lowlife varmit to #1 and #2.

  214. Awe come on cut Newt some slack….here he explains it all, it was our fault. He couldn’t contain his passion for America and it carried over to his dick…that’s all.!5780301/gingrichs-passion-for-the-country-led-him-to-have-affairs

    So that should just about clear it up, don’t you think?

    What a douche bag!

  215. On the annulment topic, that’s just one more reason that I don’t go to church. Too many new loopholes to make being a Catholic more convenient.

  216. Awww. Thanks Uppity!

  217. My Mom & I also call him Eye of Newt! He’s gross.

  218. OMG, Somebody. That is absurd and priceless. Frankly, when I worked for America my passion was so intense that I was too damn tired to have a personal life. Sounds like newty had too much free time to go with his passion.

  219. Hey, I got an email response from that company in Australia. It was very nice. He said it was a hoax and they are trying to track down who started it.

  220. Mom said:

    “Japan’s Earthquake Research Committee estimates Friday’s devastating earthquake forced the tectonic plate on which Japan sits to spring eastward by about 20m (66 feet), says NHK. The researchers also say the quake caused some areas, from Iwate to Fukushima prefectures, to sink up to about 75cm.

    What say you FF? What kind of equal and opposite reaction can we expect?”

    Well – a close look at the plate ‘on which Japan sits” will tell you that is the Eurasian Plate. It moves eastward because the Pacific Plate went under it, in subduction. But it was a tight fit and thrust the Eurasian Plate upwards, causing all the mayhem. It is still grinding under the Eurasian Plate causing all the “Afrershocks.”

    That in itself will not be a great problem. and in fact, it appears California/Oregon SEEMS to have had fewer EQ’s in the last several days, as I would ASSUME some stress is gone. HOWEVER, since that is a thrust type (vertical) and California (Pacific and NA Plate intersection) are slip-strike type (more north south where one goes under the other) I WOULD EXPECT to see some dramatic movement in the area of the West Coast.

    Think of it this way: You have a big turning gear. It pushes itself UNDER another wheel (Eurasian Plate) Suddenly (geologically speaking) the other side of the gear is ‘looser’ and can spin more easily- north and south.

    I EXPECT California and the previously mentioned places to see activity. Baja has had 14 since yesterday.

    That is VERY simplistic and I am not a geologist, but I read, and watch.


  221. If all the plates were round, not a big deal – kinda. But they are all FUBAR – jaggedy and stuff, so when they turn and move, well, it’s a mess.

  222. Re the map. It was probably made by the same obots that made barkys birth cert!

  223. Another reason geologists are so worried that there will be another major quake in the next little while is that plate (Pacific) is still being ‘pulled’ down into the center of the earth – so to speak. Still moving, and they don;t know if it has passed all the ‘rough spots’

  224. FF, hubbie & I are doing earthquake preparedness this weekend.

  225. How can you prepare for an EQ when you don’t know how it’s going to hit. You mean food and water storage for suvival, if your house is still there? Here’s how i would prepare for an EQ.
    1. Find a realtor.
    2. put a for sale sign up.
    3. sell the place and move somewhere that hasn’t had an EQ in a thousand years.

  226. Socal and Uppity – Both good ideas! LOL

  227. Snake Preparedness.
    1. See snake.
    2. Get Glock.
    3. Shoot snake and leave him there as an example for the other snakes.

  228. The PBS link is really good – it’s a fast click-through and read – and it is animated!

  229. Uppity – “Los Angeles, located on the Pacific plate, is now 340 miles south of San Francisco, located on the North American plate. In 16 million years, the plates will have moved so much that Los Angeles will be north of San Francisco! “

  230. That is, if we don’t get destroyed by locusts – or Obama first.

  231. I’m sorry all – but I have to go to bed by the clock – not the time.

    See y’all tomorrow. I have a client meeting in the morning, then I have to come home and dust the walls!

  232. Good night FF, sweet dreams!

    Dusting your walls…..are you for hire??

  233. Nite sister Freedom Fairy. You are your father’s daughter when it comes to EQs.

  234. LOL Somebody! I came in this afternoon and I have dust from the fan stuck on my bedroom wall! I haven’t given the house a really GOOD clean in two weeks now. Had two BIG back-to-back jobs. Just managed to make the bed and keep the sink clear.

    Tomorrow – that’s the day!

    night, and thanks

  235. Re the map. It was probably made by the same obots that made barkys birth cert!


  236. Nite Ups – Frank would be fascinated by all that is happening.

  237. Yup and I bet Frank would love to hear you informing us so well too. Frank did well when he made you.

  238. Oh Yum. I am eating this most wonderful raisin-sunflower bread, toasted. It’s not some lightweight bread either. It’s crusty with some tooth to it. Oh my. i am in love with this bread. thousand bucks a loaf or something, made by some old German guy who makes the only non–Italian bread I crave. I gotta hit this baker over the head and get this recipe.

  239. WRT to Obama – he’s not evil although he can do evil things based on what his handlers tell him. He’s an empty person. He has no personality. He has a certain ability which he uses when it suits him, but otherwise – he’s empty. He’s a wicker man.

  240. Yes I agree he has something missing inside. He’s cold and detached. When he says things that normal people would say with emotion, he invokes a sense of hollowness. hard to explain but we all know the feeling. I really don’t think he’s evil. I just think he’s not finished inside. Couple that with having no experience at much of anything, particularly in the leadership department and he inspires a complete lack of confidence, mainly because he hasn’t got a clue what to do about much of anything. that might work if he was surrounded with people who DO inspire confidence, but he isn’t. He’s surrounded by pissants and bad retreads. He’s also a very solemn soul, not Of Joy, so he brings a gloom with him, much like Jimmy Carter did.

  241. Tsunami alert right now for Japan NE section. Sea level dropped 6′ Now they are saying it was a huge landslide?

    Smoke is coming out of the second reactor. Both of these alerts are from Kyodo News.

  242. When you get take that recipe, I would like a copy please. 😀

  243. #
    0221: Urgent: Explosion at Reactor 3

  244. haha McN. I put the loaf in the freezer because one whiff of this bread and I knew if i didn’t freeze it, I was going to eat half of it. lol.

  245. I know exactly what that scent does to me. I have been told that I have a Pavlovian response to that smell.

  246. is this a widely distributed bread or a local bakers?

    Commentator at Hillaryis 44 just said that reactor #3 just exploded from hydrogen explosion. I don’t have details yet.

  247. Yeah well I ate three slices and I could do more. Thank heavens i walked away.

  248. Oh shit! Another hydrogen explosion!

  249. It’s contained, right?

    They’re still running sea water through these things.

  250. Inner container is okay for now.

  251. They are also saying they believe another quake will occur, 1 point lower, which would be a freaking 8.

  252. Yes, seawater still running through them. I am worried that if they have a significant aftershock, it’s game over.

  253. Yes, 1 under the 9. It’s telling that a volcano is erupting right now in the southern part of Japan. Those containment building sustain another huge blow. They found 2000 people in one area.

  254. This nuke meltdown will get scarier before it gets better, thats for sure. For eq prep, we went & bought some museum putty (also called earthquake clay) so I can anchor down stuff in the house, like on shelves & stuff. Don’t want to lose any of Lakers or DE’s pottery. And we also got stuff for the cabinets. In the 94 quake, I know people who lost all their dishes. We live in a rocky, hilly area, which is supposed to be better for eqs, but who knows what horrendous thing is going to happen next.

    Mmm. Bread sounds divine.

  255. Well, that is it…I’ve begun that Pavlovian response. lol

  256. Well I’m not surprised at the volcano activity, are you? I mean this was a 9 quake. It just had to make things angry.

  257. Yes socal, I sold a set of Haviland to a family in California that lost the entire set (grandmother’s from the 20’s). Tack that stuff down well.

  258. The volcanoes surrounding that area started a funky pattern two weeks prior to the big one that they just had. Sounds like the aftershock is going to be a humdinger.

  259. I’m getting really nervous for all our California friends. I know they are saying things are okay but who can believe these lying bastards any longer. They have no regard for life, just their outward appearances.

  260. We will all pay if they have multiple meltdowns UW. It won’t matter where in the world you are. The reactors are using different types of fuel. Some are longer lasting than others. And some are far more volatile than others. All we can do is hope that the earth takes a breather right now.

    I am very surprised at the damage done in California considering how far away the earthquake struck.

  261. Hey McN, remember my loaves I posted? Take this!

  262. Yes, and I can still smell them. Thanks.

  263. Be glad I didn’t post the calzones.

  264. I would love to rebuild my kitchen and add a brick oven. I think that would be the very best thing I could add to that room. I think being a baker is about as cool as making chocolate truffles.

  265. Oh that would be so not nice.

  266. oh yeah if I had to redesign a kitchen it would definitely contain a brick oven. Think of the pizzas and calzones. Oh, my.

  267. I would bake to my hearts content. You don’t need fancy, just utilitarian. Yum, pizzas…all kinds and calzones. I would drive the entire block bonkers.

  268. Uppity, back again. I have lived through our earthquakes all my life? That one in Northridge was the worst — but, I guess it is like how I would feel where you are in freezing temps or something. Earthquakes are something we are used to. More scary are the fires? Really. In an earthquake things shake — you can feel them really shake. It’s like a rattle? Things rattle? Hard to explain. The wildfires are far worse.

    Hugs Uppity. Reading news 2 days. So scared. I really am. “On the Beach” comes to mind.

    Hugs. Thank you for being out there, and all the rest of you. It’s less scary knowing all of you are here. Geez.

    Hugs from me to all.

  269. Hugs back Valentine! Yes the Northridge ’94 quake was the worst I remember, and I remember the Sylmar in ’71 & the other one in the ’80’s. I was 6 1/2 months preggers with laker & we were tossed out of bed. We ran to stand under the doorway & I could see the glass windows & slider bowing in and out. Amazingly they didn’t break. Later, as the day went on and we had so many aftershocks (constantly, all day), I started having mild contractions & since my ob was on vacation in Italy, hubbie & I drove up the 101 and spent a couple of nights up in central Calif. Later my doc told me that other women were “joilted” into labor. Ah, memories…

  270. About the fallout affecting the whole world, I remember reading that after Krakatoa exploded, the dust traveled all around the world, and affected climate (longer winters, shorter summers), food production, and there were spectacular sunrises and sunsets for a couple of years becuz of the dust in the atmosphere. I think it took a few years to dissipate.

  271. Japanese gov is not telling the whole truth.

    The Pentagon was expected to announce that the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which is sailing in the Pacific, passed through a radioactive cloud from stricken nuclear reactors in Japan, causing crew members on deck to receive a month’s worth of radiation in about an hour, government officials said Sunday.” Flight deck crews typically receive more radiation on the deck of an aircraft carrier from background than the people who work in the power plants below.

    Now I don’t believe much of what the Japanese government is saying. There is also the MIT prof saying there is nothing much happening.

  272. The thing I hate about EQs is the complete sense of helplessness. It hits without warning, you have no idea how long it will last or how bad it will get and every second seems like an hour. Then, when it’s over you don’t feel safe in your own home for a while. It literally rocks your world to the core. Well, for me anyway.

  273. imust, there is no answer.

  274. Gotta go, nite to all.

  275. SoCaAnniel I remember that 70’s one. San Fran one was bad, too — forgot that one. But they don’t scare me. This man made thing does. McNorman is correct. I think. I read that story too. F.*ck. I s all I have to say. Anyway, I love you all. I do

  276. It’s only 10:16 pm here….but it feels like 9:16 pm……ho-hum…I wonder where lorac is??

  277. Here’s a story on the USS Reagan and radiation. Seems to minimize it:

  278. imustappearandsayhellotoimust! 🙂

  279. sorry I missed you, imust! We’re going to turn on a movie and drift off to sleep!

  280. Okay, I was apparently incorrect about the Orthodox Jewish gentlemen performing their prayer ritual on the plane. Apparently, it was on their schedule.

    Thunderstorms here with lots of lightening. Signing off.

  281. “1028: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says there is no threat of a global nuclear disaster following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Reuters reports”

    Well…that’s settled then.

  282. NO WATER covering rods in number 2 reactor. Japan officials say a complete meltdown cannot be ruled out.

    From BBC Breaking


  283. God- I had the most horrible night- very little sleep- and what there was racked with very odd dreams.
    Then I wake up and there is a scientist on ABC saying there has been another hydrogen explosion and they think the reason they can not get the rods covered with sea water in the one reactor is because it is leaking out of a hole in the (I think he said) side of the thing. Our ships passing through radioactive clouds.
    It just keeps getting worse.
    Also heard last night that the volcano in Hawaii that has been going bonkers since 83 has “paused.” Well that is one good thing I suppose- oh and we haven’t heard anything about the Hollywood crazy woman and man lately. Not much of a silver lining.

  284. Fuel rods “Completely exposed”.

  285. Disregard ANYTHING KGB-bred Putin says.

  286. The thing is, imust, after they minimized what’s really going on with the BP spill, they don’t even COVER what’s going on, I see no reason to believe abcnews or any of them about this. Somebody feeds them shit and they put it on a plate and serve it up to the public. They are all sitting on their asses in their chairs, reading wires. Not one of them has the balls to go there or do the job of a real journalist. Just fat and happy and reading whatever comes over the wires. We no longer have a press that gives us anything other than canned propaganda fed to their complacent selves.

  287. They are saying that it was human error?

  288. Oh Lord save us from Academics sitting in their offices analyzing things. They brought us the Obama adminsitration and look how well that’s working out.

  289. For those who are able to donate here is a link to the Red Cross donation page- there are numerous buttons to direct your donation- one specific to Japan

  290. Good news…no magical microbes needed to clean up radiation……just a little soap and water!

    (CNN) — Tests detected low levels of radioactivity on 17 U.S. Navy helicopter crew members when they returned to the USS Ronald Reagan after conducting disaster relief missions in Japan, the military said Monday.
    No further contamination was detected after the crew members washed with soap and water, the Navy said.

  291. From mcnormans Kyodo news link
    “BREAKING NEWS: Fukushima’s 3 reactors highly likely facing melting: Edano (21:41)”

    Uppity and Mcn- new thread time?

  292. You know that the RR story was redacted imust? They took their sweet time to make it more palatable.

  293. Yeah PMM, we are getting to that place once again.

  294. I have to go to my water walking- back is killing me today- will be back later.
    mcn- you have a lot of good links over at your place- maybe bring some over? The kyodo news link is very good. I tried one that was in a link here in the comments last night- it wanted all kinds of permissions- silverlight and so forth- so did not get that one. And of course the BBC link is still very good.

  295. they don’t even COVER what’s going on,
    but TV ads are running. Local fisheman saying how nice BP was to them, gave themmoney, and fishing now is back and good. Also have a guy who owns a hotel or something like that spreading the word to come on down, the water is fine, the beaches clean.

  296. PMM trying to get the links over. My server is VERY slow today. Don’t know why?

    KYODO NEWS now reporting the fuel rods are FULLY exposed.

    There are still 483 people in that area that they are trying to get out.

  297. NEW THREAD UP. This one has over 300 comments. McNorman, Mom, et al, go ahead and insert anything you feel is helpful into the post.

  298. Yeah I know mcnorman….they had to use a little “soap and water” on the story too.

  299. …….closing down comments at this thread. It’s too large. Take it upstairs, please.

  300. Perfect description imust…soap and water wash off. 😉

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