Earthquake-Tsunami open thread #4

The last thread has over 300 comments and is loading slowly for some of you. So here’s a new thread.

Let’s face it. It’s all we can talk about.

Mods go ahead and add anything to this thread you feel is appropriate.

BBC Live Ongoing Coverage from Japan here

UPDATE 1:06 PM EST:Japan says partial meltdown has begun. Another explosion possible.

Kyodo News (Japan): Fukushima No. 2 reactor’s fuel rods fully exposed, melting feared


Video of When Tsunami hit. VERY disturbing


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  1. Market taking a hit. Nothing like doing it right all your life and then getting robbed.

  2. I’m gonna get that Utahwoman. SHe made me spit out my cranberry juice yesterday and my keyboard is a mess of sticky keys

  3. Primal screaming works. I feel so much better.

    I just got of the phone with a relative who is one of the ivy league, over-educated obot types. He isn’t concerned about anything. It is all going to be fine.

    Could it be that he is so out of touch with reality that he not only supported obama but he still thinks he is doing the best that can be done in a difficult world situation. And despite living on the west coast he feels everything will dissipate long before coming anywhere near his town.

    Cocksure and arrogant – just like his leader.

    And I’m sure he thinks I am a hysterical female.

    Nothing to see here. Move along. Fergetaboutit.

  4. He obviously doesn’t have any investments. Is he living with his parents or just being supplemented by them?

  5. busy praying.welcome to join in. 🙂

  6. Wish I could snatch FF or DE! I want paint for my study. Blue for the recessed area of the built in (which will be the Blessed Mother statue are) Blue. Just plain blue. Like there used to be in the Crayola crayon box. Then a lighter complimentary blue for the walls.
    Nope, no such thing as a paint called “Blue.” All kinds of crazy fancy names- King Neptune, Pool Party, Clear Blue Sky, Cobalt- on and on and on.
    I am color challenged. {sigh}

    There- I took your minds off serious stuff for two seconds didn’t I?

  7. uppity, he’s older than me. He’s one of the elitist liberal obots with more cash than common sense.

  8. BBC-
    1431: More from Japanese nuclear engineer Masashi Goto: He say that as the reactor uses mox (mixed oxide) fuel, the melting point is lower than that of conventional fuel. Should a meltdown and an explosion occur, he says, plutonium could be spread over an area up to twice as far as estimated for a conventional nuclear fuel explosion. The next 24 hours are critical, he says.

  9. pmm, some paint stores will give you tiny containers of paints to put on the walls and see how it looks on the actual wall. You can always buy a box of crayons and bring the ones you want to match with you.

    It is good to take a break from the utter devastation. It isn’t all obama’s fault but we would all be less uneasy if we had a competent person in charge, like say, oh the one WE and MOST dems voted for…

  10. pmm, mixed oxide could spread plutonium twice as far! wow. no wonder I feel so doomsday today.

    Does this mean I still have to go to work? Are we going to have the China syndrome in Japan?

    Does this mean I can stop dieting and eat PIE?

  11. Upps, read. What you said to Socal. Going to jump off the bridge now.

    Thanks to all here for great EQ coverage.

  12. karen! Great idea! I will just buy a box of crayons and if the box has the blue I want I can order a thousand crayons in that color and crayon the walls! Hey- my walls- if I want I can color on them!

  13. Upps, just read what you said to Socal. Going to jump off the bridge now.

    Thanks to all here for great EQ/nuclear disaster coverage. After these posts/threads, the BBC coverage is the best.

  14. Meltdown has begun.

  15. NES! Do NOT jump!!!! Don’t make me come over there!!! I have a special place all set up just for you. No lorac though. She gets the garage.

  16. Our place is old- but open for any left coasters who need to flee! (be prepared to weed if you expect to share the asparagus)

  17. This man says there is nothing to really be worried about (Dr Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT, in Boston).

    What do you think? An aftershock that will be in 1 under the main number. A volcano busting out in the southern part of Japan. I think this MIT guy is not living in the real world today.

  18. On my way.
    We’ll give lorac a Skype connection in the garage.

  19. Translation: it has already happened UW. Everytime someone ponies up the truth, it’s always after they have led up to the scenario by cherry coating the truth. This is the second exposure of the rods.

    This came from Kyodo earlier: Radiation twice the maximum seen so far detected at nuke plant Monday: TEPCONote

    MOODY’s just downgraded TEPCO

  20. This is the scientist I saw on ABC this morning- though this is not this morning’s interview. Have seen him before- I am not a scientist- so no way of knowing how accurate he is

  21. He’s good for teevee PMM. I’ve been fishing for consensus. With the exception of the MIT guy, everyone is saying that this is just bad. What’s to stop the containment building from crashing to the ground if they get hit with a 7.9 or 8 aftershock (which they are expecting)?

  22. Thanks Mom. To earn my room and board, I’ll handle the care and feeding of the wild cock.

  23. To earn my room and board, I’ll handle the care and feeding of the wild cock.

    Should not be reading NES right now…ROFL

  24. NES- you just want to get your hands on the whip- I see how it is!

  25. Rods melting in THREE reactors now.

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Monday that “although we cannot directly check it, it’s highly likely happening.”

    Unit 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in northeastern Japan exploded earlier Monday, wounding 11 workers; it had been under emergency watch for an explosion after a hydrogen blast at Unit 1 of the plant on Saturday. Edano said the Unit 3 reactor’s inner containment vessel was intact.

    They can’t even go near these things, how would they know?

    230,000 units of stable iodine to evacuation centres

    exposed are now isolated

  26. OT, in a way, but I just heard David Cameron on Libya. He sure makes Barky look even MORE like a lily livered asshat.

  27. No Looting

    Why do some cultures react to disaster by reverting to everyone for himself, but others – especially the Japanese – display altruism even in adversity?

    They have lived this before.

    BTW, the US has 23 GE designed sister reactors here.

    The pictures are stunning.

  28. In other news, Rory, who didn’t want to be tarnished in his run for Governor using the name Reid, was money laundering and saying it isn’t kosher but we did it in the light of day and it is all legit. It is okay to have 90 companies at one address – why not, obama and acorn did it.

    Bastards, the whole lot of them.

  29. Chit, MOM, I was hoping that’d get by you…should’ve known bettah.

  30. DE- unbelievable on that video. I would have been running for my life!

  31. While open to question (all of it is open to question), here’s an alternative look at potential trajectories for windborne exposure (Univ of Washington Atmospheric Sciences blogsite via Fark poster who lives in Seattle):

    Very interesting.

  32. Nothing to see here…Now move along…What’s Charlie Sheen up to?

  33. PMM
    Forget trying to match a color in paint nowadays. I don’t know what’s wrong but I have painted my foyer wall 4 times and never got near the color I thought I would. I’ve been painting walls for 40 years and never seen anything like today’s paints. My DIL is having the same experience. I get wads of paint sample cards and choose very carefully, but it never matches. I think the paint comes from China now. I went to big home improvement stores and asked for samples but was told to go across town or online. When I checked online, you could not order the samples they advertised. I’m living with colors I do not like.

  34. DE: That Tsunami video is just horrifying.

    That second explosion just kind of “mushrooms” like those Nuclear (atomic) Bomb Test explosions we’ve seen, doesn’t it? Maybe not as big, although it’s hard to tell the total size of that facility. To me, it’s eerily similar.

    Does anyone know if there is a total meltdown of those exposed Fuel Rods, if there will be even greater explosions and higher plumes. I mean, would it be like atomic-level explosions?

  35. Woops DE, didn’t realize you had posted one. Sorry.

  36. BCL- well then I am in deep trouble- because I know nothing about color or color matching- I only know I want blue- just plain old clear clean real blue. The closest I can find on line is something called Paddington Blue- Benjamin Moore? Paddington is a damn teddy bear not a paint color. WWWAAAAAHHHHH
    I may just have to kidnap DE or FF. I want blue dammit!

  37. I went with Benjamin Moore for 3 of my rooms and it was terrible. I think the problen may have been the guy who mixed them for me. I took 2 of them and had him remix them. He did one but told me he couldn’t remix the other, so I added 1/2 gallon of white to make it much lighter. I had a decorator tell me to use Benjamin Moore because they were the best, but that wasn’t my experience.

  38. You know, speaking of size, the Glenrose Nuclear Plant in Texas is enormous.

    The reactor area dome and some of the adjacent facilities surrounding the dome can be seen from 30 miles or more away. I can imagine just how far away an explosion like those in Japan could be visible.

    It makes me wonder the proximity of those cameras to the facilities there in trying to gauge the actual size of those explosions.

  39. We live in the West and will be in the jet stream path out of Japan in about 10 days so I’ve been reading about iodine tablets and possible alternatives. In order to “be prepared” I bought a couple of bottles of Betadine (one for us and one for each of our kid-families)…but when I got to the checkout the store has already imposed a limit on how much you can purchase. I found that to be interesting……

  40. PMM:

    Here are the Isolated Blue Samples from BM

    Personally, I like Behr Ultra – it’s a bit more expensive but worth it. The first page takes a minute to loadm but once it does, click on the Blue Link on the left:

  41. I am a Benjamin Moore fan and have used their paints for years. Behr is not bad paint though. I’ve used it with success, particularly I like their paint for interior midtone colors.

  42. PMM: Forgot to say the Picture Gallery at the Blue Link with color combinations in Blue rooms, takes a little longer to start rotating.


  43. Mom Ben Moore sells small sample cans you can test for color. Do not depend on online for color viewing. Go to the store and get the chips.

  44. After my BM fiasco I tried Behr and it was closer to what I wanted, just not happy with the muddy colors in style now. I prefer clear jewel true colors like it sounds like PMM wants. I’ll check the link now.

  45. I put an explosion video in the post quite awhile ago on update.

  46. WTF where did the video go that I put up at 1:04 PM. It was the same one DE put up now. I must have not hit UPDATE or something. Phone rang. Cripes. I’m losing my mind.

  47. WTF? It’s IN the EDITOR and not showing up?

  48. I’ve only had a problem with Benjamin Moore’s white – several years ago – it yellowed almost immediately – which did turn out to be a batch problem on their factory end.

    I also prefer Behr on the Interior midtones, Uppity. They have a truer, more even color hue after drying, I think.

    Their exterior stains are The Best, also, imo.

  49. Can anybody see the vieo I put up at 1 PM in the post? I see a blank space. It should be the same video here in the comments.

  50. Behr has beautiful sample color photos. I’ve only tried one so don’t know if it dries true to the sample, but the samples are gorgeous.

  51. I see vidoes from others around 1 pm but don’t see yours Uppity.

  52. Yep, PMM, Uppity is absolutely right – especially with Blues and Pastel colors.

    Wall Sampling is a pain, but it really pays off in the long run.

  53. OK, I see I am going to have to weigh in on the Blue Debate.

    I am using about six of them at the moment in a painting I started this morning, so it seems appropriate.

    First, Mom – if you can FIND a color you like – from ANYWHERE – most good paint stores will have a spectrometer and can read the color. But first look at it in the space you want to paint and remember that all the walls will never look the same because of lighting, angle, etc.

    THAT is just the start though. If you have it mixed, make sure they sample it ON the thing you took in (paper swatch, fabric, etc.) and see how close it is. Depending on the original substrate, it will read differently. Also remember that the “sheen” will alter the color. Flat won’t be the same as eggshell, satin, etc.

    If you can find a good paint store or make friends at the Big Boxes, they will work with you. Home depot here carries 7.25oz samples for $2.96 each, and they claim it’s enough to cover 6 sq ft. That may or may not be true, depending on the number of coats you have to use.

    BLUE TAKES AT LEAST THREE COATS to get it ‘right.’ Stay away from Behr with Primer. It is pointless.

    If you are covering a light color, prime with a tinted primer in the blue if you want, but a gray will work better. It helps even the color and may keep you down to two coats.

    Also, after you get a color you like you like, then USE THAT Manufacturer’s paint for the job. If you pick a Ben Moore color, and the Ben Moore paint guy gets it right, you cannot go buy Glidden or Sherwin Williams or whoever and expect the same color. The bases have different chemical makeups. There is no such thing as a ‘match’ unless you have someone who will play with you. If you have to buy a quart and paint a 3×3 area on one or two walls and SEE. It’s just paint. It can be painted over. If you don’t like it, prime it out and try again.

    I bought about a dozen samples for my house exterior. It looked like a pair of fatigues before I decided on Ben Moore “Cabot Brown.”

    I never did find a color I liked for the brick, so I mixed my own and had a match made. Same story with that. Had to tweak it so it was RIGHT.

    Just remember Blue is tough. If you have a lot of plants or trees outside the window, it will reflect green. Same if you have a red carpet or chair or something. And brown wood (early American-type stuff) can make it look yuckie.

    It’s a lot of work to get the RIGHT color, but it is worth it in the end.

    But BCL is right. If you cannot find the color you want exactly, go to the craft store (Michael’s or someplace) buy a bunch of Blue (and white and Black and yellow and red) for 69 cents each and PLAY. Get a color you like and go back and see the paint folks.

    OR, find a color in a fan deck and get a sample. Have them ‘dot’ the card. If you are in the store, go outside and look at it there. Daylight is completely different than store light, despite the “color correct’ light displays in the paint stores. You will be surprised.

    If you need help, Drop me a line.

    OK, this concludes this tutorial. Back to work.

  54. I don’t see ANY videos in the post. Look at this. When the tsunami hit

  55. BCC – My experience is that they do – they are bar coded to the tint dispenser at Home Depot, which minimizes errors – and they are pretty good about getting it right – even if you return it because you simply don’t like it – ay least that’s been my experience here.

  56. Um, Mom – colors are fine to look at online, but since all monitors are different, don’t know that you will get the same color in a can…..

  57. FF
    Gotta ask another paint question and that is about the finishes. I don’t buy flat because it is too dull and chalky for my tastes, but I am finding the same problem with eggshell and satin. I don’t like the dull chalky finish on my walls. What finssh type do you recommend?

  58. Ok I just posted the video I just put here and it shows up and there’s a huge blank space before it, where I put the other video. Very odd.

  59. What FF said. lol!

  60. FF nice roundup about blue. I hate blue. I never paint anything blue.

  61. Thank you thank you thank you all for your paint help! It turns out Behr has what LOOKS like what I want (on line anyway) and it is called- Yup you guessed it
    “Crayon Blue”

    That color is only for the small built in niche. Lots of natural light in this room – East side of the house so shady but still bright in the afternoon! Hallelujah! I knew you would be the ones to help me!
    So the deep clear crayon blue for the niche and then I think a very very pale pale blue gray for the main walls. Hardwood floors in here and maple furniture.

  62. Ok I posted it again and it came up instead of a big white space. Sometimes WP is odd, seriously.

  63. BCL Ben Moore makes a Pearl finish that looks nice.

  64. When you move up levels from flat, you had better have a perfect wall because flaws show once you get past eggshell.

  65. BCL – personally, I love flat. But then, I have slightly sandy finish walls. Flat is better at hiding imperfections.

    The “Chalkiness” you speak of might have to do with the number of coats. Flats can be VERY RICH if you have enough coats.

    I like Satin for places that need wiping. (Bathrooms, kitchens, etc) and I love semi or hi-gloss for trim and crown molding. I of course, have neither – as I have to still finish installing trim and quarter round (shoe molding) in some rooms…..

    But when I DO, it will be glossy. It wipes easily and is easier to keep clean.

  66. It’s not my favorite color – and it’s hell to work with – but I do have a cobalt blue suede jacket that I luuuuve.

  67. I dunno Mom, blue is a fading color in a high sun room. Two colors I’m allergic to in wall paint. Blue and yellow.

  68. Oh and I have a piece of scrap drywall I can test it on and fit that into the niche to see the true effect.
    This study was a disaster when we bought the place. SEVEN layers of wallpaper! Now it looks even worse since we took the wallpaper off and then all work ceased when I hurt my back. Daughter is going to do the painting for me- spring spring spring!

  69. Agree about flat, FF. It looks WARM not chalky. I have a bedroom done in Behr’s Caraway in flat and it looks terrific. Primer and two coats, though. I wouldn’t go past eggshell on a wall, but that’s just me.

  70. My front door is the color of the Lid on a jar of Vick’s Vapor Rub. It is in the shade all the time. I thought about painting my garage door the same, then realized I would be painting it ever six months as it gets full sun all day!

    It’s a lighter shade on the Ben Moore swatch from the house.

  71. The sun is direct only in the very early mornings. I agree on the yellow- don’t like yellow and also do not like any of the light greens either.

  72. OMG mom if I saw seven layers of Wallpaper, I would have put another layer of drywall up over it. lol.

  73. “Oh and I have a piece of scrap drywall I can test it on and fit that into the niche to see the true effect.”

    I was going to suggest that!

  74. Uppity – almost my whole house is painted in flat

  75. LOL Uppity- we actually had to drywall two of the walls. Found out this room had two doorways which they just patched over- with whatever was handy- and then just kept slapping on the wallpaper- and it was damn ugly wallpaper too- think MO and her redecorating job.

  76. Same here, FF. All flat paint, satin on sills.

    LOL Mom! What a riot!!!

  77. Mom, put some primer on that piece of drywall. before testing it.

  78. In the past always I used flat on the walls, satin or semi gloss on trim and gloss in bathrooms, but something is different now and I can’t but my finger on what it is. Maybe it’s the darker/deeper colors we use now. the new satins don’t seem satin to me. A previous owner did one of my bedrooms in blue and it looks very nice but I would never attempt a medium blue like it is.

  79. I love midtones on walls, FF. And one was a different shade is nice too.

  80. Mom just so you know, blue fades to grey in sun. I hate blues. They change color too easily. I would never buy a blue or yellow house either, unless I planned on a full paint job.

  81. Mom – I found that case at a client’s once too. They just stuck crap in an old doorway and papered over it. The wall was a lost cause when I arrived because the client had been ripping off the wall paper and half the drywall with it. It either needed new sheetrock or a REALLY GOOD skim coat. What we ended up doing was buying a five gallon bucket of drywall compound and doing a very light and interesting stucco texture over it all. Afterwards, I did a treatment with two deep Chinese reds in FIVE COATS and a real Mahogany stain. It looks fantastic and she still brags about it! But it was a LOT of work

  82. bbl.

  83. Will do on the primer- and will use FF’s suggestion of the gray tone primer too!

  84. Well it sounds like I definitely need samples to try first but I have had no luck finding them here. BM didn’t have samples of the colors I wanted and Home Depot did not sell them at the store near me. I’ve been in a fetal position about painting after my several bad experiences, but I’ll have to hunt up samples and try again. Thanks for the help.

  85. ROFL- In the town next over from where I grew up a man was taken to court by neighbors for not painting his house.
    He painted it allright-

  86. Oh Mom. Hahahahahaha.

  87. Uppity – When I started the renovation inside I was really broke. Had a bunch of paint in a tone I liked – kinda grey/beige, but as I got poorer, I just kept adding white. So all my rooms are in a lighter and lighter tonal range!

    Then I did one large accent wall in Industrial Gray (dark) and a a few other little things in Flat DARK brown. You would love it.

  88. Live a little, BCL! Check out Behr’s midtone colors!!!

  89. Red tones on walls, pink etc…..make me freak, FF. It takes a zillion coats to cover it when you want to change it. It just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds through.

  90. Uppity- I love blue- always have. The sky, the sky at midnight, lazuli buntings, robin’s eggs, the ocean, the seas, the lakes, the flag, Lupines and the tiny little flowers we call Star of Bethlehem.

  91. so should we all get some benidine???

  92. ok- define “mid-tones” for we artistically challenged souls. When I was a kid all my coloring was pathetic.

  93. Blue on a wall. Hellllllllllp!!! I’m bliiiiiiiiiiiiinddddddddddd!!!

  94. ROFL Uppity- It’s not the whole room, it’s a built in niche. It’s 18″ deep x 46″ wide x 42″ high. It’s not like I am crayoning a 12′ x 8′ wall or anything.

  95. FF, I’ve seen some rooms in the darker browns and they look fabulous. Been entertaining the thought of doing it myself in a room. The accent walls really do pop a room.

  96. Oops made the mistake of looking up mid tone colors- nope, don’t like at all. Well the light purples were ok and a thing called tea and honey.

  97. If by midtones Uppity means medium dark colors, I have that in my living room (by accident). The light gray of my first coat looked lavendar at night so I had the paint guy add green and that made it a medium grey. At least it always looks grey.

  98. FF I had a tenant who painted the baby’s room in pepto bismal pink. I have to tell you it took a coat of primer and THREE coats of paint to lose that color.

  99. Mom look at some decorating sites. Those midtones look great. Seriously.

  100. Pepto bismal pink is the end color of what my Apricot foyer was supposed to be. Apricot means to me a deep peach with some pink tone to it but that’s sure not what I got. Added white paint and got light pepto bismal pink. Apricot, is that so hard to get?

  101. Mom – I just knocked out the wall between my dining room and my guest room and have made it into an office (with a Danish style day bed.) I have slate floors and am having faux Shoji Screens made floor to ceiling to close off that room from the rest of the house since I took out the wall. I painted the two major walls a great RED! It was a Behr color I found, but even then, I primed in a dark russet red first and the color looks GREAT!

    Someday I’ll do a pictorial tour of my house – before and after. It’s quite something.

  102. An interior decorator I will never be. That would seem to involve shopping. I hate shopping. ALL shopping. I used to pay my Mom to buy or make my clothes.
    I like deep, clear colors. Not a fan of pastels, at all, ever. We pale people should not surround ourselves with pale colors- unless we are trying to hide.
    I take it back- there IS ONE kind of shopping I like- plants and vegetables for the garden.

  103. Uppity – the entire inside of my neighbor’s house is Van Gogh Blue.. Her husband is color blind and it is all he can see. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It’s a very Frank Lloyd Wright type place on the water surrounded by trees. Single floor and the outside is partially stone. She has FABULOUS terrazzo floors and the inside used to be grass cloth. Rather than peeling it all, they painted it and WOW OH WOW it is AMAZING. It’s hard to describe, but the whole back wall is glass to the deck, the trees and then the water. It is amazing.

  104. FF you got mail, please.

    ACK! Van Gogh blue!!! Kill me now. That would be grounds for divorce in my house.

  105. Sorry for that gibberish. I’m a touch typer. I guess my touch was off. lol.

  106. Mom, i would drive you nuts. It takes me FOREVER to find what I’m looking for and I don’t substitute.

  107. Husband and I never shop together anymore. We went shopping one year for a Christmas gift for his sister. I picked a gift in the first ten minutes because I knew what she liked. FIVE STORES LATER we went back and got the thing I had picked.
    I know what I want when I leave the house, I know where it is in which store. I go directly to the item, put it in the cart, pay and leave.
    That is a huge part of the problem with this whole paint thing- it takes too damn much running around and standing in aisles comparing things. UGH.

  108. Red on walls – been there, done that. Gruesome female in her rebellious stage wanted blood red and I caved – I should not have, but we were having difficulties at the time, and I thought it would be a sign of good faith on my part (she was 17 and in first year uni). Six month later, she disappeared, and I was left with the problem of searching contstantly for her and one bedroom with four red walls. It took two gallons of primer and two gallons of paint to cover it. NEVER paint anything red. I’m not a blue person either – more earthtones – deep golds and greens. Odd because those color tests that were popular in the early 80’s qualified me as a “spring” which was all about pastels. I really hate pastels. So much for that fad.
    Behr has a very good paint – it’s expensive, but it is a combined primer / paint. I use it all the time now. Goes on really smoothly and cleanly. I also use the latex enamel satin finish – cleans up much better in my experience, but each to their own. I haven’t used flat since my first appartment – 40 years ago.

  109. DE and imust! Happy Pi Day!
    Pi Day: Math Lovers and Bakers Celebrate

  110. Uppity – i just sent you an email with attachments

  111. Ah damn it- I just opened the BBC live link again
    “1820: The French ASN nuclear safety authority says the incident at the Fukushima plant could be classed as level 5 or 6 on the international scale of 1 to 7. It is currently rated at level 4”


  112. BTW, you folks are amazing – reading your comments is a treat. Uppityville really is the best place.

    Japan – well what will be will be. I saw on the news last night videos from their airport where people were returning home, almost kissing the ground in thankfulness and were talking about their experiences. It’s heart rending what is happening there. The Japanese ambassador advised that there are over 10,000 either missing or dead, and at a beach this morning, thousands of bodies came in with the tide. Now they have to deal with the nuclear situation. Yet, they are standing tall and dealing with the situation – admirable people. Medecins Sans Frontieres are already there, as are the Red Cross, the U.S. Navy and Marines, and so many aid agencies from Britain, the U.S. Canada, Australia, New Zealand (even though they are still recovering from their own disaster) and many other countries trying to help. Bless them all.

  113. PMM, I know what I want before I walk in. I never could shop with the ex for the same reason.

  114. #
    2001: A senior nuclear industry executive has told the New York Times that Japanese nuclear power industry managers are “basically in a full-scale panic”. The executive is not involved in managing the response to the reactors’ difficulties but has many contacts in Japan. “They’re in total disarray, they don’t know what to do,” the executive added.

    The Russians don’t believe the Japanese either. I guess they should know since they lied about Chernobyl.

    BABY plucked from the rubble days after.

  115. Remember that Wisconsin thing?. Here’s a really interesting letter that a WI teacher sent to Scott Walker. Unlikely that he will read or respond, but i think a lot of other folks will find it a good read. The teacher raises some interesting questions and makes some good points. I found it over at Mother Jones.

    I’d comment of the Japanese situation, but I’m getting confused about the real state of affairs with respect to the reactors. One report sounds optimistic while another sounds like we are about to meet our maker. Can’t keep up. I agree with HT. What will be, will be. Can’t get the genie back into the bottle now.

  116. Mom, I can leave something bare nekkid for months, even a year until……….I find that thing. I don’t know what it looks like but I will know when I see it.

  117. video of Japan. As horrible as it is we need the stories and pictures for history.



  118. See Uppity- you understand! I am sick to death of looking at these plain old walls. I know what I want- and I will get it. Blue Crayon. Niche. Statue of Blessed Mother. I already have the niche and the statue. Now I need the paint.

  119. See UW, you know what you want as well. You won’t settle.

  120. From mcnorman’s Kyodo link
    Officials of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency also said the worst case scenario will be less destructive than the Chernobyl incident, as TEPCO has depressurized the reactors by releasing radioactive steam.
    Edano denied the possibility that the No. 2 reactor will follow the same path, as the blast at the No. 3 reactor opened a hole in the wall of the building that houses the No. 2 reactor. Hydrogen will be released from the hole, he said.
    As a result, the cores of the No. 1 and No. 3 reactors have partially melted.”

    So one and three are the ones that exploded- and now two had a hole so it won’t explode?

  121. In the middle of the horror something wonderful–tsunami-warning-sounds.html



  122. PMM, How can they even tell? They asked for US nuclear assistance today. The Russians think they are fudging the truth. I suspect that they are sugar coating everything that they are saying.

  123. mcn- preventing mass panic perhaps- I mean- where would people go? No way of getting all those millions of people off that island.

  124. And while the world is focused on the tragedy in Japan that Libyan madman is running amok again.

  125. Shoot, countries are having a time of it trying to get their people off the island nation. Real sinking feeling on this. Now #2 reactor is STILL unstable.
    250 S Korean people who were in that NE area are MIA. 1 confirmed dead. Then there is the tidal wash of 2000 bodies.

  126. I vote these assholes off the planet.
    U.S. millionaires say $7 million not enough to be rich

    How much do these people want? 7 million is not enough to be rich?

  127. Mom, the rich guys don’t need the money – just the powerful feeling that they are in control. They are sociopaths each and every one of them. They have a deep seated need to feel superior – What they don’t realize is that if they destroy the middle and working class, then all they have is millions of nothing. When money ceases to mean anything they do as well. And honestly, it won’t happen in my lifetime, but at some point those A@@holes will become redundant – and that goes for their propaganda corporations and their paid pundits.

  128. HT- the only consolation I can think of is their money will be worthless when the shite hits the fan. They could bring me green paper by the truckload and I wouldn’t sell them a stalk of asparagus or one single egg. Let them learn how to grub in the dirt for their food- it would do them all a world of good.

  129. BBC live again
    2129: Tepco said water levels inside the containment vessel were not immediately rising to the desired level, possibly because of a leak. Nevertheless, an official told a news conference: “We do not feel that a critical event is imminent.”

    Oh- a leak. Right. No critical event imminent though. Just keep pouring that ocean water in and let it get contaminated and leak out- to where? Or are those things just so hot now that the water is just boiling off?

  130. The containment vessel- the thing they have been saying would hold-
    2207: Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yukio Edano, has said a partial defect has been found inside the containment vessel of reactor 3 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Kyodo news agency reports. He has also said the reactor is “not necessarily in a stable condition”. Early on Tuesday morning, officials said pressure inside the container had dropped and sea water was being pumped in to cool the fuel rods.

  131. Explosion at the number two unit- BBC

    2316: Kyodo now says that the suppression pool may have been damaged at reactor 2
    0005: Radioactive materials are feared to be leaking at Fukushima, Kyodo reports quoting a safety agency.

    How much more can they take?

  132. I’ve been sick with the flu, can’t keep anything down, but just had to visit Uppity’s.

    I’m so sad for the Japanese and hope for the best for them.

    I love blue. My bedroom and bathroom are very pale blue. Loooooooove it.

  133. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Mon, March 14, 2011 — 8:00 PM ET

    New Blast Reported at Japanese Nuclear Plant as Workers Struggle to Cool Reactor

    An explosion early Tuesday morning may have damaged the inner
    steel containment vessel of the No. 2 reactor at Japan’s
    Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, leading to the wide
    release of radioactive materials there and forcing the
    evacuation of emergency workers, the plant’s operator said.

    The blast appeared to be different — and more severe — than
    those that at two other troubled reactor at the same nuclear
    complex because this one, reported to have occurred at 6:14
    a.m., happened in the “pressure suppression room” in the
    cooling area of the reactor, raising the possibility to
    damage to the reactor’s containment vessel.

    Read More:

  134. Close up crop from one of the above photos.


  135. Or maybe I should caption it

    “President Obama visits site of the catastrophe in Japan”

  136. I’m at speechless over Japan. My mind just can’t imagine worst case scenarios beyond what we are seeing.

    Shows me how little connection I felt to Sumatra and Haiti – before, during and after those devastating events – with hundreds of thousands dead and the conditions millions still endure and will spend the rest of their lives trying to survive in the aftermath.

    Damn we’re fortunate – in the grand scheme of things.

  137. 5.0 off Kamchatka

  138. Yes Her, it’s terrible.

  139. Exposure with the new blast. 1 hour exposure = 3 years of radiation exposure. God help these people.

    BULLETIN: Container damaged, radioactive materials feared to leak at Fukushima plant

    TOKYO, March 15, Kyodo

    Radiation is feared to have leaked after the container vessel was damaged at the No. 2 reactor of the Fukushima nuke plant Tuesday morning, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.


  140. Watch NHK Japan – Breaking news live. They are evacuating people farther away from plants.

  141. PM giving a live news conference on Nuclear problems

    it is bad

  142. PM’s Press Sec on now. PM looked GRIM

  143. FF, I think we are looking at a humanitarian crisis of which we have not seen in decades. God help these people.

  144. FF, those photos at the DailyMail link you provided?

    OMG. Where or how to begin – especially knowing they are warning of the very real probability of it happening all over again any moment?

    It’s overwhelming just viewing them. I cannot imagine being at ground level!?! It’s unfathomable.

    Where to begin and why? It seems to me that they need to get all of those people evacuated from those areas – except maybe for recovery crews?

  145. mcnorman – you are right.

    “We are at levels that can impact human health”

    says the spokeman

  146. all but 50 of the 800 staff at plants evacuated

  147. Press Conference.

    It is sounding a bit more like a Chernobyl now, doesn’t it, or it is just me?

    Evacuated all but 50 out of 800 workers from the Nuclear Plants?

  148. yes to both, Her

  149. ff I honestly don’ see how this is going to change. Japan needs a miracle right now. When you leave so few people at the plant under these circumstances, you are going to leave it in a high being’s hands. JMO, it sounds as if they are giving into whatever happens, happens.

  150. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Mon, March 14, 2011 — 10:11 PM ET

    Japan Faces Prospect of Nuclear Catastrophe as Employees Leave Plant

    Japan faced the likelihood of a catastrophic nuclear accident
    Tuesday morning, as an explosion at the most crippled of
    three reactors at the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Station
    damaged its crucial steel containment structure, emergency
    workers were withdrawn from the plant, and much larger
    emissions of radioactive materials appeared imminent,
    according to official statements and industry executives
    informed about the developments.

    Prime Minsiter Naoto Kan of Japan was preparing to make a
    televised address to the nation at 11 a.m. Tokyo time.

    The sharp deterioration came after government officials said
    the containment structure of the No. 2 reactor, the most
    seriously damaged of three reactors at the Daichi plant, had
    suffered damage during an explosion shorly after 6 a.m. on

  151. Worse, BREAKING NEWS FROM KYODO FIRE occurs at Number 4 reactor.

  152. heard the Spokesman say that too mcnorman. They now says it’s out, but more nuke radiation will leak

  153. FF: I’m listening to the Press Conference also.

    He just named the towns – it sounds like a lot of towns – a pretty large area exposed and at high risk.

    Darn, I was hoping they would get a break…. something would go their way.

  154. He’s got to be the world’s biggest LOSER ff. Even Charles Manson has balls (crazy that he is).

  155. Her – they are really in a panic, and trying to project calm.

    But all is well – Obama gets to party in Rio on Sunday.

  156. UW, THE GARAGE???? 👿

    But…but…but…. isn’t that where the stray cats hang out? Won’t they go to the bathroom on me when I’m sleeping on the cold, hard floor?

    Heck with it, I’ll just go wait at the Best Buy for FF to come get me. Oops, I already tried that lol

    I heard on the news a little while ago, they were agreeing with FF, saying the next one will be on THIS side. They said there might be 80 foot waves. I’ll have to learn to surf, I guess. I’m pretty close to the ocean. Actually, I’m emergency personnnel, I’d have to stay…. maybe I could quickly leave and just say I accidentally floated to Colorado….

  157. Between the News Conference and the Obama Rio piece, I am feeling ill. I am going to bed.

    God bless those in Japan.

    Obama, not so much.

  158. Oh no, mcnorman.

    Well, it sounds like you are right – “it sounds as if they are giving into whatever happens, happens.”

    And, it’s happening.

    Obama. I am speechless! What IS he, seriously?!

  159. {{{{{{{{{{{lorac!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    I’ll come get ya honey.

    where’s my mail?!?!?!?

    I’m off to bed.

  160. Well, *I* like blue.

    So, I don’t have any knowledge to add to the paint debate, but I have a joke. Remember the movie, “The Money Trap” with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long? They bought an old house and were trying to fix it up. I think the original was the one with Jack Benny, but after that there was one with Cary Grant and Myra Loy (the wife from the Thin Man movies).

    The wife is telling two painters what colors she wants each room. I don’t remember the exact scripts, but the gist was like this:

    Wife: For the bathroom, I want a very mild yellow, not as dark as an egg yolk, but not as light as a daffidil. For the kitchen, I want a robin’s egg blue, not like the robins’ eggs up in the north, but the robins’ eggs you find in the midwestern states. For the master bedroom, I want a nice green, sort of the color of pine boughs, but not how they look in August, more how they look in April.

    Then she leaves.

    First painter: Did you get that?

    Second painter: Yeah. Yellow, blue, green.

    First painter: Yeah.

  161. ROFL FF you just put a huge smile on my face lol

  162. Great movie with Myrna Loy and Grant lorac. I remember that scene WELL!


  163. Me too, FF. Goodnight everyone.

    God Bless the People of Japan.

    Rapture Pharaoh back to where he came from.

  164. FF, I know, I didn’t get the words right, I made it up, and she was actually much more detailed!

  165. FF XOXOXO sleep tight, sweetie pie!

  166. Thanks ladies. Her – sleep well.

    Lorac, you did fine with the ad lib

    nite all

  167. Did someone mention PIE??

    or Pi?

    I’ll take 3.14 slices please!

    Barry’s off to Rio eh? Well, isn’t that special.

  168. Well, The Fraud has already declared that he has no plans to reexamine his push for more nuclear here.

    But then again, he vascillates on so much. Why does he even bother making an immediate statement?

    Not only is it poor leadership to be doing all this partying during all these crises and suffering, but it is such a horrendous visual to the rest of the world. He’s really screwed up. Does he really think it’s impossible to not have parties for 4 lousy years of his life? Plenty of us mere mortals can go 4 years without a party, and we go our whole LIVES without HIS type of party, with movie stars and RAP (vomit) performers.

  169. Well, okay, okay, if FF got me hooked up with a party with Emily Saliers, I’d be there!

  170. Lorac, I’m sure that UW’s garage is one of those makeover to die for. The kittehs have their own space according to UW.

  171. imust, he’s on his way to eat pie in Rio. I don’t think they understand what happens with pie. 😀

  172. Did you guys hear that in Ohio, they said there weren’t enough blacks on the fire and police departments – it’s not that they didn’t apply, the couldn’t PASS the tests! So Lovely Eric Holder ordered them to lower the test requirements, to dumb down the test – so that blacks could pass! So now the requirement for one test to pass is equivalent to a D, and one is equivalent to an F. How would you like people with those abilities being in charge of saving your life? I don’t think so!

    Anyway, the head of the NAACP just issued a statement that they disagree with Holder, they do not agree with people getting hired who could not pass the test fairly. Good for them!

  173. Did you guys hear that in Ohio, they said there weren’t enough blacks on the fire and police departments – it’s not that they didn’t apply, the couldn’t PASS the tests! So Lovely Eric Holder ordered them to lower the test requirements, to dumb down the test – so that blacks could pass! So now the requirement for one test to pass is equivalent to a D, and one is equivalent to an F. How would you like people with those abilities being in charge of saving your life? I don’t think so!

    Anyway, the head of the NAACP just issued a statement that they disagree with Holder, they do not agree with people getting hired who could not pass the test fairly. Good for them! (color me blue surprised!)

  174. Hell no, lorac! I don’t put rescues in a garage!! They have their own closed off room in the basement. garage not good enough for them. No sir. That’s why it’s available!


    P.S. I know what a mess you make, you think I’m gonna expose cats to you???

  175. mcnorman – that’s good to know. But I bet her extra fridge is down there, and Karen or imust would keep stomping all over my back, trying to get to the PIES in there….

  176. Yeah I heard about the Ohio police test. This is not only a joke by SERIOUSLY dangerous. Thank GOD the NAACP had the damned good sense to oppose this. This is way past the pale. These employees are given guns and clubs and are expected to think fast, size up situations and act accordingly.

    Holder is becoming a bigger asshole every day. Seriously. What was he thinking? WAS he thinking????

  177. UW 👿

    I guess I have that one down. Now I have to learn a new smiley lol

  178. Tomorrow’s the Ides of March. We need some humor. I mean how much worse can March 15 make things than they are?

  179. Well, St. Pat’s is almost here, too. I’ll bet PMM knows some racy limericks, just a feeling I have….. 🙂

  180. Anybody see 127 hours? It was pretty good. Although – not exactly “light”…. but there’s a happy ending….

  181. UW, I forgot what Ides of March stands for. Was it a bad thing?

  182. Oh lorac, I forgot about those two. Okay, when you come be sure to bring all of the football padding. Just a note, think fresh bread and calzone.

  183. And Spring is only about 9 days away…. that’s a really cheerful thought….

    Where can I hire a hit man for the noisy dog next door? Actually, the whole family needs to go! Maybe I could pay a cult to kidnap them and take them far away lol

  184. mcnorman lol!

  185. Yeah lorac, I have a horrific Pavlovian response to UW’s bread recipes. lol

  186. Poor Japan. I feel even worse, knowing they’ve had to go through nuclear poisoning in the past, and now again. And they’re such nice people, and they remember what they learned in kindergarten (stand in line, no pushing, don’t take what isn’t yours, help the person next to you, etc).

    Too bad our culture never kept that knowledge. That’s probably why someone here had to write that story, “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten”, because most people here left all that knowledge behind….

    Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdowns, no food, no water, nowhere to go…. it’s hard to even imagine.

    They showed a clip a little while ago of a big rush of water, houses crowded next to houses all being swept away quickly in the power of the water – and the worst thing – there was audio. You could hear the people in those moving houses crying out….

  187. McNorman stop drooling over my bread. You’re worse than my dog.

  188. Oh geez – first, halfway through my post, the cat changed the TV from the news to the “Cake Boss” channel lol
    Then, after I got done, he erased the whole post!

    Starting again!

    Sounds like a higher NAACP person has now backed Holder and Obama, and Obama wants the tests even lower (from D to F to be able to pass, because after the first lowering to D, they still couldn’t pass). Now someone else has come out and said this is ridiculous, this is a safety issue!

    What’s wrong with these people? Megan Kelly is saying it’s a cultural bias in the test. But this type of issue came up a year or so in another state, and it was my understanding that these aren’t algebra or even English (which *I* would say they should all be able to pass anyway!) tests, but they are very job specific. They’re given some kind of initial training and handbooks, and then they are tested on it, to see if they can join the force. Sometimes these tests they can’t pass are for promotion – they’re already in the system, but can’t learn enough to have a higher level of responsibility.

    Why does no one ask, “did you study”? D*mn, they probably all said, “let’s all fail, and then they’ll have to let us all in together!”

  189. lorac I will be posting on the Ides in the morning.

  190. Maybe they can’t read?

  191. Yes last year we had St Patrick and Frank day. Remember? I do believe we might flush frank out again.

  192. Hey, I LOVE research. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll compare their high school gpa (did they graduate?) to their scores on the police/fire test.

    And we’ll have a couple of high performing black high school students take the test, and my money is on THEIR being able to pass the stupid test!

    You know, if I couldn’t pass a test, I would study like heck and take it again and pass. But then again, I would have studied like heck the FIRST time. They should be hanging their heads in shame for their “Obama-ness”, instead of demanding they get in with F scores!

    Sorry about the passion, I have a problem with people demanding what they haven’t earned and haven’t worked for, and just may not have the ABILITY to achieve!

  193. I have fond memories (during my meat eating days) of going to St. Boniface (we called it St. Bunny Face) on St. Patrick’s Day and eating corned beef and cabbage (and drinking green beer!). Only day of the year I would eat cabbage, when I could eat it with corned beef on the same forkful, as a chaser lol

  194. I think I’m going to buy a big backpack, fill it with a bunch of bottled water, and cans of peas or something (and a can opener!), and leave it by the front door!

    Hmmm…. I’ll have to buy a piece of wood to float the two cat carriers on….

    And buy a life preserver….

    I’ll get this figured out!

    Oh, and a nautical map to Florida….

  195. In comments at His44:

    One day after an Israeli family of five was brutally murdered in their home, the Palestinian Authority–the supposed peace partner of the Israeli government–stood by while a square was named for a terrorist who killed 37 Israelis in 1978.

  196. This disaster in Japan is just so sad. Overwhelming to those suffering in its midst for sure.

  197. a problem with people demanding what they haven’t earned and haven’t worked for, and just may not have the ABILITY to achieve!

    Well said.

  198. Many police departments are now requiring a college degree for applicants.

    I have a new open thread up. This one is getting long. I’m going to close comments here. Please take it upstairs.

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