Japan Earthquake/Tsunami open thread #5. The aftermath

Red Cross likens it to a bombed out war zone.

Rescue  teams descend from  15 other countries.

Here’s an aerial view of the tsunami  arriving and  then overwhelming Japan. Frightening. Imagine being this pilot watching this unfold.


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  1. The Japanese people have a lot of respect for one another. No looting.

  2. This is ought to send a chill to the west coast and the rest of the U.S.
    “So. California’s San Onofre nuclear plant, near fault line and sea, built to withstand less than Japan plant”

  3. Yes they are far more civilized than we are. Here, they would be stealing anything they could get their hands on.

  4. …….not that there’s much left. Check out the last video I just put up on this thread. Aerial view of the Tsunami as it hit Japan. Front row seat. Horror.

  5. http://www.aolnews.com/2011/03/14/explosion-heard-at-japan-nuclear-plant/?icid=main%7Chtmlws-main-n%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk2%7C206048

    Looking more like doomsday for Japanese. From the above link on AOL news=

    SOMA, Japan — Radiation leaked from a crippled nuclear plant in tsunami-ravaged northeastern Japan after a third reactor was rocked by an explosion Tuesday and a FOURTH caught fire in a dramatic escalation of the 4-day-old catastrophe.

    The government warned anyone nearby to stay indoors to avoid exposure.

    In a nationally televised statement, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said radiation has spread from four reactors of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Fukushima province, one of the hardest-hit in Friday’s 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that has killed more than 10,000 people.

    “The level seems very high, and there is still a very high risk of more radiation coming out,” Kan said. “We are making utmost efforts to prevent further explosions and radiation leaks.”

    This is the worst nuclear crisis Japan has faced since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. It is also the first time that such a grave nuclear threat has been raised in the world since a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Russia exploded in 1986.

    Kan warned there are dangers of more leaks and told people living within 19 miles (30 kilometers) of the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex to stay indoors to avoid radiation sickness.

    Some 180,000 people had already been evacuated from a 12-mile (20-kilometer) radius and it was not immediately clear how many people live in the outer radius for which the new warning was issued.

    ….So, the truth is, the whole damn Fukashima plant may be lost.

    Better prepare to take lorac in and any other west coasters putting more distance between themselves and Japan.

  6. ….So, the truth is, the whole damn Fukashima plant may be lost.

    I think that’s the best way to sum it up – game over.

    If it had just been one catastrophe – just the EQ, or just the tsunami, or just the problems with the reactors – the story would be unfolding so differently. Alas, it’s the convergence of the three, and I’m not sure any government on earth would be concurrently dealing with them very well.

    Japan’s crying “uncle!” now. Poor people.

  7. Um, UW (timidly raising hand)

    Are people consigned to the basement, allowed to “come upstairs”?

  8. The more I watch of this disaster, the more I think I seriously need to buy a backpack – maybe like the military uses (big) – and keep it loaded up. Also to have important papers in a waterproof bag, ready to whip out of the lockbox and throw into the backpack.

    Here’s what I’ve thought of, anyone have any other ideas?

    canned veggies, fruit
    can opener
    wet cat food
    hand wipes
    bottled water
    sleeping bag in waterproof bag
    life preserver?
    cat life preservers?
    important papers
    cat bowl
    first aid kit/iodine stuff

    Hmmm…. maybe if FF and DE help me on the color choices, a canoe might look okay sitting in my living room…..? lol

  9. Oh, sure, the denizen of the basement comes upstairs, and everyone leaves the party! 👿

  10. oh, a bag of toiletries (need that toothpaste and toothbrush!)

  11. lorac at 12:04, good move.

    (timidly raising hand)

    You are more likely to be picked for a response by the teach.

  12. Favorite pictures in a waterproof container.
    Back-up copy of the hard drive in a waterproof container.
    Dog tags with name, rank, serial #… for each loved one.

  13. good ideas, towne crier! Let me know if you think of anymore. I’m making a list!

  14. DOn’t worry lorac, everyone went upstairs. They went to bed though.

    It’s Late Night at Uppity’s! (to the Johnny Carson tune)

  15. lol they went ALL the way upstairs!

  16. In NES’ emergency backpack, she had better remember to pack a lunge whip, so she can have a little fun in the misery.

  17. I wonder how walkie-talkies work – however they work, would the transmission system be destroyed by any disaster? If not, people should pack some of those in waterproof containers, in case they get separated. Next time I go on a cruise with so many people, I am DEFINITELY bringing walkie-talkies – it was so hard to find where anyone was, everyone has different waking schedules, different eating schedules, etc!

  18. If NES has to evacuate, then I owe it to her to be in charge of her fun. She would deserve fun. Seriously, I worry about you Cali people. Cripes, you live over an accident waiting to happen all the time as it is,without this happening.

  19. The newfangled ones are pretty good. Especially if they have lots of channels, so you don’t have competing conversations on same channel with others. They are great for skiing.

  20. none of those old-fadhioned ones with the long antennae sticking out.

  21. Here ya go, Crier.

  22. lorac, I might as well get started before you do. This is for you.

  23. And here’s a 2008 interview with Carol Buschmann of the Chordettes. Wait till you see the reasons why the ‘girls” broke up. Talk about Know your Place!

  24. Thank you, UW. Now that the music has kicked on the show, we are rolling.

  25. Imagine a bunch of successful guys breaking up their music to be with the family. Not gonna happen.

    Welcome, Crier.

  26. Tonight’s show: Bubblegum music!. Where’s lorac!!

  27. Sorry folks. The UW Show must go on without this Bonzo. Zzzzzzzzz’s.

  28. I’m the one who posts the jivin’ 70s music! What is “bubblegum music”?

  29. You’re listening to some of it.

  30. I think, for the most part, the successful guys didn’t have families. Their “identity” was the male-slut, a different woman at every concert (at LEAST one woman at each concert). And if they DID have a real family, they were probably obliged to move every time the Famous Musician did – so…. the show could always go on for the guys!

  31. A kind of hush – yeah, I like that song! And, wow, those boys look young and so clean cut. They must have been part of the British Invasion!

  32. Yeah! Atta girl.

  33. From the wiki link:

    marketed to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers …..many times are about just feeling good or being happy, with references to sunshine, loving one another, toys, colors, nonsense words, etc. They are also notable for their frequent reference to sugary food, including sugar, honey, jelly and marmalade.[1]

  34. She had a nice voice that woman who was the seekers. The boys were just dressing, eh?

  35. Her name was Judith Durham. Wonder where she is today.

  36. Is this her, UW?


  37. Under her “latest news tab”:

    Judith’s New Track To Empower Women
    8th March 2011

    Hey…. maybe she’s a PUMA!

  38. Yup that’s her. Still lookin’ good. Great voice too!

  39. UW, thanks for the trip through bubble gum land! Now I have to sleep, so I can wake up AND DO IT ALL AGAIN! 🙂

  40. Hey, usually the blog is three hours ahead of me. Now it’s 2. Didn’t the blog do daylight savings time?

  41. She’s an Aussie.

    Another one who broke up the group after marriage. Cripes. With that voice. Jesus. She looks pretty good hey? I mean she’s got to be in her 60s if not close. Wouldja do her, lorac?

  42. Buddah records did a LOT of the bubblegum. Yup.

  43. I guess I have to manually change the time. Will do it now.

  44. Would I do her, ROFL

    You crack me up lol

  45. LOL well that would be the test of her still being cool!

    Methinks I fixed the time.

  46. Hope I look that good. Wait lemmie check…..

    Ah……it’s too late at night…

  47. Oh, we’d all do you, any age, any time of the night, UW. You can sleep in that glow.

    Yes, I do believe you fixed the time.

    But it’s midnight here, and I don’t want to turn in to a pumpkin!


  48. It’s a lot later here, wimp. You can’t keep up with me, face it.

  49. Thread 5! And I missed 4 altogether. (Read it though) We had a busy day. The new vids are horrific. Regarding what you are all saying about the Japanese being very polite, so true. I was there 20 years ago, there was no litter, no graffiti. I remember Japanese people always offering to pay for stuff for me, if I was buying a fruit drink, or lunch, or toilet paper in the public bathrooms (spotlessly clean), people always paying, or trying to pay! I’d see schoolkids everywhere in their nice uniforms, asking for us to take pictures with them and giving me candies. I remember some young men at the hot springs in Hakone buying me some souvenirs. I used to speak a little Japanese, enough to get by & to help my Japanese customers where I worked. I pray they survive this. Actually I pray that we all do.

  50. They are still saying no danger to us here on left coast, but we are watching carefully. When you think about the nuke plants, why the hell aren’t they built to higher standards? They say the San Onofre plant is less stable than the one thats currently melting down. Great.

    Loved those old pop songs when I was little. I remember the girls on my street had a crush on the Grand Funk guy. Also the tall blonde guy in Moody Blues. A club near where we live & where we go to concerts often gave us a bunch of free tix for Hermans Hermits last November. We didn’t go though, we gave them to the Hospice ladies that were helping us. 1:30 now, signing off, will {see} you all tomorrow.

    Oh, NES, sorry about getting the guest room! 🙂

  51. Dueling bubblegum vids. Both of you need a late night babysitter. And the lunge whip.

    Trashing to a whole new level.

    I fear it is far from over, over there. The potential boiling of the nuclear waste pool has heated things up. This is all so unreal, so far away and yet we are all on that little blue marble and it is all happening on the other side of the puddle.

  52. Yes Karen, I gave lorac a dose of her own trashing! And I drove her right off! The board scarecrow I am!

  53. I wonder how our sailors who were exposed to radiation are doing.

  54. I met a woman in the locker room at the Y yesterday- her daughter just finished Navy boot camp and training- and is being shipped to- Japan.
    Needless to say she is terrified- I can relate- no greater horror than knowing your child is going into harm’s way. And to know your child is going to a place where the enemy is mother nature—–

  55. Kyodo news alert- TEPKO unable to get water into the spent fuel storage-
    God help them

  56. Wow, Mom, that’s got to be awful for that mother. I do think though that nature is a better bet than those goatfuckers over in the Middle East when it comes to having no regard for anybody. This is because nature is not inherently hateful and malicious for the sake of maliciousness. It just Is.

  57. U.S. Navy Detects Low Radiation at Base 200 Miles From Japanese Nuclear Plant

  58. If they are willing to report that you know it’s worse.

  59. they are trying not to hit the PANIC button 🙂

  60. There has been a containment breach at one of the facilities. That’s a nice way of saying radiation is on the loose.

  61. Gadhafi is prevailing.

    I don’t know what the rest of you think, but I didn’t think the USA should take the lead on No Fly Zone without NATO and that useless Human Rights violation pimp and Goatfucker-Owned UnUnited Nations. We would have ended up getting blamed just as soon as one wrong person gets killed in enforcement. No Fly is a military maneuver. Does anybody think Gadhafi would lie down and cry Uncle? No sir, there would be bloody altercations with that psycho. Then we would not only be blamed for any deaths but be expected to rebuild while they snear at us. To hell with that shit. These are folks who call us the Great Satan and then they want our help. Next, after we go there, they will be burning our flags and howling in the street about the killers we are right after a Gadhafi Goon holds a baby up as a shield. The Lockerbie freak is fat and happy and we have dead people whose families get to watch.

    I know some of you might disagree with me, but I’m just a creature of Learning From The Past. If the UN and NATO gave a shit, they would have all the countries help to arm those dissidents. Inertia Is Them, so I don’t blame anybody in the USA for just staying away. This would be nothing but another trap for us. The distinct lack of appreciation is sticking out like a sore thumb and I guess some of these countries are getting to see how they have driven us away successfully–and how well that’s working out.

  62. The whole business of getting dragged in so we can be hated more grates on my nerves. Let the Suadis take care of it. The UN is a joke. Hey- maybe the EU will get involved and put there people and treasure on the line…. oh wait never mind. It’s all good for them to pass Burkha bans- for which I applaud them- but I do not expect them to sh*t or get off the pot. Hell Libya is right across a very very small pond from France and Italy- let them put their money where their mouths are.

  63. They like us to do the dirty work and take the blame. When things go bad, they all turn their backs and whistle. We get stuck with the bill and the blame. To hell with that. I wouldn’t do a thing for anybody unless it is for our own national security. Now that we’ve managed to piss off that psycho, we’re going to run into problems anyways. These are oil rich countries, if they want our help, we should be billing them like they bill us up the nose for their oil. You’re right. Let Saudi do it.

  64. Funny how they and their Obama want us to be just another country, all equal. Well, now they have their wish for their double-edged sword.

  65. What is that old saying Uppity? Ah yes- here is what I say to the EU and the UN and the rest of the world’s oh so concerned as long as somebody else takes the blame countries
    “Put up or shut up.”

    And you are right- send them the bill- due and payable BEFORE action commences.

  66. Yeah, pay up front with a contingency fee. Then requisitions at various stages. Seriously, the USA has been used so badly, we should all be incensed at the disdain we enjoy. I don’t see anybody worrying about us but us, and I’m not even sure our own leaders are doing that.

  67. I can see helping Japan. I firmly believe they would help us.

    See any of those countries in the Middle East busting their asses for Japan? It’s all about them all the time. I’ll bet Israel is helping out though.

  68. Yup. Israel offers a hand to Japan.

    Iran? Not so much, hey? How about Egypt? India? Just asking.

  69. Yes I agree- helping Japan is good- and Israel.
    We have done more than enough for Europe. Period. Look at all the lovely airport facilities they got courtesy of the American military.
    Uppity- remember that link you had for another natural disaster? Showed which countries had donated and how much? Weren’t all the ME countries missing on that one too?

  70. I’ll bet S Korea is helping out too. Let me check..

  71. Japan has sanctions against iran don’t they? We know who are friends are. We need to act like it.

  72. BBC- Tell me this is not the height of desperation and futility
    1456: Tepco says it may start pouring water from a helicopter over Fukushima Daiichi’s reactor four in the next few days, to cool the spent-fuel pool.

  73. Asshole energy dick Chu here in America saying no worries here- They really DO think we are all idiots! Is he inasne? US nuke plant builders consider tsunamis? Cheese and Rice!
    This also from BBC
    1445: More from US Energy Secretary Stephen Chu. He told lawmakers that Americans “should have full confidence that the United States has rigorous safety” rules and that nuclear plant builders “clearly consider things like tsunamis … and earthquakes”. He added: “Whenever there’s an incident such as what’s happening in Japan, we have to pay very close attention to that, think very hard.”

    And this is very very concerning

    1439: A 30km (18 mile) no-fly zone is in place around Fukushima, says the IAEA.

  74. Yes Mom, that was Haiti and the countries that helped and yes, the ME was starkly absent. Israel set up portable HOSPITALS.

  75. Reading the BBC live blog- radiation IN Tokyo 20 times normal levels.
    Iran saying they have modern plants and the Japanese plants were built with “yesterday’s technology”
    Ass- at least Japan is not purposely trying to get nuclear bombs.
    The BBC live blog has some things that are extremely worrying- can’t get the Kyodo link- the servers are too busy I guess.

  76. You know PMM that the helicopter people are also getting irradiated.

    New Advisory

    Gov’t orders injection of water into No. 4 reactor spent fuel pool at Fukushima plantNote

    Ordered? Good God what is happening over there?

  77. Ah Fuck that nut in Iran. I’m sick of him. If those good people want freedom from these pigs they will have to barnstorm them. But before they do that, they will need to learn a Libya lesson. Don’t rebel without weapons, a plan and a leader the world can live with. And don’t depend on college kids to have a plan.

  78. If you need a break from all this- I have looked at some different paint colors- left a note in the Ides of march thread- you will be most happy Uppity- not a bit of blue to be seen lol

  79. We all know he tells the truth. Isn’t he the same jerkoff who claims there are no homosexuals in Iran? Are these not the same people who accused a vulture and a bunch of dolphins of being israeli spies? That guy is a world joke and an embarrassment to himself and all those people living there who long to see his ass be grass.

  80. Come to think of it- why the hell is this shit happening to Japan? It would be much better if a giant quake sucked Iran’s maniacs into hell.

  81. Ok well not you’re on a roll. lol.

  82. Sorry sister McN. I couldn’t let that post stand.

  83. The everyday task of washing now down at the river.

  84. God, those poor people. And it’s cold there too.

  85. Some things are the same everywhere. The women are doing the crud work and the hubands are watching. lol.

  86. They don’t understand what clean underwear means.

  87. bbc
    1629: Japan’s Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public Relations Noriyuki Shikata tweets: “Japan has received offers of assistance from over 100 countries/regions and 14 int’l organizations! Thank you all so much!”

    One bright spot in the bleakness

  88. I am working on a post about the countries helping. I have a much smaller list, would love to find a full list.

  89. A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.0 jolted central Japan on Tuesday night.

    The Japan Meteorological Agency says the quake with an intensity of 6 plus on the Japanese seismic scale zero to 7 hit at 10:31 PM.

    The focus of the quake is in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture and is estimated to be at a depth of 10 kilometers.

  90. Just stopping by, on the way to my room, after getting my spanking for over-reacting and worrying too much about us, instead of focusing on what’s happening to the people of Japan. 😯

  91. Our fault lines, it is not just CA

    New Madrid is capable of an 8.0

    The New Madrid fault in the central United States is particularly dangerous. The fault is among the most active in the country, running from St. Louis to Memphis.

    New Madrid Earthquake Caused River to Run ‘Backward’

    The New Madrid fault line is best known for some of the most violent earthquakes to ever hit the U.S: a series of four in 1811 and 1812. The quakes were estimated at magnitude 7.5 to 8.0, so strong the Mississippi River reportedly flowed backward. Damage occurred as far away as Washington, D.C., and Charleston, S.C.

    Some New Madrid, Mo., residents saw large cracks open in the ground. The crew of a steamboat mooring overnight along a Mississippi River island reportedly awoke to find the island had disappeared below the water.

  92. ROFL Herlo…but exactly so….. Let’s empathize with the immense (and, I’m sure, underestimated) risk of nuclear-fallout-related damage and actual damage suffered, and to be suffered, by the Japanese without succumbing to our hypochondria.

  93. Wow on the New Madrid fault, mcnorman. One doesn’t hear much about it. Looks like it’s been 200 years since the last big EQs on that fault, but 200 years is the equivalent of minutes in geologic time.

  94. DE, does that 6.0 qualify as a new EQ or is it an aftershock?? One of the Australian EQ specialists was saying that Japan can expect about a month of aftershocks.
    Apparently, in the normal course, Japan has small quakes practically every day; some of them large enough to knock vases to the ground, and the like. I wonder if 6.0 is particularly high by Japanese standards — anyone know?

  95. NES – I have never been an observer of a Nuclear Plant’s total failure, nor had reason to understand it’s atmospheric impact

    ..much less witness a country under the siege of continuous earthquakes, capable of moving the entire earth’s axis and significant land masses more than mere inches.

    Historical, educating, heartbreaking for those human beings directly impacted.

    I thought such comprehensive coverage has not only been informative of the events unfolding, but educational on what we can expect, weighing various sources of the information being communicated – while being quite inspiring to do what one can, however small, to help those people.

    But hey, how I think or feel is always subject to interpretation by those who think and feel the way they do and going to my room isn’t a punishment for me.

  96. Yes NES, not many think about the New Madrid fault. If that baby blows, I am in with new beach front property. That is how nasty that thing will blow. Many say that the fault is overdue.

  97. Well then, Herlo, I’ll go to my room too.

  98. (P.S. NES, that’s why I don’t comment on that particular blog, ever, but just read occasionally)

  99. lol! NES, my “explanation” for my comment has been lassoed into moderation.

  100. Germany’s nuclear plants.

  101. bbc
    1739: Some 500 bone marrow transplant centres across Europe are being asked to be on standby to treat Japanese radiation victims if the need arises.

  102. Quite a few of them, mcnorman. But, then that’s typical of Europe– see, e.g., France, which gets well over 50% of its electrical power from nuclear plants. Btw, the Germans have apparently halted production at their plants in response to protests in the wake of the Japanese disaster.

  103. I didn’t see it in Spam or Trash, Herlo.
    If you mean your comment of 2:20 PM, it’s still there (see below).

  104. How far do you live from the New Madrid fault, mcnorman?

  105. Interesting — table of the historically significant EQs in Japan. For the most part, they don’t seem to bother with EQs at or lower than 6.0:
    Japan (source: USGS webside).

    1891 10 27 – Mino-Owari, Japan – M 8.0 Fatalities 7,273
    1896 06 15 – Sanriku, Japan – M 8.5 Fatalities 27,000
    1923 09 01 – Kanto (Kwanto), Japan – M 7.9 Fatalities 143,000
    1927 03 07 – Tango, Japan – M 7.6 Fatalities 3,020
    1933 03 02 – Sanriku, Japan – M 8.4 Fatalities 2,990
    1943 09 10 – Tottori, Japan – M 7.4 Fatalities 1,190
    1944 12 07 – Tonankai, Japan – M 8.1 Fatalities 1,223
    1945 01 12 – Mikawa, Japan – M 7.1 Fatalities 1,961
    1946 12 20 – Nankaido, Japan – M 8.1 Fatalities 1,330
    1948 06 28 – Fukui, Japan – M 7.3 Fatalities 3,769
    1964 06 16 – Niigata, Japan – M 7.5 Fatalities 26
    1995 01 16 – Kobe, Japan – M 6.9 Fatalities 5,502
    2000 10 06 – Western Honshu, Japan – M 6.7
    2003 05 26 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 7.0
    2003 09 25 – Hokkaido, Japan Region – M 8.3
    2003 10 08 – Hokkaido, Japan Region – M 6.7
    2003 10 31 – Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 7.0
    2004 05 29 – Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.5
    2004 09 05 – Near the South Coast of Western Honshu, Japan – M 7.2
    2004 09 05 – Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 7.4
    2004 09 06 – Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.6
    2004 10 23 – Near the West Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.6 Fatalities 40
    2004 11 28 – Hokkaido, Japan Region – M 7.0
    2004 12 06 – Hokkaido, Japan Region – M 6.8
    2005 03 20 – Kyushu, Japan – M 6.6 Fatalities 1
    2005 07 23 – Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 5.9
    2005 08 16 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 7.2
    2005 10 19 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.3
    2005 11 14 – Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 7.0
    2005 12 02 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.5
    2006 06 11 – Kyushu, Japan – M 6.3
    2007 03 25 – Near the West Coast of Honshu,Japan – M 6.7 Fatalities 1
    2007 07 16 – Near the west coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.6 Fatalities 9
    2008 05 07 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.8
    2008 06 13 – Eastern Honshu, Japan – M 6.9 Fatalities 13
    2008 07 23 – Eastern Honshu, Japan – M 6.8 Fatalities 1
    2008 09 11 – Hokkaido, Japan region – M 6.8
    2009 08 09 – Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 7.1
    2009 08 10 – Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 6.1 Fatalities 1
    2009 08 12 – Izu Islands, Japan region – M 6.6
    2009 08 17 – Southwestern Ryukyu Islands, Japan – M 6.7
    2009 10 30 – Ryukyu Islands, Japan – M 6.8
    2011 03 11 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan – M 8.9

  106. NES, I am far enough away to feel it, but not go under water.
    It’s supposed to split the state of Texas in half. I’m on the dirt side. YAY! Sorry east Texas. 😦
    I’m two states away, but an 8 or greater is supposed to reclaim Louisiana and part of Texas & Mississippi.

    Truth be known, I am not too worried. What will be, will.

  107. NES, I think that everyone should review what they have and really go over the plants with a fine tooth comb. I understand that the newer models are much smaller and can actually be buried underground. I have a horrible suspicion (as with everything else that must be reviewed) that fine details are fudged or glossed over. Case in point. Really, no one ever thought anything remotely like this would or could happen.

  108. tasteless gilbert gottfried
    Japan is really advanced, they don’t go to the beach, the beach comes to them.

    and he wonders why AFLAC dumped him?
    “I just split up with my gf, buy the Japanese say, “there will be another floating by.”

  109. Oh cripes. is he still around? lol.

  110. This page is interesting- shows the quakes day by day from Thurs through Mon- going up and down the coast of Japan and one completely on the other side of the island. Not all in one spot- traveling it seems

  111. NES, I see you aren’t anticipating having to come here for me to entertain you.

    I’m not too worried for anybody in NY. Nobody wants to come to NY anymore. Not even radiation. If it did arrive, the fuckfaces in Albany would find a way to tax it.

  112. I wonder if 6.0 is particularly high by Japanese standards — anyone know?

    I think 6.0 is akin to a bartender making shaken martinis to them.

  113. It’s supposed to split the state of Texas in half. I’m on the dirt side. YAY!


  114. Our Air Force on the job in Japan out of Kadena
    “The airmen are highly-trained medical, communication and maintenance specialists capable of providing support in some of the most austere environments. The 353rd SOG now has about 115 airmen and three aircraft deployed to support the Japanese government,” the release said.

    Kadena airmen also sent forward 20,000 pounds of bottled water, donated by the Defense Commissary Agency, for relief staging out of Misawa Air Base in northern Japan. They are also arranging the transportation for a U.S. Army veterinary services team going north to provide support to search and rescue canines there.

    Right there and ready. Off they go- to the front lines.
    God Bless them all!

  115. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. 😉

  116. BBC- accident upgraded to a 6 out of 7
    2037: The US-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) has said it agrees with the assessment of France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) that the incident at Fukushima should be classified as level 6 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), one below Chernobyl. Following a number of explosions and a fire at the plant which released dangerous levels of radiation, ISIS said the situation had “worsened considerably” and was now closer to a level 6 event. “It may unfortunately reach a level 7,” it added.

  117. Yes, PMM this is a slow and painful move to what we thought was the truth.

    That nasty little 6 pointer today?
    Not related as an aftershock. It is a new one.

    BTW all West Coasters..
    Surgeon General: Buying Iodine a “Precaution”

    Dr. Benjamin said although she wasn’t aware of people stocking up, she did not think that would be an overreaction. She said it was right to be prepared.

  118. Hey Upps, don’t let my room to lorac just yet — I’m there if (FF would say “when”) Cal is rocked into the ocean.

  119. Mcn- I think many many of what they are calling aftershocks are quakes along the fault. The graphic I linked to earlier shows them all over the place up and down the coast, some inland a bit and one over on the completely opposite side of Japan.
    FF will surely have a better idea than I.

  120. I honestly don’t know how they can tell? It’s just becoming horrific PMM. Weather is snowfall. Radioactive snowfall since this is escalating. Two workers went through the roof on that last explosion. They don’t have many people left on that plant.

  121. Dr. Benjy wouldn’t be the first Surgeon General to blow it out her/is a**. I bet BigPharma is loving them the rush on iodates.

  122. Yes NES, bigPharma is loving this all the way to the bank.

  123. some snips from BBC
    2152: AFP is reporting a new fire at the number four reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
    2157: Tepco says efforts are underway to tackle the fire inside the building which houses the number four reactor, Reuters reports.
    2210: Tepco has confirmed that a fire broke out at reactor four in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Smoke is pouring from the reactor, a spokesman told reporters.
    2216: The BBC’s Matt Frei in Tokyo says spent fuel rods in reactors five and six are also now believed to be heating up.

    How many reactors are there again?

  124. BBC
    2334: Meanwhile the Tokyo Electric Power Company has said an estimated 70% of the nuclear fuel rods inside reactor 1 at Fukushima Daiichi have been damaged, along with 33% of the rods inside reactor 2, the Kyodo news agency reports. The reactors’ cores are believed to have melted partially when their cooling systems malfunctioned.

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