The Ides of March is upon us.

Today is the Ides of March and I’m thinking, are youuuuuuuuuu kidding? I mean, how much worse can things get? Still, we can’t just let the Ides of March come and go without noticing, can we?

In the interest of humor, something we BADLY need right now, I offer a reprint of last year’s Ides of March post–after which we can return to our regularly scheduled misery.


In Rome, The Ides of March referred to March 15, a day of celebration dedicated to the Roman god of war, Mars (not to be confused with the candy bar). You might say that the Ides of March celebration was the Festivus For The Rest Of Us.

There is one day that ingrained the words “Ides of March” forever in the minds of lovers of Shakespeare. The Ides of March was made famous for eternity in Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene 2, when the Soothsayer warned Caesar that March 15 would not turn out to be a very safe day for him.

Julius Caesar should have listened.


Ha! who calls?

Bid every noise be still: peace yet again!

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music,
Cry ‘Caesar!’ Speak; Caesar is turn’d to hear.

Beware the ides of March.

What man is that?

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

Set him before me; let me see his face.

Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.

What say’st thou to me now? speak once again.

Beware the ides of March.

He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass.

Now for those of you who have a Shakespearian mental block, basically what went on there was: Caesar was hanging out with a typically Rowdy Roman crowd with his lackeys all around him, when he heard a voice shouting his name above the crowd. So Caesar takes note and Casca tells everybody around them to shut the hell up. Now the Soothsayer is able to do what Soothsayers do: Soothsay.

Now, a Soothsayer in those days was someone who predicted things and foretold the future. They were kind of like the crackpots who constantly predict the end of the world, only Soothsayers were usually accurate. They never actually had names. They were always just The Soothsayer. So The Soothsayer warned Caesar to beware of March 15.

Caesar wants to know who the guy with the mouth is and Brutus tells him it’s a Soothsayer giving him a warning. Anyways, Caesar wants to see him up close and personal because he wants to make sure he heard right. So the Soothsayer tells him again to Beware of The Ides of March. And then Caesar does what every arrogant person in power does when he hears something he doesn’t want to hear: He calls the guy a crackpot and they move on.

We all know how well that worked out for him.

And look how well it worked out for the world of fine art:

Mort di Cesar AKA Morte de Cesare - Vincenzo Camuccini, 1798

La Mort de Cesar - Jean-Léon Gérome (1824-1904)


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  1. Other than that, how was work today, Julius?

  2. So during the 08 we were the soothsayers to America?

  3. puma soothsayers. Beware if you cast an aye for barky the worm.

  4. myiq, I wonder if they shortened names in those days and she called him Jules?

  5. Hey we told them to beware May 31 AND November 4. They didn’t listen to us either. Look how well that’s working out.

  6. Dear Lord,

    Protect us from March Madness.


    Charlie Brown

  7. ……and from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that goes on in congress the rest of the year.

  8. Back again, having watched On the Beach fragments in youtube plus a little gem called the Atomic Cafe.
    Oh god Uppity. I love you guys. Thank you for the three years of blogging friendship. I wish Larry would make some statements pretty soon. He probably can’t but. Anyway. Thank you for being here.

  9. March madness is about right 🙂

  10. Back to the paint- Looked again- and again- and again.
    How about Glidden Crisp Autumn Leaves, Tea and Honey and Afternoon Tea. More earth tones. I like the Crisp Autumn leaves- but afraid it will be too much color. The Afternoon Tea I am afraid will be too brown muddy looking. The Tea and Honey may be too light for walls. Any thoughts?

  11. Mom, I am not a glidden paint fan. If you want to talk behr or Moore, I’m your girl. You might want to check Consumer’s Reports on paint brands.

  12. Why not try some wallpaper, Mom? I have a small entry corrider between dining and LR and I have a wonderful dark blue mix wallpaper on it. they have some really beautiful stuff out there now, and very washable and strong too. I know you’ve seen seven layers but…

  13. Actually, Glidden reformulated in the ‘recent’ past and it’s a lot better paint than it used to be.

    Coverage is far better and not so watery. fine for smaller spaces, IMO

  14. Well you would know, FF. That’s why I hated it, it wasn’t thick enough and went on the wall poorly. Needed more coats too.

  15. UPPITY! You have BLUE? On a WALL????

    I actually looked at some textured, paintable wallpaper today. Paint is so much easier than wallpaper though. Wallpaper is a pain in the ass. And this room is weird- one short wall, one long wall. A huge window covering most of another wall. The final wall has a closet, the built in niche, the door to the basement and then a very short piece of wall. And tons and tons of light from that east facing window.

  16. Yes DARK blue WALLPAPER. NO NO NO do NOT get paintable wallpaper. It sucks! I had to rip it down. It tears EASILY. And it’s a major attractant to cat claws! You have been warned!!! That stuff is USELESS. Try WASHING it and watch it shred!. It gets rough spots when you paint it too! Worse stuff EVER!

    That shit has GOT to be made in China!

  17. If you’re gonna put up wallpaper, put real paper up. It’s the same work. And you can get a plain color if you want.

  18. 3.3 off the left coast of Baja that just APPEARED suddenly. It is not red, but blue – like it’s been there more than an hour.

    The USGS is either slow on the uptake or there is something else afoot with the site.

  19. The poor folks in Japan – it’s starting to snow.

  20. Not doing wallpaper. Nope. Paint is easier to fix if I mess it up. Paint over and start again.
    Watched my Dad do wallpaper – not fun at all. Measuring and cutting and pasting. Bubbles and trying to get lines straight.
    Gonna get some of those little sample bottles and give them a try- I have a gallon of kilz so I can paint that piece of drywall til the cows come home until I get what I like.

  21. LOL on the claw attractant- the ‘paintable” wallpaper idea just got pitched down the drain.

  22. I will have to second Uppity in the stay the heck away from paintable wallpaper. Paint fumes and I do not get along (although using the trick of vanilla to cut the odor enables me to do small projects) so I tend to do chair rails with wall paper below (above the paint last much longer as its out of the way of day to day messes).

    I used regular wall paper (washable) in the kitchen and dining room but put that paintable in in my foyer in the condo because I likes the textured look there. It was fine when I had OLD cats and held up well to the all the wear and tear an entry area takes.

    But the minute I had younger cats come along — and the foster kittens!! That stuff must be made from catnip. They think its just one great big scratching post.

    I now have to replace and I am looking at wallpaper similar to the dining room. I am also considering wainscoting.

  23. I’m going to be a maverick on the Japan story and say I don’t think California or any other West Coast state faces any danger from Japan’s nuclear fallout. Facts are hard things to overcome, notwithstanding the internet’s facility in spreading falsehoods and unfounded fears. Here’re some relevant facts that should put Americans at ease:

    1. The worst nuclear disaster in history, i.e., Chernobyl, resulted in fallout traveling no further than 600 miles.
    2. The US West Coast is over 5000 miles from Japan.
    3. Chernobyl was a cruder nuclear power plan — no containment domes, no outer structure, fewer safety devices. The explosion and fire at Chernobyl blew off the containment dome and exposed all the rods.
    4. The Japanese plants have containment domes and safety devices (which worked to automatically shut off the reactors when the EQ hit). The containment enclosures and domes didn’t blow sky high and are still standing.
    5. Even if all the nuclear power plants in the EQ area melted down, the radiation cloud wouldn’t travel anywhere as far as the US. [At worst, it’d travel 600 miles (if that), i.e., thousands of miles from our shores.]

    I think this disaster highlights both the blessing and the curse of the internet and its 24/7 and massive reader-driven-input features. It allows us to participate in far flung events in real time and shrinks the world; but, at the same time, it gives us a false sense of omniscience and tons of unfounded speculation and ‘reports’ parading as ‘facts.’

  24. latest update on the plants in Fukushima from kyodo news service =

    TOKYO, March 16, Kyodo

    The following is the known status as of Tuesday evening of each of the six reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and the four reactors at the Fukushima No. 2 plant, both in Fukushima Prefecture, crippled by Friday’s magnitude 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

    Fukushima No. 1

    — Reactor No. 1 – Cooling failure, partial melting of core, vapor vented, hydrogen explosion, seawater pumped in.

    — Reactor No. 2 – Cooling failure, seawater pumped in, fuel rods fully exposed temporarily, vapor vented, damage to containment system, potential meltdown feared.

    — Reactor No. 3 – Cooling failure, partial melting of core feared, vapor vented, seawater pumped in, hydrogen explosion, high-level radiation measured nearby.

    — Reactor No. 4 – Under maintenance when quake struck, fire caused possibly by hydrogen explosion at pool holding spent fuel rods, pool water level feared receding.

    — Reactor No. 5 – Under maintenance when quake struck, temperature slightly rising at spent fuel pool.

    — Reactor No. 6 – Under maintenance when quake struck, temperature slightly rising at spent fuel pool.

    Fukushima No. 2

    — Reactor No. 1 – Cooling failure, then cold shutdown.

    — Reactor No. 2 – Cooling failure, then cold shutdown.

    — Reactor No. 3 – Cold shutdown.

    — Reactor No. 4 – Cooling failure, then cold shutdown.

  25. NES, hope you’re right. I have family and friends out there on our left coast so it is just one more big worry on top of worrying about the entire orient.

    It is just so freaking horrific. Those poor people.

  26. karen, I think you can rest easy with respect to your left-coasters being Japan’ed. (Of course, we have our own EQ and tsunami risks, but that’s another, separate matter.) It’s what all the reputable academics specializing in nuclear fallouts seem to be saying. Now, mind you, I have more than a healthy skepticism for what academics say, but I find comfort in the hard facts they cite. Even if Japan suffers a Chernobyl-scale of meltdown — and I hope they don’t and it looks like they won’t — we won’t be affected here. Different story, however, for China, Russia, Korea, etc. that may, god forfend, lie in the path of air currents.

  27. Y’all are scared of blue on a wall? Try pink. On EVERYTHING. PInk walls and fuschia (yes, really) carpet that we’re just now – 8 years later – finally replacing. I painted the office in a blue in Martha Stewart’s collection – almost a periwinkle – in protest (besides which, blue is my favorite color). It’s a very calming room if you ignore the fuschia carpet.

    Re Japan, that area will be off-limits for generations. Hell, I can’t believe they let people in for tours at Chernobyl – yikes.

  28. Mt. Laurel, wainscot is very cool. I have it in my kitchen, and a bath. love it. Three feet. That’s the correct height. I see anythig higher, i have a slight twitch.

  29. Mom I put up wallpaper perfectly. I use the yellow pages.

  30. “Mom I put up wallpaper perfectly. I use the yellow pages.”

    ROFLMAO! Sorry- there was a price signal- have to guilt the daughter into doing all the work.

  31. Allie- I have nightmares- the elderly gentleman from whom we bought this place apparently found a firesale on bright pink and painted all the woodwork and fixtures- including the clawfoot tub – in bright hideous pink. You do not want to know how many coats of Kilz that took.

  32. Very sorry I missed that British Invasion/bubblegum music fest early this am, to take our minds off serious happenings in Japan for a bit. That era perhaps produced the highest concentration of singing groups we’ll ever see. Thankfully, I heard most of it before the ears gave out.
    I loved/love that time and still rock on in my deafness to most of the faves= The Hollies, Seekers, We Five, Beatles, Peter & Gordon, Gerry (Marsden) & the Pacemakers, Chad & Jeremy, Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits, The Animals, Troggs, Petula Clark, The Seachers and so many more. Mick Jagger masturbating his mic in the Stones’ “Satisfaction” was a turnoff, as if his looks weren’t enough.

    Here’s a Gerry & the Pacemakers favorite. Gerry composed much of his stuff, then would sometimes pop into a phone booth, call his girlfriend and sing it to her, ala “how does this sound?”

  33. Pink. Bleck. Truly hideous color. On ANYTHING. While I might wear certain shades of blue, even if I won’t paint my walls that way (except dark, very dark), there are no shades of pink I would wear. I just hate pink. In fact, given the choice, I would take blue and that’s not saying much. The only place pink looks good to me is on a kitten’s nose or something like that.

  34. I think I may have uncovered an aversion to pastels. lol.

  35. Welllll- My Mom never wore pinks or reds- she said it clashed with her red hair. I, however, can wear any of the pink/red/rose colors. Never did wear any what we used to call “hot pink” – not a pastel fan. As I have gotten older I have gone to the deeper hues- but the reds and plums and wines have always been good to me.
    I got the straight hair and was absent when they distributed “endowments”- but then- I need not worry about color clashing with my hair or having to wear an over the shoulder boulder holder.

  36. Uppity – I am not a fan of pastels, and as I posted yesterday – due to that 80’s craze of find your colors, I was supposed to be a pastel person. I am definitely a person who loves earth colors. Wainscotting – love it. Put in in the staircase down to the basement, complete with the cap moulding (which is pricey btw). I also completed the basement with tongue and groove pine – the really rustic stuff because it felt right for me. BTW, when I type I completed it, I really mean that I did all the work. I would love to put in pine plank flooring – not the stuff they sell in the prefab sections, but true pine planking. Can’t afford it unfortunately.
    WRT to paint, as mentioned before, the Behr top of the line stuff with primer included is marvelous in my experience, and I’ve worked with all paints with the exception of the foreign ones like Sepco. And I’ve already identified that I’m an earth tone type.

  37. Wish I had the energy to strip all the woodwork in this old barn. All the floors are hardwood-oak- which the previous owner covered with ratty carpet- without pads- which they then shampooed right on the floors. Husband thinks some of the woodwork on the stairs might be chestnut. Lord only knows of what material the windowsills are really made.

  38. hardwood-oak- which the previous owner covered with ratty carpet- without pads- which they then shampooed right on the floors

    Oh. My. God. That should be a felony.

  39. You so do not want to know about the plaid linoleum in the kitchen. Or the god awful ugly ass yellow on every surface except the ceiling in the mudroom. I should have bought stock in Kilz. god bless the genius that invented that stuff!

  40. Geez Mom – Oak? Wow. And Chestnut? Holey moley. What a treasure trove. I’ve stripped Oak and chestnut. They are both hard woods, so although it’s been tough going, it has not been as bad as other woods like walnut where they are more porous and the crap sinks in. However, I can understand the energy part. It takes a lot of work. I have a walnut buffet in my front hallway – circa 1902 so the doors and legs are solid but the sides are veneer. It was covered in a green goop paint from the 50’s. It took me weeks to uncover the beauty. I’ve never been sorry for the work, but I’m not sure I’d do it today I’ve also got two buffets, circa 1880 or so made of missioners oak. Those two were a breeze compared to the walnut. I’ve got another piece that goes back to the 1860’s, but it’s a very soft wood. I can’t identify it because I lost steam, and it was covered in ‘milk paint” which the wood absorbed big time. I could never remove the crap. What people do to wood is a crime. They should just leave it in it’s beauty and preserve it. Sigh.

  41. See, if the carpet had been something like a dusty rose, I could have worked with that. But fuschia… almost the Crayola violet-red of my childhood (God knows what they call it now)… oy.

    And PMM, yeah… Kilz… good stuff, works, but also gets expensive on projects like yours.

    And now I remember the color in the office – it’s almost a Wedgwood blue. Very awesome.

  42. Allie, dusty rose carpet does not work – shoes ever single stain and dustbunny. Fuschia is also quite ugly. BTW, from experience, dark brown carpeting doesn’t work either.

    (you getting more sleep now? How’s the boy)

  43. Schitiz, I can’t spell. Shoes should be “shows”, however shoes track in crap, so perhaps I was channeling.

  44. We actually just picked up two brand new gallons of Kilz at an estate auction- $6 a gallon- never opened and stored inside. So I can experiment with the colors for the study with no fear- buy the little samples- try them on the scrap drywall. paint over it with Kilz if I hate it.
    I love auctions!

  45. the worst part on the floors was that the years of shampooing the groady carpet took all the finish off those areas- and left the dark stain they had used on the perimeter of the floors. And we have radiators. Try getting the rest of that stain off from under those bad boys. What a job.
    I have my grandmother’s hutch. Rock maple. The pineapple post bed- rock maple. All mellowed from years and years of linseed oil and beeswax. Warm and lovely.

  46. Mom, I know that years of whatever leaves a dark stain, and honestly, it’s difficult to get that out, however check with a wood specialists. There are ways to deal with it. One is to stain the rest of the floor the same color. And I do like dark oak floors, however my house is small and that’s not a good thing. Check it out with the gals who have experience. Usually we accept the get rid of the floor or the walls and replace them in this throwaway world. We really need to stop that and investigate. I have a problem with my floors, cause I have one incontinent cat. I cannot put her down – she’s a beloved member of the family, however I have kept her in one room for quite awhile. Anyhow, Her little delights have really done a deal on my floors and unfortunately, they are parquet floors – from 40 years ago. All the parquet today are not as dense with wood (not shavings) and do not have the same measurements – planned obsolescence – the big guys can’t make money unless the give the rest of us the idea that we have to replace on an ongoing basis.

  47. Hal the truth is, wherever groups of electrical and software engineers gather to work, you will find the powder. I have stories but won’t tell them.

  48. I used to love Pink. When I was in college I had the greatest outfit of peach/coral elephant pants (flowing material) and a semi bright pink peasant blouse. Between those clothes and my somewhat caramel/apricot dark blond colored hair and I was a riot of clashing colors. I thought it was fabulous.
    Now I like pink on little girls, that’s about it.
    On the other hand I love blue, but I have this weird feeling about it, like it doesn’t belong to me. I have a blue shirt just a shade too vibrant to be pastel. It has white embroidery all over it. I wore it today and got so many compliments. Still I have this weird feeling about blue, I look at it and think it is beautiful but if doesn’t speak to me.
    Green and yellow on the other hand are my favorite colors. There is nothing so bad in life that it can not be made better by yellow flowers or yellow walls or a soft yellow sweater.

    PMM, did you ever think your elderly gentleman was a friend of Judy’s? I had two dear friends in Ft Lauderdale who called their house “Casa Flamingo” because flamingo pink was the color of the outside and I think at least one room inside. They had great parties there where we all played charades and got drunk.
    Anyway, let me weigh in with a vote for paint and wainscoting. Post pictures when you are done, = )
    I am so NOT girlie, but I love decorating, architecture and landscaping. That’s one thing I would have loved to have done if I hadn’t caught the theater and singing bug from my father. Some day when my lottery investments pay off I am going to have a RIOT building, designing, decorating and landscaping a house in the mountains.

  49. I gotta weigh in here on pastels, corals, pinks, pale blues, yellows and greens. I wore those for many years and got lots of compliments and also painted alot of rooms in pastels. I was puzzled when people would remark on the fact that I could wear pastels until I got older and developed a major case of anemia and skin turned decidedly yellow tone. So now I usually choose white or navy or other darker neutral color.

  50. I love the look of wainscoting – and we are always on the lookout for the really old- I think it is called bead board- when we go to tear down auctions.
    GT- yes the old stain on the floors is very dark. The upstairs floors did not take the same beating and are a wonderful dark honey color. The goal is to get the old ones to look the same. We got rid of the ratty carpet right away and did a thorough cleaning. Then lots and lots of linseed oil to try to recondition. I managed to find some beautiful old handmade braided rugs in very muted tones that are covering the worst of the damage until we can find someone willing to tackle the sanding and refinishing necessary to bring the oak back to life.
    I would love to re-learn rug braiding. My Mom made some gorgeous ones when we were kids.

  51. ABC News said a scientist resigned in protest over th design of the GE reactor in use there.

    CNN just reported all six reactors vat Fukushima plant one are in “varying degrees of distress. A fire put out yesterday in one reactor regnited today.

    …that latest from BBC minutes ago.

  52. New reactor fire as Japan works to contain threat

  53. BCL- the skin tones in our family- well I am typical Scots/Irish- though the freckles faded as I aged. Sunburn is always and issue for me. SPF 30 in our northern PA clime does ok- have to go to 50 if I go south.
    Nothing in the peach family for me at all. Looks horrible on me. Same with the lighter greens and blues. Navy or royal blue, amethyst or other darker purples, forest green, rust, red as long as it has no orangey undetones. No yellow- looks awful- but a deep gold or bronze is good.

  54. My skin tone was always a very rosy pink even though I was a freckled blonde. Could never wear red, it clashed with the pink skin, so recently I tried red again and it clashed with the anemia tone. LOL but I can wear burgundy and plum and other shades of red. Never have found a shade of red that I could wear.

  55. Enough about me but the other color I cannot wear, ever, is the new limey greens. It’s awful on me.

  56. I can wear red. I’m Italian.

  57. BCL- that’s funny- I have that rosy pink complexion- but have always been able to wear the reds (husbands fav color on me) Somebody once said I had a blue undertone to my skin and that was why I can wear the reds and pinks.
    Not an artist so have no clue what the hell that means lol

  58. Uppity- do you have that lovely Mediterranean complexion? That never burns in the sun.

  59. Italians and other darker skinned/haired women look fabulous in red. I walk into a red room and while I admire the boldness of it, it makes me feel overwhelmed.

  60. Japan claiming that their latest fire is under control. I think it’s actually the end of the world. Feels like it with one disaster after another.

  61. some blondes look great in red too, it depends on the underlying skin tone. I love red, but you almost have to decide if you have the energy to wear it. Otherwise it wears you.

  62. So low energy has been my problem all along. You may have something there.

  63. pray for the workers who have stayed behind to protect their fellow Japanese. They have to know they are in for probably death, quick or slow, from radiation. There are still noble people in the world. Pray that they do not suffer too much. That is if you are the type who believes in prayer.
    It is good to be reminded of the humanity that is possible when huge events call for it.

    ps.. did I hear right and today when the ME is burning and Japan is in crisis, President Precious went on TV and challenged Wayne LaPiere to meet with him about gun control? If this is true, is it possible to have elected a democrat with worse timing?

  64. Mom, I not only don’t burn but I can get a tan just going out there.

  65. Red picks you up. You GET energy from it. That’s why I always think people who put red in their bedrooms are pretty dumb. I mean your bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see when you awaken. You don’t want some insane color on the walls.

  66. Purple, plum, etc, give you energy too.

  67. BCL if you’re going for the end of the world, can I have your stuff?

  68. If you don’t mind cat scratches, you can have my couch, chairs and rugs. She won’t let me trim her claws (she bites), so she keeps them trimmed on the household furnishings. My son came by last night but she hid under the bed and he wasn’t in the mood to chase her, so she escaped again. Oh and scratching pads only work when she’s in a good mood.


  70. My dog is throwing her own toy and fetching it. I think I better give her some attention.

  71. Your poor dog, he’s so needy. Good dog playing by yourself while Mom and the cat are busy.

  72. Mom, funny, I was a really pale faced freckled youngster, but during my mid earning years – red actually looked good on me (pastels never did – it drained me). In my advanced age, I’m into the black and dark blue period. However, that is what I wear and has no significance on the color of my walls in my home. Earth tones. It’s so soothing for me.

    BCL, I too was a freckled blonde, but could never wear pastels without it making me appear anaemic (of course I was anaemic but that’s a different story). Ergo, I eschewed pastels since then.

  73. The pResident is also off for a vacay in Rio de Janeiro. Oh yes, he was also timely in submitting his March Madness picks. He really takes the cake.

  74. teresainpa, Obama is not a democrat – he’s a DINO. He doesn’t give a good gosh darn outside of what his corporate masters tell him – at least that’s what it appears to be for me.

  75. Dropping by to say hello to everyone. 😀 Been raining alot since last friday and our days are shorter because of EQ shifting our geographical land by 3 metres from its previous previous earth position.

    That being said, we are safe from japan’s nuke radiation contamination FOR NOW. Tokyo is about 7 hours flight form where I am residing. The wind blows south westerly towards us, usually at this time of the year.

    Our govt said we are not to worry FOR NOW. I wish I could 100% believe that assurance.

    I know. You all have been wondering how I have been. Well…am still recovering from dengue fever, was hospitalized for 2 months (Nov 2010 – Jan 2011 and to top it all my lung was affected. All connection to the rest of internet world was cut off.

    And FOR NOW I am just recovering ever so slowly. Trying to catch up with everything around me.

  76. For those of you who haven’t taken a goo at this on the site, it’s a good, informative read on radiation exposure:

  77. What kinda Southern EeeTahLeean are you anyway?!!?

  78. The right kinda. Actually half northern, half southern.

  79. Good to see ya, Joey. Get well soon. (With all the prayers said here by the godfearing folk, you’ll have no choice.)

  80. Where is joey?

  81. Aha, so there was a Capulet and Montague thang going on in la familia in the old country.

  82. Gawd Joey!!! Are you okay???????????

  83. Joey’s in Indonesia.

  84. BCL she’s in Malaysia.

  85. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Bigcatlover. Thank you, NES

  86. Indonesia was my guess from your first comment.

  87. Malaysia, eh? I was off by a country.

  88. LOL Nes, you seen one country, you seen em all….

  89. Phew, I’m glad that whole wall-paint discussion is over. I was drowned in colors for sometime there.

  90. Joey people here were asking about you like crazy. They will be so glad you are here!

  91. Yes Yes, the capulets and the montagues but no suicides! Instead, they had kids.

  92. Hey Joey, I understand Malaysian muslims are fairly liberal and open-minded an no adherents of Shar’iah law. True? If so, maybe they should set up moderation-madrassahs in the rest of the Islamic world.

  93. I guess it got good after Soft! What light in yonder window???

  94. And, thanks be to MaryJosephAndAllTheSaints that they did.

  95. Well skeeter bit mebutt sometime in late October 2010..hospitalized for high fever…and 6 days later they found my blood with dengue infiltration..all went choatic from then on. There were days when I thought i could not fight another day.

    Yes Ms UW I am okay now…just my joints are still aching & its still difficult to do stuff or walk about. and once a week I have to get my lung checked due to bronchial pneumonia I contracted during the same time. And yeah, I guess I am ok

  96. Hi Joey!!! So sorry you’ve been so ill.
    Glad you popped in though! Take care!

  97. Yes, Joey, they have. And, now watch as they claim they had a premonition about you being unwell.

  98. Joey, it sounds like you were really in a rough way! Cripes, Dengue. Where the H did you pick that up?

  99. Yes NES, the premonitions will flow post-prem.

  100. Joey, glad you’re on the road to recovery (rough as it sounds). Here’s your prescription for the coming months: take three hours of every day, in three installments 5-6 hours apart, and wash them down with some Chivas.

  101. We love us our superstitious and religious commenters.

  102. Cripes, a mosquito? Jayyyyyyyyysus.

  103. All a mosquito ever gave me was malaria.

  104. Are you kidding! You got malaria????????????????????????

  105. Dengue. Malaria. Gosh, I feel so inexperienced. I’m allergic to bees and had kidney stones. Does that count?

  106. Oh yes, malaria — not uncommon where I grew up. Also had typhoid fever. But, that’s it in the exotic illness category.

  107. You’ve led a blessed life, UW.

  108. Holy Chit NES. Typhoid too. I had the flu in 1970.

    Malaria is forever isn’t it? I mean you gotta do the quinine thing?

  109. How good did it get, exactly?? If fornication occurred, I trust it was followed by 1000 novinas.

  110. When I was young and adventurous, I used to think all those exotic diseases were cool until I learned how bad they can be to live through.

  111. Yes, once you get malaria, you always have it. But, no, one doesn’t have to take quinine or anything else. Can’t ever give blood though (or at least that’s what I’ve been told).

  112. I would have dropped by to let you all know, Ms UW but for the most times I was quarrantined in ICU in those months. I AM SORRY to make you so worried. Thank you all for your concerns.

    And NES, we are the modern kind of Islamic country. Sharia Law is not applicable to non muslims and liberalism has always been our way of lives as long as it doesn’t offend other religions or belief. Even the muslims are kinda liberal believersthemselves. Sometimes more so, than others LOL. Everything we do is still in moderation. And yes, Malaysia is trying to show the IOC, that being “tolerable” to other non muslims, can bring peace and prosperity to one’s country.

    Hiya imust, u pie lover! I am good now thank you.

  113. Yes I have had a blessed life, NES. I don’t deny it. I’ve been a very lucky girl. But those kidney stones were no day at the beach, but Eh. I guess i needed the humility.

  114. Don’t Malaria sufferers get symptoms that recur now and then? Do I have to come and take care of you?

  115. Oh to be young and adventurous again! The most remarkable thing about the young is their sense of indestructibility.

  116. Good for Malaysians, Joey. May they succeed in that particular endeavor.

  117. {{{{{{JOEY}}}}} We missed you so much! We have been asking for you- and were really worried when you missed the big blog-a-versay party.
    Should we give Joey a shot at naming her favorite Uppity post? I think we can invent another category!
    Glad to see you posting again!

  118. Joey don’t apologize, you couldn’t help it, you were sick! We’re just grateful you came back to us.

  119. “…needed the humility”??!!!!!!!!! Bite your tongue, (Uppity) woman! That would totally destroy your brand and leave us bereft.

  120. Right, I imagine kidney stones are very painful.

  121. Yea NES but you gotta figure a person like me needed a dose at 25.

  122. Yes, do come. How I suffer….

    (Nope, no symptoms I know of. OK…maybe a touch of mental retardation…)

  123. Joey, I looked up dengue fever, (it’s the internet age, what else are ya gonna do??) anyway, it says it’s the bone breaker disease…..that doesn’t sound good.

  124. Yes Mom, turn Joey loose at your blog and let her pick the Most Honorable Mention.

  125. The skeeter that bit mebutt was AEDES skeeter. It carries dengue fever. Not Malaria. Chances are, I wouldn’t be affected by aedes skeeter ever again, and that’s the immunity I get. I got it in the port I was working at. 1 patient died from the same place. I guess I was lucky. And God still want me to live LOL

  126. True that, Joey, don’t apologize. (But, don’t do it again or the Uppity hook will around your neck alight.)

  127. Oh to be young and adventurous again! The most remarkable thing about the young is their sense of indestructibility.

    This is so incredibly true. Except it’s not true. lol.

    And I wouldn’t want to be that young again unless I could take my current knowledge base and brain with me.

  128. 25?!! That’s kind of young for kidney stones, isn’t it?
    (And, no, I’ll nevah evah evah concede that humility would be your due.)

  129. NES, re: Being young. You’re not exactly circling the drain.

  130. Yes it is kind of young for stones I guess. God knows I had enough of them in succession. Those things are agony. The Demoral was good though.

  131. Close enough, Upps…close enough.

  132. Well here you go Joey- we had a little contest- in two phases- this is the preliminary round
    Then we went to the finals
    We had a lot of fun on the blog’s anniversary. We named Uppity Best Blogger on the Web. Then Uppity had a blog-a-versary post. FF had headers all week building up to it- with penguins and puffins and peeps!
    You can read all the best ever Uppity posts while you are recovering and then let us know your favorite!

  133. Wow, Joey, sounds like you had a near escape from a worse fate.
    Dengue sounds awful…. I’ll take malaria-bearing skeeters any day.

  134. Yeah NES but I’m older than you are. Let me get my walker.

  135. And, don’t forget the finale, Mom. After you went to sleep, we got totally smashed and then smashed all of UW’s furniture.

  136. I’ll see you your kidney stones at 25- I had my gallbladder removed a month shy of my 17th birthday. Some bizarre genetic thing in our family- only one sister has a gallbladder left- and lots of cousins have had theirs out as well- all the women- none of the men- though I was the youngest.

  137. On to more pleasant subjects…I’ve got to make a stir fry seafood dish (in a wok). Anyone got a good recipe?

  138. Are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kiddinggggggggggg? Nobody gets their gall bladder removed at 17. Jayyyyyyysussssssssss.

  139. PMM….awwwwww huggssssssss. What is “big blog-a-versay party”? if i may ask.

    imust, that’s why I told ya my joints are still aching. Yes it is bone breaking disease. BUT I should be fine in 6 – 8 months. More Calcium thingy and right diet(s) i should be good as new.

    NES, thanks for the prescriptions of MS UW blog. LOL

    God, I miss reading all the stuff on here and MKB is he well???

  140. NES- ROFL- but Joey is recovering and we don’t want to tax her strength. She would be laughing so hard she might end up back in the ICU!

  141. Joey can vote for the DSCC’s new slogan….I just got an email to choose my favorite!

    Vote for Your Favorite
    GOP: Not My Cup of Tea
    No Tea For Me, Thanks. I Prefer Progress.

    What has happened to my former party?? [hangs head in shame]

  142. Rofl, Upps. I’ll bet it’s a RED walker.

  143. Yikes MOM.

  144. Will you listen to us?

    If we were cars we’d be in a junk yard being used for parts.

  145. Joey, is the joint pain going to be a chronic thing from now on.

  146. I think we should have a “Greatest Illnesses” tab on this blog. Joey can write the introductory piece.

  147. Here it is Joey- the blog-a-versary post.. And the mods hijacked the post and put testimonials after Uppity posted it.

  148. Yes red. I’m hot in red.

  149. MKB is now a full-blown catnip addict.

  150. Joey, we’ve been so worried and I’m late to respond. Please take care of yourself. We missed you very much. Please do get well and don’t forget your friends several continents away. We do care about you. A lot.

  151. Former party was kidnapped by a bunch of sociopaths, imust.

  152. Whoa, imust, are you serious? Those are really their slogan-contenders?

  153. It was the blog’s third anniversary, Joey. Hey, you don’t have any stitches do you? We wouldn’t want you ripping any stitches reading and laughing.

  154. Seeing is believing, Upps. Post photo in RED.

  155. NES, if you think the paint color comments got boring, wait until we start on our illnesses. Females are a mess of illnesses.

  156. Hey, NES make a nice paella. Get some saffron, gotta have saffron. Go Spanish, girl, your dago friend will love it and turn into a wild animal.

  157. How about a nose-tube? Don’t want you blowing any nose-tubes while drinking and reading the blog.

  158. I’m telling you- it’s some bizarre genetic mutation in my mother’s side of the family. Vitamin supplements go directly to the gallbladder and clog it up with stones.
    My Mom and one of her sisters. Three of my Mom’s daughters. Three of one Aunt’s daughters, and one out of two of another Aunt’s daughters.
    We should be in the NE Journal of Medicine or something.

  159. Oh wait. Gotta use chicken in the paella, Scrap that. How about a nice lobster fra diabalo over some linguini?

  160. Shrimp in garlic sauce. Yum.

  161. If we were cars we’d be in a junk yard being used for parts.

    Hilarious!! I almost blew my stitches (even though I have none).

    Joey, does the hospital know you’re engaging in this dangerous blogging activity?

  162. TQ for the info, PMM. Will try to catch up those links when I can.

    NES, pls DO NOT talk about “Greatest illness” LOL.

    BCL, I hope not. But being already 51 year old butt, I cannot be sure if it’s gonna be chronic. And I do feel alot better now than I was 2 months ago.

  163. Oh no! No blowing any stitches or nose tubes!
    Oh yes Ms Joey- DE made Pie and Uppity got virtual Glen Livet and Chivas. Bill got mentioned frequently- he threatened us with spam hell if we did not give him due praise.

  164. Hereditary gall bladder. Interesting. Actually my paternal great grandmother died because of kidney stones so I know where i got em. Back in the turn of the last last century, they didn’t have the ability to do much medically. She must have suffered horribly. She died young, leaving my grandmother at age 14. I have the Americanized version of her name and I own the portrait of her painted in Italy. The eyes move.

  165. Joey, do you need vitamins that you can’t get? Let us know.

  166. OK, BCL…let’s start with the female repro parts illnesses.

  167. But, Upps, stir-fry is Chinese. Paella another day.

  168. Gee Joey, it really is good to see you again, girl!!! Don’t do this to us again!

  169. 51? Two more years and you’ll have a walker, Joey. Enjoy life while you can.

  170. No repro parts illnesses here although I had an ovarian cyst at 18. Got that out of the way.

  171. Oh that is so sad Uppity. Amazing when we think of it how far medicine has come in the last century isn’t it?
    Of course the boob in chief would just as soon all us bitter clingers die off- so is doing what he can to return medicine to the dark ages for all us regular people.

  172. Seeing is believing, Upps. Post photo in RED.

    I knew that was coming 🙂

  173. Yes Joey- what Uppity said! If you ever get sick like that again bribe a nurse to come here and comment and tell us what is happening. Don’t tell her about the hook rule though.

  174. As long as they’re not iodinates. Just kidding.

  175. You see, Joey, she’s not as forgiving as she was pretending to be. Ask MKB…he knows.

  176. AAAAAAAAAw, TQ HT. Missed You all too.

    Ms UW, I have slight cut on my chest for draining out “waters” from my lungs is all….and it’s all good now and I can laugh alittle.

    NES, no. the hospital didn’t know about me engaging in this dangerous blogging. Too funny!!!!!! And if they did, they wouldn’t be able to stop me 😀

  177. Some predictability in life is comforting.

  178. NES, re: Democratic slogans. What do you expect from a party that designed a steer ranch branding symbol for a logo? WHat do you expect from a party that handed out keychains with a dumb slogan about taking back the keys, which were, incidentally, taken back.

  179. And, make sure the nurse is cute. Else lorac won’t listen.

  180. You don’t want to hear about my repro illnesses: horrible, horrible 5 hour hysterectomy at 37 preceded by – no I won’t go there.

  181. NES if Cali is gonna fall into the ocean, can I have the little Audi?

  182. Chit, never heard about the keychains. They’re so clueless. They really need to be sent up to their rooms.

  183. BCL, you’re such a tease. But, yikes, sounds horrible.

  184. You could, UW, except it was gifted to the former g/f. (She’s a regular lurker here so don’t try to hijack it.)

  185. Hmm, did I tell you about the little Audi (TT). Sometimes I think you live next door, Upps.

  186. Aw chit. I lose!

    Keychain, third story down

    Be right back. I gotta take the horse for a trot outside.

  187. I need to get one out of the way too. Been delaying it.

  188. YES HT, Doctors gave me alot of vits. Pls don’t worry. Our nurses are stubborn lot, they CANNOT be bribed!!!!!!

    PMM, MKB is alittle narcisstic(sp?) methinks LOL.

    Ms UW, am so sorry to get you all so worried. 😀

  189. Yes NES that’s really from their slogan contest. Those 2 are the runner ups for a run off. I don’t think it’s for their main slogan… (like Change/Hope/Together We Thrive) it’s for a car magnet.

  190. Oh…I forgot their best one….WTF!

  191. Truth stranger than fiction, imust. But, I guess we can’t be surprised after ’08. “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” turned out to be nothing more than a biracial president taking office. Who knew? We did.

  192. I never understood that, CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN slogan, except that it was probably some kind of smack against Hillary.

  193. News alert: workers can no longer stay at the nuclear plants in Japan (Fox), they’ve been moved out.

  194. Japan says a surge in radiation has forced them to move the workers away from the plants.

  195. am watching that news(Fox) too, BCL

  196. Close your windows in Malaysia, Joey.

  197. I do, BCL. Ain’t going anywhere too.

  198. I gotta go to bed. My doctor gave me hell today for spending so many hours at the computer that my legs are swelling. Besides since the world is going to end, I may as well be in bed. Nice to meet you Joey and take it easy recovering.

  199. What is it with that stupid In-House possum I have? it almost lost its life to my dog a few weeks ago and there it is hanging out there again. Thought my dog was going to have a stroke. Cripes, I hate those things. I’m going to have to shoot that thing.

  200. Hmm, did I tell you about the little Audi (TT). Sometimes I think you live next door, Upps.


  201. Uppity you have to work on this hatred you have for our wild critters: first chipmunks, now possums. LOL Goodnight.

  202. Sweet little coupe. Lucky girl. You think I can trade the blog for it?

  203. Lil roadster, when you get tired of driving you tuck it under your arm and walk.

  204. The translation of moving the workers out of the plant: They had to abandon the plant. Nuff said.

  205. Yes I know stir fry is chinese, NES. I say shrimp with garlic sauce. Some nice water chestnuts and little corn, snow peas, you get the pic. soy, lotsa ginger and garlic, some sugar and a touch of hot. Rice of course.

  206. LOL Nes, you seen one country, you seen em all….

    Well, hey, that’s what our exalted President said during the primaries. He’d lived in Indonesia from ages 6-10, and that made him an expert in international diplomacy and policy.

  207. LOL Lorac, even Indonesia is sick of him. THey took his statue down.

  208. Now Now, BCL, I never shot a chippie.

  209. I’m with NES, let’s see UW in the red, post the picture! (and we’ll see just exactly where in line you fell when they were handing some things out lol)

    And HEY did someone mention pretty nurses? Actually, I think I’d hold out for a pretty NP. They’re pretty and even smarter. I even KNOW one! (she’s SO beautiful – and she’s even really nice!)

  210. Audi TT eh? GGNiiice!
    Looks a little like an old VW Karman Ghia one of my favs!

  211. Lorac, when they were handing out those things I was standing pretty much in the middle of the line.

  212. I know two NPs lorac and they are both smarter than the doctor’s they work for.

  213. joey, I’m glad you are feeling better and could check in – everybody was so worried about you! Well, UW was going to give away your blog name to the highest bidder and find someone else to blog from Malaysia, but she’s like that lol

  214. Yeah I had a high bid for Joey’s name but it turned out to be another one of those imposters from Romania.

  215. NES – I love wok food. I’ll tell you how to make it

    You want to make seafood stirfry, right? 1) see the food, and 2) stir it. (that’s a vegan joke hardy har)

  216. Yup imust. That TT I lost out on is one fine little set of wheels. I would look good in it wearing red.

  217. NES has got a pic of me lorac. take that.

  218. Joey, please take care of yourself and follow your Doctor’s instructions. I know I sound like the a grumpy, but I’ve lost too many people too soon, and your voice is one that is needed.
    ON an up note, my brother is coming to visit on Saturday. I haven’t seen him in many months and for those that remember my last comments about him, the last time I saw him, he looked about 100 years of neglect, but I love the bugger. It’s his 60th birthday today, so I talked with my sister about a birthday party. Wish me luck. I don’t know if he will even turn up.

  219. NES – I’ve had two audis in the past. I liked them.

    So you gave yours to your EX girlfriend? How RECENTLY ex? Or is that Italian attorney still taking my spot?

    Oh no no no – I sure hope you didn’t dump her after the Daniel Craig butt trap and the wild cock trap. UW is trying to win a “reverse toaster” or something!

  220. NES gave her the roadster for putting up with her all that time.

  221. WHAT? NES ALREADY has a photo of you? You were sending the images when you were skyping in The Other Room, weren’t you? Not fair!!!!!

    But I’ve been here a long time! 😦 And I’ve paid my dues, been tormented! I lurked here a long time, but I remember a few times I said to myself, “these people must be crazy, all they do is talk about cats!” lol Then when I finally stuck my head out, you called me a REPUBLICAN, simply because I used the abbreviations “repub” and “dem” lol It was TRAUMATIC!! I had to give myself therapy! OH, the injustice in the world!

    PS The picture you sent her, is it a nekkid picture? lol

  222. …crickets…


    Oh, those so-and-sos are skyping again, I just KNOW it! lol

  223. No silly, that would be cheating. I was fully clothed.

  224. “But I’ve been here a long time! And I’ve paid my dues, been tormented! I lurked here a long time, but I remember a few times I said to myself, “these people must be crazy, all they do is talk about cats!” lol Then when I finally stuck my head out, you called me a REPUBLICAN, simply because I used the abbreviations “repub” and “dem” lol It was TRAUMATIC!! I had to give myself therapy! OH, the injustice in the world!”

  225. lol I never get enough of that kid! (on screen, anyway!)

  226. Me too. But ONLY on screen.

  227. Hi all late to the party LOTS of comments to go through so I skimmed them.

    Recap…..paint vs wallpaper, Joey reappeared welcome back hope you continue to recover.

    Oh yes and Uppity sent NES a picture of herself almost naked but wearing something red?? A red thong maybe and she was driving an Audi.

    How’s my reading comprehension Uppity, LMAO!

  228. Good recap Somebody! We need some late night snacks! Where’s the PIE???

  229. Checking in to give a WELCOME BACK to Joey!
    Sorry about the dengue…damn skeeter!
    You’ll love those old Uppity posts, Joey. You take care of yourseld now, hear?!

    Oh and pleezzz stop apologizing for making us worry….it’s our job to worry about our friends.

  230. Sorry imust no pie here, but I have an apple streusel filled with homemade apple pie filling and streusel topping….will that do?

    Something interesting I heard about

    It may have no relation to anything, but it is odd. I watched a science channel special on the ring of fire and one segment featured this scientific drilling rig. They have 4 missions and were supposed to finish the last one in early 2011. It would appear the last mission was to drill into the earth’s mantle.

    They were operating this rig off the coast of Japan just south of Tokyo in a highly seismic area where 4 tectonic plates come together…said to me one of the most seismic areas on earth. Like I said I just found it really curious

  231. Ack…said to BE one of the most seismic areas

  232. Somebody, I love that summary!

  233. And the comments here are moving oward that wainscoting.

    Beadboard is a term I think of as welll. Grew up in an old house with a lot of wood. Former owners had painted the upstairs but the first floor is still original tones and its gorgeous. Huge cherry mantle in the living room with original tile and inset mirror. Built in china cabinets. and there are stained glass windows (the real leaded variety).

  234. Angi just made a batch of caramels and I cleaned the pan with a slice of chocolate pie.

  235. Joey, just take care and get well.

    Goodnite all.

  236. …after which we can return to our regularly scheduled misery.</blockquote
    How considerate to give us this strategic break.

  237. Aww, glad to from Joey! Dengue fever! Take care!

  238. Mmm. Homemade caramels! DE you’re such a rascal.

  239. somebody – that drilling link is one of those things that make us go “hmmmmmmm”. we muck about like blind mice in things we do not fully understand.

    They drilled the deepest holes, in the mantle, off the coast of Japan, at the tectonic plates, since 2007.

    alrighty then.

  240. I affirm or deny NOTHING about the existence or contents of any photo sent or not sent my way.

  241. Yes, true, she would indeed have merited it.
    As it was, it was her b’day prez.

  242. No lorac, Italian abogado (lawyer, right UW?) is intact and thriving.

    The butt/c*ck honey traps were simply virtual diversions.

    Did you have 2 A4s?

    P.S.: “[R]everse toaster” is very witty.

  243. Very funny on the stir fry, lorac.

    The stir fry was successful — before I got UW’s response to my request for a recipe (she was initially being irrelevant with Italian and Spanish dish suggestions), I pulled a recipe off and amended it some. Shrimp, squid and scallops (all caught in the wild and fresh as hell) with freshly-made Chinese egg noodles. Tasted rather good, I must say.

  244. Yeah I had a high bid for Joey’s name but it turned out to be another one of those imposters from Romania.

    Priceless! For goods and services there’s Visa; for everything else there’s UW.

  245. What karen said on the drilling hole.
    Somebody, thanks for the link. It may very well be a coincidence, but eerie nonetheless. At the very least, that scientist team has to have been spooked by the EQ and tsunami.

  246. A TT is correct, imust. It isn’t white, but you’d like it nonetheless.
    (Pssst…glad the TT didn’t hear your comment re the VW Karman Ghia — she wouldn’t take well to being compared to a VW [never mind that VW corp. owns Audi!]).

  247. B.S. Upps — you were at the top of the line! False modesty doesn’t suit you.

  248. Chit, I killed this thread stone dead.

    Wait, where’s Mom — never seen a morning thread without her! If she doesn’t emerge soon, let’s send the sheriff out to interrogate the wild cock.

  249. Hey NES, I have the answer for ya’ll on the West coast. No need for anything but red wine.

  250. Whoa mcnorman, you’re a life-saver! I’m running out to bolster my already-copious store of red wine. Eff the iodate drugs.
    I bet UW is now praying for the cloud to come to NY so she can hit the vino rosso sans guilt.

  251. B.S. Upps — you were at the top of the line! False modesty doesn’t suit you.

    This was not false modesty at all. She was talking about where you were standing in line when they handed out certain things. If they are the things I thought they were, I was in the middle. But hey, I can still run without being in pain.

  252. Aha, on the “things” being handed out. Silly me…I should always err on the salacious side of possible interpretations given that our lorac is such a dirrrrrrrty girl.

  253. I almost bought an Audi a couple of years ago. I really wanted it too, but the salesman was a real macho asshole and treated me like a dumb broad. He refused to dicker and I told him point blank, I am going to buy a car today. Then I walked the hell out of his dealership and went and bought another car. Next day, Saturday, dealer owner calls me up and wants to play with me, telling me he understands I was there and would I like that little audi for the weekend so I can test drive it at my leisure? To which I told him I am so so sorry but his dickhead salesman mistook me for a dumb broad and I just went ahead and bought another car without his help. The owner was floored. Then gave him some advice. Basically my advice was, either put up a sign that says we only think men are smart about buying cars and only men have money —or expect more of this in the future. Then he tried to tell me why don’t I just forgo my sale elsewhere since the purchase isn’t complete and I won’t be picking up the car for a few days — and he will be happy to discuss price. To which I responded, if this is how you treat women when you are trying to sell a car, God knows what your service department is like.

  254. I affirm or deny NOTHING about the existence or contents of any photo sent or not sent my way.

    ……Lest anyone here doubt that she’s an attorney.
    Jaysusssssss Kirrrrrrrrrrrissssssssst!

  255. I do like that Audi Q5 though. I would definitely give it another whirl in the near future. My dog, of course, will have to approve. There wouldn’t be room for both of us in a roadster. And we have another Audi dealer. That last one who pissed me off must have pissed a bunch of penis-less people off, as he went down the tubes. I want you to know I went into that showroom on December 28 and you could have shot a cannon in there and not hit anybody — and they let me go.

  256. I bet UW is now praying for the cloud to come to NY so she can hit the vino rosso sans guilt.

    Bwhahahahhaha NES, you betcha! 😉

  257. ……Lest anyone here doubt that she’s an attorney.
    Jaysusssssss Kirrrrrrrrrrrissssssssst!

    We love it!!!!!

  258. What a bunch of jerks, UW. I seek out a saleswoman when I look for cars. Merc has plenty here.

  259. I bet UW is now praying for the cloud to come to NY so she can hit the vino rosso sans guilt.

    Oh hell, i do that now.

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