Just another peaceful day in Bahrain

Just a reminder of how well everything is going over in  the peaceful, civilized land of Islam. No wonder their next door neighbor *might* start allowing women to drive….

Bahrain is what is known over there as a “Constitutional Monarchy”. I know this makes you even more excited about efforts here to change our “Living Document” known as the Constitution to accommodate “International” law and other cool things like Sharia. I know this would be a step forward in our own civilization,  don’t you? This lovely scene took place in the “Capital” of this “Constitutional Monarchy”.

 Try some golf. I know it works for some other people.

 Warning: Graphic, people being shot.


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  1. I have friends in Bahrain, they’ve been there for several years. They were scheduled to return to the US two weeks ago. I was holding my breath hoping things wouldn’t turn too bad before they could get out.

    I talked to them on Skype a few weeks ago and was shocked to find out they signed up to stay there another two years…..in the middle of this crap. I hope they are alright, but it’s not like they were stuck there they agreed to stay after the violence broke out.

  2. Good morning ((((uppity’s))))))

    Sorry, been in recuperation after a stroke the day after my Kitty died—last time I talked to y’all

    Hope all is well in Uppityville and everyone is safe and warm.

    Will be lurking—–

  3. Michelina are you okay? A stroke is so serious – Please take care of yourself!

  4. “I talked to them on Skype a few weeks ago and was shocked to find out they signed up to stay there another two years”

    The pay must be really good for them to sign up again. But then, what can they make here in Obamaland if they came back?

  5. the company’s took the jobs and workers over there.
    good thing there is no work here.:evil:

  6. Michelina,

    So Sorry about your kitty.

  7. Just watched the video – couldn’t the first time, so had to come back. Those military types should be arrested and charged – if they used live rounds with murder and if they were rubber bullets with aggravated assault. Those protesters appeared to be unarmed. That was truly a display of barbaric behavior on the part of the officers as none of them appeared to be in danger.

    Somebody, WRT to your friends in Bahrain, Tony is right on the nose. I recall when my company had a contract with the Saudi’s – I couldn’t go because I was that scourge of humanity – a female, however some of my friends went over and made a bundle – enough money to retire on, and those guys were in their early forties. Their wives were housed in compounds and couldn’t go outside those compounds without male accompaniment – most of the wives left and came home after a couple of months. Lots of divorces followed.

  8. Michelina, you had a stroke? Did I read that right? I am so sorry about your kitty. I know that feeling, but please tell me that I read wrong.

  9. Sorry to hear about the stroke and the cat, Michelina.
    Get well soon.

  10. The Caribbean is in play again – like I said. 5.4 off Dominican Republic.

    The Baja is the other side of the Caribbean Plate….and connected to that little one – forget its name that touches the Pacific Plate

    just sayin

    gotta go to the eye doctor, again. BBL

    Michelina – OMG!

  11. Michelina so sorry to hear about your kitty and your stroke. I hope your recovery is speedy.

  12. Get well Michelina and truly sorry about your kitteh. 😦

  13. Money makes people do funny things, Somebody. I wouldn’t live in any of the Gulf countries or Saudi Arabia for all the petrodollars in the world. The camels do better than the women there.

    It’s worth watching the fortunes of the opposition in Bahrain. As Bahrain goes, so may the rest of the Gulf. And, that’ll cause a massive traffic jam with all the private jets at the Saudi airport.

    This whole ME fracas is going to drive the price of oil even further up — BO’s dream of imposing European gas prices on us will be realized. Of course he’s arrogant enough to think that he’ll be re-elected notwithstanding inflation at the gas pump, but I don’t think Americans are going to put up with $5-plus/gallon gas like so many sheeple Europeans. “Drill here, drill now” is coming soon to a theater near you.

  14. Just talked to my friends in Bahrain. They said the Saudis came in early this morning and shot a bunch of protesters. They said martial law has been declared. They said up until this point it has been mostly Sunni versus Shia, but now they are blaming the west. They said the rhetoric is getting very heated, talk of filling the streets with blood.

    There were runs on food yesterday and today most stores are bare or close to it. My friends luckily had been shopping the day before yesterday.

    They are strongly considering leaving, watching the situation closely. They are 5 miles from the airport.

    Tony yes the money is good and mostly tax free. HT the women there are not as restricted as they are in Saudi Arabia, but it’s no picnic. The agreement my friends have is the wife stays there 8 weeks and comes to the US 8 weeks, otherwise she wouldn’t keep her sanity. BTW she just returned to Bahrain a few days ago.

  15. but now they are blaming the west

    See what I mean? They want our help and as soon as one of those goatfuckers throws a baby in front of him for a shield and the wrong person dies, they will burn our flag in the streets and call us the great satan. Then we will be expected to pay for their cleanup and feed the whole lot of them, and still we will be satan. This is why the USA cannot do a no fly zone in Libya. This is why they are on their own. They drove us away now they want to know where we are.

  16. In other news, my friends in Bahrain also have a son in Japan….seriously bad week for them, eh?

    Their son is in Tokyo, he says food is scarce water more so. He says they’ve been told that radiation is ten times the “normal” amount where he is but the government says there is no need to worry. He’s thinking about trying to go south, but transportation is at a standstill there.

    He was supposed to be taking a new job in a month in the area of the epicenter….that isn’t going to pan out now.

  17. And, that’ll cause a massive traffic jam with all the private jets at the Saudi airport.


    Of course he’s arrogant enough to think that he’ll be re-elected notwithstanding inflation at the gas pump

    You’re damned right! And there is PLENTY of video proof with him saying so. Mr. “Let’s send some price signals”. I hope the country goes wild over this. If they don’t, five bucks a gallon is going to look great to them when he’s done with them.

  18. Interesting, Somebody. I wonder which nationalities make up the Saudi army. I mean, it’s not like true Saudis do any work — they just import people to do everything from washing their toilets to raising their kids to driving their cars to running their companies.
    Unfortunately, the so-called “Arab Street” is going to hold the US responsible for the Saudi actions because the US openly trains, arms and supports the Saudi military.

  19. That is disgusting, FF. Olbie must’ve loved that show, the jerk.

  20. Somebody, tell them to tell him to get out, and while you’re at it, them them to get out. Funny thing, Japan is one of the most advanced nation in the world, yet this happens. Their building codes are the best in the world. How many nuclear reactors in the U.S. are in a position that would be imperiled by earthquake or tsunami? Something to think about folks.

  21. NES you are correct about the “Arab Street” and their train of thought.

    I’m not sure which nationalities make up the Saudi army that would be interesting to know….more importantly are they Sunni or Shia??

  22. Agreed UW. I’m with you on the no no-fly zone — no good deed will go unpunished. Having said that, it’s hard not to feel sorry for those Libyans being slaughtered. But, then again, at the end of the day, they have to defeat their own demons within the constraints of the internal balance of power; if an outside force puts its thumb on the scale, things will revert once that thumb is lifted. For the Gaddafi types to be forever quashed, there has to be a purely internal realignment of civic forces.

    I’m curious though as to how you’d square your no-intervention position in Libya with what appears to be your pro-intervention position in Iran. The Iranians are just as likely as Arabs to turn on the US even if it helps them — after all, they invented “The Great Satan” moniker. But perhaps you’re advocating merely moral and economic support of the Iranian pro-democracy forces. Explicate please since I know you’ve thought long and hard about the Iranian situation.

  23. Seeing as Quaddaffi has hired mercenaries from Nigeria and farther afield, perhaps they are not religious at all – just money hungry and will kill for bucks.

  24. Pretty sure they’re Sunnis, Somebody. The Wahabi strain of Islam that dominates in Saudi Arabia sees Shias as non-Muslims.
    They use expat Shia labor though — primarily as workers on the oil fields (which, in and off itself, has the potential of creating a violent upheaval in that key sector in the economy).

  25. Yes, plenty of mercenaries, HT. There are stories that huge swaths of the regular military are reluctant to do his bidding and have to be ‘motivated’ by threats of bodily injury to them or their families.

    Btw, for all his sins, Quaddafi is not religious. He came to power in the ’70s (another military officer), riding the tide of secular pan-Arab nationalism.

  26. I’m curious though as to how you’d square your no-intervention position in Libya with what appears to be your pro-intervention position in Iran. The Iranians are just as likely as Arabs to turn on the US even if it helps them — after all, they invented “The Great Satan” moniker. But perhaps you’re advocating merely moral and economic support of the Iranian pro-democracy forces. Explicate please since I know you’ve thought long and hard about the Iranian situation

    Yes I have thought about it, NES and this is how I see Iran vs. some of the other countries pretending they want “democracy” so long as women aren’t included. I didn’t see that in the uprising in Iran. I saw women and men marching and fighting together. That had a huge impact on me. I saw a woman die and I didn’t see a bunch of goatfucking guys standing around just looking at her, they tried to save her. This is not what I see in Afghanistan, not what I’ve seen in Egypt (although I was surprised because I thought they were better than that). This is not what I am seeing in these other countries. I know a number of Iranians here, and I know exactly how both men and women there despise that oppressive regime….as well as how many women there are secretly subversive. I believe that the people of Iran really want out from under those clerics and their insane lacky and I really believe they want a non sectarian government. I believe the Iranian population here in the USA would bear that out as well. For the most part, they don’t come here to turn the USA into the political and theocratic shithole they left like many from other areas in the middle east are trying to do. Therefore I will support them every minute of every day. And had our pissant president helped them, they would have prevailed and perhaps what is going on in the rest of the middle east today might have carried a different flavor.

  27. Incidentally, the nuclear situation in Japan is now, officially, out of control. Some of the plants have been effectively abandoned due to high radiation levels. More foreign govts. are asking their people to leave Tokyo (an indication that geiger counters in Tokyo are ticking).

  28. Michelina, sending positive thoughts your way.

    So sorry about your precious kitty.

  29. Speaking of Wahabi’s, NES, I really saw Obama and Mrs. Mean as a couple of Wahabis in 2008. Always dressed in black if you recall. Both of them, but especially him. His suit was ALWAYS black.

  30. Tokyo. Such a vibrant city. And now look what has come of it.

  31. That makes sense, Upps. The Iranians do appear to be quite different from the Arabs or Paks — they have a long history of a settled civilization and culture and didn’t throw that all over with the advent of Islam. The fact that they’re over-enthusiastic about celebrating Navruz (a Zoroastrian/pre-Islamic holiday) is an example of their homage to the past. I was disappointed, however, that they traded the evil of the Shah with that of the ayatollahs in ’79. But, they were overly naive, I suppose, and seem to have learned a lot since then. Their youth population is massive — they should take a leaf from Egypt and overrun their gov’t.; they can do it.

    Query: What would you have had our pissant prez do during the last uprising? Vocal and economic support (which he didn’t give)? Or more?

  32. I lurvvvvvve Toyko. Wish I’d returned before all this happened…I was last there in ’89, too long ago.

  33. Thank you for all your concern.

    UW: unfortunately you read it right.

    It came out of the blue—–boom, down I went.

    It happened at work so I got to the hospital right away—–a little PT, and a lot of rest and I’m back at work.

    I really missed you guys——

  34. Not pretending to be a very good foreign strategist, I can only give you my opinion from my gut, NES. I would have given them verbal support up -front and quickly — then then I would have arranged to arm them to the nines.

  35. Yes, that might’ve worked. Of course our prez secretly loves him the ayatollahs. Secular leaders he can take on; religious leaders he can only bow to.

  36. NES, Egypt lost me on this day. They can all go fuck themselves. Women marching for freedoms and men telling them to go home where they belong. I don’t give a shit what happens to them now. If women aren’t part of the “democracy” I’m not part of their support and no woman in the USA in her right mind should care what happens to them. It is clear to see what is happening there and it’s not good for women. If it were up to me, based on this bullshit, I wouldn’t give Egypt spit.



  37. Michelina, I know losing your soulcat had something to do with it and for that I am very sorry. I know how you loved your furball and I can relate completely. Now watch that blood pressure, please.

  38. UW: they think it’s the heart—I’ll find out in a couple weeks a bit more, but if a broken heart can cause one—then so be it.

    I did get myself a “puppy” last week, her name is davey——-she’s so pretty——

  39. Awwwwwwwwww a puppy! Need a kitteh too!

  40. Michelina, they probably are thinking you have blockage, right?

  41. Pigs.


    Police in Europe have arrested more than a hundred people in what officials are calling the largest online child-sex ring ever discovered.

    At least 230 children, some as young as 7 years old, were rescued from sexual abuse, officials at the European police agency Europol said today. Europol Director Rob Wainwright said the child sex ring had 70,000 members and was “probably the largest online pedophile network in the world.”

    Although most of the 184 arrests were made in Europe, the three-year investigation has flagged 670 suspected pedophiles around the world, from Australia to Brazil to the United States, officials said in a press release today. Those alleged offenders, police said, will be investigated and brought to justice.

  42. Oh Michelina, do take care and puppies are so soul restoring. I went through that last summer when I lost my Dinah cat – mind you I didn’t have a stroke, but I was seriously wounded. Then in December I got my Milly dog and boy is she a handful. Between Zeke and Milly I have my hands full. I imagine Davey will be just as much of a trial, but she will be worth the effort. Now what is the best way to train a puppy. My old arrangements do not work with Milly. If you find the secret, please let me know. And once again, do take care of yourself and Davey.

  43. Interesting. They lost me that day too. Inevitable. Muslim Brotherhood values rule.

  44. TEPCO under scrutiny. It certainly has a chequered history, including the falsifying of documents and the omission of key facts: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12764458.

  45. An on-the-scene report from a BBC reporter:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    They brought in helicopters today to try to douse and cool the reactor at the Fukushima plant, but they soon abandoned the attempt as there was too much radiation in the air above the site.

    Reports suggest another plan is now under consideration to use water cannon to try to cool spent fuel rods at reactor number four.

    It feels like they are running out of options.

    Earlier, steam could be seen billowing out into the air above the reactors. Radiation readings spiked there for a while before falling again.

    There was no threat to anyone outside the site, the government said, but not everyone believes them.

  46. HT: I find the “old” way is the best with a puppy,

    just bring her outside —-and outside, and outside and outside—-NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a pup in FEB, like a just did——and god knows she keeps me HOPPING

    I’ve got a nine year old rot at home, the bonding is slow, but sure—–

    UW: I waiting for the kitty to come to me

  47. Michelina,
    Misread your post. So sorry about your health and the loss of your kitty. Be kind to yourself.

  48. A must read — short article of Q&A on radiation dangers with a killer graphic explaining exactly what went wrong at Fukushima: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12732015.

  49. Of course the Iranian mullahocracy is milking the Bahrain situation for all it’s worth. Mind you, I had no idea till today that Bahrain had a majority Shia population ruled by a Sunni minority. That’s like Saddam’s Iraq — Shia majority, Sunni rulers. Not a good combination. Great opportunity for the ayatollahs to meddle.

  50. time for a vacation..poor thing works so hard 😆

  51. Michelina, I laughed out loud about getting a puppy in February. I got Milly mid December. She’s a rescue dog from Kentucky if you can believe it – I’m a Canuck. She’s a brilliant pup, but I’m beginning to believe that I’ve lost all my ability at training. I do hope Davey is a better subject.
    It’s so good to see you posting again. Believe me that Davey and your rotty will finally make their amends and get along. Milly is fighting constantly with Zeke (with Zeke winning despite the size difference) so I have no doubt that davey will win the day – I think it has something to do with the love we express on our pals,

  52. Here’s a disgusting quote from one of the two Egypt articles UW linked downstream:

    A 2008 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights found that 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women in Cairo said they had been harassed — while 62 percent of men admitted to harassing.

    The men were proud of “harassing,” no doubt. Bring back Mubarak, I say — these guys need to be manhandled by Mubarak’s ruthless police force.

  53. Disgusting is right NES.

  54. NES, the women do nothing. What does it take to make women mobelize? Yes I understand Stockholm syndrome and what has happened in the ME makes that syndrom seem mild. I know they are beaten down, but it’s time for women (all over the world) to exert themselves en masse and take the reins of power. (and as a survior of rape, kill the bastards – but that’s in my uncontrollable rage part) I know it won’t happen, but in my old age, I’m thinking that women have no guts collectively. We are more than 50 percent of the population and are still being treated like cattle. Perhaps if women finally got their act together, there would be a different world that what we have to live in today?

  55. I should clarify – a lot of women try, yet they are in the minority – reminds me of the 60’s. Why are the majority of women so reluctant to take hold of their own destiny? It’s discouraging and I’m an old dame, so it shouldn’t matter to me anymore – but it does. I have a 23 year old gruesome female – I want a better life for her.

  56. HT: Milly sounds delightful, hang in there,
    she’ll come around, I have no doubt.

    If you mean train, like professionally, I cannot help you there—–my dogs just do the usual—-sit, stay, paw etc……I wish I had the time to do more

  57. AnnE: no need to apologize, I assumed that you misread

    I think that is one thing I’ve never been: Kind to myself, it’s time I learn that——

  58. I couldn’t agree more, HT.

    Btw, women may no longer be the demographic majority in the non-Western part of the world. See Niall Ferguson’s article on Asian Bachelors.

  59. Here’s the article: http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2011-03-06/worldwide-gender-gap-means-more-bachelors-in-asia/#
    The subtitle: “According to the United Nations there are far more men on the planet than women. The gender gap is especially pronounced in Asia. In this week’s Newsweek Niall Ferguson looks at the ominous rise of a bachelor generation.”
    As I said before, substantially downstream — in a nutshell: Too many men.

  60. Michelina, I’ve got Milly on sit and stay – but the rest is lost in her needs. Guess it has something to do with rescue doggieism and I’m trying to be very understanting, however she’s been with me three months – being loved massaged and petted. Now it’s time for some serious “You don’t own me” training. Unfortunately, I’m not as young as I used to be, however, it’s my home and she will learn or else – the basement isn’t terrible, but being confined there could be.

    BTW, Milly is a loving doggie, but she’s a mix and I only learned after I adopted what a bad mix it was. Brittany Spanial (which she resembles in all areasof appearance) and Jack Russel Terrier (which she resembles in all areas of behaviour) But she is loveable – sometimes – those times I’m not spraying water on her – shite, I’ve been bested by a 30 pound canine.

  61. Hey, mcnorman (our own Japan reporter), did you see that graphic on how Fukushima happened (linked downstream)? Think you’ll like it. Real crisp, clear and concise. Highly recommended.

  62. Excellent link NES. The graphic is easy to understand. Why can’t our US msm do something like this? Oh, I forgot…we don’t have any.

  63. HT: being from Kentucky, she’s probably Loving the spray bottle.

    Best advice I’ve got for you, she’s a doggie, not a kitty—and she’s too old for the water to upset her,
    need to get a little tougher on her, in a gentle way.

    I know it’s hard as we get older, but bottom line,
    it’s your home—–if she’s used to the couch and you don’t want her on yours—-buy her her own doggie couch—it may keep her off yours—-

  64. Check out the price of this pack of potassium iodide tabs which is usually about $10. Amazon has the pack selling for $250.

    I’ll stick with the red vino in the cellar. For $250, I want something mega good. 🙂

  65. Millie’s hard to train because she’s a hound, HT. They have minds of their own and are far too busy sniffing the ground to pay attention. To train her, you will need to convince her that this is her idea and worth doing. Don’t ask me how. I’m not a hound person. I’m a herding dog person. With herders, you 1) train them as soon as they are cognizant because if you don’t, they will be smarter than you in a month and 2) show them something once and it’s Done.

  66. My dog will do five tricks all by herself just watching me head for the biscuit tin. It’s a riot. She figures if she gets a shitload of tricks out of the way, she can get the biscuit faster. She’s a NILIF dog (Nothing In Life Is Free) so she knows I’m going to ask something of her first.

  67. The gender gap is substantially higher in Asia because of the two baby rule set in place that stimulated instant abortions of baby girls, since the dicks didn’t find girls as valuable as boys. So now, they are all free to freaking marry each other or themselves. Wait I have a link ….. check this comment again in a minute….

    “Shortage of women in China leaves 24 million men free to marry themselves”.


    …..adds a whole new meaning to the words, “Go F**k yourselves”. Serves China right.

  68. “Shortage of women in China leaves 24 million men free to marry themselves”.

    Some maybe heading to Thailand as we speak:

  69. Hillary is in Egypt mingling with the crowd. Looking for a video now.

  70. God bless her. She has the only brain in this administration. And the only guts. For her sake, I hope she does bail out early.

  71. New post up on Hill’s surprise visit to Tahrir Square.

  72. Michelina,
    So sorry to hear about your darling kitty’s death and about your stroke. Take good care of yourself, lots of TLC. Good wishes sent your way.

    Nobody does a rant like Uppity. Wonderful, wonderful post. Agree wholeheartedly about Egypt and Iran. However the pissant in the WH is not going to do anything except party, vacation, golf, pick his NCAA brackets, and continue to act like the celebrity he wants to be. Blech.

  73. “Go F**k yourselves”. Serves China right.


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