Libya, the day after and countdown to when all of Libya blames the USA for something–and burns our flag.

UPDATE: 10:30 AM: The Arab League is a no show. They are not only a no-show, but they are now criticizing the very No Fly Zone they encouraged and vowed to join. Who Knew!!!? (Hand on surprised face…).

GodAwful Vows to fight the “foreign devils” who attacked poor poor him.

The attack by what Gaddafi called “imperial” aggressors will provoke a “worldwide, popular revolution”, he said. “Even women,” he exclaimed, “will go out and fight”. He said he has opened the nation’s arsenals to the population, so they can defend themselves against foreign assaults.

Maybe they will use the arsenal on him. This guy is truly a member of DENSA.

Gaddafi: “Naked Aggression”

Canada has now joined the No Fly Zone efforts.

One either believes in freedom or one just says one believes in freedom. The Libyan people have shown by their sacrifice that they believe in it. Assisting them is a moral obligation upon those of us who profess this great ideal.”

….Which begs the How Come None Of Us Helped Iran question…

….and of course, now Bahrain wants one too..

I note with some irony the hosannas greeting the UN Security Council resolution establishing a no-fly zone over Libya.

The rationale for this resolution is that the dictator Moammar

Gadhafi is shooting his own people and refusing democratic reforms. Granted, he is.But so is Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the emir of Bahrain. The emir, who like Napoleon crowned himself “king,” has just imported Saudi troops. They have brutally put down the popular uprising there in an invasion that resembles the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian uprising of 1956, or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Each invasion was at the invitation of the government of the day.

Oh. Saudi is there. Nevermind.

Will update as things unfold. If you have any important links, please post them and I or mods will add them to this post.


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  1. “Which begs the How Come None Of Us Helped Iran question…”


    Because Obama WANTS a Nuclear Iran.

  2. The Saudis are in Bahrain- which of course is much closer to home for them.
    The UAE is actively involved in the Resolution I heard. Nice to see at least one ME country is backing the people/us.
    On the question in the thread below on why so many Tomahawk missiles. An educated guess.
    It is vital that all the anti-aircraft sites be taken out. Why they used Tomahawks and not smaller, computer controlled missiles I do not know. The Tomahawks do seem like overkill- perhaps trying to take out the madman’s underground bunkers or his weapons/ammunition caches? Destroying all his airbases and as many of his military installations as possible.
    We will never know- because the MSM won’t tell us and there are NO media outlets with journalism first and foremost on their minds.

  3. he really didn’t want to go against his friend Gawdawfully.but the rest of the world said yes you can

    😆 😆 sob

  4. I don’t support using any more of our money and lives for regime change in the ME. It’s like playing Whack-a-Mole. But, if anyone had it coming, it’s Quadaffi. PanAm Lockerbie. And while we are bombing, we should find the dying guy who was released for compassionate reasons and help him meet Allah.

  5. Isn’t it about time for Reverend “like a father to me” Wright to pop up and tell us to leave his buddy alooooooone?

    He must be so disappointed in the fraud.

    Naked aggression? I miss all the fun working late!

  6. Update: Arab League is a no show. Not only a no show,but criticizing the no fly they begged for and swore to join. Who knew?

  7. OT: back to last weeks disaster for a minute…


    radioactive iodine – 27x higher than limit
    cesium – 4 x higher than limit
    iodine – 12x higher than limit

    is all okay to eat according to “experts” but they are investigating that troubling spinach with 190x higher than limit cesium.

    so 27x higher than allowed is okay. nothing to see here. move along.

    And PMM, you were worried about me eating Dole spinach from Monterrey, California. Salmonella and listeria is safer than cesium and plutonium…

  8. uppity, those wascly awabs.

  9. karen- funny that- a little bird whispered in my ear re the food safety bill that passed. Guess who gets to say which foods are high risk? Sebelius.
    More to come {sigh}

  10. Oh goodie! I want t eat just what she tells me to eat because I am just DYING to look as out of shape as she looks.

  11. Yea Karen. Siwwy wascals.

  12. Uppity said(And PMM, you were worried about me eating Dole spinach from Monterrey, California. Salmonella and listeria is safer than cesium and plutonium)quote.
    and I say for sure that cesium is way too salty for my taste:mrgreen:

  13. Foxy, honey, salmonella and listeria can kill you right away. Radiation takes decades. But isn’t it great to have a choice?

  14. If the Cesium is 190 times the legal limit, I’d say you are going to be a goner sooner rather than later.

    And yeah, pick your poison. Death by drowning or fire as our Uppity says.

    I just lurked at a few old haunts and they are having the hardest time defending obama now. But they will find a way to put a halo on him, even the big mouth gas bag Michael Moore is stamping his big feet and waving his fists in the air in outrage. Obama let them down. Sigh, as Uppity says, who’d of seen it coming? Wonder if Joan Baez is still gushing like a school girl and telling obama how much he is (puke) loved?

  15. Sebelius picking what we get to eat! Yea, my diet will work out just great, I can stop eating and lose those extra pounds I put on when I quit smoking.

    Maybe I can eat arugala? And Kobe Beef? And lobster from the Gulf of Mexico since it is all healed now. Hallelujah, Sebelius to the rescue.

  16. The Europeans are involved? Gee, maybe their comfort level could be impacted or something. Being the United States is sort of like being a woman–you are always expected to be the good soldier, your motives are always suspect, and you are always to blame when something goes wrong.

  17. Will Sebelius personally give us “little people” $7040 worth of food to make up for her “turbo tax Geithner” moment?,0,5257116.story

  18. death by fire or drowning or is a choice 👿 .they are taking all the good ones away.:evil:

  19. No kidding. If Sebelius appeared to be a shining example of body and health we all want to emulate, this might not be so funny. But frankly, she looks like a heart patient to me. She is the color of ash and about as dour as they come. She also sometimes appears to be dangerously skinny, especially considering TV appears to put 15 pounds on everybody, and she looks older than she is. Who the hell wants her telling us what we can and can’t eat? Anybody?

  20. stock up on the good light bulbs 🙂

  21. Already have an attic full of incandescents. I tend to shy away from lights that flicker, cause migraines, give off putrid light and have a whole EPA hazmat page associated with their cleanup when they break.

    These are the same morons who raised a major fuss and implemented laws against merury in thermometers. Same people who warn against eating too much fresh water fish. Now Mercury is good for you.

  22. Oh and let us not forget that those bulbs don’t fit in many fixtures. That way you either end up with a bare bulb hanging or you go out and buy more fixtures. And screw those fixtures handed down to you from grandma. The one everybody admires? Take take globe off! Get yourself a frigging string and pull that light on, because if you aren’t going backwards, you aren’t In.

  23. And don’t forget! Do NOT FLUSH until the end of the day!

  24. Can’t forgive Sebelius for knifing HRC in ’08 and going with the fraud.

  25. Well now her credibility quotient is just like his. You hang around with fish and you start to stink like a fish.

  26. For a short break from the bad news, saw this when checking email:

    Woman, Grandson Found at Earthquake-Wrecked Home|main5|dl2|sec1_lnk3|50873

  27. Sebillus will only read a statement preped for her by her handlers who get the info from the real experts. FDA has pretty good intel on the sources on imported foods. Frankly, the only concern I have is that this is resource-intensive and will require collection and analysis of lots of samples. It’s gonna be a tough row to hoe at the FDA for some time. Meanwhile, the a-holes in Congress still want to cut the food safety budget. Impeccable timing!
    Here’s what’s going on at the FDA which works with Customs to monitor imports. (Caution: this says FDA has 900 investigators and lab analysts. But I assure you that they are not all working on this Japanese issue. FDA has a lot more on its plate.)

  28. What’s obama doing today? This is from the press pool via Gretwire. This guy is an embarrassment. he’s making W look good. He reminds me of a plice dog we had when I was growing up. the dog was not good at doing police work, so they sent him out for public relations events to show off his police dog tricks.

  29. I find it oddly interesting that Republicans are hell bent on making government “smaller” and “less intrusive” when it comes to companies that can and will kill us, such as Big Agra, no to mention ALL of China, but when it comes to women’s bodies, all “small government” bets are off and their noses, no, make that their entire faces, are right in our vaginas.

  30. Hugo, Obama is doing what all despot-wannabees do. Having fun while the world crumbles. After all, it’s not HIS world that is crumbling. In fact, like all despots, he gets anything he wants straight out of the wallets of his subjects, whose world IS crumbling. He and Michelle are only doing what their mentors, Ferdinand and Imelda taught them.

  31. Note, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs is taking a position directly contrary to the one Hillary took in Paris: they seem to be setting her up to take the fall. http:/ .
    The MSM is also spreading the meme that this Libyan war is the result of “the Hillary Clique” getting it’s way. Sounds like BO’s keeping the blame- Hillary option wide open. Soon the fauxgresives will be calling this ” Hillary’s War” and letting the Nobel Peace Prize Winner off the hook. “Poor Bawaaaaak was misled by the evil Hillary!” will be the rallying cry.

  32. Don’t you just love those BP ads that tell us how good it is to fish and shrimp in the gulf again? Let us have some Gulf shrimp with our Japanese spinach.

  33. NES, yep it’s always Hillary. She makes one heck of a floor mat for that man. We just knew she couldn’t trust him and that he would stab her. He needs to attack her to make himself TRY to look good. It won’t work. We see right through that transparent fool.

  34. Hahahahahah — where’d you find that vid, Upps?. But wait….we already have “a president represented by an amorphous blob”!

  35. Karen, if he sacks her, maybe she’ll then be freed to run against him.

  36. That video would be hilarious, if it weren’t true. Someone is setting policy and most politicians aren’t smart enough to have their own, so the lobbyists fill that void.

  37. Yup, this is Hillary’s War at the moment. The Arab League backs out, Michael Moore (who’d been strangely silent on Iraq and Afghanistan since the election) suddenly remembers he’s anti-war, and all the talking heads are wondering if we did the right thing. All signs that this is Hillary’s war.

    However, if they do manage to take out Kadaffi (despite that not being the objective of this campaign — wink wink), Obama will be the big hero.

  38. obama can’t blame Hillary. The UN voted for this action in Lybia and his pal, Susan Rice, was on board. I think Hillary played her cards right and is not hanging out there alone. And, as we all know, the buck stops in the oval office.

  39. I think the tomahawks were a mistake, Mom — they gave the Arab League an easy out. (Not that they wouldn’t have found one anyway, the cowards.)

  40. Not if the Baby Jesus is in the Oval, Hugo.

    Here’s where Hill doesn’t have cover — she’s been saying the end of any negotiation must include Quadaffy leaving. Obama and the Pentagon have indicated that they can live with Quaddafy simply stopping his massacre. This is a key difference about how and when the intervention ends. I think Hill knows this and realizes she may be making her last stand. While I didn’t agree with her about having to intervene — I don’t think we should have — I do believe that, now that we’re in, we shouldn’t dither about finishing the job.

  41. Also Hugo, we can be certain about four things in life: death, war, taxes, and the buck Never stopping with Obama.

  42. NES, I don’t doubt that obama will try to smear Hillary, but the fact is that he has previously Quadaffi must go. If he backs down on that, he has eve less credibility. I’m guessing the Penatagon is concerned about the resources required if this goes too long. Too bad obama can’t sort out and articulate the difference between a militray outcome and the overall outcome.

    But, I do hope Hillary takes this as an opportunity to exit. i read that obama asked for the resignation of the ambassador to Mexico–somone who was in the previous Clinton admin. Looks like the climate at State is ripe for her to move on.

  43. True, NES. The MSM and left will never let the buck stop with obama, but he is responsible and history will show that. He is the decider.

  44. the decider 😆 😆 he can’;t even decide which tie to waerferchristsakes :lol>

  45. Update: Arab League is a no show. Not only a no show,but criticizing the no fly they begged for and swore to join. Who knew?

    I sort of knew that the Arab League’s coalition would be a useless bunch – didn’t I Uppity?

    They even started chasing me all over the blogasphere – shortly after I posted a link to their site here – but Uppity doesn’t believe me. 😀

  46. Another oil spill slick 100 miles long found close to Deepwater Horizon site – but apparently not related:

  47. NES, you don’t think we should have gone in when the people were begging us for help? Gadaffi was dropping bombs on them, including hospitals where injured freedom fighters were held. If that is not a circumstance where the USA intervenes, then I don’t know what is.

  48. I hope that the radiation gets fixed and I hope we aren’t going to see WW…

    Hugs Uppity and Co. ps: An attic full of incandesents! I thought of getting a bunch. At the rate things are going living by candlelight sounds fab to me, OMG Uppity. Each day the news…in our lifetimes, Uppity and Co, I have not been this scared, ever.

  49. Naaah NES….the big newfound oil slick near the Deepwater Horizon is just something completely unrelated to the gusher we had there for months. Now move along. Nothing to see. Dammit, I said don’t L@@K!

  50. The whole Libyan thing has turned into one big food fight, both over there and in Washington.

  51. Maybe created by dead fish….see? Not the oil at all.

  52. I think going into the Libyan conflict was necessary. A strong start with the tomahawks (shock and awe if you will) to weaken and hopefully cripple Gadawful. At least we’re finally standing for something. Even if the bombs themselves don’t get rid of Gadawful, (which they probably won’t) we will be in a better position to negotiate his exit.

  53. Teresa, it’s not that I don’t feel sorry for the Libyan rebels, but, really, I can find you a similar sad and sorry state in at least 5-10 places in the world on any given day, and it’s not like anyone’s clamoring for us to intervene there. There’s only so much the US, or any other external force, can do. To quote JFK, “Life’s unfair.”
    On a separate but related point, this circumstances in Libya do not meet my personal criteria/test for going to war. If you’re interested, please see my comment of yesterday on my criteria for going to war.

  54. It’s certainly a point on which people can disagree. Personally, I don’t think any war the US has been a part of after WW II was either necessary or a success. In fact, there’s strong evidence that those post-WWII engagements left the situation worse off or as bad as before; certainly not worth the cost paid in blood or treasure.

  55. They are still selling incandescents here, and I am still stocking up. At Target, there was a sign that said they would stop selling 100 watt incands., but all of the others are still for sale and at cheap prices, strangely enough. I read somewhere, but couldn’t find other confirmation, that Calif would have incands. until 2016. I also read that one of the states (Carolinas?) had legislation in hand to stop the ban of incandescents in their state.

  56. NES, appreciate your comments about Libya. I’ve been really confused about it, I guess becuz its hard for me to think of Hillary & Bill being wrong, but also am sick of seeing our military people and treasury $ being sacrificed for these ungrateful ppl in the ME, especially as they hose us over their stinking oil. However, your comment about doing it right once we started makes sense to me.

  57. The Tomahawks will be just as effective in Libya as they were in Iraq, meaning zilch. So much for shock and awe. Massive air power and bombings didn’t win WWII, Vietnam nor Iraq; ground troops do. If the US really wanted to help the Libyan rebels while keeping most American troops out of North Africa, they would have put in covert teams to help train the rebels how to fight Gadaffi and supplied them with arms as well instead of bombing Libya and making the Arab League pee in their pants.

  58. Qdaffy Duck’s residence has been hit by a missile, news reporting. Not clear if the palace was targeted, or which country’s missile it was.

  59. Bullseye!! His residence is smokin’.

    After hearing more news this evening, I’m feeling better about our involvement in this Lybian mission. If we are participating, then the other allies take more responsibility going forward, A-OK with me. I should have known that President Hillary would have negotiated the best deal for our involvement. We need to get in and get out.

  60. LA Times:

    “Double standard seen in Arab response to Libya
    Concerns over Western involvement and possible reigniting of Islamic radicalism complicate the Moammar Kadafi situation, which is also coated with hypocrisy.

    “The Arabs should participate militarily in the no-fly zone [over Libya] and so far they have not because they are reluctant to do so, they want someone else to do it for them,” said Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. “That is not the right position.”,0,4707165.sto

  61. Not clear if the palace was targeted, or which country’s missile it was.

    When did the USA become a coward country? Answer: When we got a coward for a president.

    “He did it!”
    “I did not!” YOU did it”
    “I did not! Stop touching me!”.

  62. There are so many crises these days. I have no idea what’s going on with Egypt now – the news seems to have moved on. I heard a rumor, not yet substantiated, that Mubarak has died in a German hospital.

    I’ve also heard that weeks before the NFZ was approved for Libya, that several countries, including Egypt, had sent in undercover operatives to do some kind of preliminary work. I was surprised to hear that Egypt was “okay” enough to take part in someone else’s uprising….

  63. There is a report on FOX that the UK may have done it. They owe him a good bombing after Lockerbie and the snookering about the dying terrorist.

  64. Hugo, maybe you heard this too, I heard that the Lockerbie bomber had been refusing treatment, and that’s why he looked so awful and got an MD to say he was almost dead. Once he got back home, he immediately went back on treatment. Pretty “clever”.

  65. Remember how WORM (what Obama really meant) was used so frequently during the primaries? His44 has a post with the song “I go to Rio” (Peter Allen is the singer…?), and now whenever I think of The Fraud and what an un-leader he is, I hear that song!

    It’s just amazing how strongly I felt that if Bush were “re-elected”, we couldn’t survive, and yet I feel it even more strongly with The Fraud. I didn’t think I could feel even more worried than I was during Bush’s term.

  66. If anyone else likes Big Love on HBO, tonight is the season AND series finale.

  67. Oh gosh, have we ever had a prez that was more cowardly than bark? I can’t think of any. The first metrosexual prez. From wikis definition of metrosexual:

    “Narcissism, according to Simon, plays a crucial role in the metrosexual concept. As Simpson writes in “Narcissus goes shopping” (Male Impersonators, 1994), consumerism and narcissism are closely related”

  68. lorac, I did read that about the Lockerbie bomber, but I have a hard time believing one could refuse treatment and deteriorate, then accept treatment and do well. JMHO. I’m not a doctor, but seems like once cancer progresses, it’s a tough battle. I think he had help making a phoney case. I suspect he’s not even sick.

  69. Maybe one of those bombs we keep denying we are lobbing will just happen to hit the home of the POS Lockerbie animal. That would be just terrible, wouldn’t it? but accidents do happen!

  70. socal – oops, that theory condemns a lot of women lol

  71. Gee, that would be tragic. FOX is now talking about Lockerbie POS and saying he is still kicking anf in Tripoli. Maybe he was in the compound that was struck.

  72. On the topic of the metrosexual POTUS, the press pool report today said he was wearing pricey shoes today while kicking a soccer ball with some Brazilians.

  73. Only the best for the Messiah.

  74. Egyptian news sounds good. They had a referendum to vote on moving forward with contitutional changes. And I’m looking a video on the BBC which shows women who look westernized in line to vote. Some also wearing the hajib, but it’s encouraging to see what appears to be some women free to be themselves.

  75. Metrosexual–is that what they’re calling it these days? Idunno, when I see POTUS, flitting out of AF1 in his maxi coat, I think of three finger snaps in Z formation. Double when I saw him anywhere with Rahm. Screw his birth place–how come there hasn’t been any serious speculation about his orientation?

    Requisite disclaimer: I am not homophobic. I’m gay myself, out everywhere, and have even met Meg Christian–last seen by me at an Ashram in upstate NY). I am however against hypocrisy and fraud, neither of which are lacking in this POTUS.

  76. Sophie, hillbuzz used to call him out on that quite a bit.

  77. Blaine and Antwon!
    Sophie that’s awesome.

  78. “consumerism and narcissism are closely related”

    hence the amorphous blob logo?

  79. Um, DE – WTF?

    Suddenly I am afraid! LOL

  80. Sophie! Meg Christian? Can I touch your hand??!!!!!

  81. Gosh lorac – how soon we forget! I told you I would pass her your way if I crossed paths again! Now all you want to do is hit on ANOTHER woman in Uppityville!


  82. I have no idea what his orientation is, but if not straight, he may be bi, not gay.

    But I do think that someone can be straight and yet not be macho.

    But I think that Obama is in a category all his own. I wish the whole family would stay in Rio. The dog, though – we can keep the dog here.

  83. Obama’s ‘orientation’ is Obama, lorac. That is all.

  84. I definitely agree, FF.

  85. lorac: I met Chris Williamson too! And Leslea Newman spent the weekend in my home (ok, there was this BIG snowstorm in NY in the 90s and she was trapped there, but still). I used to do quite a bit of work with some GLBT organizations back in the day and got to meet a few famous folks. Congressman Weiner, who’s very popular these days, was just starting out back then and he was always supportive of the community.

  86. Sophie – I was always a big Meg person. I’ve seen Chris several times in the intervening years, she’s still performing (or was, anyway, a few years ago). But Meg took off with the female guru, and went AWOL from the women’s community – geez, has it been 25 years maybe? I’ve always missed her.

    Do you happen to know – is she still with that guru? Or is she just still in the “guru state-of-mind”? (ie, not coming back to women’s music….?

  87. FF, I just saw your comment lol

    No, no, no – you’re my absolutely favorite Uppityite, I wouldn’t sit on a bench and wait for anyone ELSE not to show up! lol

    All the other women – eh, I’m just using them to get to Meg… lol

  88. My idea of metrosexual is more of urban heterosexual males who are fussy about themselves. Chic clothes, facials, trendy haircuts, et al. David Beckham is considered to be a poster boy for metrosexuals. My hubbie likes to dress nicely if we go out, but definitely has the rugged element, and has a rugged type job that is occasionally dangerous. Barky doesn’t seem rugged, or brave.

    Lakerwade is making a nice stew for dinner. Its been pouring here all day. Also super windy.

  89. FF @ 9:08 pm: Hahaha! So true! He’s the perfect narcissist.

  90. Sophie, I, too, have sensed that BO and Rahm had something going on. They are the closeted type that must appear hetero at all cost. No question, BO’s personal assistant, Reggi Love, is also another one that has raised my eyebrow. (HillBuz has the rundown on all of this.)

  91. @Tony….how do you know we aren’t? Boots on the ground not possible right now, but covert ops probably. As I recall, tomahawks were effective against the Serbs in Bosnia in ’93. Clinton sent no troops in just bombed until they threw up the white flag and negotiated the Dayton Peace Accord.

  92. CNN should really just quit calling itself a news organization and change their initials to OFA. This headline “Obama Charms Brazilians…” Didn’t I read that they had to cancel several appearances in Brazil because of planned protests?? No, not in the strange upside down world of CNN.

  93. Laker! Where’s my stew!

  94. ROFL….whoa, get a load of that pansy “charming” a group of kids booting a soccer ball around…so that is the extent of his “snake” charming!! Yesterday, they had pictures of protesters with signs OBAMA GO HOME!! Yeah, zero is a charmer.CNNBO indeed!

  95. Uppity, your stew is under the water with me and everyone else here. Its been pouring all day. Two trees are down on our street.

    The stew came out really good. I put in a jar of gravy from the Uppity pot roast that mom had put in the freezer after the last pot roast. YUM!

  96. The last comment was from me. I forgot to change the name. Uh oh. I’m losing my memory like Mom.

    ***Fixit Fairy visited you***

  97. Oh man, you used the left over potroast gravy? That must have been awesome! I Always have a container left and I freeze it. Then I pop it into my crockpot with sirloin or something like it. I agree that gravy is some serious gold and not to be tossed out. Way to go, Laker! And yeah, that early senility thing is hereditary and we know your mother has it. Heh Heh Heh.

    I lost a tree to the rain and wind god a couple of years ago. Hit the gutter of my garage, just missed going through it.

  98. Thanks for the update Uppity and commenters. Been out and about all day. Just tuned in. This is such a great blog.

    Uppity, I meant to mention yesterday that you’re right about the people in this country needing to choose what we’re going to do about the energy crunch. I doubt we’ll see this administration taking a leadership role on it.

  99. Arab league punks Barack.

  100. Lorac, curious as to why you think Bam isn’t gay. Have you seen him in his golf togs?

  101. Charlie Rangel wants to reintroduce the draft.

    Won’t link the huffypoo, but he said it.

  102. Rangel has been submitting that legislation on draft for years. His argument is, why should the poor fight all the wars the rich want to start, while their children are home safe. And you know what? He’s right.

  103. Hey UW, I feel the same way. I don’t think that it is correct to only send off the poor. Do you think that this is part of the youth corps movement?

  104. I too support Rangel’s Stance on the draft. Once kids of Congress critters and the well-heeled havE to fight, we’ll see a sharp reduction in the number of wars we get into.

  105. Hey john smart has a foodie I read on his show tonight. Michael Procopio. Love his blog.

  106. Well how come Farakhan is asking Obama “Who do you think you are”? Farakhan already announced who Obama is. He’s the messiah.

  107. I guess that settles it Louie. Now that he’s going after your BFF Gadaffy, you want to know who he is? You made him think he’s who he thinks he is.

  108. LOL!! That’s rich. Farrakhan is furous at the Messiah and the rightwing is flipping out and calling Hllary a warmonger. Who would ever expect the rightwingnutz and Farrakhan to be seeing eye-to-eye.

  109. God Hugo – you should Tweet that! LMAO!

  110. The Right is not a little hypocritical are they? I mean W could have bombed anything he wanted and they would yell Ooooooooo Rahhhhhhhhh. And the Movey Ony nutroots and kossacks would be screaming bloody murder. So come on. These two fringes are getting to obvious to take seriously any longer. It’s all about ideology and setting the other side up and NEVER about what’s right. These freaks make me sick. America would be a better place if they both found something else to do.

  111. SCREETCH!! John is going to do another reading from the Obama scriptures

  112. RRRRRRRRRRROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL organ music for the Obama scriptures. You are missing this it’s your own fault.

  113. John Smart has this up. Only king he hasn’t bowed to yet. As far as we know…

  114. darn! I missed the scriptures! His show is 6pm PST, my time…’s my dinner time!

  115. Hillary will be on ABC Diane Sawyer tomorrow night talking about the situation in Libya. Do you think Bam will be back from his va-ca by then?

  116. Good one, Hugo.

  117. The NFZ operation is a mess now that the shock-and-awe phase has passed.
    Who’s in charge? No one. The French were hot and heavy to get us in and are now obstructing turning over the operation to Nato. Of course they want the US to stay front-and-center, but Bam says no dice.
    Anyone want to bet against the prospect of this turning into a military stalemate with Quaddafi staying in power and biding his time? Not a bet I’d take.

  118. OT – watch out for a big one in Indonesia region

    off to bed now

  119. Aw he’s a good looking fellow, that cat. Hasn’t missed any meals though! That’s the way it is when people die. The heirs want the estate but not the pet. Sucks to be them. I’m sure Greta will make sure that cat gets a home. He’s a lucky guy to know people of stature to make that happen. Most of the posters there right now are One really assinine spammer. She needs a cleanup in Aisle six that i am sure she will facilitate in the morning. Cripes those Obots are moronic. They should all be drafted stat. Turn them into adults in a hurry.

  120. I think Bill wants to twitter that cat.

  121. NES, France is going to eliminate daffy. But the US will be blamed. Eh, we’ve been blamed for worse things.

  122. WTF! France is proposing that the ‘leadership’ of the NFZ operation be turned over to a “political steering committee.” Never heard anything so stuuuuuupid (or French!). Only Obama would get bullied into a war by the French. The frogs haven’t practised military strategy since Napolean’s days and now they’re playing at being a superpower with US soldiers and resources. I find this whole situation incredibly annoying.

  123. Political Steering Committee. ROFL. Spending OUR money. To hell with that crap. I say we did our job, let’s go home.

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