Japan: The Aftermath we don’t see much of

Everywhere we looked, we saw dramatic video of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Now that i’ts Over, it’s not Over. We haven’t seen much coverage of the Aftermath. It’s time for us to take a look on our own.


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  1. Isn’t it nice the MSM has another distraction – Obama’s Vacation and His War to take this tragedy off the front pages?

    Yes, the world goes on, but we as a nation seem incapable of focusing on ANYTHING for more than a couple of days.

    But hey! American Idol is on tonight!

  2. It’s typical, FF. A gnat’s attention span they have.

    Btw, I wonder if the Japanese gov’t isn’t happy the world’s gaze is averted from the nuclear disaster? I rather think they must be.

  3. thanks for the update Upps.hugs 🙂

  4. foxy, thank you so much for taking the time to click the “Like” button on my posts. I appreciate it!

  5. We’ve gone from a NFZ to a no-drive zone. Can you say “mission creep.”

  6. But, really, we’re “not at war.”

  7. Well NES – Who Would Know Obama started a War. Liz Taylor died.

    Good things those pesky pilots stayed alive yesterday.

  8. Proponents of the NFZ/NDZ in Libya have compared it to WJC’s NFZ over Bosnia. Is this a fair comparison? Wasn’t the Bosnian conflict primarily one between Bosnian muslims and Slobo Milosovic, an external enemy? That distinction is important because it’s feasible to use the NFZ to chase out/otherwise thwart an external intruder; it’s less effective to help one set of citizens against another in a civil war situation. Is Libya a civil war as opposed to a situation of civil protest like Egypt was?


  9. Do we have Clarity yet?

  10. DameElizabeth’s last tweet

    Every breath you take today should be with someone else in mind. I love you.

  11. I can NOT believe Firefox ‘recommended’ I ‘upgrade” for Firefox 4 and FIVE of my FAVORITE addons are incompatible with it! WTF!!! This 4 looks like SHIT besides. Now I don’t know if I can go back to the old version and still keep all my favorites and settings. WTF did they release a piece of shit for and then stick it to people when they load it? DO NOT LOAD 4 if you have addons! You will be SCREWED!

  12. NES – In my marauding of the internests today, I believe I read somewhere there are two factions in Goofy’s Camp fighting each other. In addition, there are “The Rebels” – who ever they are. So there may be a bit of both.

  13. Didn’t Liz die of congestive heart failure? If so, how’d she manage to tweet.

  14. An um, em, err, uh, ah kinda clarity.

  15. Thx FF.

    I too wonder about who the “rebels” are. No doubt they discriminate against women (being g’effers and all), but what do they really stand for, who’re they allied with, and the like. I doubt any of the allies really know. One would think this missing information is kind of an important thing to know before intervening in a tribal-based society. I’m willing to bet the rebels aren’t liberal democrats.

  16. I am INFURIATED! I had to do a system restore to get rid of Firefox 4 and now my firefox will NOT load at all. It’s as if everything restored but the old firefox. I lost EVERYTHING!!! DOOOOOOOOOO NOTTTTTTTTTTTT LOAD FIREFOX 4!!! I am SO SCREWED!

  17. My mom is a year older than Liz, and used to hang with her brother. She told us when we were kids that she met Liz when she was 17 or 18. My Mom & her crowd went to their house to pick up the brother & my mom said Liz came flying in to meet them. She had no makeup on and wearing a plain dress, but mom said she was incredibly beautiful. My mom used to be quite pretty herself & often compared to Olivia DH, but my mom always thought Liz was the most beautiful woman in the world. She also said Liz wanted to hang out with them, but she was tightly controlled by her studio & they didn’t let her do much. No wonder she always wanted to be married.

  18. I’ve been wondering about who we’re helping in Libya also. Didn’t we used to call the taliban “freedom fighters”?

  19. Yikes UW, that sounds awwwwful. What exactly did you lose?

  20. Wow, social, a close degree of separation. Liz was the last of the old-time glam movie stars. Remember how smashingly sexy she looked in Under the Sun? Hard to believe she was only 19!

  21. Yes indeed. We also used to call OBL our friend b/c he was very effective in fighting the Sovs.

  22. Hilarious on “Goofy Camp.”

  23. Do we have Clarity yet?

    Geez, he just said we’d have it in a few days. Don’t RUSH him. He’s very cerebral, it takes time to be so smart.

    (is there a smiley or tag for “vomiting”? lol)

  24. The wall of water that hit Japan has been readjusted to 77.4 feet high. There would be no time to get away from that as it traveled 224 meters p/second.

  25. I’m wondering about something. They say a president has to get congressional approval before starting a war. Hillary must know that. If it’s true that she was one of the voices urging him to attack Libya, did she “let him” do it without the congressional step….? Any thoughts from anyone?

  26. NES, did you see the pics of her in a bathing suit?

    She was a tiny woman. 5’4″ 110lb at that age.

    I thought she was very good in the movie, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Not bad for someone who had little formal training.

  27. I think a lot of people are asking the same question lorac.

  28. I really hope no one buys this video game.


    It is bad enough the a lot of music today belittles and degrades women we do not need to add video games to the mix



  29. ROFL, lorac. Sssssssssshh, The Master is playing twelve-dimensional chess. Way above the comprehension of all those Valkyries who rushed him into bombing Libya because of their hormones.

  30. No way, 77 feet!

  31. I seem to recall that WJC did it without Congressional approval, but not sure. I think the War Powers Act does require it except in the case of an emergency situation posing a threat to the US; so, it was required here. But, frankly, it has more often been honored in the breach.
    I don’t think HRC would see it as her job to get him to get Congressional approval — he has a whole cadre of Wh counsel at his disposal for that.
    Fact is he’d have been wiser to get it, but, by then, Benghazi would’ve been overrun.

  32. I have seen that yum pic before, mcnorman. But, one can’t really get enuf of it.

  33. No clarity yet. He’s still cogitating. But WaPo published a nice chart showing who is doing what and who has promised to do what upon receipt of clarity.


  34. I say eff ’em. If they wanted a competent prez, they should’ve gone with the Hill.

  35. Japan. On my way home from work they reported that bottled water is being distributed to households with infants as the radiation levels are higher than acceptable for that age group. There are concerns that it will not be enough and that is without taking into account the next group at risk – the elderly. If this happened here – they would probably just dump them to the Gulf and blame mother nature.

    As to the Firefox update, warning received. I have turned off the auto search for updates for Firefox on this old tin of a notebook. Will have to do the dame on my work notebook – I noticed it was trying to get my attention today and I told it go pound sand.

    I met Ms. Taylor when she was married to the guy from Virginia ( Warner?). She had one of those aura’s that simply seemed to glow. A very rare presence.

  36. NES, I agree that t’s not Hillary’s job to get Congressioanl approval. If I were her and he did it contrary to the law, I’d be snickering to myself. That’s above her pay grade.

  37. I love that Hugo…above her pay grade. What a great response.

  38. Yes NES, 77 feet, but the one in Sumatra (2004) hit 114 feet.

  39. Thx for the link, Hugo. Hilarious that the frogs only participated on Sat., and were “preparing to” do so on Tuesday. This is primarily France’s war, but they’re fighting as well and as much as they did before lying down for the Germans. How like Bam to get pawned by the French.

  40. I’m impressed that two people here have met or know of someone who met Elizabeth Taylor. she semed like someone who could be a very sweet woman. I was impressed that she stood by Michael Jackson when he had such hideous troubles. Real loyalty. Her last public appearance was at his memorial service.

  41. Whoa! I’d say an inordinately large percentage of Uppityites have seen Liz! Lucky y’all.
    (Next lorac will claim to having lain down for her.)

  42. GMTA, Hugo.

    Liz was even more impressively loyal when she mourned the AIDS-related death of her good friend Rock Hudson by being the first prominent person to promote the need for an AIDS cure and for AIDS education. Before that no one was willing to touch the issue with a barge pole. Many a gay man mourns her passing.

  43. Good point, NES. Maybe France is saving their bullets for when they take the lead.

  44. NES, many years ago, I read a bio of Montgomery Clift and was very touched because she was such a good friend to him also. I agree with you on her becoming a voice for HIV/AIDs when Rock Hudson died. I suspect that her dedication to Clift helped her do that. I saw an interview with her where she said she got death threats for taking a stand on HIV/AIDs. Unbelievable.

  45. Oh man, Firefox has completely F’d up my machine.

  46. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry about your machine UW.

  47. SUE.

  48. I have Firefox 3. Thanks for the warning Uppity. My mac is still weird from upgrading from leopard to snow leopard. I shouldn’t have done that last upgrade.

  49. I love that bathing suit pic of Liz. I like a lot of her movies, remember Elephant Walk?

  50. Upps, can I offer you a Japanese simmered calamari and daikon radish dish I just cooked up? (I’m on a SE Asian food cooking kick.)

  51. (Next lorac will claim to having lain down for her.

    Hmmmppfff! What makes you think it wasn’t the other way around? lol

  52. That’s ma grrrrrl!!

  53. …and the knife ran off with the spoon.

  54. NES – I recognize that name. Maybe No Quarter…?

  55. Wow, Uppity, so sorry about the computer. I’m also impressed that two people here met Liz. When I was president of my state NOW organization we did a celebrity auction and she was the biggest celebrity who answered us and sent us a bag of things from her AIDS Foundation opening. I had been a fan for years and was delighted.

    She was truly the last great Hollywood star. I mourn her passing.

  56. I’m also kind of worried about the lack of news from Japan. Weird that a volcanic eruption (krakatoa) can affect the whole world for a few years, but we’re supposed to believe that a nuclear meltdown is only going to affect a 50 mile radius. Not buying it.

  57. firefox wanted me to update yesterday and I didn’t have the time when they asked so I didn’t let them do it. Yikes. Uppity. IT SUCKS when that happens.

    This too shall pass, girl.

  58. lorac, you wish… you can’t even get NES to do more than pat you on the head, let alone Cleopatra.

    And even ff, one of the nicest people around, stood you up at the strip mall.

    no wonder you trash the place, you aren’t getting any!

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