Pick the funniest movie scene, because we will never laugh again if we don’t make it happen ourselves

Thank you all for your condolences on the surprise Polycystic Kidney Disease diagnosis which suddenly doomed my beloved cat — and which once again placed me in the most painful position of making  The Decision. I couldn’t fix him. Nobody could.

This morning was the worst. The first morning is always the worst when your beloved pet is Not There for the routine. My dog was so upset that I was upset yesterday, that she brought me EVERY ONE of her toys, in hopes one of them would make me feel better. It was then I realized that I still have much to do for animals in my own way. I already know that my beloved boy has his plan for sending me something furry to warm his spot. They always do. I eagerly await his choice.

And so, as you can see, I need to smile a little. It was a horrible night here.  But it’s not just me who needs to smile. So do you. It is increasingly clear that we will never be allowed to smile again if we depend on those in charge of our world and especially our country. Our pets, on the other paw, know how to make us smile safely, without wondering when the other shoe will drop. Therefore, we must seize those smiles on our own. As I have said before, We Endure. It’s what we Do. Nobody can ever completely break our spirit because We Endure and when We Endure, We ultimately Win in the end.

So onto that smile. For me. And for You.

Please post for me you choices of funniest movie scenes, in hopes you will solicit some smiles, and maybe, just maybe, a good laugh.

I’ll get started. Then it’s your turn. See if you can make me smile.

Young Frankenstein:


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  1. So very sorry Uppity. It is the dread of all with fur family. I’m giving my pupsters an extra long, hard hug in memory of your beloved cat.

    This is not a movie, but an audio that I always go to when I really need a laugh. http://belowthesaltblog.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/seeing-things-in-a-new-light-gangs-and-little-old%C2%A0ladies/

    I’m not sure how to post a video but the mud scene in McLintock always makes me laugh though it works better on the big screen.

  2. (((((((Upps)))))))))))hugs a bunch…awaiting the news of the new baby:)
    let a smile be your umbrella.cause it rains a lot..:(

  3. Not a movie, but still funny:

  4. I am really sorry for your loss. I love my kitties and have had to make that decision in the past. It sucks and it takes time to heal. Take all you need–we’re here for you.

  5. Monty Python always makes me laugh and I loved to send this clip to my obot family/friends when they started talking about how the old bitter Hillary supporters just didn’t understand how cool Obama was:

  6. But for now, it just hurts.,,it,s ok to cry girlfriend..
    tears are healing.hugs a bunch
    just know Upps that we love you and share your tears.

  7. Oh, Uppity!! (((((((hugs!)))))))))!

    These are the most comforting words I have ever found for when I have had such as loss (as I have had to do many times over the years), are from the great Kinky Friedman, coming as the epilogue of his great book “Elvis, Jesus & Coca-Cola”:

    “On January 4, 1993, the cat in this book and the books preceding it was put to sleep by Dr. W.H. Hoegemeyer and myself. Cuddles was fourteen years old, a respectable age. She was as close to me as any human being I have ever known.

    “I dug Cuddles’ grave with a silver spade, in the little garden by the stream behind the old green trailer where both of us lived in the summertime. Her burial shroud was my old New York sweatshirt and in the grave with her is a can of tuna and a cigar.

    “Now, as I write this, on a grey winter day by the fireside, I can almost feel her light tread, moving from my head to my heart down through my fingertips to the keys of the typewriter. People may surprise you with unexpected kindness. Dogs have a depth of loyalty that often we seem unworthy of. But the love of cat is a blessing, a privilege in this world.
    “They say when you die and go to Heaven, all the dogs and cats you have ever had in your life come running to meet you.
    “Until that day, rest in peace, Cuddles.”

    I always cry when I read those words but good tears. Indeed, “the love of cat is a blessing, a privilege in this world.” Kinky started an animal rescue center near Kerrville.

    Two scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

    I hope I embedded that properly. The minstrel in the initial part of the first scene reminds me of the US media in the last presidential election — at least with respect to one candidate. The second scene is great for explaining the power of trademarks. (“It’s not the real Grail??!”) ;->


  8. I am so sorry, Uppity. My Brown Cat just turned eleven this month, which is old for a semi-outdoor cat. He’s doing fine, but he is starting to age. I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge. My husband, for whom Brown is his first cat, will be inconsolable. I hope it’s not anytime soon.

    From me and my fur-bombs to you, great big hugs.

  9. Hmmm- I do believe I am at a distinct disadvantage- I don’t do movies. IMHO most of what Hollywood has produced since the early 70’s is not worth my time or my money. I think the last thing I actually went to a theater to see was a Lord of the Rings thing.
    However- this man is funny! And not a curse word ever! No girls in skimpy outfits! Just good clean fun! HIM I would pay money to see~!

  10. Wow, Mom, no movies?! You really are the fount of wholesomeness and good sense.

  11. Oh no. We lost another one. RIP Geraldine Ferraro.

  12. Oh no, that’s terrible news, foxy. Really liked having her around to hold up the feminist flag. Her defense of Hill during the primaries was true blue. RIP.

  13. Look at the photo of Geraldine, those fuckwads at Huffpo (Read AOL Obama blowers) used of Geraldine. These people shouldn’t even die before they go to hell. They should just be sucked down bodily.

  14. imust, there are so FEW women who were able to still be standing against the pigs in our media and our politics, that the loss of one is HUGE.

  15. djmm, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t look at that quote. That stuff is made of wracking sobs and I already feel awful. Ditto for that Rainbow Bridge video, HT. I find that stuff to be the most depressing thing ever after loss of a pet. for me, there are no good tears, and I guess that makes me different from most people. The only good tears are the ones I get when I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I’m the person who only reads the signature on sympathy cards, because I figure if I want to be depressed I can do that all by myself. I know. I’m different. But I guess that’s part of what makes me uppity, the blogger you either despise or love.

  16. UW, you are not alone in reading the signatures. Geraldine’s loss is huge. I didn’t know that she was ill.

  17. PMM
    I’m with you on your assessment of movies. I took my grandkids to see Lord of the Rings and they took me to see a couple of the Harry Potter movies. That’s pretty much it. I can’t take the cliche’s and the silly teenage boy slapstick humor of Hollywood movies but I can stomach some British ones. Plan to see the King’s Speech, but am in no hurry.

    So sorry to lose Geraldine Ferraro. She was a feisty one.

  18. Unique everyday; unique in your sorrow. Just unique, Upps. That’s why we love you.

  19. McN, I could tell she was not well last time I saw her on TV. I thought it might be recurrence of breast cancer.

  20. Me too, mcnorman – had no idea she was sick.
    I do hope Hill speaks at her funeral and that Bam doesn’t appear to cast his hijab-defending shadow over the proceedings.

  21. Yes, the photo is ridiculous — just ano’ old dame as far as the “what a real feminist looks like” crowd are concerned.
    The write-up too is ridiculously paltry. The woman made history, FCS!!!

  22. I’m counting on seeing my animals when I pass away (people, not so much). If no animals come to meet me I’m going to be pissed.

  23. She was such an amazing woman. If only… I am incredibly saddened, Geri was a personal hero to me, one that never disappointed. She battled for all of us. I just watched a clip of her saying that she had a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage and that she fully believed in an afterlife. Made me realize that I am crying for myself, and her family rather than for her. May she rest in the arms of her loving God.

  24. Gerry’s pic at HuffyPoop is horrid. I hated to even give that rag one click, btw. She was a bombshell of a feminist and a Queens woman all the way. I was born and raised near her and understood the way she was. She didn’t do a damn thing wrong when she stuck up for Hill and yet the media went berserk. She attended many important to me events over the years and it was always great to have her support for issues, before and after her historic run for VP.

    RIP, girl. Tell Liz to make room for a real star.

  25. Uppity, your wisdom always makes me smile. I read the Kinky quote, (I too LOVE his books, they always keep me laughing) and sobbed and my last cat was put to sleep decades ago.

    I cry for other people’s troubles and share in grief as you do. We all have to find our own best way to deal with our sorrows in life.

    Better days are always around the corner.

  26. Anything by Mel Brooks makes me laugh.

    Men in Tights:

  27. To Be or Not to Be is one of his most clever movies. That he can make that subject humorous is a true sign of his comedic genius. More dancing girls from Mel:

    and of course there’s lots of dancing in Blazing Saddles finale.

    Best Python is hands down Holy Grail. Total riot.

  28. I am so sad to hear of Geraldine Ferraro’s passing. I admired her so very much. She was a true advocate for women and people who had little voice (in my eyes). I’m going to a party this afternoon where she will most likely be devalued (they are Huffpo people). So I am relieved to be in the company of like minded people right now.

    There are 2 movies that make me laugh out loud every time I see them and I watch them when I have had really disastrous weeks. One is “A Fish Called Wanda” and the other is “The Money Pit”.

    For the most part, I don’t really enjoy slapstick comedy. But “The Money Pit” is a slapstick movie that tickles me because I identify with that couple so well. I first saw the movie when my husband and I were renovating our 130 year old house. I have since given a copy of the movie to every friend I’ve had who has gone through that trauma.
    I tried to choose only one scene from Money Pit but I couldn’t. I think that each scene is funny, but taken out of the context of the film, they just seem silly. The funniest scene imho is when Walter falls into the floor and I can’t seem to find that one.
    If you need to laugh tonight, find it on Netflix and play it . . . sooooo funny.

  29. NES said “Wow, Mom, no movies?! You really are the fount of wholesomeness and good sense.”

    ROFL- I will admit to going to the Harry Potter movies with the daughter- though I did not see the last one- she said wait til part II comes out. I like OLD movies- The Sound of Music is a favorite- and any of the musicals made into movies- The King and I, Oklahoma both favorites, also the Wizard of Oz, Meet Me In St. Louis, ok- just about anything Judy.
    When daughter was growing up I was so disgusted with what passed for children’s entertainments I bought LOTS of Shirley Temple movies- and she/we watched them over and over and over again.
    She always loved the singing and dancing- especially with Bill BoJangles Robinson. That man could DANCE! The hours and hours my daughter spent trying to imitate that dance on the stairs- priceless!

  30. UW
    I am sorry for your trouble.
    Maybe some Red Skelton will bring a smile



  31. This is the photo of Ferraro they had on the main AOL page. I think its a much better choice than that huffandpuff piece.

  32. I always get a chuckle out of this:

  33. Just a cute vid of a pengy on the plane.


  34. For Mom:
    My older brother’s had Cosby’s albums and they were played endlessly. This was always a favorite: Noah

    And for the movie clip, in honor of the koolaid lovers here’s Bob:

  35. No offense taken, Uppity, just big hugs of sympathy!! Each of us deal with grief in our loss of a family member (and pets are family) in our own way. The words have helped me, but feel free to ignore or even delete the comment if you like.

    Your kitty was lucky to have you and be part of your family for so many years!

    More hugs!

  36. Mt. Laurel, I love that photo of Geraldine Ferraro. Reminds me of a time when feminists were really feminists.

  37. So sorry to hear about your beloved kitty UW. (Hugs)

    So sad about Geraldine Ferraro. They said on the TV that she had been battling blood cancer. That could mean one of several types of leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma. Some are chronic and some are acute they didn’t say which.

  38. Commenter “Tamberlane” put up this quote from Geraldine Ferraro on JWS:

    “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

    “Every time that campaign is upset about something, they call it racist. I will not be discriminated against because I’m white. If they think they’re going to shut up Geraldine Ferraro with that kind of stuff, they don’t know me.”

    I remember being sooo happy when she said that!

  39. I just checked she had multiple myeloma. She was diagnosed in 1999. She lived a long time for someone with multiple myeloma, shows what a fighter she is.

    What I read said she actually died from pneumonia, that’s the way blood cancers are rarely does the cancer actually take you it’s the opportunistic infections.

  40. Ferraro testified before Congress a couple of years ago about blood cancers. She said she hoped to live long enough to see the first woman POTUS sworn into office……..I’m sure she meant Hillary.

  41. Here’s Obama’s statement [barfbag]…..he makes it about himself and/or his family natch:

    “Geraldine will forever be remembered as a trailblazer who broke down barriers for women, and Americans of all backgrounds and walks of life. … Sasha and Malia will grow up in a more equal America because of the life Geraldine Ferraro chose to live.” _ President Barack Obama

    He really has a lot of gall.

  42. Dear Uppity, I am so sorry to learn of your loss. I, too, have had to make that call, for an older foundling kitty, who seemed to pick me to help him to die with dignity. Your words are very moving, as well as thoughts from everyone else, especially the Kinky Freidman essay. You helped me do some grieving for other felines I have known, loved and lost, ditto with some people, as I cried while reading here.

    For your funny movie scene, I was racking my brain, then realized an all time favorite that you may like, too.

    As a tribute to Barbara Billingsley, who passed away this year at age 94, I offer you “I Speak Jive”, from Airplane (with dialogue leading up to the classic scene), spoken/created by Al White and Norman Alexander Gibbs as the Dudes :

    and, discussion of the making of the scene by the Airplane creators, and the Dudes:

    ditto, discussion of the scene with Barbara Billingsley:

    – and that ain’t no jive! God bless you and yours. He will send your next feline companion, I’m sure.

  43. “My name is Geraldine Ferraro,” she declared. “I stand before you to proclaim tonight: America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us.”

    Her acceptance speech launched eight minutes of cheers, foot-stamping and tears. However, Ms. Ferraro’s declaration, which deeply resonated with so many women tired of second class status, was premature. Even now, her declaration is still a dream.

    Just two years ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton ran for the office of the presidency The media, rather than being objective, was roundly against her, and employed sexist language in their attempts to squash her momentum. In addition, her opponent’s forces conducted large scale cheating in the caucuses.

    Despite these attempts to subvert our nation’s first chance to have a leader from the ranks of our largest demographic, Ms. Clinton was still able to win the popular vote in the democratic primary; indeed, she won the most votes of any candidate in any party in history. These un-democratic, misogynistic forces then literally stole delegates from Ms. Clinton, in order to cripple her win, then denied her the right to fight at the Democratic National Convention.

    Geraldine Ferraro was, not surprisingly, a staunch advocate of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy. Predictably, the same misogynistic voices used to mischaracterize and demean Ms. Clinton, were also used against her supporter, Ms. Ferraro, during Ms. Clinton’s historic run for the presidency.

    The public is ready for a female president and vice president, as seen by Ms. Clinton’s historic win of the popular vote in the primaries, and Ms. Palin’s popularity during the general election. We’ve come a long way since Ms. Ferraro’s groundbreaking run for the vice presidency. But we still await the day when an intelligent, competent public servant, who happens to be female, will be allowed by the media and the political parties to claim their place as the highest office holders in our nation.

    So, as we mourn the passing of Geraldine Ferraro, we also mourn that her dream of women’s equality has still not yet been realized.

  44. P.S. – I forgot to mention: Thanks for letting us know about the passing of Geraldine Ferraro. I remember her well during the primaries, supporting and defending Hillary. She was a pioneer, and one of my heroes. May she rest in peace, and get a little respect on this side of the veil.

  45. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone told the truth and wrote what I just posted?

  46. lorac, thanks for sharing that – yes, it would be nice, indeed!

  47. Lorac! Hear hear!

  48. OMG – I was STUNNED when I read the NYT News Alert on Gerry. Just got in and called Charlotte to tell her. But I read through THIS BLOG First. I can think of several very funny movie scenes, and Upps, I WANT to make you laugh and I will – but Gerry – OMG. I am stunned.

    I know Hil must be too. As we all are. And O can go to H*ll. HIS CAMPAIGN – is the one who called her RAAAAAACCCCCCSSSSTTT. Fuck Obama.

    HIS daughters will grow up in a more sexist and misogynistic America because of what HE and HIS MEDIA did to people like her.

  49. Hil & Bill on Gerry.

    “March 26, 2011

    Statement by President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Passing of Geraldine Ferraro

    “Gerry Ferraro was one of a kind — tough, brilliant, and never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believed in — a New York icon and a true American original. She was a champion for women and children and for the idea that there should be no limits on what every American can achieve. The daughter of an Italian immigrant family, she rose to become the first woman ever nominated to the national ticket by a major political party. She paved the way for a generation of female leaders and put the first cracks in America’s political glass ceiling. She believed passionately that politics and public service was about making a difference for the people she represented as a congresswoman and Ambassador.

    For us, Gerry was above all a friend and companion. From the rough-and-tumble of political campaigns to the important work of international diplomacy, we were honored to have her by our side. She was a tireless voice for human rights and helped lead the American delegation to the landmark Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. Through it all, she was a loyal friend, trusted confidante, and valued colleague.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Gerry’s husband John, her children and grandchildren, and their entire family.”

    Read more: http://gretawire.blogs.foxnews.com/from-the-clintons/#ixzz1Hk6f2gc2

    Don’t read the comments here. All but one or two are Glenn Beck-type hate and misogyny. God how can we EVER vote Conservative – OR Obama. We are SO SCREWED

  50. “I see Obama’s visiting the United States,” said Rush Limbaugh on Thursday, the president’s first full day back in Washington after a spring break diplomatic tour of Latin America.

  51. My family and I would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Geraldine Ferraro. When I had the honor of working alongside Geraldine on election night last year, we both discussed the role of women in politics and our excited expectation that someday that final glass ceiling would be shattered by the election of a woman president. She was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to public service as a teacher, prosecutor, Congresswoman, and Vice Presidential candidate. She broke one huge barrier and then went on to break many more. The world will miss her. May she rest in peace and may her example of hard work and dedication to America continue to inspire all women.

    – Sarah Palin

  52. Bob Beckel, former Mondale Campaign Manager, is actually doing a decent tribute on Geri on Fox News now. Believe he got a bit choked up. She was a contributor on Fox, and made as much sense as anyone on the air as commentators.

  53. Geez, I’m shocked about Geraldine Ferraro. i knew she’d been diagnosed years ago with blood cancer, but she seemed to being doing so well. I guess we are lucky to have had her that many years. I’m especially grateful that she was on the scene in 2008. She called him laike she saw hima and didn’t back down. A real hero!!

    Oddly, it was only a few years ago that I donated my old Honda Civic that still had the Mondale/Ferrero bumper sticker. Friends had named the car, Geraldine.

  54. Hugo, ditto what you said (although I wondered where she was, since she had not been giving commentary since the election, Fox News said).What a neat story about your car, “Geraldine”.

  55. Wow. Fox is spending so much time today on the passing of Geraldine Ferraro. She was a member of the Fox commenting team, and even though most Fox people have different politics than Geraldine, they all seemed to have genuinely cared for her. As tough talking and to the point as she was always able to be, she really must have had a great personality, and able to connect with people.

    Such a shame. 75 years old is too young.

  56. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•..

    What a week….. Thinking of you Uppity~

  57. I just found my Mondale/Ferraro campaign button. I think I will wear it for awhile.

  58. WOW cannot think of a funny movie at the mo~ but here goes…..

  59. I hope I can embed this video. Abbott and Costello do math.

  60. Oh, shoot. All the videos up above are being displayed as black boxes. I remember this happened once before, but I can’t remember the solution.

    Do I have to update flash, or something like that? Anyone know?

  61. My condolences Uppity.

  62. C’mon, I wanna laugh, too! Tell me the answer, pretty please! 🙂

  63. I restarted my computer, and it automatically asked me if I wanted to update the flash. Now I can go back and watch the videos above and laugh, too!

  64. one of two favorites, from the same movie…Mom will understand.

    Uppity – I love you.

  65. Another woman who found Obama’s balls, since he wasn’t using them.

  66. The Lucy clip with Harpo is good – they really mirrored each other well. But check at 2:07 – they’re both bending their right arms – it should have been Lucy’s left arm to be the mirror image!

  67. Uppity – for you AND Gerri

  68. God Bless her! Geraldine Ferraro said it loud and proud- If he was a white man he would NEVER have been selected. And for that she was labeled a raycist- I am proud to have voted for her and proud to be able to say she spoke the exact thoughts I and millions more had about that fraud.

  69. FF! Yes! Katherine Hepburn! Cary Grant! Real actresses and actors! I love Jimmy Stewart too!
    Movies that had – gasp! dare I say it?- A PLOT!
    Stories that could be told while leaving some things to the imagination.
    Must be something wrong with me- voyeurism is just not my thing. There is much to be said for a story that does not rely on everybody falling into bed with everybody else at the drop of a hat.
    Whatever happened to that wonderful cinematic technique- Fade to black?

  70. Uppity, take care of yourself through this period of grief. Lots of hugs.

    I was sad to read that Geraldine Ferraro had passed on. A role model and crusader for women and others. She will be missed.

    FF: I was going to say Bringing Up Baby for the funny one too. Loved that movie. Watch very few modern American films. Love the British dramas and mysteries. Although Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality was pretty fun.

    I also loved Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House with Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. Very funny. I also loved Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Another really funny one.

  71. I am angered and saddened once again watching those videos of Geraldine Ferraro having to defend herself to those idiots. The idiots interviewing her and Axelrod & Company. They USED her and ABUSED her to further the Obama meme of alleged RACISM in the Clinton campaign and anyone who supported Hillary. I STILL don’t know how Hilary mustered the strength to accept a position in HIS administration. Our country is better for her decision, and I am grateful, but I am simply amazed. I wish there was a “Geraldine Ferraro” now who could get on the TV and tell Barry Soretoro aka Barak to put his statement on Ferraro where the sun doesn’t shine.

  72. Another woman who found Obama’s balls, since he wasn’t using them.
    You’re still the funniest Uppity.

  73. btw, I’m sorry if my first comment @12:45 seemed to minimize her passing. I probably should have waited a bit before commenting at all. I was in shock as I did not even know that she was ill. What I mean by “another one” was, a hero. I consider the loss of Geraldine Ferraro like the loss of Ann Richards. We don’t have many women left with that same strength, passion/compassion, commitment and stature in the media to speak up and speak out for women. This is a very sad day.

  74. Although Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality was pretty fun.

    I also loved Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House with Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. Very funny. I also loved Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Another really funny one.


  75. imust, I didn’t see you trivializing her at all. And for Obama to even make a statement is beyond the pale, that lousy pig. His daughters will grow up equal because their daddy was president and no other reason. For every other girl, there is the Obama The Sexist Pig legacy, which has destroyed all the progress women made. That will forever be his disgusting legacy for girls.

    Someone mentioned that AOL had a better pic of Geraldine than Huffo. That’s because they used Huffpo for their shit work. She’ll do anything for the right price, we learned that long ago.

  76. JUST SAW Blandings a few weeks back for the first time! OMG LOVED IT

  77. “She’ll do anything for the right price, we learned that long ago.”

    Just like her sister Allred

  78. Here’s Geraldine having GHW Bush for lunch:

  79. YAY! Imust! YAY!

  80. FF, did you ever see Charade? Here’s my favorite scene. Personally, I don’t like actors like – oh shoot can’t think of his name – who are always making faces. But in this scene, the normally elegant, composed Cary Grant makes a face. It always cracks me up.

  81. Uppity. I am so sorry about your beloved. When I think about a funny scene it is the Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory. I do not know how to post U tubes and so am asking if someone else would do it.
    Geraldine Ferraro was an amazing woman. I will miss her.

  82. Hi Everybody

    I am here because i love Uppity. I am so grateful Uppity got me to fix up my blog by hook and crook. She knew I needed it and propelled me upward.

    I am here because she gives to everyone, everyday and today she has been hurt. There is a hole in her house. I want to be part of the community that pours love into that hole.

    Today when I heard the news about Ferraro, a shock went through my body. A reminder of how fragile and mortal even the strong are.

    Love you Uppity and I know you love me too.

  83. Here ya, go, WCMB. It’s a classic, isn’t it?

  84. Uppity… a heart felt sooooooo sorry about your little one… I have gone through this two times and it is one of the hardest things to imagine…. May your little one rest in peace and I hope this will put a smile on your face http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnvzAyZIqRc warm regards, casper

  85. Thx for those quotes, imust. They’re as mind-blowingly good today as they were when she spake them. She had true grit — the gold standard. She’ll be missed. Women are beggared by her absence.

  86. Ok- I finally thought of a couple of modern movies that I liked and thought were funny-
    Mrs. Doubtfire – I still crack up when I watch that one- and also The Birdcage- Some of the scenes in Good Morning Vietnam were funny as well.
    Oh and even though she is nuts- I love Sister Act and Sister Act 2
    I did not go to the theater for any of the above- all watched at home.

  87. okay, another funny movie pick:

  88. Did you write that lorac? It’s truly brilliant. Well done. And, thxxxxx.

  89. Casper- good one! Carol Burnett is another one I loved to watch- good comedy! Remember the Gone With The Wind parody? The one where she comes down drapes and drapery rods?

  90. ProudMilitaryMom…. I just love Carol Burnett.. When I was growing up … I couldn’t wait to see her show…. Such talent…. The kind you do not see today….. UGH!

  91. WLM – sorry, I wrote the wrong initials when I posted the clip you wanted! Come back and post more, so I get your initials memorized!

  92. NES – the party of the first part thanks the party of the second part 🙂

  93. Part One – funny as hell

  94. I didn’t know you wrote that lorac. I was going to yell at you for not including a link. it was great work.

  95. Hey I’m reading all the German on here. Maybe you could translate this for me, NES. Hopefully, your ex isn’t reading though because she could probably counter with ten Italian ones.

    American Rice Purchasing Co.

    Dear Sir:

    Der last two schipments of rice we received were mit mice schidt mixed. Der rice vas goot but der mice turds spoiled der trade.

    Ve did not see der mice schidt in der sample vich you sent us. It takes too much time to pick der mice turds from der rice. We ordered clean rice und you schipped schidt mit der rice.

    Ve like you to schip us der rice in oun sack and der mice schidt in annuder sack, and then ve vill mix to soot der customer.

    Should we schip back der rice und keep der schit or ship back der schit und keep der rice. Or should I ship back der whole shittin’ vorks?

    Hans Gruber

  96. Say Upps, how about giving lorac her own post marking Gerry’s passing. Her piece is splendid, in so many ways.

  97. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  98. The thanks are all ours, lorac. You have a gift, truly.

  99. In fact, lorac, will you write my epitaph?

  100. Oh gosh, you guys are very sweet. I just wrote what we all know. If only we could really get people to know – and care.

  101. Never, NES! You shall live forever – young, beautiful, smart, and one of The Hillary Gang!

    (But does that OTHER woman have to keep hanging around??? lol)

    (I’m glad the OTHER WOMAN can take a joke. Matter of fact, she’d probably show us how she’s the better half! 🙂 )

  102. FF – I have a terrible flaw you should know about. I’m terrible about checking my email. It’s probably been a couple of months this time. I’m determined to do it this weekend! I know I have one special email to respond to!

  103. OK, I’m going to have to scroll up to see which one of you bums got me started watching Carol Burnett youtubes.

  104. lol me too. I can’t stop watching them.

  105. Anyway, NES – you called me liebling (darling) and another word – oops forgot it – but I looked them both up, and the other word was good, too! Look OUT, other woman!

  106. UW – xxoo. I just don’t have the words. But I’ve been there myself.

  107. So sorry Uppity. I have said farewell to many beloved pets over the years. And each time I swear there will be no more. Then along comes the most amazing cat or dog, and here we go again. I guess in the end what they give to us is far greater than what we could ever hope to give them.

  108. NES – the video I posted at 9:34 EST – there’s some eulogy choices!

  109. shats, you are so right! And we wouldn’t have it any other way either.

  110. Tim Conway was so funny!

  111. NES! I wanna be the liebling!!!!

  112. Lorac, honey. I take the Nora Desmond posts personally!


    Off to bed Uppitites – been working in the sun (SUN!!!! hear that? SUN!) for two days. I am beat – and SUN BURNED (a bit)

  113. NES I would love someone to do a Gerry post. I don’t have the mental strength and feel awful about that. I was hoping someone would put one up in my mental absence. Lorac, you know how to use WordPress?

  114. Uppity – if Lorac writes it, I’ll post in the AM. Of course, there are many other mods here if you wanted it tonite. Imustgotosleep.

    Panang Thai Curry and SUN does that to a girl.


  115. I call my dog Nora Desmond. lol.

  116. I liked the desmond skit when she comes down the stairs with the curtain and rod on her.

  117. here is a earlier version of Carol 1972… I was 10… Yikes!!! hope you enjoy….

  118. …waving to Green

  119. You are my sunshine…my only sunshine…

  120. Ms UW, am sending warm hugs your way for your lost. No word(s) will ever be good enough to express how sorry I am.

    And remember your kitty is smiling from the windows of heaven at you, knowing that it has been loved by your big loving heart through the years you have spent together.

    Gerry was a good woman. She was born for one reason only, to fight for women’s rights. And she was a shining examples to Hillay & Sarah and paved the way for many more women who are inspired by her courage to fight the good fights. RIP, Gerry.

    Hugs to all Uppities.

  121. Thank you joey. Always there, never far from us, you are.

    I also only wish Gerry didn’t have to see the regression we have endured since the year 2008.

    And how are you feeling, joey?

  122. Do I know how to use Word Press? Um…. I had a blog on Word Press – but I only used it for awhile, I was posting I Hate Bush pieces…. so it’s been a while… I guess I don’t know…. I would write something more up and then….?

  123. lorac, I will input your email address as an editor and you can go in and do your piece on Gerry.

    I need the email address that goes with your wp blog though or wp won’t let you edit me. Is the one you are using here the same?

  124. Am OK MS UW, thank you for asking. Just still bones/joints cracking to recovery:D

  125. LORAC you are OFFICIALLY an EDITOR. You will see the dashboard. Log off and log in again. Then go for it, girl.

    You will also have full privileges of an editor. So behave yourself. lol.

  126. yes joey, I imagine healing from your illness is a slow and not very fun process. We’re here.

  127. Oh, wow. PARTAY tonight, nightbirds!

    hehe JUST KIDDING!

    I wouldn’t abuse your trust, mein liebling. Oh, wait – you wanted to be NES’ liebling lol

    ok – let’s see if I can do this. Who can I call at 3 am if I have a crisis? Hmmm… I suppose that may be the ONE thing Hillary doesn’t know how to fix!

  128. Oh, yeah! Under “мой блоги” it lists my old blog and this blog! (my dashboard is in Russian lol)

  129. I/We love you, Uppity. God, when it rains, it pours…and it has certainly poured in Uppityland this week. This youtube collage of zany things and PEOPLE might garner a smile

    The comment by Barf on the passing of Ferraro was beyond pale. WTF is wrong with him? Idiot just kissed any chance of Hillary staying on if he wins another term goodbye.

  130. oh great. wtf???

  131. I don’t see it in russian on MY dash. What the hell?

  132. Go to your old blog and see what language it’s in.

  133. Loved the story of Uppitys dog bringing her his toys! What a sweetheart!

    I heard about Geraldine earlier, what a loss for all women. It was after Teeth Olberfuehrer did his rant on her that Hubbie & I decided we were done with MSGNY. We wrote several emails to them and their sponsors, telling them why. RIP Gerry, and thanks for being there!

    Re: funny movies. I remember screaming with laughter when I first saw A Fish Called Wanda in the theater in Westwood. The audience was laughing so hard, you could hardly hear the dialogue. Don’t know if this is the best clip, think you have to see the whole thing. Kevin Kline won an oscar for it. Another hilarious movie is Nuns on the Run, another brit movie we love.

  134. Keith Olberman got his. The trash can, where he belongs. A few months is a lifetime in that business. Keith, Campbell. Forgotten. As it should be.

  135. Odd Lorac, I remember getting an email from WP recently that you hit the Like button on one of my posts. I get them when somebody Likes a post. Your subject line was in Russian. I think your blog settings aren’t in English.

  136. No, no, it’s my computer. I like Russian lol

    One time I switched some website or other to Russian for the heck of it, maybe it was a wordpress site, but now a lot of things are in Russian. I don’t remember how I did it, I thought it would just affect that one site, but it’s a lot of sites – but as I said, I think maybe just wordpress sites. I may have to figure out how to switch it back, so I can follow the posting commands – I may not know all the words! lol

  137. lorac, if you can’t get into your blog settings, clear your cache, reboot and come back. Maybe it’s just a glitch.

  138. oh how funny – yes you’re correct, the setting is in Russian. I didn’t know when I hit “like” that Russian would be sent to you! LOL

  139. Wow…sad news about Gerry. I hope whoever does her eulogy makes a point to say, “Gerry was many things but most of all, Gerry was right.”

  140. UW. I am so sorry for your loss. Every time I have lost my furry family member, I just think about how they are with God. Happy, healthy, and waiting for me. I also realize that I have to go find another one to adopt, spoil, play, and welcome into my family. One less puppy, or kitty, without a loving home! Darn it UW, yur about to make this redneck tear up. 🙂

  141. OK, no worries, I just switched it back to English, so no Russian unintentionally shows up in the post!

  142. lorac, you’re so funny! Russian!

  143. Love the new sidebar pic of Gerry! Well done!

  144. lol socal – that’s me! Kind of weird! 🙂

    I guess I’ll have to find out how to say “screeeetch” in Russian when I’m ready to post, so FF will still love me haha

  145. I clicked on the huffpo piece on Gerry. The pic was atrocious and the article sucked. I glanced at a few of the comments and what I saw were nice comments anyway. I’m glad there are some decent people left there.

  146. w shit….I posted a different “collage” than intended, which already appeared upthread….Here’s one you’ve seen of four-footed friends=

  147. John thank you for reminding me why you are my favorite redneck of all time. I also remember how you were taking care of that stray who showed up at your home. I don’t forget those things.

  148. Amen Sophie!

  149. Lorac, eh, when I got the Russian email I mumbled, “Lorac. It figures”.

  150. Cute kittie vid Hal. Could hardly believe how big the cat was in the end (the man holding him).

  151. I expect to see your post in the morning.

    ……..tapping foot.

  152. UW. The stray; Mange, disappeared. I figured he went into witness protection. Mangey dude was tuff! I adopted a pure white deaf kitty and named her Violet. The puppy I adopted last year, who once fitted nicely into my hand, is a 1 year old 60 pound bundle of nitro named Hazel. I still have the Dane, Lucy, and the grand old man mastiff, Dude. Though his days are dwindling. My girlfriend does not like me naming animals with old people names. I love it, sounds like I am calling in the residents of an old folks home for bingo and beer night!

  153. John, Mange probably just found a sucker to take him indoors is all. They do that sometimes, so look at it that way. Or maybe he went home. lol. Did you know that a large number of white cats with blue eyes are deaf? It’s a gene combo that does it. White cats with yellow eyes are not affected. The great thing about deaf cats is they are remarkably calm since they don’t hear noises. It’s dangerous for them outdoors though as they can’t hear cars or predators. You did a good thing. I also had a deaf cat, my soul cat got vestibular disease secondary to tooth infection when he was 16. We had his teeth cleaned at that age. He came out deaf but he didn’t care. That cat was great with hand signals too. Didn’t bother him one bit. He was very secure and da boss of the cats and the most lovable guy on earth. He lived to 21. So, you’ve got a good cat there and don’t discount those hand signals!

    Puppy is just a BIG puppy now. I had no idea you had a dane! I love those dogs.

  154. socal – THANKS!

    UW – I’m workin’, I’m workin’!!

    Even though I’m just slipping them on for a moment, they’re big shoes to fill!

  155. lorac! I can’t wait to read your post on Geraldine Ferraro. Having read what you wrote earlier, I know it will be great! And no trashing the place just cuz Uppity gave you the keys….anyway, Tim Kaine might come and take the keys away….or make a key fob sayin’ he’s gonna take the keys….or get out of the ditch…..or something……never mind……how about some PIE? 🙂

  156. Eh, you can handle it, lorac. Besides, it keeps you from trashing the place.

  157. Big puppy is right. I lay on the couch, and Hazel’s on my chest, Lucy is under my legs, and Dude is on the floor/ I call my Man-Cave the Dog pound. Yes, Violet stays in her very own bedroom she shares with two other cats; Kitters and Sadie; my G-friends cats. wow, 21 years! That is a lotta good times and lovin’ with one furry family member. You are so blessed! Kinda like a beer truck driver that gets locked in his own trailer. Sorry, just a beer fantasy of mine.

  158. I hadn’t eaten all day. Some people eat when they are despondent. I do the opposite. I shut it down. Then tonight I made myself some blueberry pancakes. Comfort food was needed.

  159. You are so blessed! Kinda like a beer truck driver that gets locked in his own trailer.


  160. John, most every cat I’ve had lived close to 20. My little guy would have too but that he had a silent genetic thing going on. Animals love living with me. People say when they die they want to come back as one of my pets.

  161. Well you look at this horse crap? Now they are associating going to church with obesity. Of course, going to mosque is probably good. What a bunch of assholes. I wonder who paid for this bullshit study.

    I see the article orginates in Chicago. Figures.

  162. UW, same here. I have said this before: If I could own, lease, or rent 10-20 acres of fenced land. And build shelters for stray and abused dogs and cats, I would quit my job in a second. I just feel as though they are God’s gift to us, and that they remind us that we need to think about others, and not ourselves all of the time. Ok, I know that sounds pretty “fairy-duster” but I trust you won’t rat this neck out. LOL!

  163. Love the photo of Ferraro in the top sidebar!

  164. UW…more fun times in Chi-town from years past.
    Caught this channel surfing recently. Back in the 1980’s, the leader of “the most powerful and organized street gang in Chicago” converted to Islam via the prison system (Leavenworth). He then forced the conversion of the entire black street gang to Islam, killing members who refused to convert. Then, he attempted to buy high-powered rocket launchers from Libyan leader and terrorist Moammar Gadhafi to wage jihad in Chicago. You may find the video … Read More

    via Creeping Sharia

  165. Yeah John, well that seems about right for the “religion of peace”. Translation: Peace if you join.

  166. imust, I copped that photo of Gerry off Murphy’s post. I just felt horribly guilty that I couldn’t get my shit together to write one myself.

  167. john, you might be a closet fairy-duster, but dammit you’re MY fairy-duster. And ditto. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would disappear into the world of animals and never look back. I actually know people who did exactlly what you describe. They are a sanctuary now and they do very well for and by cats, dogs, llamas, horses, ducks, you name it. It’s a beautiful place to behold.

  168. Uppity! Youmustnotfeelguilty! What you do every day, and have done for 3 years, pays the highest tribute to Geraldine Ferraro.

  169. The “other woman” loves youse.

  170. Shameless how lorac and FF are conducting a l’affaire under our very noses, eh UW?!

  171. Mein Schatz=my treasure. Is that what you meant?

  172. LOL NES! You are so funny!

  173. I think it’s only us west coasters NES!

  174. Uh oh, ze fox ist in ze hen house.

  175. Is that French? Or Russian? Are you a spy???

  176. I am drinking Champagne. I decided to celebrate, rather than mourn Gerry’s death.

  177. Hey, while you’re there, slip on her bra and report on where in the line she was standing.

  178. I am celebrating the LIFE of Geraldine Ferraro…..I am thankful that she was such a strong voice for women….I am remembering how I felt when I voted for her…and that other guy…Mondale…..(I was really voting for HER) back in 1984!

  179. where’s lorac???

  180. Good on ya, imust. I’m in Vegas actually. What a craaaazy town. Going to hit the sack now – with some champers to celebrate Gerry’s fabulousness.

    I shudder to think what our lorac is getting up to, under the cover of darkness, in UW’s salon.

  181. Exactly, Upps — what imust said.

  182. You’re the PRIMA Liebling!

  183. So cool that you annointed lorac, UW. Well-chosen.
    Actually, I thought she could just post her comment re Gerry; it was powerful.

  184. Wish I’d had a vote back then.

  185. Viva Las Vegas NES! I’d sure like to get this thread to 200 comments….but alas….I am alone with my champagne….

  186. I will let you share my vote from 1984 NES…..I know you would have voted for her if you could have….I was so young and hopeful….I actually thought a woman would be president in my lifetime…..

  187. Your swell little guy and Gerry Ferraro stepping past the Pearly Gates into the tuna/steak/chicken buffet together, Uppity–I kinda like the visual.

    I’m sad for your loss.

    As for funny movie scenes, the one I imagine involves various members of the Fourth Estate and an array of farm implements, which would have to be stored as toxic waste after use.

  188. ====== крииииииииииик !


    ====== screeeeeeeech!

  189. LOL lorac!
    SCREEEEEEEECH! Right back atcha!
    Ready to read your post….glad I stayed up for it!

  190. imust – I just read the end of this thread. Oh wow, I was channeling you! lol

  191. awww…..imustbetouched! Thank you lorac! You are one in a million!

  192. Oh, man, I was slaving over a hot stove post all night, and you guys are here wondering how my cup size measures up to all the other chicks in the hen house! I just finally learned some html, I use them in comments now, but it wouldn’t work when composing the post – I had to learn the wordpress way of doing it. I never used them on the little blog I had – never even knew how to post a picture! But the two people who each wandered once onto my blog never complained…. lol

  193. imust: I was so young and hopeful….I actually thought a woman would be president in my lifetime…..

    Did you see how I was talking about that? Really, you must have been sending your vibes to me! Thanks! lol

  194. Yep, I would have.

  195. Was actually wondering about Upps’ cup, given her frequent disclaimers of size.

  196. If I were a spy, that would be telling.

  197. Lorac, methinks NES was old enough to vote but she came to this country the wrong way. If she had just strolled over the border and stolen an ID she could have voted for Gerry.

  198. Ah, the Cup Question. Where would I be without it? I don’t bother wearing one, NES. j/k. ..Well only half the time..

    Poor NES is growing old. She forgot she already guessed long ago. Now behave or Mom will have to smack you.

  199. You are correct, UW.

  200. No smacks! Whip or paddle!!

  201. It’s that pesky photographic memory, NES. However, to use your methodology, please note that I affirm or deny nothing contained or not contained or implied in your ‘guess’ comment.


  202. great post.great comments..hugs you all and a big HI!! to Joey,,good to see you 🙂

  203. Whoa! That qualifies you for a JD.

  204. Yes NES I’m going to get my JD at the new Five Minute University. THis concept was started by Fr. Guido Sarducci and, given the I Want It Now attitude of Gen Y, it is going to catch on.

  205. Oh, Uppity! I am so sorry for your loss! I should have known to come here….we are spending our last days with our 14 year old beloved lab who has bone cancer. The last two weeks have been very difficult, but we are cherishing the time. We took him to the lake and he swam . Took a good family photo. My kids are taking turns sleeping with him. Our sweet vet keeps telling me we will know when it is time to make that decision and I am dreading that because I know we are close.
    My heart truly hurts for you…

  206. gagirl!! I am SO glad to see you! And I thank you so much for taking the time to console me. Looks like you are hurting too. I feel for you. It’s always the worst part of having a pet, isn’t it? But still…it’s worth it for the unqualified love they give us. The family photo just broke me up. Please know that it’s the kindest thing we can do for them. It’s just not so good on us. It’s one of the hardest descisions to make but we make it for them. Hugs to you. Lots of them. And bless you and your family — and please know that if you need Uppity’s place, we are here for you always. Please remember that if your Lab is 14, you surely did something right, as he loved his life enough to reach that age. That is a huge compliment, gagirl. And yes, he will let you know.

  207. UW: My tears for you and your beloved little boy,

    I’m a bit late.
    Between this thread and Geraldine’s I lost all my mascara.
    Love and Hugs to all our Uppity Woman.

  208. Thank you Michelina. You folks are the best.

  209. Well folks, for the third year in a row, seniors are being told the cost of living hasn’t gone up and their COLA is therefore not necessary. Does anybody here think the cost of living hasn’t gone up this year? Well phooey, the cost of food, housing and oil are not included in their “special” calculations just for seniors. The average social security yearly income is less than $14,000. I believe, and I believe this firmly, that Barack Obama will rue the day he ever fucked with America’s seniors. Every single one of them will go vote for ANYTHING that runs against him, if they have to be wheeled in. I also personally know some seniors who got letters from doctors telling them as of Jan 1 of this year, they no longer accept medicare due to the drastic cuts in payouts. If I know people it’s happened to, it’s happening everywhere. Rue it. He will Rue It.

  210. I filled my tank at $3.719

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