Geraldine Ferraro – RIP

Geraldine Ferraro - a heroine for us all

March 26, 2010.  Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for vice-president on a major party ticket, has died.  A true heroine of our time is no longer with us.

Ms. Ferraro, or “Gerry” as she was known to many, accomplished many “firsts”.  Notably, Gerry had some “Uppity blood” in her:  she was also the first Italian-American to run on a major party ticket.  She led a full life of family and career, working tirelessly for women and other people whose voices were not being heard.  She started her career as a second grade teacher, but was pursuing her law degree at the same time.  Gerry married John Zaccaro soon after achieving her law degree, and while they were young, she stayed home to raise her children.  However, during this time, she performed pro-bono legal work for women and children.  Her next move was to become an assistant district attorney in New York.  While there, she continued her advocacy work for women and children, creating the Special Victims Unit.  She moved on to serve 3 terms in Congress before she became the vice-presidential democratic nominee. 

There is much, much more about Gerry’s life and career.  I think what is already clear is that she was a “workhorse”.  She was always moving forward, always looking for more opportunities to help others, especially women and children.  She encountered push-back throughout her career, as Uppity Women do, but it never daunted her.  Indeed, I think one of the things we all most admire about her was her ability to always speak clearly and forcefully; she did not suffer fools – or sexist pigs – gladly.

It’s no wonder that she and Hillary Clinton struck up such a strong friendship.  

I think there are many of us here “of a certain age”.  We were on the youngish side when Gerry ran for vice-president – full of hope for the future, fresh with energy from the power and sisterhood we experienced in the women’s movement.  We thought the passage of the ERA was surely just around the corner.  But we watched as journalists and newscasters seemed more interested in critiquing what Gerry wore than in discussing her qualifications or platform.  And we watched Reagan Reagan! win 49 of the states.  To many of us, the whole country regressed, and the gains we had tirelessly fought for as women were dealt a huge setback.  And then the “3rd wave” of “feminism” came along – talk about a setback!

When Hillary reappeared on the scene, the clouds parted, the sky opened again.  And there, too, was Gerry, working tirelessly on behalf of her friend.  We felt the power of women again, and how wonderful it was to have such accomplished, strong, intelligent role models front and center again!  But it was more than that.  Both of these women were true public servants – they entered politics to help others, not to get rich with bribes, not to get some kind of fix from hearing the roar of the crowds.  So, yes, it was validating to have women to vote for.  But most importantly, they were people of substance!  And we could vote for them!  How refreshing in the world of politics!

Well, we here all know the rest of the story.  We know of the cheating employed against Hillary, the race-baiting, the sexism.  I’ll always be thankful that Gerry and her inimitable spirit were there during Hillary’s campaign to set the record straight in ways that Hillary, as the candidate, could not.  As imust reminded us in the previous comment section, Gerry got some zingers in:

“Every time that campaign is upset about something, they call it racist. I will not be discriminated against because I’m white. If they think they’re going to shut up Geraldine Ferraro with that kind of stuff, they don’t know me.”

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

Here I’m reminded of commenter Sophie’s wise observation:  “Gerry was many things but most of all, Gerry was right.”  And imustquoteimustagain – Uppity honors Geraldine every day by hosting a blog that fights for women’s voices.

While many things could be put in Gerry’s obit, here’s “the rest of the story” that the MSM would never deign to include:

“My name is Geraldine Ferraro,” she declared. “I stand before you to proclaim tonight: America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us.”

Her acceptance speech launched eight minutes of cheers, foot-stamping and tears. However, Ms. Ferraro’s declaration, which deeply resonated with so many women weary of second-class status, was premature. Even now, 27 years later, her proclamation is still a dream.

Just two years ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton ran for the office of the presidency.  The media, rather than being objective, was roundly against her, employing sexist language and race-baiting in their attempts to squash her momentum. In addition, her opponent’s forces conducted large scale cheating in the caucuses.  Though well documented, the story of the caucus fraud was not picked up by the mainstream media, whose favored candidate it would discredit.

Despite these attempts to subvert our nation’s first chance to have a leader from the ranks of our largest demographic, Ms. Clinton was still able to win the popular vote in the democratic primary; indeed, she won the most votes of any candidate in any party in history.   Undaunted in their quest to win at any cost, these un-democratic, misogynistic forces then literally stole delegates from Ms. Clinton, in order to cripple her win, then denied her the right to fight at the Democratic National Convention.

Geraldine Ferraro was, not surprisingly, a staunch advocate of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy. Predictably, the same misogynistic voices used to mischaracterize and demean Ms. Clinton, were also used against her supporter, Ms. Ferraro, during Ms. Clinton’s historic run for the presidency.

The public is ready for a female president and vice president, as seen by Ms. Clinton’s historic win of the popular vote in the primaries, and Ms. Palin’s popularity during the general election. We’ve come a long way since Ms. Ferraro’s groundbreaking run for the vice presidency. But we still await the day when an intelligent, competent public servant, who happens to be female, will be allowed by the media and the political parties to claim their place as the highest office holders in our nation.

So, as we mourn the passing of Geraldine Ferraro, we also mourn that her dream of women’s equality has still not yet been realized.


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  1. Yay!!!! Am I famous yet?

  2. Wow! Great post lorac! And you are famous…in our eyes! Thank you for writing this…’s to Geraldine Ferraro…..this one’s for the girls…

  3. Thanks for posting that, imust. I’d never seen that before. These two women have really touched my life. We’ve all really experienced a great loss with the passing of Geraldine. I’m so glad she and Hillary were friends.

  4. Yay, killer post! You’re famous…the most famous Russian blogger evah.

  5. A beautiful tribute to an inspiring woman. I rarely cry but Geraldine’s life and accomplishments, and loracs wonderful post are worthy of my tears. I don’t know what else to say, except that we must keep this history alive, so to lorac I say, Thank You & Well Done, Sister!

  6. Well done, Lorac! I was SO SHOCKED when I read she had died.

    I was remembering this morning I had a Ferraro Campaign poster in my office while I was working at an Art Studio in Atlanta.

    I came in one day and it was torn to pieces. I was horrified on a variety of levels. Turns out it was the owner’s son – a real prick “Christian” Fundamentalist (before they were mainstream) – who just couldn’t stomach the thought of a woman doing ANYTHING other than getting pregnant and cooking dinner.

    My boss, a very nice man, was livid with him and apologized as best he could, but the damage, in more ways than one, was done.

    Thirty or so years later, it is clear not much has changed. Remember when people were stealing and destroying Clinton posters in people’s yards?

    We have SO FAR to go in the nation – and this world.

    Again, well done. And thank you.

  7. Lorac wins a penguin!!!!!!

  8. I’ve read a lot about Geraldine Ferraro the past two days and this is the strongest, most spot on, piece I’ve seen.

    Thank you!

  9. Oh WELL DONE Lorac! Are you secretly a journalist in exile for actually knowing how to assemble facts into a coherent story?
    imust- thanks for that vid- I had not seen it before.

  10. You will never know how much I appreciate you doing this post, Lorac.


  11. lorac, ditto what everyone else has already typed. Beautiful, heartfelt post building on your comment from the movies thread. And of course you are famous with those that matter!

  12. Lorac what a fantastic piece. You honored her very well.

  13. Just popped over to Murphy’s- she posted Ms Ferraro’s VP nomination acceptance speech. What a great speech she gave! Can’t help wondering WTF is wrong with this country- a woman can set it out- and be RIGHT- and still we elect the boyz.
    Queen Elizabeth could sympathize- her nobles were forever trying to make her marry as they did not believe a woman could rule.

  14. You do Geraldine Ferraro proud by being so fierce, so truthful, and so insightful. The strides made by people like Ferraro were hard won, and the setbacks won by opponents were frustrating but also wounding – not only to the individuals and groups, feminists, gays, those fighting for social justice, but to our society as a whole.

    And we watched Reagan Reagan! win 49 of the states. To many of us, the whole country regressed, and the gains we had tirelessly fought for as women were dealt a huge setback. And then the “3rd wave” of “feminism” came along – talk about a setback!

    This, I think, is a pivotal part of the story. There were lots of problems in the 70s but it was the 1980s when things seemed to be better, but it was all make-believe built on debt and deceit and divisiveness, when the worm turned. As you said, Reagan won 49 states, and then the propaganda was Reagan brought back elegance and prosperity and swagger, when the truth was gays being branded with you-deserve-it-AIDS and women being re-trivialized with you-deserve-it-Clairol. (in the 70s women finally burned their girdles and today women love their Spanks – what IS that?!) Our young adults today were children then, being fed very damaging lessons that led to too many damaging choices exemplified in Dubya and then Obama. Nothing illustrated it more precisely than the TIME cover with the photoshopped picture of Reagan with his arm over Obama’s shoulder, laughing together, and the headline Why Obama Hearts Reagan.

    Geraldine Ferraro was one of the beacons of light on the hill. Reagan and those who heart him are fool’s gold.

  15. Ironically, it does appear that the women have the cojones. And the….um……clarity. The are always the targets because they force certain men to actually work and think. Why work and think when you can marginalize your intellectual superiors and golf and play?

  16. Geraldine Ferraro was one of the beacons of light on the hill. Reagan and those who heart him are fool’s gold.

    That is SO well put!

  17. I can’t remember which woman it was Reagan appointed, but I think it was Day-O’Conner with the SCOTUS, when his mic picked up him telling the husband something to the effect of Let me know if this takes too much time from her, or some such thing. Reagan was a Daddy figure to todays’ fake third wave, methinks. Lulled them into stupidity. But you know what? It’s worse now under Obama. Far worse. I will tell you this: GW Bush didn’t trivialize women like Obama does. Bush didn’t do the regressive damage, Obama did. And he did it fast and maliciously, too. We would have been better off keeping Bush and that’s not saying much at all.

    And one more thing. At least Laura gave a shit about women in the Middle East. That’s more than I can say for Michelle, “eat this, not that” Obama.

  18. Absolutely right, UW.

    And not to get all Freudian about it but I think it’s in part because even though she’s what rhymes with witch, Barbara Bush is a strong woman who takes control of her fate, she demands respect from men. There are all kinds of things to disagree with her about, but it must be noticed that Barbara Bush owns herself, and Dubya Bush reflects the respect for women that men who grow up with mothers like that get ingrained into them.

  19. Seriously, I would pay at this point to take Bush back. At least when he decided to blow something up, he had the mind to tell Americans what he was doing. He didn’t run off to trim brush in Texas during serious moments. So far, every time some shit hits a fan or Obama throws some shit at a fan, he’s climbing the stairs on Air Force One while he’s doing it. I’m sick of this president visiting America between his world tour events where he keeps trying to interview as Lord Of Everything and Mr. Congeniality, while they laugh their asses off at him. He fits in well in the Middle East with those monarchs who don’t think they need to bother with people while they build their own bank accounts and live in opulence. He’s a perfect match. And he’s a good match for Islam too.

  20. sheikh obama.

  21. Do you see the yank jobs the Republicans have for presidential candidates? Obama is going to win again with this lineup. Even Donald looks good next to them. My God, Newt Gingrich? Are these people kidding? I want some of what they’re having because they think they actually have some winners. Far as I can see, with this lineup and Obama, we are not going to be in any better shape no matter who wins…for SURE women are doomed either way.

    Two hijacked parties taking chances apiece minding everybody’s business and not taking care of business. Death by Fire vs. Death by Drowning. There’s not an honest one among them.

  22. The power money people who help Republicans get into office have no reason to replace Obama – he’s doing exactly what they want. And this way ObamaDems defend the policies that normally Democrats would rage against – and we’re dismissed or called racist if we criticize Obama for the exact same thing we’d criticize Republicans about. Imagine the uproar from Democrats if a Republican President had pushed through RomneyCare or failed to regulate banking or failed to aggressively deal with the foreclosure crisis or joblessness, or extended Bush’s tax cuts — but Obama did all that and ObamaDems defend it, and Dems vote for Obama again because he’s not a dreaded Republican.

    Why would the plutocracy put a Republican in the White House so long as a Democrat with the teflon shield of black skin is doing their dirty work?

  23. Nice tribute, uppity.

  24. jay, Lorac wrote it. I cannot tell a lie.

  25. Boy you’ve got that right, Z.

  26. Excellent, excellent post and beautiful tribute, Lorac
    Amazing voice! Brava!

    “I’m sick of this president visiting America between his world tour events “

    UW – Perhaps one of the most succinct and accurate characterizations of our Toy President’s first (and only) term.

  27. Well done, lorac.

    I remember voting for Gerry too.

  28. Am so proud to say that my first ever vote in a presidential election was for the ticket that included this remarkable woman!

    RIP Gerry.

  29. Wonderful write up Lorac~

  30. UW – I just added this update to the bottom of the post. But it continued as part of the blockquote, and I don’t know how to fix that. Waaaaaaaa!

    UPDATE: Geraldine and Hillary both had numerous, substantial accomplishments to their name. They also had policy ideas and well-developed platforms, which they were very clear about in their speeches. And yet, most of the focus was on their appearance – their clothing, their hairstyles, Hillary’s ankles – or on their husbands’ activities. Supporters everywhere were crying out, “look at who they are, look deeper!” Certainly these two women themselves wanted nothing more than for people to focus on their substance, not unimportant details.

    Then we have Obama. The empty suit. The man who voted present at every opportunity. The man who passed no legislation in the Illinois senate that Emil Jones hadn’t stolen and put Obama’s name on. The man appointed to head the Harvard Law Review, but despite this apparently great honor, who wrote not one single article and who only occasionally breezed into Review meetings to honor them with his mere momentary presence. The man rejected as a job applicant at Columbia for lack of qualifications, but who was then shortly after miraculously provided with an office there and a class to teach. In short, the man who has coasted through his life, propelled forward by his sheer sense of entitlement and a lot of help from his “friends”.

    Obama is all superficial façade, but people convinced themselves there was depth. Gerry and Hillary had that depth, that substance, that life of hard work and achievement, but people stayed focused on the superficial, the unimportant, their physical appearance.

    WHAT a CROCK of SH*T! I don’t know how we get back from this sorry state, but we owe it to Gerry and Hillary to keep fighting. (I’m feeling a little UPPITY!)

  31. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I really, really appreciate it.

    Wait – I mean: I want to thank all the little people I stepped on, on my way to the top!

  32. Sophie, I had two Hillary posters framed, and they’re featured prominently on my wall. One of them is your icon!

    The other one says “Hillary for President”, and it has no year! Reusable!

  33. Laura Bush, still works diligently for Afghan women. Without fanfare…. And at least Bush loved the country and never needed to apologize to the world “O”and his wife are freeloaders! UGH!! Can someone tell him, also, the country was fine before he came along with his community organizing ideas and sharing the wealth?

  34. I fixed it Lorac, although IMO it changed the mood of the post. Kind of a detour from the beautiful tribute. I liked it better before the update. Just my two cents.

  35. lorac: This poster of Hillary is one of my favorites, but your icon is my number 1 favorite!

  36. I don’t know that he’s one term Anthony. Look at the Republican field. It’s pathetic. Reruns, former rejects, dreamers and extremists. You pick.

    I love you for that email you sent me, man.

  37. I’m getting a shake my head kick out of Fox doing the Gerry thing. They have all Republican women on blowing Gerry’s horn and seem to skip right over Hillary when mentioning women who followed. Another bunch of one-sided propagandists, the mirror image of MSNBC. Reminds me of why I no longer believe the news channels unless it’s the most obvious non-political coverage, which is rare these days.

  38. UW, thanks for fixing it. But I see your point. So I fixed it back! It’s in the comments now, anyway.

    But – is there an easy way for you to tell me how you fixed that? If it’s too hard to explain, that’s okay, I was just curious.

  39. Fox knows that Hillary is still a threat. Not just in that she may run again, but that she’s the real deal. And they know it. So they try to airbrush her out of the picture….

  40. Just my theory, but–I think The Powers That Be are getting what they wanted from Obama, which is a continuation of Bush. I think that’s why they picked him. They would never have gotten that from Hillary. So, TPTB set up some half-ass R challengers, so they can keep BO. Thus preventing Hillary from running because they’re certain she wouldn’t challenge a sitting Prez.

    I personally am praying that Hillary has an America-First epiphany and decides to damn the torpedoes. Not likely since she’s defending BO’s delayed actions on Greet the Mess today.

  41. Gerry segment on Greet the Mess right now.

  42. Oh LOL lorac. You didn’t have to erase it, I was just being a critic is all.

    Yes, you should always use the HTML editor tab at the top right to fix things. It shows the code. What happened when you added was the code to close the blockquote showed up at the end of your update. Thus, it became part of the original quote. So when stuff isn’t quite right, just go from the Visual editor to the HtML editor to fix it.

  43. I am book-marking this post so I can read it once again each week.

    It’s wonderful in so many ways – but most of all in reminding me of what we almost had – a strong, intelligent POTUS.

    It will keep me angry – and proud – for the rest of my life. Thank heavens for Gerry and Hillary!!!!!!

  44. Sophie, she works for him. We’ve all been there. If she ever let loose, she would have to have her resignation letter ready immediately. It might just happen because she’s looking pretty miffed.

  45. See Lorac? You’re a hit!

  46. For all of you who were hoping Cinie might return, please note her blog has been removed.

    I will be deleting it from the roll.

  47. Hillary and Gates were on Meet the Press and Hillary was shown a video of Ferraro being questioned about whether she had the strength to press the button for a nuke war. Ferraro’s response was brilliant and a real smack down for those who think women are weak and can’t lead.

    Hillary proceeded to illustrate that by making the case for the action in Libya. obama is still MIA.

  48. lorac, your post is a great tribute to Ferraro. She was so much more that “window dressing.” A real woman of substance.

  49. Hugo, this libya thing is just so illustrative all the way around, about who and what Obama is. He’s a serious pansy who can’t think on his feet. If someone were hanging by their thumbs and Obama had to decide whether or not to take the person down, the body would be on the ground and thumbs would be left in the rope because this wuss doesn’t understand and it not capable of making timely decisions in the face of A Critical Priority. He also spends all his time campaigning for Mr. Congeniality and we both know that a leader who wants to be all things to all people is a failure in every way. This sissy has no strength and, coupled with no real world experience except how to play the system, he is the most dangerous white house occupant of all time.

  50. SCREETCH! Look what I found! I added it to the post, okay, Lorac?

  51. Care to revise this, dipwad? Since it all turned out to be the truth? By the way, nobody even knows who the H you are. Get a shave.

  52. “Well I think we’ve still got some work to do…”. Yeah, you do. When you gonna start?

  53. Another one, ala Dick Morris, who would be working in a department store if it weren’t for the Clintons. And check out the axelrod “wink and nod” quote. I guess it’s just okay when it’s women you are shitting on. This segment is a great reminder of why you don’t watch CNN any longer.

  54. Gerry kicks a condesencing bastard in his sexist ass.

  55. UW, great find! A perfect ending!

  56. I like the tie in of Ferraro and Clinton. If you listen to Gerry’s acceptance speech (or read it) from 1984 it sounds like it could have been said by Hillary in 2008. They both talked about American dream of the working class….work hard, play by the rules and you will get ahead as long as the playing field is level. They both talked of their strong parents who instilled those values.Those of us who voted for Gerry back in 1984 and patiently waited 24 years before seeing another woman have a real chance of leading this country had to endure not just another political loss, but to witness the misogyny and sexism that we thought we had put behind us so many years ago. As someone said up thread, wemustkeepthishistoryalive! Thank you lorac for a wonderful tribute to Gerry…and to history…..HERstory.

  57. I thought you would want it. oh man there’s a boatload of great vids of her on youtube.

  58. Thanks for the great post Lorac. By the way, you can step on me anytime on your way to the top. LOL.

  59. well Lorac you are a star.great post thanks 🙂

  60. Wow that Wolf Blitzer video really shows the CNN bias during the campaign. Brazille tries to stay low keyed but Sanchez and Wolf are over the top pushing the race card.

  61. Great post, lorac. Ferarro’s legacy is alive as a result of her tireless dedication to women’s representation and empowerment in life.

  62. UW, I don’t care how narrow the field is – I would vote for a dead monkey on a stick instead of this ass-clown.

    And yes, I’m fully aware that the last time I said that, John Kerry got the nomination. Had no idea that the Universe would take me so literally (its just a barrel of f*cking laughs sometimes, isn’t it….) and if it does again, so be it. I’m so done…

    Besides, at this point, we’re shot, so wtf?

    ALSO: that email thing? Totally a 2 way street 😉

  63. can u fix the italics on my comment please? Was so pissed off I think I missed a character

  64. Hope I fixed it right, Anthony. Let me know. loll on the dead monkey on a stick. And Kerry. I’m cracking up here.

  65. yes, And thank you. ANd I would even vote for him again at this point……

  66. Oh hahahaha. How bad is it that we are willing to vote for Dracula? Seriously. I mean bring us Weekend at Bernie and he will look better than this dipwad. and bernie would work just as hard too.

  67. Bernie Lomax for President!

  68. Truer words were never spake — “…visiting America on his world tour events” is a keeper.

  69. Yep, has a certain ring to it.
    I’ll raise you one — Obamaof Arabia. [Cue the music.]

  70. Lorac’s a winner. She snagged quite a few lurkers too.

  71. Gasp, Anthony, I was just thinking. Based on previous performance, I think the Republicans are more than capable of coming up with a dead monkey on a stick.

  72. The way I see it is that Dubbya put us in the crapper, and The Changeling pulled the handle.

    All bets are off. We can’t be any worse off.

    Lewis Black may have it right. Here’s something you might be able to embed:

    It’s hilarious.

    “We’re done with presidents. We’ve tried every option and flavor. Stupid, smart, white, black – doesn’t work.

    What this country needs is a crazy third-world dictator, and Donald Trump has what it takes to be that!”

    The bad thing about satire is that it masks the truth so accurately it’s shocking when it finally sinks in

  73. I’m gonna try – hope you don’t mind

    Vodpod videos no longer available.

  74. Hugo, Obama MIA with Hillary and Gates on TV all morning made it seem like the grown ups were in charge again.

  75. Teresainpa, that’s the best case scenario for us. The Clown Prince needs to stay out of sight while the real leaders take care of business. He’s proabably hiding in Lincoln’s bedroom with the covers pulled over his head.

  76. I can’t read any more – I have to leave again this weekend. So I’m adding my comment before I get to read everyone’s additions.

    lorac ~ Brava! What a wonderful post/tribute to Geraldine Ferraro. You captured the woman I voted for
    so very long ago.

    and ……You have been famous for quite a while – this just makes it official.

    And to those whose comments I have read today ~ I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m here. We share so many common thoughts, goals and values.

  77. Uppity, you nailed it. Obama is the pansy-in-chief.

    With the Libya thing, I don’t love the idea of getting us involved in another military action, but I would have no problem making the case for doing it. If any ME leader has it coming, aside from Ahmenutcase in Iran, it’s Quadaffi. PanAm/Lockerbie, springing the bomber and the night club bombing, and now genocide at home–enough said. Bombs away. But the pansy-in-chief can’t man up. Thank nGod we have Hillary to “woman up.”

  78. Our military involvement in Libya is wrong.

    We’re there for two reasons. Oil. And it’s easy.

    There’s horrendous shit done to human beings all over the world and we don’t get involved.

  79. Zal, dead on. While the U.S. don’t get much oil from Libya, the European nations do. The powers that be could have taken Quadaffy out many years ago, but chose not to take action. Now that international attention is being directed toward the mideast, Q’daffy is the latest bug-a-bear, after Mubarek. Both men were propped up by western interests for years, however the Egyptian situation focused attention, so perhaps the powers that Be felt they had to make an effort to remain relevant.
    It doesn’t matter about women and children being raped or women checked for virginity in Egypt, people being slaughtered in Libya and rape as a weapon – it was no big deal when it happened in the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Nigeria or Rwanda. It’s the same old, same old. Oil. I know that the U.S. only imports 2% of it’s oil requirements from Libya, however Europe is a big customer. What other reason would there be for the Pan Am bomber to be released and sent back to papa Q’daffy, who probably ordered the bombing to begin with.

  80. BTW, Zal, have you seen Romeo Dallaire’s documentary “Shake hands with the Devil” about the Rwanda genocide. If not, it’s a must see, but it’s very, very disturbing and it is not complimentary towards the U.N. . Dallaire was the commander of UNAMIR during the Rwanda crises under the auspices of the U.N. Peacekeeping forces.

  81. saw this in the comments on a nooze article –

    “We keep electing privileged assholes and then act all surprised when they turn out to be privileged assholes.”

    BBL – off to cook

    1. Zal, just because Europe gets Oil from Libya doesn’t mean this intervention is about Oil. The immediacy of watching his planes strafe people in the streets in real time is what this is about. Remember that this all started with his people in the streets demanding democracy… it did not start with the US or Europe.

      Sometimes it really is about humanitarianism. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
      I trust Hillary Clinton, it is just too bad that Obama was so slow on the uptake. This could all have been much easier if we had moved quicker.

    2. With you on this, Zal.

      Moreover, we’re probably helping those who’ll be a future thorn in our side. (See link to Telegraph article I linked above.)

    3. NES, yup, what a surprise. It makes sense, anywhere there is a problem factions seem to take the opportunity to exert influence. It’s all about power, not democracy or rights for the most vulnerable, it’s all about who feels they have the divine right of kings. Surprise, they are all male fanatics, notwithstanding that they also have female acolytes who will self immolate at command. Similar to the 3rd wave idiots here who think that simulating rape in music videos and poronography in advertising is “Kewl”. Wait until these numbnut women finally realize that they are commodities – not equals.
      My apologies, I have a deep seated aversion to spending money needlessly to ensure that every other nation knows that our dog is bigger than you dog. We have first nation people who are dying on a daily basis, yet there is little money to address that problem. We have homeless people all over the continent – a whole bunch due to mental problems, but no money to deal with that – single mothers desperately trying to support their children but not only no money to deal with that, let’s take money away from any programs that try to address it, and sex education – take all money away from all those programs. Yet, there is money to support overseas incursions, which we have no idea of whom the real players are. One would think that after the CIA trained, armed and paid Bin Laden, they would have learned their lesson. No such luck. Some people are incapable of learning from their own mistakes. Unfortunately, I fear that our politicians have no idea of who is involved or what the final outcome possibilities are.

    4. In 2004 I worked with an organization to elect Kerry. Some of the people working with me were communists. Didn’t make me one, nor did it mean that Kerry winning was going to turn the US over to the Commies.

    5. The middle east isn’t the USA. We are talking about people who have never known freedom. They are sitting ducks just like they were sitting ducks for Daffy Duck. I would have bought the humanitarianism if we had gone there weeks ago. I agree that was an Obama decision, because all of his decisions take too long and are too little too late. Personally, I would have rather seen us arm the “freedom fighters” and let them fight their own battles like we have had to do in our country. I used “freedom fighters” because I distinctly recall that was what Reagan and Bush The First called Osama Bin Laden and his thugs when we armed them and trained them in Guerilla warfare in Quantico.

    6. Teresa, you make a mistake in assuming our system and rules of play apply in the ME. You are also mistaken in underestimating Al Qaeda and its fellow-warriors: they have no interest in democracy. They back elections, maybe, but only those that bring them to powern after which to hell with the franchise.

    7. Great post, Lorac. Gerry will be missed. I remember driving to Eugene to see her speak when she and Mondale were running. What an incredible woman. Such a loss to all of us.

    8. I remember how the Obama campaign and their supporters misinterpreted what Ms Ferraro said and then started in with all the false hysteria just like they did with the Clintons, portraying all of them as racist. I remember how easily my friends and family fell for it.
      I hate what Obama has done to race relations and gender issues in this country. He has set us back decades. Screw him and the DNC he rode in on.

    9. Well done, Lorac. I read this over my first cup of coffee this morning but didn’t have time to comment or read till I caught up. Great comments, as always from the uppityites.

      Up, hang in there girlfriend. Kitty is out of pain and free of this world full of problems. We are left to follow in our own due time. And we will be with them again – all those angels that went on ahead.

    10. Trained the taliban too UW

    11. teresa, Yep. Astounding, wasn’t it? They even got people to believe that Hillary wanted Obama to be assassinated because she mentioned the timing of RFK’s death. It was a statement made in a supermarket campaign stop, if I remember correctly. The question was pushing her about when is the right time for her to drop out and she said other primaries went all the way till the end, and she mentioned his ended in June. EVERY station and newspaper was accusing her of saying she hoped he’d be assassinated and then she could win. Ludicrous and bat-shit crazy attacks were constantly headed her way. AWFUL.

    12. Yup Karen, Ted Kennedy can kiss my ass all the way from his big fat grave.

    13. Ted Kennedy was always overrated. He traded on the fame of his brothers. Yes he did some good stuff, but he voted for some stinking stuff too, and I will never forget his callous behavior vis a vis Mary Jo Kopechne and his nephew (alleged rapist) William Smith. Just me, of course, but Ted Kennedy was like Wonder Bread – Good while it was fresh, but the best before date means throw it out before it becomes toxic. Unfortunately, Ted was well beyond his best before date.

    14. That RFK faux outrage was OBVIOUSLY so contrived it made me sick! And as you said, they just lapped it up. They each took turns chastising Hillary and it continued on a non-stop loop for days. If that didn’t prove how much they were “in the tank” for the Fraud…..I don’t know what else would.

    15. Ditto on the kiss my ass, Tedward. I hope his last lucid moment was a visual of Mary Jo standing there with steel toed boots, having the pleasure of kicking his ass downstairs. Tedward loved the poor, so long as they didn’t live too close. He was a champion of women, which is why he never met one he wouldn’t hump. He was a believer in alternative energy and blocked those windmills that he might see in a distance from his compound. I hope he’s stuck in a room with Bob Novak. They both deserve it.

    16. Exactly, Uppity. Ted was well beyond his best before date and an eternity with Novak, well that might not be the worst, however it’s close.

    17. One of the ridiculous things about the uproar over Gerry’s remark about barky being lucky to be who he was at this time is that, back then, on Barkys OWN US Senate webpage, were two articles posted. They were interviews of him, one by the NY Times and I think the other one was a Chicago paper; anyway, in both these articles, he said the same thing himself. He admitted that he was lucky to be black at that time becuz he was getting so much attention. He said something like [if I wasn’t a black man] I’d just be another one of six white freshman senators.” Something like that. I can’t find it and don’t remember the exact wording, but he was basically saying the same thing as Gerry. In fact, it looked to me at the time like she had read what she said from one of these articles. Back when this happened, I linked these articles on whatever websites we were all on, NQ, etc & wrote several emails to BSNBC & their sponsors where I quoted barkys own words from these interviews. I wish I could find them now. I tried a couple of searches but couldn’t find them & barks senate page is gone.

    18. ON the other hand, Geraldine Ferraro will be singing with the angels – and rightly so. I’m not a religious person, but I’ll betcha if there is a heaven, then Gerry will be greeted with open arms by a whole lot of incredible women who have gone before – she was one of them. She was a pioneer. Sad to imagine that she came after so many other feminist pioneers, and yet little had changed. Today feminist is a swear word amongst so many – yet we need feminism more today that at any time since the 80’s.

    19. I couldn’t stand Tedward either. I read an account of the Chappaquidick event that had new interviews from people who were there when it happened, and had important facts about how they found her in the car (kneeling on the ceiling of the car with her face upturned into the foot well of the car so she could breathe. She could have been saved but that asshole left her to die, didn’t call for help and then fled the island. He should have gone to jail for manslaughter at the least, and should never have been allowed to serve in the US Senate.

    20. Oh no, Feminist is no longer a wear word because now some Republican women use it. It’s Saintly now, expecially since it means returning to 1950.

    21. Hey socal, I want you to take a little guess as to who coined the name “Barky”. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    22. Agree about the RFK mfg outrage. I remember the headline on Huffpo that weekend was “Hillarys Very Bad Day”. I kept plugging in with “No, this is huffpo’s very bad day…” but the obots went absolutely ballistic over that. They were insane, saying Hil was signaling to people to kill him. And the media supporting them. I was never so disgusted.

    23. Uppity?

    24. socal, don’t waste your time – anything barky said that has anything to do with women have been scrubbed. Barky is an equal opportunity Elmer Gantry, and that equal opportunity has nothing to do with women, children, poor people or anyone other than those to whom Barky reports. He’s a chameleon – changes color whenever he’s in danger. He has no interest in anything other than his own advancement. Sad that the Presidency of the United States is now for sale to the highest bidder. I doubt that we ever thought that before this last cycle, but what else could explain this. Perhaps they should put a For Sale sign on the White House lawn. Actually, that would be a very strong statement, if one could only get the media to cover it, however the media marches when and where the White House dictates.

    25. Uppity, did you comment on TM back in 08? I know I read you on NQ then, before you put up this site. Anyway, I think TM freaked out when people weren’t worshipping Tedward after he died and brought up Chappa.

    26. HT, I’m sure they were scrubbed. I had saved the two articles for a long time, but think I must have finally trashed them. At the time, I didn’t know how to do a screen shot.

    27. Ding! Ding! Ding! Socal wins the microwave. ‘Twas indeed our UW.

    28. Uppity, DE coined Oilsoc, however I can’t remember exactly who coined Barky. My mind is working overtime. I think it was Mom, but then again it could have been Mary (who doesn’t come around anymore, but visits DE), or perhaps it was you, but I think it was Mom. Do I get a prize if I win?

    29. Yay! Uppity has coined a lot of fun stuff. I made up the word Michelda (Michelle & Imelda). Probably 5,000 other people did also.

    30. I remember a funny commenter at NQ named “Strawberry Bites Barky”. She changed it to that from just “Strawberry” after the bots started stealing screen names. I think she was a friend of Uppity’s as they seemed to work in tandem a lot! I loved reading those comments always coming fast and furious!

    31. HT, actually I claimed royalties on OILSOC, HT. I coined Lying Sack Of Crap back in 2008 with respect to the Incandescent One. But alas, I felt that it suited DE’s blog so well that I would take out the trade in free vases. By the way, I have a video of DE throwing a vase and you can’t see it. Nyah Nyah. he’s a cutie too. Nyah. And VERy talented. If I had to do what I watched him do, I would have thrown the damned thing against the wall.

    32. sheets, I screwed up again. Damme, somebody give me a brain transplant – or lots of wine.

      Uppityville, my oldest sister and bro-in-law were at my place today, and I found myself telling them all about the wonderful denizens of Uppityville and of course extolling the marvellous, miraculous abilities of our best buddie and marvelous scripter (meaning Uppity of course). Anyways, they were enthralled – you all got great reviews of course. They will probably never sign on, however my sis – 71 years old, and her hubby – 81 years old – agreed with everything I regaled. So much for the oldsters being conservative. And BTW, they loved my descriptions of all the Uppityville denizens. They will probably never visit but j I ust wanted you folks to know that it’s not just our community. There are a lot of people out there like my sis and bro in law. They just are not plugged in and need us to talk to them and get them away from those horrible propaganda programs disguising themselves as news.

    33. I lay claim to “REGRESSIVE” too, going all the way back to May, 2008. I love when things catch on.

    34. LOL imust, Stawberry and I were an act and a team all rolled into one.

    35. Yes you were Uppity! “Wildchild” often joined you as I recall too. I was never sure if Wildchild was a man or a woman, lol!

    36. Hey HT, please thank them for the review!

    37. Uppity, mea culpa on OilSoc, I’ve been here since 09, and with your and DE’s interaction everything gets blurred, or perhaps it’s the wine, or maybe I’m losing my marbles. I can still type, and thanks to foxylady, I’m doing exercises for a pinched Ulnar nerve and surprisingly I have some feeling back in my pinky finger. Anyway, my apologies I rememver Lying Sack of Shit – laughed throughout.
      You got Free vases? You devil woman. I tried to order, ran into problems with the ordering and gave up. Had my eye on soup style bowls as a gift for the gruesome female (At my age, I’m giving stuff away).

      Uppity, I love your sense of humour, your satirical take and your brilliant, blazing intellect. Take that as a compliment you curmudgeon. I worked for 40 years wishing that I could work for someone smarter and more astute than me – didn’t happen. That is one of the attractions of this community, and why I finally came out of lurkerdom. You do attract the best and brightest – wonder why?

    38. imust we were on a roll for awhile there that’s for sure. We would ambush those little Gen Y pissants. One of us would give them some rope and then we would surround them. lol.

    39. One more comment on our involvement in Libya; President/SOs Hillary made a very valid point today on Meet the Press about the rationale for entering the fray. Our European alies asked us to do so. she said these same allies supported our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan so we are obligated to support them in this. Guess that’s what allies are for. As our leader and top diplomat, I trust her decision in that. That revelation put things in a different light for me once she made that statement.

    40. I coined that he’d be historic alright – as our first one-term black president.

      Oops, it hasn’t caught on yet….

    41. You should have shot them.

    42. LOLlorac!

    43. Yikes, Hugo! I’m surprised Hillary said that. It’s bad enough that we have a standing army, which we abuse by using them unnecessarily, but to put them at Europe’s disposal is terrible. This is what I’ve never liked about this operation — France and Britain trying to act like big-boy superpowers, but using our soldiers and treasure.

    44. HT — Do you know this Canadian journalist, Wente? Her piece on Libya is good:
      Think you’ll like it.

    45. Hilarious, lorac!

    46. “Uppity Woman, on March 27, 2011 at 8:54 PM said: Edit Comment

      HT, actually I claimed royalties on OILSOC, HT. I coined Lying Sack Of Crap back in 2008 with respect to the Incandescent One. But alas, I felt that it suited DE’s blog so well that I would take out the trade in free vases.”


    47. Whoa!! I smell a legal dispute brewing. For a Bribe boat-load of compliments, I’ll agree to mediate the dispute

    48. Greta is classy.

    49. A Pak actress tells off one of those hate-spewing mullahs, and on TV — well with a goo:

      Hope they don’t kill her.

    50. NES, I agree with you that our troops are overused, but so far this is by air and from sea. I don’t want to see us on the ground. (that’s not counting the specail ops people already on the ground for weeks now according to FOX news commentators.) But, if we refuse to help them after they’ve gone into Iraq and Afghanistan with us, doesn’t that deswtroy our alliances? So, it seems like a balancing act. Fulfill the role of ally, then get out.

      I would also like to see us whack Quadaffi if for no other reason then I heard on the news last week that the Lockerbie bomber is have a new house built. Dying people generally don’t start cionstruction on new homes. I think that site is a nice place to drop some nice explosives.

    51. Remember it was the Brits that set that Lockerbie bomber free and repatriated him to Libya.
      There was a good reason our Founding Fathers warned against involvement in European wars.

    52. AAAWWW shucks, they had to stop construction on the Bomber’s home because of the nasty UN activities in Libya. But the good news is that it’s being guarded. I’ts in a posh neighborhood of Tripoli.

    53. Heads Up – Greta is reviewing Ferraro being called a “Racists” by the Obama campaign for supporting Hillary Clinton RIGHT NOW on Fox News.

    54. Yes, NES, I recall that the UK set him loose, and I think someone there should be in jail for that.

    55. It’s rather ironic that these “strong men” of the ME, who we supported and practically put in to power by us some 40 years ago are beginning to topple like dominos. They may be awful dictators, but they were mostly secular and kept the religious fringe at bay and thus provided stability for the region. Now, as they fall, one by one we are obliged to enforce no fly zones and allow “democracy”, even though we may not like what that democracy brings, take hold.

    56. Hugo, I think that, until things develop further, where one stands on the Libyan question is ultimately a matter of a gut-check. A lot of people here support the intervention and I totally respect that. I feel differently, but, clearly, reasonable people can disagree. It needs to play out. In the interim, in the spirit of informed debate that is the hallmark of this site, I’ll continue to post comments and information that I think illustrates my POV; I expect that those who think differently will do the same. At the end of the day, I hope I’m wrong on my prediction that we’ll regret this.

    57. NES I hope that woman never sets foot back in Pocistan again. I hope the Iranian actress on the legal show on USA network never goes back home either.

    58. NES, I totally agree with you thyat where one stands is “a matter of a gut-check.” Frankly, I’m conflicted, but i think nhillary did a great job on Meet the Press this morning.

      Just want to add that I respect your opinon and value your insight. TY!

    59. NES, Margaret Wente is one step short of David Frum – he’s the one who coined the phrase “Axis of Evil” for Junior. He is now an American, but was born and raised a Canadian, much to his dismay. Wente is a wannabe. While a lot of what she wrote in this particular article is valid, one has to measure it by her other articles – and I’m wondering why she is against this action while she condones the 7 years we have been engaged in Afghanistan. I gave up reading newspapers several years ago because they were becoming very partisan – the Globe is very Corporate friendly, the Sun is very right wing, The Star used to be liberal friendly but is leaning rightward lately – I suppose to appeal to what they think society is trending.
      I do not agree with the Libya engagement. I do agree that it’s important that all people have freedom however where does one draw the line? Quadaffi was supported by Western powers for 40 years. Bin Laden was trained and equipped by the U.S. Saudi sultanates were supported by Western powers.
      I just don’t think that Western taxpayers should see their hard earned money going to a political pool where the elite decide what is in their own (elites) best interests, versus what is in the country’s best interests. How many billions are going to be expended on this debacle, and frankly, if the Libyan people didn’t rise up and bite the bullet to fight this man, why should we expend money and blood of our youngsters to help them when we know nothing about the folks who are representing themselves as the leaders of the rebellion. Did we learn nothing from the rebellion against the Shah in Iran and its subsequent outcome? Ergo, I agree with a lot of Wente, however, she’s coming at it from a partisan point of view. That is the tragedy. This is not a partisan fight. It’s wrong on so many levels and right on one level. All people deserve to have freedom – and by all, I mean women. Men already have freedom – and that is why I vehemently oppose any intervention. We intervene, the next regime comes into power and women are left behind, as usual. Further, on this continent, we are watching as women’s rights are being eroded, and yet the taxpayer’s money is going to the war machine. How on earth can we preach equality and democracy when we don’t have either here?
      Sorry, I’ve had a few glasses of wine with my sis and bro-in-law, and yes, I’m bitter.

    60. I remember Uppity & Strawberry. When one of the nasty bots would attack some of us, calling us c***s and generally demeaning us and Hillary, Uppity & Strawberry would give them short shrift . It was often hilarious. Also, there was another funny character then that called himself JeremiahGoddamnAmerikaWright. He had some fun back & forths with our Upps also. He wrote a hilarious post about Barky giving his acceptance speech at the stadium in Denver. He called the stage the Barakopolis. I wonder what happened to those characters.

    61. socal, omg I had forgotten JeremiahGoddamAmericaWright and Barackopolis. He was hilarious. I didn’t think I was going senile, but I’m reconsidering. How could I forget – where are my keys and omg, where is the dog.

    62. I just looked at the draft Hillary website

      They list a bunch of reasons “why Hillary why now?”

      This stands out – short and to the point:

      Why Hillary?

      3AM… Is Now.

    63. Whew, it’s okay, Milly was out the backyard. She’s splayed on the bed now – hinting that it’s time for sleep.

      foxy, if you’re reading this, I already posted a response but I know most people don’t revisit previous threads. Thank you for your information about a pinched Ulnar nerve. I investigated and all the symptoms were MINE. So I investigated further and found exercises. I’ve been doing those exercises for two days, and glory be, I have feeling and no tingling in my pinkie and ring fingers. Thank you so very much. Yes, I still have tingling, however the finger can feel!

    64. HT – I like your wine-inspired bitter-clingy rant!

    65. lorac, I liked that site.

    66. Oh Yes, JeremiahGoddam, I remember well too. There were a bunch of us who had a circle that wagon thing going on.

    67. lorac, thank you for being you.

    68. Hugo, I understood that the people on the ground in Libya are there to gather intelligence only and to laser the targets for the planes.

    69. Gnite all, Milly is calling – actually she is trying to torture the cats – she figures that if the three cats start squeeling I will run to investigate and obey her psychic commands. Silly Milly – ooh, the cats are squeeling – gotta go. Good nite and sweet dreams to all Uppityite denizens.

    70. Wow that Pak actress is really beautiful. And the cleric is typically fugly.

    71. HT – what a nice thing to say. I think we have to get married now 🙂

      Sleep tight!

    72. There is nothing to dispute, NES. This was already resolved last time. Feh, Lawyers.

      as for you FF. Eatchur heart out!

    73. “There were a bunch of us who had a circle that wagon thing going on.” Haha! Yes, thats well put. I was commenting on NQ before the bots, & I remember being shocked at their attacks, and then you leader-types would come in to save the day with a few well chosen, hilarious phrases.

    74. socal, I recall the days when people could actually comment without worry, then the bots attacked, the the repubs took over. I don’t go there at all anymore – too rightwing for me.

      lorac, is that a proposal? If so, I would accept, but I’ve been celibate for over 20 years and I’m an old hag. You need someone younger and vibrant m’dear but thanks for the offer – it’s a kicker. Now I really have to go to bed. Once again – G’nite all.

    75. It’s 3am! Do you know where your Presidential candidate is?

    76. lol HT ok, but I’ll leave the light on for you in the window 🙂

    77. Hey UW, I think I forgot to mention earlier, thanks for the opportunity today. That was fun. It’s amazing that you can do that everyday. You must have a lot of creativity even in your little finger!

    78. DE – the answer to your question is: Are there lights installed on the White House basketball court?

    79. Basketball court? That’s where he wants you to THINK he is……

    80. Is he tokin’ in the boys’ room?

    81. close but no cigar….

    82. Beautiful post, lorac!! And the comments on this thread are so perceptive. Thank you all!


    83. Great post lorac, really good!

    84. Thx Hugo. I always look forward to reading your comments.

    85. “Tokin” is the least of what they’re doing.

    86. Sheesh, how many women can lorac promise herself to! Time for her to convert to the “religion of peace” so she can take four wives.

    87. (Ssssssssh, UW, of course the matter was previously decided. But, this way we can re-decide it in your favor and bag another round of royalties.)

    88. Now. That lorac’s a famous BlogStar and all I want to be the first to throw my panties at her.

    89. Thanks for the lowdown on Wente, HT. You’re a fount of info.

      I join lorac in cheering on your wine-inspired bitter-clingy rant. Hoping for an encore soon.

    90. NES – ack NO! I like the HBO show Big Love, but purely for the character development lol I’m the most monogamous person in the world! But I like to have innocent fun, and HT is special, after all 🙂

      And then there’s you and FF – you see, how tempting it makes it to change my rules? lol

    91. Oh my, and DEFINITELY no Alla for me! Ewwwwwwwwwwww I’m not into caves or goats or 5th century sensibilities! Any fundamentalist should stay far, far away from me! I am woman, hear me roar!

    92. imust, give! What’s the answer? DE, what is it?

      Now I want to know that answer, simply because I don’t like not knowing things – but on the other hand, I don’t really give a shit what he’s doing, as long as he leaves the presidenting to Hillary!

    93. Oh, speaking of barky and basketball, laker told me today that all of his “predictions” for March Madness are wrong. He picked all No. 1’s for the final four (which is being a pussy, according to laker) and they have all lost and are not going to the finals or the NCAA champ game.

    94. Hey Lorac,
      SHE is still WORKING!

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