Cockroach in a clown suit should be executed.

This is truly what the death penalty was made for. When will we be adding cockroaches like this freak to the list? Removing these people from the gene pool is the only answer, since our lax justice system just can’t wait to send them back on the streets again.


SANTA ANA, Calif. — A clown who works backyard parties and special events was charged today with multiple counts of child rape that could send him to prison for life if convicted.

Jose Guadalupe Jimenez, who goes by the nickname “El Tin Larin,” is accused of grabbing a 12-year-old girl outside a Taco Bell restaurant in Fullerton, Calif., while he was in full clown makeup, then driving her to a school where she was raped inside the car, authorities said.

Ah, but the degenerate didn’t stop there. No sir.

The girl, identified as “Jane Doe,” was then taken to a nearby motel parking lot and raped again. She escaped when her attacker went into the lobby to book a room, authorities said.

This crime occurred in 202 has been unsolved until last year, when this pervert in a clown suit was charged with molesting a child in his family. His DNA matched the DNA in the unsolved case. So what was this degenerate doing between 2002 and 2010?


….And This.

Yes, of course. He’s been doing his clown act with children all these years. Any thoughts that he has done this again since 2002, should you put them out of your mind?

Now, we all know how ‘Justice” is these days. The cockroaches have all kinds of special rights. Their victims, not so much.

So, how about a little pop quiz. Tell me, what do you think this bag of shit’s punishment should be?

What do you think his punishment WILL be and how much time do you think will go by before this freak is back out on the street living next door to you?


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  1. You know I won’t lift a finger to help S**P** since her last straw remark about people like me, AKA Radical Feminists, meaning Hillary. It was the final straw for me, since all those “radical” feminists are the reason she is able to trapse the countryside and do what she does today, not to mention the reason she could run for VP. Honestly, she just plain turns me off. Twice. Much as I try to remember she’s a woman, I have a hard time supporting someone who hates who I am and has no respect for my opinion whatsoever. But Amy asked me to post this petition and she’s right. A freak who says “Twat” on the air should be tarred, feathered and run out of town. This is a disgusting man with a serious Napoleon problem. Either that or he wants to be a girl in the worst way and resents it. I remember when Bill Maher was in deep shit for insulting George Bush. Now he gets to run wild. Shows you just how useless NOW had become.

    Petition to remove Bill Maher from the airwaves.

  2. On principle, I oppose the death penalty…but I would grieve this guy’s execution less than I would stepping on a bug.

    As for Maher…he’s an asshole…and people that watch his show are too.

  3. BronxZoo’sCobra
    At the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Temple of Dendur really kicks some asp. #snakeonthetown

    @peternbcnews Don’t turn around. I’m right behind you. Just kidding! lol!

    On top of the Empire State Building! All the people look like little mice down there. Delicious little mice. #snakeonthetown

  4. I’m close to thinking YOU need the Death Penalty for making me watch TWO Clown Videos at 6:30 in the morning. Not just CLOWN VIDEOS – but Mexican Clown Videos.

    AGHHHHHHH. I kept waiting for the POINT, but still not sure what it was! LOL

    Maybe I need more coffee.

  5. myiq is going to be very disappointed in you, FF.

  6. You missed the point? This clown is a child rapist. He’s been doing his clown schtick with kids since 2002, when the crime he’s arrested for occurred. I guess I wasn’t very clear. I’ve fixed it. Are you a betting person as to whether or not he’s raped any children in that time?

  7. No chance of the death penalty as this ass clown chose to do his raping in CA. He will get all kinds of services and psychological testing. Lots of counseling for him at the tax payers expense.
    SICK Bastard! Can they please give him Manson for a cell mate?

  8. Uppity! I GOT that he was a child rapist – that he was ‘out’ forever – but I did not get why we were subjected to seeing his cockroach self through not one – but TWO horrible videos! I THOUGHT that someone was gonna come beat him up or something – as I said, maybe I needed more coffee (like the Cobra) but i just cannot manage to go back to watch and see what I may have missed! LOL

    And I agree with mom – nothing will happen until he gets his ‘cellmate’ – the guy who dresses like Harpo and says nothing as he is showing this creep how it’s really done…

  9. Hey mom – “Assclown” will take on a whole new meaning in Folsom

  10. Uppity,

    There is a REASON why 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be molested.

    While those may be simply “statistics” to some, any guesses on how many “# in #” of males will “Molest” a child, a teen, a woman – and sexually harass females in their lifetimes?


    I’ll tell you why – “We are not allowed to offend the male species!” so the “GRAMMAR” we use to talk about this issue ALWAYS MINIMIZES THE FACT that MALES simply aren’t CONFRONTING THESE GENDER BEHAVIORS!


  11. Send the pos back to Mexico. Let the cartels give him a lesson on entertainment. I’ll be the first to say it, what is this clown’s immigration status? Every post that I check, there is no mention of his status. All posts only list his professional clown experience. No mention of anything else. It will be interesting to see what follows.

  12. FF you cannot make this stuff up, can you? lol

  13. Japan has had a bad swarm of 5.+ EQ’s this morning. I really feel for those people.

  14. mcnorman – loved the line “…the 35-year-old Moron….”

  15. I know that I would have changed my name by 35, but then again that name fits.

  16. Can you imagine? No wonder he had anger-management problems! LOL

    All his life “Hey! Moron! Get over here!” or “Mason?” ‘here”, “Mitchell?” “here”, “Moron?” “MORON?!!!!” ‘here”

  17. Classic FF, just classic. 😀

  18. Just one more reason I dislike clowns – Myiq is the exception.
    Wasn’t Gacy a clown too?

    Phew what a morning. I’ve been fighting off computer attacks all morning – somebody out there really wants to take over my PC and drop a few trojans. Thank the goddess for Norton 360 premier edition and Malwarebytes – one attempt actually got through but MBAM to the rescue.

  19. My ideal punishment for him would be considered cruel and unusual.

    his hands and feet crushed, his knees and elbows broken, his tongue and penis removed.
    That way if he ever got out of jail which seems to happen a lot, he could never harm another child.



  20. Love the cobra tweets – a cobra with a sense of humour – who knew. Uppity is correct, it’s too cold out there for a snake, so he’ll be curled up someplace warm. All he needs is a dryer vent.

  21. ff, laughing out loud at your “assclown” line.

    btw – anybody hear from teresainpa since she mentioned her abuser here the other day?

    I injured my thumb and can’t work today so have a day or two off to heal a bit. Need to sleep from the medicine but also want to catch up on the world situation. Things go by so fast there is no time to read every site I want to read. This site is mandatory reading, of course.

  22. There are good clowns and there are bad clowns. This is definitely a monster, who (if the allegations are true, I have to add, even though the report seems strong) deserves the very worst. I don’t know which is worse: the death penalty or putting him in the general prison population, where his life may be a living torment. And yes, there are probably many other, unknown. victims. (I hope that they are all alive.) The only good thing is that they may actually see justice done, finally.

    I signed the Maher petition. His disgusting choice of language insults all women — and reveals how little substance there is between his ears. Or maybe the misogyny is so strong, it just overwhelms him, like a bad case of mental diarrhea. Disgraceful behavior, which does not belong on television, public airwaves or not.


  23. karen – yikes. I recall when I broke my thumb – in closing the hood of the car, I neglected to pay attention as I was waving to the people I had just assisted with a jumpstart. Thumb got caught under the hood. Car was a Volvo – really solid construction and very heavy. Hood release was by the drivers seat. Needless to say, I couldn’t get to it, so had to forcibly drag my poor thumb out. When you’re thumb is damaged, the nerves in the rest of the hand ache. My condolences. Take care, lots of ice and keep it up.

  24. Not only do they not FOCUS on this predominantly male behavior, they ENCOURAGE it. Witness the 18 to 28 pieces of shit who raped that 11 year old girl, six of them in MIDDLE SCHOOL! Is the community OUTRAGED? You BET! They are outraged that the little bastard demons they raised can’t play well on their team because they got in trouble for raping an 11 year old who obviously “asked for it”. You saw my piece on this. These people are raising animals and worrying about the ball team. When these little freaks grow up, they will be the pervert we are reading about here. But hey, at least they were on the team!

  25. If somebody says Shit or F*ck on the airwaves, they get fined. You call a woman a C*nt or a twat and that’s just fine. You want to know why? Because it’s not illegal, that’s why. You wanna know why it’s not illegal? Because the ERA isn’t passed, that’s why. You try saying shit like this about a minority and you will be yanked out of your shoes. That’s because the civil rights movement never did apply to women. Thanks, Nancy! You piece of shit! That bill said on your goddamned desk for two years and you did NOTHING. You goddamned turncoat, you! See how well being one of the boys has worked out for you, Nancy?????

  26. unforgivable hope he gets the max.

  27. Here is bill maher;s so-called – not really apology.



  28. I wonder if the maher behavior can be considered bullying. Reason I mention it is right now in NJ and hopefully many other states, there is a big trend against bullying school and college age individuals. Perhaps those here who possess the art of nuance could make a case for defining twat stuff as bullying … then hop on that band wagon which is already rolling?

  29. This link was posted by Abigale Adams at NO Quarter.
    about Bill Maher. I think it is something that we all should read and think about.
    The who cares what they say thinking has got to stop or the bar will be lowered and keep on being lowered for the next so-called comedian.



  30. By the way I do not consider the attacks on women a right or left thing. It has nothing to do with political beliefs. There are slobs and women haters on both sides and they are all wrong.



  31. It would be nice to add this freak who impregnated a 9 year old to the heap of trash.

  32. OMG – Hillary flew to London yesterday – and now she is going to appear on Capitol Hill for a Super Secret hearing.

    And where is Dumbo? Gallivanting around NY for a pricey fundraiser and visiting museums with Bloomberg.

    HE really should be held in Contempt of Congress. Speaking of assclowns….

  33. Hey, the Somali pirates have decided to release the Danish family IF they will allow marriage to the 13 yr old.

    See, the assclowns are in abundance.

  34. Oh – and pokes fun at a bunch of folks while speaking to the adolescents at Georgetown U

    I simply cannot stand this guy. What a failure juvenile delinquent.

  35. Perhaps he should have gotten the “closet” treatment and told that he would not be allowed to speak until he grew up FF?

  36. Notice he ALWAYS does these things in front of a packed college pissant audience?Because if he ever did it in front of a real audience of non dependents, he would get his ass booed out of the theater.

  37. Some years back, I worked with a man who was extremely odd and obsessive and had a history of sexually harrassing women in the office in a very creepy way. One day he said to me that he was taking up photography and that he wanted to get a job photographing kids’ birthday parties or some Boy Scout events. I was really alarmed and told him that he needed to stay away from othe people’s children and that he was just inviting trouble. Then he started calling people he didn’t even know and making threats directed at me. When I was interviewed by investigators, I told them about his interest in children. I learned he had a kiddie porn history. FREAK!! And people knew about it and covered for him for years.

  38. HT said “Just one more reason I dislike clowns – Myiq is the exception.”

    Alas- I have had a fear of clowns since I was a child- recurring nightmares from hell!
    Stephen King somehow got in my head when he wrote “IT”- ugh- a child killing clown that was REALLY a gigantic horrible spider. Spiders- NASTY! I feel about spiders like Uppity and DE feel about snakes.
    I heard once that the most toxic venom in the spider world belongs to the Daddy Long Legs. Fortunately their fangs are not strong enough to break the skin of a human. I have been bitten by spiders- nasty nasty nasty – make me swell up like I was stung by a thousand bees.

  39. helenk, the only thing that bothers me is the source of that post. The right wing should TALK. They said equal filth about Hillary for a decade and a half and they have a lot of nerve pretending the left didn’t learn it from them.

  40. Something to brighten our day!
    “A new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday finds Obama’s approval rating at the lowest point in his presidency, thanks in part to voter angst over the economy and his handling of the situation in Libya.”

    “And in a bad sign for his upcoming 2012 re-election campaign, 50 percent of those polled say he doesn’t deserve another term in the White House.”

    Only 50%?

  41. Uppity, I had been somewhat supportive of Palin because of the bad gender-based treatment she was getting from the left and in the MSM. However, I lost my patience with her after the Gifford shooting. I found it offensive that Palin couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She had to be first out of the shoot expressing her emotions. Then, Palin turns herself into a victim when people pointed out her rhetoric directed at Gifford and others. That did it for me. I’m officially have SOPS–Sick of Palin Syndrome. So, although I’ve seen the petition the NE has up, I decided to ignore it. Palin is on her own. I will only support women of substance and women with accomplishments and women who are not quitters. She’s none of that.

    But I do respect New Agenda.

  42. Mom, after what that sleazeball and his sycophants pulled off in the primaries, from caucuses to the race card, to taking delegates and just given them to him, nothing about these slimeballs surprise me. He will find a way to win even if it kills the country, something he longs to do anyhow.

  43. Hugo, I understand, and I did put it up because Amy asked me to. But like you, I feel she has no respect whatsoever for my opinion, my feelings or who I am. So I see no reason to give a shit about her. To imagine that we must support someone who wants to put a knife in our backs is just more than I can live with.

  44. Something for us to be proud about. These guys were taught great values.

  45. helen, that made me weep, in a good way.

  46. Agree with Hugo. With the choice on election day 2012 if it came down to her or barky, I’d have to choose her. If it came down to Newty or barky, I’d have to abstain because I would pick Satan over either of them.

  47. I have the sinking feeling that 2012 is going to be 2008 redux. No choice for the people. The choices will be whomever corporate America decides they want.
    I am seriously writing myself in if we don’t get a real candidate.

  48. I would stay home if those were my choices.

  49. Karen
    me too when I saw the video

  50. Sarah who?

    Gallup has a poll out showing Hillary’s approval rating at 66% and that’s even with the Libya activity. It’s a lot to ask, given how hard she works, but i do wish she would elbow Junior out of the way and run for POTUS.

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