Dullard press finally figures out AARP is interested in selling insurance not helping seniors

Back in November of 2009, I wrote a post entitled, The Insurance Company that calls itself AARP: Screwing seniors one at a time.

Also please read,

McCain to Seniors: Cut up your AARP card! They have betrayed you.

A visit to AARP to discuss their generational theft invoice

There’s no sense of me writing the same thing over again. The only difference is, back in November, 2009,  it wasn’t too late. AARP endorsed that travesty which was misnamed “Health Care Reform” at the expense of every senior and everyone who will ever live long enough to become a senior. So now they are being investigated for having a “conflict of interest” with respect to health care. Big deal. Obama already got his jollies off of them when it counted and they endorsed the screwing of America in general and seniors in particular. AARP endorsed the removal of $500 billion dollars from Medicare, for starters.  Ask any senior who got a letter from a doctor stating that as of January1, 2011, they are no longer accepting Medicare payouts as final. While seniors will approach the third year in a row without a COLA increase, their medicare premiums continue to rise as a result of this travesty. Our government claims there has been no COLA for these years because the “cost of living has not risen”. Of course the cost of living hasn’t risen when you calculate it to exclude, food, heating costs and housing. A country that hates it’s elderly is a morally bankrupt country.

AARP should be indicted for impersonating its namesake. They are not AARP, they are an insurance broker and this health care “Reform” was great for business.

For starters, AARP should be forced to stop using the name AARP. They are an insurance broker. Secondly, somebody should file a class action against them on behalf of every senior who has been screwed by AARP as a result of their convenient endorsement of  Obama’s Medicare shafting. The payout should be large enough to shut down this fraud company for using the name of AARP and the real AARP would then be free to emerge again, not being run by Insurance Companies and  senior-hating pissants like the woman in the video below.

Here’s my post of November 2009.

These people who call themselves AARP  should be forced to stop using the name AARP and rename themselves after what they really are. Insurance brokers, a subsidiary of Hartford Insurance. There should be a class action filed against them for impersonating an organization that once looked out for the best interests of seniors. The organization has been hijacked.

When Bill Frist stuck it to seniors in the last “Reform,” AARP’S executive director, a friend of Newt, jumped on board and stuck it up seniors’ asses. But that doesn’t even come close to their “Endorsement” of “Health Care Reform” that cuts 500 BILLION dollars from Medicare, a program Congress has already robbed so many times that there is nothing left but their lying IOUs. That’s America’s money folks. Money they FORCED Americans to pay weekly.

Let me show you just how much AARP cares about seniors. Its branches are being lorded over by snotty pissants who couldn’t care less what seniors think. They not only don’t care about anybody or anything but their insurance business, but they find seniors a major annoyance besides. See this video below to put in perspective just how much AARP is NOT interested in the welfare of seniors.

I urge you all to tell every senior you know to leave AARP. I also warn you that the “slack” is being picked up by another organization that does not appear to care about seniors either, but is more interested in a far right agenda and more worried about “death taxes” and “Fair Tax” AKA Flat Tax than they are about the average senior. They are encouraging seniors to tear up their AARP cards and join them, said the spider to the fly. The organization American Seniors is capitalizing on the anger seniors are feeling toward AARP, but they are not interested in the average senior with their agenda. All you need to do is look at their “Mission” to know they are the flip side of the same coin.  They were founded by Dick Armey and he is on their board. And wherever Dick Armey is, I firmly believe you are screwed if you are not a millionaire. He never showed any interest in the middle class or those who are struggling and he’s not interested now either. He’s simply doing to seniors what he did the the Tea Parties: Appropriating the grassroots for his own agenda. I am a firm believer that wherever you see Newt Gingrich or Dick Armey lending a “helping hand” to the average person, run. Please do your research and beware to whom you give power.

We all know seniors who have been longtime members of AARP and they need to be made aware that AARP has just endorsed a plan that cuts their benefits in ways that are not explained. Yet. And that’s the most frightening part of it.

Meet the New AARP. It definitely does not resemble the Old AARP.

We want to hear from you. Now shut the hell up, you annoying old people.


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  1. Does AARP now stand for “Anacondas Assaulting Retired People?”
    Snakes and liars. Hysterical how the little “snotty pissant” stormed out in a huff.
    Notice how she needed a mic to be heard in that tiny room and none of the seniors needed anything but the lungs they were born with and the diction and speaking training provided by their school teachers?

  2. Yeah,
    UW ray of light penetrates a thick fog. Follow the money honey.

  3. You’d think the press otherwise known as Obama’s campfollowers, would figure out that if the Hartford was the only supplier of insurance products and other services that maybe it was some scheme?

  4. They’re catching on to so many things we all knew years ago. The Journ-o-lists were too busy with collusion to pay attention to that important stuff in 2008.

    Just found this article on obama’s legal expenses being out of the norm. You think? Gee, who’d a thunk it? Um, us!


    and this short blurb about him getting an openness award in a closed to the press room.


    Dis werld is krazy.

  5. Yeah they’re catching onto it now that it’s safe for the Incandescent One. AnnE, it’s not just Hartford anymore. That rotten lousy killer United Healthcare is in their pants too. Just google United healthcare and complaints and you will freak out. This is an insurance company with a TERRIBLE reputation for blowing off sick people and AARP is having sex with them. Ever seen the AARP board of directors? Chuck FULL of insurance vultures.

  6. and this short blurb about him getting an openness award in a closed to the press room.

    OMG! This is so freaking funny!!! A great post title.

  7. To many Libyan people, the biggest question mark about Gadhafi does not involve his repressive and dictatorial rule, delusional statements or brazen lies. Behind closed doors, for years, they’ve wondered if he is Jewish.

    Shows you how freaking convoluted these morons are. I simply cannot believe we are spending billions on these throwbacks.

  8. Have you all seen the news yet about the THREE TRILLION dollars Bush handed out SeCRETLY to banks and other assorted America rapists? And we are cutting out COLAs for seniors who make 14k a year?

  9. Attention Uppityites in the NOrth East: Massive snow storm hitting tonight and I’m sure it will all turn to rain and then ice. They should fire that freaking groundhog right now. If I could find him I’d shoot him in his own damned hole.

    Did anybody else see the shots of the planes that were flipped over in Fla? From the wind!

  10. Here you go, Karen. He spent MILLIONs just to not have to produce a Certificate of Birth.


  11. They found the Bronx zoo Cobra-

    Apparently blind people work at that zoo- they found it in the Reptile House

  12. Damn, now he won’t tweet!

  13. I think someone started a free the cobra page somewhere lol

  14. MKBill2 Moderator Kitteh

    @BronxZoosCobra They say they caught you! Don’t forsnake us!!! Keep tweeting!!

  15. “zoo director Jim Breheny says she is in good health.”

    SHE! The snake is a female! Wonder if she was off laying her eggs somewhere??????

  16. free the cobra. ROFL

  17. That’s what I’m saying, Upps. We’ll rue the day we did.

  18. Wonder if she was off laying her eggs somewhere??????

    PMM you just had to do it…now everyone will be scared. lol

  19. NES I don’t doubt it for a second.

  20. Looks like all the millions spent on Libya during the first approx. 2 weeks of the war are wasted.

  21. We will be in WWIII against the monsters we created.

  22. Oops, here’s the article I forgot to link to my last comment:

    Quaddafi has regained ground. So much for rebel strength. What’s next…boots on the ground?

  23. I know UW.

  24. Oh my, oh my…look who’s for impeaching BO over the unauthorised intervention in Libya:

  25. Just FYI, you can’t say the word, “uterus” on the floor of the Florida legislature without notifying the leaders first. It lacks decorum and young people need to be cleared from the facility if the word is going to be used.


  26. Good piece: http://shadow.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/03/30/libya_is_not_rwanda

    The president made it clear in his speech that the U.S.-led war against Libya is primarily motivated to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. “We were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale,” he said. “To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader and – more profoundly – our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are. Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different.

    This gives credence to the reports that Hilary Clinton, the secretary of state, Susan Rice, the U.S. permanent representative to the U.N., and Samantha Power, N.S.C. senior director for multilateral affairs, led the charge to war specifically to avoid “another Rwanda.” The latter two especially have been outspoken in their belief that the United States was wrong not to intervene to stop the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in which the ethnic Hutu Interahamwe militia slaughtered some 800,000 fellow Rwandans in a few weeks while the world watched. One diplomat told Power she shouldn’t let Libya become “Obama’s Rwanda,” according to the New York Times. Rwanda looms darkly in the liberal conscience as a powerful prod of guilt, whispering “Next time, do something. Do anything. Anything is better than nothing.”

    Liberals have a point about Rwanda. It was grotesque that troop-contributing countries actually withdrew their forces from the U.N. Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR), rather than beef it up with more resources and authority, as the genocide unfolded. (However, Power betrays her ignorance of military realities when she argued in her book, A Problem From Hell, that the U.N. could have stopped the genocide with the assets it had on the ground at the time).

    But Libya is not Rwanda. Rwanda was genocide. Libya is a civil war. The Rwandan genocide was a premeditated, orchestrated campaign. The Libyan civil war is a sudden, unplanned outburst of fighting. The Rwandan genocide was targeted against an entire, clearly defined ethnic group. The Libyan civil war is between a tyrant and his cronies on one side, and a collection of tribes, movements, and ideologists (including Islamists) on the other. The Rwandan genocidiers aimed to wipe out a people. The Libyan dictator aims to cling to power. The first is murder, the second is war. The failure to act in Rwanda does not saddle us with a responsibility to intervene in Libya. The two situations are different.

    Advocates of the Libyan intervention have invoked the “responsibility to protect” to justify the campaign. But R2P is narrowly and specifically aimed at stopping genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity on a very large scale. It does not give the international community an excuse to pick sides in a civil war when convenient. Qaddafi has certainly committed crimes against humanity in this brief war, but R2P was designed to stop widespread, systematic, sustained, orchestrated crimes. If Qaddafi’s barbarity meets that threshold, the administration hasn’t made the case yet, and I’m not convinced. If R2P justifies Libya, then it certainly obligates us to overthrow the governments of Sudan and North Korea and to do whatever it takes to prevent the Taliban from seizing power in Kabul.

    Historical analogies are sloppy thinking. U.S. policymakers went to war in Korea and Vietnam because they wanted to avoid another Munich. Liberals believe that Iraq is another Vietnam. Paleoconservatives worry that Libya is another Iraq, while liberals fear it is another Rwanda. These are rhetorical shortcuts that partisans use to excuse themselves from having to think very carefully or learn the details of each new case. One hopes the strategists in the White House will resist that temptation, but judging from Obama’s speech, they aren’t.

  27. What’s next…boots on the ground?

    Of course not! Barack has made it very CLEAR that there will be no boots on the ground. And we both know he never lies and never changes his mind.

  28. Of course…silly me.

  29. Tony the Greaseball rear-ended a car and got fined.

  30. I thought everyone knew the snake was female. That is why I suggested that she had slithered off to Egypt to bite the Muslin Brotherhood in the collective behind.

    Mom will be 88 this summer. She and my dad never belonged to AARP. She thinks is hysterical that they still send mailings to my dad telling him they could do so much for him. Dad passed away 25 years ago. Like the Circle D Donkeys – they do not let you rest in peace.

  31. Jeez, Mt Laurel… but you think that’s bad? My dad still gets mailings for my sister. She’s been dead 20 years this year. Some idiots never learn.

    Sad they caught the cobra. Kudos to the clever one who came up with the idea of tweeting for it. 😉

  32. Yeah and aarp starts busting your chops every single week the minute you turn 50. They badger you and badger you to join them so that you can get……..exactly nothing from them you can’t get on your own. Until you do what I did and write them a nasty note telling them to eat shit and die. Apparently they DO read those nasty notes.

  33. They still send my mother their crap and she’s been dead for years. And the dipwad post office continues to forward them to me besides. I’ve been meaning to write a nasty note to them from her too.

  34. Nope Mt. Laurel I didn’t know it was a female. I didn’t look under its tail.

  35. I took the word of the report I read on Ms. Cobra being a young (adolescent) female. I only take on foster kittens with the tail technique.

    I don’t know if they do this in other areas, but in metro DC AARP starts sending information packets when you turn 35. It really depressed my one neighbor at the time. Someone saw her packet and the jig was up saying she was 27.

  36. Hugo,

    UTERUS????? Are they freaking kidding us? WTF?

    Oh, the state that gave us butterfly ballots and a primary election that didn’t allow electioneering, was supposed to not count and people were told “don’t bother” and then was counted long after it was all over and it wasn’t counted fairly and was a total cockeyed mess because they tried to pull a fast one and move their date up even though they were told not to…. objects to UTERUS. On the last day of WOMEN’S month to boot.

    Get me uppity’s glock!

  37. So let’s see…Obama has gotten the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush, an award for openness with the press. I am curious to know if he has gotten an award for being present and if it sits on the shelf with the Nobel and the award for being open?

  38. Not electioneering, I meant advertising the candidates in those states.

    This world has gone nuts. Children can’t hear the word uterus. But presumably they can hear the word Abortion as long as it is linked to the words right to life.

    Jaysus. Lawd. Lawd.

  39. How about if they say “the place where the stork puts the baby till little johnny or mary comes into the world” would that be okie dokie?

  40. Yup, karen. Happy Women’s History month from the sunshine/sharia state of Florida.

  41. That’s okay, women won’t be celebrating him either, the little shitbag. But you know what? This is HUGE! For the first time, they have called what this little freak did what it really is…….HATE CRIME! This is HUGE. The little bastard just got charged with what every cockroach like him should be charged with.

  42. Hugo, Karen……..or they could call it the place above the place entitled, arrogant male state legislators are trolling for all the time.

  43. Osman was brought in wearing handcuffs around his tiny wrists. His eyes were red and teary and the boy began to cry once the judge walked into the room.

    Here we go again. It’s the girl’s fault.

    Our hearts are broken for you, you little SHITBAG!

  44. but in metro DC AARP starts sending information packets when you turn 35.

    That’s because so many seniors dumped them, they’re trolling for members. Besides, they just want to sell insurance and they figured out they can sell some more by reaching further down in age. These thieves need to have the name AARP removed from them.

  45. Mt. L, I always find it hysterically funny when someone says they don’t know what sex a kitten is. I mean for CS’kes, kittens walk about with their tails up and if they don’t it’s pretty damn clear once you lift the tail. Jaysus people are stupid.

  46. I love my AARP letters. I have tons of fun shredding their crap and adding a bit more then mailing it back in their prepaid envelopes. Hope they keep sending the stuff so I can have my little bit of fun oh and love to do it to anything that comes in from the Hartford as well.

  47. I agree UW. It’s a first. It is a hate crime.

  48. What role model do you think he will state he emulated UW? There are so many, I’m at a loss.

  49. Herlo, Uppity and others:

    This is a day late and goes with Herlocaust’s painful story in the Sticks and Stones comments.

    Some of you know I was a newspaper editor for a metro daily, faster than a speeding….no no forget that. I also slowly lost my hearing while there.

    There was a deaf man in the “back shop” that I befriended named Richard. Just the gentlest soul. Everyone back there called him the dummy. It disturbed me. He was intelligent, attentive and sensitive. A gentle giant who wouldn’t fight back, he also towered over his peers and could have squashed them like a bug. Had to be 300 pounds.

    He was a great lipreader and very alert to others.

    The shop foreman, a sawed off, grown up bully, once illustrated his “power” over Richard to me by saying: “Watch this: COME HERE DUMMY!” Of course, Richard walked over smiling. The foreman then said: “Changed my mind. I DON’T WANT YOU!”

    Richard looked puzzled, then returned to what he’d been doing as the foreman laughed.

    Someone last night in the Sticks and Stones comments said that there was a psychological effect that built up over years. Very true.

    Our family went on vacation. While we were gone,
    one of the kindest people I ever knew shot himself.

    People who had been calling him Dummy for years were like, “Hey, not my fault!” (Bullshit, they might as well have pulled the trigger together.)

    Five years later, I was doing genealogy and my father described a relative and his good friend as being “deaf and dumb.” Ouch. Richard came to mind. The words come so easily, it was a shock.

    There has been so little change in attitudes over the years. In his defense, Dad is no bully.

  50. Hal, there comes a point where you just can’t take it anymore. Humans can be the most unkind creatures, and for what purpose? Instead, we all lose the kind soul that left us behind.

  51. Hal, you know that this uppity woman has known you for, what is it, 7 years? Or is it 8, since that day you read something I wrote somewhere and took it upon yourself to imagine I was Molly Ivins? Well, you and I and your three computers since then have never failed to follow one another. Through this, I have known your trials with your health and I know you are also deaf as a result of your illness, and quite the miracle that you are alive. The thing that always sticks with me about you is that, through it all, you never fail to be concerned about the health and welfare of others. So the vivid way you told the story of that poor suicidal man is no surprise to me. I’ve only known one other person in my life who, while hanging on for dear life herself, never failed to ask me “How are you?” before I even got to ask her that question. I don’t know what I said all of this, but you know me. I just felt like saying it and I never fail to say what I feel like saying. In a way, I envy your benevolence, Hal, because I don’t think I would have it if I had suffered some of the things you’ve incurred. Okay, Nuff said. Here’s to your nine lives, Hal!

  52. Laura Bush was just on Greta talking about all the things she did and is STILL doing for Afghan women. I have a growing respect for that woman, it gets bigger every day. She understands that the good we do quietly without fanfare are the true good deeds. I regret all the fun I made of her when her husband was president. She puts Madam Arugula to shame. Nary a word from that woman about the terrible things done to women, here or ANYWHERE in the world. She’s her husband’s wife all right. Laura Bush didn’t blow her horn every three minutes, and I misread her completely. I sure as hell can’t mistake Michelle Obama for anything than what she is, as she’s loud and clear about it.

  53. Hal, “deaf and dumb” is an unfortunate term. We certainly need to use more sensitive terminology nowadays. But I think in your father’s time, in that phrasing, anyway, “dumb” literally meant not able to speak. I don’t believe at that time that it was meant to be a slur against their cognitive abilities.

  54. Here ya go, Hal – the primary definition now is lack of intelligence, but all the rest have to do with inability to speak. I think your father just reverted to the terminology he had grown up with. As you said, he was a good man.

    1. lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted.
    2. lacking the power of speech (often offensive when applied to humans): a dumb animal.
    3. temporarily unable to speak: dumb with astonishment.
    4. refraining from any or much speech; silent.
    5. made, done, etc., without speech.
    6. lacking some usual property, characteristic, etc.
    7. performed in pantomime; mimed.

  55. UW, I read that article you posted about the African Muslim boy harassing that girl. But, it looks like they’re calling it a hate crime because he was asking her if she was Muslim – not because his victim was female (although it sounds like it’s usually girls he picks on, though! He cut one’s hair off, and didn’t even really get in trouble!).

    I noticed, too, that his father was saying it’s because HE gets picked on because he’s African. And yet, the boy moved here in 2004 – how old is he, 11? (I can’t remember) Anyway, he moved here when he was so young, he probably barely remembers “African” – unless the family moved here and then is trying to raise the kid as if he lives somewhere he doesn’t. Plus, it didn’t mention the mother, but did say she is Muslim. I wonder if she’s back in Sierra Leone – something is definitely wrong, because this kid is trouble. He’s already majoring in criminal science practice!

  56. ….sigh….. it can’t be my breath, I brushed my teeth! lol

  57. FF – if you pop back on – I hope all is going well! Do you have a basement????

  58. Oh! I have a question for the …. void!

    I see people write “pwned”. What is the full word? And what does it mean?????

    Thx in advance.

  59. lorac: pwned = owned. It’s a common typo used in teh same manner as we use Teh Precious.

  60. Og, tnsmk ypu, Sppjie! lol

    I would never have guessed. And I’ve seen people write “teh” and I never knew why for that, either, but at least I could figure out that one meant “the”!


  61. [enters whistling]….helllllllooooo?? Anyone here?? Uppiity? FF? Bill?……lorrrraaac?
    hmmm [shrugs]

  62. Hello everyone:

    Thank you for this post, Uppity.


    I can’t go into to details – except for this.

    A week ago, Friday I, along with my friend’s husband, got into a battle with the medical “profession” over “quality of end of life” verses “euthanasia.”

    Seriously, you have no idea how “they” literally took over and made decisions against she and her husband’s will that would end my friend’s life quickly – medicating her into unconsciousness and beyond.

    We fought – knowing her and him – better than STRANGERS – maximizing THEIR profits – rather than allowing us time to get things in order so we could MANAGER her care at home…. until.

    Today, she is eating, walking, and sharing beautiful, painless days (little medication necessary) with her husband, beloved dogs and close friends, who are pitching in – and are BLESSED to be a part of her/his care.

    It isn’t all easy, but we are managing so that they can have the very best of quality time together.

    It is a beautiful thing to see and be reminded of how precious life is – friends are – and love thy neighbor as thyself – all in action.

    Miracles are alive and well – large and small – it’s all a matter of perspective and participating in them as they are happening – moment to moment.

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