She brings sand to life.

She started doing this when she became a victim of the credit crunch. Meet her:


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  1. The sand artist I’ve heard of is this one:

    I found her several years ago and shared her art with friends. Lovely and wonderful talent. Love the music.

  2. Wow nice, Karen. Apparently the gal I posted is quite famous, probably due to her abililty to rip people’s hearts out by telling historical stories of sadness. I don’t know what she’s up to now, but she was bringing in huge audience in Europe two years ago. I wonder how these artists can even do this!

  3. Good morning, Uppityville! She’s cool. I’ve watched some of her stuff before. So talented.

    O/T (if that’s possible in an open thread):

    Not two weeks ago, it hit a record 100 degrees here – a record because it was the second earliest on record. Today, it’s raining, damn near freezing, and up south of Flagstaff they’ve had to shut down the interstate. Not because of an accident, but because they got somewhere in the area of 10″ of snow.

    Now, in Texas, there’s a red-flag wildland fire warning out to the point they have folks from my old Forest standing by; in fact, a friend of mine is heading out to relieve the crew that’s been out there a month.

    Ma Nature is pissed, y’all.

  4. Allie, heard your neck of the woods was going to get snow. Freaky. Better not mention the word snow to utahwoman. She has had enough.

  5. Beautiful creations – always does the heart good to see the beauty that others see and create.

    Allie, we’re having very odd weather here too. Today, it’s beautiful, sunny and 55 degrees. Tomorrow and Monday, the predictions are for heavy rain, thunderstorms and 38 degrees down to 30 degrees at night. Last Thursday, we had snow.

  6. The Chinese have a little Trump in them:

  7. Priceless.


    Does anyone think BO won the budget fight? Nope. Boehner ate BO’s and Reid’s lunches.

  9. Yea, Teh Won is ratings-poison.

  10. The fruits of Obama’s 12-dimensional chess game:

    The history of offers on this bill goes something like this. Democrats first offered no cuts, then $4 billion, then $6.5 billion, then $33 billion, then settled at $38.5 billion.

    Boehner made numerous adjustments to his offer in recent days too, but started at $32 billion, then with a Tea Party push went to $62 billion, then dropped to $40 billion, then $38.5 billion.

    Democrats claimed they met Republicans halfway after the $10 billion in cuts that already passed this year were approved. They settled late Friday night at three and a half times more.

  11. NES, it’s just new math.

  12. Chess? That guy can’t even play a bad game of checkers against himself–and win.

  13. I know. It’s pathetic.

    Does he really think anyone falls for this? Making it sound like he was for these cuts all along?

  14. The Washington Monument may be open, but I don’t know if the IRS got the memo.

    Been on hold for 23 minutes.

  15. Conversation so far – after initial hold time

    IRS: May I help you? What department do you need

    ME: Self-Employment Tax question

    IRS: What is the question:

    Me: Blah, blah, blah blah, blah

    IRS: Ma’am, I don’t understand your question. What is your question.

    ME: Simpler Blah, blah, blah

    IRS: Let me connect you with someone in Self-Employment tax

    tap, tap, tap

  16. That was beautiful. They probably cut stuff for education, handicapped people, medical for dying kids, taking care of our Nati’l parks, unimportant stuff like that but left alone the private contractors that the pentagon uses and increases for their petty cash and private planes.

    btw, what were you guys talking about on the last thread re: Donald Trump?

  17. OMG. BO is at the Washington Memorial, telling the visitors that they can visit the tourist attractions today because congress passed a budget. They’re all cheering him.

    This guy is such an applause addict. What a putz. How can there still be people who don’t see through him????

  18. Mesmerized by sand artists. Truly beautiful and very talented.

    About that snow thing. Holy snowman it has snowed 4 straight days here and never stopping for a breather. I look out the window and what do I see ? This is nuts. My daughter called to inform me it is snowing in Vegas lmao I am sorry but someone other then myself deserves some of this stuff too. Actually this is not all that unusual for here. I have seen it still snowing the first week in June.
    It is really coming down too. Maybe I will go see if I can do some snow art. I hear tell if you shovel it in the neighbors yard it makes pretty designs lmao.

  19. Lorac what is the difference between a Putz and a Yutz ?

  20. Well, its not snowing here, but definitely unseasonally cold. It was freezing the last couple of nights.

  21. utah – yutz is yiddish slang meaning a jerk – selfish person. Putz is urban slang – from yutz but from my friend the meaning has been expanded to include despicable and stupid. I looked it up in the Urban dictionary and sure enough….

    Just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow – amazing the change in just a meagre 18 hours. Before it was supposed to be 38 degrees with thunderstorms now it’s going to be 61 degrees with thunderstorms. Before Monday was supposed to be 30 degrees with thunderstorms. Now it will be 62 degrees with heavy rain. I don’t doubt that the previous forecasts were based on what meterologists know about the weather, but it gives us the idea of how quickly things change when, as Allie put it earlier, Ma nature is not happy.

  22. Hot as hell down here. Still holding out on running the AC, hoping we can make it into May.

  23. Utah, put a sign up. Free snowmen. Make your own. Carrots and coal provided. That should collect up some of that snow.

  24. FF! You called IRS for answers? Hahahahahaha. Get that double checked will you? as in by an accountant.

  25. Oh and Utah, it’s a lovely day here. around 65. But that doesn’t make living in NY any more palatable.

    And I can hear the slugs mating.

  26. Everytime you write about slugs I get the shivers. I had to put the pond pump on today (very small pond – approximately 3’X4′) because if the temperature is going up to 62, then mosquitos will be out laying their eggs in still water – ugh. I get both mosquitos and slugs. Maybe I should dispense with the pond this year and put in paving stones, but the water fountain is so beautifully soothing. Too much to think about. One good thing, my croci bloomed today! Can the hyacinths be far behind….

  27. Ha ha yea at least the snail and slugs are still frozen out here lmao.

    Thanks for the explanation HT.

  28. Beats me, lorac. The guy’s craving for applause and attention is pathological. The awfulness is compounded by his inability to actually do any work on the things he takes credit for. The smart people in DC have to be amazed at this fool taking a victory lap when it’s obvious to them that the power balance has now shifted to Boehner, discernibly so.

  29. HT, Putz is yiddish. It means jerk but also penis.

  30. karen, I suppose that there are different meanings, so thank you. I relied on my friend (who speaks yiddish) and the urban dictionary however slang is ever evolving. BTW, my friend told me that the Yiddish word for penis was schmeckle. I guess that’s the beauty of slang, it evolves beyond the language family.

  31. lol I didn’t know anything about the Jewish roots. I’ve just always heard “putz” used to refer to an idiot, but I suppose kind of a clueless idiot.

  32. I found this comment elsewhere on the net. Interesting twist to the Trump story, if true…

    Trump’s agent is Ari Emanuel, the brother of Rahm. Emanuel is booking Trump on all of these television programs.

    It’s payback time for the Emanuel brothers for the beating Dumb-Ø allowed Valerie Jarrett to give to Rahm and oust him from the White House chief of staff position. Trump wouldn’t intentionally do anything to anger his agent, DUH!

    Just watch what brother Rahm does to get even with Jarrett. With these guys it’s an eye for an eye. Ari Emanuel owes Trump big time now.

  33. anyone seen Mom around?

  34. lorac, as Uppity has always maintained, there is only one oligarchy, and the two parties construction is a myth. If indeed it’s true, it reminds me of the old gambling term – hedging your bets. If the one doesn’t come through, you’ve invested enough in the other to still make a profit. You know, that is the worst of this situation, this is not about Las Vegas casinos, it’s about the health and welfare of a nation.
    Bedtime for me – Milly’s driving me crazy about going to the bedroom, and Zeke has already retired If I don’t acquiesce, I suspect that Milly and Zeke have struck a bargain. Milly doesn’t realize Zeke’s final intention – to incapicate or kill me, however Milly is a really gullible gal – funny thing Milly is 10 times larger than Zeke – Zeke rules – go figure.

  35. OMG LORAC!

    If that’s true – me thinks Rham dropped the skinny on the Bamster!

  36. pieces of corn all along the path

  37. HT – you’ve learned your Uppity Lessons well – but just maybe Rham is out for blood. If Jarrett is dumped – Obama will not have a brain. Rham knows that. Jarret is not only the President, but the shield between Bam and MO – and MO is NOT able to run the WH like Jarret does.

    Obama will be slugging cocktails and MO will be “ripping sleeves (TM 44)”


    You’ve got mail – from yesterday morning!

    You ok?

  39. FF – if only – how could it get any worse? BTW, Mom was here yesterday, but haven’t seen her today, so now you’ve got me worried.

  40. I really have to retire, but MOM, Check in soon, please!

  41. Off to bed. C U all tomorrow – god willing!

  42. There is some truth to what Lorac quotes about the donald.

    RUSH: I saw you at the Oscars. That was you sitting there, right?

    TRUMP: Right. Well, you know, The Apprentice, which is going on on Sunday night, is this big successful show, but Ari Emanuel is the biggest agent I guess in this country, and he represents me. His brother is running, and frankly they don’t even have a Republican candidate running. You know, over there in Chicago they have Democrats and they’re all running as Democrats essentially, but there’s no Republican or a Republican that’s gonna get more than, you know, anything more than 0% of the vote. So I like Rahm, I’ve always liked him as a person, and more importantly, Ari, his brother, is my agent. So I did make a contribution to him, and, frankly, I don’t think they had any Republicans running.

  43. Trump harping on the BC has been interesting. I would speculate he knows something for sure since he isn’t the kind of man to make an ass out of himself in such a public way and take such a risk. His credibility would be blown and his massive ego would suffer if the BC did exist and he was forced to apologize to obama.

    Now, with this new information – with Rahm’s very own brother thrown into the picture – it sure makes it seem ever more likely that Trump is able to swagger and sway with bravado about it because he knows insider info.

    Logically, obama would have shown it long ago if there wasn’t something fishy going on.

    Stock up on popcorn, this is just starting to get verrrrrry interestink.

  44. What the hey? I just looked up the Trump bc thing to see what you are all talking about & I found this at LA Times:

    Am I reading this right??? They are criticizing Trump who is a private citizen for releasing a Certificate of Live Birth instead of a birth certificate. Didn’t Barky release something called the Certification of Live Birth? So its okay for barky, but the media is calling out Trump? I feel like I’m going crazy.

  45. Ooop! Last comment was me. I forgot laker made a comment a little while ago. Why won’t stupid wordpress let me open an acct just for him?
    ***Fixit Fairy visited you***

  46. Well, he says finding it brought him joy…I’m guessing Uncle Frank. Bark doesn’t look anything like Ob Sr. FMD & Bark both have the same fat pads below the mouth, same line running down the center of the top lip, same hairline, same nasolabial folds, same undereye shape. Ob Sr has none of these features. If Uncle F aint his daddy, then maybe its someone else Uncle F is related to.

  47. Uncle F is?

  48. Oh sorry! Uncle Frank. Frank Marshall Davis.

  49. You can open an account for laker annie. You just need to use a different email address for the account. Or log out of wordpress and open a new account with the same email address and just a different user name (blog name)

  50. Trump even covertly released a fake CLOB to get a rise out of the press.

  51. Well – If FMD is Barky’s dad – then he would still be eligible to be POTUS – for a minute…

  52. The thing is, people of means very often contribut to every candidate, unless the candidate is a real loser from the gate. Let’s face it, you write a check, you get a return call later. It’s all just business. So that stuff just doesn’t influence me. Rahm is actually a slug next to his agent brother. You go with the agent who is going to get you the best nibs. Apparently he’s doing a good job for Donald, since we are seeing his face everywhere. Besides, if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that it’s all one big happy family in the world of politics.

  53. DE it was hilarious when Trump released his own certificate of live birth and the press was all over his ass saying it wasn’t a real BC. They didn’t even see their own irony. Hilarious. I knew the minute it happened that he would produce a real BC right after he made a collective ass out of all of them.

  54. I’ve emailed mom this morning so no need to keep asking for her. I’ll keep you posted if there is any cause for concern. I’m sure she is fine as I decree it.

  55. NES – wake up, I have a question! lol

    Trump has said on national tv that Obama has spent 2 million to keep his bc and other records private. Does that mean it’s pretty likely true? In other words, would he be open to legal action if he’s saying it and it’s not true? Thx!

  56. I guess we’re all waiting to see if the Trump card beats the race card.

  57. Ha! Good one, Sophie!

    Now we are going to get 5 days of rain. Glad I live on a mountain. Low landers are going to get it.
    I am getting a kick out of Trump going after Barky. Honestly that is what was needed. Some one with clout and money. I wonder what the dinner discussion is at Barky’s house right now.

  59. His ego must be crushed. I mean someone famous does not like him ??? LMAO

  60. Yeah Karen, there’s that too. You know how I am with conspiracies. I yawn, so I got it wrong natch.

  61. lorac, I do know he spent millions. He hired a CAIR attorney to represent him besides. I have a couple of posts on it here from 2008.

  62. Hi Everyone.
    My brother sent me to this website just this morning and I’ve been watching ever since. I thought I’d share it with you. It is live streaming(?) of an eagle’s nest in Iowa (I think) with the mother eagle and her three newly hatched babes. I’ve have it on for the past 3 hours and cannot turn it off. Just the sounds of the birds and wildlife keeps me smiling and hopeful. I hope you enjoy it.

  63. Leslie, thanks so much for that link. I’m a raptor fanatic, can’t get enough of them. Top notch camera.

    The male just brought what looked like a baby duck for mama. The chicks are so freaking cute.

    Beautiful and yes, addicting.

  64. I’m watching the raptor cam too with the eagles but Mom is not feeding the chicks. They are awake and begging but she is not feeding them. Instead she is standing on them cleaning the nest. This is too stressful. LOL

  65. They are full. She fed them already. It was her time to eat. When they want to eat they put their faces up and the red throats are the mother’s target of where to place the food. If those red splotches aren’t flashing at her she doesn’t feed them. She’s got lots of flies on all that dead meat in reserve. Yum, maggots for the chicks. They’re too young for all the fat in duck all the time. Mom is doing a great job. What a beauty.

  66. BCL ~ I know, I had to stop for a while, the little one just wasn’t getting any food — until the last time I looked.
    Eureka! Baby eaglet got fed!!!


    Isn’t it great??

  67. Just heard a red belllied sapsucker woodpecker and didn’t know if it was one of mine on my feeders or from the audio on the cam since I have it on loud!


    I think it was near the eagle’s. Those chicks are fine, no need to worry. All three might not make it, but that is normal. There has been a wonderful increase in Balds on the east coast. We had a record year at Hawk Mtn Sanctuary.

    If you love eagles and environmental causes then check out Rosalie Edge. She is one of my heroes.

  68. Loving it, Leslie. Sent the link to my family and friends. We’ve watched the bear cams and the owl cams last year and then stopped doing that. Thanks for the reminder!

  69. I just get too involved when it comes to animals. That baby is so much smaller than the largest chick and I will worry about it until it is almost an adult. Some bird species can be very competitive, but I’m sure Mom and Dad are doing a great job. I just worry.

  70. kforC~
    I used to watch the bears last year, too. I can’t remember where it is, tho.
    If you have a link, please send it.

    BCL ~ I know, i get involved and worry, too.


  71. Chit lorac darling, you woke me up. Don’t you guys sleep in?

    In answer to your query (and speaking only as your amigo, and not a lawyer): nope, Trump’d be safe from liability for defamation/libel in this case. Leaving aside the issue of truth or falsity, as a “public figure,” BO’d have to show that Trump made the statement with “actual malice,” ie, knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard as to truth or falsity; and, given all the talk out there on this issue, BO couldn’t meet that standard even if the statement were shown to be false. (Also, as UW noted, there’s sufficient supporting information out there on the legal fees well exceeding a million, so truth is probably also a defense.) Incidentally, the higher burden of proof that “public figures” must meet in the USA is why Tom Cruise hasn’t been able to win defamation claims on the gay allegation here, whereas he routinely prevails on them in the UK (which doesn’t have the “public figure” standard).

  72. And I can hear the slugs mating.

    take em out a cigarette 😆

  73. Foxy, slugs are hermaphrodites, so of two of them get together I’m going to have to bring them two cigarettes.

  74. foxy, thanks for the chuckle.
    karen, those birds are majestic and beautiful. thanks.

  75. HT, thank Leslie, it is her link. They’re fantastic. Dad is back now and he was just moving some branches around and fixing the nest. Good catch.

    I don’t know who this Doug Ross is but just stumbled onto some of his obama jokes. Good stuff.

    click around the acorn application form and other pages on the right column are funny as hell.

  76. oops, sorry – thanks leslie and forgive my reading comprehension inability.

  77. and to think Ben Franklin wanted the turkey.

    Leslie – you have officially shot half my day

    that link is completely fascinating.

  78. I just stopped by to say, I’m totally taken with these birds, too.
    When I mentioned to my brother that the little eaglet might not survive – he wasn’t getting any food – my brother said “positively Darwinian”. He’s a bit droll.


  79. leslie
    the little one is not getting any food? I’m thoroughly depressed and can’t watch. If he gets fed, let me know so I can watch again.

  80. Yikes the wind is wicked at the eagles nest. The tree is swaying back and forth. It sounds like a tornado on the video.

  81. I think the strong wind may have blown out the camera since the raptor site just went off air.

  82. Plouffe-ball is on Fox calling the recent caving a success for the American people! LOL. What a Plouffe-bag.

  83. Eric Cantor is an a$$hole. This guy wants to make it impossible for me to ever retire. Why does he want to kill SS & Medicare? He said: so we could give our kids the same opportunities we had. Hey Cantor, retirement is one of the opportunities MY parents and grandparents wanted me to have. I wish the Dems had a pair and would have let them shut down the gov. Any day this guy doesn’t work is a good day for America.

  84. I have not been able to see that cam. I checked all my flash settings and still…nothing. I am able to pull up africam very easily but not this.

  85. Mom has not answered my email I sent this morning. Anybody seen her?

  86. BCL ~ I saw the littlest one get fed some time ago.
    You can watch again. And the wind is fierce. I know. We are in the chicago area and it is just past 7:00. There are storm warnings, so I imagine Iowa has had it’s share of wind/rain. That nest looks really strong; I hope the branches are as well.

    I hope Mom checks in soon. I’ve got to leave again. bbl.

  87. Anybodygot any idea why I see nothing but black? I mean this is all you guys are talking about and I can’t even see the firigging thing.

  88. UW ~ that happened to me as well earlier today. I finally closed the site and entered the link again in another browser window. that seemed to work. (then my internet closed on me for a while – but that’s another comcast nightmare for another time.)

  89. Uppity, re Mom, I’ve been to my usual spots where she usually comments and she’s MIA there as well. I hope she gets back to you soon.

  90. leslie, I’ve tried it in IE, Firefox AND Chrome. Nothing. I suspect it has to do wit 32 bit and 64bit. If they don’t update to 64 bit, eventually only people with old computers will be able to watch them.

  91. either that or they are trying to access via a supercookie or web bug that i have blocked.

  92. Regarding viewing the nests.

    Maybe it is your aversion to google. The site ( starts with google ads.

    At the website it states “Raptor Resource broadcasts this live feed of the Decorah Eagles also at the Xcel Energy bird cam site, where you can go if for some reason you cannot view the feed on this page.”

    Hope this helps.

  93. Thanks jaykay! You’re most likely right. I have google blocked from my life every way possible. lol. I pass on the prehistoric birds. Laughing here. I have google ads blocked by optout right in my program files. They are that creepy.

  94. You are most welcome.

  95. I also see I have blocked too. Ayup.

  96. I really appreciate it. I have fort knox here and sometimes I do myself in.

  97. Isn’t PMM in Penn? Next door in Ohio it was 80 degrees and sunny today so she may be outside doing yardwork. That’s what I did most of the day.

  98. Yes she could be outside but still, she usually checks in early AM to say hi.

  99. On the sand artist, she elevates art with sand to a totally different level.

    Makes Etchasketch art seem like it’s for beginners.

  100. Funny:

  101. Eagles weather

    Weather for Decorah, IA
    59°F | °C Sun Mon Tue Wed
    Scattered Showers Shower Partly Cloudy Shower
    Current: Partly Cloudy
    Wind: W at 19 mph
    Humidity: 63% 88°F | 50°F 59°F | 39°F 68°F | 49°F 70°F | 54°F

    wind speed is usually measured here in FLA at 30 feet. The eagles are at about 80

    also, did you read thet the nest is about 6 feet wide AND SIX FEET DEEP! It weighs appx 1.5 TONS! They have been together since 1997 and the last nest fell because a branch broke in a storm.

  102. If you have not read, here are the facts


    How high is the nest?
    About 80 feet.

    How big is the nest?
    5-6 feet across, about the same deep; it weighs about 1½ tons.

    How old is the nest?
    The eagles built it in 2007. A previous nest close by fell when a windstorm broke one of the branches.

    Are these eagles banded?

    Which is the male and which is the female?
    It is hard to tell the difference unless they are both on the nest. The female is larger than the male. This female has a ridge above her eyes that goes further back than on the male, and her eyes are surrounded by a greyish shadow; the male has a line around his eyes that makes them look “beadier.” Some think that the male’s head is “sleeker” than the female’s.

    What is the history of this pair?
    They have been together since the winter of 2007-2008. Her markings at that time indicated that she was about 4 years old. They successfully hatched and fledged 2 eaglets in 2008, then 3 in 2009, and 3 more in 2010.

    When were the eggs laid in 2010, and when did they hatch?
    First egg was February 25, second on February 28, third on March 5. First hatch was April 3, second on April 6, third on April 9. All three eaglets fledged and are now on the wing but are not being tracked.

    What is the area around the nest like?
    The nest is in a cottonwood tree on private property near the Decorah Fish Hatchery (operated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources), on the banks of the babbling waters of Trout Run in extreme northeast Iowa. The nest can be seen from the hatchery, but visitors to the hatchery should keep their distance from the nest tree, both to respect the private property where the tree is located and to avoid disturbing the eagles.
    Here is a ground-level video of the surroundings, taken in March 2010.
    This video shows the eagles’ point of view.

    Where can I see pictures and videos of these eagles?
    RRP provides an archive of daily views of the nest over the immediate 24-hour period, taken every 2 minutes. Click on Eagle Dailies.
    RRP’s Youtube site has many videos.

    Who operates and maintains this cam?
    The Raptor Resource Project (RRP) maintains the cams, of which there are two, and the feed is streamed online 24/7. Both are positioned on one of the nest’s supporting limbs about 4-5 feet above the nest. The main cam is automated and is trained on the nest. The other cam has pan-tilt-zoom capabilities (PTZ). At dark the main cam switches to infrared (invisible to the eagles) night-time view. Here is a slide show of the cam installation in fall 2010.

    Who does the panning, tilting, and zooming, and when does that happen?
    Bob Anderson, Executive Director of RRP, switches to the PTZ cam when time and weather permit, and especially when there appears to be interesting activity in the nest. He will be especially attentive when hatching begins.

    What is the Raptor Resource Project?
    Established in 1988, the non-profit Raptor Resource Project specializes in the preservation of falcons, eagles, ospreys, hawks, and owls. We establish and strengthen breeding populations of these raptors by creating, improving, and maintaining nests and nest sites. In addition to directly managing over twenty-three falcon, eagle, and owl nest sites, we provide training in nest site creation and management across the United States, reach more than 85,000 people each year through lectures, education programs, and our website, and develop innovations in nest site management and viewing that bring people closer to the world around them.
    Our mission is to preserve and strengthen raptor populations, to expand participation in raptor preservation, and to help foster the next generation of preservationists. Our work deepens the connection between people and the natural world, bringing benefits to both.
    Check out the links to cams of many of the raptor nests that RRP manages.
    RRP also has a Facebook page.

    Does the Raptor Resource Project accept donations?
    Yes! RRP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and relies on the donations of friends. There is a donation button on the RRP home page.


    Indulgence for the long post.

    Ya know – when I saw how full the larder was – rabbit, squirrel, trout, and fowl, and what a mess it is – i thought of Karen after hours.

  103. Ok I will just take a vacation and you guys and the the raptors can just do the blog.

  104. Uppity – my AC went out tonight. Second time I have turned it on. Gonna cost me more money that I have to replace before the REALLY HOT weather. The wind on the Eagle vid cools me off! – for now

  105. you can buy a LOT of fans for 5k!

  106. Well FF that explains why your penguins moved out.
    Time to invest in fans, sister. You and I both know AC is now for the rich. Plus, my AC friend told me the new Central AC units are bigger, noisier and eponentially more expense since congress got at them with their bullshit laws.

  107. A few years ago, some moron burned himself by being stupid with his hot water heater. So congress made some laws and now hot water heaters cost three times as much. Somebody needs to lay these assholes off.

  108. Congressmen, all of them, should be forced to iron their own clothes using one of those irons with the automatic shutoff that doesn’t give you ten seconds to adjust what you are ironing before shutting off, so that when you get back at it, it spits, sputters and isn’t hot enough. Assholes. Every goddamned thing in this country that has turned to shit has suffered Congressional “oversight”. But they can’t make a law to stop credit card companies from gouging you.

  109. the eagles made the evening news tonight.
    A friend called to let me know – she doesn’t have internet at home and I told her to check it out tomorrow at work (school).
    I don’t know if it was the local (chicago) or national news.

    did anyone else see it on the news?

    ff ~
    thanks for the faqs. And I hope your weather cools off so you don’t need AC or fans for some time. It’s still in the upper 70s now – just after 10:30. We are expecting storms tonight. I hope those eagles are okay.

  110. Thanks Leslie and Uppity – for now, I really only turn it on for Angel – my old golden. She really gets hot. Me? I keep it off as long as possible but when the thermostat read 88 inside – it was time. and it fizzled. \\sigh

    guess I have to go work!

  111. bed time friends

    manana (with one of those accent-thingies on top!)

  112. Get angel one of those doggie cooldown collars.

  113. Have a good week everyone.
    I’m hitting the hay…

  114. i hope everyone will check out JS’s blog and or radio show.. Brian Crowell is an inspiration and gives voice to how we feel about what we feel about OB and what is going on now. I always mess up the links so I didn’t try ,but give a listen to him.I first heard about him from his friend on facebook and JS is doing an interview tomorrow on the radio.

  115. All we biatches who keep complaining about the amount of golf BO plays should lay off; he only does it because he has to:

  116. scar on left side of head starting from ear

    following down to right side of head to ear

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