Two amazing species meet up.

Several UW readers sent me this one.  This has to be seen to be believed.


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  1. That is too cool. Wonder what that cat is thinking though. Awesome.

  2. Thank you for this video. I had “one of those days” where you wonder if you’re insane or the rest of the world is.

    Maybe it’s me….but cats loving dolphins gives me peace.

  3. That is fantastic!! Thank you!

  4. Marsha and I must have been in the same place today, because I know exactly how she feels. I thank you as well. This was most soothing and I so appreciate seeing these lovely creatures.

    thanks UW.

  5. Found in the comments on His44:

    hahaha this made me laugh, read today.

    When Obama went to the Lincoln Memorial, I’m surprised he didn’t tell the statue, “You’re in my chair.”

  6. Sometimes you just need to see something that makes you feel good. And it really is associated with humans, isn’t it?

    But don’t thank me. Thank BCL and FF. They found it over at my place of worship.

  7. Wonder what that cat is thinking though.

    That’s a LOT of good meals! Let me just season him first.

  8. Anyone know what the background of this video is? Eg, where was this shot?; are the dolphins used to human contact?; what’s a cat doing on a boat?

    An astounding vid.

  9. I’ve known a number of seafaring cats, NES. And jogging cats too. That’s no unique feat. But the interaction with dolphins, that’s a really new one on me. This is an amazingly well adjusted kitteh.

  10. From the youtube description:

    Cat and Dolphin playing together. Theater of the Sea, a marine animal park in Islamorada, Florida in 1997. The dolphins are Shiloh and Thunder and the cat is Arthur.

  11. I saw that isn’t that amazing? it really is! Dolphins have sonar that can detect illness? The acually “scan” a person or thing. We have many off the coast here — see them every day. They have always been my lucky totem — lucky charm. Once when out sailing they saved me? Really. So intelligent.

  12. Kitteh kisses and pats! Dolphin love! SOOOOO cute.
    Humans could learn so much from our animal friends.

  13. Holy Cow! That looks just like my eldest cat! (Looks like something she’d do too!)

  14. Look! A price signal has changed behavior! Back goes the economy into that ditch!
    “For the past five weeks, Americans bought less gas than they did a year earlier, according to MasterCard Spending Pulse, which tracks the volume of gas sold at 140,000 service stations nationwide. The year-to-year decline was 3.6 percent for the week of April 1, the biggest drop since December

    Read more: Drivers apply brakes at the pump – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  15. Hola UW, Here is a story
    some sub-human jack wad shot a kitty with an arrow. Kitty is fine.

  16. I posted about that last night John but nobody noticed. Maybe they’ll see it now. Kind of makes you wonder who the REAL animals are in this country and they aren’t on four legs.

  17. Thanks for the information, UW.

  18. That cat is a ringer for my Tucker….right, Uppity, he is checking the dolphin over, thinking, “Wow! That’s a lot of fish food for ME!”

    I once told Uppity that Tucker often paws my butt.
    She replied, “Yes, it’s his way of saying “MY ASS!”

    And here I thought it was mine.

  19. Oh I gotta put the youtube of that moron Biden falling asleep up.

  20. dolphins are a more advanced species than man. I have no doubt they float around in the evening talking about why people are so stupid.

  21. I agree dolphins seem very evolved. And very happy! I just wish they didn’t taste so good.

  22. You’ve eaten dolphin? Taste like the body of JC?

  23. NES it’s called Mahi Mahi.

  24. That’s dolphin!???!!!!!

  25. LOL NES. I see you’ve had Mahi.

  26. One more thing, NES. The creatures in this video are really porpoises.
    Dolphins, Mahi Mahi


  27. Ok porpoises are in the dolphin family. But they are the ones everybody mostly plays with.

    Edit: Correction. It’s da other way around. Obviously I am dolphin and porpoise ignorant.

  28. Yep, boad-loads of Mahi.

  29. You can watch that…several times and just feel the tension ease out of you (or at least for me). And then you just feel good for awhile.

    BTW…the momster is making an appearance in my gravatar to protest Paul Ryan’s medicare plans.

    Someone needs to tell that little asswipe who worships Any Rand that even she, when she had cancer signed up for and drew social security and signed up for medicare. HA!

  30. Fredster, you little echo you!

  31. I wanted to share cat/dolphin video, but some ole meany has made it private. 😦

  32. Try this one Pamela.


  33. Well doesn’t that suck. Thanks DE. I’ll put yours up.

  34. Nothing like not sharing joy. lol.

  35. DE, UW: Thanks for rescuing this felline worshiper.

  36. Sure thing Pamela
    Dogs Rule!

  37. DE, I like them both.

  38. Zoe thanks you!

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