Obviously dangerous 6-year-old terror suspect meets TSA

Who will stop these ludicrous “random” TSA  groping activities upon little children and old ladies instead of ….nevermind.

And WHEN will they stop this crap? Enough is enough! If this were my daughter, I would be in jail today! And how come old ladies in wheel chairs and six year old children don’t get to frisk themselves like certain other special people get to do?

This adds a whole new meaning to the words, DON’T LET STRANGERS TOUCH YOU!


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  1. And this is what the so called religion of peace has wrought. Because they are animals who think nothing of strapping bombs on their women and children- American children are fair game for perverts in uniform.

  2. You realize that the parents requested that she be rescanned and they were told “no.”

  3. And what was that about drug testing the poor child? Surely they could not possibly believe she was a drug mule?
    never mind

  4. TSA defends it’s brilliant practice of assaulting little kids.
    Written by Bob and Team USA

    The comments are very good. Since when does the TSA (the gov) use blogger?

    Note: If you want to believe anything TSA Bob says go to
    http://blog.tsa. gov

    and take the spaces out.
    Last thing I want is TSA ‘noticing’ me for my next grope.

  5. Bob and his cohort bloggers for the TSA are young enough to be my children. Does that explain why they shill for the TSA?

  6. While I appreciate the threats that the government thinks are abounding, this is despicable in the extreme – and yet, niquabs are allowed through?
    As a child I was molested age 5. Had someone done this to me after that original experience I would have been hysterical and probably out of control. That poor little girl will remember this for the rest of her life, if she’s anything like me.
    Personally, I think it’s sadistic on the part of the TSA to demand body searches of children, and I’m amazed that there isn’t a huge outcry/demand to go to the Israeli techniques of screening.
    And you are so right, Uppity, we try to teach our young that touching by anyone is not okay and particularly by strangers. What happens when someone in uniform comes up to this child in uniform and advises them they have to come with them? After all, the parents consented the first time, and the person is in a uniform. A paedophile’s dream world that the government has unthinkingly created.

  7. TSA has been blogging for a long time. Bob is always there to tell everyone how they don’t see what they see and everything is just fine. I would appreciate obfuscating your link. I don’t want to meet bob during his pingback.

  8. Yes Mom, surely the child was running drugs over the border like happens every day while we pretend we don’t see it.

  9. Yes, sorry about that UW. I forgot that they leave pingbacks.

  10. Nobody will make you roll your eyes better than the TSA bloggers. They should have a header of a bunch of Americans falling off a moving truck.

  11. The father is a physician. I’m sure he was a wreck afterward. This is the stuff your docs are supposed to report to CPA.

  12. Best thing to do is slap a burqa on your kid at the airport.

  13. Christians fleeing Egypt. Golly what a surprise coming from the country that swears it wants a “democracy”.
    Huffpo called it “premature”. Yeah I know. They should stick around for their own beheadings.

  14. We are taking our grandchild on a vacation with us this summer. While a first plane flight would have been fun, we are opting to drive.

  15. Best thing to do is slap a burqa on your kid at the airport.

    I do believe business will boom for those little burqas.

  16. Make way for Egypt to become a sharia shithole.

    I do hope they have other revenue plans other than tourism because nobody in their right mind is going to go there and risk getting her ass killed for wearing shorts in 100 degree heat.

  17. McNorman what needs to happen is some sentator’s granddaughter has to be traumatized by TSA. Then you will see the shit hit the fan.

  18. samanthasmom – these days, a wise decision. I refuse to fly anywhere where it involves U.S. airspace, and I’m in my senior years. If this had happened when the gruesome twosome were young, they would never have seen the beauty of America – or Disney Orlando and Calif, which were their points of interest at that time.

  19. Hate to bust that bubble HT, but they are doing patdowns in Canada too. See The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority. Canada is no more sainted than their sister country is.

    82 year old cancer surviver files complaint

    1500 grievances

  20. You know the lady who patted that child was really sweet to her, trying to keep her from being afraid. Problem is, that’s exactly what child molesters do every day outside the airport. So tell me, how will she know the difference next time that sweet little old man acts a lot like TSA.

  21. I agree, it needs to happen to some bigwig’s grandkid.

  22. UW, this makes me so angry I can’t even watch the entire video. We need to profile. Ask Israel how well it works. Get rid of the TSA and let airports provide the security.

  23. John, we ARE Profiling! We profile likely terrorists and leave them alone. Then we grope everybody else.

  24. China has hacked state department computers. That’s why having a state dinner for that bag of shit leader of theirs was a great idea. I know you agree.

  25. Yes Uppity, I know about the security procedures at our airports and I have mega problems with them as well, but, but, but how can that be if we are the Marxist/Socialist/Communist state? I’m not excusing the Canadian government for taking advantage of the nervousness of the citizens vis a vis terrorism, the over emphasis on the possibility and or arrests that we, the plebes don’t know about and a few incidents which should not be discounted, however, with the damage being done daily by gangs internally, it amounts to little if nothing. Of all the people killed by so called “terrorists”, the drug trade has more than quintupled that death rate, but they do it individually, rather than en masse.

    In all seriousness, I know about the patdowns here, but they are not as bad as what you are experiencing – and I don’t fly because of both country’s obsessive concentration on their specific definition of “terrorism”. My gruesome twosome have been through a few and have no complaints. Mind you when gruesome male was flying back from Cuba and the flight had to land in New Jersey due to an issue with the airline vis a vis a call in sick by pilots, he was furious. Three days later he was put on a plane home. I had to wire him money for living expenses. He didn’t make a scene (he knows better – heavy metal musician, tattoos, long funny hair and all that).

  26. Terrorists getting a pass, Congress waiting and procrastinating to the last second, a faux leader that bold face lies to the country. Am I missing something here? Last night I went to a zumba class. I could have sworn that it was a stripper class. Why is our world so messed up?

  27. Uppity, my biggest fear – Obama has shown the way for our current right wing president masquerading as a Centrist to introduce policies to change our health care and pensions. It’s already happening in spades. To my mind, this is a continental takeover.

  28. Here is another child molested in an airport.
    Why not start taking the names of the tsa people and putting them on a sex offenders list? The chief pervert in charge seems to have no problem with the molestation of children. Maybe this would wake them up.




  29. Disgusting. Laker was lucky he was only put in a glass box for 10 minutes and then separated from us, surrounded by security and wanded up and down. Freaks. I’m all for real profiling.

  30. PMM – from last thread – that video you posted is Pat Condell from England. I love him. He has tons of videos, ranting about different religions, but he now focuses on Islam. He definitely sees the problem up close living where he does, but he seems to often speak to us here in America, trying to warn us not to fall into the trap that Europe did.

  31. ROFL Obama better start campaigning on Facebook.
    Online poll to see if he deserves a second term….333K say yes 1.3Million say no.

  32. DE – I’m not on Facebook, so make that 1.3 million plus one.

  33. Loved Pat Condell.

  34. Plus two.

  35. The sun appears to be shining today- so am going to try and slap that second coat of Kilz on the hallway.
    Will check in as I can lol

  36. Plus three. And since us old bitter hags don’t do facebook as much as his lemmings do it is plus 18 million or so Hillary voters and kool-aid withdrawal sufferers.

    The worst part about him running again is we get to see the despicable desperate measures he comes up with this time. His campaign pulled off some of the sleaziest things I’ve ever seen and the sick part was ignorant people believed that chit.

  37. some Dems are so ticked they want to primary him..:lol:
    stock up on popcorn
    I have been very disappointed in the administration to the point where I’m embarrassed that I endorsed him,” one senior Democratic lawmaker said. “It’s so bad that some of us are thinking, is there some way we can replace him? How do you get rid of this guy?”

  38. Uppity that is my daily gift to you. I know you can do it justice.

  39. Karma is a biatch, foxy.

  40. TSA= Those Stupid Asses

    I received this email today from an old pal I used to sing with at the Basilica downtown:

    As a rule, I don’t pass along these “add your name” lists That appear in e-mails, BUT this one is important.
    It has been circulating for months and has been sent
    To over 25 million people. We don’t want to lose
    Any names on the list so just hit forward and send it on. Please keep it going!

    To show your support for President Obama and the job he is doing please go to the end of the list and add your name.

    1. Michelle Obama.

    (Fixit may have to come and change my coding screwup if there is one.)

    I wish there was a preview button sometimes.I loved this one, though. Couldn’t resist sharing with y’all.

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

  41. And the sad part about the grocery store free bacteria with every purchase is that damn kill the small farmer food NOT safety bill does not cover meat. OH NOOO that is already covered by another useless gov agency.
    Yum eat up!

  42. Gawd Allie, that is funny.

  43. 1. Michelle Obama.

    (large blank page)

    Hey DE thanks for the good news. Every day is a day at the beach at the market, isn’t it?

  44. If the democrats are so disgusted that they want to primary this slug, then why on earth do they pick “Themselves” as the candidate instead of She Who Can Beat Him And Already Did Once.

  45. Lordy lordy- I am tellin yah- too bad this doesn’t come true and get passed and bite them all in the ass
    “Thursday South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint introduced an amendment to the Constitution that would apply term limits to members of Congress.

    Ten Republican Senators joined DeMint in his call to limit U.S. Representatives to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms in office.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/04/15/term-limits-for-congress/#ixzz1Jcbaogys

  46. It won’t happen Mom. These sharks have to vote on their own term limits. They aren’t going to let go, it’s far too lucrative and far too ego stroking. If you ask me, DeMint is full of crap and just blowing a horn himself. Ditto for his ten bogus sponsors. These people are short on integrity and long on Kabuki.

  47. You got that right Uppity- campaigning that’s all they’re doing.

  48. Just got off the phone with the DCCC. I just love when they call and I can give them an earful. You think after all the times I have told them that I hate them with every cell in my being, they would take me off their lists, but no….

  49. UW, I am going to try to make this weekend a political free one! I think you should do some pupp/dog, kitty/cat, NASCAR/Beer/counrty music,bailng wire,bellyand butt scratchin’ threads for me! 🙂

  50. Ah, term limits. We can only dream.

  51. Did you guys see this? It is on John Smart’s today:

  52. No DE, please eat your bacon and be sure and drop the soap OFTEN.

  53. Pity he didn’t get the death sentence.

  54. UW, your pink boyfriend mentioned (figuratively) fainting on a pink brocade couch today…. you may need to widen your usual “type” /jk!

  55. On Hannity they’re playing two snippets in which BO was taped talking to a hot mike. I don’t trust these guys. It could be a planned “accident”.

  56. Friday night! Everyone’s out partying!

  57. On itunes, there is a free interview by Gordon Liddy of Jerome Corsi, taped last month, about Corsi’s new book about the birth certificate. He talks about how it was probably from someone who had died but no one applied for death benefits, but doesn’t list the person’s name and DOB that I’ve seen posted elsewhere. He does mention that no one in Obama’s family had ever been in Connecticut. But he doesn’t mention that apparently Obama had a job at a Baskin Robbins when he was a teen in Hawaii, and he would have needed a SSN then to work (earlier than the CT SSN adoption).

    Now they’re talking about states like AZ passing laws that anyone on ballot must proof citizenship. They’re saying 12 states are considering. He says neither party really wants this done – they don’t like things being done that they didn’t initiate, they also don’t like states to have so much control. Corsi thinks his book, coming out in May, will help states get these laws passed.

    Now they’re talking about google suppressing the birth certificate story. If you searched, you were warned by google that those sites had viruses and could screw up your computer. They were trying to discourage people from learning more about the birth certificate articles being written. WMD fought with google and got the restriction removed.

  58. Hi lorac! Do you mean the weird ssn?

  59. Liddy and Corsi. Now there’s an honor couple. Liddy has none and it just seems Corsi is always off on some tangent with another book sale as his only goal. It’s like listening to a white background noise. After awhile you don’t hear it any longer.

    Don’t use Google, sister. use Scroogle and if you have Nortons, they will tell you if there’s a virus or not. Google is owned and rapidly becoming full of shit on more subjects than we can even imagine. They can no longer be trusted is what I say.

  60. Damn on the pink thing. I swear all the good ones are either gay or taken.

  61. 34 years for killing his daughter? That goatf*cker should be executed. Hopefully, the prisoners will take care if it. They have code of honor too you know, and people like this pig are at the bottom of the heap. the pork is a nice touch though.

  62. Hey Upps! I was just reading over at 44 and he ended one of his Trump/birther articles with this:

    “Donald Trump is holding a Trump card. That “Ace” beats race.”

    Haha. I liked that.

  63. Laker said something really funny about the Biden Brain pic late last night, and now neither of us can remember how it went. Darn it.

  64. Uppity, what do you think of yahoo for searches? Also, agree with you–hope the inmates give the goatf*cker what he deserves…in the most painful, terrifying way possible.

  65. TSA. Place of employment for those who need a job touching people.

  66. http://www.prisonexp.org/

    In 1971 a Stanford U. Professor conducted an experiment on prison psychology using college students. This research is a classic and it explains as far as I’m concerned WHY the TSA individuals have become bullies, thugs, bastards and perverts.

    When given a chance humans given POWER will abuse that power.

    ” Our planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended prematurely after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress.”

    We are now watching the 1971 psych experiment being repeated in real time.

    Every time I have flown I have watched the TSA being sadistic bastards — either to me or to other passengers.

    I no longer fly — I’ve just returned from a 6,000 mile road trip — because neither myself nor my husband will submit to TSA sadistic behavior.

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