The Ever-Patient Snowshoe Kitteh

And now, to lighten up a little, and by request of Uppityite John, whom I can’t refuse, what with him being our token redneck and all….

Patience. Just one more reason the Snowshoe remains one of my all-time favorite breeds. Somebody find me one of these will ya? They never show up in rescue. This, Uppityites, is not a common breed and people who have them never give them up. And there’s a reason for that, and it’s not just those gorgeous blue eyes, either


…But don’t imagine that a Snowshoe will take-a any bullashit-a. This would be a typical “Snowshoe Drive-by”.


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  1. Here is the landing pad, for all you who come over the screeeeeeetching rainbow! lol

  2. Boy, talk about a lazy cat! *swipe* *grooms paw* hehehehe

  3. Aha! THAT is where FF is! She absconded with MKBill and they’re vacationing on Gilligan’s Island!!!!

    Great header, FF!

  4. Yes, the header is beautiful! So is that cute brown kitteh in the top vid.

  5. That’s a laid cat in the first vid. Well, so is the 2nd one. I mean “take the roomba and leaving the driving to us”. LOL!

  6. Lovely header, FF. Love those cats. My feline child is also very smart, incredibly handsome, and has a winning personality, but I’m a little biased.

  7. Gilligan’s Island. LOL!

    Hmmmmmm. Bill looks like he’s up to something. This could be a series. But hey what do I know. Everybody knows he does what he wants. I bet I’m the only blogger Evah who can wake up to a new header and never even know it was coming. I mean, there should be a book in this somewhere.

  8. The videos are hilarious, the kittehs tres handsome, and I’m jealous of MKBill surrounded by sun, sea and Heat! FF, beautiful header!

  9. Beautiful header! We had enough rain here yesterday to qualify as monsoon season if it wasn’t so damn cold. High winds too.
    April showers- PFFFFTTTTT

  10. Lotsa rain here too. Sick of it.

  11. What was that old rhyme? Rain, rain go away…….
    The grass of course is growing like crazy – can’t mow- too wet. The daffodils are getting flattened from the pounding rain. sigh

  12. Oooh, I want to be in the water with Mr. Bill. Lucky, lucky cat. Uppity, I thought you were talking about snowshow hares and I’m thinking ‘of course you don’t see many of them, they’re wild’. But apparently, there are snowshoe cats, huh? I did not know that. Learn something new everyday. Beautiful cats.

  13. What is MK Bill doing in Haiti?

  14. I hope MKBill is not planning on fomenting unrest.

    He has a master’s degree in Fomenting Unrest.

  15. BCL meet the Snowshoe Cat.

  16. love the header F.F.

  17. Thank you Anthony and PMM! I will try it again!

  18. I like the idea of MKB on “Gillian’s Island!” too funny.

  19. drat! 😦

  20. I fixed it so it’s a link imust. You must never try to copy a youtube from the persons CHANNEL. here is what you had


    The & and anything after it will disable that thing immediately. and there was a slash at the beginning.

  21. ok got it for you imust.

  22. Thank you Uppity. I didn’t realize I was at the person’s channel.

  23. I’ve done it myself imust, that’s how i learned it. I now take a look at the link first.

  24. screeeetch! 🙂

  25. Love the kitty Max — the ducks are adorable, too!


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