Woman slasher, ex-NY senator and two-legged cockroach now runs a pizza joint

Karma. I love it.

Sleazeball near his sleazy pizza joint

If you’re ever in Queens, pass on this pizza and the cockroach behind it.

Just to refresh your memory, Hiram Monserrate, member of the “New” Democratic Party, was a NY State Senator who was forcibly removed from the senate after a great deal of pressure from women upon a bunch of senators who would have otherwise ignored this piece of shit who beat and slashed his girlfriend and didn’t skip a beat. Hiram claimed he “tripped” while carrying a glass of water and accidentally slashed his girlfriend with the accidentally broken glass. Too bad  plenty of his woman-beating ‘accident’ was recorded on video.

Hiram The Slasher’s ultimate demise was led by State Senator Eric Schneiderman, who was in turn rewarded with a successful election to the State Attorney General’s slot. You don’t mess with NY women. NY NOW is run by an actual Feminist, who actually knows what she’s doing, namely Marcia Pappas — who doesn’t take any crap, doesn’t care what party or religion somebody is involved with, calls it where she sees it,  and should have been elected as President of NOW National long ago. She isn’t in it for Glory. She’s in it for Women. That’s becoming kind of novel among todays’ so-called “women”s groups”. Here’s a little press release about Hiram from Marcia.

Thanks to Amy Siskind, Hiram was the lucky recipient of some national attention for his “leadership” role in the slashing of women. Amy pushed really hard to get his sleazy name and face recognized everywhere, and she made sure New York’s senators got a steady barrage of interesting mail and phone calls demanding that they get rid of this cockroach. When it came down to the wire, there was plenty of energy and there were  plenty of  American women watching the NY Senate on the Day of Decision. (See my post, “Will They Throw The Deranged Sicko Hiram Monserrate Out Of The NYS Senate Today Or Not?”  There’s nothing like national attention and, of course, polling to get our otherwise dysfunctional NYS Senate to notice something.

Hiram is simply a disgusting, morally bankrupt animal. Women would be a lot safer with him off the streets. But alas, he’s not off the streets, of course. It seems they almost never are off the streets, doesn’t it? You would think that a guy with a history of violence, such using his car to drive over the leg of a tow truck operator who was attempting to tow his car, and who then slashed a woman with glass would be off the streets. But nope.  The “Court” found him guilty of a Misdemeanor and dropped the felony charges. That’s what our courts do day in and day out to women. Give these pigs another chance to finish the job. And they wonder why gun sales are constantly on the rise among women.

Here’s a video of Hiram comparing himself to Jesus and dragging his girlfriend on video. He had the audacity to run again on a different party line in the special election created by his own ousting.

Today, this bag of crap Hiram Monserrate runs a pizza joint and plenty of people don’t plan on buying slices from this woman-slicer.

A year after he was booted from Albany on charges he beat and slashed his girlfriend, Monserrate is working the counter at Papaya Pizza, a 2-month-old, $1.25-a-slice pizza joint located in his old Corona campaign headquarters.

But his notoriety has made several women in the community lose their appetites.

“We’d never buy anything [there].

I would never give him a dime. I would never want to put a dollar in his pocket,” said a teacher at nearby PS 19.

Atta girl.

“I still love politics,” Monserrate told The Post between sips of Sprite Zero.

……And we still hate your guts, you arrogant, lowlife scumbag. From the looks of you, you are sucking down plenty of pizza.  Hopefully, it will all go from your mouth directly to your coronary arteries as soon as possible.

Karma. It’s a wonderful thing.


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  1. Ha! Another kickass Uppity post! Way to start the weekend! Uppity, thanks for keeping these creeps in the public eye.

  2. Decades ago we had pajama parties and somebody would always make prank phone calls.

    Let’s have a PJ party and order a dozen pies with the works for the Queens republican offices.

    And I call dibs on the couch!

  3. karen- ROFL! Good one!
    Yes Uppity- It does seem as if they are never off the streets. Bad penny and all that.
    Has Ms Pappas ever considered a bid for the national NOW top job? She should.
    I gave up on NOW- what do they ever do except put out lame press releases after it’s too late?

  4. Was the cockroach ever tried if his crime was videotaped, and was he acquitted, or did the law enforcement refuse to prosecute.

  5. He was convicted. I updated the post with a video. He actually tried to run for his own slot again.

    And here Sen liz kroger forced to say No Comment. They all had no comment, but one brave Democrat forged ahead. He’s now the Atty General.

    Democrat NY State Senator Liz Kruger, never at a loss for words, says she and her fellow Democrats are under orders to keep quiet about the indictment of her colleague, Sen. Hiram Monserrate, for the alleged slashing attack on his girlfriend.

  6. I am looking for the youtube on the nearly physical altercation over this when he was voted out. Several democrats, all men of course, stuck by him and there was almost a brawl.

  7. BCL the court refused to convict him of a felony and gave this creep a misdemeanor so he could finish the job.

  8. Did he finish the job? I’ve said for over 30 years that it’s legal to murder you wife in America, so slashing a girlfriend is a misdemeanor, I guess.

  9. no he hasn’t finished the job. but I’m sure in future he will do it again to someone. Scheeves like him always do. And I’ll just bet his circle blames the woman too.

  10. He was convicted for dragging her because it was on video. He wasn’t convicted for slashing her because the poor woman didn’t have a camera up her ass. That’s how these pig courts roll. She was cut up and well, golly, that’s not on the tape. Now run along.

  11. Mom if Pappas had been the head of NOW, Bill Maher would be crapping his sissy britches and lilliputian shoes right now.

  12. Another argument for prohibiting some people from spawning.

    GREELEY, Colo. — A northern Colorado woman who was playing a game on Facebook while her 13-month-old baby drowned in a bathtub was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

  13. Speaking of pigs, I just heard an audio youtube of Cornel West and father Pflager aka father Phlem.

    BO was the real deal in 2008 but he just got corrupted by the power of office. This guy STILL is puke worthy even though he now sees Bo is a sham but they still love him…

    It is Travis Smiley show but he isn’t on this tape.

    gag warning – they talk about obama’s prophetic juice. Sour grapes?

  14. Uppity, no doubt about it, this generation is going to go down in history as the most selfish and distracted.

    I was on a plane once with two young people and each of them had three devices hooked up to their bodies. Laptop, cellphone and ipods. I was looking at the clouds and the desert below. Go figure.

  15. Obama has not changed, these people were clueless but they still tried to force the fraud down our throats. Father Pflager is a disgusting human being.

  16. When Father Phlem figures out he is nothing but a liar and an opportunist then even the most ardent kool-aid slurper and cheetoes eater from the great orange satan has to be having doubts.

    Speaking of Phlem… I had another post from that twit and turncoat, Taylor Marsh, land in my junk mail file. It was about not being fooled by bo’s words… ya think?

  17. I’m shocked that Marsh didn’t get major whiplash with that 180 she did in 24 hours. It was amazing how her advertising picked right up and she got on the convention list, wasn’t it?

    I never go there any longer.

  18. Hey Karen, guess who coined “Father Phlegm”?

    Come on. Guess.

  19. Travis took some HORRIBLE crap for questioning The Incandescent One in 2008. In other words, they can dance around it all they want, but they were warned. He was already corrupt and just waiting for his shot at America.

  20. The same person that coined Barky and lying sack of crap? The one and only, you.

  21. Those patrons certainly know how to send a message by not buying at the pizza shop. He doesn’t get that yet though.

  22. UW, I wasn’t seriously saying that writer is gay – I was making a joke! We actually don’t even know for sure the gender. But “pink” is the theme of the site, and the vast majority of the readers are women I would assume, so “pink fainting couch”, etc, may just be part of the site humor, it fits into the expected parameters. In short, I think you can still have hope!

  23. “I still love politics.” FU fella…….

    Like I still love winter….it snowed today!

    I wouldn’t cross the street to get a slice of his pizza with his own money.

  24. No to worry lorac. It’s all a joke anyways. What matters is a good blogger is out there and we need to kick the needle off this record. lol.

  25. Speaking of father Phegm, the very fact that the Catholic Church allows a nasty, hateful, warmongering creature like him to continue representing them does not bode well for them.

  26. Hillary isn’t playing golf on her trip to S. Korea. And she isn’t going to Tokyo for a vacation. Some people are work horses. Go Hill. I couldn’t be more proud of her and yet my admiration grows daily. She’s simply the best.


  27. uppity, if I recall correctly they gave him a slap on the wrist for his horrific remarks about Hillary. Didn’t they remove him for a few weeks and then back down and return him and even give him some kind of honors when his equally freaky parishioners and those of Wright and Nation Of Islam and Obama for America, no doubt too, sent letters on his behalf?

    And didn’t they all collect a bunch of money to put the roof on his church, etc. Where there is cash is where they put their faith. Pass the basket.

  28. karen, if they allowed pedos to stay in the cloth for decades, why not this turd?

  29. UW, make that TWO great bloggers out there!

    Btw, I’m not familiar with this phrase – care to give a woman a hint? lol

    we need to kick the needle off this record

  30. A major blast, older than anybody here.

  31. OMG would you look at this moron?

  32. Here’s a potential boyfriend for her.

  33. lol on the song – where do you find this stuff?

    I love the belly dancer – I can’t decide if she’s more of a moron for posting it, or if actually I should give her kudos for being able to laugh at herself lol

  34. Here’s one even dumber.

  35. That’s the view outside her dorm room.

    Job seeker belly dancer. The video is part of her resume. Swift, eh? 🙂

  36. What a brilliant generation of women, truly.
    Wedding pole fail

  37. Concussion. Will need neuro rehab lifelong now.

  38. That red-dressed woman will certainly never live her reputation down that she brought down the tent at the party.

  39. Ah here ya go.

  40. Hillary! Yes karen, Hillary is a work horse. When do we ever see vacay photos of her? Chelsea’s wedding photos were so great, in part, because we actually saw Hillary get to relax a bit! The contrast couldn’t be greater with the fraud and his vacay lovin’ family.


  42. We may still suffering with the vacay POTUS, but at least we Californians are rid of this jerk:

  43. You must mean the goofball who fell head first, right Crier. We are talking major neck damage too, yes?

  44. And people wonder why the third wave is losing?

  45. Yes Imust, Arnold showed us that it takes a shitbag to pardon a shitbag.

  46. The Third Wave doesn’t think they are losing…..they’re a lot like Charlie Sheen. They think they are, “WINNING!”

  47. Governors and Presidents should NOT be allowed to pardon ANYBODY!

  48. Uppity, a friend of mine was actually groped by the former “Gropenor” back in the 80’s when he was just a steroid guzzling body builder.


  50. imust, you could fill an armory with women who were groped by that pig.

  51. Yeah, many of them came forward, including my friend, when he was first running for Gov. but no one cared.

  52. Aw, shoot….little Hal was all of 9 yrs old when Mutual Admiration Society came out in the film “Happy Hunting” 1956. Now you’ve dunit, Uppity. I’m so dated. Heck, I used to warble that song as a kid.

    It has since been performed by many other artists, including Ethel Merman & Virginia Gibson (Broadway Production) – 1956
    Jaye P. Morgan & Eddy Arnold – 1956
    Teresa Brewer – 1956
    Rita Hayworth & Carol Burnett – 1971
    It was also recorded by: Louis Prima & Keely Smith;
    Ann-Margret & Al Hirt; Everette Harp; Bud Shank.

    Harrumph! Cough! Wheeze. You young whippersnappers!!!!!!!

  53. ACK MY DOG! I spend a fortune on her grooming yesterday and she just came in COVERED in burdock!

  54. Burdock? is that sticky burrs? If so I hate those things- try getting them out of a horses mane and tail. Nasty, pernicious weed from hell.
    OT- Chocolate cheesecake in the oven.

  55. Yes and she’s a mess. I’ve been picking them out and brushing the residue off all this time. And it’s still not over. She’s being a saint about it though, since she knows she blew it.

  56. Oh for Chrissakes, it’s not like I didn’t see it coming. The cat grabbed a burduck and then it got stuck in his mouth. He wouldn’t let me help him, so he did what he could do. He ate it. Then he projectile vomited enough food to sink the Queen Mary.

  57. I feel your pain Uppity- those things are nasty. If you miss one you have ten thousand next year. And for some reason animals love rolling and running in the damn things.

  58. Well in truth, it couldn’t be avoided. She was out back there where there are trees and bushes and it’s not warm enough or dry enough yet to clear it. So she couldn’t help it. she runs and they hit her fur and then they are hers.

    Arizona passed their birther law. I call nibs on the popcorn concession on this one. I guess the goal is to go to the supremes. I know the guy has his birth certificate, unless he lied in his book, Nightmares of My Father, where he said he found his original BC with some High School stuff. …

  59. Detroit sends layoff notices to all its teachers. Detroit needs to lay off that ludicrously dysfunctional council that has run the damned city the rest of the way into the ground. Oh wait, I gotta go find those videos of that congressman’s wife on the council, whom I think is in jail now.

  60. Here we go. These are the people running Detroit.

  61. Will you listen to this sweet kid? She was the one Conyers “debated”. An 8th grader who schooled Conyers in Civics. If you ask me, Detroit adults are the A Holes, not the kids.

  62. UW at 2:05. Neuro rehab for girl twirling and entrapping herself in drapes, and subsequently getting hit on head with rod (brain damage), and the guy for getting whiplashed while failing at Tarzan (neck and back damage).

    They will now qualify for health insurance, even though they have not paid into the system, courtesy of their [ir]responsible judgment in pursuing foolish activities, that the rest of the paying citizenry will have to bear.

  63. Conyers, unable to act like an adult, showed her true colors at that city council meeting. For an eighth grader to succictly point out her failing, should have been a lesson swallowed. Instead she proceeded to debate her. The other kids were snickering at her watching her get put in her place by their own peer. The teenager will do wonders in life if allowed, and not held back by adults like Conyers whose own agenda is more important than serving others. The teen gives hope for the future.

  64. Crier, now I thought for sure the blond who fell on her head off the poll, bending her neck found out she was seriously injured when the camera wasn’t rolling.

  65. Where is FF?

  66. OMG ROFL. Now there’s a Volt commercial for you.

  67. That little girl who schooled Conyers might one day be the first woman President. She’ll have to become a republican though since the democrats can’t stand smart women.

  68. BTW, wasn’t Monica Conyers running the Obama stealth campaign in MI?


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