Let’s face it. We all know it. It’s time for those annoying peeps again.

Post your peeps video. We have to do something with them, right? After all,  nobody actually eats them.

If we don’t get control, they will turn on us. It’s not as if it hasn’t happened before..


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  1. Hilarious. When that peep landed on the jungle gym, I cracked up. Tippi Hedrin and Suzanne Pleshette look so young and fresh in that video, makes me nostalgic. Where is the news report in the background coming from.

  2. I had the pleasure of speaking to Tippi Hedron on the phone once.

  3. Great vid.

    Lovely header…but, I ain’t buying it! We all know puddy tads hate swimming.

  4. BCL, do not take this as criticism, but I have always wondered what that description of women as being “fresh” means for those of us who are no longer young. Are we spoiled, rancid, mildewed? = )

  5. I asked a question in an old thread. Who knows if those in charge will see it, so I ask here. What is MKBill doing in Haiti? Is he there to foment unrest?

  6. This is not entirely true about puddy cats, NES. In fact I’ve had several cats in my life who were aqua cats, including one who could turn out the faucet (and he knew cold from hot too), enjoyed hanging out on the ledge for the bathtub and using his tail, and occasionally jumping in. There is also a breed called the Turkish Van that is a natural swimmer and loves water. And all cats CAN swim even if they don’t like it. My guess is bill is more likely standing on some motorized float, since we know how he is.

    Teresa, Bill will go ANYWHERE just as long as there is excellent room service. He also does not like to get his paws dirty. So my guess is that haiti is out.

  7. Wow you spoke to Tippi? Awesome! Was she nice?

  8. Tippi is Melanie Griffith’s mother you know.

  9. What has happened to you tube? I used to just click “share” copy and paste and it would embed? Now I just get a link.

  10. TeresainPa
    Speaking as an older woman myself, most of my years in the past, I never had to use a moisturizer, but now I very much do. So I could have said they look young (that would have brought me criticism) or dewy (too silly), so I chose the term fresh. Not as the opposite of rancid, but as bright eyed, clear skinned and pretty. And they do as we all did at one time, male and female. Speaking after working for 40 years in support of the feminist cause , I do resent the gratuitous smack downs on politically correct speech.

  11. She was nice and opinionated. She was railing against people who adopt baby big cats, because they’re cute, and then abandon them when they grow into the large, wild cats they’re meant to be. Tippi runs a big cat sanctuary in So. Cal., providing a home for abandoned big cats.

  12. Yes, i know, but more famous in her day than Griffith ever was. Tippi was the IT girl and Hitchcock’s favorite.

  13. IMUST –

    Trying the url from the top of the page:

  14. TOOO FUNNY must share before the peeps get me thank you so much 🙂

  15. if it won’t let me copy the url.then I watch on utube right click and get the url 😦

  16. Tippi’s big cats. Amazing vid:

  17. it appears that a lot more women Than men care about animals and animal issues. Why do you think that is? UW? Others?

  18. Go aqua-cats!

    Pretty sure MKBill wouldn’t be caught dead in Haiti. He’s on Virgin Gorda, for sure.

  19. imust- I had the same problem last week- the “new” and (not) “improved” youtube is a pain in the you know what. After a bunch of tries I finally figured it out (cuz their “help” forum is sooooooo not helpful.
    You have to copy the link from the browser and paste that-

  20. re youtube: When something is owned by the horrible Google, there IS no such thing as Help, Tech Support or anything else. And they arbitrarily make things disappear or not work, just like they did to us bloggers at Blogspot. Google truly is the most evil beast on the internet. Anything they dominate turns to Our Way Or The Highway SHIT. This is why youtube is slowly but surely turning to shit. Amazingly, they steal intellectual properties without blinking an eye but will trash your account or shut down your video if you use a song that you didn’t “pay” to use. LOL They are raiding entire libraires and posting books online. Simply vile people who can’t get enough of your personal information besides.

  21. it appears that a lot more women Than men care about animals and animal issues. Why do you think that is? UW? Others?

    ….because women understand what it’s like to be treated as something inferior. If they haven’t experienced it themselves they’ve seen other women treated that way. They understand the concept that being dominated is horror. They all know somebody who has been at the mercy of others, who has been hungry or without shelter and desperately dependent for one reason or another….and then abandoned. They see this in animals and it brings out the same feelings. Only they can do something about it personally.

    ….and because, in general, they have better hearts and are not afraid to use them.

    Without women, the world would truly be a savage place riddled with two-legged beasts.

  22. Hey good to see you, Swannie!!!!

  23. Yes, NES, I was going to mention her sanctuary and she is VERY right!!!! Somebody should throw that freaky bastard Mike Tyson to the big cats. He abandoned a bunch of them to a sanctuary, promised to write a check and scurried away like the oozing scum he is.

  24. Holy Cannoli, that video, NES. I mean I have always wanted very much to pet a bengal tiger or a leopard. But I think i would definitely draw the Lion (scuse the pun) of having these beasts jumping into my house window or grabbing at my lunch. I mean I don’t want my domestic cats on the table when I’m eating and I don’t think having some tiger show up would exactly make me happy.

  25. Uppity Woman, on April 17, 2011 at 1:04 PM said:
    What a nice way to explain female (and male) love and empathy with animals.

  26. I’m always amazed by all that Tippi has done for large cats. She only made a few movies and it is expensive to feed and care for these giant felines, so I wonder how she has been able to maintain her sanctuary. Even with donations, it is a daunting undertaking.

  27. Thank you BCL. It came to me instantly, and I really believe it.

  28. There ya go. Pick on Tippi and ignore goatfuckers looking to blow us up.

  29. Thxx UW. What you say sounds right on!

  30. Two of my moms closet friends got to go to Tippi’s ranch, and get a tour and get to pet the big kittehs. They were over the moon about the experience for weeks. They knew someone who knew her. I vaguely knew her daughter in the 80’s. Talked to each other at parties. She was nice, but into the white powder in a big way.

  31. Aw chit. I liked Melanie. Now I find out she takes it up the nose.

  32. That was back in the 80’s. Supposedly she’s off drugs now. I think she was hooked on pain killers or something, which is common for Hollywood people.

  33. I think we should lay bets on socal’s identity. Given how many H-Wood types she knows, she has to in the industry or related to it. Confess socal!

  34. Yeah NES, she knows a lot of them, but hey, it just reminds me again of how lucky I am to have the members I do. How I do it is beyond me. But I respect her privacy and I know you do too. It just feels kind of warm and fuzzy though.

  35. At the :30 second mark in NES’ Simon Groom video (Tippi seems younger than in the other video), Tippi says about half of the cats were born in her complex. Near the end of the video, you can see some males who aren’t fixed.

    That really surprised me, that a rescue operation wouldn’t fix the cats. Seems like that would take more money from your rescue work (having to feed even more animals from not fixing them).

  36. Hey listen we’ve got daytime soap opera actor here too.

    And lawyers. And doctors. And Veterinarians. And teachers. And managers and Indian Chiefs. And some people who went to schools all the pissants who were graded on a curve in high school only dream of attending. And you know, all those bitter, old uneducated people who are just too dumb and have too low an IQ to grasp the wonderfulness of Barack.

    And yet, all these stellar people actually want to hang out here with the rest of us.

  37. NJ Gov. Christie may have just taken himself out of the running with his crude remark “to take the bat out” on 75 y.o. Senator Loretta Weinberg.


  38. Hey listen we’ve got daytime soap opera actor here too.

    Aw, you outed me! But at least I finally got my Emmy now that they cancelling the show after all these years!


  39. lorac? You’re…..Susan Lucci? 🙂

  40. think young and restless.

  41. Wait a minute…..Lucci sounds Italian….maybe Uppity is Susan Lucci! NES! I’ve solved the mystery!!!

  42. He’s not running anyways, Tony. We’d need a bigger TV to see him. But seriously, it was a pretty clear figurative remark about yet another thief who is double dipping the pension fund, 75 years old or not, woman or not. I am sick of these goddamned thieves who say one thing and rob us with their other hand. One thing our party does great is detour the issue and point it back to the person doing the outing.

  43. imustlieandsayyes! lol Amazing she’s been on the show for so long; I watched it when I lived in the dorms.

    UW, are you talking about the person whose screen name starts with an “a”? Or is there another soap actress PUMA?

  44. Yes and she is a great writer too. She finally outed herself on another site because she got sick of having to hide. I give her credit.

  45. Hell no. I’m a comedian, you know that.

  46. Yes, UW, she is great, I love her. I’ve always had a lot of respect for her, and I really want her book to come out. It’s going to be great, I just know. I’ve never seen her on TV, but I googled her, and my gosh she is beautiful. I mean, REALLY beautiful.

  47. Yes lorac, I noticed the big cat who jumped thru the window had his testicles and was surprised.

    She WAS younger in that video, it was in the 80s.

  48. gasp…. I wonder if socal and our soap star know each other? lol

  49. Obviously lorac eye was on the ball[s]!!

  50. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and we thought she never noticed!

  51. You play a shrink on the soap opera?

  52. Haha NES! No I’m def not in the industry; altho I was on a tv show once when I was really little, and a lot of my little friends were actors. My parents, who had a lot of showbiz friends (my dad golfed with everyone btw), didn’t want us to be child actors with all the weirdness that comes with it, which I appreciate now, knowing so many of them. Thats why I let laker have his creativite outlet in community theater. My youngest sister was an extraordinarily beautiful child, when people saw her they would gasp and say omg look at that little girl. I remember once this casting agent showed up at our house wanting to sign my sis. My parents said no, the guy was so persistent and obnoxious that my dad (who was 6’2″) had to literally drag him up out of our living room and out the front door & out to his car. Ah memories! I digress. Anyway, no, I’m not in the industry, although I grew up in an area where a lot of show biz people live, was invited to a lot of movie star/rock star parties when I was young, I had a job where I had to deal with celebs of every stripe (movie, tv, music, sports) every day, so I’ve just been exposed to a lot of them over my life. There are a lot of editors, set people, stunt people, etc in our homeschool group even. Also, when hubbie was a gen contractor, he worked on a lot of movie stars and producers houses, in Bev Hills and the palisades. They loved him cuz he did nice work and is such a sap they could always rip him off. Oh! almost forgot! When I was young, I went with a music producer for five years. Met lotsa rock stars in those days.

  53. Annie!

  54. Don’t you mean, you “ogled” her, lorac?

  55. I was blinded by that sight!

  56. starts with an “a”? I can’t think of it.

  57. lorac a couple of times she emailed me to tell me how she loved something I wrote and it kind of makes my day, you know. Okay, my week.

  58. I’m honored to be on a site where All people feel free to mingle and after getting more comfortable with the regulars feel free to share a sliver of their lives to enhance ours. I also feel that those folks who have celebrity in the world outside Uppityville sometimes crave normalcy. Imagine having people running after you 24/7 – no privacy, no way to get away – for me that would be Grizzly Adams time – in the depths of the forest.
    Tippi Hedren is an amazing woman. Peeps are the scourge of the world – they look disgusting so why would anyone eat them? Besides which, according to the video that Upps posted, they’re homicidal – can one use that word for Peeps killing humans?

  59. ahh….the 3 “p”s….peeps, penguins and PIE!

  60. NES, I love her for her brains, she has beautiful brains lol

  61. HT – did you see how that one melted and disappeared when he sprayed the hot water on it? OMG, must be pure sugar!

  62. Yea but you love me for my body.

  63. Uppity, thats nice that she emailed you. I still can’t figure out who it is. I never like peeps. When we were kids, we got an Easter basket full of goodies on trad. Easter, we did the Easter egg hunt & dinner at Grandmas (prime rib & yorkshire pudding usually). Then on Orthodox Easter, we’d go to midnite mass at the Greek Church, get a giant Sees Easter Egg and eat a Greek feast for dinner. We were pretty spoiled little beasts.

  64. socal – it’s ani. She did out herself on another site, but I don’t know if we can say her real name here or not….?

  65. Oh I forgot to say about the peeps…my mom would always put them in the baskets and we would always toss them in the trash, first thing.

  66. lorac a couple of times she emailed me to tell me how she loved something I wrote and it kind of makes my day, you know. Okay, my week.

    Oh, wow, that IS really cool. But then, you did that (in a fashion) to me, once, and it was way cool.

  67. too bad you throw them out socal. Please remember I have some great leftover peeps recipes, such as Peeps and Peppers.

  68. OHHHH! Okay, I know exactly who you mean. Always loved her posts. I didn’t about the soap actress thing though, cuz we’ve never watched them. She seems like a lovely person. I will get her book when it comes out.

  69. Yea but you love me for my body.

    Yeah, so why am I never invited to the naked skyping? Hrrrmmppffff!

  70. I think when she was still incognito I think she may have asked if I would read her book manuscript. I feel kind of badly because i always say No. You would be amazed at how many people ask me to do that. I of course, remain incognito so there would have been no way I could have read it if i wanted to. Reading manuscripts is a LOT of work because you know people want you to give input. I mean it’s a major job. I bet it’s a great book too. I’ve seen her writing and she is goooooooood.

  71. Uppity! Eww! You’re so funny! We just finished brunch, scrambled eggs and chicken & sun dried tomato sausage. I took your great advice (as always) and have been buying the Egglands Best, btw. You are right, they are very fresh, high quality. Worth the extra buck. Tonight we’re barbequing and eating on the patio. Its nice and warm here.

  72. It sounds like it has been hard to find a publisher, because she really takes the media to task in the book – and a publisher would need the media’s help to sell the book. I left her a message on a couple of other sites that maybe she should consider asking Trump to publish it, or lend her the money through a middle person. It would benefit him, as well, so maybe he would… I really, really, really want it to come out!

  73. Hey Trump is a good idea.

  74. Breaking into real publishing is rough sometimes.

  75. Hey, during the daytime I’m Susan Lucci, but on the weekends, I’m an idea woman lol

  76. Oh yeah socal, I never buy eggs unless they are from a local farmer or Eggland’s best. They are VASTLY superior.

  77. Sorry lorac, but my skype heart belongs to NES.

  78. Pot of sauce on the stove with meatballs and hot sausage. Smells done. Time for the pasta.

  79. ROFL sounds like a new euphemism for ribs ROFL

  80. lorac, yeah, I saw that hot water business – kind of reminiscent of “I’m melting, I’m melting, oh what a world” I wonder what would happen if one put a peep in the microwave on high. Who buys those things anyway?
    My favorite easter treat was the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs that were marketed in an actual egg carton. Yum. That was of course years ago, you can’t find one now. My next favorite was Laura Secord chocolate covered eggs – hurt the teeth so I had to give them up.

    Good for ani that she found someplace where she could be herself, away from her publicity generated personna. BTW, saw Susan Lucci on some interview program the other morning – I don’t usually watch tv, but when one has to smoke outside, one turns on whatever is available and watches through the window. Anyway, 40 years she’s been on whatever soap, which apparently was just canceled. First time I’d seen her, and what an engaging, beautiful woman she is – for someone who must be at least close to 60, she’s quite amazing. Not that I would watch those programs, but it’s revitalizing to see a successful women who is sure of herself and her place in the universe.

  81. I know, I know, NES stole your skype heart. She stole FF’s heart, too. sigh.

    Well, socal is right, it has been warm here. And I think I have to make myself cut the grass today. It’s gotten so long, I hope that rancid peeps aren’t hiding in there, waiting to attack!

  82. Hey, that was a cool video.

    By the way, try peeps roasted over a fire. Tasty!

  83. lol well, okay, THAT one was fake, but otherwise, whenever I see these videos of young guys making messes with peeps, I can’t help wondering who is cleaning up the mess – their mom or their girlfriend? lol

  84. Roasted over a fire, huh?

  85. Mmm. Smores! I hope she gets it published and has a book signing in the L.A. area, and we socalians could all go!

  86. Uppity, your dinner sounds very yummy!

  87. socal, I’m going to bake ziti with mozzarella and lotsa romano.

  88. OMG, even microwaves can’t get rid of peeps. How about freezing them with fire retardants, like they did with The Blob? Maybe then we can end the horror of the Peeps.

    lorac, of course it’s their moms cleaning up. With the current gen of girls, I doubt they would know how, other than to text the nearest cleaning company – and no, I’m not bitter, however I trained my gruesome female and yet she still doesn’t know how to pick up after herself although there is hope for her. She’s just be made pastry person at the Cafe where she works, so she called and asked me for all my recipes and has been picking my brains. Funny thing – she and her gruesome male counterpart were both trained in how to prepare pastries, bread and meals – somehow it slipped their minds. Lack of practice will do that.
    P.S. NES is rather attractive, but I don’t do skype.

  89. That was indeed marshmallow murder. If you listen closely, the peeps will scream in agony the very same way when you pith ’em with a fork and bob ’em over the stove flame. Then they writhe for a short moment before they joyfully slide down the hatch.

  90. Here is a gif of a gazelle swallowing a peep.

    Smooth sailing!


  91. Where can I mail my manuscript?

  92. THAT’S my girl, Upps!

  93. Aww HT, thx.

    Say, can you see me from your house?

  94. Well, socal, you’ll always be a movie star to us!

  95. NES, from our interactions, I suspect we are a continent away and I am having difficulty seeing the birds returning from winter. Pesky little devils, they won’t sit still while I get the bincoculars so I have to rely on birdcall audio files to identify them. – it’s not warm enough for me to chase them yet – but in two weeks, watch out.
    Yes, I am a geek, I freely admit I am a senior citizen geek. But if I were younger, and so inclined, believe me, you and lorac would be my first targets. Compliment there for both of you. You both have brilliant challenging minds. I met one person in my life that had that kind of mind – he married my sister.

  96. Awww, thanks NES! HT, I’ve always wanted to do birding. I need to get a book of the birds in my area. I had two beautiful little yellow house finches in my fountain yesterday. I love birds.

  97. socal, believe me, it is addictive. I stand outside every morning with my binocs and wait. Funny thing, I know what I will see. but I still do it on the offchance I will see something that is unusual. Back in my youth, I thought that anyone that spent anytime doing something like this – that takes time and concentration – were useless bags of nothing interesting. I used to think that birders were strange people. I’m not one yet, but I suspect I could be one soon. The visual study of birds and animals is so very soothing and challenging at the same time. I will qualigy that – Peeps do not challenge nor engage me. Birds and animals do. I hestate to comment about this, but I love to watch mama racoons herding their young and squirrel taking care of their kits. That’s all we get in an urban setting – ooh I forgot about the deer – I know they are a pest in rural farms, but they are so very beautiful and graceful. I really do need to be institutionalized otherwise I might join PETA (not gonna happen – I like meat once or twice a month)

  98. XO HT.
    I’m south of your border.

  99. How cute! An Easter Pengy! Loved The Peeps vid also.

  100. Dinner was so good. Wish I could beam up a dish for all of you.

  101. NES – XO right back at you. Funny there are people you meet in your life that pass, then there are those you will always remember. You and lorac and Uppity and all the Uppityites will be the ones I remember. This is a very odd day for me. One of the ladies I worked with for many years died three days ago. She was 56 years old. She had been battling leukemia for 10 years – and she was a fighter bygum. Tomorrow is her funeral. Odd day today.

  102. Her name was Ann. She was a wonderful person. Uppitiyites would have liked her – she was feisty – full of piss and vinegar. Tough to handle, the loss of folks you love and like.

  103. Thats sad about your friend HT. Condolences to you and her other friends and family. Yes, it sounds like she would have fit in here.

  104. Uppity, I knew you’d post about your dinner. I wish I could’ve traded you for our boring steak and salad. (Well, I’m sure they will be good but not as good as yummy ziti with meatballs and mozzarella & romano!) Hmm, I think I’ll make that tomorrow. I just picked up some nice cheese at the Italian Deli yesterday.

  105. Hey I love me my steak and salad too, socal. Especially if it’s a nice greek salad with plenty of feta, greek spices and those delicous calamata olives.

    But yes, I had this hankering for baked macaroni so I just went ahead and did it. It’s really not that much more time than just making the pasta. I just cook the pasta the hard side of al dente and then assemble it all in a big casserole dish with the cheeses and it’s all nice and melted and finished off in 15 minutes or so. We weren’t exactly struggling though, as we scarfed down some meatballs while waiting. lol. If I had some ricotta I would have tossed it in too.

  106. Hey greta has a cat named Bill. it’s a ragdoll besides.

  107. Ha! Greta’s Bill is cute! Do you suppose he moderates her blog too?

  108. Speaking after working for 40 years in support of the feminist cause , I do resent the gratuitous smack downs on politically correct speech.

    funny, I could have sworn I said “don’t take this as criticism”…..let me look, yup, there it is right in the comment. I was kidding.
    But as long as you are already pissed… yeah, now that I think of it, it really is rather an obnoxious term to describe someone as “young and fresh”. I hear men do it all the time and when they do it gives me the creeps. I always wonder if they think older women have moldy girl parts. It is even creepier when plastic surgeons use the term to describe what they are doing for their clients. I have NEVER heard a young man talked about in those terms. That alone should clue you in to the fact that it might be heard by someone else as sexist.
    Describing someone as young should probably suffice. Seriously, “young” covers it.
    All of us are capable of putting our feet in our mouths (or on our keyboards) when it comes to terms we use to describe others. I doubt that you are anymore a feminist icon than anyone else here and I didn’t know you could store up feminist points that would make you above ever having to examine the language you use or the attitude you have about women’s appearance. Don’t throw out the “PC” charge just because you got teased a little bit. I should have typed “lol” at the end of my comment or put a smiley face or something.

  109. can’t stop laughing! ps: love the new decorations! banner! penguin to the sidebar! LOLOLOL!

    thank you, omg laughing so hard omg

  110. Ok before this turns into a pissing match, which everybody knows sends Uppity into a very bad housekeeping mood, let’s let this little semantics problem die here and now. A shot and return shot is more than sufficient. That has been accomplished.

    As an offering, I do wish to point out that tippi hendren looks a WHOLE lot better than Rod Taylor does today. Check out THIS hairy mass. And these are shots from several years ago.
    http://tinyurl.com/3dmzo2x (signing a VERY old photo of himself, talk about delusion)

    And alas, I feel compelled to now close this thread. Mods, honor it.

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