Bill’s Easter Message to all of you.


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  1. Bill, I’ll never stop loving you. Happy Easter to you too.

  2. Bill, I’ll never stop loving you

    Can’t say I blame you.

  3. Poor Bill- too much nip? Looks sort of like the human with the lampshade hat syndrome.

  4. Can’t say I blame you.

  5. Don’t mess with me, girl. Sooner or later you gotta fall asleep.

  6. Glad to see laughter. Hey Bill looks like someone upset your potato cart lol. Hey not laughing at you but with you.

    Ok I lied I am laughing at you.

  7. Here comes peter cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity easters on its way.

    In your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it you’ll be the fairest kitteh in the easter parade.

  8. MKBill, what big ears you have! Is this a new circle of Hell? So far, I’m relegated to the sixth level, but if there’s a new circle – say the 10th, guess I’m destined for it, cause that picture of you has me giggling.

  9. Dude!!! Pink is definitely your color, I promise. Besides, you know only real men can wear pink, so this just confirm your machismo!

  10. My husband tried to put a sweater on our Maine Coon. He thought he was going to make him more comfortable since it was chilly. The cat was quicker than Houdini and out of the sweater in a nanosecond. Hubby was on the cat box list for a while.

  11. That photo of Bill reminds me of this scene from the movie, “Christmas Story”:

  12. love that MKB 🙂

  13. Free MK Bill!!!!!!
    (Pssst dude, break out at 1800 hours, dude…I’ll bring the wire-cutters and some nip sandwiches.)

  14. Not a happy cat, but so adorable.

  15. Bill- maybe you should get in touch with your friend the cobra and see if she has any suggestions?

  16. Beautiful Bill!!! Not pleased, but beautiful. I hope some of the Easter Eggs have catnip in them!


  17. Happy Easter all, looking forward to it and more comments about peeps.

    MK Bill you look very handsome in your Easter outfit.

  18. whew Uppity: your kitteh is PISSED, you have him in this PINK outfit—–

    Smile bill: MOM is having a rough time at the moment

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