Big Surprise? Not: Arrogant Snot-In-Chief doesn’t like to be challenged by pesky commoners.

All his press lackys have been busting it double-time to cover for the Snotty Manchild on this one.


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  1. His Royal Nothingness, then decreed: “Off with his head.”

    (Obama has to stop watching the Royal Wedding stuff with Mechelle.)

  2. OMG– Michelle was almost martyred in a plane crash. I am, of course, relieved that she is ok… I am even more relieved that we don’t have to rename Illinois as “Michelleland” in her honor.

  3. Poor (Dr.) Jill Biden was on the plane as well, but no one seemed to notice. I guess she was sitting in the back of the plane, so the other plane was not as close to her.

  4. Yep. His Arrogance is going to be the butt of jokes, as if he sin’t already. Can’t wait to hear the late night pundits about this. Picky. Picky. PICKY. Toad ya the press would tire of him. Donald must be overjoyed. His answers are short: YOU’RE FIRED.

  5. Yes honora, apparently Jill, who was also there, is simply dog shit.

  6. I guess the Chosen One is channeling Marie Antoniette “Let them eat cake!” or maybe Leonoa Helmsley “only the little people pay taxes!”

    As for Michelle and Jill , was another air traffic controller asleep? Jeez, if that could happen to them–where does it leave the rest of us?

    As for the Peeps, they have their own website-scary to know that they have devoted followers. Nothing says Easter to me like laqcuered marshmellows.

  7. anyone here from seattle?
    80% chickens in grocery stores test positive for pathogens

  8. I suppose he tires of all those questions from reporters – wait, doesn’t he have approval on any questions?
    As far as Dr. Biden is concerned, Meechelle refered to her as the “second Lady” on national TV – I guess the reporters don’t have time for number 2.

  9. I really cannot stand this prick

    (is there an echo in uppityville?)

    off to bed

    o-dark-thirty work day tomorrow

  10. In the mind of Barack Superior Obama, this reporter was just a small time pissant, shit on his shoe, somebody he could threaten. And he did. He didn’t bother pulling the Approval routine because after all, it’s just a pissant he could control. If you have noticed, all the “big” boys let him run wild in interviews, droning on and on and on. And on. And on, on any subject his wishes, detouring the question, taking a dirt road, changing the subject. Brian Williams, that blow job, is owned by him, along with all the other wussies in the MSM. So Barack figured he could control this pissant and it didn’t work out so well. How DARE he not let The King control the talk. And his nastiness is right there for all to see. That’s who this infant tantrum thrower really is.

  11. Aor traffic controllers are clearly out of control, disinterested in working and getting away with it. They get suspended for SLEEPING and WATCHING MOVIES and holding up MEDICAL flights while they snooze. SUSPENDED. Typical government employees. In the real world every one of these assholes would have been packed up and escorted out of the building for good. Enough is enough.

  12. Oh please I am begging you. Don’t post those stories to me. It makes me PHYSICALLY sick. I mean this. I am begging. I don’t think people realize how affected some people are by this stuff. I just cannot take it. I don’t click and my day is ruined.

  13. I really do not like that man. Helen thanks for the info. I’m not in WA but am in OR and am sure things have been affected as well.

    But life’s becoming more and more like Russian Roulette. The air is putrid, the water is toxic, the soil is tainted, and the animals raised for meat are fed very crappy and unhealthy diets. So a little bit of radioactive contaminants added as a seaoner to the flora and fauna and water is just a chaser. Life goes on – until it doesn’t.

  14. Last year Consumer Reports found two-thirds of whole chickens purchased nationwide harbored salmonella or campylobacter, the leading bacterial causes of food poisoning. Scientists from a nonprofit biomedical research center in Phoenix reported last week that 47 percent of the supermarket chicken, turkey, pork and beef they tested was contaminated by Staphylococcus aureus, with about half the strains resistant to antibiotics.

  15. What is campylobacter?????

  16. What is campylobacter?????

    The soup the White House Chef prepares for those Wednesday night parties from Ferdinand and Imelda’s leftover lobster?

  17. Sorry UW I just thought it was wonderful that a blogger like you alerted his fellow bloggers and they surrounded the truck and held it captive for 15 hours till the dogs were set free.

  18. I know, I know DE. It’s just that as a rescuer, I have seen so much I can’t take much more. It may seem sillly but I don’t walk away from these stories with joy. It makes me sick that it has to happen to begin with. It really affects me. I’ve got stories, oh do I have stories and I guess my bucket is full.

  19. DE, you have the heart, and that story should be told, but I’m one of the uppityites that find it very difficult to read. Man’s inhumanity to man is piffling compared to man’s inhumanity to our animal companions. Breaks my heart.

    Uppity, camplyobacter is not well known but it’s not good. It inhibits the immune system, while the nasty stuff invades the body. It’s relatively unknown because like many diseases, it’s not celebrity status.

  20. FF the story says the poultry is often infected with campybobacter, so I have no idea WTF that is.

  21. Cripes, if I didn’t know for sure I would become attached to the critters, I’d raise my own meat. I simply cannot kill things, unless it’s a goatfucker AKA two legged animal trying to break in, then no problem. I can eat meat so long as it’s already dead but if I had to kill my own, there is no way I could do it. But our food supply is really becoming deadly.

  22. I cannot wait till the farmer’s markets are on full throttle. In summer I buy NO produce from stores. None. I get everything local fresh and grow some myself. I do get my chickens from a farmer and most of my meat from a local butcher, but sometimes I DO buy meat at supermarkets. I am going to stop doing that. I can’t believe the crap they are putting on shelves, killing people. I bought one chicken from a supermarket not long ago and I couldn’t BelieVe the fat on it, in it, under the skin, everywhere. Just disgusting.

  23. Correction on killing. I CAN and DO kill snakes. bleck.

  24. I cannot think about killing anything, however I have had dreams about it when my children are threatened. I used to have terrible dreams about them being abducted and brutalized – shades of my own history I suppose. Then I could kill, although these days, the gruesome twosome are well able to take care of themselves. I do kill spiders in the house if I can’t capture and send them outside. Same with flys and moths.

  25. Echo, echo, FF — can’t stand him either.

  26. All his minions have been too busy licking his boots since he was voting Present in Illinois, that he believes no one should dare challenge him on his “facts.” Respect is a two way street. He has played the king hath no clothes for far too long. The commoners are tired of his game. And inexperience and adulation-seeking.

  27. Hey, Barry! Don’t mess with Texas!

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