Self-Sufficient Cadbury Bunny Tryout Cat

I might add he looks just like my cat, only mine’s even bigger, but nevermind.


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  1. Pets are sooooooo good for us! And yet- the crazies in Iran – well check it out-
    Iran: Dog Ownership to Be Outlawed Under Lawmakers’ Plan

    The last paragraph leaves SOME hope-
    “For many young people, these measures are a firm reminder that the government will brook no disobedience, whether it be chanting antigovernment slogans in the streets or sporting excessively long sideburns. Dog owners in Iran, like much of the population, are mostly preoccupied these days with inflation, joblessness and the parlous state of the country’s economy. But they will soon need to consider whether keeping their shih tzu or poodle is worth the added worry. Their dogs may face the same fate as the hundreds of street dogs that the government regularly sweeps from the streets of Tehran. “Many in Tehran and other big cities find the killing of street dogs offensive and cruel,” says Memarian. “It’s like the Iranian people and officials live in two different worlds.”;_ylt=Aoot44o_TbXCUNnwAUAl.FWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNrNjFwaGVwBGFzc2V0A3RpbWUvMjAxMTA0MTkvMDg1OTkyMDY1ODczMDAEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwM5BHBvcwM2BHB0A2hvbWVfY29rZQRzZWMDeW5faGVhZGxpbmVfbGlzdARzbGsDaXJhbmRvZ293bmVy

    Different worlds? Try different planet, different century!

  2. Oh! To all our Jewish Friends- I hope this is the correct greeting for Passover!
    Chag Sameach!

  3. Goatf*ckers are afraid of dogs. That’s why it’s great to have one. Dogs also tend to hate Goatf*ckers at your door, which makes it doubly great to have one.

    Besides, in Iran, Joy was outlawed long ago, so why would they want anyone to have that which brings them some? I have long suspected that Iran holds many wonderful people trying desperately to get rid of the pigs whol lord over them. And dogs are excellent judges of character, so it’s easy to see why some child molester or rapist in a bed sheet would be a bit afraid of them. Wouldn’t it be a blast to hear a couple of Rotties ripped achiedinnerjacket to shreds and were heading for the mullahs’ caves? I think every Iranian woman should have a large dog, and so should women in Afghanistan. The dog could walk their daughters to school. I’ll bet they all make it to the classroom too. You want to defeat the Taliban? Send big dogs. Thousands of them.

  4. Most excellent idea Uppity! There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in shelters- we can send them over there- clean up the mess- then bring them home with our troops!

  5. Bite train all of them first.

  6. Uppity, what kind of dehydrated potatoes do you have? Are they the kind that come in boxes like au gratin mix? That sounds like something very useful.

  7. Cadbury egg omg I hate to see those things. I can not get past how much the inside looks like a real runny egg. Not being one that eats eggs willingly there you have it. Gags the hell out of me to watch someone eat one. Blah.

    I went to get my windows tinted and a nice young man of mid eastern decent with heavy accent was doing them. We got to talking and I learned he was from Iran. As we talked he told me that better then half the population of Iran loves Americans and would die to come here to live. He said that they think the ” American accent” ( what ever that is lol take your pick at which part of the states you come from) is the most treasured and beautiful accent to them of all.
    He told me he was trying to earn enough to get his mom and sisters here. A very interesting conversation with this nice young man and what I learned about Iran I will remember always and be glad I am born here.

  8. utah- lol- I will eat your share of “runny” eggs. TAhough I am not a fan of the Cadbury kind. I like my chocolate straight up! With maybe a nice wine chaser.
    As for the young man- yes- contrary to what we are “told” many many in the ME revere our Democratic ways. My son has told us lots of stories about the people in Iraq. Some of them somehow manage to get by the lies and propaganda spewn by their govt and their mullahs.
    Too bad we have that PC crowd, including the liar in chief, that hates our country and would be glad to see us devolve into cavemen.

  9. Isn’t that the truth. So many would give all to get here and yet so many here would just as soon see it taken down. I never claim we are perfect but we darn sure were the best of all there was going in the world. We were free and so many here think we need to evolve into a socialist system. Well all they need really do is go there and see how that is working out there. There are many flaws to capitalism but it beats the others. There are flaws in a republic type government as well but give me freedom any day over what the rest live under.

    As for runny eggs Mom or any other form you are more then welcome to eat my share and you can have my share of milk too. Vile they are and can not stand to watch folks eat them or drink it.

  10. Chicken abortions and cow teat extract not my thing lmao

  11. Interesting how we are financing an oil refinery in Columbia and we refuse to do it here. Oh yea that’s right Global warming aka Climate change only happens in America.

  12. beautiful thread

  13. Utah, we’re doing it in Brazil too. We are going to turn Columbia and Brazil into our new, arrogant enemies and end up paying high prices for oil we already paid to have refined–while they profit and turn into assholes. We never learn. It’s the same dumb shit from the same dumb useless elected officials. Our history is so obvious, you would think there would at least be ONE of them who had enough grey matter to realize it.

    We gave Saddam his chemicals. We put the Taliban in place and then helped stop Russia from taking them down. We trained Osama Bin Ladin and his goons in guerilla warfare and we called them Freedom Fighters (think GHWBush and Saint Ronnie of the “I forgot or don’t remember”.

    We are simply a country run by two sets of morons fighting to be the top morons. It’s the political moronic version of “Trading Places”.

  14. I LOVE EGGS. Over easy, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  15. I know Upps. It is sad that we seem to have an abundance of idiocy here. There are truly some brilliant people in this country and I have the pleasure of speaking to many however they seem to not want to run for government office or mayhap they are smart enough to realize that getting in there is a lesson in futility

  16. Green do you not want to just Squeeeeeeeeeeeee that kitty? He looks JUST LIKE my boy, who is still lonely without his brother and hanging all over me now.

  17. I’ve watched that video several times and still cannot believe that cat puts on the bunny ears by himself.

  18. Ok- completey OT- but is the whole WH nuts? Isn’t this the first day of Passover? Is this some kind of back handed insult to the Jewish people? A shout out to his “other” friends? Why in heaven’s name have the Easter prayer breakfast today of all days?
    “WASHINGTON – Pausing to observe Holy Week amid war and policy struggles, President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that the agony of Jesus Christ through death and resurrection puts mere political struggle “in perspective.”

    For the second year running, Obama hosted an Easter prayer breakfast at the White House, and the East Room was filled with administration officials and clergy from across the country.”

    I won’t even go into the arrogance of his none too veiled bid to associate himself with Jesus- a man who has a reputation of treating everybody- including women- with love and compassion.

  19. From your link PMM:

    Obama said “critical national debates” are raging, and “my plate has been full as well. The in-box keeps accumulating. But then comes Holy Week …

    Can he ever stop complaining about the job he cheated so hard to get?

  20. Barack doesn’t do “backhanded” slams at Jews. He whacks them straight up in the face. It’s what he is. If it isn’t burying a woman up to her neck and stoning her, it’s not a Religion.

  21. Yeah Obama’s “Plate is full”.

    Of lobster and those big expensive sea scallops he’s so fond of. It’s hard work licking the butter off your fingers.

  22. Lock Down an entire mall over a guy with a backpack that had an umbrella in it, mistaken for a rifle. Brilliant. But let a bunch of people in burqas examine themselves for weapons and hop right on that plane. All righty, then.

  23. “Of lobster and those big expensive sea scallops he’s so fond of. It’s hard work licking the butter off your fingers.”


    “Can he ever stop complaining about the job he cheated so hard to get?”

    Uhm- NO! That’s why he is going back to the job he loves- campaigning.

  24. Gas up ten cents again overnight- and no Tuesday discount this week.
    Let’s see Lent is almost over- but I have to find something else to give up to pay that extra.
    Lovely of the Saudis to decrease production last month because of the oversupply in the market.
    Bring our troops home and if those stone age relics want our help they can pay- up front- in oil or gold.

  25. Uppity

    If and when you are ready, you might want to look at the Siamese Rescue group. They often have Snowshoe and Snowshoe mix kitties in addition to Siamese/Balinese/Himalayan.

    These should bring up pics of a snowshoe kitten:

    This page has another showshoe

    They have several rescue centers across the country and I believe they do transport up and down the east coast .

    I think have a far more active rescue effort than some purely single breed rescues (e.g., the Maine Coon Rescue often has no cats actually available for adoption).

  26. And just who was the idiot that left a gun where a child could get it?
    Kindergartner brings gun to Texas school, 3 hurt
    HOUSTON – A kindergartener brought a gun to his Houston elementary school and was among three students injured by fragments when it dropped from his pocket during lunchtime and accidentally fired, officials said.

    This is the kind of stuff that makes the anti gun nuts go crazy. Totally irresponsible adult leaves weapon unsecured.
    Head/desk head/desk

  27. Tickle me pengy

  28. Cookie the penguin from Cincinnati Zoo. I love the kitty. I thought this little fellow was adorable too.

  29. Aww, baby bawaaaaak is turning 50 and wants to share his growing pains:

  30. How about raw quail eggs, sprinkled generously with salt and pepper? A habit I acquired years ago in Tokyo.

  31. Yes, he is so burdened. Gawd, is he trolling for gifts this early? Seriously, anyone who does this is usually registered somewhere.

  32. Bingo, Upps!!!!

  33. We could send him shipments of tea bags.

  34. There’s a thought NES. lol

  35. Anyone noticed how various GOP sources have begun the process of discrediting Trump? Scarcely a day goes by when there isn’t an article with information on some pro-Dems stance taken by Trump in the past. The problem with this tack is it’ll push him into an indy run, thereby guaranteeing Bam’s re-election. Oh please, oh please, let Bam not get THIS lucky.

  36. OMG Mt. Laurel, I am in love with Whitney Mewston. lol. Imagine ten years old and tossed out, such a great cat. Only six pounds besides, so pretty hungry. Love the video of her as the “Meet and Greet” cat.

    Alas, Mt. L. I could get a showshoe or any breed I wanted, but I only take what god sends me. I have learned along the way that the purbreeds are easy to place. I myself placed a Himmie in about four seconds, and several siamese mixes, and of course the Coons are always easy to place. And let me tell you I wanted that himmir. But my belief is, you keep the ones that maybe aren’t so lucky to be purbred or movie star quality. The ones that are maybe too sick to be wanted. Not easily placed. No foster home for them, just the street and a few days between them and freezing to death or starving to death. And then sometimes, more often than NOT, they get well and turn out to best the very Best of the lot, like the big grey ghost who’s got his paw on my head right now. So I will never have my Snowshoe or my Birman, but then that means there will be a spot for one who maybe needs me more. That’s how I roll with cats and they have never let me down. I have a space now, but I won’t fill it until providence sends me the one who needs me most. I’m not orried for Whitney Mewston. She’s gonna do just fine and, if you ask me, her foster mom already adores her since she escaped the rescue room on evening One and found her way to the woman’s bed. Clever kitty. And we both know Ten years old is nothing for a Siamese.

  37. NES – it seems clear (with the exception maybe of Limbaugh – and he is taking a lot of heat from his listeners) that there is ONLY ONE PARTY. I swear BOTH sides are apoplectic over Trump. It’s really funny as hell – but indeed terribly sad. LOOK at who the Republicans have out there! The ones who get the press are Lily-white businessmen and retreads from the past. NOT A DAMN THING INSPIRING ABOUT ANY OF THEM. And The Dems? Well – they have OZero. Tanking in the polls and really distrusted or despised by fully half of the electorate and that number is growing.

    Trump says a lot of the right stuff – kind of. I still want to wait for details, but it certainly would be a fun one to watch. And “The Leadership” in the Republican Party best get out of the way or Trump will mow them down. Gee – it almost seems as if the Republican PTB WANT Ozer0 to stay the boy King!

    3rd Bush Term is well under way

    Love all this protecting of Bush now thazt it came out Trump called him evil. YOU COULD NOT FIND A REPUBLICAN WHO ADMITTED TO VOTING FOR BUSH in the last two years of his Presidency. Now – He is right up there with Ronnie Reagan.

  38. Mt. L did you see the Javanese they have? Gorgeous! Owner must be still crying that she was forced to give her up. What a face. You can tell she’s well adjusted too.

  39. Yes NES, you want to read Hillary is 44’s last piece on the roasting of the trump. It’s all coordinated. The establishment doesn’t want any work.

  40. Greta calling out our juvenile delinquent President moments ago:

    In a town hall meeting a short time ago, President Obama was sarcastic about the wealthiest Americans and raising their taxes. He said sarcastically, something like, “what are we going to tell the rich? that you don’t have to do a thing?”

    Sarcasm only fuels class warfare. Of course the rich are paying – and maybe they will be asked to pay more – but why does he have to be insulting and sarcastic? Is that his solution? Be rude? It is not leadership to create class warfare. It is petty and political. It is a vote getter, it is not leadership.

    Perhaps the economic crisis in our country is not so much the rich, but rather his (and other politicians’) stewardship of the economy? President Obama has been in charge for more than 2 years and before that he was in the US Senate. I am not saying it is an easy problem but flinging insults has never solved any problem.

    Instead of insulting, President Obama might want to ask himself if his stimulus bill has delivered — whether it is rev’ing up the economy so that people have jobs and are paying taxes to our Treasury? If you read GretaWire, and if you look at the continued foreclosures and unemployment rate in this country, you will see grave disappointment in his stimulus bill. It cost alot — but did it deliver? He might find it more fruitful to study the economy, look at what is and is not working, instead of insulting and blaming.

    Let me repeat, I am not saying that any of these problems are easy — but creating class warfare by being sarcastic towards the rich is not leadership and not what a President should do. He should be strong and civil – not petty and divisive.

    Am I wrong?

    Read more:

  41. The swine who wrote that article about $5 gas and stop grousing never lived to worry about bills, doesn’t think of what $5 for gas does for heating a person on a fixed income’s home in freezing north east, and should be hung in the public square for being a detached, out of touch ASSHOLE who deseves to lose a home and a job and find out that not everybody has a mommy and daddy to bail them out.

    Typical Al Gore limousine Regressive. Pretend to care about the poor and then make it as easy as possible to hasten their death for the benefit of some obscure fish nobody ever heard of. After all, a bunch of old people found frozen in their homes is a blessing because the little societal drains don’t exhale CO2 any longer.

  42. Uppity, so right! I have a houseful of mongrels – Milly is from Kentucky through a rescue operation. Zeke is from the local humane society. Figaro and Cleo are both strays. They needed me, and honestly I needed them. Funny, when I was young and foolish, I got two purebred dogs with papers – today I don’t know why I did that. They were beautiful, and of course Tavi was the love of my life – however, there are so many beautiful companions that are in shelters.

  43. I also found a lovely little orange coloured young kitteh out my front door two weeks ago – no collar. I put out some food, and she’s been back, but she’s so skittish I can’t get her to trust me. I just keep putting out food, hoping that she’ll (or he’ll) let me near enough to check her/him out. Curse the people who let their animals run wild, never get them spayed and when the animals are too much trouble, just open the door and forget about them.

  44. If the rich “Don’t do a thing” that would make them just like his lazy useless do-nothing ass. Everything this man touches turns to shit. He has a mouth that begs for him to be told to shut his arrogant, snotty self up –and then he wonders why nobody worships his snotty self. A bout with laryngitis bestowed upon that snotty manchild would be a welcome relief for Americans.

  45. Besides, FF, class warfare is exactly what democrats use when they are sinking. It’s the only way they can win is to convince people that even though they SUCK, the other side sucks more. Pathetic little men, they are.

  46. His arrogance and snot-nosedness really is astounding. And I swear he is getting worse.

  47. Agreed Uppity. Agreed.

  48. NES- no need for me to write and give that asswipe with the $5 gas article a piece of my mind- the comment section on that piece of bird cage liner says it all.
    Is that a real person that wrote that or is it barky disguised? Or perhaps somebody just picked out his old 08 talking points? The only thing he/she/it missed was “price signals = behavior change.”
    MSN huh? As in MSN (BC)? Same company?

  49. The comments section is on fire PMM.

  50. Hello (((UPPITY’s)))))

    Love the vid and the kitteh—it was great !!!!

    His face is like, “I can’t believe I’m doing this, where is my dignity”——-amazing what love makes us do

  51. Michelina, I hope you’ve gotten healthy. Take care.

  52. What a sweet and smart kitty cat with bunny hat is.
    McN, that pengy is a riot. I had to send that link around and spread the laughs. Such angels.

    As for Mr. Arugala, he’s pretty damn rich himself and will be no matter what he does for the rest of his life. He makes the people he cons forget that by using his casual banter type talk with them and acting as if they are his peers. If he showed those people how he really feels about them they would run out of there and not give the fraud a dime.

    Greta had a spot on response.

    Went to the gas link. Crazy talk. World’s gone nuts.

  53. I just read the comment section on that $5 post. Those people want to physically throttle that little pissant. I’ll bet her parents pay all the bills.

  54. Hey any of you mods want to write something for tomorrow? I gots nuthin’. Blank slate. I’m becoming a slacker.

  55. Yes, he’s getting much worse, FF. Unfortunately, he’s only just begun his campaign. Gawd help us, truly.

  56. Usually at Easter time breweries bring out bock beer.
    There is a different kind of beer this year in Britain.



  57. In his silly little townhall speech today, Bammy said the solution to high gas prices was development of clean energy. He doesn’t get the anger around the issue. That should hurt him in ’12 (if there is a god).

  58. Clean energy? Like Google and their wind farm?

    Remember last week when Google announced that it is investing $168 million in the world’s largest solar project? That was just the beginning. This week, everyone’s favorite search engine/clean energy company announced that it has invested $100 million in the Shepherd’s Flat Wind Farm, an 845 MW farm in Oregon that will be the world’s largest when it is completed.

  59. Glad you liked the tickle pengy karen. Who knew that they squealed when tickled? It’s adorable.

  60. Yes, Whitney Mewston is a fine looking girl and for a Siamese is really just into her middle years!

    I know the feeling Uppity. All through my life cats and dogs would follow me home (not to mention the rabbit families my dad built enclosures for outside so the babies would be safe). Dogs – well they usually had collars and license tags and families could be tracked. The cats often ended up staying when not claimed.

    My one current cat is a Mom cat I rescued. I knew her kittens would be easy to place (I also kept the special needs runt) but Mom cat had (still has) a lot of baggage from being abandon and on the streets. That is why I only foster kittens. She will accept the small needy ones.

    But I thought of that group when I saw your comment and they have always seemed to take a wide away of purebreds and mixes – many of whom are older and in need of medical care (which they get).

    Like our little local group, once they take in a cat, its there until adopted. Sometimes with the harder to place, that can be years.

    The pure breeds I have had have been rescues. I had a Javanese very similar to that poor girl and she was as a sweet as she was beautiful. A family had to give her up because they were taking in the mother in law who hated animals (she thought they were dirty disease carriers).

    My latest little foster is doing well. She has figured out that her shelter days are behind her and , now that her fears have been allayed, is turning out to be a real a love bug. I know, even though she is a tuxie, that she has Siamese/oriental (that voice/those ears/that face/ the tail) . Now that she had be vetted and spayed we can look to her problem eye and then get her ready for adoption.

  61. Awwwww – Poor Barry got pissy (so what else is new) and the Juvenile Delinquents at the White House have to take their ball and go home.

    THIS IS the Real Barack Obama

    gotta go cook


  62. Carefully Crafted – that is it in a nutshell. It’s all make-believe

    “For Obama, who has carefully cultivated a reputation of easily managing confrontations with people who disagree with him, these moments are as rare as they are revealing of the person behind the presidency. ”

    and WHO, may I ask, “Cultivated” the reputation? Just ask Politico. I bet THEY know…..

  63. I really cannot stand this prick

  64. “For Obama, who has carefully cultivated a reputation of easily managing confrontations with people who disagree with him,

    ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shitting me!!!?

  65. Hell Mt. Laurel, I would have given up the mother in law.

  66. Hey I thought i heard that snot saying over and over and over again how we didn’t want to go back to the horrible Clinton years during the primaries. Now he’s telling everybody how cool it is to just go back to the way things were when Clinton was president. What a freaking sleazeball.

  67. That was my thought on the mother in law. You could see they did not want to take her in but I gathered she had burned all her other bridges. I did not ask questions but they were actually afraid she would harm their animals. So I say – that woman need to be sent to a nursing home – far far away in another galaxy.

  68. The birth issues came up at meeting and I was asked if I thought BO was really born in the US of A so I told them I was still trying to decide if he was human.

    Alien or Kroft Puppet? You decide:

    Now that I think about it, the puppets look more realistic and are better at expressing emotions.

  69. so I told them I was still trying to decide if he was human.

    HAHAHAHAHA. What a GREAT answer!

  70. Mt. Laurel, somebody tried the It’s Me or The Pets trick on me once. Just once.

    anyways, thank God I had parents who were the ones who TAUGHT me to love animals. What a horrid woman that was. My sympathies to the two who took her in. I am sure she will kill one of them first before she goes to hell. Nasty woman.

  71. Mt. L, I have never had the pleasure of handling a Javanese. What are they like besides being strikingly beautiful?

    Ever fostered an abbysinian? Oh man those are the smartest damned cats on earth. Holy cow.

  72. ThAt polico article is a piece of work! Still trying to cover for the narcissist in chief . His true hostility is just below the surface….he’s an explosion waiting to happen

  73. He has a horrid personality. Simply horrid.

  74. Thanks for the vid, NES. I just put it up.

  75. What a great video, that cat is so smart. I love exotic cats. My sis has a very mean persian, and I have two friends who had bengals, but they are very wild and sadly both of them died young becuz they ran out in front of cars. The owners were shattered.

  76. About Trump…I never used to like him, but now that the Dems & Reps hate him, and he’s shown he’s not afraid of barky or the media, I like him a lot! I think I will be apt to like anyone the two main parties do not like.

  77. NES, we used to have gazillions of quail on our hill. Unfortunately the ground squirrels eat their eggs (also the roadrunners) and now I only see one pair around and one pair of roadrunners. Damn groundsquirrels.

  78. socal if those cats were wild, it was environmental, hate to say it. But Bengals are all at least four generations removed from the asian leopard cat, and the actually firsts breedings included abbysinnians, Burmese and Eqyptian Mau. Today’s bengals are so far removed from wild that I wouldn’t classify them as the most fiesty of the cats. They are large and strong and generally very affectionate. But honestly, if two bengals both ran in front of cars, somebody let them out of the house, which is an invite for getting run over.

  79. The peguin video!. I have been looking for that. THANKS! Who knew they are so adorable?

  80. OKAY HERE IT IS. THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ORIGINAL. Please pass THIS one on. The penguin is “Cookie”. These zoo folks got hijacked by a thief on youtube. Not fair. We have a generation of thieves on youtube. I think the original should be used, don’t you?

  81. I think I’ll put that up and send some traffic to the owners.

  82. i changed and used the original! Thank You!

  83. Good girl, Green. I mean I think the original on something like this should get the hits.

  84. Uppity

    In many ways, they are very like their Siamese relatives. Very smart, talkative and very people oriented. But at a less hectic level. Think 33 and1/3 versus 78 records. The voice is more mellow, the approach toward life a bit less intense. She was very good with children and soft. Very very soft lap kitty. And she loved other animals. In particular she took to my mother’s dogs on my visits home. They adored her and would wait with tails wagging for her to emerge from her carrier.

  85. Uppity, yes, the bengals I knew were strong, active and affectionate, as you said. One slipped out of the house when the door was opened and just took off. This was in an elderly residence area and the owner and her friends took off after it, but a car was driving in, slowly, and they all said the cat just ran in front of it. That was in Calif, near me. The other one happened in Texas, younger woman, lots of cats over her lifetime. She would take the bengal out in her very nice backyard for a bit everyday, and this went on for 3 years, then one day, it too ran off leaped over the fence and dashed into the street and in front of a car. The cat died in my friends arms. I hope to get a cat someday again (I had a mann island manx when I was young), but am not getting a bengal, even though I think they are gorgeous and sweet. btw, the bengal that died in Texas, loved lakerwade. The lady and her cat lived next door to us for years and the cat would leap to the window whenever it heard laker outside. When laker would go over there, it would gambol around him like an excited puppy. So cute. We were really sad when he died last year.

  86. socal forgive me if I am kind of firm about this, but I have seen too much. The problem here is that the owners of those indoor-control-bred Bengals TAUGHT them they could go outside and did not provide them with a safe enclosed area or a leash with which to do it. Thus, they are both dead. Lightening struck twice and that occurs when an owner doesn’t realize that indoor cats going outside are not safe. It wasn’t because the cats were Bengals. It was because the owners created the environment for them. She played in the yard with them and they are cats. They thought going out there whenever they wanted to was an okay thing to do, so they both went ahead and did it. The problem with indoor cats going outdoors like that is that they are more apt to disappear, get lost, get run over, get stolen, get poisoned, get diseases that kill — and they do not live as long. They are not street-wise and others don’t really care about our pets in the way we do, so it’s a dangerous place out there for our pets, especially when they are not worldly cats to begin with. My guess is they laid out a pretty penny for those two Bengals and they are dead today because they weren’t in charge of their cats and/or didn’t provide a safe outdoor environment for them. The world if full of miserable people who harm animals, it seems. And then there are the accidents. God knows, I have helped to rescue plenty just like them if they are lucky enough to still be alive when a samaritan gets to them. It’s the same problem when people let their dogs run loose as well. People somehow imagine that cats can just adapt out there after being indoor cats with all their needs met. It’s just not all that true. It’s a jungle out there, heh. I just see this as a waste of two beautiful cats with lesson not learned.

    I believe our member, Green has a special enclosure set up for her cats to keep them safe outdoors in a controlled environment, so it CAN be done if a person believes their cat should be outside at times.

    I only had one cat who thought darting outside was fun and he only did it for my attention and would stop in his tracks once his feet hit the dirty ground. lol. I just made sure the opportunity wasn’t there for him. It’s a battle of the wills. They are like little kids, you know? You just have to not give them the opportunity to get out until eventually, they don’t want to.

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