Tickle Me Cookie.

h/t Freedom Fairy.
This is the original. Help them out by using it instead of the copies on youtube. Cincinnati Zoo.



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  1. h/t mcnorman or imust, I believe. It weren’t me! But thanks – Cookie is adorable, so I realize how you could have made the error 😉

    nite – again

  2. No hat tip for me either….itmustbeHT!

  3. LOL FF, please do not tell me imust has another penguin.

  4. Hey! I’m allowed to have penguins! I take good care of my pengys!

  5. That baby penguin is adorable! I wonder if they ever get their bellies scratched in the wild – seems like there aren’t usually many trees where they live (to rub up against) – well, maybe the little guy just discovered the joy of a belly scratch once he met his human friends. He just loved it soooo much, it was adorable!

  6. On Greta just now, she’s interviewing Jan Brewer. They saying that Obama held a meet today on immigration reform, and did not invite ONE SINGLE border state governor. He was right – he IS transparent. And vindictive.

    “Can’t I just finish my pancakes?”
    “Let me finish my sentences the next time we have an interview!”

    I’ve forgotten who pasted the article by Greta, calling BO out on how class warfare is not leadership, it’s politics and knock it off! That was a great article – good for you, Greta! I hope a lot of people see that article.

    I wonder how our FIRST (not second) lady handled the airplane issue today. Did she pull her sleeves out? Did she yank the mic away from the pilot and call the FAA Tower, and yell, “why are you being RACIST?”

  7. FF went to bed without me again…. 😦

  8. UW – do you still need a guest essay for tomorrow?

  9. lorac, the “can’t I just eat my waffles?” comment was what I was reminded of too with his “Let me finish my sentences…” comment. What.A.Jerk

  10. Imust – exactly! Whiney.Not really engaged in his job, just wants to do what he wants to do. Doesn’t have the intelligence or coping skills to handle a REAL interview.

    Brett Baier did a GREAT interview with him a while back, did you see that one? I think BO had to use the restroom, for all the squirming. But Brett wasn’t there to ask BO which is his favorite golf club, he was there to ask hard questions, and he did, and when BO blew him off, Brett had follow up questions ready. Poor Obama.

    So now this new interviewer will go in the hall of fame with Brett, journalists who actually still do their job… but who will never have an audience with The Fraud again lol

  11. On Greta, that John Bolton guy (who apparently was a bull in a china shop when Bush sent him to the UN) says he is considering running for president. Oh, I had such a big laugh! Why in the world would he think he could possibly win? Hardly anyone never knows who he is, and I think there’s a law that you can’t run for an office with a huge handlebar moustache (or there should be such a rule lol)

  12. imust – it wasn’t me, honest. I think it must have been PMM or NES. but thanks for thinking of me.

  13. How cute. I saw two penguins years ago when some idiot involved with a Linux get together brought them to the convention floor-they were adorable and so, so scared. People are idiots–they should be in cages.

  14. Cookie is adorable.

  15. The penguin is adorable. Lorac I saw that segment on Greta as well. Astounding is the word that comes sto mind. As far as that TX reporter, The One obviously doesn’t like to be questioned or in this case corrected.

  16. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, cookie is so cute. Once he saw that hand he knew exactly where to go to get his belly scratched.

  17. Cookie has a condition she called ‘bubble foot’ and he wears a bandage that they change everyday. I’ll have to see if I can find some information on that condition and what causes it.

  18. Bumblefoot. It’s caused by irritation of the feet from being on a hard surface and then a secondary bacterial infection (usually staph). We see it a lot in small mammals that are kept in cages with wire floors (like guinea pigs in pet stores); also in factory-farmed chickens etc. that are on wire surfaces. It’s treatable but can be very painful. Poor Cookie.

  19. Oh thank you sleepy! I was trying to look it up as two words and couldn’t find out a thing. So that’s what bumblefoot is, poor baby!

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