The right of stupid morons with children to own guns and what should be done with them.

As you already know, a child in KINDERGARTEN went to school with a gun. We are talking about a 6- year-old here. The child had the gun  in his pocket–  and it fell out in the cafeteria during lunch, went off and injured him and two other students.

All of the children are fine. Who is not fine is the moron of a parent who made that gun accessible to a six- year- old child.  Words cannot express how irresponsible a parent would have to be to expose a child to guns and make him good and comfortable about them — and then be so irresponsible that the child could shove that gun in his pants and go to school.

As you know, I am most definitely not anti-gun. What I am, however, is anti-stupid people with guns. And I don’t care what anybody says, this kid has at least one parent who is a  stupid dipwad. They are not only stupid, they could have been responsible for some deaths at the hands of their child  for whom THEY are responsible.

Please do not tell me that they “discussed” the danger of guns with this six-year-old. Six- year- olds do not have the ability to make these kinds of decisions about guns.  They are almost as stupid about guns as this kid’s parents are. Six year-olds are at an impulsive stage. Even if they thought their son was “exceptional” (don’t they all?), I guess they found out he’s not. Frankly, I”m not sure how this child could possibly be “exceptional” enough to know about guns, since the parents who didn’t have that gun locked up surely are anything but “exceptional” themselves. It’s only luck that kept a parent’s STUPIDITY from turning into a tragedy.

So, I’m curious as to whether or not you think this boy’s parent(s) should incur punishment for being stupid enough to nearly get some children, including their own, killed. If so, what punishment should there be? Personally, I believe that if the law lets this go by with just a slap on the hand of the parental dipawad responsible for this, then there is truly something wrong with our criminal justice system. Whatever the excuse is, it’s NOT a good one.

So what’s your take?


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  1. I just don’t understand. My dad wouldn’t even allow me to touch any of his guns that were locked away. If I had brought one to school I would have received ass-whoopings at school to be followed up by a heavy duty ass-whooping at parents would have been furious. Kids are always kids and don’t have much common sense at all, that’s why they need parents. It’s pretty bad when the parents are frickin idiots though.

  2. Same here, Jay. Guns were not to be touched. Period. End of story. And they are to be locked away from kids. Anybody with a BRAIN knows enough to do that. I swear, some people are just too freaking stupid and irresponsible to be allowed to breed.

  3. Ever since I saw this yesterday I have been fuming. What irresponsible idiot leaves a gun- a LOADED GUN- within reach of children?
    There is no excuse at all. NONE!
    Punishment? We could force the idiots into a swamp loaded with alligators. I was going to say make them move in next to some irresponsible pit bull owners- but that would be punishing poor dogs.

  4. I am torn. In an emergency, a gun which is locked away is useless. On the other hand, maybe that ability to respond in an emergency has to be balanced with keeping the kids safe and other people safe from the kids. I don’t know. I get so tired of the constant hysteria that surrounds any happening that is not perfect. The good news is that worse did not happen.
    On the other hand these parents have to be educated. Either lock it up or keep it on you at all times. You give up a certain amount of freedom when you have children. Maybe this is just another area where that freedom has to be compromised.
    Should the parents be punished? Probably yes. Should the kid be punished, hell yes, bit not by spanking. I would give up both my arms if I could take back the times I spanked or slapped one of my children. I have been talking to them for years about how to be a better parent than I was.

  5. I don’t know. I wouldn’t describe this incident as “not perfect”. I would describe it as extremely dangerous and a cause for serious concern, considering it was only luck that kept people from being dead. You paint a room and you get some paint on the floor, that’s not perfect. You carry a gun to school and three people get hurt and that’s way past not perfect. I don’t actually blame the kid. He was being an impulsive kid who thought he was being cool. It’s what kids do. Who knows whether or not his parents even bothered telling him never to touch The Gun. Maybe he was mimicking his parent who thinks he or she is cool with a gun too. Nope i don’t blame the kid. But I do blame his parents all the way. That gun and the safety associated with it was their responsibility.

  6. Growing up I knew where my dad kept his two guns and I sometimes took them out and showed them to friends when my parents were occupied elsewhere in the apartment with guests, etc.

    They were never loaded unless he was hunting. They weren’t used for protection, we lived in a brick building with big locks on the doors in a fairly safe neighborhood. We had some crime but this was before the days of snipers and armed gangs and drug dealers running around the complex.

    If the people lived in a dangerous area they might have had the gun loaded and on their nightstand for protection. Maybe it was a single mother who was protecting herself from an ex who is out to kill her? It could be lots of things, but yes, it is tragic that a child had access. If the parent needed an armed gun they should have been more responsible and they were certainly highly negligent to let a child get hold of it.

    When my daughter was young, a close childhood friend became a corrections officer at RIKERS and was also a NYC cop for years in a very, very bad neighborhood. He always kept an armed gun around him. I made him keep it in his locked glove box in his car when he visited us. The first time he took it casually out of his pocket and put it down on my coffee table I nearly had a fit. I ranted and raved at him and he laughed as he told me the lock was on.

    I hate guns and would never own one. I fully understand and support the right to carry arms if one chooses to do so. Just not on my property.

  7. Uppity when you figure out a way to stop stupid you will own the world. Until that time stupid seems to be reigning.
    This is just but one small case of there amount of stupid out there surrounding us.

  8. Noticed the “news” has been mysteriously silent on the spawners in this case. No info being given on the family at all.
    Makes me wonder. Are they/he/she politically connected?
    Cynic? MOI?

  9. It is getting to the point of beyond my comprehension when it comes to the bamboozling of this admin. They put things in and take them out – it is like the freaking hokey-pokey. There is no stability. It is all one big political game and illusion. Smoke and mirror administration and confusion with a constant stream of misinformation and purposeful and ignorance based lies. Memo to base – stay home. Memo to seniors – we screwed you and now we are unscrewing you temporarily till you vote and then we will screw you again.

  10. Utah, now that’s funny.

    Well Mom, if the story including the parents dies, we will know they are Connected. This is how families get away with shit for years until somebody gets hurt. Amy Bishop comes to mind.

  11. Karen, I hate to sound jaded but if this were a single mother, her name would be plastered all over the national press, with a grainy, horrendous photo of her and plenty of comment sections for people to call her a terrible parent who should be set aflame in the town square. Nope, if there’s a Hush on this one, there’s a big boy involved.

  12. Karen, I don’t love guns either. I just happen to feel that if it comes down to me or some piece of shit who wants to rape, rob or kill on my property, he’s going to have to go down the stairs backwards.

    This is why I love dogs that intimidate with size and bark. Shitbags think twice before visiting you.

  13. When the One was in Texas did he toss a lit cig out a window?

    Pray for lots and lots of rain for them. A million acres. Holy Moly, this fire is a mammoth.

    Today is the anniversary of the Gulf disaster. The one that is all cleaned up and didn’t cause any problems at all and BP is doing just dandy in the wake of their little mistake. Nothing to see there, it is all well and good. Right?

  14. well…that and Jehovah Witnesses finally start walking right by your house on recruitment week. lol.

  15. You got that right Uppity- if it was a single mom she would already be pilloried. It stinks to me- not one other parent comes forward for their 15 minutes of fame to rant on this? NOBODY comments to the local newsies about this kids family?

  16. Yup- our dog keeps the JWs away. The last set of fundies that wandered by I saw them coming and met them at the door with my Catholic Bible- asked them if they would like to read the unedited version.
    They never came back roflmao!

  17. I had to change my username to hide from friends and family who might google me on occasion to see what their off the ranch Obama hating relative/friend is up to. I do not want anyone in my real life to know how much I am struggling to cope with some pain meds I have been using.
    But I want to give a warning to anyone who is considering using Fentanyl patches for pain control. Make sure you have an agreement with your doctor to switch to something else immediately if you have a problem with it.
    In my case I was using Percocet for chronic debilitating pain from a 25 year old back injury complicated by scoliosis I never knew I had until a few years ago. For Twenty two of those years I never used narcotic pain killers. I coped with pain by using Aleve, ice and stretching every day.
    I have now reached the point that surgery is probably my only option. I am having a hard time getting set up with an appointment with a surgeon. I have to go to pain management again, which doesn’t work for me, never really has….but off I go to be a effing pin cushion.
    Anyway, the reason to be very very careful is that fentanyl, unlike Percocet or Vicodin can cause the opposite of euphoria, which is dysphoria. Dysphoria doesn’t even cover it. The print out with the patches should just list it as crushing depression. It gets worse when you are a day away from needing to change the patch, when the levels of the drug in your body is dropping. I experienced it first a few weeks ago and I was accidentally also withdrawing from an antidepressant I am taking. The two combined sent me in to a spiral of depression that I have NEVER experienced even in the darkest days of my life and I am someone who has fought with depression my whole life. It took me a few hours to figure out what was going on and if I didn’t think suicide were the cruelest thing you can do to your children, I would be dead now, so great was the despair I felt with no idea why.
    If the pain weren’t worse than the depression I would get off the stuff today, do the withdrawal and be past it all.
    Here I go on my second day of my last patch for the month and I can not change it until Friday. I can already feel the sadness hanging over my head ready to drop on me. Things that haven’t really bothered me for years are coming back and crushing me with sadness. Soon I will be crying over a divorce that happened in the early 90s because, yes, the effects of that divorce still effect my life and my children’s lives and where before it was just one of those “shit happens” things you put behind you, now this chemical depression has no cure in reason. Only cure is more Fentanyl.
    I am going to do this one more month. I am going to try to convince my doc to change to a every two day instead of every three day routine and get through it and insist on seeing a surgeon so I can get off this GD drug.
    If you don’t have to take it, if a stronger dose of Percocet of Vicodin would work for you insist on that. Fentanyl is hell and should only be used for a few days or one time only after surgery or some time when you are having a painful procedure you have to do awake.
    Well that is my experience. Maybe it is different for other people. I hope so. I hate to think there are other people out there who feel like they have been visited by the “Dementors” from Harry Potter. If you are not familiar they are spirits that land on you and suck all the happiness out of you including the memory of any happiness you ever felt, leaving you completely detached from who you are or who you have ever been. It’s incredible, epic.

    MK Bill I know you can see who I am from my email. Don’t give me away. I will be okay, I promise.

  18. Another man that should have been locked up long ago but nobody paid any attention to when it was just some whiny wimmenz complaining. Now he is now held on a million dollars bond. It took attempted murder —- in front of a judge.

    “The judge said if he had had any indication that Gonzalez was violent, he would have had security in his chambers. Scott-Gonzalez said in the past, she had twice sought restraining orders against her estranged husband but both attempts had been denied.”

    No indication. Just a marine female complaining.

  19. I’m stunned. Is it me or has parenting become a job that has been outsourced because there is far more fun stuff to do?

    That shiny new bright object is really cool.

  20. PMM, Unedited? Hmmmmm. There is only one bible, there are many translations. Personally, I chose the KJV and that is likely the one the JW’s use too. To each his own. The Catholic religion has a whole lot of stuff they added over the centuries that is in complete opposition to what the bible says to do.

    Call no man father. Confess your sins only to God. etc. I came from a catholic family history but they all were sickened one by one for horrific reasons and left the church as if their hair was on fire. I enjoy talking to JW’s, at least they know the bible, unlike people who were raised on doctrine.

  21. believe me, for lots of people outsourcing parenthood might have been a good option, at least for a few days here and there. Parenting in todays world has become more difficult. There are too many pitfalls for children and with both parents working and so many single parents, that old neighborhood network just is not there anymore. I hope my children have kids, I want some grandchildren. But I will not blame them if they pass.

  22. Karen, I like the KJV too because it is poetic . The language is beautiful. Then again I prefer old timey hymns and classical music over the dreck that passes for music in SOME (NOT ALL) RCC and New Age off brand congregations. And please do not applaud me when I sing in church, save that for other stages when I am more than happy to accept the applause.

    Truth is, there is not a church out there or a Christian born who doesn’t keep some and leave the rest when it comes to the bible. We all find the interpretations that make sense to us. So when anyone says they read and follow the bible and others don’t …blech! Don’t you agree?

    ps… I do not blame the RCC for being less bible centered. When they began most people couldn’t read. Traditions were formed in another day and time we can not understand.

  23. karen- appreciate your POV- and this is not the place to argue about it. It worked to keep them off my doorstep so it is all good by me.

    Just talked to husband- and he is of the opinion that the parent of the kindergarten kid is connected too- and possibly a cop.

  24. Karen, my family lives in the rural area of Texas that was affected by that fire. It is devastating.

  25. The best defense I have is my wrecking crew aka two nasty mean ACDs who love me to no end. Cops even tell folks any size dog is a great weapon for home defense but when it comes down to it I feel why have a pea shooter dog when I can own twin cannons ?
    I also got my CCW awhile back and am rarely without my other twins two 357 mags.
    Now my thoughts are guns are fantastic but anyone owning one should have to prove first and foremost that they know how to handle it and use it. They should be required to have training and pass a course just like all hunters do.
    I have had the displeasure of knowing a few that most likely when faced with a crisis situation will end up hurt and most likely by their own gun because they really
    A) not shoot someone in the first place
    B) could not hit the broad side of a barn
    C)wave it around at every noise like a flag.
    Me if I have my gun aimed your way trust me you have seen your last days. I am at the indoor range every two weeks.

  26. Teresainpa, I agree there are far more choices to make when it comes to parenting these days.

  27. If I were at the age to become a parent in todays world I would find the opt out switch. No kidding. You have far too many others involved in telling you what you can or should be doing and far to many training your spawn to go against you. Now just having yet another born into my family I had a long talk with my grand daughter and hope she heeds my advice. GET FIXED !!!

  28. Sorry Uppity – surely you knew long before this that our criminal justice system is hopelessly effed up??
    Just like I told my son a couple of wks ago, when he rescued a dumped mama dog at horse camp from the kicks of an ignoramus: You can’t fix STUPID! I’m very proud of him for stepping in where adults were standing by & watching, so I guess we have a new dog 😉
    (I’m getting ready to spay her now – of course she was loaded w/hookworms & heartworms but is a perfect angel – as long as she doesn’t chase cats or chickens, the old farm dogs needed reinforcements anyway)

  29. I want some grandchildren. But I will not blame them if they pass.

    Hahahaha. Sometimes I don’t think you folks know how funny you are.

    Now about the bible. It’s a new customizable version. I think it should be in a loose leaf binder myself. That way Sister Better Than You can rip out the passages that she doesn’t like. Also, generally, the seven deadly sins are kind of actually Five deadly sins, meaning the ones your perfect Christian friend points out generally exclude the two they are practicing regularly. Christianity today is some kind of smorgasboard where you can pray one way and live another Whilst still knowing the joy of being able to point out the slivers in everybody else’s eye. If the right wing nutbags led by example instead of mean, nasty finger-pointing busybody stuff, maybe more people would want to follow them. Instead that have two standards and constantly get to assign the Old testament to themselves whenver they get caught. Most Born Agains actually believe they can do any damned thing they want to anybody and then just say “I’m sorry” when they get caught. They love talking about David because he was the scum of the earth andGod “loved him”. David was a murderer, an adulterer and a REALLY crappy father, but boy, they sure love to use his name because that is who they all are. For some odd reason, they actually think this way. No kidding. Apparently, while spouting about Revelations constantly, they lost the page about the Book Of Life that has “Recorded what they have done”. An amazingly delusional bunch, really, who actually think how they live their lives means nothing.

    In the meantime, “I knew you not” seems to apply. If May 21 were actually the End of the World Again, I would bet some major bucks that most of the people left behind would be all those Christian hypocrites.

    Hopping off the pulpit and remember, you can’t avoid these people’s wrath unless you know their own book, most of which none of them know.

  30. I was going to say that the other parents would make the gun owner pay for this stupidity, but apparently this is being hushed up. When my son and DIL were looking for a house to buy, I went with them through a nice house in a nice neighborhood where the owner had 3 young kids and a honking big rifle standing on it’s butt beside the master bed. I was shocked and thought that would turn my son off of buying the house for security concerns, but he bought the house and has lived there with no problems for 20 years. I suspect the previous owners were brain dead.

  31. Okay I can’t resist. It fits so well.

  32. ps… I do not blame the RCC for being less bible centered. When they began most people couldn’t read. Traditions were formed in another day and time we can not understand.
    I’m not a Christian or any other practicing religion, but I think the RCC executing anyone who tried to translate the bible into a language spoken by the masses had something to do with the fact that the masses are not bible educated.

  33. Hey Val you’re my kinda Vet, girl!! That is now officially a lucky dog and she deserves to be.

  34. I read an article that said this about the incident:

    While some said it’s not the fault of the school and the responsibility for what happened falls on the parents of the child who brought the gun to school, other parents said that the incident has made them think twice about safety and they wonder if additional security measures, including extra officers and even metal detectors, are needed.
    “Being that this is an elementary school you would think that it would be safe, but now this makes you think nothing is safe,” said Shawn Dixon, 33, whose 10-year-old daughter Tyra is third-grader at the school.
    Dixon said he would be in favor of additional security measures such as metal detectors at the school, which has about 471 students.

  35. The First Self Righteous Church. Hahaha.

  36. ROFFFF Uppity I some how feel that video was for me lmao. Yea you knew I would do it shortly after that last post of yours didn’t you ?
    Dying here.

  37. MeInCognito, your identity is safe with me and MK Bill. But we are a bit worried for you.

  38. Yes Utah, as a matter of fact, I RACED to find it, knowing if I didn’t get it up fast, you would do it.

  39. imust, so typical. Instead of “Thinking Twice” about keeping weapons out of sight of their own kids, they have already figured out a way to get the taxpayers to take care of their own kids for them.

    This problem was not the school’s fault. They should make his parents pay for beefed up security to protect kids from dumb parents.

  40. I like the name The First Church of Self Righteousness.

  41. Hey DE, I just heard a 12 foot rat snake is loose in Chicago and preying on people’s pets. You would think they would snatch it up and put it in Chicago City Hall or state senate. lots of rodents in there for him to eat.

  42. It’s the First Self Righteous Church, DE. Priceless, really.

  43. love that Ray.he has a bunch of funnies 😆

  44. “Hey DE, I just heard a 12 foot rat snake is loose in Chicago and preying on people’s pets”
    I didn’t know barky was in Chicago today.

  45. Yeah Uppity. Notice the article says, “extra officers”. This small elementary school already has security officers! And now the parents favor more officers AND metal detectors at an ELEMENTARY school!

  46. Hard to believe isn’t it, imust? They’re all afraid because of their own parenting skills and they probably figure other people’s kids are just as out of control as their own. lol.

  47. Val,


    I know you have been through hell to raise your son to be a decent human being despite a traumatic non co-operation divorce. You are seeing the results of all your sacrifice and refusal to use the child in a negative way.

    Now the world will have another decent human being on the side of light. I want you to know some of us treasure a good parent because we have to live with their children. Nice job Val. A hard job I could not have done. Thank You.

    And thank you for helping that dumped dog by spaying her and paying for her medication.

  48. Hey imust, I know what! They could post a taxpayer paid for officer at all of their homes! That way, they won’t need to check on their own kids at all!

  49. I thought they spotted that in Rahm’s pants.

  50. Good idea Uppity! And forget about hiring teachers! They need all their $$ for security officers! They don’t need no stinkin’ teachers!!

  51. Good Lord. If there are handguns in the same house as small children, the parents need to have them locked up or otherwise inaccessible. Considering all of the things that our cats, with no thumbs, get into, I can only imagine how dangerous it would be to have children in a house with unsecured guns.

    “you can’t avoid these people’s wrath unless you know their own book, most of which none of them know”–UW

    You were never more right (and you’re always right as far as I can tell!). I’ve read the bible beginning to end now four times and am starting the fifth, using different translations, scholarly footnotes, etc., and it freaks me out that the biggest, most bigoted book-thumpers are just taking the word of their “preachers” for what’s in there and are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Nothing like actually reading the scriptures to de-mystify them.

    UW, how do you stay so upbeat? The state of the union is about to make me want to hide under the bed.

  52. I have no problem with gun ownership either but I was raised that guns, like anything else that was a serious danger, needed to be handled and stored properly.

    Heck, my older brothers had one of those air guns (the ones with the ping pong balls) and there were very firm restrictions on its use.

  53. meincognito – the people you need to tell are your friends and family. hiding your medical issue from them and telling the internet anonymously is not going to get you the help you need.

    Hang in there, but most of all, talk to your doctor ASAP.

  54. I went to Catholic school and we read the bible almost everyday. Start to finish starting in about third grade. We were expected to grasp things at our own level and other than occasionally having to look up some of the more obscure words and phases, had no problem following. Each year you gained a more in depth understanding. But then, I went through at a time when the Bible was viewed as a window into the foundations of the Judeo/Christian world and not something to use to bash people over the head.

    Then came that duo of vogue stuff that they all fell over worshiping (Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell – although Godspell hits higher on my absolutely hate that crap list) the bane of my existence in taking over masses and making them into side shows (IMHO). A big deal if you were in Catholic school and had to attend these fiascos.

    I must say, I was never a churchy person but these attempts to draw young people in with the twaddle of being hip were irritating at best. It was the whole, if you do not follow us, you are stupid.

    Suddenly we had to read the Good news Bible (its only the new testament and it was updated meaning its lost everything in translation). And it was so bland. No poetic turns of phase. No rich and complex passages. And its was so simplistic and boring. The wording was as if the reader was an idiot.

    By high school we rebelled against the performance centered masses with the click of Godspell worshipers in control. And yes, the people who were so into this were often very selfish self centered nut cases.

    Note this vent was most likely brought on by TCM. I was watching The Uninvited on TCM early this morning and when it was over there were promos for Godspell being run this coming Sunday. And yes, even after all these years, that music and those sets grate big time.

  55. I thought they spotted that in Rahm’s pants.


  56. Hello ((((UPPITY”S))))

    my father was an officer, He believed in keeping the gun in sight, unloaded—a strange way, but it worked—of course, if we had touched it etc…..we knew we’d get hell. Old school Italian—he was.

  57. thanks UW and KforC

    Going to the doctor today, called and got an appointment. Will let you all know how I am doing. The soul sucking sadness won’t actually hit until tomorrow. I am just dreading it.
    My Significant other Home mate, partner whatever would never understand. He’s the kind of guy who would muscle through this problem by taking it out on everyone else and basically gritting his teeth until it was past.
    My family is on my shit list right now because it turns out that they are the worst of the worst Obot types and have gotten very personally nasty with me for my rejection of him and also, oddly, dkos. I will let them know when I have a plan for getting better. I just do not trust them with my personal pain right now.
    I had to admit my pain and send it in to the universe and I have done that here. Thanks for letting me do so. I really am okay.

  58. Anyone else think this DCCC ad is lame-o?

  59. UW, how do you stay so upbeat? The state of the union is about to make me want to hide under the bed.

    I do most of my writing from under there.

  60. Mt. L, problem with the Catholic bible is is’s three times the size of the real one due to all those notes in red that somehow don’t seem to have anything to do with what’s there. But here’s a gift for ya. I still know every single song in Godspell, including both parts of this one.

  61. Uppity, I like the idea of a bible with a loose leaf binding. Excellent, let’d do it. I have gathered from a discussion the other day that you are a writer with a recognizable name or publisher or both. Can’t you get your idea made? Then we could just tear out the stuff that gives us heartburn.
    I do believe that the word of God can be found there, but also that not everything in the Bible is the word of God. As for just saying you are sorry and all is forgiven? Not really, the remorse has to be real and so does the change in character and actions. You can say “sorry” till the cows come in and if it is not real, then it doesn’t count.
    In real life one of the most beautiful teachings in the Bible comes from Paul who all us Liberal Christians are supposed to hate and ignore. He is the one talking about loving those who harm you, to be at peace with your neighbors etc… it is somewhere in Romans I think. Anyway, the point is, I have never felt the need to take the whole Bible as law. It was written by men, trying to do the best they could, but imperfect and human non the less and so, how could it be the perfect word of God? Neither does that mean throw it all out. There is great beauty and great wisdom there, at least for me.

  62. FF, why is the timing of the FL primary still contentious? Wasn’t some resolution reached in ’08?

    Query: is the hypocritical prez going to skip the FL primary this time as well? I’ll bet not!!

  63. Judging by his writings, Paul was, even by the standards of his time, quite anti-woman.

  64. I have to admit that I love both Godspell and Superstar. I don’t think they were meant to indoctrinate anyone. They are the work of composers and writers trying to express their take on a pretty huge human event, one that most Europeans and Americans have a view of and a belief if, the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth.
    Even atheists have some feeling about the whole thing. Both composers went on to do all kinds of secular non religious works and I have performed in most of them I am happy to say.
    Best song from Superstar was in the movie “could we start again please”.

  65. G’fers thwarted:

    I do wish they’d move to the ME so they don’t have to live amongst “the enemies of Allah.”

  66. Thanks Uppity! I too remember those songs all too well and now after that promo cannot get them out my head. Now I will have to avoid TCM for the duration.

    I assume no one else had to put up with a production of Godspell three times a week (except in lent when stations of the cross took over thank goodness).

  67. Way O/T

    Beware the Ides of Apple. Here is a little story about how Iphone keeps track of your movements (I guess in case google missed something and no one posted it one facebook).

  68. Not just Apple Mt.Laurel all phones with GPS. In Texas police have technology to download all the info off your phone during traffic stops.

  69. Oh good NES! This will be their turning point. Engand has put up with so much Isamofascist shit that these hateful bastards mistake all that tolerance for stupidity. They have gotten away with so much there that UK serves as a horrible example for the rest of the West and other countries have taken heed. But now they are so emboldened that they imagine they can fuck with their Queen. This is a huge mistake for them because their asses will be dragged off the streets so fast, there will be skid marks. And like you said, why not just move to one of the shitholes you escaped if you enjoy acting like a 7th century caveman-throwback.

  70. NES the resolution was our votes only counted as half and barry got all the delegates.

  71. The timing is because there is a pecking order and those two first states set the tone for the entire election. FL is not an OBAMA state so back to the bus we go.

  72. Michigan too,

    A US Department of Justice test of the CelleBrite UFED used by Michigan police found the device could grab all of the photos and video off of an iPhone within one-and-a-half minutes. The device works with 3000 different phone models and can even defeat password protections.

    “Complete extraction of existing, hidden, and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts, images, and geotags,” a CelleBrite brochure explains regarding the device’s capabilities. “The Physical Analyzer allows visualization of both existing and deleted locations on Google Earth. In addition, location information from GPS devices and image geotags can be mapped on Google Maps.”

  73. oh yes, I had been meaning to do a post on it, but the truth is, you are being tracked by your cell phones. Your blackberry is a full record of you for these information collectors. I meant to collect data on how to stop them, just never got time.

    And I also have a link that lists all the cell phones and how much radiation each one of them is pumping into your head, that nobody believes. Some are much worse than others. While worrying about what japan has left behind in traces, nobody seems concerned that they put microwaves up to their ears all day long.

  74. Creepy seeing the twin towers in that godspell video.

  75. Glad I bought the new Rand McNally- going to teach the grandsons geography through road trips same as I taught my children.
    My cell phone is an 04 or 05 model. Have never seen the point of upgrading- it still works to make and receive calls and that is what I bought it for no?
    And why in hell would I want GPS? I read/saw/heard a few horror stories of people getting lost in the back of beyond following instructions from those things. The day I can’t navigate from A to B and back again on my own without a computer is the day to give up driving. I drove all over this country with my kids on camping trips with nothing but a Rand McNally and the maps you pick up at the first rest area on the interstate in every state.

  76. Does the DMC have a policy on FL For ’12? Or does it no longer matter now that Teh Won is unchallenged?

  77. I have to admit that I love both Godspell and Superstar. I don’t think they were meant to indoctrinate anyone. They are the work of composers and writers trying to express their take on a pretty huge human event, one that most Europeans and Americans have a view of if not a belief if, the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth.
    Even atheists have some feeling about the whole thing. Those composers went on to do all kinds of secular non religious works and I have performed in most of them I am happy to say.
    Yes I know all of Superstar by heart. But that’s what happens to us Musical theater singers. We never forget a song we spent months singing or hearing.

  78. Thanks for those links Uppity- perhaps I should get a newer model. Though I hate to do it- and I don’t use the phone much- except texting back and forth with my daughter. I just don’t want any damn GPS- don’t have it in my car, don’t want it on my phone.

  79. Rehearsal tonight- and just so nobody worries if I disappear- services tomorrow through Sunday.

  80. Hell Mom, the AAA will give you a current map to get to anywhere and show you where the construction is this week besides.

  81. True on the AAA Uppity. Though I will admit I bought the large print Rand McNally this time. LOL
    How’s your wrist/hand thing by the way?

  82. Judging by his writings, Paul was, even by the standards of his time, quite anti-woman.

    Sure, I don’t see it but that could be the case. Do you know any men of that time who were not anti-woman? It really is a waste of time to judge ancient people by todays standards. I am not saying you are wrong, but I am not sure exactly how you would make such a judgement. It’s one of those things that people say which holds very little meaning to me. It is usually said by people who took a comparative religion course at college and now think they know all there is to know about why Christians are stoopid for being Christians. And then of course in discussions with Liberal Christians who judge Paul by today’s standards…they also make off hand remarks about Paul.
    I never said he was a good person, just that he wrote some of the most inspiring and loving verse in the bible, and he did.

    Romans 12:18-21 – If it is possible, insofar as it depends on you, live at peace with all men. Dearly beloved, do not take revenge on your own behalf, but rather give place for God’s wrath: for it is written, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay,” says the Lord. Therefore, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink: for in doing this, you shall heap coals of fire on his head. Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.

    All people are a mixed bag…even Paul.

  83. NES, sorry if that reply sounded snotty. I became aware many years ago that my writing style like my speaking style comes off as very blunt. That is just me, If you could see my face you would see that I say everything I say with as much kindness, non judgement and understanding as anyone.

  84. Teresa, I think you revealed something very interesting. While we cannot judge ancient men by today’s times, Bible bangers sure have no problem judging women based on the words of ancient men.

  85. wrist and hand I think are coming along Mom. I have been wearing the splint thing nightly and as much as I can during the day. I have had some numbness but nothing NEAR what it was. I ended up buying a different hand device, one for women. The one the doctor gave me was just too clumsy, for men for sure. In fact she told me which one to find and I did find it online. It does the same job without all that extra bulkiness, so I CAN use it with my computer. It just takes some getting used to. I do make more typos though, but who cares. Anyways, she suggested I wear it for at least a month if I notice improvement, because that means we caught it early. I missed my appointment for the electrodes because my cat was in distress and it was an emergency. So I called her to make another appointment and she told me to hold off since my report on progress seems so good, she’s almost certain we caught it early. Apparently the numbness of the three fingers is classic early carpal tunnel. She explained that if your baby finger gets numb too that is not carpal, because it is a different set of nerves. If it’s the thumb and the first and second finger, it’s a bingo. So, I’m wearing it fairly religliously, I say fairly because it is EASY to forget when your symptoms seem to have subsided. So my spousal unit is badgering me into it so I remember. So I pretty much am doing well following orders, except when I am cooking. I cannot chop or cook with that thing on.

    I also bought a wrist pad for laptops, but I find that it’s not what it was cracked up to be and have abandoned it.

  86. PMM, what are you singing? Anything you love?

  87. It’s near impossible to offend me, Teresa.

    I actually studied one of the four canonical gospels and The Acts of the Apostles — read them all the way through. If I recall correctly, Paul was vehemently opposed to women priests, or women having other prominent roles in the Church. Other “ancient” men weren’t saints certainly, but I can name one that gave women a prominent role in his entourage and teachings: Jesus.

  88. Mom, please pray Obama loses in ’12.

  89. Teresa, I think you revealed something very interesting. While we cannot judge ancient men by today’s times, Bible bangers sure have no problem judging women based on the words of ancient men.

    You are absolutely right and it is idiot and worse than that, damaging to society.
    We will all be better off when women take their votes and give them only to other women for a while. Hell, men have been doing it for centuries. When that happens we will run the country, White house and both houses of congress and this utterly ridiculous inequity will be done with. Then the people who want to hold us down because of something they cling to in the Bible which they either do not understand or can not put in it’s historical context, they will not have the power they do now.

  90. Teresa- the standard Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Vigil and Easter stuff. The psalms are good- because we have all the musicians together for these services to add harmony. Mass of Creation tomorrow then Mass of the Angels and Saints for the rest. The Alleluia comes back Sat night- always the best part for me- I miss it during Lent.
    Daughter and I are going to give Panis Angelicus a shot at rehearsal tonight and see if we can do it. lol

  91. NES “, but I can name one that gave women a prominent role in his entourage and teachings: Jesus.”

    AMEN sistah!
    Wasn’t Paul the one who said women should keep silent? and isn’t he the one who gets mistranslated all the time with that wives submit to your husband junk?
    I was pretty elated when I learned that was a mistranslation. Purposeful mistranslation probably. Wives love your husbands, husbands love your wives makes a lot more sense to me.

  92. yup NES, Jesus was a feminist for his time. Paul, not so much. There are still so many people who oppose the idea of women Clergy. Even in my mild mannered, live and let live, very loving and musical Presbyterian church there were a few people who left when the church hired a woman associate Pastor. Their loss, she was wonderful. She retired about five years ago.

  93. As for praying Obama loses- I pray for that every day. As I also pray that the truth is revealed and he is removed from office.
    A mom with military kids always worries. Sucks when you have to worry that the CIC hates the military and our country on top of the normal worry.

  94. Panis Angelicus, I love it and have sung it a few times the best being when my friend and I sang it at her church where she directs and she did the harmony. I usually get harmony being a Mezzo/contralto and she a lyric Soprano.
    Just keep good support and relax everything above your diaphragm and you will do great. Music should flow like water and I find that for me, I never sing badly in church. Don’t know why that is. I am guessing that is true for you also.

  95. teresa- music is a gift- and when I am singing at Mass it is the ONLY time I am pain free. Go figure. I used to sing way up – lost the top of my range from smoking. BUt that’s ok- cuz my daughter has that top now- and I can sing the harmony for her or she can sing descant above me- we work it out depending on the piece.
    off to rehearse

  96. PMM, I pray that the truth is revealed and Obama’s chances for reelection are so bad that the party tells him to take a hike….then we reform the primary process. sigh

  97. PMM, break a leg.

  98. Scotland Yard says it has rejected an application by a radical Islamist group to protest outside Westminster Abbey on royal wedding day.

    The group, Muslims against Crusades, was behind a poppy-burning protest on Armistice Day.

    Officers said talks were continuing on whether protests at other nearby locations would also be blocked.

    Seriously? Muslims against crusades. Oy, since the Muslim crusades were every bit at vicious as the Christian Crusades and since in the last many centuries they are the only ones crusading (I think what they are doing in Africa qualifies as a Crusade), I think someone should start a “people with brains against Muslim crusades” and yank these folks up a few yards back to reality.

  99. I have spent a lot of time here today and have been way off topic already so I am going to do it one more time and then stop.
    Do any of the writers here have any interest in gardening? Someone want to write an occasional gardening thread? It’s spring and gardening is how I spend a lot of my time these days.
    Just a suggestion. = )

  100. Teresa, we actually have a gardening tab that was up last spring. I’ll fetch it and you can talk gardens there.

  101. Ok. Grow Veggies tab is back up top for a new year of growing.

  102. lucky you teresa! If it dries out by July I might get my garden in this year. The whole back yard looks like a pond- and I am sure the damn slugs are not drowning!
    We have many gardeners here in Uppityville! We do need to think about a co-op to buy beer for the slugs though.
    Catch you all in the morning!

  103. We do need to think about a co-op to buy beer for the slugs though.

    You aren’t kidding! I buy it by the case for the little bastages. The more of them I get drunk fast, the sooner I get rid of them.

  104. Did someone mention BEER? 🙂

  105. Oh lord! Hide the keg!

  106. I volunteer to be the official beer severer to the slugs natch.

  107. I will get my penny’s to help!

  108. (hic)…..oops…..I mean my pengys……

  109. (hic) again…..server not severer

  110. Aw God. She’s plastered again.

  111. theresa – I can relate to part of what you said. I’m an agnostic, and I’ve ALWAYS loved Day by Day from Godspell. The words about getting closer to god, etc, don’t call to me – but it’s the *whole* of the song – it’s just a really, really joyous song, and they do a neat thing with the music (sorry, don’t have the relevant music language to say this correctly!) where it gets stronger, more powerful at a couple of points. I just find it to be a nice, joyous piece of work, and I always turn it up when it’s on the radio!

  112. PMM, I have had to slog through the swamp that is our yard to get to my garden patches. I place all of them on higher ground except one and even that one is managing to sprout flowers from the bulbs. I am lucky.

    UW, thanks for finding the gardening tab for me. I will check it out in the morning.

  113. imust!!!!! NO pouring beer down the pengies’ throats!!! NO NO NO!

    Oh, dear…. one pengy, two pengies? I wonder if there might be an ole English teacher hanging around this board? lol

  114. Here ya go lorac

  115. lorac! Fear not! I am not pouring beer down pengy’s throats…..they are sipping it, ever so gently, from their little sippy cups!

  116. I thought the play was vastly better than the movie. No contest. Hey, I liked Turn Back O Man.

  117. I had this thought of a Manhattan and so I am having one.

  118. I’ll take Manhattan… mean I’ll have a Manhattan!

  119. Haven’t had one in a long time. It’s good!

  120. Remember imust, your last penguin ran away due to your constant depletion of ice for booze.

  121. Cheers!

  122. easy to make. Got no cherries though. Eh!

  123. As I’ve said many times…my pengy was kidnapped, er pengynapped and imprisoned in a snow globe by somebody……somebody maybe who makes living headers perhaps??

  124. 2 parts rye, 1 part vermouth, dash of bitters.

  125. Your pengy was rescued. He was a gnarly mess and very nervous due to the ice depletion.

  126. Make me a sazerac please.

  127. I like Cosmos myself.

  128. Such a girlie, imust.

  129. imustconfess…I am
    Got really sick on whiskey in college….can’t really take it.

  130. NES loves her those sugar drinks! I guess she doesn’t want the mojito tonight.

  131. You want that with rye or cognac?

  132. I’ll bet lorac likes orgasms-on-the-beach.

  133. Well I only use bourbon or rye for mixed drinks, which is rare, since I’m a scotch person anyways. And I like cognac. Don’t like the white stuff much.

  134. hey NES, who doesn’t?

  135. If we’re having New Orleans drinks, I’ll take a Hurricane.

  136. Rye then.

  137. I bartended in my yoot. I can make anything.

  138. Ok for rye. But I think I have the wrong bitters.

  139. I remember (also back in college) a drink called “death” which was followed by a flaming drink called “the funeral”…..ah…..good times!

  140. True that, Upps. I’m off on a short beach hol Sat. If I find MK Bill there, I’ll seduce him and then FedEx him back to you, UW (better than Delta).

  141. I could use a day at the beach about now.

  142. I didn’t drink much in college. I was a pot head.

  143. Better UPS him NES. My dog hates the fex ex guy.

  144. Pass the hookah, baybee.

  145. Five hoses. Wish I had that now. Worth a fortune on ebay.

  146. We used to put southern comfort in the bowl.

  147. Cognac ?? Someone said Cognac ?? Warmed up and ready to smell and enjoy ty.

  148. Hey, we’re narrowing down who UW really is – she gave another hint – a pothead in college!

    Ok, on second thought, we’re not very narrowed down at all lol

  149. NES – I’ve only ever tried two kinds of drinks, beer, and kahlua and cream, but I had them make it be 95% cream. Oh, actually, I tasted wine once, but it put a coat on my tongue, and I didn’t like that, so I never tried it again.

    Now, I *have* tried the LITERAL name of that drink…. hehehehe

  150. Utah, a number of years ago, an old friend of my father gave me a bottle of Grand Armagnec he had for 40 years. And since it was aged ten years, well you can imagine the bouquet when I opened it. I struggled about selling it on ebay but then my self-indulgence won out. It was awesome. The bouquet filled the room. He also gave me an old bottle of Pinch. I was in heaven.

  151. Whoa, utah’s rollllling!! Now, utah you surprise me with the cognac. I would’ve thought you’d spurn the froggie brew.

  152. So, I figured out why it seemed like Biden (AND the older woman behind him, AND the younger black woman just off his right shoulder) fell asleep at BO’s speech. They did NOT fall asleep. The Brilliance of The ONE was so strong, they had to shield their eyes by closing them.

  153. So where’d the pot go? In brownies?

  154. They don’t make the brand any longer either. Can’t remember the name, manhattan got to me.

  155. And that revelation made me discover why air traffic controllers are falling asleep at work. Some dumbie is playing one of those darn ipods loaded with BO’s speeches while they’re working. Stupid move, for sure!

  156. No. the pot went in the hopper. The southern comfort was in the lower bowl. gurgle gurgle.

  157. Yeah lorac well those air traffic guys make too damned much money to be sleeping and playing movies. If they can’t handle the job then they need to move on and work for less somewhere where sleeping is worshipped, and give their jobs to people who want them. Besides, they are in deep shit now. They endangered Michelle. Morons.

    I think it’s BULLSHIT that they are hiring other people to watch their asses. What a crock. In the real world, they would be escorted to the door.

  158. Lorac, I can’t believe it! You’re practically a drink-virgin!

  159. I have a blown up photo of my friends and I using the hookah, NES. We were bringing old silly photos in one day and I left them in my desk drawer. I was leaving the company and one of my friends copped the old photo and had it blown up and everybody signed it. It was hilarious.

  160. I want to sign it too. Please send.

  161. I saw that coming.

  162. Fantasic rant!!!

  163. I was a college senior. Kind of outdated, you know.

  164. Maybe I was a junior. Who the hell remembers. It was all a blur.

  165. …….waving to Boston.

  166. No sazerac yet….

    I’ll take a cosmo, imust.

  167. NES, are you going to SAVE MKB? I just noticed a new addition, there appears to be a yellow peep in the water with him, I think his plan is to surriptitiously float in Bill’s direction, and then DUNK him!

  168. Ooops! surrEptitiously!

  169. Lorac, I was planning on disciplining the little scapegrace.

  170. jay at 7:11, That is perhaps why folks of your generation are more respectful of dangerous things. Kids learned that whatever was doled out at school, was small fry compared to what would be waiting at home.

    There is a time and place for everything. Guns have no place in a 6-yo’s hands.

  171. Tequila for the margaritas…….. But oh that cognac…amaretto…cointreau….. plum wine…

  172. Who peeped in the water?

  173. NES, you never discipline a cat unless you plan on never falling asleep again.

  174. It’s the S&M stuff MKB loves.

  175. Boston’s a psychologist too. Let’s have a psych-off between her and our lorac! Shhhhhhrink us, grrrls!

  176. Looking at the vid of the shooting incident, I see it was in Houston. Lots of nola’s bestest citizens evac’d to Houston during Katrina and have stayed; better (public) housing, better schools (which they’ve dragged down) and lots of other things. Seeing the kid was 6 he could have had nola parents. 6 is about the age you start seeing the guns come out in the house and stuff and think they are no big deal.

    I’m not saying the former nola residents have been bad for Houston but supposedly when Gustav was going to hit nola, the Houston mayor said (paraphrased): Let’s hope New Orleans is spared; we can’t afford to take in any more evacuees.

  177. NES, a psych-off? A new cerebral sport is born at UW’s…

  178. Obama Humiliated After Attempt To Shame SUV Driver

  179. Here’s your Cosmo NES, sorry I’m late!

  180. “who peeped in the water?”

    Good one Karen! ROFL!!

  181. NES you must have me confused with a Morman. Good people they are I have to say but since I partook in smoking for 40 years and have been know to drink enormous amounts of adult beverages in the past causing me to dance on a few tables in my youth ( oops ) I have learned about fine wine and drink. I do not indulge often but when I do let me say it is only going to be good stuff none of that pink fu fu type crap either.
    A well aged quality Cabernet is about the only wine I drink and I love a very well aged good Cognac .
    Uppity I am jealous and heck I would have done the same

  182. As for beer that vile concoction shall never pass my lips. I have been told by many to try this one or that one from cheap to high dollar. It is shit I tell you all of them. Only good for killing slugs or washing my rims with.


    i just read this story and I would like to say a few words. I used to accident reports like this every day from all over the country.
    Please stop and think when you are near a railroad track.
    It takes less than one minute for a six car train to go through a crossing. Is your life worth one minute? Think about the family left behind.

    when walking near railroad tracks please remember the as the train passes it creates an undertow that can pull you under the car.

    Most train vs auto or train vs trespasser accidents can be prevented. All it takes it a little thinking and time.

    thank you for reading this



  184. That was The Crescent heading from nola to NYC. Since this happened in Slidell, it was about 35-40 miles out of nola.

  185. Fred
    I have been on that train and it is a beautiful ride. At one time I called the crews for that train.

    People forget that trains are big, move faster than they appear to and they are not toys
    When it is snowing you can not hear the train. I just want everyone to stop and think, it could save their life.



  186. Tony: All this from a guy who rides around in an SUV Limo and who gets YOU to pay for his gas.

    All this from a guy who keeps his office so hot his own staff says, “You can grow orchids in there”…and gets YOU to pay for it.

  187. Oooooo! Psych-Off! I wanna be first!!!!

  188. Up, if he practiced what he preaches then Mechelle wouldn’t have been in that near plane collision or on a few dozen trips that had zero to do with our country.

    Didn’t he send a separate plane to Hawaii (or maybe to one of his other golf and sun spots,) just for the dog and a body guard not long ago?

    He should inflate his tires to the right psi for his ego with his own prodigious hot air. That will save the planet.

  189. Wow, ’tis lovely, imust!

  190. Karen, it’s my guess that The View paid for that flight and that is why she was on a commercial jet. If she used an Air Force plane for a View appearance, she would have been caught.

  191. The kiddies aren’t going to get him elected this time. But where else can he go? Only ignorant unworldly children and leftover hippies would buy his bullshit.

  192. He was at Facebook’s HQ yesterday, courting the kiddies.
    Sounds pathetic:

    Amazing that people think he’s a good speaker. Always left me cold and unimpressed. But, that’s probably because I’m not edjamicated enuf.

  193. The people who pay the bills in this country aren’t on facebook. They dependent little pissants are.

  194. But, UW, THE “dependent little pissants” are the ones who’ll cheat for his lame a*s again. I really fear he’s going to win. For starters, the Ryan plan, which the GOP is now effectively stuck with, has an around 75% disapproval rating. I mean, how lucky can the jerk get!

  195. Highly recommend this thoughtful (and hope-inducing, for us) article, which discusses what Obama’s ’12 strategy is shaping up to be and why it probably won’t work:

  196. NES the infants won’t be getting much cheating in this time. No primary. The Rs will be all over those polls like white on rice. Remember, they know a thing or two about screwing around with votes. The Democrats learned from them because they are nothing but sponges.

  197. ……..and if there were a Hillary primary,we should be so lucky, do you really think those of us who saw all the 2008 crap are going to sit still at those caucuses? Really? There will be torches and pitchforks.

  198. The altercations would be EPIC.

  199. Update to this story, in case you have not seen it: The six year old got the gun (somehow?) for a family “friend.”

    It is illegal in Texas to allow children to have unsupervised access to guns.


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