Imprisoned NY cockroach and child rapist on waiting list for heart $800k transplant

Here’s your daily anger stimulus. To listen to half the country, health care isn’t a right. If you can’t afford four figures a month, well Toughsky Shitsky and just shut the hell up and go die someplace. ….

….Unless of course, you are a scumbag child molestor in a NY prison. Then, the sky is the limit. We value you, cockroach!

This bag of shit raped and sodomized a 13 year-old girl and NY State is evaluating him for an $800k  heart transplant.

Rochester, N.Y –  There are 49 people on the waiting list for a new heart at Strong Memorial Hospital.

13WHAM News has learned that a convicted rapist serving up to 40 years in prison, is being evaluated for a possible heart transplant.

Kenneth Pike, 55, was convicted in 1996 of raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old girl in Auburn, N.Y.  He is serving his sentence at a state prison in Greene County.

Law Enforcement sources indicated that Pike was flown by Mercyflight to Strong last week and is being evaluated for a heart transplant.

I took the liberty of checking out this cockroach at the NYDOC site. He got a 40-year sentence but, of course, that doesn’t mean squat. He’s actually eligible for parole in 2013.  But not if he’s dead. Now here’s a piece of shit worth saving, don’t you think? After all, if we can only save his life, maybe then we can parole him so he can violate more children for many years to come.

So tell me. What do you think should be done for this swine?


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  1. Hmmm tough decision on the poll. On the one hand, the family of the victim does deserve to do the surgery, but I doubt that they would want to touch the filth that is this piece of scum mascarading as a human. On the other – why should taxpayers foot the bill to save this scum’s life when so many people are without the means to visit a doctor?
    Disclosure – I detest child molesters – understandable with my history. I used to have nightmares when the gruesome twosome were small (okay, they were never really small) about them being abducted by a scum like this man. Sometimes my liberal soul goes into hang em high overdrive – this is one of those times.

  2. 2.5 billion people will be watching that wedding. It is the heir to the throne of our closest ally, so absolutely even those of us who don’t normally watch hype tv, will be watching this one. Diana was a good human being and her son seems to have a down to earth persona as does his bride.

    She spent $100 per outfit for her honeymoon clothes, approx. 4 outfits for under $400 bucks. I am sure if it was our fashion diva Imelda shopping for her own royal wedding honeymoon she would have spent that much on one pair of white gloves.

  3. Karen, didn’t Momelda spend more than that on one pair of designer sneakers?

  4. Yes HT and karen, meeshooe famously said that $600 wasn’t even enough to buy a good pair of earrings.

  5. karen- count me out on the wedding watching. I am positive I will not be watching. No interest at all and I am already sick to death of watching it suck up news time. Surely the world is continuing on? Japan quake? BP getting out of their taxes? Libya? Floods and tornadoes here? So American dollars are being spent overseas when our economy is in the tank.
    The only good thing I can see is that every minute devoted to the wedding is one less minute barky gets on the tube. Though he is probably doing some dirty deal while the media is off gallivanting. But then they would not cover anything negative about him anyway.
    I will have to go do the thing I hate most that day- shopping. The stores will probably be empty.

  6. Yes she wore $600+ sneakers at Food Pantry, where she was pretending to give a shit.

    The O’s weren’t invited to the royal wedding. I guess the Queen wasn’t impressed with that ipod and the return of the Churchill bust. I’m sure Imelda and Ferdinand were hoping to be invited to suck up all the oxygen in the room.

  7. C’mon mom, over 40 heads of state invited, and guess who wasn’t? And don’t count BO out, I’m sure he has a chat scheduled on prime time tv while the wedding is on.

  8. Remember, UK has a Queen and royal family but they are symbolic and don’t Rule. To them it’s just an endearment. The USA has no Queen or King, just two yahoos acting like King and Queen and they DO rule. And the “Royal Family” is suspect besides, not to mention the Lords and Princesses in Congress who spend their entire days looking for a camera, and look like a bunch of nose-picking clods next to William and Kate.

  9. Hey if it’s between watching The Royal Wedding and another Historical Speech by the Greatest Teleprompter Reader EVAH…..count me in on the Wedding! Besides, I do find it interesting. I remember all of the fuss with Diana and Charles, seems weird that their son is now marrying….makes me feel old too!

  10. ….besides Kate is H.O.T.

  11. NES, you are so funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

  12. this piece of scum should not even be on the list.if he gets a heart then some good person will die 👿

  13. Hey, look at the top of the guy’s head….. “6” on the left, “66” on the right….. 666….. rather appropriate…..

  14. Government at work in it’s usual common sense free fashion. Yeesh.

  15. Where in the world is Carmen, I mean, Hill?

    If she’s resting then good for her, nobody deserves it more. If she’s working, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  16. 666 – lorac, you are good. Nothing slips past you.

  17. I think we just figured out why obama has head scars… they had to remove the, um, engraving…

  18. 40 heads of state huh? Oops- still don’t care. Well that’s 40 people who for that one day won’t be screwing their people.
    Obviously I mean no disrespect but it really grates on my nerves. There are so many truly important things going on in the world and this non stop coverage of a wedding is imo ridiculous. It’s a wedding- far less important in the grand scheme of things than say- the Japanese mess- gee wonder where that went?
    Oh that’s right- watch two people get married- forget about all that radiation.
    Libya? Nothing to see there- oh look- let’s spend a half hour of the morning news trying to guess who will be designing a dress.
    Afghanistan? So what if my daughter in law is being shipped over there- it’s much more important to watch endless recycled tourist shots of London.
    Right? Right?

    I suppose the library will have something informative I can read. And the bathroom can always use a good scrubbing.

  19. PMM – the news is mostly bad stuff, though. To me, it’s nice to have something uplifting in the news.

    They seem like good people, and many have watched as he grew up. Plus, I have a lot of respect that they’ve been a couple since the beginning of their second year in college. He also seems to have a lot of Diana in him – I think when he becomes king he’ll shake the royal patterns up a bit.

    (If it were the other son getting married, I actually wouldn’t be interested. While there is something appealing about him, I don’t know why all the girls and women over there go crazy about him. Even if they snagged him, he’d probably never be faithful to them – he’s apparently quite the party/wild boy. I don’t know why people are drawn to someone who will predictably hurt them.)

  20. Karen – I think Hillary is genuinely (not politically) religious. Easter seems to be especially meaningful to a lot of Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is taking some time off with family right now.

  21. Hello ((((UPPITY’S)))))

    I vote yes for the wedding, I agree with Lorac,

    I agree with PMM also, about the news Overkill–but it seems like the wedding is going to be very memorable.

  22. Honestly I don’t even know when the huge, gigantic media circus wedding is scheduled. Somebody please inform me so I can shut the tv off and stay off the web starting two days ahead.
    How long after before it goes away? I will need to know that as well.
    It has gotten to the point where I watch only the local news and weather. If I have to hear or watch one more trivial thing about ‘THE WEDDING” I might throw something through the tv screen.

  23. I think the wedding is this Friday.

  24. I have a link on the left sidebar that says Click Here to Follow Hillary. Use it. Still4Hill posts her daily itinerary and photos. That’s why I have her link there.

  25. Mom, so far you’re outvoted. Looks like we will have to find a way to entertain you on the side.

  26. The news just said that a gallon of gas is $5.45 in a large city in Florida today (can’t remember which city)….

  27. No problem Uppity- I will hit the library later this week and find something to entertain myself. I can always find a good book. Something from the lifetime reading list that I have been meaning to get through- perhaps some Dickens or maybe War and Peace. I could always tear the closets apart and get rid of outdated and outgrown- give to the poor. ANYTHING except feeding into that distraction. When I think of all the money going from America to there and all the important stories not being covered it drives my blood pressure up. Best to just take a few days off.

  28. I have to get ready for work and can’t finish reading this right now, but I am enjoying it – what I’ve read so far.

    Lizza was the guy kicked off the obama campaign plane when that cover came out of him and michelle fist bumping in arab wear on the cover of the mag.

    From still4hill’s site is this pic of bubba bunny:

    Nobody knows where hillary got off to. Hope it is something good and not something medical… etc.

  29. PMM: close your ears! 🙂 (actually, I guess I should say, close your eyes!)

    I think it’s neat that the queen kept her last name when she married (Windsor). Her husband’s last name was Mountbatten (or something like that), and he had to change to her name.

    Later they decided that the descendants would have a last name which was hypenated, but her name came last (Mountbatten-Windsor). So, that’s actually William’s last name, although royals apparently don’t usually use their last name, but I think he usually uses Wales as his last name (he is a Prince of Wales).

    When he marries, they said he’ll probably keep using Wales, or else, as he’ll become a Duke of something once married, use that as his last name (whatever he is Duke of – Sussex, etc).

    So, I think it’s cool that she kept her last name – but it wasn’t really feminism that led her to do that, I don’t think. I think it’s just because the lineage was usually male dominated, so that Windsor had been the name for a really long time.

    Personally, I’m not into women giving up their names at marriage, and I don’t like hypenated names – what are you going to do when a hypen marries a hypen – the kids will have four last names? lol I think daughters should keep the mother’s last name, and the sons can keep the father’s last name. Right now women’s “maiden” names are still patrilineal, but eventually they would be matrilineal. Seems more fair to me.

  30. WARNING – Karen’s Izza link has a huge, particularly ugly photo of Obama when the link first opens. I about jumped out of my chair!

  31. PMM,

    I don’t pay for cable TV because I only use it once or twice a year, tops. The TV gets dusted off and never turned on except when I have company staying with me and they can’t live without it on.

    I watch bits and pieces at work when I am busy in a room with a set but mostly it is to gawk at how truly awful the idiot box has become.

    I will not get too much coverage of the event. The little I know about it is from the few minutes a day I read about it in between the doom and gloom reports that are constantly never-ending.

    Must run but just want to say seriously that I have heard less about this wedding than I did about Chelsea’s, which was something I paid attention to because I love her parents and watched our own American Royalty grow up and make us proud.

    btw – it is gorgeous out, finally. T-storms later…

  32. If Jesus came back it wouldn’t get this kind of attention I swear! John Paul II is being beatified May 1st- and surely he did more good on this earth than any “ruling class” types. News coverage of that? “crickets”
    Well at least I will be spared the agony as I believe with the time difference it should be all over and done by the time I get up in the morning. If I time it right I can just catch the beginning of our local news and then switch to the weather channel. After that I can just shut it off.
    I’m sure Uppity will be so kind as to shoot me an e-mail when it’s all over.

  33. Lorac that gas price is at a station outside an airport at the rental car return lot.

  34. DE – seriously? So, that gas station is trying to take advantage of their customers, and the news must be trying to scare us more than needed.

    The last time I got gas it was $4.19, but when I saw that FL price, I thought, “oh, no!”. So it will probably be higher than the last time here, but not so bad as the news made me think!

  35. I’m indifferent to the Royal Wedding brouhaha, but I certainly hope the two young’un’s have a good marriage. Their relationship so far seems so much more healthy and egalitarian than the great public brood-mare search that was conducted for Prince Charles. No wonder it all went south.

  36. Lorac totally serious. Our gas prices are high $3.80’s for R. Family in Indiana said it was $4.19 this AM.

  37. When I first read this, I thought the cockroach in question was being considered as the transplant donor, not the recipient. Now, wouldn’t that make more sense?

    The royal wedding – could not POSSIBLY care less. For a really fun diversion, go see the movie “Win Win.” Best film I have seen in a long time.

    The gas station on the corner was at $4.23 for unleaded yesterday. It’s high, though. Other stations are closer to $4.05 – $4.15.

  38. madamb: for UNLEADED, aren’t they all unleaded??

  39. Michelina – for us “older” types, the nozzle on the far left, the cheapest type, was always regular (leaded), then the next priciest was unleaded. I think madamb meant the least expensive, which used to be “regular” (leaded), but is now “regular” (leaded).

    Or – actually, maybe she meant unleaded vs. diesel. I don’t know if that’s leaded or unleaded. It seems like that used to be cheaper than leaded and unleaded, but I think it’s more expensive now. (I remember a craze a while back with diesel cars, I’m glad it was short, because those cars were noisy)

  40. oops…

    which used to be “regular” (leaded), but is now “regular” (leaded) (unleaded)

  41. I don’t know this website, but just saw this link for an article about bp deaths

  42. PMM, I know exactly how you feel. I used to feel that way about the endless coverage of missing white woman. It used to piss me off to no end that we had to hear every fucking minute about Natalie Holloway when we NEVER EVER EVER, give that kind of coverage to woman who are not white and particularly if they are not blond.
    However I remember that during the depression when things were really darkest, people flocked to movie theaters to see silly movie musicals. I think Shirley Temple Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland were the biggest box office headers at that time. People also loved to see movies about rich people wearing beautiful clothes.
    With all the sh*t in my life right now and the latest polls showing that 70 percent of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction, I am with Lorac. I think the diversion will be very entertaining. A commoner is about to become a princess. Maybe even the most liberated of us still remember the stories we were read as little girls. I have no misapprehension (not sure that is the proper usage of that word, oh well) that becoming a princess makes your life a fairy tale. We all remember how badly it all turned out for Diana. I sincerely hope that Will and Kate get it right. Somehow I don’t think he has his real love stashed away in a back room like Charles did. He loves Kate. Thats a good start for a royal marriage. If anyone saw “The King’s Speach”, you would know that the Queen Mum and King George IV were a love match. I hope William and Kate find that kind of trust and support.
    Unlike Lorac, I have a soft spot for Harry and a hope that he will turn out to be a wonderful man one day when he gets over being young and irresponsible.

  43. “King’s Speech”….sigh

  44. MeIncognito – well, at least Harry has the Spencer hair, and may keep it, as opposed to poor William who is already going bald like his father!

  45. Lorac, I was just looking at pics of Harry and how much he looks like Diana’s lover Hewitt.
    On the other hand yes, he has the Spencer wiry red hair everyone But Diana seemed to have and he looks very much like his paternal grandfather and his aunt Lady Sarah, Diana’s older sister. He also has his grandmother’s and father’s close together eyes.

  46. I’m at home today, and what comes on but Glenn Beck. Wow, he probably should become a preacher. Our country is failing because not enough people are in touch with god. The McDonald’s beating was used as an example.

    I sure don’t like all that religion in political talk. And I sure don’t like it when people think that morality only comes from religion. He probably won’t be happy unless someone like Huckabee is the republican nominee.

  47. Late night talk shows have at most 1 female writer. Bill Maher – Zero. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  48. Ani has an article up at New Agenda about the depiction of females in movies/tv

  49. Why do you have to insult cockroachs? What did they ever do to you? They are just bugs trying to get by. This man is a human being. Other humans are making the decision to spend the money and medicine on him. Would cockroachs ever act that way?

    Good thing god made us special and superior to all the bugs and animals ….

  50. Would cockroachs ever act that way?

    Wait, are you saying that cockroaches would never take care of one another? Isn’t that denigrating those non-sentient cockroaches?

  51. I do not know if anyone lives near the Mississippi River but it is supposed to crest tonight at 52.5 feet.,0,7197775.story



  52. Yeah, Natalie Holloway, Elizabeth Smart and Holly Bobo are soooo lucky!!!! They get sooo much attention. Of course, you have to be kidnapped and/ or killed to get the attention.

    Maybe, we should wonder why so many young women are victimized and stop acting like they have won the lottery. There are countless beautiful and not so beautiful women killed in our country every f%%king day. Blame the pervert men. Blame America for not caring about each and every victimized woman, but don’t blame the victims.

    I live in Baltimore, not far from that horrible McDonald’s beating. When everyone thought it was ‘just a girl’ being beat up it was a shame. Now that it is revealed that the victim is transgendered, the transgendered community is protesting. The thugs did not even know that the victim was transgendered, they were just beating her up because they thought they could get away with it. Would the transgendered community be protesting if the victim was ‘only a woman’?? I will answer, no f$$king way.

  53. Hey I’m all for humans doing things for other humans, just not with other people’s money. Especially when most of the other people can’t afford the same care for themselves as opposed to the pedophile and rapist who is getting what they can’t get.

  54. lorac, I really think Maher wants to be a girl so badly that he resents them all. I’ll bet the little twit is a cross dresser.

  55. lorac infowars is a great place if you enjoy reading about conspiracies and rumors.

    And regular gas has been over four bucks here for weeks. The city in Florida pushing six bucks is Orlando, a great place to screw families taking their kids to Disney.

  56. Honora, they’re saying that they thought a man was going into the women’s restroom (I myself always beat people up when I think they’re doing something they shouldn’t /snark)

    Of course, it’s possible they’re just saying that now because it’s the best “excuse” they can come up with. But I saw an interview with the victim, and it was obvious it’s a transgendered person. I wouldn’t be surprised if they DID know.

    But either way, they’re thugs, yes. I am constantly amazed at how violent people have gotten, and I’m particularly dismayed when it’s women.

    But if a woman is being attacked, I certainly think they should fight back to protect themselves. I wondered when I saw the video why that person didn’t seem to make any attempt to save themselves.

    And I’m realizing now, it’s like it was all backwards. The black women were acting like women “aren’t supposed to”, and the man to woman transgender (I don’t know at what stage that person is) was acting like a woman “is supposed to”.

    That was a pretty violent beating, to leave the victim in seizures. I hope they lock those two up for a long time – but one is only 14, so she’ll probabaly get out at age 18 I suppose.

    As far as the transgender community protesting if the victim were “only a woman” – I’ve noticed that women are supposed to be activists on behalf of EVERYone (except themselves), but none of those minorities ever fight for women’s rights.

  57. Now about the transgender thing. I honestly have a hard time with it. I just can’t grasp it I guess. But I’m someone who thought it was a major trauma change just to get caps on my teeth. I’m not into changing what I’ve got, so maybe that’s why I see this as so radical. I can truly comprehend why people would be gay or lesbian but to radically do this just boggles me. I honestly would be major pissed if I were dating a guy who turned out to be transgendered. I mean, I would need a psychiatrist. But that doesn’t qualify somebody to be beaten or killed. But like someone said, they only did it because they can get away with beating up women. I can’t understand why any guy would want to switch, considering his life is going to be double hell. Hell for being a woman and hell for getting the surgery.

  58. Gabby Giffords has been given permission to attend her husband’s shuttle launch.

    To think that she is working so hard to get back her capabilities which she lost due to no fault of her own, and teenagers are all getting into huffing, and becoming brain damaged for life.

  59. I am almost afraid to see Gabby. I am not sure that she has made as much progress as the media is leading us to believe. She is on a long, and hopefully successful journey, but I am afraid that she still has a long road ahead.

  60. I don’t get it either, UW. I personally suspect it may be due, at least for some people, to the constricted range of accepted gender roles for boys. I think they recognize early that they don’t fit society’s definition of “masculinity”, and grow up thinking they must be a woman inside, instead of a boy who has more varied interests than usual. But that’s just my personal hypothesis.

  61. lorac– I kinda think she looks like a girl, but now that I have old lady vision, what do I know. I guess I heard that the thugs thought she was going after her man, because ‘her’ man spoke to the victim.

  62. Honora, I don’t know if they’re going to show her.

    Btw, you should come around more often. I love your sense of humor! But….. what have you done for my funny bone TODAY? lol

  63. Lorac– I meant to add, that the thug should be careful, because attacking a transgendered person is a hate crime, attacking a woman is just assault.

  64. Honora, it was her voice – rather manly. But now that you mention it, I did hear that, too – the boyfriend of one of the women hit on her.

    Hmmm… maybe after he hit on her, he realized his mistake, and got them to beat her up to assauge his fragile ego. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m still freaked out at all this violence though. It sure doesn’t bode well for our society.

  65. I’m actually still freaked since seeing – oh, what was it called….? A rather new documentary about our school kids – how many don’t get their h.s. diploma, how low we rank next to other developed nations, etc. We have a lot of problems.

    I wish they’d get out of all these wars, instead put money into intelligence to protect us, and then put money into OUR society. We’re building schools in other nations, but can’t find any money for our own.

  66. I think that they are PR’ing Gabby Giffords and exaggerating her progress, for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s what America needs. I don’t know. But it all seems carefully cooridinated and controlled. But I would bet that she will not be shown to the public, whether she attends the launching or not. And I would also probably bet she will not be at the launching. And if course, Imelda and Ferdinand must attend to suck up all the oxegyn lest Gabby get some attention they prefer to have all to themselves.

  67. I was reading a good discussion on Reclusive Leftist earlier today. Apparently a Turkish/Muslim young woman wanted to rebel against the constraints of her youth, so she posed for Playboy with a (fake) breast showing. People were saying that it’s a shame that to break free from one patriarchal role, she went to the other patriarchal inspired role (she said she’s tired of doing what men say, but then poses naked to please them sexually).

    Someone said maybe that’s part of the process, that in the 60’s we had the sexual revolution, but then 2nd wave came afterwards, and maybe that what will happen as Muslim women come around – one extreme to the other, than settle somewhere in the middle. But all I could think of was – maybe she just went straight to 3rd wave sensibilities. It’s not like what came after 2nd wave moved us forward lol

    I was talking to a woman in her late twenties the other day. She works and her husband works, and they have a couple of kids. She was talking about how she was running late and wasn’t able to make breakfast for them and his lunch. I was so shocked. I said, you BOTH work full time, but you have to make breakfast and lunch (and dinner)? I said, what did women of my generation fight for? And she said something about, oh he can’t cook – but that’s not the answer.

    She settled for someone who wouldn’t carry half the load, and she chose not to expect more from him. As nice of a woman as she is, she bears responsibility for the situation. I really wonder, WHAT happened? How did these women fall so far backwards that they don’t expect (or want?) equality, or think power is in flaunting their bodies? (and of course, they’re going to lose that so-called “power” as they age).

    sigh. See, I need a nice wedding to cheer me up from my dismay lol (although, I care nothing for the dresses, etc. I just like the looovvveeeee lol)

  68. Seriously, BO is going? After he’s cutting off the program, AND refused to let them have one of the old shuttles for their museum out of political spite?

    He’s such a rock star.

  69. I worry too that they are exploiting Gabby. Maybe I’m just cynical or hypersensitive to their usual game, but I can’t help but feel they want to stir up the Tea Party stuff again just to help Obama’s poll numbers. And I did read that she will not be making a public appearance. As you said Uppity, you can bet Barry will be there…that’s where the exploiting part comes in….like when she supposedly opened her eyes for the “first time” when he visited her in the hospital.

  70. Do other people use defraggler? How long does it usually take? Lately mine takes hours and hours. And I always update to the newer version.

  71. Just FYI- on the local news tonight- the early corn crop is rotting in the fields from all the rain. It is BAD here- nothing but rain going on three weeks. One half a sunny day in a week if we are lucky. I’m sure the same thing is happening all over the country as the rain is not confined to our area.
    Nothing is in the ground that should be- no spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peas. Nothing. Too wet to plow or plant and the corn that was planted under cover is about done for with the rain and cold.
    Higher prices for less product.
    I am really getting concerned for my asparagus bed- I have never seen it with standing water before.

  72. I think maybe Hillaryis44 has an inside link to information about Washington and Hillary. And look what s/he just said in the new essay (s/he is killing me with anticipation!):

    At the end of May, Donald Trump has a very big decision to make. Sometime in September, Hillary Clinton will have a big decision to make (more on that in a later article).

  73. Mom, same here. Water everywhere. I could grow a rice paddy on my land. My veggie garden area is a pond right now. It’s VERY wet and no sign of stopping either.

    lorac, I am assuming you mean Defragmentation of your hard drive from system tools. It takes hours because you don’t do it regularly. You should set it up in your scheduler to run automatically. You have to defrag because it’s the only way you can reclaim and reuse space left behind from things you deleted. If you don’t use defrag, the space is allocated in the wrong place. It also slows things down. So if you would just do it weekly, you wouldn’t have to watch it struggle for hours.

  74. imust, on Gabby: The thing is, anybody can tell the press anything with respect to her and her progress. I am just having a really hard time believing she is as cognizant as they portray. Most of the releases are her are very cryptic. As in “Very pleased” and “working hard”. I don’t mean to be the turd in the punchbowl here, but I sense something and can’t put my finger on it.

  75. Yeah BO is attending the death rattle of the program that he cancelled. The man has no sense of decorum whatsoever. He is probably enjoying sticking it in their noses.

  76. Giffords has suffered a catastrophic brain injury…
    I’m no MD nor neurologist but I AM certain she will never come close to regaining her life skills; she is permanently impaired.
    Speaking only for myself, I wouldn’t have wanted to be “saved” for such a fate.

  77. I agree Val. I just think they are whitewashing it all for whatever reason.

  78. I can’t stay up (or get up early) for the wedding Fri, cuz lakerwade is having his tonsils out Fri morning. He is supposed to come home Fri nite, but I will be too busy taking care of him. I’m sure they’ll be a lot of pix for me to look at later.

    I paid $4.50 for gas last week. That was the cheapest where I live. What do you guys think of the idea to boycott the biggest oil co, Exxon Mobil until they drop their prices, which is supposed to make the other guys follow suit?

  79. laker was just given an ibm thinkpad laptop by a friend. We did some kind of cleaning thing on it and then did the defrag.

  80. Hey laker gets all the ice cream he wants. I didn’t think they even did the tonsillectomy thing anymore. Tonsils do come in handy for trapping bacteria.

    socal that boycott is essentially not helpful as all it does is give profit to the other companies that are charging the same price. And it punishes gas station owners who have nothing to do with anything, unless they are gouging as well. In which case, it wouldn’t just be exxon owners.

  81. Ok, thx for info about the gas companies. I was wondering about it.

    Poor laker has had tonsillitus for months and his tonsils are huge, so we’ve decided its time for them to come out. I didn’t think it was done much anymore either but the Kaiser Hosp where we’re going does several of them a week. The surgeon told me that some people just have really painful or huge (even touching!) ones that have to come out. Anyway, you can be sure he’ll get as much ice cream as he wants! I’m thinking hes going to want slushies though, thats what I wanted when I had mine out.

  82. I know I’m late and all are already gone or upthread and wouldn’t pay attention anyway, but I wanted my vote to be: Just rip the heart now. It’s apparently not a good one anymore and besides that’s what he did to his victim’s family, right?

    cheapest price I saw here for gas was $3.56/gal.

  83. Fredster!!! I voted the same as you btw!

  84. AHA! ANOTHER reason not to watch the circus on Friday! They will be serving Uppity’s most hated dessert! Fruitcake!

  85. honora, I have to say that “rant” is my least favorite form of online communication. The reason being that the rant usually has nothing much to do with the reality of the situation you are ranting about.
    You totally misinterpreted what I said about the endless coverage of missing white women. I was NOT blaming the victims, I was just sickened by the endless exploitative coverage by the 24/7 garbage gossip networks, otherwise known as CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

  86. PMM, are you somewhere out by Erie? I lived there for several months. I left the husband alone to manage the children and I went and did “Hello Dolly” at the Cambridge Inn in Cambridge Springs. Oh, it was one of the best times of my life. I wasn’t really old enough or totally right for the part, but I sang the hell out of the songs and was treated like a star.. when the Inn owners brought out sandwiches and chips and beer for the rest of the cast they made sure I had Scotch.
    We get all of your weather a few hours after you have it. So we had terrible thunderstorms in the middle of the night. Luckily all of my flower beds are on slightly higher ground than the rest of the “yard” (we have ten acres of yard because Al insists on keeping that much of his land mowed.)
    I did not place those beds with any sort of intelligence. It just happened by dumb luck. But yes, my land is also not much more than a marsh right now. It doesn’t help that we have clay soil and nothing ever drains.

  87. meincognito- yup- about 40 or so miles south of Erie. And the Inn at Cambridge Springs is still going strong!
    The asparagus bed is higher than grade- which is why I am so nervous. It NEVER gets standing water. The garden is a bog. The daffodils are struggling- I am cutting them and bringing a few in- but they don’t last as long. Even the hyacinths are drooping from all this rain.
    The news this morning said the strawberries are in danger of rotting as well. They are not meant to be standing in water.
    We have ten acres total- but we only mow the front acre and a half or so. HAH! By the time it dries out enough to mow I will need hay making machines at this rate. Because of course the damn grass doesn’t drown.

  88. I noticed right away that they never showed Giffords, only the back of her hospital bed etc…. I think she is probably terribly deformed and reconstructive surgery has not happened yet. I also think she is permanently impaired. I wonder what that means to her marriage and the rest of her life. It is so sad.
    But I also remember how democrats tried to use the tragedy to attack Palin and my blood boils. It was that issue that finally put me at odds with my sisters and new Brother in Law. It’s bad enough that he was able to turn my sister into a Hillary hating mindless Obot. But he had the nerve to get furious with me attacked me very personally and insisted that no one in the party or media tried to lay blame for Giffords at Palin’s feet.
    PS.. He was a republican in the 80s and 90s because he had a rich wife and it was to his advantage. It doesn’t surprise me that he is a Clinton hater. One day I am going to find out what crazy republican/nadernonsense (same thing in my book) he convinced my sister of to get her to support the media and corporate choice of Obama.

  89. I would love to see Hillary run and I would love an opportunity to shove the “racist” bullsh*t up the Obama’s collective ass and that of their supporters.
    I hope that Hillaryis44 knows something real.
    If she doesn’t run we are going to have a republican president and more disaster.

  90. OMG fruitcake at the wedding. That’s the dealbreaker for me!

  91. “OMG fruitcake at the wedding. That’s the dealbreaker for me!”

    ROFL! I knew that would do it! Not enough brandy on the planet to make that stuff edible!

  92. The royal marriage is doomed. Fruitcake. A Sign.

  93. reported the rapist wil not get his transplant.

  94. Lorac, the secret to Harry’s attraction for women: $$$$$$$$$$$$.
    Also, it’s his bad boy genes. Notice how he looks nothing like the so-called Windsors — it’s rumored that he’s actually the love-child of Diana and her first post-marital lover, Hugh Hewitt.

  95. To entertain Mom whilst the rest of us are watching the Wedding– live-stream a series of photos of Aragon.

  96. Actually lorac, the British royal family’s last name reflects their German ancestry. The family name is Saxe-Coburg von Gotha. QE II’s father, George VI, changed the family name to Windsor during WWII because it seemed unpatriotic and impolitic to have a German name.

    Prince William isn’t the Prince of Wales — his father is, the appellation being reserved for the immediate heir to the throne. But, you’re quite right that William likes to fashion himself as a Wales. He goes by the appellation, reportedly fashioned by himself, of Prince William of Wales.

  97. Actually, NES, I think Prince W looks very much like his mother and not at all like the Fugly royal family, and let’s face it, Charles is one fugly looking thang. His ears conjur the thoughts of a taxicab with the doors open. He is truly one Fugly man, something of what one would imagine an inbred would look like. Anyways, Harry, does not look like his mother to me and he sure also doesn’t look like the Fugly family. So, good on him if his father was somebody else, that’s what I say. Else he might have looked like Charles, which I would have considered a painful tragedy. Frankly, I never envisioned the lovely Diana sleeping with that caricature anyways. Truly, Alfred E. Neuman must have been devised in his image.

  98. Never say a man doesn’t come in handy. Apparently on my way home today, I took a huge screw in my tire and it was jack time. And right here,at my disposal, was this fine pair of male hands to take care of that for me. He wanted to use the yellow pages, but I shamed him into rolling up his sleeves.

  99. I also see that the cockroach that is the subject of this thread is back in his cell and not wanting a transplant due to the outcry. I continue to believe that shitbags like him should get the death penalty, so he has taken care of that for us. G’bye, shitbag. If I could visit you for a moment, I would punch you in the heart.

  100. WHOA. MAJOR THUNDER. See you all.

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