Gruesome photos released. Who could see this coming, right?

Barack is Muy Macho now!

He got Osama! T shirt: Obama Got Osama being sold at Cafe Press in all kinds of puke-inducing colors.  The Kumbaya crowd sure changed its mind didn’t it?!

Barack said he wasn’t going to release any gruesome photos. So what else would he do? Why, get the press to release them and pretend to be shocked. Shocked I tell you. Shocked! Don’t blame me! The press did it! I refused! Now watch this shot.

Expect faux outrage from the White House and the pansy in chief. Also expect gruesome photos of Osama- Bin- Sleeping- With- The- Fishes to show up. And another vacation plan for poor Bawaak. Watching other people kill cockroaches is hard work!

Seriously gruesome photos here.


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  1. Sealing them, huh? I stand by my statement earlier today:


  2. bin sleeping with the fishes is the best one yet!

  3. I can’t look. I had a really good day today, don’t want to wreck it.

  4. On of my commenters tipped me off to this article.

    He’s also getting some congressmen to leak them.


  5. Part of that article says:

    “However, a photograph of the al-Qaeda leader with a gaping bullet wound in his face has already circulated among United States congressmen, leading to speculation that it could be leaked in days to come.”

  6. Yup Anthony. So much for balls. He’s going to pretend he doesn’t want to do it and get somebody else to do it. Coming to your theater soon. What a pansy.

  7. It’s already a nightmare here tonight.

    Have to go out of town tomorrow, and tunnel traffic is gonna suck coming back in. Hate him for that.

    It’s Cinco de Mayo, for gods sake. Why doesn’t he go to Guadalajara???

  8. Can’t help feeling that this is another distraction by the WH. Oh yes, here it is…the real story.

    Forgot to add the Blago story.

  9. Leaked photos eh. He’s able to keep his b/c, passport and every other piece of paper associated with him sealed under fort knox security but oopsie-whoopsie the photos just leeeeaked out. Yeah right, whatever.

  10. Sorry to say I couldn’t resist the photos…made me sick for hours and i thought I would not be able to eat dinner – had a salad instead.

    Word from here is ‘don’t think they won’t bother you’…and actually, the one I saw a couple days ago (purportedly OBL) didn’t bother me a bit. I think that is why the one I saw before was probably fake – and these are the real deal. Death bothers me – no matter whose.

  11. Anybody know if he’s bringing The Yeti with him tomorrow?

  12. Hey Anthony ~ will the Yeti be dancin’ like Beyonce?

    there’s a video comcast has tried posting every time I log on today of MeShallow, trying to be the dancing queen.

  13. OMG, Leslie – just visualizing it made me throw up in my mouth a little…

    This late night crowd is rough, man.

    Oh, what the hell – Here’s a pic of the burial at sea

  14. Anthony ROFL!

  15. mcn, interesting links. Cate thanks for the warning.

  16. OMG Anthony!
    I’ll never be able to look at bacon the same way again.

  17. Gives new meaning to a “BLT”.

  18. OMG ROFL. Wait till FF sees that.

  19. How about those college records, Barack?

  20. Barack has ruined cinqo de mayo. Last year they got major press. especially when they forced some kids to remove their Tshirts with the ….gasp…American flag on them. I mean where the hell did those kids think they were, the USA?

  21. Hey imust. The bacon looks good. Osama, not so much.

  22. That was bizarre, the tshirts thing. As far as his records go, I’ve given up hope on his ever releasing anything authentic. If he releases his college records, they’ll be like the bc, not a certified copy of the original docs, but brand spanking new computer generated records with all of the old (but new) info put into the boxes. For whatever reason, everyone in his life feels like they have to protect his image at all costs.

  23. I bet the internets is full of pix like that bacon job.

  24. Hubbie wants us to go to the local cantina tomorrow for cheap margaritas.

  25. I need to sleep. The comments from today were awesome. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read them.
    g’night all.

  26. Yes, it was a good day in Uppityland. Gnite leslie!

  27. Nite leslie. Oh and by the way, since the other stuff didn’t work, Huffblow is now saying US Officials say that Osama was going for a weapon so they had to shoot him.

  28. Oh wait, he wasn’t going for a weapon eggzactly. They thought he might go for a weapon…

    Why don’t these people just shut the f up. It is what it is. The cockroach is dead.

  29. Exactly. Uppity, you said it best.

  30. I do want to say something about the rumors that Osama died of renal failure years ago. I don’t believe that. I have a close friend who has no kidney function and has been successfully on dialysis for going on 15 years. I had a tenant who was born with only one working kidney. He got cancer in that one kidney. they removed it, and he successfully functioned and worked for four years, on dialysis. He died because the cancer spread to his lungs. He did not die of renal failure. In addition, Osama could have yanked a damned kidney out of anybody he wanted and got a transplant if he needed to. Some of his sycophants probably would have removed their own kidney for him. So, I personally discount this story.

  31. Hey! Where’s Lorac!

  32. This must be a toughie for Huffie. I glanced in and there were a lot of articles with the “we broke the law” meme, and now Michael Moore, the fathead is saying everywhere that the seals didn’t kill obl, they executed him.

  33. Yes, this is her time of day.

  34. Those obots heads must be spinning.

  35. really, I am so sick of M Moore. He is disgusting to look at. I mean he is filthy looking, sloven, and appears to consume enough calories to feed a poor family of 4. He looks like he never showers and has a load in his pants. He, like Bill Ayers, is a hypocrite who bemoans capitalism while milking capitalism for all it is worth for himself. Capitalism for Me not Thee. The man isn’t even sane enough any longer to be an embarrassment to himself.

  36. Yep. He’s tiresome and irrelevant. Wish he’d go away. You’re right that he’s a raging hypocrite. I hope the seals don’t get hammered over all this, like DE thinks.

  37. Uppity- your description of Moore is perfect! In other words- he looks like a GF- perhaps he should move over to GFistan? I am sure he would be much happier there.

    The photos- hmmm. I seem to recall hearing that helicopter was blown up before the SEALs left the compound. Sure does not look blown up to me. Some new technology on it for sure- noise buffering perhaps?
    Figures- can they get even ONE thing right in their story?

  38. Will avoid those pics. Do not want nightmares or those images in my memory bank.

    There was a dog, certainly a large well trained military dog, likely a shepard, I thought, barking on the video of the wreckage of the osama room. It is heard just after the bleating of the grateful goat.

    The live feed was blacked out for over 20 minutes during the raid. Hillary doesn’t know what she was thinking during that pic – she said she might have been covering an allergic cough.

    yep, the story is clear as mud, just like everything bo gets his inept hands on.

  39. The adult speaks- without it being all about her!

  40. [sniff} the very first dog I remember as a child was a German Sheperd- Fury by name. (And his “wife” Duchess)
    There are photos of us kids napping on that dog.
    He went to military service.
    Good Dog!

  41. Every woman should have one.

  42. Excuse: Dogs are Unclean.
    Reality: They scare the shit out of us.

  43. will they ever get their stories straight 🙂

  44. FF: I keep forgetting to comment on what a great header you have created. Again. You are talented.

  45. I only found one story about the body armored dog that was in on the raid.

    A FEARLESS four-legged recruit joined US Special Forces as they stormed Osama Bin Laden’s secret lair.

    The explosive-sniffing dog was strapped to an assault team member as they took on one of their greatest challenges to date.

    He was part of the operation in which the elite US Navy Seals lowered themselves down ropes from three Black Hawk helicopters into the terrorist supremo’s hideout in the town of Abbottabad, Pakistan, on Sunday.

  46. What’s with Musharraf? Is he out of his gourd? I gotta put up some videos of this clown.

  47. Musharraf is only but one of many nuts.

  48. The header says “gruesome photos released”, so, does that mean it is HT’s kids?

    That Israeldogs vid is awesomely powerful. Even in my prime I couldn’t hold my Shep/Dob mix dogs down for a second if they wanted to go. Wrestling with them was futile. Even as pups they were strong, smart as hell and swift. One alone was a powerhouse but when you put the two together they were amazing.

  49. mom, Hill’s statement was so grown up and all. So eloquent and properly solemn and intelligent.

    She just naturally towers above all the rest of this administration – aka the gang that can’t shoot straight.

  50. I had a beautiful German Shepherd named Heidi, yes after the little girl who lived in the Swiss mountains. I had no idea those attack dogs attacked with such force.

  51. Sec. Clinton on video on Fox News answering questions on what they were looking at in that photo taken during the raid. She says it may have been a cough or sneeze from allergies.

  52. That vid reminded me of a story about my shep-dobs. They were rambunctious to say the least and we used to play frisbee and fetch for hours. They’d jump up on me and snatch things from me that i’d hold over my head. One day they stopped doing it but continued to do it for my husband. I was crushed. I was devastated. They still showed me affection and yet they wouldn’t play with me anymore. They also kept sniffing me as if something was terribly wrong. I was so hurt, I cried.

    Then the doctor told me a week or two later that I was pregnant.

    Damn. Great. Dogs.

  53. I read about that yesterday, DE. And, as Mom pointed out earlier this week, one can hear the dog in the video of OBL’s bedroom. Our four-legged friends come through again.

  54. Sheesh, you’d think Hillary could come up with a more credible explanation. “i don’t recall that precise moment” would’ve been sufficient. It’s always better to decline to answer than to be evasive.

  55. Mcn., you didn’t mention the whole herd of goats!

  56. He hopes to return to Pak and run in the next election. One of his themes will be he’ll stop US invasioms of Pak’s “sovereignity,” and also make them unnecessary by hunting AQ and taliban on his own. Never mind that he did a bad job of both when he was in charge for years.

  57. Surprise! The MSM is blaming Hill for convincing BO not to release the OBL photo:

  58. NES, true I forgot about the goats. hahahaha

  59. Karen, your story about your magnificent dogs does not surprise me one bit.

  60. BCL they are called Protection dogs. And they are gentle and calm as can be off command. Here’s a 7 month old puppy in training. You will see how they switch it on and off by focusing on their owner and responding to the command, then being gentle as can be off-command.

  61. You know, Nunly also completed a covert operation and got another terrorist

    ANd she has the stones to post the pictures!

  62. That was absolutely hilarious Anthony.

  63. Looks like the WH is not happy with the message that Carney is making.

    Unless Carney is capable of raising his game, he needs to be thrown under a bus. President Obama is coming dangerously close to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Somehow, he and his Press Secretary have created the impression that Operation Geronimo was carried out by the Keystone Kops rather than an elite unit of Navy SEALs. In fact, the only amateurs in this unfolding story are in the White House.

    Barack should keep Carney.

  64. hello ((((uppity’s))))

    NES: in answer to your question from yesterday.

    They had to Kill him, it’s a matter of a hostage situattion

    if not, his nutcase followers
    would hold the world “hostage”—–Let him go or else,——and I feel anyone else who would pose the same threat—–get rid of them—–it’s alot easier.

    Look at the idiot from fort hood—living off us after killing 13 men—first mistake—they should have shot to “kill” the bastard—who cares “why”, he did it—-Period–and he’s as dangerous a terrorist as any of them

  65. Best dog video ever: really cute

  66. Michelina, I totally support the killing of OBL and the summary execution fashion in which it was done; OBL’s #2, al-Zawahiri should meet the same fate, in my opinion. I was simply saying that other AQ types should, unless they pose a threat of imminent bodily harm to their captors, be tried before military tribunals at Gitmo and executed if found guilty. It’s not that the terrorists deserve a trial so much as we need to protect our western humanist system from degenerating into one that cheapens human life.

  67. Not to sound too callous or anything, but I confess to not finding the three Reuters photos of the bodies in OBL’s house too gory or disturbing. If we will an act, we should be able to look at the consequences of those acts; those men were the casualties of a justified operation and their bloody carcasses don’t elicit sympathy for them. I think releasing OBL’s pics will not be too disturbing or gory for the same reason. BO’s position that releasing the OBL body pics would be inconsistent with “who we are” may imply that we’re somehow ashamed of how the SEALs killed him — a wrong message to send.

  68. NES, I agree.

    I would rather have seen them parading Bin Laden around the reflecting pools on a big stick today.

    Instead, we saw a juvenile taking an undeserved victory lap

  69. SEALs!

  70. […] Gruesome photos released. Who could see this coming, right? (via Uppity Woman) Posted on May 6, 2011 by Uncle Sam's Boot| Leave a comment Barack is Muy Macho now! He got Osama! T shirt: Obama Got Osama being sold at Cafe Press in all kinds of puke-inducing colors.  The Kumbaya crowd sure changed its mind didn't it?! Barack said he wasn't going to release any gruesome photos. So what else would he do? Why, get the press to release them and pretend to be shocked. Shocked I tell you. Shocked! Don't blame me! The press did it! I refused! Now watch this shot. Expect faux outrage from th … Read More […]

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