Let’s recap and clarify

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It’s all clear now.

Osama’s wife was killed. His wife was not killed. She was a human shield. She was not a human shield. She rushed at the SEALs and got killed. She rushed the SEALs and got shot in the calf. She did not rush the SEALs, she got shot in the calf in the cross-fire.

Osama fought back. He did not fight back. He made a wrong move. He didn’t move. He moved.  He fought back. He was in a firefight. He did not fight back. He was armed. He was not armed.

Five people were killed. One was a woman. She was and was not a human shield. She was and was not Osama’s wife. She was and was not Osama’s aide’s wife. She was Osama’s courier’s wife. She rushed the SEALs when they entered. She did not rush the SEALs. She was killed in cross-fire. She got killed being a human shield. She was not a human shield. She’s dead.

Osama’s son Hamza was killed. No, it was his son Khalid. It probably doesn’t matter. He’s probably got a boatload of them and couldn’t even keep them straight himself.

The SEALs had little cameras on their helmets, and Barack and Everybody who is Anybody watched the mission unfold. They saw the whole thing but they didn’t see  Osama get killed.

Osama is dead but his body is gone. Osama swims with the fishes. But before they put him in the plastic bag with the concrete block, they gave him a bath, wrapped him in a sheet and gave him a Muslim funeral ceremony. Then they put him in the bag with something very heavy and yelled to the sharks not to come around so the carp could get their turn. Then they gently dropped his carcass lowered him into the water.

There was a goat. There is always a goat, I’m telling you. The goat is doing fine now. Osama, not so much.  But hey, at least they didn’t behead him on video. That would have been bad and offended somebody, unlike the beheading videos America had to endure.

Bush said he wanted Osama dead or alive. That was bad. Bush was a cowboy. That was bad. Obama said he wanted Osama dead or dead. That was good. Obama is a cowboy. That is good. Bush killed AQ’s number two a couple of times. That was bad. KILLER! KILLER! KILLER!  Obama killed Osama. That was good.  GO USA! USA! USA! OBAMA! OHHHHHH BAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Obama announced the Justice Has Been Served. Besides, it beats listening to his base bitch and moan if they took the cockroach alive and had to torture him over at Camp X-ray, which would have been bad if Bush did it, but would have been good if Obama did it because it would have been 11 Dimensional Chess. Obama is not like Bush. It just looks that way because of the Chess. K THX Shuddup.

Any questions?

Part 2, The Sequel:

Obama threw some flowers over at Ground Zero in 2008.

He hasn’t been back since.

It looked like he just didn’t care, but he really did care. He was just busy. But he’s going back now. He skipped two Anniversary ceremonies but now he wants to make it up to them so he can get some Mission Accomplished photos. Bush did a Mission Accomplished photo. That was bad. Obama will do a Mission Accomplished photo. That’s good.

Obama invited Bush to his photo op.  That is good. Bush refused. That is bad. It would have looked great as a photo op for Obama. Obama and his hero. Caption: When I grow up I want to be just like you. I’m almost there right now.

Barack probably won’t throw flowers this time. That wouldn’t make a good campaign photo. If he brings flowers, he will lay them ever-so-gently. That would make a good photo op. And then he will hug and kiss some relatives after an elaborate explanation as to why  he had Osama’s carcass thrown into the ocean. Then ten thousand college students will hoot and stomp and yell Obama! Obama! Obamaaaaaaaaaa!!!! like they did at what was supposed to be a memorial service for dead people in Arizona. There will be T-shirts, printed in China. Tomorrow, they will still all be unemployed.

Any questions?

Barack, showing He Cares in 2008.


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  1. Sorry to say that amongst certain extremist Muslim groups (AQ to start, but I’m sure they’re not the only ones), Obama’s life isn’t worth a bent farthi… er… bent goat horn? Seriously, though, I would not be surprised if there’s a price on his head.

    Mission Accomplished, but at what price?

  2. Allie, if they ever tried such a thing upon a president of the united states, they would be a parking lot in 48 hours.

  3. Funny post Uppity! Pithy and to the point! I wonder if we’ll ever get a true unvarnished account. I just read that insider article they were talking about on the last thread. It would be entertaining if its true. I wonder how long this Jarrett woman will last.

  4. Low salt diet does not lower heart attack risk.

    Next we will hear that we are all suffering from Cholesterol deficiency.

  5. Oh good. I like salt. Seriously, how bizarre, the people with the least salt had the most heart disease? Are any of the old nutrition studies valid anymore? What a crazy ass world.

  6. I never listen to any of them. I give up nothing. i just do eat a wheel barrow full of it. I stopped listening to “research” long ago. Especially when I realized rhat so many studies are done by people who have something to gain or lose. You want to talk Sick? Iodine deficiency WILL kill you.

  7. They use you as a guinea pig. Look what happened with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Lots of data. Lots of dead woman data. I rejected it because they were pimping how it prevented heart attacks–but increased the risk of breast cancer. The thing is, I had no friends my age who died of a heart attack. I knew plenty who died of cancer.

  8. Uppity, I would have believed it ten, maybe fifteen years ago. I don’t think the government in all its branches has the brass cojones to do that in these PC days.

  9. See, they knew what is the *healthy* stuff in the future.

  10. Brava, Uppity!

    One of THE best posts ever. Seriously.

    I want a T-Shirt with this printed on it, word for word, sometime before the 2012 re-selection.


  11. Oh Upps, you’ve outdone yourself. I love love love it. Thanks for the laughs and the wisdom.

  12. Phew, I need a cigarette after reading this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/who_shot_bin_laden_former_seals_fill_in_the_blanks/2011/05/02/AFgybxcF_story.html

    Practically orgasmic.

    Mom’s kinda man!

  13. Perfect description. Reminds me of that scene in The Exorcist when the girls head does 360 spins at breakneck speed.

  14. NES took my comment: Oh Upps, you’ve outdone yourself. I love love love it.
    Now I’m going to have to get MKB some nip.

    Also, have been wondering if Barack gets the reward money for his campaign….

  15. Perfect- and yes I can imagine our poor Sybil covering his ears and cringing as the sycophantic college brown shirts all scream “O-BAH-MA! O-BAH-MA” and surely there will be more of the recycled 08 BS “Yes We Can” What’s that? You missed that in the impromptu demonstration outside the WH the other night? Lucky you. I heard it, the reporter heard it and commented on it. It was exactly then that I knew the “spontaneous gathering” was courtesy Axelrove and the OFA.

    NES- interesting piece on the SEALs. How did the pacifists let that one get by?

  16. OMG! ROFLMAO here! YOU absolutely MUST check this out- h/t raging cheewawah at The Sybil Speaks in the comments!
    The Navy Mascot is a GOAT! Named—-wait for it—-

    Maybe the SEALS rescued the goat or did they bring the mascot and let it have the kill shot to avenge all the goats abused by the cretins?
    I am dying here!

  17. MKBill- no disrespect to you- I didn’t name the goat- I am sure you would have done the kill shot too!

    “Bill the Goat is the mascot of the United States Naval Academy. The mascot is a live goat and is also represented by a costumed midshipman. There is also a bronze statue of the goat just inside Gate 1, the main gate to the Academy grounds. This statue also plays a role in “Army Week” traditions.

    The Navy Monkey (which was really a gorilla) was the first mascot, which was George Bancroft’s favorite animal, and stayed the primary mascot – along with a cat – from 1847 to 1851. The first Bill the Goat appeared in 1893. Currently, Bill XXXIII reigns as the 36th mascot and is the 33rd goat to be named Bill. His backup is Bill XXXIV.

  18. They use you as a guinea pig. Look what happened with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Lots of data. Lots of dead woman data. I rejected it because they were pimping how it prevented heart attacks–but increased the risk of breast cancer. The thing is, I had no friends my age who died of a heart attack. I knew plenty who died of cancer.

    You know what? I was happy to get rid of the damn hormones. Turns out I was in peri-menopause (or however you spell it) practically since I was first cursed at the advanced age of 14. Used to get my period once or twice a year. (didn’t stop me from having many unplanned pregnancies..two of which resulted in my lovely sons) Just one more thing my mother never took me to the doctor for. I love my mother, she is a very kind intelligent and loving woman. But if your arm were amputated by a tractor accident or something, she would just slap a little duck tape on it and put you to bed with a joint to make you feel better.
    Then my GD hormones caused me to have a hysterectomy before I was ready when I still wanted to have a little girl, that hurt. So I was happy happy happy to get rid of the hormones. I certainly did not want them to be replaced. Breast cancer sure would have been the frosting on the crap cake of my crazy hormonal life. There is a reason we go in to menopause, embrace it women.

    As for the threat of Obama being assassinated…please God no. First of all it would be a terribly sad thing no matter what you think of him. People hearts would be broken. But worse than that for me is that he would become a martyr and we would have to suffer through Barrack Obama day every year and his face would be carved in to every rock wall in the country. I couldn’t stand it.

  19. teresa- oh I embraced my crone coming of age for sure! Never ever to this day have figured out why my Mom and her peers looked at menopause as “the end.” No more mess, no more hormone induced moods. Simpler life. No HRT for me.
    Agree with you on the obama the martyr thing too- UGH! Much rather have him go down in history as the worst president ever!

  20. This post has got to be one of the funniest ever! imustsay I even felt a little guilty laughing…..no…ROFL!!! at such a serious subject……but then I decided to just roll with it! The crazy thing is…..it’s all true!

  21. Uppity. Brava. Standing O. A feast of words.

    THIS is why we all live here. Logic is absent in the press. They are parrots repeating whatever they are told to say. They make crap up when it doesn’t fit their agenda. They ignore how ridiculous the fraud is and how his administration is widely inept and juvenile.

  22. Outstanding post!

  23. Pamela! Thanks for removing the paypal cobwebs. Bill is buying some Mexican Gold Niperoni right now, over at point of entry: the border.

  24. Excellent summary. Let us never forget the wisdom of teh won.

  25. Yep, your post sums it up beautifully. It’s because of the constant spin by everyone in America anymore. They stumble all over their stories to the point it gets ridiculous.

    The salt thing I went through. Had a hear thing so they put me on high blood pressure medication even though I don’t have hbp. Side effects are bad. Then I went off the salt and ended up with a small goiter. They ignored this but I made sure I took a supplement with iodine. In 6 months I had a huge goiter. Round and round the mulberry bush we go with the medical profession.

  26. re: the salt, i KNEW it!!

    thanks for making my day Uppity! I put salt on potato chips and am sick to death of people lecturing me about how BAD it is for my health.


  27. That’s a heart thing, not a hear thing.

  28. Hi Murphy.

  29. Well Murphy, that’s okay, so long as you don’t snort the salt thru a straw.

  30. OMG Mom! The navy goat can take in Osama’s goat, who can finally find real love!!!

    Bill is sulking and says the cat was there first and they must go back to using a cat as a mascot.

  31. The goats would like for everybody to lay off the goats and Muslims jokes for awhile. Their reputation is shot.

  32. Great post! The story is still changing. Oh what a web we weave when we first practice to deceive. My morning paper is going to have to run a number of corrections.

  33. Chit, the news of Bill the Goat has left me speechless. I’m thinking through all the implications of a goat being on a long sea voyage with naviies in the old days…. It’s along the lines of that rhyme about Dartmouth College. You know:

    Where the men are men,
    And the sheep are scared.

  34. Pacifists, Mom? Do you mean the MSM?

  35. Chit! I just recalled something: at first, didn’t Bammy try to pass his father off as a goat-herder in Kenya?

    Yep! http://www.enquirer.com/editions/2004/07/28/loc_cvn1obama.html

  36. Maybe we found the one thing Obama really believes in: the liberation of Osama’s goat(s)! I mean, let’s face it: it’s the only thing he’s done well. A true dream from his father.

  37. Pacifists or Passive Aggressives?

  38. goat chasers. lol.

  39. Good memory NES!
    Uppity- tell MKBill I did not do it! I only ferret out info! No way do I want to be on Bill’s sh*t list! I could go to spam hell forever!
    He really is better off- cats on ships are expected to hunt and eat the rats. The menu is much better at your place- I don’t think nip is approved on Naval vessels.

  40. Pacifists or passive aggressive- you know who I mean- the faux journalists and the cheeto chewers in their parent’s basements.

  41. Would have liked to see Osama try with a cat what he did with a goat, see how well that would work out for him. Cats love dangling objects.

  42. Get the blood pressure meds before you check this out- bin laden’s “wife” was a “gift” at the age of 15! GRRRRRRRRR!

  43. What go(at)s around, comes around.

  44. UW, just an observation through the lazy eye if a redneck: Everything Barry has ever done, or said, contradicts his version of this story. Show where he has ever supported this type of action? Show me anything he has every said or done that should allow me to believe anything about how this all went down? Pretty amazing that once Bammy released his “papers” all of a sddent this happens: Now the question is ” Where is the death photo?” This takes the heat off of the gas and economy problems. This guy is a snake, and I am offending snakes by saying this!

  45. His index rating got worse. He was -11 on the day of the Osama thing. He was-10 yesterday. Today he is -13.

  46. osamas salamanders 😆

  47. Release the photo or don’t release the photo, I really do not care but make a decision already!! His guy is supposed to be the president of the United State of America and he has a hard time deciding on paper vs. plastic. Just decide and move on!!

  48. Unfortunately, Mom, that’s how things roll in GoatLand. Let’s be thankful she wasn’t even younger.

    I was surprised to hear from his sis-in-law, who seems a thoroughly modern Arab woman, that Osama couldn’t abide hearing a woman speak; not.

    We should’ve triple-tapped the eff’er.

  49. Aha, Mom! Well, c’mon, ain’t you heard, Obama’s made it hip to be militaristic. Patriotism is baaaaack. Pathetic hypocrites. He was always the pied piper of the beta-male.

  50. Eeeeoww, Honora! Right on. Hillary won’t give him the answer.

  51. Upps darlin’, now you know, I’m waiting with bated breath for you to do a psycho-profile on Obama based on his being the abandoned son of a Kenyan goatherder. Don’t make me beg, puhleeze. OK, I’m begging here.

  52. I think you captured the ever changing story perfectly. I mean even some of the koolaid supported news outlets have headlines that basically point out that the info issued from the WH is in a perpetual state of flux (where is that flux capacitor when you really need to back to the future).

    As to the dropping index, perhaps a great many people were slightly suspicious of the timing but originally gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, since the WH now keeps altering “the facts” I am sure a lot of folks are thinking they were right to be suspicious in the first place. Plus all those anecdotes about BO having to be dragged over the finish line are also likely reflected in the lack of a real bump.

  53. I read the funniest thing yesterday, on a blog thread somewhere:
    “Obama has killed more people than any Nobel Peace Prize recipient other than Arafat.”

  54. Just checked my email and AOL/Huffypuffy is trying its best to make it appear as if BO was really in command of everything. They have this crappy photo of him trying to look presidential and instead he just looks constipated.

    O/T I hate when they rig the settings so that whenever you exit your email account you get a picture of BOO or MOO or worse both of them.

  55. Finally delurking to say, LOL! Great job Uppity Woman, you always make me laugh, thanks! There’s always a goat…hee hee!

  56. How fascinating that the bambi of ’08 became rambo when it comes to kill orders. http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_exclusive/for-obama-killing-not-capturing-bin-laden-was-goal;_ylt=AnBmjRTRP2NE4VJJAUAeboys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTUwajAwNjB1BGFzc2V0A3libG9nX2V4Y2x1c2l2ZS8yMDExMDUwNC9mb3Itb2JhbWEta2lsbGluZy1ub3QtY2FwdHVyaW5nLWJpbi1sYWRlbi13YXMtZ29hbARjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzIEcG9zAzEwBHB0A2hvbWVfY29rZQRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3J5BHNsawNraWxsaW5nbm90Y2E-

    The decision to kill bin Laden outright was the clearest illustration to date of a little-noticed aspect of the Obama administration’s counterterror policy. The Bush administration captured thousands of suspected militants and sent them to detention camps in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay.  The Obama administration, by contrast, has focused on eliminating individual terrorists rather than attempting to take them alive.
    In the fall of 2009, for instance, JSOC and the CIA located one of the administration’s most-wanted men, Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, the leader of the al-Qaida affiliate in East Africa, as he drove though Somalia.  Nabhan was suspected of orchestrating a string of deadly attacks in Kenya in 2002 as well as being involved in the 1998 bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, attacks that left 250 dead. Military commanders told Obama administration officials that commandos could try to take Nabhan alive or kill him from the air.  The White House told JSOC they wanted Nabhan dead. A short time later, U.S. helicopters carrying SEAL commandos fired missiles into Nabhan’s car, killing him instantly.
    The White House has also sharply escalated its use of armed drones inside Pakistan, where the robotic planes are launching record numbers of missile strikes on suspected militants in the country’s lawless tribal areas. The number of drone attacks has soared from 35 in 2008, the year before Obama’s inauguration, to 117 last year.  Bill Roggio of Long War Journal, a Web site that tracks the attacks, estimates that missiles fired by American drones have killed nearly 1,500 people inside Pakistan, mostly in the two years that Obama has overseen the undeclared war there. Few, if any, senior militants have been arrested by CIA operatives or U.S. commandos over that same time period.
    More recently, the Obama administration secretly authorized the CIA and its partners from the military’s Special Operations community to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, an influential radical cleric — and American citizen — thought to be living somewhere in Yemen.  Working with the American Civil Liberties Union, Awlaki’s parents sued the administration, challenging the legality of the U.S. government marking a citizen for death without trial.
    However, a federal judge dismissed the suit late last year, and the kill order remains in effect. Awlaki is still at large.

  57. Ok guys, this is the question that I don’t have a good answer to. I’m thrilled we killed OBL, and the way we did it. Had to be done — call it what it is, vengeance killing. The same would be appropriate for OBL’s #2, Ayman Zawahiri. But, that’s where the kill-not-capture should end, is my gut feeling. Certainly, others should be killed dead if they offer armed resistance, but otherwise they should be tried by military commissions and then executed if found guilty.

    Bottom-line: I’m not happy with anyone — let alone, a sociopathic personality like Obama — having virtually unbridled authority to kill in our collective name.

    Would welcome your thoughts on this point. Forget theories…what does your gut say?

  58. #2 must go in the same manner. The others should be taken alive and moved to Gitmo. Especially, that NM born and bred one. Al Alwaki is his name. Gut the hydra.

  59. That’s where I come out, mcnorman.

    Hussein has the bloody bit in his teeth now, feeling his ‘manly’ oats for perhaps the first time, and seems out of control.

  60. Here’re more twists and turns: http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2011/05/04/147782.html

    If the SEALs took his dead son’s body too, what happened to it? Was it shark food too?
    Also, note they found no goat, so hopefully the SEALs rescued it.

  61. I think Alwaki deserves what Osama got. I don’t want to feed him, house him or look at him breathing, if that’s at all possible, the shitbum.You look up Treason in the dictionary and you see his goat face.

  62. I don’t know wtf “sensitivities” means with this guy? Lack of leadership experience I suppose.

  63. ……waving to soupcity.

    Thanks! You know the rules, right? Once you delurk you have to comment again or we come getchu with the hook.

  64. Don’t make me beg, puhleeze. OK, I’m begging here.

    You’re so sexy when you grovel.

  65. Release the photo of them standing in a circle giving him his bath too.

  66. NES, it’s easy to figure out what they did with his son’s body. They used him for chum.

  67. Hahhhh! (So, will you put out?)

  68. Mt Laurel, huffblow also had a headline of how he got a bump in the polls that didn’t happen. You had to read the whole thing to get to the fine print. The real results is, everybody is dancing in the street that the shitbum is dead, but they aren’t buying Obama’s economy or presidency.

  69. Yeah, where is Lindsey Englande when you need her?!

  70. That is the BEST. POST. EVER.

    I’m at work, have not read the comments, and won’t until afterI get home tonight, but in honor of

    Then ten thousand college students will hoot and stomp and yell Obama! Obama! Obamaaaaaaaaaa!!!! like they did at what was supposed to be a memorial service for dead people in Arizona. There will be T-shirts, printed in China. Tomorrow, they will still all be unemployed.

    I just wanted to add:

  71. Sheesh Upps, you may be right on the son-chum part. But, for me, that would be a bridge too far. I mean, one can’t choose one’s father, and I’ve never heard of any deaths tied to this or any others of his sons.

  72. And I should have said…
    This t-shirt thing makes me sick.

  73. Incidentally, I just saw the headline of a story that indicates that Obama has decided not to release the photos of the body.

  74. NES – I believe Obama is hoisted on his own petard if he captures these guys NOW. What will Holder do? Demand another “Civil Trial” or not. The ACLU WILL get involved and the NYT will scream that the Messiah is – gasp! – acting like Bush III if he doesn’t give these bad guys a show-trial that will break the bank of the USA even more. And as we saw with that one guy recently – he was only convicted on one of two-hundred-something counts. These trial take YEARS (Civilian ones) and that would mean – if (God-forbid) Obama gets another term – handing these things off to another Administration half-way through would be a nightmare.

    Now – do I think as you do on this? Yes – but ONLY with a Military trial – and since he SWEARS he is going to close Gitmo – that would leave those goatfuckers in prison HERE – something most Americans don’t want.

    There is NOTHING this man does that is not to his political advantage – so – I think he will continue “Shoot to Kill” UNTIL after the elections – then, he will capture them all – close Gitmo – give them civil trials on our dime – and go golfing – not giving a crap about what Americans think anymore because “I won”

  75. Afghanistan takes time out from setting school kids on fire and shooting women in the head to accuse Pakistan of harboring a terrorist. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

  76. Wow, leslie, that Obama Got Osama t shirt comes in a whole bunch of puke-inducing colors too!

  77. No no no, FF! They will never say he’s acting like Bush. It’s different. It’s……different. Honest. Different. Different, you hear?

  78. “Uppity Woman, on May 4, 2011 at 2:38 PM said: Edit Comment

    Release the photo of them standing in a circle giving him his bath too.”


    U.S.S. Carl Vinson

  79. Ah see, NES. I just think they should kill the whole lot of those goatfuckers. They are too expensive alive, their minions get to worship them and make “Free my goatfucker” signs right here in the US of A. I don’t trust that he would do military trials with that communist holder in charge of the DOJ. This is the same guy who decided the black panthers who terrorized people at the polls didn’t do a thing wrong. Then there will be all the movey ony types and Bill Ayers, declaring we should let them all go and allow them to move next door to us and plan anew.

    The idea that killing this POS and the others just like him will incite violence is just ludicrous. Those people kill no matter what. The love to kill. They even kill each other. If we don’t assassinate those freaks, they will kill. If we do assassinate them, they will kill. If we do “outreach” they will kill. If we tell them to get the F out of here, they will kill. if we do nothing to anybody they will kill. they are 8th century savages. It’s what they do for a living.

  80. “they are 8th century savages.”

    WOW – such progress! Last I read they were in the 7th!

  81. Darn Upps – just tried to load an image.


  82. WP being squirrely, FF? I had a problem last night.

  83. As long as the likes of Holder are in charge, we can’t take any of them alive. I will say that if there was picture of any of the SEAL team giving OBL a fat lip, POTUS would have released that for sure.

  84. yeah it’s 8th C now, but only by one year.

  85. Obama won’t release the photos but they will be released anyways.

  86. Oh FF. ROFL on that pic.

  87. I’m reading stuff about a goatfucker retaliation for Osama. Time to plan a parking lot.

  88. Geeze, Obama is never gonna be a popular as Bush if he doesn’t release something like the video of Saddam being hung.

  89. You forgot – The mansion he was captured in didn’t have Internet Access or TV – but the seals hit a treasure trove of stuff off his computer. There were also reports he was killed a week ago and they were waiting for DNA analysis – then he was killed the day before Obamas speech and buried at see within 48 hrs….

  90. Check out Murphy’s official photo of proof Obama should get credit for the kill.

  91. I wonder what they will find in his search history, Elaine. Live Nude Goats website?

  92. I just have too many memories of George Bush and Cheney doing something “special” every time Bush’s poll numbers were very low or right before an election. Everyone remember the security level being raised to Yellow or red? Well, it seems weird that just as Trump was making Obama release his educational records and with Obamas numbers getting lower and lower….Look! we just killed Bin Laden – you don’t need to see my educational records now…now watch my poll numbers go up!

  93. Now Taliban and Hamas will be fighting for top goatfucker position. Somebody send them some of those little cameras, I’ll go make some popcorn. My money’s on taliban. Great time for Iran’s people to start rebelling again. They should confuse Achie to all hell.

  94. Live Nude Goats website?


  95. Na3w Upps – they will wait for Barky’s Poll numbers to drop again and then “leak” there was a Fatwa on him by bin Laden – and Barky got him first!

  96. I think they screwed up by dropping him int Arabian Sea. Should taken him off the coast of Japan near the Fukushima Reactor

  97. FF, agreed they have to be military trials.
    Let’s hope ’12 is his Waterloo.

  98. Hilarious graphic, FF!

  99. No FF, he’d be glowing in the dark. Far too easy to find.

  100. Bill is no better, McNorman. He goes here:
    He lies about his age too.

  101. Elaine, you could always tell when OBL was going to release another tape by watching what was going on with Bush.

  102. OMG, that is hysterical. Only thing missing is the pole.

  103. LOL – Uppity – the internet has EVERYTHING!

  104. Upps, agreed on nothing is needed to incite them to violence. Fear of inciting violence is not why I think kills should be limited. It’s so we don’t become like them, de-sensitized to killings. It’s that utter disregard for death and human suffering that makes terrorists the monsters they are. Our humanism-based civilization is what separates us from them, and I’m afraid the slippery slope opens up when life is cheapened.

  105. bin laden had nice legs though.

    lol FF, they sure DO.

  106. I know what you are saying and I know you are right NES. I still want them dead though.

  107. As RBO said yesterday the new Osama bin Laden cocktail:

    2 Shots and a Splash!

  108. @ Uppity – saw a headline on the Drudge that said Osama was going to release another tape soon. Here is the article – I “wonder” what he is going to say on it? I think we are still creating it as I write! US official: New tape may be last from bin Laden
    (AP) – 1 day ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. intelligence officials believe Osama bin Laden made a propaganda recording shortly before his death and expect that tape to surface soon.

    It is unclear whether the tape is audio or video, but a U.S. official says that intelligence indicates it is already working its way through al-Qaida’s media pipeline. The official said the timing was coincidental and there is no indication he knew U.S. forces were bearing down on him.

    A new recording from bin Laden would provide a final word from the beyond grave for a terrorist who taunted the U.S. with recorded propaganda for years. It could also provide fodder to those who insist he is still alive.

    Copyright © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

  109. Yah, WTF, I used to swim in the Arabian Sea. It didn’t deserve the toxic dump.

  110. The SEALs must’ve shaved them. Those boys are so attentive.

  111. Fair eno’, Upps. Only natural — and I should know, being forced to grow up around them.
    I find it so tragically ironic that I spent my early years struggling to escape from GoatLand Central, and now they’re here.

  112. What a hilarious thread! Uppityites rule! Love the funny pic of barky with the playstation controller in his hand. Wow, he really looks pissed. I bet theres some truth to the story going around that Panetta, Hillary, & Daley pushed this against his will.

  113. What’re the cocktail ingredients, FF? A dash of sea salt, eau de Seal and ?????????

  114. About the kill or capture thing. I have no problem with killing them, except that a military trial and life in prison or execution would probably be harder on them emotionally than being shot in battle. Don’t they all want to be martyrs? I definitely don’t want them here, treated like a citizen. They started and have been waging a war for over a decade. All that claptrap about it not being a “real” war by “international standards” leaves me cold and unmoved. Laker knows a lot of marines who volunteer their time to help out the muscular dystrophy kids. They feel like they’re in a real war. They’re the ones being shot at and spending long horrible deployments in these insane rat holes, so they should know.

  115. This Pak newspaper story seems unweighted by the truth.
    Nothing on the Seals and a big ol’ role for the Pak army.

  116. FF & NES, ROFL! on the obl cocktail!

  117. UW; Bamster’s thug staff is trying to figure a way to photo shop his head onto the Navy Seal who shot Binny. You know, Barry has said it was “I” who got him.

  118. NES, loved “the pied piper of the beta male”! Hilarious! You should write movies or something.

  119. XO socal.

  120. Bill would frequent that type of site. Although “True Stories from inside the Litterbox” sounds like an expose on Barky life.

    The playstation photo made me rethink my original theory that the real military official was entering in security codes to keep BO from escaping. Now I think he is emailing his coworkers to say that when he entered the room the only seats left were on the kiddie side and he is stuck next to BO and his toys.

  121. Poor Bammy! Mean Rummy is stepping on his show: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/05/03/rumsfeld_those_who_deny_waterboarding_helped_arent_facing_the_truth.html

    Oh yes, and Mean Bushie declined his invite to his campaign rally.

  122. Uppity, you nailed this to the wall. Go on with your bad self!

  123. socal said “All that claptrap about it not being a “real” war by “international standards” leaves me cold and unmoved”

    Can’t be said enough! The bastards do not play by any civilized rules. The only “rules” bin forgotten and his ilk have are “Death to America” and “Women are property worth less than goats.”

    I too am unmoved. Don’t want them here in prison- attracting more of their crazy followers.

    Life is SOOO disturbing. Long ago in a USA far away I was a peace loving hippie freak- the kind who never ever bought a toy gun for her child. All peace and love. But ALWAYS a patriot- who taught love for country to her children.
    That child is now a warrior who has gone in harm’s way- multiple times. His wife is going in harm’s way shortly. What awaits her in Afghanistan? I wish every one of the crazies could somehow magically gain wisdom and understanding. It’s not going to happen. The bastards will continue on killing Americans at every opportunity. The only good terrorist is a dead one.
    That is all- I am crying again.

  124. From bottom of last thread:
    Thanks SocalAnnie. I’m still in pain and uncomfortable but slowly healing. Lots of healing thoughts to Lakerwade as well.

  125. More hypocrisy…dead couriers pics out, but not OBL.

    from the Guardian

    4 May 2011:

    Pictures allegedly showing US special forces’ assault on Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad

  126. Uppity
    Saw the other article on BO the Miraculous at AOLHuffinpuff. Yes, the real story is in the fine print.

    As if that was not bad enough, when I checked email this time a video of Imelda dancing started to play automatically and did not even have those hidden style controls you have to mouse over to turn her OFF. Yes, sex videos with Beyonce are the way to go to get kids to eat right.

    I did like the article of the children who were in the school room where Bush was reading on 9/11 and how, unlike many, were glad he did not dart out of the place when he was given the first report. I may not be a Bush fan – but he had enough sense to try and regain composure and complete his visit and not cause a panic among a group of very vulnerable 7 year olds.

  127. MKBill must be having a busy night in the spam filter. I was just cruising around some other sites, and those that are unmoderated were filled with comments from the O troops. Axelrove must have sent them out from OFA. One can tell, the comments are filled with personal insults, praise of the mess-iah, and expletives with absolutely no content of note. It’s going to be a long two years for MKBill – poor mite is going to require a lot of nip and unlimited access to the nudie cat site.

  128. They still haven’t finalized the storyline. That teleprompter should come with a gallon size jar of correction fluid.

    When I saw the name Geronimo it disturbed me. In the past I have read that the names are generated at random by some process. I don’t blame Indians for being upset by the use of that name for an evil man. It was a poor decision to let that be the name.

  129. NES, agree. See no point in releasing that photo. I don’t think any good would come of it, maybe it would even rile up the gfers all the more. Although I wouldn’t look at it, that little ghoul laker did want to see it!

    Mt Laurel @ 5:28pm ROFL!

  130. karen, good point! Why didn’t they call him Sauron or something?

    Senneth & Mom, take care & hugs! What a nice bunch of people here.

  131. Socal, don’t be hard on Laker – I loved watching Godzilla movies at his age. While he is incredibly mature for his age, somehow it probably doesn’t seem real – same as Godzilla versus Mothra was fascinating, but it just wasn’t real. Unfortunately, in OBL’s case it is real… or maybe it’s real, or it could be real – heck I’m off to watch Godzilla versus Rodan – it appears to be saner than what is going on in the world today – after all, the two monsters only level Tokyo- yet again, and after what has happened at Fukushima (have you noticed how that has dropped off the reporting radar?), there may yet be some form of Godzillas or Rodans appearing in the future (cue Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone theme).

  132. meant to add that I agree with karen re the use of Geronimo’s name. It’s absurd, as are all the names for these military incursions, but in this case they are taking a first nations revered warrior’s name. Bad optics.

  133. HT, don’t worry, I’m not hard on him! I know teenage boys like gross stuff.

  134. Time again to get Trump to force Obama to release the photos of OBL.

  135. Do we have any Californians here who know about the UC system?

  136. Tony, I don’t think that the release of any photos will benefit anyone but Obama. Remember when the Abu Ghraib photos were released, a whole cadre of people lined up to claim that they were phonies and it was all a propaganda plot. Same will happen whether the photos of OBL are released or not. The deepsixing of the body has forever taken away the possibility of finality. And it is yet one more distraction to divert attention to the very real attention that needs to be directed to domestic matters – jobs, infrastructure, more jobs, consumer protection and yet more jobs. JMHO of course, but it’s all cosmetics and PR. BTW, when I type jobs, I mean jobs with a living wage – not flipping burgers at McDonalds, which used to be a job for students, but is now filled with adults so that students have no jobs either.

  137. socal, I know you’re the best mom – Laker told us, so my comment was tongue in cheek. I recall vividly when Ryguy was Laker’s age, so I know all about the phases of teenaged boys (girls too – I was one once – in a galaxy far, far away).

  138. Uppity…..that was hysterical…been gone all day, first thing I did was pull you up…wanted to see what you had to say about all the nonsense from this White House….This has got to be one of the funniest write ups yet…you out did yourself…thanks for the belly laughs…this is priceless…

  139. Thanks again, Socalannie.

    PMM, hugs to you.

  140. Take a goo at this clip: http://video.foxnews.com/#/v/4677446/backlash-grows-over-treatment-of-bin-laden-death/?playlist_id=87485

    The woman is really eloquent and makes several good points. Frankly, after listening to her, I’m inclined to say that, on balance, releasing the OBL photo may be the right thing to do.

  141. NES the SEALS will be going down for killing Osama.

  142. Uppity ~ I just got home from work and HAD to write. I was on the train, reading an account (in the paper) of the raid, when I read that:
    ” 2 men and one woman were killed – not bin Laden’s wife. Another woman – Bin Laden’s wife charged the men and was shot in the leg – she was not killed”

    All I could think of was this post and Laughed Out Loud !
    I mean out loud. You really did it this time.

  143. LMAO – NO ONE wants to be seen with “The Boob”

    GW dissed him
    now it’s the Big Dawg’s turn!

    “Obama has also invited former president Bill Clinton, but he will likely not be able to attend because of scheduling conflicts.”


  144. Socal…..what do you need to know about the UC system? My better half is a UC grad….it’s been a few years though 😉

  145. Did I call it or what? Obama says no pictures. Media releases pictures. now the pussy can’t take the blame.

  146. There is a line at the end of a USA Today article that says Obama invited both Presidents Bush and Clinton to his campaign performance at Ground Zero. Both declined.


    Strange that Clinton and Bush are staying away from Dear Reader…not


  148. Dear Leslie and JustSaying, Thank you thank you thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!

  149. DE the seals NEVER go down!

  150. How interesting that they’re both dissing him. It’s a major snub — he must be seething. Are the bots going ape-shit?

  151. No OBL pic tho’ — altho’ I’m sure it’s coming soon.
    How like the Pak security guy to sell the photos, all in the course of his job.

  152. This was great, Uppity. Tried to respond before but my cranky computer fizzled out. In any case, the WH has certainly mangled the message [whatever they were going for, changed their minds, and then confused even the press secretary].

    Is it any wonder the American public is skeptical about anything, everything coming out of DC? In fact, I sometimes wonder if the confusion isn’t intentional to drive the public to the edge of insanity.

    Wonder if there’s a Nobel Prize for that talent??? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Thanks for the piece.

  153. […] chief himself will continue.  I find myself asking, how many photo ops does this manchild need?  Let’s recap what Barack has […]

  154. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying and want to read more of you UPPITY WOMAN!

  155. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying and want to read more of you UPPITY WOMAN!

    Please do!

  156. Welcome to our world, Barb. Everyone here owes her/his sanity to Uppity.

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