Musharraf missed his calling. He should have been a comedian.

Masharraf: No proof Bin Sleeping With The Fishes was in Pakistan.

No? Well we have some now, don’t we?

He’s shocked. Shocked I tell you.

The USA violated Pakistan’s Sovereignty. Somebody put this guy on Comedy Central.


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  1. Welcome to comedy central, mutherf****rs! Now give it up for our “pal” Mushie!!!!!!

  2. It is just not fair. You Americans cut off one of my money suppliers. I was getting money from you to help find benny and money from benny to protect him.
    Now I guess I will have to get a job and i really do not have too many qualifications.


  3. I wake up and the first headline I read is Pakistan waving its tiny fist and saying “How dare you! Don’t do it again… or… or… or else!”

    You know what? Fine. Let’s yank all our servicemen from the region, stop paying out zillions in aid and for informants, and let them cannibalize each other. When they cry for help, too bad, so sad.

    We should do that all over the world.

  4. oops, clicked on wrong link there. That is part two and it is hosted on another site. Very funny ending. Tweety Bird checks… ha ha.—pervez-musharraf-lies-about-osama-bin-laden

  5. With the killing of bin forgotten, the UK Telegraph’s
    Con Coughlin wrote that victory in the war on terror is now within reach–and promply got shelled for it by commentors….heh, one of whom asked, Con, have you noticed the UK is getting colonized by Muslims?

    Nothing was gained, save for the possible reelection of Barky. Bin is a martyr now. That’s more symbolic to Muslim extremists. The expression “more powerful dead than alive” comes to mind.

    If he does have the purported knowledge of foreign affairs, Biden was saying, “Oh shit!” I’m sure HRC was thinking something like that as she watched the raid.

    Face it, he was a very sick old man, tied to a dialysis machine. He deserved to die 3,000 horrible deaths, but we couldn’t let him die of natural causes. No way. No political hay to be gained in that. A cardboard sign hastily made by a NYC celebrant read: Obama 1, Osama X!

    We can’t afford another Obama term. Oh, cheer up, he’s still got 18 months in this term to complete the wreckage.

  6. I think we should take out their nukes, then leave them to their third world status along with all the rest of the middle east. Maybe the few sane nations over there can absorb some of these lunatic nations and do something with them. We will NEVER get their trust or loyalty.

  7. can one of the mods please delete the first link above.

    The one for the examiner got there by accident some how and it has ads that pop up. The other links are fine just that first one should be avoided.


  8. Done karen.

  9. Has this guy been taking pointers from the reruns of The Sopranos?
    Useful old commie ijeet weighs in.

    84-year-old revolutionarycarcass says the decision to kill bin Laden and bury him at sea

    “has turned him into a much more dangerous man.”

  10. Hal, OBL would have been just as, if not more, revered by his followers had he died in his bed. It’s just and meet that he died at our hands — else it would be intolerable to Americans at large and, further, would’ve sent the wrong message (of ineffectualness and defeat) to our enemies.

    I trust I have more than demonstrated that I take second place to no one in my dislike of, and lack of respect for, Obama. But, in the matter of OBL’s assasination, I have to give him due credit. He is, however, screwing up the aftermath.


    Interesting that BO didn’t give some grandstanding camapign-like speech in NYC. It sounds like his visit was low key and sombre and uncharacteristically devoid of inappropriate conduct. Where’s the real Obama and what have they done with him? . Chit, I do hope he’s not going to grow up suddenly — it’s been too much fun hating and deriding him.

    Seriously though, I wonder who advised him not to make this a bot rally? And, how much influence did GWB’s and WJC’s refusal to attend have on changing the nature of what had promised to be a victory lap event?

  12. NES, he must have his campaign mode operators back full time telling him how to act, what to say, and in general coaching him on how to pretend he gives a rats ass about anything but his own hideous self.

  13. You mean that wasn’t stand-up?

    Dude, he was living so close to a Pakistani military complex they could’ve taken him out with a fly swatter.

    Can’t wait to hear the spin on this one….

  14. Why are we learning everything there is to know about the downed Helo and the “Treasure Trove” of Intelligence data found at Obama’s ‘mansion’ – but are not adult enough to see Dead Osama?

    This makes me ill.

  15. Also – they can talk in the most graphic terms of people jumping from the burning towers and show the planes hitting with living Americans on board – – but nope – No Bin Laden

  16. The story that the WH put out says that there was no internet, tv, etc. The image that the defense dept set out of the dwelling show a satellite dish.

  17. Uppity – you were right again re: Dogs in GFistan

    “Finally, dogs can be used to pacify an unruly group of people — particularly in the Middle East. “There is a cultural aversion to dogs in some of these countries, where few of them are used as pets,” Major Roberts said. “Dogs can be very intimidating in that situation.”

    from a NYT article on “The Dog” in the bin Laden raid. I can post the whole article if you want

  18. Just a technicality mcnorman – they “probably meant’ land lines. LOL

    although the ever-angsted Diane Sawyer did report last night that the military ‘blocked’ all electricity and communication equipment during the raid. If this is true (and who the hell knows anymore) THIS is pretty impressive and has frightening implications for behavioral control of Americans

  19. Speaking of DOG: best dog video ever—-really cute


  20. Now the UN Says we may have violated Bin Laden’s Human Rights

  21. ff: god are these people truly AMERICAN

    I never heard such a f$$cking bunch of BS..

    Are these the Lefties saying and doing all this,

    I know it’s not the right wing nutcases, they couldn’t be happier—-as most of us AMERICANS are—-

  22. Michelina – it the UN “Human Rights Commission”

    see members here:

    Mostly Goat Fuckers

  23. Correction: Mostly Goat Fuckers and/or dictatorships

  24. ABC is reporting that bin Laden lived in that house for years with three wives and countless kids– many born after 9/11. It really irritates me that he was living with his ‘sister wives’ having a wild time with more than just goats. ((On the other hand, since he did not like women to talk around him, how fitting that he was stuck in two rooms with three wives and 20 kids.))

    As far as I am concerned, the sooner we stop talking about him and move on to the next big story the better. Isn’t Lindsay Lohan doing something?? Is Bristol Palin still ‘cheating’ on Dancing with the Stars?? Something anything to end his 15 minutes.

  25. We should send the g’effers on theUN Commission the following message:
    “Just give us an excuse douchebags and we’ll violate yours.”

  26. Ah the UN. Just as predicted. Right on schedule. I hope they all know now that the USA still knows how to pay a visit.

    Pakistan is saying it was cold blooded. you think? I don’t remember them using those words when they watched people jump from towers.

  27. Aw that dog vid is SO cute.

  28. Yeah, NES!

    I don’t recal them using “cold blooded” to describe videos of beheadings either, do you?

  29. Dang, that was the mistake. We should have beheaded him on video. Then, if history is any indicator, the UN would have said nothing.

  30. Something anything to end his 15 minutes.

    Oh no honora, his victory lap dance continues. He will be coming to my hometown on Tuesday.

  31. Mcnorman, Kentucky?

  32. As for Pak.’s statement re “cold-blooded,” I’m sure the were referring to OBL’s body.

  33. Texas NES. Funny thing is that no one has been told why he is coming? He is traveling to Austin for a fundraiser, but all we have is dirt and burnt bush from the fires.

  34. They learned something from the First Couple: beheadings for thee, not for me.

  35. ROFLLL, Upps!

  36. Hilarious on “victory lap dance,” mcnorman.
    Remember to put an upright spike in your lap.

  37. Oh yes, I would love to spike that football.

  38. Yeah, I thought you were in TX; was momentarily thrown because I could’ve sworn BO was going to KY to congratulate the SEALs’ helo flyers.

  39. He’s going to get in on their photo op as well. Such a media ho.

  40. Just a ball would do too.

  41. Yes NES. lol

  42. Sentient people are wondering why the First Narcissist called off his “Obama Got Osama” rally.

  43. Valerie must have seen the poll numbers. No bump and people are getting sick of the “I, me” did it. Was TOTUS unavailable?

    All I can hope for is that he shows up sans teleprompter.

  44. Maybe he freaked after he turned his back on this woman.

    First the Manning song in SF, now this on video? Doesn’t make Barry look super. He likes his events uneventful.

  45. mcn, re your link about barry turning his back on the 9/11 sister . Wow. What an asshole. He really has contempt for all the “little”: people, doesn’t he? Can you picture one of the Clintons acting this way? I really can’t stand him, or anyone in his orbit, Michelda, Valerie, etc. Arrogant jerks the bunch of them. And seemingly uninformed as well.

  46. Yup socal, arrogance is in abundance with these assclowns.

  47. Thx for posting that clip, mcm. She was on fox this wk., eloquently ripping BO for his compulsive need to defer to muslim sensitivities.

  48. OT. I’m just home for work to eat, I have to go back soon. But was wondering if this site is going to cover the GOP debates at 9pm. I’ll check back when my shift is over.

  49. I will put up an open thread if you want, Karen. But there is no way I am going to watch those yahoos fight over who can subjugate women better. I have no interest in any of them.

    Is anybody here willing to watch? It would be great to have a volunteer. Anybody?

  50. Well well well guess what group of crazy ass American hating military funeral protesters is coming to a military funeral about three towns from me?
    I am spending the money on the $4 a gallon gas and getting out my biggest flag.
    Come to bitter clinger territory and protest one of our fallen heroes? The Patriot Guard is already here- they guarded the funeral home today for the wake. Hmph- it has been the lead story on every local news broadcast. I think the Patriot Guard will not be alone.
    The Westboro church of hate. IDIOTS!

  51. Sorry, gotta wash my hair.

    Actually, have to make a crab and asparagus soup.

    Karen, I doubt it’s going to be worth watching — except for TPaw, the major contenders are going to be absent.

  52. Actually, have to make a crab and asparagus soup.


  53. Bam must hate this kind of feint praise he’s getting from the Reeps.

    Also, GWB apparently declined his NYC invite because he’s pissed Bam didn’t give any credit to the intelligence structure the Bushie’s put in place.

  54. Mom those freaks tried that here. Once.

  55. Go mom!

  56. Ok looks like nobody’s gonna watch. I mean let’s face it, that lineup is a bust.

  57. The latest from the admin. says that OBL pushed his wife at the SEALs who entered his bedroom. What a brave jihadi!! Apparently tho’, the goat was worth protecting.

  58. You all will bail me out if necessary right?
    I am NOT putting up with these people and their nonsense. Can we send them to Pokeystan or somewhere in that vicinity?
    Yup the SC said they have a right to free speech. SO DO I! And I can be damn loud too! Plus my lovely vehicle is like a big box- should block a few of the loons.
    Now where did I put that CD with all the Patriotic music? Army Hymn, Kate Smith, Lee Greenwood……

  59. In a flash, Mom.

  60. Well that’s another odd thing. They claim Osama’s wife rushed them and they shot her in the calf. How do you shoot someone in the calf if they are coming TOWARD you? Just asking.

  61. PMM, what would be great would be if a lot of you could surround them with large pieces or cardboard or sheets on broom sticks or something that would just wall them in and silence then so that the funeral could be peaceful and no one would have to see their signs,

  62. Now the UN Says we may have violated Bin Laden’s Human Rights

    Bin Laden is human?

  63. You are welcome NES. Everyone should see this. This photo op was simply just that, a photo op at GZ. I’m glad that this episode played out in front of a camera. His priorities are completely off the chart in the wrong direction.

  64. I’m in on the bail money PMM.

  65. They claim Osama’s wife rushed them and they shot her in the calf. How do you shoot someone in the calf if they are coming TOWARD you? Just asking.

    Well, that would be the Helen Keller shot UW.

  66. Mom – right there with ya, girl! Say the word – and carry the biggest Stars and Stripes you can handle – and perhaps wear a pink ostrich boa just to piss ’em off more.

    As for the Republicans – nope – just got in from cooking and I need a rest. I am sure Glenn and Rush will tell me who to support. ROFL!

    Trump is keeping his powder dry. Can’t debate if he doesn’t announce, and good business man that he is – he is taking notes on all that these others are saying “They would do as President”

    He really has them knickered.

  67. Wow – as for the Repubs – just stumbled on a live feed thru a tweet

  68. You are a brave woman, FF.

  69. Well, that would be the Helen Keller shot UW.


  70. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    gotta go to bed now

    that took all of 10 minutes

    nite all

  71. OBL was living with three wives and some kids? Are they sure they didn’t get Charlie Sheen by mistake?? Winning!!!

  72. Yeah and I hope they busted the door down in the middle of his last hump too. Maybe that’s why the goat was there.

  73. I do feel for the goat though. Have you seen what is now the tombstone for OBL?

  74. Oh ROFL on the sandal.

  75. I saw it and thought it was perfect. If we don’t have pics, this will have to do. I think this is the original source.

  76. mcn, you’re on a roll!

  77. I am home. Chickens!

    Bam has to lose. I am looking for a miracle for ’12.

    Go MOM. Make them sorry they crossed your path.

  78. Loved the tombstone.

  79. Karen, agree he has to lose. But, this debate had a less than respectable attendance by the real contenders.

  80. Anyone here?
    Anyone miss me? 🙂

  81. The head of Iran to step down.
    can not spell his name so I will call him dinnerjacket



  82. Fredster, FYI, I took the post you commented on down. Some of the other information cannot be confirmed to my liking, so I will keep it on ice till I do.

    As for CAIR, they are the masters of the It’s Okay To Lie In Islam crowd. They spawned from jihad and they aren’t very successful at pretending they aren’t out to Sharia the USA, IMO.

  83. It’s funny Helen, because yesterday I got a track back from a website and checked it out, it was iranian and I was trying to figure out why they linked me. Then I realized they had used a photo I used and probably got it from google images. But what the heck, I decided to translate the post and it said something about him giving a speech soon and leaving. I took it with a grain and the translation was poor.

    I can’t confirm what the examiner says, however, but then our press is slow and only works during their own bankers’ hours. I did confim that he and the Eya tool A were scrapping and Achie took 8 days off from work when the supreme leader reinstated somebody he fired. It was called a “strike”. lol. Anyways, we will keep an eye on this. It all probably explains why he isn’t bleating about Osama’s death.

  84. Of course we missed you lorac! Where the hell you been?!

  85. glad you are back 🙂

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