Will UN Mad Hatters and other despots be determining whether or not the USA is “Cold-blooded”?

Pakistan, embarrassed and angry that it’s fairly obvious they were taking billions from the USA  to help “find” Osama Bin Sleeping With The Fishes –while he was well-protected and  living right near their own version of West Point — has been angrily bleating that the killing of Osama Bin Laden was “Cold-Blooded” murder.  Grunting noises are coming from other dubious quarters as well. Enter, the UN.

(Reuters) – The United Nations’ top human rights official called on the United States Tuesday to give the U.N. details about Osama bin Laden’s killing and said that all counter-terrorism operations must respect international law.

UN Ethics Meeting

Wow. The UN. The epitome of even-handedness and objectivity, not to mention Slight Of hand.

Now, the UN  knows Cold-Blooded  vs. Respect for International Law when they see it, right? Otherwise such an ethical body of integrity as the UN wouldn’t  imagine it should assess the elimination of the cockroach, Osama bin Laden.

So, reflecting upon the UN’s obviously objective and respected assessment ability, let’s take a look at a short list of some other happenings that the UN didn’t assess or regard as Cold-Blooded–with or without “International Law”. Then the US can decide whether their answer to this “request” should include a thumb at the end of our noses.

We have put up with the obviously slanted shenanigans and double-standard of this body we continue to fund for so long, we should be bordering on hysterical laughter when they address us as if we are sitting in the Principal’s office. I suggest that the USA respond to this request by telling them that we will answer them once they have declared whether or not the following incidents were “Cold-Blooded” and in keeping with respect for “International Law” or not:

911. Obviously flying planes into the twin towers, killing every man, woman and child on the planes and forcing thousands of innocent people to choose between jumping to their death or dying in an inferno was not Cold-Blooded at all—-or the honest, fair and objective UN would have said so.


Then there was the beheading of Daniel Pearl, who was guilty of being a journalist and…gasp…a Jew. On video.

This was obviously not Cold-Blooded at all, or the UN would have said so. Right? No Human Rights problem here! He was just a Jew!

No sir.

The Fort Hood massacre at the hands of a swine.
Not Cold-Blooded at all! And the Cockroach Anwar al Awlaki, who schooled Hassan along with the Times Square and Christmas Bombers, why he’s not Cold-Blooded at all, either!

I mean if this event were Cold-Blooded, the honest, credible, admirable UN would have said so. It was nice of them to weigh-in instead on Arizona’s immigration law, don’t you think?


This is Neda.

She was one of the innocent Iranians their goatf*cking government mowed down for rebelling against their oppressive and murderous regime of batshit religious zealotry.

Neda’s family was denied the ability to hold a memorial service.

Why, that wasn’t Cold-Blooded at all, or else the UN might have said it was–and would have stopped it. Right? **Crickets**.  Instead, the UN put Iran on their Woman’s Rights Commission as Iran’s punishment.  They’re good that way!

Obviously the UN is a fair, objective and admirable body which is now dominated by  nothing but beyond-reproach countries — and we should pay full attention to everything they say and continue to fund the majority of their bullcrap highly credible existence, so we may learn from them and know what isn’t Cold-Blooded, such as: setting school rooms on fire and listening to the screams, or pumping poison gas into school rooms with young girls inside;  burying women up to their necks and stoning them to death for getting raped, shooting women in the head and declaring them prostitutes, hopelessly maiming women in horrific fashion (Warning!) when killing is just too easy,  performing clitorectomies on young girls, marrying 9 year-olds, throwing battery acid in school girls’ faces, Honor Killings for kicks, using women and children as human shields and human bombs and other assorted not-so-Cold-Blooded things that indicate that the UN is dominated by representatives of countries we should want follow and  eagerly emulate.

If you want to follow the UN’s leadership style and think they are a bastion of Human Rights, good judgment and fairness to the USA, please raise your hand.

Anybody? Anybody?

Okay then. If the UN isn’t your cup of tea, we have other shining examples of integrity and leadership for you to follow:

So guess who else weighed in on the elimination of The Cockroach?

Why, it’s sweet, lovable Fidel Castro!

Fidel. The guy who was such a loving, honest and fair leader that hundreds of thousands of his subjects wanted to flee his beloved arms. In fact, they loved Fidel Castro so much they were willing to float across the sea on anything that might or might not sink, without food or water, and drag themselves onto backyard beaches in Florida  just to set foot on American soil and be free of him.  That Fidel Castro. Fidel didn’t like the way the USA killed The Cockroach. He also says he despises terrorism. Coulda fooled me!

Typical bright Hamas supporters

So guess who else weighed in besides?

Why, Hamas, of course!  Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, whose sweet innocent perpetuators of peace and love AKA “Jubilant Palestinians,”  literally danced in the street and handed out candy (a Must-See video!) on September 11, 2001, took time out from supervising the lobbing of bombs at those damned- Jews- who- must- be- Exterminated to criticize the USA for killing a Cockroach.

Poor, poor Osama. He had the love of so many wonderful leaders we all admire–especially among Pakistan leaders such as the ousted Musharraf, who kept taking our money to help “find” him and who just, well golly gee, didn’t know he was there right next to their version of West Point.  Now that  Osama was killed in “Cold Blood,” I guess we won’t have to send them any more billions to help us “find” him any longer.  I’m sure that doesn’t bother them at all. Let’s just say they for sure have their “violated sovereignty” back now so the Taliban can continue to own them. It couldn’t happen to a nicer  more “honest” government.

As for the UN, our answer is really very simple. We don’t have to ask them permission to defend ourselves or avenge horrendous acts of Jihad. We should be insulted that they even expect an answer from us after what that dead pig has brought upon us. With our response in hand, this will give the UN plenty of time to clean up their OWN  Human Rights acts before focusing on the United States. And maybe next time Barack Obama arranges for them to stick their noses in State business, he will think twice now that he is being badgered by them.


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  1. This should go viral. Well done Uppity.

  2. TY sister. I’m afraid my disdain shows though.

  3. Great post! PFFFFTTTTTT on the UN. Get them the hell out of our country and let them take the GF crowd with them.
    I remember doing a piece a long time ago- probably in the 08- about their stupid Millennial Goals- and the percentage of our GDP it entailed. Want to guess who voted for this ginormous redistribution of American wealth to (mostly) African countries?
    Oh yes- they loves them their American dollars- all the while bitching and moaning about us. We don’t give enough, we don’t pay our fair share, blah blah blah.
    Cold blooded? I wish I could show them cold blooded! Aladdin would recognize them for the vermin they are – and deal with them the same way he deals with nasty scheevy possums!

  4. OT, but I thought this was funny. Saw it at 44.

    I say this is the new 2012 Campaign Slogan for the Obots and would make a great bumper sticker:

    Obama warns White House party crowd:

    ‘You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale’


  5. See- this is the kind of stuff that gets us in trouble with the GF crowd- defeating their subjugate women plan- our cold blooded warriors-
    Air Force colonel assists Kabul girls’ school


    Although the mission and the military accomplishments he’s seen in the last eight months of his year-long deployment have been some of the best of his career, one thing that really excited the colonel was sharing his support of a Kabul girls’ school there.

    “It’s a personal project we took on as individuals, not in an official military capacity,” said the 13th Air Force director of space forces, deployed from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. He is now commander for RSC-Capital, Afghanistan.

    The girls’ schools in Afghanistan had pretty much all been shut down by the Taliban, but a few have recently been re-opened since the Taliban government was removed from power, Colonel Wicks said. They’re poor, run-down, second-rate facilities, but the school they are helping has an enrollment of 3,500 young women.”

    tsk tsk, helping females. How cold blooded is that?

  6. Yeah, FF, as IF she orders tamales instead of full lobster dinners. Who the heck is he kidding?

  7. Mom, obviously helping girls is a violation of “International Law”.

  8. The UN rights commission should each get their own cracker jack box with the enclosed Nobel Peace Price which is now awarded for doing nothing or worse – for stirring up wars and hate.

    In other news:

    They are now saying there was only one single bullet fired AT the US troops in the compound. The new version of this ever changing story has been called by one source “a striking departure from the ‘intense and prolonged firefight’ described earlier by the White House”

    Bo’s real talent has long been in telling lies and the fostering of more lies in those around him.

  9. Osama’s last words:

    “I want to negotiate!”

  10. Ack, that is sickening FF. Not for the lame tamale remark but that he had that Hispanic themed party to suck up to them as a campaign event AT the WH on our TAX dollars.

    The man just makes my flesh crawl. His speech writer is still in ‘stupid joke’ mode. yuck. It should however go over big with the freaks who still cling to the hem of his garment in blind worship.

  11. Ah. Another Single Bullet Theory. Where’s Arlen Specter when you need him?

  12. More like you don’t want to stand between Michelle and a high-end shoe store.

  13. myiq: No preconditions!

  14. Mommy Ferret: We have to get on Oh My Dinner Jacket’s trail. Rumors he resigned over a fight with the Eye A Tollah.

  15. Wow, so much for Progressive Kumbayas. Hmmm. I gotta get my pooch a few of these. I forgot where I read it, but somebody is calling them Born Again Waterboarders.

    But the coolest thing about these guys? Many SEAL dogs come equipped with “titanium fangs capable of ripping through enemy protective armor,” at a cost of “about $2,000 a tooth,” according to the Daily. That’ll get the job done.

  16. Uppity- you’ve got mail- two installments- my e-mail is a little weird today.

  17. Are these lobbyists aiding and abetting?
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Pakistan’s Washington lobbyists have launched an intense campaign on Capitol Hill to counter accusations that Islamabad was complicit in giving refuge to Osama bin Laden.

    Alarmed by lawmakers’ demands to cut off billions of dollars of U.S. aid after bin Laden was found living in a Pakistani safe house for six years, President Asif Ali Zardari has ordered a full-court press to quell mounting accusations that it helped the al Qaeda leader avoid capture.

    Mark Siegel, a partner in the Washington lobbying firm of Locke Lord Strategies — which is paid $75,000 a month by the Pakistani government — told Reuters on Thursday he had spoken twice to Zardari since U.S. special forces killed bin Laden on Sunday, and “countless” times to the Pakistani ambassador in Washington.

  18. Alarmed by lawmakers’ demands to cut off billions of dollars of U.S. aid after bin Laden was found living in a Pakistani safe house for six years, President Asif Ali Zardari has ordered a full-court press to quell mounting accusations that it helped the al Qaeda leader avoid capture.

    Maybe he and his predecessor might consider shutting the hell up, then. Besides, there’s no need for anymore Payouts to “find” bin Laden, is there now? The gig is up.

  19. One more link coming your way Uppity- Al-Jazeera- cuz we don’t have no stinkin journalists heah!

  20. American Press: Pathetic.

  21. Screw the UN. I guess Barry’s support to the UN is now biting him in the rear somewhat. He never likes to be told that he did anything wrong.

    Why, oh why do we have to get our news from the UK?

    CIA next door to OBL compound for months.

    # Bin Laden’s wife claims they didn’t leave same room for five years
    # Pakistan warns of ‘disastrous consequences’ if there are any more raids
    # U.S. ordered to reduce presence in the country

    Okay, srsly staying in the same room for 5 years?

  22. LOL – just read on local news Al Qaida has confirmed Osama is dead. Now that settles it, doesn’t it!

  23. Michael Moore should be added to that gallery of unsavory characters from Alice and Wonderland with his unhappiness over OBL’s “execution.”

  24. I read the post here at work and will be away the rest of the day w/patients. BUT I had to say that if my blood wasn’t boiling already, it is now.

    You are the best, Upps. This is just about the most thorough and important take down of the UN I’ve ever seen. I’m ready to hurl some rocks at the consulates here. (anyone have bail money ready?)

  25. Yeah, we really need our morality questionned by the the tyrants in Upper Spittoon. These are the same people that have brought the world “honor killings,” genital mutilation and polygamy. Yeah, I want them judging me.

  26. Mom, re the Pak money going to the lobbyist: our tax dollars at work.

  27. AnnE, “Upper Spitoon” is priceless!

  28. Yeah, Empty the UN is something else. I remember when Monyhan (sic) was US ambassador and announced to the assembly after a prolonged round of US bashing in French–“this animal is very wicked, when one attacks it, it defends itself.” Love it!

  29. There is no limiit to this guy’s perfidy: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2011/05/05/obama_we_took_more_care_of_bin_ladens_body_than_when_he_killed_3000_people.html

    He refuses to take sole responsibility for the decision he’s being criticized for. Obviously, it was Hill’s and Gates’ fault!!!! Every successful aspect of the mission was solely his decision. I, Me and My, ad nauseum.

    And, here’s another lie: they “consulted” with Islamic scholars and experts about how to deal with the body before the raid. Since the raid was highly secret, did they kill/silence these consulted experts? What a bunch of utter B.S., writ large! The only muslim consulted on the burial ritual was Bam himself.

  30. Death to the Juice????

  31. Ahh, AnnE, a sensible, ballsy Dem of old.

  32. Gee – Imagine this: Obama is about to be on TeeVee again. At Allison Transmissions in Indiana – on his way to Ft. Campbell. He is such a media whore.

  33. SCREETCH! You know the routine!

  34. Yeah Green, they hate em but they are too dumb to spell em.

  35. Pak has now arrested AQ types: they work hard for their money, so hard, honey-honey….
    Round up the usual suspects!

    Apparently, AQ has acknowledged OBL’s death. Does that end the controversy here over releasing the fotos?

  36. Nah I just think he’s keeping photos for when HE needs them. You know, like October 2012. Unless of course republicans wake up long enough to stop worrying about women’s bodies and uncover those photos first.

  37. NES, the SEALs cuffed them and left them there for the Pak military. How hard was that for them?

  38. Aw c’mon, it interfered with their golf and clubbing schedules.

  39. excellent post Upps.as per usual. 🙂

  40. An amazing post. Agree with FF up at the top, wish it would go viral.

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