A little gift for those Brooklyn Hasidic crackpots.

h/t to Freedom Fairy, for working to track down the originator of this gem. This is so good, proper recognition is required, so if we are wrong, let us know! There is a member at Firedoglake named Twolf1, so it is possible this was the originator. Who knows? We will be happy to give full credit to the right person though.

While I regret not having thought of it first, we have taken this photo from Dependable Renegade,  under the very appropriate title, “‘Mikveh this, you idiots”.  Also, FF found this same pic here as credit reference, which makes TWolf the brilliant originator. There is also another version of this  idea here.

It’s such a howlingly funny expression of just how stupid, ludicrous and downright crazy these people are.I think this should be done with all news photos. Seeing men in photos is sooooooooooo sexually distracting!

Take this, you crackpots. Furthermore, I think we should all jog by your homes, or compounds, or whatever — wearing as little clothing as possible.

Men removed due to modesty concerns....


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  1. Hot Daaayum, that is impressive! Well done, Freedom Fairy, and a high five to you, Uppity, for posting it.

    It’s getting kinda tiresome to put up with so many men fearing women. That’s all misogyny is.

  2. Priceless!!

  3. As MKBill might say……purrrrfect!

  4. YES!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, !!!

  5. Bravo! Bravo!!

  6. LMAO!!! That picture is AWESOME!!!

  7. Ah, its perfect! Just finished reading the last thread. You people are so funny! Upps, sorry about the tooth! One of the last things my Dad did before he was bed-bound: Laker & I took him to a hamburger restaurant for lunch one day and for some reason (he had Alzheimers) he SHOUTED out, “I have ALL my own teeth!” We almost died, snickering and sliding down in the booth. An elderly lady at the next table commended him warmly. Everyone else smiled and pretended they didn’t notice.

  8. Upps, I have a question. When you’re talking about seniors being turned away from Drs, do they have medicare only or do they have medicare & a supplementary insurance?

  9. Hey Somebody! How is little Somebody? And baby Somebody?

  10. I figure if women have both houses of congress and the white house for about 200 years we will be about even. By that time all these bully baby men will have disappeared with the dinosaurs.
    I am afraid the first female president is going to be a republican and the democrats should be deeply deeply ashamed of themselves. They only further this type of nonsense around the world and here in the US when they find it okay to prevent a woman from taking the nomination she won.
    It’s 2011 folks, lets cut the crap and do something decisive and just vote women in to office, all women.

  11. Love it!!! (although putting the mens in burkas would have been modest too.)

  12. socal, i have no idea if they have supplemental insurance. But the truth is, plenty of them can’t afford it, so which doctor will they be going to? This bullshit law will increase supplemental policy premiums because medicaire is paying less. It appears to be a problem with specialists, so that must be where they cut the 500 billion that is going, who knows where. But then that’s a great way to kill them off. If you can’t see your cardiologist or oncologist, well, you’re dead.

  13. I have a computer question and will leave it in the computer halp spot. Check later to see if any answer. I think is probably simple, but I fell behind the curve on computer stuff about five years ago. I turned my back for a minute and whoosh, computer and tech knowledge just flew past my head and I have never caught up.

    Morning everyone, I am off to get the the semi significant other from the hospital after his yet another back surgery. I am sure by tomorrow this time he will be building that second barn we need.

    ps…..it is a glorious day here in North East Pa., That big yellow thing in the sky is back. Soon people around here will probably start worshiping it. For we are a people who love to worship stuff. = )

  14. I think all newspapers should remove men from all photos. It’s so sexually distracting!

  15. Just slightly ahead of the times:

    honora, on May 9, 2011 at 7:53 PM said:

    I don’t understand, are Hasidic women allowed to look at sexy Joe Biden?? Or do they have two newspapers, one for women and one for men?? I would love to see the women’s edition, a great picture of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and Audrey Tomason Director for Counterterrorism in charge of the world. I think I would sleep sounder, if I subscribed to that paper.

  16. Socal., Uppityone, the cuts they made to Medicare was, I believe, to reimbursements to the privatization of Medicare which were/are the Medicare replacement programs which are cheap in premiums but will cost you 6k out of pocket in a year when you are very sick. They get you with co-pays and things they do not cover, plus deductibles. If you are on Medicare, you need a supplement, not a Medicare advantage plan. It costs more in the short run but will save you thousands in the long run. And the problem is once you have cancer, heart disease, COPD, stroke etc…. you can not switch. I was in the selling insurance to old people business for a while. We sold both, but I always tried to get them to by a supplement.
    Now here is an interesting fact. Any doctor who takes any kind of payment from Medicare MUST BY LAW take any supplement or advantage plan you have. Here in Pa there is not a doctor who doesn’t take Medicare since we are only 2nd to Florida in population of seniors. They would cut their throats by refusing Medicare.
    The reason we are number one to Florida is that no one who was born and raised here ever leaves. They would rather freeze to death in a shack in the valley before they would leave for Florida or other warmer states.

  17. Teresa, the problem is there are far more states than Florida and PA, and they are not flooded with seniors. By law, no doctor is REQUIRED to take medicare is acceptable payment for their services. They have always accepted medicare because it was a decent deal for them. Now the payouts are apparently too pissant for them. And God knows what the paperwork is like. They reduced fees on doctors and plenty of them are pushing back. While I agree taht a supplement is the way to go, the truth is, the average social security recipient gets 13k a year. We can argue about how SS is supposed to be a supplement income etc, etc and wasn’t meant to be lived on etc etc, but the REALITY is, MOST seniors can’t afford it. (The wealthy seniors notwithstanding, and there are plenty).

  18. Oh I know, Honora! I took one look at Joe and nearly spawned! I completely lost my train of thought!

  19. Notice how the guys ‘stained’ the walls with their cooties?

  20. What is it with the President and the Bin Laden pictures? Once he decided not to release them, he should move on to the next issue (especially if they are so inflammatory). Why is he sending the pictures up to the Hill to be shown to ‘select’ members of the House and Senate?? What crap. Why do these congresscritters need to see the pictures and why do they need to report to the press that they have seen the pictures? The whole government is so paternalistic. Of course, there is lots of stuff that should be kept secret but the bloody pictures are not among them. This is all about these ‘representatives’ of ours thumbing their noses at us and declaring that they are in charge and more important than we are. Uppity have you declared for president yet?? I need someone for whom to vote.

  21. They would rather freeze to death in a shack in the valley before they would leave for Florida or other warmer states.

    My guess is, if they live in a shack they can’t afford to move to Florida. Then too, it has to be scary to leave what’s familiar behind when you are reaching the winter of your life, knowing that sooner or later you are going to need friends and family–or at least that familiar doctor you have. My mother died in Florida. When she got ill, I tried to air lift her back home a number of times as it was increasingly difficult to be there and here at the same time. It was harrowing to have to rush there a number of times. This went on for nearly two years and she never retured during that time. I don’t think seniors realize how hard this is on their families when they are in Florida and family is in NY, working, living and taking care of their parents’ northern home in winter, etc. Luckily, I could afford it but it’s pretty hard for most people. So I can see where the elderly might balk at leaving four feet of snow for sunny Florida when they are alone or they fear they might become ill. Having new friends is nice but it doesn’t trump family when you are in need.

  22. This is a timely discussion for me. I came here to report that many QVC hosts nowadays are all armpits (oxtards, my brother used to claim). Armpits and breast bases too if the arm hole of the outfit is enlarged. Thanks FLOTUS … and wind up gaining yet more knowledge.

    Although I’ve been in PA awhile, I am a transplant from NJ where kids remain. No family here. It’s getting harder to manage medical care myself what with so many friends I did make here eventually moving to be with their kids, dying. And the rest who might have helped even now, I just plain alienated. 🙂

    So I’m currently in the process of transferring my medical affiliations back to NJ, and this question of how doctors can refuse Medicare payments has been weighing on my mind. (Hoping the Dr. I want won’t be like that.)

  23. reading all your stories of medical situations has rendered me speechless. Health care should be enshrined as a right – and get rid of insurance companies who make money off the blood of hard working citizens. JMO of course, but this is really frightening.
    Teresa – don’t let the SSO do any heavy lifting for awhile. There are yoga exercises that he can do to strengthen the muscles that support the spine – check them out and make him do them.

  24. Actually there are areas of Florida that are not as heavily populated with seniors. Similar problems are arising in those areas where doctors are refusing to take Medicare. My mom has Medicare and a supplement but if the doctor does not take Medicare which is her primary coverage…..as is the case with all seniors….well then that is a doctor she can’t afford to see. In most cases your supplement won’t pay if Medicare won’t pay.

    Socal little somebody is doing great!! Had a boatload of testing early this year and the results were all fabulous. A few lingering issues, but those were vastly improved!!!! We couldn’t be happier!!

    Baby somebody is growing….duh! We have her a LOT….a LOT, hence why I’m not around for long stretches. Still many issues there, not sure what the future holds or how this will all play out.

    How is Laker and the rest of the family???

  25. BTW, the picture is worth a thousand words, not only because it illustrates the insanity of non recognition of women’s contributions to society, but also because it starkly illustrates how few women are in positions of power. Brilliant FF.

  26. Priceless picture. Kudos to FF and Uppity for posting it. See what a freaking MESS men leave behind when they are vaporized?

  27. Hal, you said it – and women are left behind to clean up the mess – as usual.

  28. Photo: Old saying, but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  29. I was married to a jew for 27 years and worked for a few staunchly jewish companies. One company in queens, ny had a large department of mostly Hasidim (watch maker trade bussed in from the Brooklyn sects) and others sprinkled throughout the company.

    I saw it all. The segregated rooms even at funerals. The horrific declarations of women as second class citizens where it was commonly said by the men “thank God I was not born a woman”, and women who had to always wear dresses – even on SKI trips to women who had to shave their heads and wear wigs after marriage.

    They were highly sex minded and often covered the back rooms of their pious looking store fronts with stunning porn. The rate of retardation and insanity was very high and they were often wandering around streets talking to themselves and fighting with strangers.

    Yeah, they were certainly a classic example of what happens when the natural spirituality is perverted by made up religious bull. All their customs were man made non-sense. I saw it first hand for decades and lived in their homes, neighborhoods, and worked side by side with them.

    They do not all treat women like garbage but many of them do, that’s for sure.

    I found the women to be compliant with it though and they were more than happy to bow to their master husbands desires and the insane rules of their hocus pocus made up fairy tale religious traditions. What a bunch of hooey!

  30. I made it! Have not got my computer out yet- so am on the son’s for a bit. I can see I have some catching up to do lol!
    LOVE the photo- might as well just edit out all the boys- as I am sure Hillary was doing most of the work anyway.
    As for PA and Medicare/caid etc. Had a doc appt tues and there was a HUGE sign on the door and again at the desk- they are no longer accepting ANY of the govt healt ins. No Medi-care, medicaid, access, – NONE.
    This practice does family medicine as well as some internal and surgical. My back doc has office space there once a week so we don’t have to travel to Erie.
    Every time I have been in there the waiting patients were mostly elderly.
    Thanks Barack, Nancy et al.

    The grandsons are getting huge! We spent some time last night looking over my Louisiana travel packet- it isw going to be a fune summer!

    So let’s see if I go to spam lol

  31. Perfect !

  32. Mom – phew, you’re okay thanks be. Settle in and enjoy yourself with the kids and grandkids. I suspect you didn’t bring the whip with you – which begs the question, who is taking care of the chickens?

  33. Uppity: I adored your “Let them eat cell phone” comment when you wrote (in 2008) about today’s young women and their failure to stand up and protest.

    But I adore this post equally.

    This picture is terrific!

  34. Love ya Uppity!

    Posted on my FB page!!!

  35. Amy, I hate when I see brilliance and I didn’t think of it first!

  36. Ah Marsha, the vibrating cell phone thread. lol. I appreciate that you appreciate me!

  37. Karen, your hasidic information is a huge eye opener. Not that I didn’t already know they are convoluted.

  38. That’s hilarious about the walls, Honora; I thought the same thing!

  39. Honora, he’s hoping one of the congresscritters will leak the photos.

  40. Pahahahaha!

  41. Yes, karen, very illuminating. I’m surprised to hear about the porn posters in the backrooms!

    Incidentally, I believe the shaving of heads/wearing of wigs upon marriage comes from Polish villages in the Middle Ages, or so, and are a reaction to the feudal lords’ ‘First Night’ practice (ie, demanding their ‘right’ to take a vassal’s bride’s virginity on the marriage night). It was thought a shaven head would make the bride less alluring to them. Still, hardly a reaon to continue the practice in post-feudal times or past the first night, FCS!!

  42. NES, they would make the women wear chastity belts if they didn’t already keep them barefoot and pregnant and bald.

    There are so many screwed up religious extremists. The mormons and amish make up the rules too. They are all out of their freaking minds to believe that crap. Almost every single thing they do is from a dumber than hell tradition made up by some lunatic who died with leeches attached to his festering sores.

    What the hell would make a person in this day and supposedly educated and enlightened age, follow those old practices? I just can’t imagine. 99% of what they “preach” is not in the bible.

    I used to joke with my in-laws about having to swing a dead chicken around over their heads. They’d joke back, rightfully, about trees and tinsel and colored eggs and other pagen rituals.

    I long ago adopted a no frills belief in God. I studied the bible for years and that is what drove me away from what all these sects teach. They contradict each other but more importantly they aren’t the least bit anchored in concrete and do not stand on their own if scrutinized. They are like politicians, they all suck!

  43. here is a fun diversion – Pengy Solitare!


    Oh and to make matters even more clear as mud- talk about screwed up – my ex husband was a messianic jew, he believed as I do that Jesus was the messiah. His father was a reformed jew. His sister married an orthodox jew and kept a strict kosher household. His mother didn’t know what to do since her siblings all also had various versions of judiasm in their homes, etc. The one thing that they all did though despite the utter absolute confusion is eat matzoh at passover and light
    Hannukah candles. Go figure.

  44. helloo ((((Uppity’s)))))

    OT: I read somewhere BECK is GONE,

    YaYYYYYY!! if it’s true, what happened anyone know?

  45. Uh oh: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2011/05/12/2011-05-12_president_obamas_stepgrandmother_sarah_obama_threatened_by_al_qaeda_in_kenya_rep.html

    The Kenyan home of President Obama’s step-grandmother was under round-the-clock security after her life was threatened by an African Al Qaeda group, ABC News reported.

  46. http://hotair.com/archives/2011/05/11/obama-to-deliver-major-speech-next-week-on-the-arab-spring-what-could-go-wrong/

    Here we go again: The One will counsel the Muslim World. I’m sure it’ll go over just fine after he killed their ‘hero.’
    The One is more impresed with himself than anyone in the whole wide world.

  47. Michelina, in my opinion, Beck was always Gone. Now it’s just literal instead of figurative. On a scale of 1 to 10 on misogynic filth, he was always in 11 in my eyes, even before he got him his big soap box, after which he became a 14. Not to put too fine a poiint on it, Fuck Him.

  48. NES I’m not surprised about the porn in the back at all. You yourself know that extreme Islamic men are the same type of perverts.

  49. ladydawnelle, LOVE your dog icon. Is this your dog? Your wolf?

  50. Karen, i have known many Jews but all of them were reformed, which made them great to cook for. I also note that Jews are absolutely on the nose in judging good Italian food from so-so Italian food.

  51. I see Barack met with the country’s top cops and talked about how they sacrificed and all the police who had died in the line of duty, etc. Right before he parties with Common, the guy who rapped that he was glad a cop was dead. This is one convoluted, malicious president.

  52. NES, re: the Kenya family. Obama doesn’t care about those people. If something happened to one of them, he would use it for his political gain. Just like he cried over his dead grandmother three days before the election, and then kept her ass on ice for weeks before he threw her in a hole.

    It probably didn’t even happen but makes for great press. Poor Bawaaak. His step grandma he doen’t even know got threatened by the bad guys. Those islamofascist pigs don’t threaten. They just blow themselves up in front of you like the freaks they are.

  53. I’ve not caught up yet with the posts, but I need to clarify I DID NOT DO THE PICTURE. I simply saw it at Big Pink and sent the link to Uppity. I think lorac posted it here as well. Much as I would like to take credit, I cannot.

  54. Yeah FF, I thought i said that in the post too. I guess its because you’re so talented and funny that way, they automatically think it’s yours. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FF!

  55. I believe you did state that Upps, but thanks for the compliment. It’s nice to be mistaken for a genius!

  56. Here is the REAL artist, “TWOLF1” and a MUCH better image~~!

    and the website where it was posted.

  57. sure looks a lot better now. 🙂

  58. Ok i will update and give full credit, FF. Thanks!

  59. As a matter of fact, it appears that someone at the website that posted the photo “retouched” it to make it their own, or, saw TWolf’s version and stole the idea.

    Uppity, please update with the original. I know the thread is long already, but gee, the artist should get credit!

  60. Uppity – I did a search for Twolf1 on the intertubes and there is a poster at Firedoglake with that name. Not sure if it is the same one, but click through the articles and you will appreciate the avatar s/he uses!


  61. Ok updating with better photo. However, it is possible that more than one person did this and this one is just the best. It doesn’t bear much resemblence to the other one I had up. Also, I see a logo in the bottom right. So, we try to get it right when we can.

  62. Ah I just read your comment FF. LOL. GMTA. I can’t be tracking this thing down forever. I would like to know the originator though. This is too good to let go viral as stolen by someone without credit.

  63. FF if you compare the two, they are not the same work. this new one drew arms on the other woman! Brilliant!

  64. I honestly believe TWolf is the original artist. The work took time. Unless it’s just coincidence (which I doubt) the other one is a ‘stolen idea’

    there is no credit on the ‘bad’ one and TWolf signed the good one.

  65. They are not the same pics. Here’s the first one I put up. Do a compare to see what I mean. In other words more than one person thought of it. But the current one is the best. Here’s the first one I put up.

  66. For sure, the current one is beautifully done.

  67. i know – but personally i thin k the idea was lifted from wolf, as there was a comment on the site that says give credit. that is how i found wolf’s. jmo

  68. Isn’t Barky’s cousin one of those Islamonutjobs who tried to rid Kenya of anyone who did not agree with him and the goat lover gang? So who better to front a fake story to help his dearest family member get some sympathy.

  69. Yes we should give credit to the link you provided, but which one? You gave me TWO blogs. And the OTHER photo is NOT the same, so it’s fairly easy to claim that more than one person thought of it, but wolf’s is just OUTSTANDING. I don’t want to have to keep changing the frigging post though. I think I covered it all, agree?

  70. I actually saw that story on Granny O the DAY AFTER Ubama went on TeeVee.

    Maybe it didn’t get enough sympathy for the Whiner-in-Chief and they had to re-submit it to the Press to push it again.

    After all, it must be ALL about Obama.

    (Nice re-do on the post, Ups – thanks)

  71. I have to ask, what would the boys with the curls do when we have a woman POTUS?

  72. yes Mt. Laurel, that’s Obonga, or whatever the F his name is.

  73. When I first saw that picture, I assumed they had photo shopped BO into the room. He looked so small, inconsequential and out of proportion.

  74. FF where is the comment to give credit? firedoglake? One of the other sites? Just give me the goddamned link where it says give credit and how the credit should read so I can put it to bed. lol. I’m getting a migraine here.

  75. Odinga not Obonga. LOL sorry.

  76. FF when we have a woman POTUS, we can help the dysfunctional cartoon boys off a high building if they would like.

  77. FF & UW: you two are so much fun when you fight (not literally)——-

    Love you uppity’s, always make my day

    Now FF: UW doens’t want to keep updating the frigan post—–is she Italian or WHAT——

    I am also: Michelina—-can you tell–

    OH UW: that’s my puppy about 9 years ago—a very good likeness

  78. uppity – you have mail (ROFLMAO!)

  79. You’re still a genius, FF.

  80. Thanks everyone for the info about medicare/supplements. Hub & I are at another crossroads re: deciding to stay where he is or go work for a private firm. Unfortunately, insurance is a major factor for us since hubs & laker both have muscular dystrophy (poor laker has it worse). Hubs is very talented at what he does, is honest, smart, fearless, and has qualifications that few can match, so he is in demand but we always have to think about medical and the future. Now his work has just sweetened the pot, right when we were thinking of bolting. They are laying off a lot, but want to keep their few best. (He will have to do the work of at least 3 of course) MDA does not contribute for any Dr expenses, their money is used for research and for kids summer camps. We do have great insurance and love our women drs, I guess I next need to find out how much it would cost privately.

  81. Chit, MKBill is TWolf1!!!!!

  82. Somebody, glad to hear all is well. I wish I could get a grandkid, but that brat laker says he isn’t having any (he keeps saying he’s getting a vasectomy when he turns 18). Laker is doing great thanks. He will be a senior next Fall (!) and working hard to get his work done early, so he can focus on music and college. Oh, and fun.

  83. This is freaking brilliant! Can you imagine these moronic fundies who can’t even bear to see women in a picture?!

    By the way, my reform temple in Manhattan was so far removed from this insanity that we had same-sex marriages on the bimah – and most of the clergy is female. Every religion has its whackjobs, sadly.

  84. NES, ROFL! btw, have a q for you, as you’re our resident genius. My 16 yo niece is an honor student, straight A’s and already offered a scholarship at U of Wash. She wants to major in Marine Biology. She also wants to forego UW & move down with us and go to UCLA. I’m told that CSUN has a whole Marine Bio dept. Should we encourage her to go there instead, or try for UCLA?

  85. Jon Huntsman, my new political crush (since Rubio’s no running): http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2071003,00.html

    UW’s probably right that he can’t make it through a GOP primary, but he’d pose the greatest challenge to Bam if he did. Time to pray.
    FF, since you’re as rabid a BO hater as I, would be interested in what you think of Huntsman.

  86. Michelina, FF and I are the two kids in the back seat yelling Stop Touching Me! Are We There Yet????????????

  87. I’ve had my work stolen, sent viral vial email all over the world, posted on hundreds of blogs and I do mean hundreds, with them either taking credit or calling it “anonymous”. Then it was “improved” up by a moron who shouldn’t even be allowed to write letters much less satire. So I am sensitive to that stuff. I know show up on that “Truth or fiction” website with proper credt and STILL get hits from there. I’m talking about my 2008 Columbo piece. If I could find that lifter today I would still rip his or her throat out. People on the internet are thieves. Remember my piece about how college students cheat their asses off and think it’s okay? Well it carries over on the internet. That’s why I wanted to know who did this BRILLIANCE because I appreciate that they deserve the credit. I have never stolen anyone’s work deliberately and never would, because I wouldn’t want it done to me. I know it’s happened to FF too and that’s why it was so important to us to find the source. It’s so easy to use others’ artwork because of Google Images, and sometimes impossible to know the real original source and that’s frustrating.

  88. socal, you are going to freak out when you find out what private single pay costs. Stay with it if you can. Private is VERRRRRRRRRRRY expensive!!! I know this from experience.

  89. The gift that keeps on giving..ROFLMAO

  90. Sophie, this one will also keep giving. The royal antlers are going up for auction.


  91. Sweet jebus, that sleazy Newt has announced his run.

  92. mcnorman: I’m convinced that the only reason they won’t release the Bin Laden photos is because they think we’re going to photoshop those antlers onto him. (Or a total sacrilege, onto the Navy Seals.)

  93. I took our daughter to DC to March for Choice 22 years ago (she was 10) and we rode down from Westchester County, NY in Hassidic buses – with bearded drivers and there were curtains down the center of the bus (for regular Hassidic use). It gave me the creeps then.. Still does.

  94. Oh Sophie, you are so right. hahahahaha

  95. Perhaps Sophie, FF might help us out here and work her magic on OBL?

  96. FF, yes I posted it here as well. I’ve already gone back a few threads and didn’t notice it anyway. But I got them from BigPink, so I’ll go look there to see if there are credits….

  97. lorac the one at big pink is NOT the same one. We don’t know if more than one person had the idea, it’s possible, But they are DISTINCTLY different photo shops. The one up now is NOT the one from Pink. I had that one up first but changed it to the current one which is seriously brilliant.

  98. Wow, Marsha, I don’t think I would have gotten on that bus with those creepy crawly creatures, at least not without some drugs.

  99. You can’t make this stuff up…

    Tehran writes about the US exploiting female workers.

    A look at the current economy and working conditions in the United States displays that a lot of disparities affect women in a uniquely negative way.

    Unbelievable coming from the creeps that don’t think twice about stoning women.

    If you want the link, add the http


  100. Here’s the one I found a couple of days ago where only Hillary and the other woman are left in the room – can you guys tell from the url where it came from?


  101. UW, how is it different? Different visual quality? or something like that? I’m going to check NQ first, because I may have also seen it there….

  102. ROFL I hadn’t seen THIS one yet, this gave me a chuckle!

  103. I think this is the one you’re looking for – at the bottom it says twolf1

  104. although on the twolf1 photo, the forearms of the lady in the back (s/he had to draw them in) look unbelievably FLAT lol and her fingers are a little unreal looking too.

    Maybe the artist is a male, and he’s used to looking at DIFFERENT body parts and never gave enough attention to learning arms and fingers lol

  105. That ones funny Lorac…It’s all about me.

  106. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  107. DE yes it really cracked me up! Really told the story – he didn’t do a thing, but wants to be seen as having done everything!

  108. That’s some pretty good retouching on the one with all the waste of oxygen users removed.

  109. I thought they were causing global warming DE.

  110. Yeah, I see what you mean about the arms and hands. Still, a great job. Its really gone viral, I’ve seen this everywhere.

  111. That picture is how things should be, with the leader of the free world watching her orders carried out.

  112. Dang Tony. I love me you Real men.

  113. Same goes for you, DE. Gawd, who cannot love these guys?

  114. Ok what are you on, lorac. I want some. The link to the pic you just posted is the same one I have up on the post. Same name at the bottom too. Fess up. What are you taking?

  115. OMG! The one with all Obama All The TIme is hilarious! I gotta put that up.

  116. The photo without the men is brilliant! Thank you.


  117. Men removed due to modesty concerns….


    HRH is the only one ever working anyway.

  118. Because I don’t know what you guys are looking for – so I got it at NQ in case there was something new. You always say people shouldn’t click on the photo (and then comment), and I always wondered, why in the world are people clicking on the photo anyway??? So I thought maybe you needed the photo from a different place – so you could CLICK on it – maybe click your heels 3 times on it – and you’d see the mystery of Oz you are looking for. What are you guys looking for, anyway? It seems like the artist signed it….?

  119. I brought the one with all Obama from NQ – oowawa posted it. But… you guys are looking for whom to give credit, right? I don’t that one is signed….

  120. Well there appeared to be an issue with the other one. Originally I used another one that was NOT signed, and then FF uncovered the original and we felt that since it was signed and we were able to locate the original credit, we would put that one up with the right credit due. If someone claims the one with all obamas, then we would do the same. But the one I have up now took some work and I just felt that warranted proper credits.

  121. No need to worry lorac. The photo in this thread was a special case, I think. Where you get them doesn’t matter so much as ownership, when it’s an issue. People click on the photos in threads to copy it in it’s largest size.

  122. Socal, don’t know what CSUN is. U Wash. (Or “UDub,” as its graduates call it) is a very good school, but I believe UCLA is a higher ranking school. I don’t how their respective marine biology programs match up tho’, and that’d be worth looking into. All other things being equal, it’s worth going to the higher ranked school, I believe. Mind you, I’ve always heard that UC San Diego (UCSD) was the place to go for marine biology; they have the very richly-endowed Scripps Oceanography Institute there. Has she checked out UCSD?

  123. And Jonathan Alter has already labelled Newt’s criticism of Bammy as “thinly veiled racism.” here we go again!

  124. Yes, seriously funny, lorac. It should be captioned “Me, My, Myself.”

  125. I think it’s Obongo Odinga.

  126. Laker’s a wise fella.

  127. Okay okay, I confess. I created the vanished men pic under the screen name of twolf1. No really.

  128. …or it could be captioned “L’Etat C’est Moi!”

  129. Thanks NES. One of my friends daughter just graduated from UCSD (she was the first college grad from our homeschool group), so I’ll have to talk to her about it.

  130. Anybody still up? Mr. Uppity has been hurling for the past two hours so I’m sitting vigil.

  131. Socal and me. Sorry to hear about Mr. Uppity. Hope it’s not serious.

  132. He’s okay. He kept some ginger ale down and is sleeping. Says he ate a sandwich today that didn’t taste right. He was off most of the night over it. One would wonder why he finished the sandwich if it didn’t taste right. Must be a man thing. Whatever it was, I think it had its 15 minutes of fame.

  133. Oh, its def a man thing. I’ve seen it many a time in my own family. Hope he’s better by morning.

  134. […] taken some interwebz revenge on the fundamentalist Joooz who made the decision. Above, courtesy of Uppity Woman, is (I think) the original Male Removed image by […]

  135. My mother died in Florida. When she got ill, I tried to air lift her back home a number of times as it was increasingly difficult to be there and here at the same time. It was harrowing to have to rush there a number of times. This went on for nearly two years and she never retured during that time. I don’t think seniors realize how hard this is on their families when they are in Florida and family is in NY, working, living and taking care of their parents’ northern home in winter, etc.

    Indeed UW, my grandparents retired to florida, but kept the lake property in Central NY, that has been on our family for over 100 years. When they could not longer make the trip back and forth, to sold the house in Florida and got into assisted living town house for Colgate Alumni, in Hamilton NY of course.
    When my grandfather died, my mother decided she needed the money and she sold the lake property.
    It has always been my dream to somehow get that property back, My family was the first with property there, they were farmers…….oh the things that make me sad are so many these days.

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