Cockroach Alert: Some freaks are an excellent argument for the death penalty.

Cockroach Alert:

This is Christian Choate.

Or rather, this was Christian Choate.

At the age of 13, Christian lived in a dog cage in his cockroach father’s trailer. He was allowed out to eat and use the bathroom. Also for beatings at his cockroach father’s will.

Christian’s sister found him dead in his cage one day in 2009. So his father, cockroach Riley Choate, came home, dug a hole, threw some lime on him and buried him under concrete. But he did remember to put a bible on his chest because his cockroach father is obviously a Christian soul.

After he got his rocks off killing his son off, Riley moved Christian’s sister Christina from Gary, Indiana to Kentucky. She was not allowed to use the phone or go to school.  She lived in fear for two years and said nothing to authorities about the death of her brother. Then her cockroach father moved back to Gary, Indiana and that’s when she told the police about her brother.

POS Riley and POS Kimberly

Riley also had a cockroach stepmother, Kimberly Kubina. She helped the cockroach Riley Choate bury his son. She and her cockroach soulmate Riley have been charged with murder, battery, criminal confinement, and neglect of a dependent in the young boy’s death.

So tell me: What should be done with these two cockroaches, Riley Choate and Kimberly Kubina, before they put them out with the rest of the trash?


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  1. Some crimes are just so reprehensible that the perp forfeits any consideration of counseling and rehabilitation. Unless of course you are Jeralyn Merritt, who appears to feel more empathy for the perps than their victims.

    Scarce resources should instead be used to help surviving victims and their families.

  2. Evil incarnate. I cannot conceive of a punishment that fits the crime – and I’m a liberal.
    Scum of the earth. I’m speechless, but that poor little girl will need a lot of help to get over this, if that is possible.

  3. I liked chaining them for the dogs but I fear that punishment might be too brief. Terrible people.

  4. the other day Allie post ed a joke about what was found on Ben Ladins computer. Now is comes out there was a lot of porn on it.



  5. There has to be a special place in Hell for anyone who hurts a child. Everywhere, everyday a child is a victim. They are defenseless and can not fight back. Cowards who could not stand up to a grownup , get their jollies off hurting a child. The rate of child abuse will rise due to economic pressures and people’s inability to cope.
    Families and neighbors have to start speaking out and notifying authorities when the suspect child abuse. I would rather have being called nosey on my conscience than have the victimization of a child while I stood by and did nothing on it.



  6. This is just so evil. But I think it happens more often than one might think. Even in America.

    I am in tears thinking about what that little boy endured. And his sister. I am so glad she has escaped, though I am sure it will be difficult to get over.

    Playing Devil’s advocate, there is an argument to be made for our government to track the location and identity of every single child in America until they are 18. Yes, yes, it is an affront to civil liberties. I am big on civil liberties. But it would be much harder to conceal abused children, kidnapped children, murdered children and children bought and sold as sex slaves. Even conservatives might acknowledge that there is a better argument for this — that the State has an interest in the health and well-being of actually citizens (“born in America”) — than for outlawing abortion.


  7. Largest stash of goat porn evah!

  8. here is a bitch that should rot in hell. The death sentence should not be an injection that is painless, the electric chair should be brought back just for her.



  9. djmm, things would be closer to safe if psychos were not allowed to spawn. We put more oversight into who gets a driver’s licence than we put into the thought of who might become parents. I would be willing to be that these two pieces of garbage had a history before he shot a wod and became a “parent”. The mother of this boy hadn’t seen him in years and suddenly got worried after her daughter told her the tale two years later. tell me she’s all there too.

    I am also a believer that anyone who molests or abuses a child should be put to sleep. Period.

  10. An Islamofascist with porn. That’s new. Not. I’ve got a couple of posts about these pigs and what they really are, including their homosexual activities. NES once sent me some links to pakistani porn stories. And then there are those Saudi Royal pigs. These freaks are major hypocrites, demanding everyone be dominated by their bogus religous dogma while not following their own ludicrous rules. In this way, they are a lot like many of the right wing here. Pray one way, live another. Only these animals was to kill you if you ‘offend’ their hypocritical bullshit. Their leaders are pigs and they are busy killing their subjects for doing what they do.

  11. Largest stash of goat porn evah!

    Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Was it good for you?

  12. I told you! That’s why there was a goat in the video. First they screw them. Then they eat them. yum!

  13. Oh wow, I think that would have sent OBL over the edge. She is so beautiful. hahahahahahahahahaha

  14. If I owned a goat, I would hide it asap.

  15. He’s with 72 of them now, McNorman.

  16. Howling. hahahahahaha

  17. And I am sure that he has very special names for each of the 72 goats.

  18. Cockroach is too good a word for these mutants, Uppity. I’ll not risk banishment from your excellent blog for the description I have in mind.

  19. oh it is times like these that I would like to rethink my opposition to the death penalty. But I can’t. I do however think that grief sick family should be able to take a shot at them with no penalty. I know a couple of drug dealers who I’d like to shoot in the head. They didn’t kill my loved one, but they tried pretty damned hard, bringing him free heroin the minute he gets out of rehab. But drug addiction is a slow death. it might take my loved one yet and if that happens, there’s a guy in south Florida named Will whose life isn’t going to be worth sh*t.

  20. the moral being that if there is a relative of that poor child who actually gives a damn, they alone should be able to kill them. I do not think the state has any business deciding life and death. Can’t help it.

  21. teresa, if there was a relative that cared the child would not be dead. JMO of course, based on past historyk however cowards like these two slime would not have done anything if they thought people were watching and taking note.

  22. States don’t decide who dies. States carry out the decision. Juries and judges decide. If we left it to individuals, it would be an arbitrary and lawless country

  23. OY – look like Barack doesn’t give a crap about a peaceful* ME.

    Read the analysis on this link

    Hope HRC throws in the towel too.

    And of course, Barack has chosen to give his “Muslim Brothers” speech at the State Department.

    Let’s see how well that flies with the career folks.


  24. in most states, juries decide guilt, the state decides the penalty. I don’t trust the government to be the decider, look how many more black people get the death penalty that white people. I believe in the possible redemption of any life, even for these sick people.
    Relatives defending their own is not any more arbitrary and lawless than me defending my life or the lives of my loved ones or those people around me from a leach who wants my stuff and is willing to kill me to get it.

  25. The judge does the sentencing. Are you saying State because states decide whether or not there is a death penalty in that state?

  26. I believe in the possible redemption of any life, even for these sick people.

    I couldn’t disagree more. It’s all these “redeemed” freaks we keep letting out of prison who commit the same crime, or even worse, particularly as it applies to child molestation, as it has been proven time and again that you cannot rehab these freaks. And I really do think that people who commit murder should never be allowed to walk a street again. now I might loosen my feelings if Life meant Life in this country. But it doesn’t.

  27. HT nad others:

    It’s hard to blame an entire family. Many people ARE, friends and relatives, concerned about these murderous parents…teachers wonder why the kid isn’t in school. A good Canadian friend was raped regularly by her horseshit father. Mired in guilt, she kept it a secret, married an abusive husband who was pals with her dad. She finally told her own kids and, of course, they didn’t believe their gramps would do that. She found her outlet in the darkest poetry. She’s gone now–finally at peace. She sent me a haunting poem about her father abusing her, instructed me to send it to her Canadian daughter. I would, but she’s married to a good man who treats her right. Nothing to be gained from sending it.

    My concern is for that surviving girl= What hell did she endure? No punishment is enough for these people. Too bad burning at the stake went out with the Middle Ages.

  28. Uppity Woman, on May 13, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    here here!

  29. I feel a bout of Can You Top This coming on….

  30. LOL Uppity. Well, let me say, if you don’t want a plethora of tales about how many dreadful cockroaches there are in the world – including in the lives of your readers – stick to Kitteh Vids, recipes and photoshopped images of Ubama! LOL

  31. Here’s some news – Honshu Japan had a 6.2 EQ today.

  32. I can’t help it, FF. I’m jus a masochist.

  33. SCREETCH!!!!

  34. Oy!! Sorry to ramble on like that. FF is right, we need more kitteh (and kid or dog vids), recipes and never outgrow our need for photoshops of Teh Won.

  35. How’s that toof, Uppity? You can’t RUN anymore?
    I might be able to ketch yu!!

    BTW, ran Malwarebytes per your suggestion yesterday AND today and scans were clean.

  36. I keep laughing about “My Pet” pengy of the sidebar.
    Uppity’s pet peny is a lousy skater. 🙂

  37. PENGY!!!!!!!!

  38. Helen: The rate of child abuse will rise due to economic pressures and people’s inability to cope.

    The rate of elder abuse, as well, Helen.

  39. …….as does the rate of Uppity Women with big dogs shooting intruders in the face.

  40. I did not want to pollute your lovely civet-pooping-coffee posting, but here are stories about a couple of other cockroaches.

    A “prophet of God” beheads a retired British women at a supermarket in Tenerife:

    He had been in a psychiatric hospital because of his violent behavior, but wouldn’t you know it, they released him.

    And then there is a man who poured acid in a woman’s face when she would not marry him. The Iranians may pour acid on his, which his victim wants for its deterrent effect on others:

    I cannot blame her.

    A bouncer on trial for abducting and killing a girl (after being convicted of killing two others):

    Too many roaches! What we need is a roach motel!


  41. djmm, sorry you landed in spam because of three links, which makes WP think you are a bot. I was going to cover the beheading but then just go too disgusted.. But the bouncer story is just what I mean. We let these freaks do it again. As for the Iranian acid thrower, they should pour some on his balls first and how come his punishment is delayed. Acid-face this freak NOW.

  42. Ha good place to put all homeless ACD’s. Give them best care and let them rip assholes like these apart. New sport.
    This makes me sick how the hell can someone do this ?

  43. I am sorry about the apparent spam, Uppity! This adherence to qesas is the first thing I was happy about Iran doing in a long time. I think it would have a deterrent effect on other nut cases who enjoy throwing acid on women. I understand the woman’s feelings entirely and applaud her for seeking justice in a way that will make such sickos think twice. I doubt it is Amnesty Internationals’ protest that is making Iran hesitate. You can bet that if the perp were a woman who had thrown acid on a man they would not wait one instant.


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