John W. Smart on Special Right Wing Crackpot advice for the insignificant wimmin who married Arnold (R-Pig)

I was practically hyperventilating when I read John W. Smart’s latest post. It seems that a Dr. Ablow has some advice for Maria Shriver.  After reading his bullshit, I have concluded that Dr. Ablow, of Glenn Beck partnership fame (golly that’s shocking, isn’ it?),  really should consider writing for Psychology Today, since they love crackpot sexist psycho-ranters who haven’t resolved their relationships with their mothers.

I think it’s pretty safe to bet that Dr. Ablow is one of those Family Values guys who criticized Hillary for staying with her husband, while today he chastises Maria for not tolerating the fucking pig she’s married to any longer. Because when it comes to the Deep Right End, there are Rules For Thee and Rules For Me — and they are never the same.  For example, if a non-Republican  married elected official is caught having an affair, it is Adultery. If a Republican married elected official is caught having an affair, it’s not adultery, it’s Falling Short Of The Glory of God. If a  married non-Republican elected official has a child with someone other than his wife,  the spawn is a Bastard. But if a married Republican elected official has a child with someone other than his wife, it is a “Love Child”.  And obviously, in the case of Arnold (R-Pig), God forgives Arnold, but God will never forgive Maria if she doesn’t let him get away with what he did and tell him to do more of it.

How can you not love John W. Smart. He sees every sexist turd that floats to the top of the punch bowl. And Dr. ABlowhard is this week’s punch bowl winner:

Snatched with permission from John W Smart.

Blame the Shriver

Posted on May 19, 2011 by JWS

Skipping over the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the worst governor in any living Californian’s lifetime – as that is worthy of another post or two or six thousand – further, let’s jump past what we now know is Arnold’s decade long deceit about a child that he fathered and who played and spent scads of time with his half siblings – unbeknownst to any of them, and that he lied to and humiliated his wife, and that he boned the California public and that he is, in general, an asshole of the first order…skip all that…

 and let’s focus on one Dr. Keith Ablow. Dr. Ablow writes that Maria Shriver now has the opportunity to “embrace her husband as never before”.  Because, the bad doctor says, if she’d taken a lie detector test she would have “known” he was up to no good.

Honestly, you cannot make this shit up. Read the whole piece. It’s astounding and it’s deranged. A page long, barely veiled invitation for Shriver to stick it out with her abuser, and, any sane person knows, endure more abuse.

One can’t quite imagine this man giving Schwarzenegger the same advice if Shriver had waltzed in after a decade and announced – Hon, ya know our son little Billy, he’s not yours. I got some strange from the gardener in 1999. But deep down you knew that, so it’s not a deal breaker, right? 

Does Dr. Ablow know his article seethes with blame the victim smugness? Probably not. He’s co-written a book with Glenn Beck so one can intuite that he’s benefited from the affirmative action program called The Peter Principle, and that he’s a psychodrama disaster zone, like his co-author. His advice to Shriver is just this side of “I know he hits you but it’s your job as a woman to take it.” 

The capper is Ablow’s claim that Arnold is “weak” right now. As if this assumption is cause for Shriver to jump back in the marriage and for us to feel bad for him. Well, ya know what, I feel awful for Maria Shriver not the alleged man she married. Yet, another woman of means and brains has been heaved aside by her callous, much dumber husband. I want to see one of these political wives go after her husband hammer and tongs. Badly.

And it’s also as if the doctor thinks being caught caused the weakness. Doc, FYI, Arnold was “weak” when he philandered. He was weak when he lied. He was weak when he allowed his family to live a lie for a decade. As far as anyone can tell he’s never not been weak, which explains quite a lot if you think about it.

No, Dr. Ablow, marriage vows are not an excuse to degrade one of the parties in the marriage. There are, in fact, deal breakers. Ms. Shriver quite rightfully ought to take care of herself and her kids now and let her creepy husband wander into the abyss. And you, sir, ought to shut your pie hole.

Uppity Note: You know, I tend to agree that Maria should “embrace Arnold as never before”. In the middle of the night. With an ice pick. How’s that “Dr.” Ablowhard?


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  1. Arnold should be down on his knees thanking God that her name is Maria not Lorrena.
    I see she got a divorce lawyer. Good for her. Take the slime for everything and make sure it includes future earnings as he has put his entertainment company’s plans on hold.

    By divorcing the slime she is teaching her sons that you pay when you play and she is teaching her daughters you do not have to tolerate bad behavior.



  2. Well gee. Funny how our state went down the tubes on his watch, no? Guess he was, elsewhere or something. What will be interesting is to see what Shriver does. She and Caroline K are my gen. When they didn’t support Hillary? I couldn’t get over it. No kidding. Anyway, my gen was teen in 1970. Second Wavers (Hillary) were starting to make strides and there are many Beck’s who didn’t like that. really didn’t like that, unforch. Hugs Uppity. going to read the orig now.

  3. Oh brother that article —- patriarchyville speaks! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! omg what century are they in? Seriously. What century?

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  5. DE, how pissed off an I? The one menu, at the top, right of the admin comments section is gone. Now I have to go find my drafts and look at the dashboard to start a new post. I simply cannot believe they call this an improvement. Nothing like fixing things that aren’t broken and the users have been happy with forever.

  6. Remember the Bobbit & keep it sharp.

  7. Well done, Uppity!

  8. Like I said, if there were a serial lorena bobbit out there, it would cure these guys pretty fast.

  9. lol at ice pick. You really mean it when you say that he’d have to fall asleep sometime, don’t you?

  10. Maria to Arnold: “Hasta la vista,baby”.

  11. I could never stand Arnold. My Mom & I worked for a wealthy man who sponsored Arnold when he was new here & breaking in. One day the boss showed us & couple of other women who worked with us a pic of Arnold in his nasty muscle-y glory. The other women thought he was good looking, but my mom & I thought he looked creepy (I was a teenager at the time). One of the gals asked the boss what he was like & boss answered “Dumber than Dumb”. Which was also my opinion later. I think we pegged him wrong though as hes turned out to be not as dumb as we thought. He’s supposed to be worth hundreds of millions, took out a sitting elected gov, and has gotten away with the most disgusting, misogynistic behavior for decades. I think boss & I should have said “viler than vile” instead. btw, I wrote on JWS that I was shocked when Maria married him, my Mom & I both were shocked.

  12. The only thing Maria should do is get a good lawyer –which I hear she has done, and get screened for STDs.

    What is wrong with these women who throw themselves at a creep like this? Are they dumber than bags of hair–or do they have no self-respect?

  13. Well, well lookie here…..Trump being investigated by NY AG… you don’t suppose it has anything to do with his going after BO for releasing his COLB??

  14. You really mean it when you say that he’d have to fall asleep sometime, don’t you?


    Edit P.S. I am a fairly forgiving soul. But this, I do not forgive.

  15. Dammit! I HATE what WP has done to admin format. To make it worse, the print got smaller. Cripes, I’m blind enough without WP catering to pissants who haven’t worked long enough for their eyes to catch up with them. Jesus. Everything looks washed out with all this white and light grey.

  16. imust, you know how it rolls. Bawaak gets rid of his competition, especially the competition he fears. So now Trump gets investigated and drops out. That’s more like Barack. Look at his Chicago thug running history.

  17. Socal and AnnE, personally I hope Maria cleans his clock, the pig. I never liked him. I never liked his neanderthal looks or his goofy dracula accent or his fugly muscles.

  18. Folks, I am working on an “UP ALL NIGHT WONDERING IF MY ASS WILL BE RAPTURED” thread for tomorrow night. Be sure to stop by.

  19. I’m being raptured right now……………..

  20. Awwww Shit…..False Alarm.

  21. Damnit DE, that means we’re both going “the other way.” I doan want to be with Ahnold.

  22. Awwww Shit…..False Alarm

    Don’t you hate when that happens?

  23. Telstar Products, which does business as Sprint International Inc., recalled 317,000 Telstar and Electra brand energy-saving light bulbs because they can overheat and have so far caused two fires, the CPSC said. The light bulbs were sold at discount stores in New York and New Jersey from August 2010 through March 2011 for between $1 and $1.50. The CPSC lists the model numbers included in the recall. Consumers should return the bulbs for a refund.

    ———unless they burned down with your house. In that case you are SOL.

  24. That sound familiar.

  25. I’ll be here after my committee meeting. We just took laker to his prom. It was so cute! Going to a show now. BBL.

  26. Labs in Germany and other countries have found those curly bulbs are emitting toxins and are dangerous. They can burn down your house, they have mercury, they emit toxins and they cost way more.

    Great, just great.

  27. Are those pengys being raptured. Why are the children stopping them from going to the happy hunting ground in the sky? Put down those nets and let the butterf.. um, pengys free.

  28. Those bulbs are just the stepping stone towards even mere expensive LED bubs.

  29. FYI, everyone. DE has had his experience with CFLs. You can read about it here.These are not safe on so many levels, perhaps you will understand what would otherwise be an eccentricity that I have an attic full of incandescent bulbs in preparation for the law that will go into effect, for which our entire congress should be indicted.

  30. LOL! I just pulled a comment out from that linked post I just put up. It’s from WMCB and it’s Priceless.

    WMCB, on July 25, 2009 at 9:29 PM said: Edit Comment
    Pfffffffffft! You think people are rally going to save up those bulbs and take them to be recycled like good little comrades? When they didn’t want to buy the damn things in the first place, but the govt MADE them?

    I know human nature. Legal or not, they are going to bust that puppy and cram it down inside a bag with kitty litter and old chicken parts. If you put it in with the stinky stuff, the trash guys ain’t gonna look close enough to see you’ve got contraband in the trash.

    People that buy the bulbs voluntarily might recycle them properly, but people who get MADE to do shit against their will have a way of going passive aggressive on your ass

  31. Haha! I remember that post and that comment! Ah, good times!

  32. There is no doubt that This guy would have given the opposite advice to Hillary, wishing to see Bill Clinton with even more misery than the unrelenting 10 years of attacks on the man had already caused.
    And it is no one’s GD business what a woman or a man decides to do about that kind of betrayal. Bill betrayed Hillary and it wasn’t the first time, thought I think a lot of people blew his minor affairs in to much more than they were and many more than existed. I even remember one dimwit over at DU go on and on about the great love affair that he and Monica had and how they would end up together….blah blah blah. It was one of the many times I wanted to request that they institute an IQ test before allowing people to comment there. But then I am not always a very nice person. There is a certain kind of stupid that makes me grind my teeth.
    Hillary stayed, she caught hell for it from a lot of people and it was suggested that it was only about political power. Shame on those people. I think it is pretty damn clear that they love each other and value family and keeping Chelsea’s intake for her sake and for theirs. Good for them. Besides, who the hell are you ever going to be with after Bill or Hillary Clinton. Hillary said in her book that they started a conversation back at Law School and it has never stopped. Sounds like a pretty damn good marriage in the balance.

  33. Teresa @ 6.28
    I read a book review of his Mom’s “Raising A President”. When BC told her he wanted to marry Hillary, she suggested that he rethink. BC said it’s Hillary or no one. Yes he does love her, and she him.

  34. What I find the most interesting about this whole arnold love baby thing is that he was able to keep it “hidden” for more than 10 years while he was planning to run for governor, during the campaigns, and his whole 2 terms. Now, the press are all over it like bees on honey. Somebody gave the press the permission to go with the story. So who’s in control of the press?

  35. Yeah, I must. Money buys silence. There was one report which said he signed papers with some media company giving them exclusive rights to insider info about gov’t happenings in exchange for them not looking too deeply at his private affairs.

    The media would have been sued if they claimed he had a child with another woman if they didn’t have proof to back it up and there was no way the maid was going to rat him out. She has a great big house in California and all the trimmings. A housekeeper. She got her some hush money.

    btw – I just went to a music site I called home for a long time till it disbanded a few years ago. We discussed politics daily too. The posts I made (and other friends too) back in 2004 were nothing short of psychic when it comes to this man. My Cali friends were starting recall petitions when he got in. We were pissed off that the press was ignoring his treatment of women. And many of us were feeling horrified by the state of the world at the time and that he could get elected.

    Boy, we didn’t know things were going to get even more fun in 2008. We didn’t know that was just a harbinger of the misogyny we’d see in the iron my shirt world of 08.

    As the country crooner says – sometimes its hard to be a woman….

  36. Pam, no doubt he loves her till death does them part.

    He was wrong. He isn’t perfect, by a long shot. He let his tool overrule his huge brain. He was a horn dog like the rest of the powerful men that have risen to the top of the heap.

    Yet, WJC was the best damn president of my lifetime and he is still going strong with his foundations which do so much good in this world.

    And yeah. There is no doubt whatsoever she loves him to bits too. The ultimate power couple.

  37. Oh, it is not the Shriver flaw, it’s the Kennedy flaw.

    Yeah, blame that woman for her spouse’s philandering.

  38. Maria has got to hit Arnold where it will hurt the most : die Brieftasche …go girl .

  39. hearing just now on MSNBC that Maria Shriver has retained a powerful female divorce lawyer who handles the divorces of the rich and famous. Looks like she is planning on taking him to the cleaners. He owes her big time. He is very very rich with lots and lots of real estate holdings.

  40. BTW, to anyone who tried to read my 6:28 comment, my most humble apologies for grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation etc…..

  41. Well yeah, those kennedys WERE pigs. But it FIGURES they would blame all the Kennedy wives. In any event, how does this excuse Arnold. He hasn’t got a whit of their ‘genes’ so what’s HIS excuse, the pig.

  42. For the unvarnished truth, read uppitywoman! I am am all-a-chuckle thinking about bobbitting, icepick justice, and etc. My take on Maria Shriver, though, is that she will take the highroad as to what she says, particularly as the children are not yet adults and may be close to their father, but I am glad to read Teresainpa’s reportage that she might hit him in the moneybelt. That’s the only way to get through to rich sexist pig men anyway!

  43. Geeze cabochon, that fifty bucks I gave you to say nice things about me has really worked out well for me!

    Hit em in the wallet and their hearts and minds will follow. Yup.

  44. Prediction: The pig will pull out all the stops to reunite with Maria. It’s cheaper.

  45. Not only cheaper, but it will make him seem like a sensitive manly man and it will be great for his new career path – whatever that is. He completely grosses me out.

  46. Oh yeah, Uppity, “it’s cheaper”, but when he says “This will NEVER happen again….” Geez, that’s an insult to Maria’s intelligence.

    Maria= “Hasta la vista, baby.”

    Grrr. That ABC link of McNormsn’s= right toward the very end of the clip, a psychologist said: “Maria Shriver is still an “enigma,” Peele said. “On the one hand, she fought for women’s rights and asserted herself, and on the other hand, she may have enabled her husband’s abuse.”

    What an idiotic way to close. Ooooh, the enigmatic enabler? That kind of backhanded insult is just one of the reasons I quit watching ABC 20 years ago.

  47. Arnold might have been successful in keeping Maria and his community property Deutsche Marks…IF he had not subjected his two families to live together for tens years ….but I’m thinking that will be what steels Maria’s resolve …’s the infinite laziness of these pigs that often sinks them…the maid, the secretary…in Woody Allen’s case, the step daughter…who ever is under foot will do .

  48. paper doll: “who ever is under foot will do”

    You are absolutely right. Women need to wise up and not let themselves be used like that.

    This story is distracting from the wholesale selling out of Israel. We knew he’d do it. We warned them. I joined several Jewish org chat rooms during the primaries to yell at them for putting up pro-obama articles and for encouraging support of him despite the huge red flags that he would kick the crap out of Israel the first chance he got.

    How the hell is Hillary sitting there watching this?

    I am not surprised at all by his ignorance of history, his ignorant remarks that some ignorant cheetoes eating kid on his staff threw together as a policy while obama was out golfing… and I am certainly not the least bit surprised by his manipulative destruction plans of Israel and his siding with anti-Israel forces. He is rooting for Hamas (just like Uncle Jerry taught him) and Hezbollah. That we all knew.

    I am surprised that Hillary is quiet. She should have stood up and kicked him in the knee caps, yelled “you fool” and stormed out of the room.

    If only.


    You will not have to cook dinner tonight. According to this guy the rapture is at 6 o’clock tonight, not tomorrow.



  50. karen , Barry doesn’t mean it…he knows saying that means the whole process will stop….what a good many on both sides and here want….it shuts down any idea of dealing with the situation. It’s a blow for the status que while looking like he’s doing something …it’s laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

    If he meant it, I dare say Hill would do something…

  51. Why the hasta la vista? Baby

    There are Hollywood rumors that there are other spawn sprinkled around. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    I like the sections regarding the double standard, i.e. if Maria said to him “one of these kids is not like the others…” Perfectly expressed.

    I dunno though… given The Inseminator’s reputation as a serial cheater, I’m surprised that Maria has even stayed this long as it is. I’m thinking that the only way she couldn’t realize it is that they’ve been living essentially separate lives for awhile, and therefore didn’t put two and two together. It happens.

  52. For those of you that have dogs, a recall



  53. The election cycle starts



  54. the IMF seems to be a male pig sty



  55. Is the rapture today or tomorrow?

  56. FF, that was funny. I wonder if that means they’d get Calif back also?

  57. Well some new crackpot announced it’s at 6PM. I guess that’s EST. I simplly cannot accept that. I have a lot of loose ends. Let’s hope they run late.

  58. A friend sent this to me – Schwarzenegger, The Musical.

  59. If the end of the world is at six, that means I don’t have to cook tonight

  60. Just keep refreshing the Earthquake page. When it all turns red – we’re done!

  61. Hmm. 6:00 pm seems terribly inconvenient for the poor people commuting home from work. Saturday would be the better day, traffic wise.

  62. What if they’re floating up & get hit by a jumbo jet?

    And what happens to gravity? Is it shut off & then shut back on or something?

  63. Awww, pengy’s beong raptured! I will miss them! And Felix the Kat! Mary Poppins can go though.

  64. FF, I notice Bill isn’t floating up. He’s too cool to leave us…right?

  65. annie – Bill’s in the balloon – pretendin’ – and do you really trust Penguins?

  66. “bills in the balloon – pretendin'”

    RRRROFL! Ah, he’s a funny lad!

  67. No, I don’t really trust the pengys. I see now there just up there funnin’ us, and will probably dive back down when they’re tired of it.

  68. Hey UW, I am from the far right end, andd I have known for years Arnie was a very vile man.All you have to do is watch Pumping Iron. Arnie must have really gotten along with Teddy; another pig of a man. UW, just remember to be nice to this right-wing-nut! LOL!

  69. John, I fully accept you as the complete exception to the rule! Except when you play that damned country music!

    And I’m pretty sure Teddy and Arney were BFFs. Especially when they were out for the night.

  70. I don’t make comments on individuals and public embarrassment such as this. But like the “love child” label although it’s not party-partisan but rather gender–when a child is raped by a man it’s rape (unless you’re Whoopi) and when the rapist is a woman it’s an “affair” or “sexual relationship.”

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