Let us celebrate the elimination of another cockroach instead of his victim.

The 53-year-old woman managed to make it to a neighbor’s home where she collapsed on the kitchen floor without clothes and soaking wet. A 911 operator requested the neighbors put her on the phone to learn more about what happened.

Tearfully, the victim said, “I was in the shower and the lights cut out of my house and this man came in with a hood on and he had a knife in his hand and he was covering his mouth with his glove or his hand.”

She said the man told her to get out of the tub and that he tried to force her onto the bed.

“I told him I had a child and that I had money and I’d give him money,” said the woman.

She told the 911 operator she managed to reach her .22 caliber gun in the bedroom and ” shot him as much as I could”.

The suspect, later identifed as 33-year-old Israel Puentes of Alphatetta, ran out the sliding glass doors and collapsed and died on the street.

Oh Boo Freaking Hoo. Say goodbye, cockroach. You died like a wild animal in the street. Better you than her.

…And people continue to wonder why gun sales and large dog acquisitions are on the rise among women in America.  Women are realizing  that:

1) They are On Their Own and

2) Enough is enough.

My only regret for her is that she didn’t have a large, well-trained dog to jump this freak from behind, because this POS would have never made it to her shower stall if she did. Then she could have finished her shower and called for large pest cleanup.

Now listen to what this vermin did to this woman and tell me that removing that POS from the gene pool isn’t a cause for celebration. If that’s what you’re going to tell me, then you are probably accidentally reading the wrong blog, because I joined the legion of women who are sick and tired of this shit long ago.

Let us also give thanks that we won’t have to pay for this animal’s trial or incarceration.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is what others (including other women) think of what this school counselor did to this vermin.

Let this bag of shit’s death serve as another little warning to all you rapist and Power and Control dickheads. Plenty of us are no longer willing to put up with your psycho sicko crap and leave you to our useless justice system that cares more about you than us. Given  a choice between your lives and ours, you are going to die if we can help it. And it looks like more and more of us CAN help it.  If you plan on entering our homes, the odds are getting better every day that you are going to go down the steps backwards — and as time goes on, we are going to feel less and less guilty about it too, just like you don’t feel guilty about your Power and Control problem. We already don’t give a shit what your story is either. Those Boo Hoo My Childhood days are GONE.  We’re more angry by the minute. And we’ve had it with this crap. Every day, more and more women and seniors are figuring it out: It’s Them or You–and just as often as not, THEY get to pick.

So, Bye Bye  Israel Puentes. The world is a far far better place without you in it.

Here’s some more delightful news. Just a few links of MANY about women and the elderly removing vermin from this planet.

84 year-old woman sends cockroach with soiled pants running from her .38 special.

71 year-old woman cleans intruder’s clock with frying pan.

Woman kills intruder during 911 call.

84 year-old former Miss America stops her thieves by balancing herself on her walker and shooting out their tires.

89-year-old woman decides It’s Me Or You.

Woman shop owner decides she’s had enough.

Woman comes to aid of officer in distress to take down some vermin.

Woman puts a bullet in home invader’s head.

Company designs Palm Pistol, intended for the handicapped and seniors.


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  1. I’d like to celebrate that this cockroach had the decency to go outside to die, thereby sparing the woman the expense of cleaning her carpet.

  2. You’re right jay. Such a mess. He ran like a scared rabbit and died like a wild animal. How fine. I guess he learned what pain feels like instead of inflicting some on someone else. I hope his last lucid thoughts were F**K! I shouldn’t have done that! I bet he wasn’t horny then either!

  3. The thing is, big dogs scare these dirtballs away. They scare the crap out of them. If he knew she had a protective dog in the house he wouldn’t have even tried that stunt.

    There was a cat in the house though. Here’s a shot of him.

  4. Obviously from the reaction on the news report this didn’t happen in CA, VT, WA,………

  5. The day NY tells me I can’t have a gun in my home is the day I say goodbye to this criminal-riddled state.

  6. It happened in Georgia DE, in suburban Atlanta.

  7. Good for her! You are of course correct Uppity- the guy died like the wild animal he was- in the street. (No insult intended to wild animals)
    I too am sick of these psychos and their boo hoo my Mommy was mean to me excuses. Plenty of people had less than stellar childhoods and do not go around inflicting their inner torment on others.
    No excuses. No whining. And if the justice system is going to wuss out on us- then we shall rectify matters on our own!

  8. ROFL @ the peanut butter crackers falling from the sky!

    As for the post, her quick thinking saved her as much as her gun. I can’t say I’d have been smart given the same situation.

  9. This reminds me to clean my pistol! (Although I have 4 big dogs – while they might not rip an intruder’s throat out, he’d certainly trip over ’em 😉

  10. Val I learned what my dog can do when two pitties came at us both last summer. Toss in a bullet and I’m not worried except cleanup will be a bitch. I have had it and I wouldn’t hesitate. If I had a license to carry I would have killed those two pitties right in front of their dumb owner too. Fortunately, my neighbor finaly slowed things down when he ran out of his home with a baseball bat and cracked it over one of those freak dogs heads The bat broke so he wasn’t kidding. This got the interest of the owner who was busy protecting herself by letting it rip. Her dog was loose. Her friend with her other dog was being dragged around in the attack. Useless people, really.

    Keep that gun clean and available. Don’t be one of these shitbbag’s victims. Make HIM a victim.

  11. I still remember that woman telling me how “sweet” her dogs are after they tried to kill me and my dog. one of them bit her.

  12. Would it be terribly insensitive to cheer at this moment?

  13. I hate pitbulls ever since and fortunately nobody in my neighborhood is stupid enough to have one. These people were walking by. But I carry pepper spray now and I wouldn’t hesitate to kill one of these animal aggressive dogs with owners too dumb to control them. If one of them showed up loose on my property I would shoot it dead and I am not kidding. You can’t control your dog, I will.

  14. Glad she did what she did. Hope she can live with what she did. Many can not get over having to pull the trigger seriously. I have always believed armed citizens are safe citizens. No gun control rah rah bull for me. I do however feel owners of said guns should take gun training and go to ranges to practice like cops have to. Too often a person grabs a gun waving it around in the wrong situation and ends up shooting someone innocent or having their gun turned on themselves because they hesitated. Easy to say what you would do until you have to really do it. Me I practice and I go to the police range and drill . If I tell you I can shoot a pimple off your ass at 150 yards trust me I can.
    Anyway yes the people are getting tired regardless what BS you hear on the liberal media. Sure after Gabby was shot the cry for banning guns went out again but I fear they would have a repeat of the revolutionary war in this country . And note where her gun was. Out and unlocked where she could grab it and put it to use. Mine are too and most likely with me at all times. I find it ludicrous to own a firearm and have a trigger lock on it and it in a safe and the ammo locked away. Tell me how that is working out for you when you are being attacked.

  15. Utah knows about my dog attack, right sister?

    Utah, all anybody has to remind this woman of is how she would have been dead instead. I HONESTLY don’t think I would feel badly about it. Not at all. I would be traumatized at the attempt on me, but beyond that I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over killing a shitbag.

  16. Would it be terribly insensitive to cheer at this moment?

    I would say it would be expected.

  17. I think I’ll add this video.

  18. Yes, quite appropriate.

  19. Val, on May 23, 2011 at 8:56 AM said:
    This reminds me to clean my pistol! (Although I have 4 big dogs – while they might not rip an intruder’s throat out, he’d certainly trip over ‘em

    I’m sick of pit bull owners claiming how sweet their dogs are. I’m sure they are until they aren’t. Anyone who buys one is asking for trouble and I love dogs. Enough is enough with the pit bulls.

  20. I’m cheering for the ladies who fight back.

    Re pit bulls, there is a ban on new pit bulls, and existing ones have to be muzzled if they are outside – tis the law and there is a stiff penalty for disobeying it.

  21. Pit Bulls are not dogs plain and simple they are bred gangsta killing machines. Yes dear Upps your girls put herself in harms way to protect you from one of these born killing machines and thank heaven she and you were not hurt. You still ought to be rewarding her. See you should have been packing your heat and popped it and then maybe had a night stick to pop that idiot woman that had the pitt. Anyway
    I would shoot in a NY second too but not to say I would not suffer a bit of remorse regardless of what the crack head was trying to do. Taking a human life is a tough thing and when one can kill without a bit of remorse it makes me wonder. Good bad or otherwise life is a gift and taking one is just hard for me to understand. Not in a situation such as this but in a situation as to this creep coming into her home to rape and do ?? . But you see I would feel a bit because I am a person that sees life as a gift and not a right to kill others and hurt them and take what they have. That is what separates me from animals that wish to harm me. I hunt so when I kill dear little Bambi I feel bad seriously I do. I get over it but I worry about one that kills and feels nothing.

  22. Just as with us humans, animals are the sum total of their genes, I suspect. The problem with pitbulls is they are mostly badly bred. Freaks put two mean fighting dogs together and then these cute little puppies emerge. Later they land in the pound, where someone falls in love with the cuties. Or the swine gives them to other people just like him and then THEY breed them, and probably often INBREED them. Just like their owners inbreed. You aren’t going to be easily finding a pit bull that is well bred for “temperament”. Then too, a breed is the sum of its breed characteristics. If you like cats you do not get a breed that eats them. The problem is, people dont THINK when they get a dog. They put more time into buying new socks than into researching breeds. Much as I feel sorry for them, I would be hard pressed to get a dog from a pound, unless it were a dog whose owner died or there was a satisfactory history there. Some people ditch perfectly wonderful dogs and cats just because they became work. Or had a baby and decided in some convoluted way that a dog can’t be around, as if the pet was a temporary substitute for a kid. But when it comes to the pounds overrun with pitties, you are asking for trouble. I don’t care what anyone says. These dogs are already an animal aggressive breed, toss in bad breeding and the potential for a future danger is great . A “sweet” neighborhood pittie got loose one day and went into my friend’s yard and removed the face of her ten year old son. I won’t even get into the Husky/Akita and his ‘bear face” my neighbor’s kids fell in love with as a puppy. They had to have the police and animal control get the dog out of the house with half the family hiding in another room.

    Years ago, Dobermans had the same problem. Bad backyard breeding, until finally the breed was ruined and dangerous. It took decades to correct it. It’s happened to Dalmations, Collies, Shepherds, any breed that is the “Fad” of the time. 101 Dalmations, Lassie and RIn Tin Tin got more dogs put down than anyone can imagine. Dogs are beloved family members and they can also be weapons. These dogs have the potential to kill. They have the size, the speed and the strength for it. If you want a pure breed type and think paying half price for one out of somebody’s back yard is a good idea, think again. Their genetics are extremely important. Not only for safety but for their health. Buy a Collie for 500 bucks and find out he’s blind two years later and see how well that works out for you.

    And if you are going to get a dog bigger than a bread box, you had better not be stupid. And you had better understand that you are NOT a professional trainer and are probably screwing up. If you have no experience with big dogs, get help before you wish you had. Smacking your dog around is not bright. One day he will decide he doesn’t like it any longer. this is why I don’t particularly like Dog Whisperer. I figure one of these days a dog is going to take his face off with that belly up bullshit he pulls.

    The danger thing is happening to Doodle dogs now too due to backyard breeding. Beware from whence you get your dog, folks.

    I admittedly would only get a dog from a breeder who understands genetics and breeds for temperament and brains and the good characteristics of the breed. I would also get a dog from a breed rescue because many of these dogs and purebreed cats are there because their owners died. Cats tend to wear their experiences on their sleeves, so it’s pretty easy to learn who a rescue cat is. But when it comes to me rescuing a dog, History, History, History are important to me.

  23. See Utah, I see my life as a gift. I do not see the life of a rapist as a gift. I see it as a stain.

  24. My smartest cat was one I adopted from the Board member of an animal shelter. The cat was 12 years old and would not eat in the shelter so they were going to put it down. The Board member took her home and looked for a new owner who would work with her. Piece of cake once the cat learned that I would listen to her. She calmed down, began to eat and we both fell in love.

  25. Utah, I would imagine that pitties could emerge properly if well bred. As with Dobes, etc. but it will take decades and I don’t see it happening at all because of so much of the scum of the earth is attracted to them. They could emerge as well bred albeit animal aggressive dogs, like Akitas or Huskies. So long as they are in the hands of responsible owners, they could have a shot. I myself find them fugly but others think they are good to look at and that’s what makes the world go round. But unlike the evolution of Dobes and Rotties, nothing seems to improve with this breed. They are doomed.

    You know how hard it is to turn these things around. You work every day for ACDs.

  26. HT
    Is that ban on unmuzzled pitbulls a national ban or a local one?

  27. I’ve been working underground for some laws but NY did an anti dog ban law a few years ago because one of our corrupt legislators had himself a pittie. Cities have found ways around it though. And all that law has created is an environment where pitties get shot in people’s back yards.

  28. The longer I live here the more I realize that NY loves to create victims and help slime.

  29. My son has a doodle that they pais several hundred dollars for. Hyper and huge. Not a good combination. When I told him no more designer dogs, he said why not? He doesn’t seen to know that his dog is a big problem. Oh and the dog damaged the cat’s ear for life by biting it.

  30. HT – Is that a Canadian law?

  31. BCL your cat story reminded me of my RIP cat Rufie. As a kitten he was the sweetest cutest tuxie. I found a great home for him right there in a rich suburb. He had it made. Problem is, he would not eat. So to save his life they brought him back to me. He ate fine here. Then I found him another great home. He was that good and cute. Same deal. He stopped eating. It was then that I realized that I opened his eyes and he was bonded to me. So I kept him. He spend his entire 19 years watching my every move and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrting if I so much as glanced his way. He slept in my arms and never and I mean never left my side. However, if anyone came into the house, all they saw was a streak. I had a cleaning woman for years who never saw him except as a blur flying by. lol. He was seriously afraid I was going to give him away again for years. So sometimes, a cat needs what a cat needs. Your cat needed somebody like you.

  32. BCL the problem with Doodles is generational. The original idea was to breed a poodle with another pure bred dog. Poodle+ Lab, Poodle + Golden, and so on. Then the back yard breeders got on board and bred Doodle to Doodle and that’s how the trouble starts, because recessive genes start to emerge and there are health and temperament problems. The landscape is now riddled with really large really bad Doodles and so are the pounds.

  33. just because every once in a while we need to read something good.

    Animals are smarter and kinder then some people




  34. BCL and lorac, it’s a provincial law – Ontario only, however other provinces are making noises about implementation. We had several incidences of fatal attacks which resulted in the law. I honestly haven’t seen a pit bull here for years, and I walk Milly twice every day for an hour.

  35. Uppity
    Your story about Rufie reminds me of the cat I have now. She was so friendly and self assured when she was a kitten. At 9 months I had to call the emergency squad for pneumonia who put me on a gurney, put me in an ambulance and took me away. My cat watched the whole thing from the bedroom window. She’s petrified of men who come to the condo with ladders or other equipment. Then I went to Europe for 9 days and we had a huge windstorm. Now she is afraid of everything and everybody. A complete personality change. I need to come up with a plan to reintegrate her into society because now she’s even afraid of my son who takes care of her when I’m gone. He made the mistake of putting her into a cat carrier to take her to his home when our electricity went our for 2 days. She’s gotten seriously bonded to me and nobody else.

  36. HELENK
    Great story. Thanks goodness for people like these.

  37. Oops, I was wrong, pit bulls are banned in Manitoba as well. The ban was challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, and the court upheld the law.

  38. I have a cat that isn’t afraid of anything or anyone – any takers?

  39. US Supreme Court says California needs to release 40,000 prisoners due to overcrowding.
    Great now I will have to learn to shoot a pistol, a shotgun and learn to throw hand grenades to be safe.



  40. Ellie is a first generation Golden Doodle. Fifty pounds of pure love and affection. Not a mean bone in her body. Mom was a sweet golden and Dad a full-size white poodle. Three more doodles in the neighborhood and everyone of them delightly playful and appropriately passive. They are all first generation and all neutered. They require a firm hand, but most dogs do if you want them to become welcome members of the family. The meanest dogs in our neighborhood are the terriers. Aggressive as all get out.

  41. LOL on the pound dogs- best dog EVAH- bar none was our Skipper- bought him as a pup from the pound and that dog was the BEST! Some kind of lab/afghan cross- beautiful brindle coloring- but personality could not be beat! Only dog allowed on the school playground- he would “entertain” the disciplinary problems. Once Skip got on the playground- those kids were all good to go. He would chase a tennis ball for hours. Run UP the slide to the great delight of all the children.
    That dog is the one that paid back every hour of training I put in. No replacing that dog- ever.
    Aladdin we got from a friend- we knew the mother dog- he is high intensity border collie mix- will run for hours- and a champion woodchuck eliminator. Excellent watch dog and easy with kids and farm animals.
    No more high energy dogs after this one though. Haven’t the energy myself to give them what they need.
    My DIL has a chihuahua which I am currently watching. Yappy little thing. Cute- but is it really a dog?

  42. Too funny. I guess Obama won’t be home soon, he seems to be stuck in Ireland. (My poor ancestors have been through enough, please God, don’t make Obama’s stay any longer than necessary. http://www.rte.ie/news/av/2011/0523/media-2963651.html#

  43. thanks guys for the pet stories it just warms my old heart

  44. HONORA! ROFLMAO! Too funny! Looks like the vehicle was, shall we say, a little “bottom heavy”- did they have to jettison a passenger to lighten it up?
    Oh my- there are just too many mean things to be said in response to that video.
    “Lay off the lobster and Kobe – you’re weighing down the vehicle!”

  45. PMM– I found another video, that went on for 6:40 minutes and then the movie stopped, with the president still stuck. The Secret Service must have been sh#tting bricks. I wish I knew how long he was stuck, but the US media is not reporting it at all.

  46. Honora- I am sure the SS was having a cow- they should have just told barky and meanchelda to get out to lighten the load.
    Not surprised the media has nothing to say- it’s all about protecting his image all the time.

  47. Obama spoke to AIPAC yesterday. His message: suck it up.
    Here’s part of what the ‘Master of Clarity” said:

    “Since my position has been misrepresented several times, let me reaffirm what ’1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps’ means,” Obama said in a speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “By definition, it means the parties themselves — Israelis and Palestinians — will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967.”

    Figure that one out!

  48. Hilarious honora!

  49. I have nothing but sympathy for the woman who killed this rapist home-invader. We live in a misogynistic rape culture during an anti-woman backlash, and it makes complete sense to me that women are arming themselves. I got my carry permit years ago, complete with multiple gun-law and -safety tests and range experience, and I highly recommend the experience. My teacher gave me “A Girl with a Gun Has More Fun” bumpersticker!

    Honora, invoke St. Patrick and tell him he forgot to rid Eire of one particularly venomous snake…

  50. Bye bye, asshole. How is that men can do this? A short circuit in the brain? Chemical imbalance? Not at any time has society dubbed this a Good Thing to Do… why do it?


    Side note: thoughts and prayers need to go out to the folks in Joplin MO – at least 89 dead and entire neighborhoods wiped off the map by that nasty tornado.

  51. Not only has the 53 school counselor saved her own health and perhaps her life, but she may have saved other potential victims as well. Who knows how many there would be from this one perp?

    Imagine what the reaction would be if all the deaths of women because they are women were instead racially-motivated killings. Everyone would be horrified (as well they should be) and politicians and celebrities would be passing laws and making public awareness commercials. But instead, it is just “boyfriend kills girlfriend and son” or “husband kills wife, shoots self” or “woman left beaten after break-in, rape” — ho, hum, who’s on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ this week?”

    In America and all over the world, a woman dies everyday because she wants to do something other than what a man who thinks he owns her wants her to do. I can only say “Bless their hearts!” for the women who fight back.


  52. I do hope Ireland keeps him. It’s what you get when your ego weighs so much. You get stuck.

    Mom, I didn’t mean to imply that there aren’t plenty of success stories with pound dogs. What I do say is it’s a gamble. And with certain breed mixes, it’s a HUGE gamble.

    And yup, Ellie, that’s how Doodles were meant to be bred.

  53. McN, love it. That is so apropos. They understand him better there than some people here do. Go figure.

  54. Bibi took the baby to the shed and now he’s backpedaling. Something he does often. You don’t reverse the spoils of war, dingbat. Unless you’re trolling for another war, Mr. Nobel.

  55. It’s pretty darned funny karen and PMM. I thought about the Queen and the IPOD filled with his insightful yuck yuck. Absolutely is the perfect description for a code name, a smart alec.

  56. Beatrice’s antler, pretzel, fugly, fascinator hat sold for more than many people pay for their homes.

    $131,000. I wouldn’t pay 13 cents for it.


  57. http://apnews.myway.com//article/20110522/D9NCQ4O00.html

    the last L got cut off… sorry.

  58. DE has perfect use for the royal antlers. Cut the middle out and turn it into a tush cush for roids.

  59. Did Obama take his own over armored car with him to Ireland and it was too heavy to go up a simple incline.

  60. Did you see the video BCL? It was funny.

  61. New Karma post up.

  62. Another great header from FF.

  63. ST Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland.

    Iceland Ash chased backtrack out of Ireland ,

    The leprechauns had fun with his car.

    I do not think backtrack will be back to Ireland anytime soon.



  64. Well if he’s not returning, I’m sure Ireland’s heart is broken, since God only knows how much he cost them in local security and inconvenience for this trip.

  65. Helenk, from what I’ve read, the Ireland trip was quite a success for BO/MO. Did you hear differently?

  66. NES their bulbs were always junk as far as I can remember. GE made better bulbs before they joined them in China.

  67. Oh that video of the Obamamobile getting stuck was priceless!!! ROFL!!!! What a metaphor! Didn’t he and the DNC go on and on about the Republicans getting the car stuck in the ditch? And something about slurpees and not giving the keys back to the Rs? Ha!

  68. hilarious video. Egos Weigh Down Limo.

    Too bad vodpod won’t let me post it. Need a youtube.

  69. found it. Will post. Thx honora and McN
    for a real laugh.

  70. Coulda been michelle’s big butt that caused it.

  71. She was wearing really HIGH heels — not only did she appear taller than her spouse (after disembarking from AF-1), she was positively towering over the Irish PM.
    Actually, to tell you the truth, it was kinda cool to see a woman dwarf the males (even if it was MO).

  72. Yeah she’s tall NES and, much as I think she’s a complete A Hole, it looks good on her.

  73. It does look good on her.
    Sheesh, if I were that tall, I’d rule the world.

  74. Sheesh, if I were that tall, I’d rule the world.

    Yeah but you carry a big stick. Besides, unlike her, you still have a working law license that nobody suggested you surrender.

    Hell I’m no giant. I’m 5 5 and it never got in my way. Hell, with heels I’m taller than most dago guys.

  75. No wonder all those far right quacks have secret fantasy lives and get off by sticking their noses in everyone else’s private parts. In real life, they are the Dry Toast in the crowd.

  76. Hey, I love “Dry Toast”! Just kidding….

  77. Every time I hear pawlenty’s name I think of polenta. he is too ethnic. It would be like having a president named Corleone.

  78. Upps, we’re past the “too ethnic” bit. Can any name and any look be more ethnic than Obama’s?

  79. What are you talking about NES? Obama is white.

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