What happens when two egos are so huge, they weigh too much for a limo

h/t Honora and McNorman



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  1. That is absolutely hilarious. I only wish they had kept filming so we could see how the situation was resolved.

  2. ROFL the cat just brought a handled Macy’s bag down the stairs by the handles and gave it to the dog. I wish I had a camera rolling.

  3. I would have paid to see all of them haul out of the car and lift it while HRH sat inside hapless.

  4. This one is for NES. She has said it all along. He hates America.

    President Obama just said in a speech in the Irish village of Moneygall (where POTUS has distant relatives) that the Republic had “overcome occupation.”

  5. But, mcnorman, isn’t he talking about the Republic of Ireland overcoming occupation by the Brits?

  6. For that, mcnorman, I’d double what you’d pay.

  7. Pawlenty’s announcement ad. I like it. For one thing, it takes three nice swipes at BHO, two without taking his name. Why isn’t this guy catching fire? He seems to have enough to succeed.

  8. That is absolutely hilarious. I only wish they had kept filming so we could see how the situation was resolved.

    1. They probably did.
    2. It was probably confiscated.

  9. Ooops, they forgot something on THE BEAST=
    a built-in pneumatic lift. Geez, it weighs two tons.
    Heh….Teh One is probably pissed that he’s missing his tee time.

  10. The Obamamobile stuck like that reminds me of the RV stuck in Robin Williams’ movie of the same name:

  11. That “lift” is to accommodate his needs when he’s old and still in office (our prez for life).

  12. Looked like the electronic suspension went belly up. Or belly down as it were. Had it happen to a Lincoln once. Damned overpriced piece of shit sunk to the ground.

  13. CNN is saying it wasn’t The Big ZerO’s limo but one carrying all of his handlers – he was supposedly in the one behind.

    But it’s great film. I LMAO (and I have lots of A to LO…although I’m working hard to change that!)

  14. NES honey, he’s not catching fire because he is as boring as vanilla ice cream.

  15. I know that’s the meme on T-Paw, Upps, but isn’t the country craving some boredom after two-plus years of imbibing snake oil?!! Plain vanilla should be what we’re looking for as an antidote to the flim-flam man. Charisma wouldn’t hurt on the GOP side, but, in 2012, boring should not be a negative.

  16. I think that’s right, Marsha. I doubt the prez limo would be the first limo in line (after that little Beemer). It tends to be in the middle or at least one or two from the front.

  17. NES boredom is one thing. Coma is quite another. The man simply has the personality of a clam.

  18. P.S.: I like vanilla ice cream. (And plain yoghurt.)

  19. But next to Daniels, he has a lamp shade on his head.

  20. Oh that’s BS. That’s his beast. He reminds me of Dear Leader. Make up stories because Dear Kim must appear to be magical and perfect and supernatural.

  21. Hahahaha, Upps. True, I draw the line at a coma. But, hey, he’s really not that baaad. I mean, why isn’t Mittens as boring? Just because he wears magic underwear?

  22. But next to Daniels, he has a lamp shade on his head.

    ROFLLLL, Upps. True that. Thank god we have one less dweeb to worry about.

  23. McNorman, we have to “overcome” HIS “occupation” of our country.

    I do swear his speech writers went up to tenth grade history class and stopped there. And even then, they skipped a lot of classes.

  24. Boring? It’s doubtful Pawlenty could win in his own state of Minnesota.

  25. why isn’t Mittens as boring?

    He IS.

    Face it. that field of candidates is from hunger. Newt is taller lying down than the rest of them are standing up. he looks like the freaking pillsbury dough boy.

  26. Hal, why do you say that? He was a (two-time?) guv of MN, wasn’t he?

  27. NES Romney isn’t boring because you never know where he’s going to stand on which issue from week to week. He keeps em guessing.

    Romney also reminds me of a coffin salesman or something….some kind of sleazy salesman

  28. Hey Somebody. Do you get the feeling Romney is a cross dresser?

  29. Somebody — In the “sleazy salesman” competition, our prez would win hands-(several hands!!) down.

    That’s all I’m saying…let’s not be hypercritical of the GOP top-tier’ers if we want to replace BO. I’m taking pretty much anyone over him.
    My hope is that it’ll be Huntsman, but pigs will probably have to fly before then.

  30. NES, after Jesse Ventura, ANYBODY could have won in MN.

  31. P.S.: I like vanilla ice cream.

    Me too. On blueberry pie.
    Or with hot fudge sauce
    Or on warm Indian Pudding.
    By itself……….Eh!

  32. Here’s another, longer clip of The Beast getting stuck.

  33. Voter turnout, NES. Pawlenty narrowly won those terms. Look at next-door Wisconsin and the spring election turnout for a state supreme court judgeship! Holy crowder. High turnout always benefits Democrats.

  34. I’m TELLING you, NEWT will break ALL of their knee caps. This man is a true power freak. He will do what he has to do to slime every one of them so he’s the last freak standing. Watch him, he is greasier than a puddle of oil.

  35. BAHAHAHA FREDSTER. I think I’ll put that one up in the one I have’s place. Nice work!

  36. A little bit more info:


    President Obama, riding in a second limousine was not affected and the rest of the motorcade left the embassy by a different exit.

    The Secret Service has not explained how the first limousine was freed from the Dublin driveway.

    I’d love to know how they got it off the hump.

  37. Great caption – thought something like that when I saw it on the news – largess of their presumed self-importance leads to stuck limo.

    Re: Romney’s dressing – don’t forget the special white underwear the Mormans (including the Mormen) are supposed to wear for spiritual protection. Of course, he could switch to the ladies’ version, if that’s what you mean.

  38. Uppity at 10:56: Those Dubliners didn’t seem to have much sympathy for the car or maybe even the occupant!

  39. No kidding Fredster! They were booing and snorting.

  40. That was The Beast.

  41. NES, yes he was talking about Ireland.

    You are going to love this one from O’Donnell on msnbc.

    “So you’re telling me that his great, great, great, great grandfather and ancestors were community organizers?”

    McNorman, we have to “overcome” HIS “occupation” of our country.

    You are so right UW.

  42. The license plate number included the prefix/suffix of 666.

  43. Almost always in this Wisconsin spring election:
    The GOP sitting state supreme court judge (David Prosser) squeaked past Democratic challenger Janice Kloppenburg by 7000 votes of over 3 million cast. That’s more than vote in some presidential elections.

  44. I stand correct NES. Yes, he actually spoke of occupation. UW is right…his speech writers are one batch of messed up.

  45. Informed that *everyone* must cut back Obama was shown his next presidential limo.

  46. NES “666?” hahahahahahhahaa

  47. The secret service would not have moved that bus in front of that gate like that for staffers to get out of a limo. There is no doubt in my mind the O’s were in that limo. I don’t care what CNN or anybody else says.

    NES I hear you on Obama…..definite sleaze!!

    Uppity did you see the LA times story about Newt? He apparently claims he’s the outsider in this race, LOL! He says he’s the people’s candidate!!

    Romney a cross dresser….yep I could see that.

  48. somebody: That’s what went through my mind also.

  49. Just your mind, Fredster?

  50. Hahahaha, Fredster.
    My great-great grandpa had a car like that.

  51. Wait, wait…what, if anything, was O’Donnell responding to, mcnorman?

  52. NES: Pardon?

    What I was talking about was moving the bus in front of the stuck limo.

  53. Sorry NES. Here is the link to the article. http://www.mrc.org/biasalert/2011/20110523022429.aspx

    Overjoyed with Bam’s ancestors.

    The report opened with a musical rendition of ‘There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama,’ as O’Donnell described how “Obama’s ancestral hometown….got a face lift, a fresh coat of paint and an Obama Café.” After discovering from a local priest that Obama’s Irish ancestors were well-off shoemakers that may have provided charitable aid to others in the small town, O’Donnell wondered: “So you’re telling me that his great, great, great, great grandfather and ancestors were community organizers?”

  54. Hey Uppity! Glad you’re still here with us and not floating around up in space with the rapture nuts. EC is finishing up his tour in London @ Royal Albert Hall and the 1st youtubes are being posted. Just saw this one& wanted to share it with you. EC’s is doing it as a tribute to Gary Moore, its Moores old song Still Got The Blues. Hope you like it!

  55. I think they were booing because they moved the bus in (probably to make it easier to protect from potential snipers when they got out of the bullet proof Beast) and blocked their view.

    NES – I don’t eat ice cream anymore, but my favorite was always vanilla. Especially French Vanilla. (UW – close your ears – and I liked it all by itself!)

    NES – I liked the angel voices in the Pawlenty video lol

    I don’t think something was wrong with the car, I think it was just too long to clear that angle at the end of the drive into the street. The ground is touching the middle of the car near the crest of the road, so the tires can’t move it. (sorry I don’t have the appropriate “car language” lol)

  56. That’s The Beast I tell you.

  57. I went to The Container Store after work and got some containers (of course lol) to organize my closet. I needed something better to store my blankets, etc in. I’m excited! lol

    (I don’t know if that store is just here, or if it’s a chain – but it’s cool – every size and shape of container is there! Plus, it’s right next to Chang’s, so I got dinner as well!)

  58. UW, the Beast (666) is driven in The Beast.

  59. Obama doesn’t even call himself biracial, so he’s not allowed to claim ancestors in Ireland! So there, Obama.

  60. They better watch the pot o gold. Obama will steal it.

  61. I make homemade vanilla (my moms recipe) every July 4th. Its delish by itself, but the last couple of years I’ve been making strawberry puree with DiSarano in it for a topping.

  62. No kidding. I wonder if he will leave them with an Ipod filled with his icky speeches?

  63. Wow, the pengies are dropping like stones in the header, it looks like. FF really outdid herself this weekend with her rapture tales.

  64. I have Fox on, and Orbitz (the travel company) came out and said that Media Matters/Soros are threatening them to withdraw all ads from all Fox shows. Orbitz stood up to them, and said they are non-discriminatory, and they are not going to change how they advertise. Good for them.

    I also heard Trump saying that if he doesn’t think there’s a good candidate to beat Obama, he isn’t ruling out jumping into the race nearer the end of the campaign. I have no idea if he’s serious. Perhaps he’s just trying to keep prodding The Messiah. Really, the main thing I want him to do is keep talking, keep holding BO accountable. I don’t know if he’s going to do that, though.

  65. you mean amaretto disaronno?

    Well hell, socal of course it tasted good. You could put amaretto on your shoe and it will taste good.

  66. Hmmm… I might have to go to socal’s for July 4th and eat dairy just for the ONE day lol

  67. I like how FF keeps changing the headers, but I don’t think it’s fair that the penguins got kicked out of heaven. They must have been doing some bad stuff behind our backs….

  68. I’m sure that Barack sees Trump as an evil leprechaun ruining his play.

  69. Looks like Mary Poppins bit the dust too.

  70. And who ate the peanut butter crackers?

  71. That clip of the limo getting stuck is hilarious, love the big egos title!

  72. They are so lying about that not being Obama’s car. Why do they just lie like that?? No, why do we let them lie like that? I’m so sick of the nekid emperor and the stupid media saying what a well dressed man he is….geeze!

  73. Trump crapped out. I’m sure they had something on him. And now he’s being investigated. Obama got rid of him.

  74. Trump is never going to be credible on this point.

  75. Hey, my mama’s ice cream is fabulous with or without the amaretto! Its the old fashioned kind with the dozen egg yolks and making the custard, etc. The in laws love it. Also, they shoot off the fireworks right across the street from where we live, so we’re the popular place for the 4th.

  76. Uppity, agree with you about Trump. Did you like hubs ec vid? He keeps asking.

  77. Why do the infants care whether or not it’s his limo? It wouldn’t be the first time he looked impotent.

  78. Let’s have a vanilla ice cream party!

  79. NES, I got all excited about the vanilla ice cream party, but then I realized we’d probably get called the R word.

    I grew up with a white picket fence around our house – of COURSE I like vanilla lol

  80. Whats the R word?

  81. ROFL! These people are turning into pretzels to come up with excuses for BO! From the new article at His44:

    Obama knob polisher Steve Clemons is cited as somehow on to hidden wisdom when he wrote, “I get Barack “Rocky Balboa” Obama now He’s letting Netanyahu kick crap out of him round after round & wearing Bibi down. Obama stays in ring.”

  82. socal – racist!

  83. From that same essay:

    Which is it? Even the JournoListers are perplexed and trying to figure out what Obama means or intends to do

    Remember WORM (what Obama really meant) from the primaries? It’s still WORM time, I guess. But what can you expect, when you keep changing your words….. I remember how he fired back at Hillary, “words matter” – yeah, they matter so much you keep changing them and going back and forth, pandering…

  84. lorac@12:22-What is that from, do you have a link?

  85. Ow! Sh*t!!!! A penguin just fell on my head.

  86. Fredster, that quote is in the new article on Hillary is 44. Click on the blogroll link to the left of this thread and you’ll see it.

  87. I don’t like that guy with the bc book either. Or that site, wnd. I’ve heard that his book is just a mishmash of what has already been talked about on dozens of other sites. Its out btw. No smoking gun, like they advertised for months. They are so full of it. I do think barky has plenty to hide about his life, but not where he was born.

  88. Well really, not a surprise, NES. He was the only morally bankrupt thief missing from the lineup.

  89. socal – I’ve been wondering what all that was about, Trump saying “you wouldn’t believe the stuff my investigators are finding out in Hawaii” – and then he says no more. Then I heard that book author gave him an advance copy – I’ll bet Trump was just going by that book, and yes, what you said, about it all being stuff *we* have already heard (I’m guessing, I haven’t read it) – or maybe it was just bluffing on Trump’s part. Anyway, I was really looking forward to Trump drawing more attention to Obama, but I’m not expecting it anymore. I think he was just catching up to us by reading that book, or just bluffing.

  90. Lorac, Trump punked us all; it won’t happen again. Still, I’m thankful for the heartburn he temporarily gave Obama.

  91. NES, isn’t she a “reporter”, not a commentator? I don’t watch her, but my understanding was that she was a reporter. If so, she shouldn’t be giving opinions! That O’Reilly guy was talking about that today. He said that Fox keeps its reporters and commentators separate – I think that’s pretty much true, from what I’ve seen – and I think that’s the way it should be.

    Oy. Why does this cat always have to lay with his head on my computer? lol

  92. This is weird, Trump now saying he may jump in later. All I knew about him before he started calling Obama out, was that he was rich (I had never seen that show, I’m not even sure I knew it was his show lol). Kind of feels like he’s playing games – but as I said, I don’t know much about him. He certainly does seem to follow the beat of his own drummer lol

  93. Actually, re: Andrea Mitchell – I seem to recall a snippet I saw in which she was in an interview type of situation – so maybe she *is* a commentator…?

  94. There’s so much devastation in Missouri. I think the last count was about 100 dead…? I was wondering why so many – I used to live in the midwest, and everyone had basements. Seems like most businesses had them, too. I wonder if that town had a lot of mobile homes, maybe. They’re usually sitting ducks, because they don’t have a basement.

  95. NES, I don’t get it…why is that satisfying? Isn’t she sticking up for bark and saying Netanyahu was rude and out-of-place?

  96. Very sad about Missouri.

  97. I don’t know much about the midwest, have been to Chicago, where my Dad is from. My mom spent her childhood in OK and Dallas and saw quite a few tornadoes. They look terrifying, worse than earthquakes.

  98. lorac@1:41: That’s Mrs. Alan Greenspan, he the former Fed Chief and one of the chief architects of the financial mess we’re in. She’s been with NBC for years (snark intended) and was (pardon) a nasty bitch to HRC during the primaries in 2008. I used to throw stuff at the teevee when she was on. 😆

  99. lol Fredster – you should have thrown that stuff HARDER! She’s still there!

  100. Didn’t want to *break* the teevee, just see something like mayo and lettuce running down her face or something like that. I still had to clean the screen afterwards.

  101. socal – I deleted our short conversation since it was about somewhere else…

  102. ok

  103. I just heard that the IMF guy hit on a stewardess after raping the hotel maid. What a loser. He must really think he’s god’s gift to women, even if he rapes them…

  104. the best take on backtrack’s Ireland trip.


    as for the beast getting stuck, the leprechauns did it.



  105. Ever since I saw this story earlier this afternoon, I’ve been trying to think of a clever tagline for it.

    Of course, leave it to UW to hit upon it.

    Now, if only I didn’t have such respect for intellectual property rights (being a writer myself) I would steal it. That, and I’d be deathly afraid of the severe bodily punishment that UW would inflict on me and all my descendents.

    Well done, Uppity. (I guess. Sigh.)


  106. O and MO are going to meet Duke & Duchess of Cambridge today. Bet MO’s gonna be really jealous that Kate got her position so early in life plus Kate’s position is for life. MO has to keep working at hers!

  107. “O and MO are going to meet Duke & Duchess of Cambridge today.”

    I can think of no more awkward situation. What on earth will they talk about? William has been a military man from the start and Kate has manners. I can see MO sneering at Kate’s figure, and Mr. Embarrassmento giggling like a school girl and asking stupid questions.

    Can we get rid of this guy in 2012 – PLEEEEEEEASE???????

  108. Vet, I will make you the exception to the rule. You can steal it. I promise to inflict only minor pain.

  109. mcnorman at 11:40 “Obama’s Irish ancestors were well-off shoemakers…:

    shoemakers? I have to look something up-
    Yup- just as I thought-
    “The name leprechaun may have derived from the Irish leath bhrogan (shoemaker), although its origins may lie in luacharma’n (Irish for pygmy). These apparently aged, diminutive men are frequently to be found in an intoxicated state, caused by home-brew poteen.The name leprechaun may have derived from the Irish leath bhrogan (shoemaker), although its origins may lie in luacharma’n (Irish for pygmy). These apparently aged, diminutive men are frequently to be found in an intoxicated state, caused by home-brew poteen.”
    The leprechaun ‘family’ appears split into two distinct groups – leprechaun and cluricaun. Cluricauns may steal or borrow almost anything, creating mayhem in houses during the hours of darkness, raiding wine cellars and larders. They will also harness sheep, goats, dogs and even domestic fowl and ride them throughout the country at night.

    Mayhem? check. Stealing? check.

    The shoemaker story could be true. If one goes to the legends of the leprechauns. Makes me wonder if the person quoted knew all this?

  110. The rapture crackpot has a new date up already- Oct 21st – this guy never gives up

  111. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/imf_leader_assault
    DNA evidence said to link ex-IMF leader to NY maid

  112. As soon as I saw your header today, I started laughing. They are lying through their teeth about BO not being in that limo. There were flags on the front – they don’t do that for a staff car unless it was a decoy but I agree that limo was the Obama beast. Someone on Hillis44 said she saw a report that lasted 45 minutes on the stuck limo and it was still stuck after 45 mins.

  113. Have you seen the outfit MO wore to Buckingham Palace today. There was the Queen standing there in a suit and hat and Camilla was in a suit and a hat, both cream color. And there was MO in a print full skirt dress with one of her belts and another shrug sweater. What is her story on the clothing?

  114. Maybe MO’s luggage is still stuck in the trunk of the limo.

  115. I hope Mr/Mrs O show more decorum when they visit the queen this time.

  116. If it is any consolation PMM, Atemydinnerjacket is giving June 5 as the date when the 12th Iman shows up. More wizardry.

  117. Correction: Mo is not wearing a shrug sweater at the Palace, but a pink very short jacket.

  118. BCL, atleast she didn’t wear her signature boob belt.

  119. Nevermind, I saw it. Not the usual studded, camo version. A much lighter, contrast type belt. I thought it was the dress print.

  120. In this photo inside the Palace the queen has removed her hat and coat, so MO is now dressed appropriately:

  121. What is her story on the clothing?

    It’s a Short Story.

    She has horrid inappropriate taste. Why should today be different?

  122. The sunken car WAS

    The Beast. They can spin it all they want.

  123. Yes Mom, they already had it set up if the world didn’t end on May 21, they would change May 21 to “Judgement Day” and then shift the End to October 21, so they can milk more money out of the assholes who keep buying this crap year in and year out.

  124. Yes BCL, now her jacket matches Prince Phillip’s tie.

  125. mcnorman

  126. PMM, I have no doubt that Barack comes from the evil leprechaun line.

  127. Well Mom, if you give them to your partner all the resulting exercise from eating ribs might do your back some good.

  128. pengy want a cracker?

  129. Not at this stage of her life, Karen. Men spend the first half of their lives trying not to and the second half trying to.

    I knew a few guys in my life who could have used some of Mom’s pills in a huge way. As in double dose.

  130. Well! Now we know where all the peanut butter crackers went! Karen ate them.

  131. Yes, but the author of the article notes that BO deserved it because he was ordering around Israel, i.e., Bibi had every right to lecture him. I also like that BO was put in the position of a child being lectured.

  132. Yes, Helenk, the Telegraph article is the best one on BO’s Ireland jaunt. I was about to post it myself.
    To all, it’s hilarious and bitchy…worth a read.

  133. I’m surprised they’re visiting Wills and Kate; I thought they’d still be smarting after not getting invited to the wedding.

  134. BCL, it was found on the dress too! Dress Redux!! Was the dress blue?

  135. That telegraph article is fantastic.

    Here is the whole thing from Delingpole:


  136. Mom, karen deserves the lunge whip for that saucy ribs comment!

  137. Before we get off the topic of Bibi and Bammy, you should read this article; it really nails the problem with BHO’s recent pronouncements on Israel:


    For starters, it would be nice if the president could come clean about whether his line about the 1967 line—”mutually agreed swaps” and all—was pathbreaking and controversial, or no big deal. On Sunday, Mr. Obama congratulated himself for choosing the hard road to Mideast peace as he prepares for re-election, only to offer a few minutes later that “there was nothing particularly original in my proposal.”

    Yet assuming Mr. Obama knows what he’s talking about, he knows that’s untrue: No U.S. president has explicitly endorsed the ’67 lines as the basis for negotiating a final border, which is why the University of Michigan’s Juan Cole, not exactly a shill for the Israel lobby, called it “a major turning point.”

    Mr. Obama would also know that in 2009 Hillary Clinton had described this formula as “the Palestinian goal.” Now it’s Mr. Obama’s goal as well, even as he insists that “no peace can be imposed.”

  138. Some of the blokes commenting to the UK article (Telegraph) are bloody brilliant.

  139. What is it with the Beast? Were they trying to copy the lowrider in this clip?

  140. Hal — regarding the Sup Court race in WI. Keep in mind, a huger turn-out occurred because women were revved up when it was revealed that Prosser called the Chief Justice a bitch during deliberations. We got phone calls urging us to GOTV just on that. Of course, hubbie’s local was urging us to vote against Prosser for the workman’s comp issue. In the past, Prosser was considered middle of the road and dems voted and rallied for him for his initial races. Strange times.

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