Saudi reformers will allow goats to drive before wimminz

Direct from our “friends” in the Saudi Kingdom, where debauchery and hypocrisy live large underground among the privileged of the Kingdom, a woman braves the ultimate violation that can lead to death, or, if you live in that godforsaken goatfucking Middle East, a fate worse than death. What is she doing? Why she’s driving!

In Saudi Arabia, this is a huge coup, you know!–considering Saudi women are not allowed to vote either, nor are they allowed to travel without their husbands’ permission.

Yes, folks. This is happening right now in the year 2011, in a country we just adore. However, make no mistake: Barack has made it very clear that they do have rights.  He is working very hard to ensure that they will always have the “Right to wear the hijab”. That would be a coup too, considering woolen hefty trash bags are the preferred uniforms in Saudi. Please check outSaudi Men: Beat your wives if they try to drive to get a true flavor of who these animals are.

Yes, this is our very special country. The country we call Friend. In fact we are so close to them that we overlook the fact that they finance most of the most Islamofascist mega mosques right here in the US of A. This is not a problem really. Instead of reviling their way of life: We kiss them. We hug them. We adore them. We bow to them.  All that other stuff is just a Human Rights problem and, since wimminz aren’t human, it’s not really a big deal. As long as the goats are okay.

Here is a short pictorial trail of just how much we adore Saudi Arabia’s Royalty.

Here, we see President George W Bush swapping spit with the prince.

And here we see the Beta President Obama with his ass in the air, bowing to the  Alpha King.

………..And here we see a terrified Saudi woman having the audacity to defy the rules of a Kingdom where our leaders go to bow, grovel and swap spit.  She knows she will ultimately be Toast. And later, our president will pay another visit and swap some spit. I’ll bet that very soon, she will wish she were a goat instead. So let’s hear it for “friendship” and all the billions we send to that godforsaken Middle East to “promote democracy” in places like Egypt, where anything but democracy is the real intent.


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  1. Are we sure it’s 2011? Seems more like 1811 lately – for women, peons (workers) and children. Brilliantly scathing piece – you surpass yourself every time you post.

  2. Those pictures of our first two 21st century presidents more than just annoy me, especially the one of Obama bowing to the Saudi king. Looking at that and seeing the fool he made of himself during the dinner in England embarrasses the hell out of our country – he is a jackass extraordinaire.

    This is O/T, but thought you would like this video:

  3. Delphyne! Damned RIGHT i love it! I gotta put that up.

  4. If you let them drive then next thing they’ll want to vote.

  5. Totally rockin’ post, UW!

    And, did I say, I ADORE FF’s header.

  6. O/T:

    Eat your hearts out, gang. I’m gonna see this exhibition:

    The Magna Carta is, after all, the basis of Western civilization — free markets, free minds, a limited government — as we know it.

  7. RRROFL on the “dog work” video Delphyne put up!!!!!! And love how the clerk gave the German Shepherd a boost to run after the would-be robber,
    probably yelling: “OUTRUN THIS!!”

    As usual, great post, Uppity.

  8. BTW Uppity, I’m one of those EEVIIILLL lefties, too. Loved what your Mom did to protect us southpaws.

  9. Man that Bush photo is a really horrible photoshop of them kissing.

  10. It’s bad Middle Eastern porn, DE.

  11. …and get divorced.

  12. When I saw this, I thought of your Walmart Black Sunday post, Uppity Woman.

  13. tornado warnings for NE NY and Vermont.



  14. That wasn’t photo shop NES. I have a whole bunch of AP photos of him on that trip. And that one was taken from the front page of AOL, I had to do a screen shot, couldn’t right click.

    I have two more. I’ll post them for you here later as right now I am painting a room. i have them holding hands and embracing just before the kiss, and the original screen shot I cropped for this post. Nope. Those two were in love.

  15. a commenter at NQ posted this song on this subject of women driving i had never heard it before and just loved it.



  16. Aristocracy of sex, that’s what Alice Paul, Susan Anthony and their crowd called it.

    I have always gotten the impression that the Prez’s m.o. is see I am just like you–I hate those broads too.

    BTW, the W.H, announced that they are going to have a task force combatting “misinformation” about the Prez on the web. Sounds a little facist to me.

  17. Dear Fan…


  18. AnnE if you recall during 2008 he filed complaints and legal threats to people, including at least one state. And his Truth Seekers were there to block any dissention and some truth along the way as well. I have a post here…..

  19. Our leaders’ relationship with the dictators of this country makes me ill. They only see the money, the bottom line, and could give a flip about the misery of over half of the country’s people.

  20. Ha! The country I was referring to was Saudia Arabia, but it could just as well been America considering the anti-woman laws being passed recently and the mass election of panty-sniffing Republicans.

  21. AnnE @2:34 “BTW, the W.H, announced that they are going to have a task force combatting “misinformation” about the Prez on the web. Sounds a little facist to me.”

    yep. And read this. it just gets better and better. You want to know the real threat to Democracy? Look no further than the Oval Office.

    gotta run – BBL – and then perhaps, if there is time, I shall tell you of the Merry Times of Windsor – to coin a phrase…..(I was not old enough yet to have wives!)

  22. Blago apologizes for cursing on the tapes to the jurors. He does so by telling them he was a f***ing jerk for cursing. You can’t make this shit up.

    “I’d like to apologize to the men and women for those words … when you hear ’em it makes you wince … when I hear myself swearing like that, I am an F-ing jerk,” he told jurors.

  23. Is it just me, or can you believe what has happened in the four very short years – women’s rights being taken away, gays under attack, the U.S. being mocked oversears? Where did it all go wrong?

  24. I was almost run off the road by a caravan of expensive import cars each being driven by jihad jinns with a second jinn riding shot gun. The back sets were filled with wads of heavy black fabric. They crossed several lanes of traffic rather abruptly on the beltway because evidently their GIS did not inform them that the exits to Dulles Airport from the inner loop are on the left. Who wants to bet that none of these folks will be treated to the fun that is known as the TSA because they might be offended.

  25. That video is great. Women just driving around and talking. How can that be subversive? Of course, all the women in the car are subject to being killed for violating (& abetting) the prohibition on women driving. Is that DWF – Driving While Female?

    Don’t know if ya’ll have heard of them, but for fun ….

  26. I’m rather uncomfortable with the references to people with middle eastern roots (read Arab or Israelie) because I live in a multi cultural neighborhood. I have an Irani and Phillipino two doors to the left, a Palestinian and Kuwaiti three doors across, an Indian Hindu four doors to the right. My neighbors are wonderful people. Just wanted to insert that into any discussion. Some people really do emmigrate to escape the violent and repressive regimes they were born into.

  27. Ah yes…friendship.

  28. Apparently some men should not drive either.

  29. Great post, Upps. Again, the pictures say so much, but your snark perfection is the icing on the cake. I don’t know what else to say about this, so disgusting. Womens rights are regressing everywhere it seems.

    Tornados in the NE? God, what a spring.

  30. I only made it through about 10 seconds of that Wal Mart video. Was that shot in LA?

  31. Well then HT, you must be uncomfortable a lot here.

  32. BCL I have no idea where it was shot. I just know I don’t want to be there.

  33. Uppity, should I be uncomfortable? I don’t have a problem with calling out repressive regimes for their repressive natures. I just wanted to insert that not all the people who came from there are of the same mind. Most of them fled the very regimes you are calling out, coming to the west to find refuge. I have no problem with calling a shovel a spade, I just wanted to point out that people are individuals, and should not be judged by the country from which they come, or the religion from which they were raised. Am I wrong?

  34. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!


    Uppity – there is a post in here!


  35. He looks like a waiter and she looks like Gypsy Rose Lee.

  36. But – but….but this is their REACTION to the Queen and Phillip arriving at the American Ambassador’s home? OMFG!

    He look downright distainful and hateful and she look like a Chicago South-side ‘yo-mama’ chick. Good Lord!

    Also – check out the stuff around her neck. Looks like all the stuff in the jewelry box all got tangled up and she said to hell with it and clipped it together with a safety pin and put it around her neck.

  37. FF@4:49

    There’s an update at gretawire:

    Update: 7:02pm…just heard Brett Baier report that an autopen was being used to sign it so not special travel for the bill….this is good news!

  38. Well, at least someone has half a brain – even if it is the Patriot Act

    Thanks Fredster!

  39. To be sure she’s jealous of Kate. Maybe Kate can teach her how to dress.

  40. You’re rigth FF. I have been trying to study that thing around her neck. Looks like something a rich eccentric would put on her dog.

  41. LOL Saw this on 44 as well

    President Obama has finally left for France and the G8 after two intense days of meetings, dinners, speeches and ping pong in London. I doubt that many Americans were watching Barack Obama’s press conference with David Cameron yesterday but those who did (it was shown live on CNN) would have been disappointed with their president’s performance. To say that he was outclassed by his British counterpart would be an understatement – the president floundered in the face of some straightforward questions and evaded others altogether.

    Obama rarely performs well without a script, and this was no exception. The president greatly prefers big set piece speeches, like the one he delivered later in Westminster Hall, carefully choreographed, without annoying questions from the media. While Cameron clearly relishes these more combative occasions, Obama shies away from them. And you can see why. His response to a question on the budget deficit, for example, was painfully poor, offering no solutions at all to the biggest problem facing the United States today……..

  42. LOL Uppity – I swear I have old chains and stuff that look just like that in my jewelry box. All tangled and stuff.

  43. Whoa! UK press does not like Teh Won at all.

  44. FF ROFL!!!!!

  45. How do you get paint off your dog?

  46. The Saudi ban on women driving is absurd and your post is wonderful.

    Love the song, HelenK. NoEmptySuits, I am very jealous of your opportunity to see the Magna Carta, even though the current and immediately previous presidents have ignored it.


  47. It boggles my mind, you know, djmm. Take NES, for example. She escaped one of those countries in the ME a a young age. But for foresight and timing, she might have been one of these terribly oppressed and abused women with so much potential and so little chance. She understands and appreciates what the USA is supposed to stand for, or at least STOOD for. I would venture to say she loves this country more than so many who were born here and degrade it. Ironic, that. I find that every single immigrant I know who came here under those circumstances is horrifed at the thought that the USA would be anything other than exceptional, free and a haven for those who run from other countries. They didn’t come here to see the USA become what they left. Many of these people risked their lives to leave where they were to get here. So yeah, I can see where the magna carta would be attractive to those who don’t take the USA for granted.

  48. Gang. Has any of you seen Herlocaust around the blogs? It appears as though her website AND Herlo herself has literally disappeared. Her twitter is dead too.


    Current Herlocaust website suspended.

  49. Didn’t she have to sign up with an email address to be able to post here? Maybe you can write to her….?

  50. Yes lorac, but her email address was @ her website, which is gone.

  51. That’s the other thing. She had my email and I often heard from her. Now, silence.

  52. She had another author working with her on the site but I forget who she was.

  53. I find Herlocaust is on FACEBOOK, with only one friend listed, a Kimberly D. Cooper. Here’s a short message I left to Her on FB=

    “Are you okay, Her? We’re sorry to see you’ve virtually dropped out of sight. Uppity is very worried. I see you have ONE friend? Kimberly D. Cooper. I won’t contact her, but please get in touch with Uppity Woman and let her know the latest with you. I’m an Uppity regular and we’ve missed your input.”

    Left that message after 1:30 AM Friday, unsigned.

  54. Outrageous on BO having bills flown out to him. Ferdinand!!!!!

  55. Well if Congress could do their job in a timely way, it wouldn’t have happened that way either. They have no regard for time or money. As it ended, the bill was signed electronically or something. But only because it was publicized that they were going to fly it in to him.

    They did it like they do EVERYTHING. SLipshod and last minute. Bums.

  56. HT, it’s just a convenient shorthand. I emigrated from a part of the world that passes for the ME, and I don’t take it personally. Also, stereotypes never cover the exceptions. I think, generally speaking, ME men have a pre-Enlightenment/Reformation view of women and their role in the world, and that’s not acceptable.

  57. Looked like a black swamp snake to me. You don’t understand BCL, we never bother getting to know them. Some people just despise reptiles. You are talking to one. I sold a home in Florida to get away from them–chose to live in the freezing cold. That’s how much I hate them. I kill garter snakes. I don’t do snakes. It is best they do not visit me.

    Could be a racer too. What was it, DE? Did you ask its name? LOL.

  58. So true, Upps. I see the USA as my refuge. And, I dread, really dread, the growth of the muslim population here because, however modern they are in other ways, one can’t seem to get Islam out of them. I don’t know what it is about that religion, but it has a virulent affect on its flock.

  59. I sensed that NES. Immigration was most definitely the backbone of the USA. People didn’t come here for nothing. Now I see people coming here, circumventing the system besides. And so many immigrants trying to turn the USA into the shithole they left. These are sinister reasons to come here and I can’t even imagine how much people who came here for freedom resent it.

  60. Black Racer UW. Harmless except for the heart attack.

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