Why every law-abiding citizen, especially women, should have a big, well-trained dog

h/t Delphyne

Are you sick of this crap yet? I bet THIS freak underwent some surgery!

Any questions?

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Good dog!

    And Uppity – I don;t have to get paint off my dog. But, if YOU do, if it’s latex, wait till it dries and it will brush out pretty well. If it is oil based. Shave or trim.

  2. gotta go to bed. Have a day FILLED with appointments tomorrow starting here at home at 7:45!

  3. If the paint is still wet, wash the dog.

  4. Hell No. It’s completely dry. Looks nice on her though. Linen White trim paint.

  5. Nite FF. I love you big.

  6. UW@10:43- And the dog’s color is?

  7. Wow! That was cool! Good boy! Hope that lucky human treated the hero dog to a nice dinner.

  8. Actually I think this little Pug does good too and I definitely think the human a$$hole needed to have his throat ripped out.

  9. Sic him, buddy!

  10. BAHAAHAHA Fredster!

  11. ROTFL! Love it!

  12. I wonder if those things (anti-bark) collars really would work on humans? I’ve got about 6 or so I’d like to weld them on to.

  13. Hmmm. I wish they could go after “Bunny” also. I’m sure they have an elderly care unit at some D.O.J. prison.


  14. You forgot this.

  15. I know of a few who tried them. You do get a jolt. I find things like those colors to be cruel. Great for lazy asses who cant develop a relationship with their dogs and incentivize them to hush on command.

    I will tell you this though. I pay attention when my dog barks. I missed some pretty big cues early on. Now I know when she barks at 3 AM she has a reason. And she also has different barks. You tune into your dog and a whole world of information awaits you. She has a special bark for the old man who lives behind me. He gives her ham over the fence. A few years ago she jumped the fence to go be with him and I was freaked when he called me from his cell phone saying he was walking my dog back home. And there they were, the old guy and my dog happily romping along side him without a leash. It was very touching but that I wanted to kill her ass. lol. Anyways, she has a “There’s a skunk out there!” bark. Same bark for Possums. She also has a “Somebody is trying to break into the garage” bark. too bad I didn’t listen to it and told her to shut up. Fortunately, she scared the crap out of him. She also has an The Old man across the way is getting robbed” bark that I ignored two years ago till the cops rang my doorbell and asked me if I saw anything. No, I said, but my dog tried to tell me. The cop said right on the spot…always listen to your dog.

  16. Hahahah tony! I’ll try to repost that, see if I can get it to show up.

  17. Bunny. Interestinngggggggg.

  18. Wow! That was cool! Good boy! Hope that lucky human treated the hero dog to a nice dinner.

    Looked like a Malinois, and yes, he got some fresh meat. Right off the robber’s body.

  19. Uppity: I know about the different barks. Had let Chloe out one night in the back yard to do her thing and went back to watching the tube. I heard her start to bark but blew it off as same old things; Doxies bark all the time. Then I heard her tone change and thought “uh-oh”. Went out the back and she had treed a possum and was backing the thing up towards the fence! I grabbed her and put her inside and since I had nothing else, turned the hose on the possum.

  20. Just wanted to say that Smooch Pic with Bushie and the Saudi is just insanely creepy. Eww, eww, eww.

  21. UW@10:43- And the dog’s color is?


  22. Whoa, Fredster, I’m glad she didn’t tangle with the possum. Nasty creatures. LOTs of teeth. My dog grabbed one not too long ago. Thank God for her recall because she left it. I didn’t want her getting bitten by the thing before she killed it. So it got away but it’s the last of possums I’ve seen here in quite awhile. I think that possum had taken up residence here and decided to move. Very wise. It was hissing like a cat too. Ack! Freaky creatures.

  23. UW, very true about the character of a dog’s bark. Ya gotta get to know them all. Each version has something specific to say.

  24. Fredster 1225, Yup. Then there is the ” I got myself a skunk” bark. That one is REALLY one ya never ever want to hear.

  25. Herea are more pics of the set with Bush and the prince. That’s Bandar, right? They all look the same to me in those ridiculous draperies and pillow cases on their heads.

  26. OMG if my dog got skunked I would be freaked out. You can’t just give her a bath. She has tons of fur and definitely weighs in. I would be calling my groomer no matter what day of the week it was and offering anything to fix it. It would take a LOT of lemons to cover my dog. lol. My house would be wrecked.

  27. Good Doggie! Those pictures in the last post are really funny. Bush and the prince make such a cute couple. Seriously, I would really like to see an end to cultures that treat women like sh*t. That whole men being superior thing is garbage. Women are smarter. Its disgusting that our leaders are sucking up to these pigs because of their oil.

  28. lakerwade said: Women are smarter.

    Your mom has taught you well. 🙂

    They are stronger too. Not in the physical sense but they can handle more things before falling apart than men do. (Actually women don’t fall apart; they keep going)

  29. Fredster, I’ve seen quite a few families that would have fallen apart if it weren’t for the mom.

  30. Laker is one Super Smart Dude!

    (and he’s OURS!!!!!!)

  31. Women can’t be allowed to drive in Saudia Arabia because:

    1. they’d leave their husbands, maybe find a man to marry whom she actually loved
    2. she’d get to go to the goat farm and pick her husband’s next lay
    3. they’d get to go places that the men have never seen before – these places will give women IDEAS
    4. they’d get to meet new people – these people will give women IDEAS
    5.They might take all their female children and flee the country – then all could live in a land where they could be relatively safer, be relatively respected, etc.
    6. The boyz would have to do all their own cooking, cleaning, shopping, they’d have to provide child care for the male kids left behind – in other words, the idiots would have to grow up and start taking care of themselves and others and respecting the work the women had to do in the past
    7. There wouldn’t be much time left for goats

  32. Laker said: that would have fallen apart if it weren’t for the mom.

    That’s exactly right. They are the glue that keeps everything running and keeps everyone together.

    Lorac you’re right: he’s one Super Smart Dude! 🙂

  33. Thanks for the ‘true love’ photos of Bush. I believe that’s King Abdullah, Upps, altho’ in his younger and healthier days. Bandar is much younger and used to be a virtual ‘adoptee’ of the Bushies.

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