Rep. Pete DeGraff (R-Religious Crackpot): Plan Ahead for rape like you would a flat tire: Get Rape-Triple A

h/t Churl of Mad In The Middle.

Praise the Lord and pass the tire iron.

Now you understand why I simply cannot support these assholes. This is some sick shit and these people are making laws about women.

Rep Pet DeGraaf (R-Absolutely-Out-Of-His-Mind) thinks rape is a lot like getting a flat tire. You should plan ahead for it, like you would plan ahead for a flat tire. Join, you know,  Triple-A for Rape. That way, “Men of God” like his own pure self wouldn’t have to pay for coverage for rape in their insurance premiums. Incest? Same deal. Triple-A for Incest. Shit happens, girlz. Same deal for kids. They need to buy insurance on their own in case some babysitter or relative abuses and rapes them. Otherwise, insurance doesn’t cover an abortion. Let that nine year old have that baby, right Pete? And you’re worried about the Middle East? What’s the problem, dude, they giving you  too much competition in the Hate Women and Girls department?

As with all Religious Crackpots in office, Pete is focusing on what’s really important government work: Personally checking out and controlling  those annoying wimminz vaginas, and sex and other important stuff like homosexuals–and how they are the real threat to marriage instead of those four divorces so many of his ilk seem to enjoy.

Pastor Pete wants you to know Shit Happens, bitches. Buy insurance for it. Because chances are real good somebody who hates women like Pete DeGraaf does is going to rape you. And then don’t expect Pete to help you, bitch. Same deal with Incest.  It’s what you get for being a woman with those wimminz body parts and asking for it. Get used to it.  Oh….and don’t forget to Praise The Lord!

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. There are people like this freak in  office.

Rep. Pete DeGraaf, a Mulvane Republican who supports the bill, told her: “We do need to plan ahead, don’t we, in life?”

Bollier asked him, “And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?”

DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, “I have a spare tire on my car.”

“I also have life insurance,” he added. “I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for.”

You know what, you asshole? I don’t think God would be caught standing next to you. Pastor, my ass. Go resolve your relationship with your Mother and then get back to me.

 You know what would be great? I’ll tell you what would be great. It would be great if one day you get a flat tire and somebody shoves your spare up your ass. All the way!  You won’t be in Kansas anymore, Pete! And whoa! No Rape Insurance! And then you be sure to let us all know if being raped is just like having a flat tire.

How on earth can people vote for these psychos? Can’t wait till Pete’s little secret is revealed. They always have one. Churl is right. This freak deserves some time in “Deliverance Country” squealing like a pig. Then maybe he’ll Get It.  Man of God. Really. I truly hope he doesn’t have any daughters.

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  1. I’ll bet this freak is good friends with Shithead Kyl, who didn’t want to pay for no stinkin’ maternity ob/gyn crap in his health insurance since he doesn’t need it.

    Are you SURE these freaks are an acceptable alternative? Really?

  2. He is married and it appears he has one daughter. 4 children: Simeon, Caleb, Titus, Anneke. I wonder how old she will have to be before he takes out abortion insurance on her. And does he have some for his wife yet?

    By the way, he was born in Holland. I wonder if they would take him back?


  3. Born in Holland, at least the GOP won’t be able to run him for president. He seems to have all the other qualifications (a penis).

  4. Kansas NOW is mad and do you know what they are doing. They are collecting money to buy and send tires to this pig. WTF raise money and primary him; raise money and picket his office, home, church and golf club; raise money and buy radio and tv ads showing how much of a d#ck he is. Why would you waste time and money sending tires to this creep? Believe me the NAACP would not be sending him tires if he made a racist comment. Sometimes I wonder if women will ever gain equality.


  6. Considering the rape rate in colleges, he’s going to need rape insurance. Of course, he can afford to pay for abortions out of his pocket so what’s he care. Nice, and hush hush. That’s what these hypocrites do.

  7. Nobody should accept an apology from this shithead. What he did was reveal who and what he really is. His apology willl be a non apology as in I’m sorry if somebody took it the wrong way. The guy should walk into ten thousand women with torches and pitch forks in front of his home.

  8. On your previous thread –but related to feminism and the 2 party system. They had the Saudi woman’s campaign to drive on CNN today complete with the news that the leader is in prison and groups of Saudi men are organizing to beat women who drive. Then comes the news that BO, (the democrat misogynist as compared to the repub misogynist) is promising Egypt millions for economic development which means jobs for men. I do not understand why foreign aid is not linked and proportional to advances in gender equity and why this is not part of every announcement and the measurement and evaluation of results of said funding.

    This is why passage of the IVAW Act is critical CRITICAL to feminist economic reform in the USA. Otherwise we are continually flushing money down the toilet for the boyz stupid ideas of what is progressive and cool. Women’s rights which are essential to the establishment of global democracy is seen as collateral by the male idiots who run this country.

    There is no democracy without gender equality. There is only fascism which is a threat to the USA. What are our troops fighting for? Why is their sacrifice not reflected in conditions attached to foreign aid?

  9. It is men – I used to say it is not men but sexism. But then, how do these guys get elected over and over. It is not women, even the most backward, who are buying this crap,

  10. And by the way, thanks to the boyz, you can’t get insurance that will provide abortions and don’t even bring up Medicaid. I would like to thank the third wave and their great fashion and shoe collections for all they have done for our gender.

  11. Cat mom hugs baby kitten

  12. “There is no democracy without gender equality. There is only fascism which is a threat to the USA. What are our troops fighting for? Why is their sacrifice not reflected in conditions attached to foreign aid?”


  13. Why do these sideshow freaks focus on people’s privates? At his age, should reproductive organs still be a novelty and objective of fascination? I guess they don’t come from New England because they would you don’t discuss privates in public–shouldn’t that go double for conservatives?

    Oh, and BTW, Rep (my brains are in the terminal portion of my digestive track) DeGraaf, rape is not like a flat tire, that would be castration. Why don’t you try marketing that concept to the mostly male legislature?

    When I see people like this I am reminded of George Carlin’s snarky remarks–Yeah, I see these pro-life signs, and then I look at the people holding them and think who’d want to bleep them anyway?

    End of rant. Happy Memorial Day all!

  14. Somebody got the jump on ya with that vid myiq. I know you are crushed.

  15. Green I can’t blame “Men”. For starters, not all men are assholes. But even more importantly, nobody can win an election if not one single woman votes for him or her, considering the demographics of this country. So women ARE voting for these yahoos, to be sure.

  16. AnnE, they do it because they CAN. And because women are a huge threat to them. For starters, they lose domestic servants if they give them too much freedom. And then there’s that annoying competition in the workplace. Doubled when you add those damned women. Why, a mediocre man can hardly get ahead like that. Third, the more a woman sees of the world, the better she is able to assess her own life and decide what she wants. And doesn’t want. Then there’s that sexual problem. You know. those women turn them on. You take a guy like this freak in this post. He has all kinds of lusts he hides and who knows what his secret is, besides? Oh, the reasons go on and on but ALL of them revolve around the need to Dominate.

  17. creeps like him turn my stomach. Another one who does more harm then good in the name of God.

    now here is something to smile about, people doing something good.



  18. For the cat and the fawn video –thank you for all the good in the world shown to us.

    Uppity I know you are right but some days….

  19. In that case, Green, take a look here.

  20. is this part of Bill’s family?



  21. honora you are right, just one more piece of proof of how useless NOW is. NOW national did the same thing to Simpson for his crack about tits. They barnstormed him with a boatload of nipples. And they brought them to him personally on the floor and he crapped all over them and made them look the inept fools they are. this is not about fun. They don’t get it. Keeping your rights is not for FUN. What about that stupid flash mob dance about equality or some such shit. More children thinking serious shit is just for fun. It DOESNT WORK. You know what works? 50,000 women with pitch forks and torches on the capitol steps. THAT WORKS.

  22. Finally NOW has got off their collective complacent asses to do something. About time.
    Personally I’d buy him a one way ticket to one of those lovely ME countries where they stone women who have the audacity to be raped. He should fit right in.

  23. the cat thinks fawn is mom- they are the same color-licking around the mouth is what kittens do to tell mom they are hungry — and what the baby cat I have here does to me — very strongly if you know what I mean — it gets us off the couch and providing -Shelter them great Universal Forces because this is what Paradise feels like and we need to remember.

    This video actually stopped my nausea. I feel normal.

  24. Mmm, just read your post on NOW Uppity, I had no idea. Interesting. I lost all faith in them back in 08, and that magazine cover with O as the ultimate feminist finished me off.

  25. Maude, if women are depending on NOW, they are in deeeeeep poooooooop.

  26. Maude do a search on this blog for NOW and you’ll get the flavor.

  27. OOOps, can’t do a NOW search, up pops all posts with the word ‘now’ in it. lol.

  28. I don’t understand how sending him a bunch of spare tires will make a point. If anything, I’d rather shove screwdrivers in all 4 tires of his vehicle. Apparently, he wouldn’t be prepared for 4 simultaneous flat tires. It would blow his theory of “being prepared” right out of the water.

  29. Thanks Uppity, lol. I think I’m getting the picture!

  30. Gee:

    In that case, I nominate you for president of NOW.

  31. Hey what do you want, the third wave to stand in the rain and stuff? Their hair! And all that sign carrying, why they might break a nail.

    Future of NOW.

  32. Wonderful videos. Kitty love is a beautiful thing, intra-species or inter-species.

    Things will not change for women until we stop voting for creeps and convince the men we know not to vote for creeps. We need money for ads, not tires.


  33. Any woman raped should be entitled to not only a no cost abortion, but free health care and counseling for as long as she needs it.

  34. With creepy crawlers like this man, women are being pushed further and further into involuntary servitude. How did this moron get elected?

    imust – agree with you wholeheartedly.

  35. What that young girl doesn’t realize in the “Haul” vid is that she is a sitting duck for Congressmen and Associate Pastors who do not happen to sell Rape Insurance the day they show up in her life.

    It is frightening to watch.

  36. FF, if my daughter had done a video like that, or even behaved like that I would have cut off her allowance (which she earned through chores), and got rid of the internet. She did go a bit wild when she was 18, however she had a steady part-time job and paid for her own stupidity (which she now regrets). This girl looks much younger – around 13-14. I wonder if her parents are aware she’s doing this inane chatter in public that can never be totally erased. It could impact her future negatively, in that a lot of companies are investigating potential employees through web searches.

  37. Green @ 3:21, thanks for that info. Good comment.

    What a horrible, disgusting, demonic pig this degraaf is. I am sending a letter. If I didn’t just have to pay for lakers tuition & stuff for next year, I swear I would’ve sent a tire. There are no words strong enough or disgusting enough to describe this cretin.

  38. LA Times’ latest blow job on B. Hussein.‘intellectual-stammer’/

  39. Why the hell do all of these assholes seem to come from Kansas?

    Oh and green: It is men – I used to say it is not men but sexism

    As I consider myself a feminist male I really resent that generalization.

  40. NES, good one! I used to love the LAT. Those days are long gone.

  41. NES above:

    But consider this: It’s not that Obama can’t speak clearly. It’s that he employs the intellectual stammer.

    NOT! It’s because he can’t speak clearly or logically w/out his teleprompter.

  42. Aw, this law is no big deal – just as long as the other half of the bill stipulates that every male who is old enough to get erections must pay insurance – they can never know when they might get a girlfriend pregnant, they can never know when they might (even uncharacteristically – there’s always a first time!) rape someone. And if they have a record of being one of those slutty guys, they better pay extra premiums – “to be prepared”.

    And gee, I believe I’ve heard that cervical cancer has a relation to penile penetration – well they better throw enough premium in so that the men can cover that, in case their usual sexual style leads to some women getting cancer. Because, as the “good politician” says, people should be prepared….

  43. ….. and perhaps we should have a bill which requires men to get “bobbitt coverage” to reattach the little dangly thing, since the politicians are getting plenty of women awfully angry lately…. gotta get prepared…

  44. “Obama pauses while speaking due to intellectual stammer”.

    Translation. The Boob lost his reading place again.

  45. Fredster – I know Green didn’t mean you – you’re one of our sweethearts! My reading of it was that she was using the same framework they use for guns – some people say “guns kill people”, but then others say, “no, people kill people”. In other words, “sexism” is a word so it doesn’t rape people, and “guns” are inanimate objects. Both need a human actor to bring out the violent propensities.

    I read a really, really interesting essay once. You know how you always see sentences such as (I’m making the numbers up, because I don’t remember what they were): 100 women each day are raped in our country, 50 women every week are killed by their husband, 1000 women every day are verbally abused by their husbands, etc…..?

    This essay pointed out that by always putting these sentences with women as the subject, we’re not highlighting the criminals – the criminals aren’t in nominative form. The thesis was that reality would be more truthfully and forcefully told if those types of sentences were written as “Men raped 100 women each day in our country”, “Men killed 50 women each week this year”, and “Men verbally abuse 1000 women every day”. Kind of changes a person’s focus when reading the sentence, I’d say!

    In each case, it’s not every person that kills with a gun, and it’s not all men who are violent towards women. But in all these cases, the subject of the sentence (in the nominative) is the aggressor, the person responsible. The way we usually say it, the victim is in the nominative, and it makes her the focus of the sentence structure. Maybe the focus needs to be on “the bad guy”….

    And I suppose if we always used these more active voices in these types of sentences, women might get less blame for being a victim. The sentence keeps the aggressor as the main point, puts the responsibility for the act on them….

  46. lorac, love idea for man insurance!!!

    Everyone loves Fredster!

  47. Awwww….

  48. I guess maybe because I’ve had so many female good friends that I’ve heard stories from, and also from my position a a gay man, I get so angry when I see men use their position of power to harm or hurt other people. And then there are apparently no people with sense in Kansas because it seems like all the crazy shit seems to come from there.

  49. Seems like. Remember that book that came out a few years ago, Whats the Matter With Kansas?

  50. Oh Lord I forgot about that. But I can say from what I’ve seen, it’s not a place I’d choose to visit.

  51. Oh well, I need to run. I’ve got to order some stuff online from Penneys and then make a list of some stuff I need to buy for the apt. in nola. Looks like my friend is finally going to be in a position where he’ll be able to drive the Uhaul and me my SUV to get back to nola. His wife had to have surgery twice on her foot and had a long rehab but she’s finally back to work. He really didn’t want to leave with her basically still somewhat down. I’m renting the Uhaul for one-way and then I’m sending him back here to B’ham on the train, on The Crescent. He got tickled as hell about going on the train. It’s a 7 hr trip but it’s cheaper than a plane and no bullshit with TSA either. He said he’s rather go that way than having to screw with airports and that nonsense. Of course, Hurricane season starts June 1st so I’m getting back just-in-time. 🙄 Oh how wonderful.

  52. That sounds nice that you’re going back to Nola.


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