Something to remember the next time you think you can’t endure.

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  1. what would we be without our pets. I have never understood people who can’t love a dog or a cat because they are afraid of pet fur.
    Right now we have a Mama Kitty and three babies in out barn. She took them away for a week or so when we discovered them, but we kept putting food out and they are back. They were living in a hanging basket about three feet off the floor, so I put it down and now the kitten leap out and hide when we go out there. I really want the little blue tip/looks almost like a rag doll cat. But even at this age they are feral and one of them bit Al twice… He threatened to feed it to the dog, but the dog would only bring it home for a pet. That dog wants one of those kittens so bad. He wants a baby. He gets all excited and his tail starts wagging. I expect him to sing kitten lullabies soon.

  2. I couldn’t give him up–if it meant carrying him on my back until I got my life together.

    What a little trooper.

  3. I thought that way too. The little guy dragged himself on broken legs for three weeks to get to them and they asked the shelter to keep him. What a bummer.

  4. I love dogs. Actually, I love all animals, but I am especially fond of dogs. I would not be able to give that dog up – I’m one of those “for better or worse, ’til death do us part” girls when it comes to my animals.

    I think that the dog will find a new and better home.

  5. This, I think, is a major difference between a dog and a cat. If a dog is mistrreated he will stay and hope for better, taking his “punishment”. If a cat is mistreated, he will book out the door and never return, would rather take his chances on the street and work to find a new home than put up with it. I have always known this to be a strong difference. In truth, I was a dog person when young and literally hated cats as a young adult, until one particular cat came into my life and taught me they were not at all like I thought that were. So then I became a cat person instead. I find it odd that we distinguish ourselves as “dog person” or “cat person”. In fact, I am a person for both of them, but it took me years to realize it’s not a We-They thing at all.

  6. Last night my dog was at my feet, got up and her rear leg was in the air. She looked at me like Maaaaaaaaa!! My leg won’t work! I was very alarmed until I realized….her leg fell asleep. So I had to rub it and coax her and tell her it’s okay and then she put her leg down and all was well again. Now I’ve seen cats’ legs fall asleep and darned if they don’t just go their way on three legs till it irons out.

  7. Funny about your dog’s leg falling asleep! Dogs are funny the way they come running over when something isn’t right with them and how some of us with do things like you did – make it all better!

    This is making the rounds on FB today and I thought you might enjoy it – it is very sweet.

  8. Cats are fantastic mothers!

  9. Over 30 years ago my future husband ‘thought’ he didn’t like cats. Hah! Today, any stray or feral cat around the workshop gets fed, cared for and fixed. It’s an absolute hoot to see him fall asleep in his lazyboy at night with a couple of cats on his lap and one on top of the chair nuzzling his hair. Gotta love him.

    Thanks Delphyne, adorable video.

  10. Yeah Maude, the same cat that got to me must have gotten to him. I did a 180. Can’t live without a cat. Cats know just how to change your mind. I LOVE men who love their cats. I think it’s so cute to watch cats rule them. I had a tenant I didn’t like much. I thought he was a real A Hole. Then one day I stopped by and there he was with this stray his wife “forced” on him. He was holding the cat upside down in his arms like a baby. It completely changed the way I looked at him.

  11. Teresainpa, you might want to get a pair of thick leather gloves. It is possible to tame feral kitties. Takes a lot of patience and the thick leather gloves minimize the damage.


  12. Funny about dogs, though. They will put themselves in harm’s way and fight to the death to protect you, but if their leg falls asleep, they come to you for nurturing.

  13. ACK DE just got a visit from another snake. He shovel-beat it, of course. He’s so much kinder than I am. I swear, DE, if I lived there, I’d move.

  14. djmm is correct. It takes time and patience and it can be done. I’ve done it plenty of times. Once they start looking at you and trusting you, the hardest part is over. Try stroking them lightly for a second or two when they are eating. Coo a lot. Be reliable with food and water. If you treat them like ferals they will stay feral. Fend for them and provide for them and you will be surprised.

    And yeah, gloves help if you plan on grabbing one. I don’t recommend it. Human trap is better, but only if you are prepared to provide it with a place inside where you can work with them. THey tame faster that way. Make sure they are weaned first, though.

  15. What do the owners mean they can’t take care of that adorable dog who crawled on 2 broken legs to get home. A-holes. Someone better love that dog!

    I took in a feral cat once and a cousin took in it’s sibling. They both turned out to be wonderful pets.

    My ex-husband also ‘hated cats’ when we got married until he actually got to know one. He didn’t have alot of choice since I always had a houseful of cats and dogs. But my Siamese won him over by going to the basement with him and ‘helping’ him on his projects. He’s a cat lover now.

  16. Check you inbox NOW!

  17. Not all snakes are poisonous. Where does DE live.

  18. OMG DE! Shiver! GET THE GLOCK!

  19. BCL, you don’t know DE and me. We don’t care if they are colorful and poisonous or not. They invoke extreme reactions in us and that’s not going to change.

    He lives in FLA. You know. where all the A Holes released their pythons and boas so they could multiply and grow to 200 pounds. They aren’t poisonous either.

  20. Because snakes are silent, people overreact to the danger. Any idea what kind of snake this is.

  21. Ok Fla could mean a dangerous snake.

  22. Had to laugh BCL, our first cats were two Siamese brothers, they completely changed my husband. It was wonderful and they were absolutely gorgeous. One lived to 14, the other 19. Still miss them.

  23. Men seem to need pets to interact with them and acknowledge them. Siamese are very vocal and demanding of attention so you can’t ignore them and they don’t want you to, like some cats do.

  24. Fox News is showing HRC greeting people in Pakistan and discussing her mission.

  25. You’re right about men and cats, BCL. They must be acknowledged. It’s an ego thing probably. I couldn’t live with a man who didn’t love dogs and cats. It’s as simple as that.

  26. Wow Maude, TWO male Siams. They NEVER shut up. lol.

  27. BCL try opening the door to get the newspaper and seeing a diamondback sunning himself on it and you would sell your home too. Or having a gator stop by from the canal for a snack. In your mudroom. The canal rats are always lovely too. Just like cats only meaner.

  28. Then there are the cockroaches with the fancy Palmetto name.

  29. lovely young canal rat.,r:6,s:18&biw=1070&bih=460

  30. Upps, you should become the PR person for Florida!

  31. A roach by any other name is just as disgusting.

  32. Okay everybody. I got a couple of emails about the Beat Women day in Saudi, designed to stop women from driving. not that it’s not possible for these pigs, but the truth is, I see a boatload of sites covering it in a frenzy, linking to one another in a circle jerk,, and NO LINK TO THAT FACEBOOK PAGE. . Anybody?

    The only link I could find was this and um……..well for all I know it’s about screwing goats.

  33. If the kittens are still nursing, they are definitely young enough to tame. Right around the time Mom cat weans them is a good window of opportunity for taking them into your home. You need to trap and keep them in a small space (bath and laundry rooms often work well). Talking and cooing while giving them food.

    If you have any TNR groups near you (Trap Neuter Return) such as Alley Cats, they will lend you the right kind of trap and can offer tips on domesticating. They also often have clinics for low cost/ spay/neuter and basic vet care such as testing and first shots.

  34. Adorable dog, but I don’t understand why his legs weren’t in a cast or something? Is there no vet to work on his legs?

  35. Good question laker dude. From the story, somebody is taking care of or did take care of him. But you’re right. there should be casts.

  36. There is a happy update. Mason and his family will be reunited in about 6 weeks after they get settled. That makes me feel better.

  37. I’ve had my feral beast for 16 or 17 years, since he was 5 weeks old. I bottle fed him and have treated him like a king. He rules the house, is freakishly strong and fast, packs a punch and is rather short tempered. It’s like living with a small panther.

  38. Nancy I LOVE your description of your ‘feral’!

    Sorry you landed in moderation for so long. New commenters are screened and I was gone — and I am going to have to whip the moderators handily. Problem is, they like being whipped so it doesn’t change a thing.

  39. I think it very generous of the family to leave Mason at a shelter with a roof over his head, food and medical care while they tried to find the same for themselves in hopeful preparation for his return. The sweet doggie couldn’t just go anywhere with them, even camping out with relatives or something more basic–the puppy was seriously hurt, needed urgent medical care and a stable place to heal.

    I also think it’s wonderful of the many fur ball loving bloggers to advocate for Mason. Even in anger at the family for supposedly abandoning the little dog, Americans once again are showing a love for these precious creatures.

    That’s the thing about instant news–sometimes, well, many times–the first news piece is not the whole story. 2008 reminded me of that–get the whole story!

  40. Uppity, with tail dragging and head down says,
    Point taken, Texas.

  41. Hi Uppityville!!

    Happy Memorial Weekend! I hope everyone’s having a lovely relaxing time, and taking a moment to remember those who do serve and have served, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice, so – at the very least in regards to this venue – we can post here in peace and freedom.

    For those following my issues: I know it’s going to be a good weekend for me: finally found an OT that’s worth a damn for Boy, plus boy got the helmet off FOREVER. It’s a great day.


  42. I potted a bunch of herbs today, Allie. I love me my own herbs.

    Slow weekend around here at UW blog. Glad I didn’t write one of my blockbusters.

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