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  1. Thank you to all fighting forces, past & present.

  2. Glad to see paddy cakes remains popular. Th cat version is pretty slick.

  3. Aww, I love this vid.

  4. Another kitteh vid to love.



    The mall’s newest museum, the National Museum of the American Indian, opened in 2004. A museum dedicated to African-American heritage is expected to open in 2015.

    Other museums that are similar in scope have taken years to complete, he said, pointing to the new African-American museum as an example.

    Groundbreaking for that museum is set for 2012, and it’s expected to open in 2015 — 12 years after a feasibility report on the project was first submitted to Congress.


    I am SURE we have a National Museum of the American Woman – that recognizes American women’s accomplishments – Right?

  6. I didn’t realize Karen went to England~

    LONDON (Reuters) – British police appealed for help Friday in tracing a suspected burglar they have dubbed “Goldilocks” because (he) breaks into houses, eats food and then has a sleep.

  7. Dashing in and out- grandkids are soooooo much fun!
    Did some catch up reading- great posts as always!

  8. FF, thanks for that chuckle re Karen in London. Your observation re a woman’s museum – there are a couple online
    and this one is associated with the Smithsonian and is located in Dallas Texas



  10. This is a dangerous endeavor. Somebody could break a fingernail!

  11. Hey where’s DE! Hey DE! A ten year old florida boy was fishing when his line snapped and an alligator came out of the water after him. He wrestled the bastage and won. He brought it home. Nearly 6 feet. So guess what/ Authorities lectured him about Protected Wildlife and said if he were older, he would be arrested. no kidding, you can’t make this shit up. The kid was supposed to let the thing eat him to stay out of jail.

  12. I refuse to support the NWHM unless and until it gets real respect. Congressional women and famous people are “trying” to drum up support for a site NEXT TO THE NATIONAL MALL. Not ON the Mall, where the museum to Native Americans, African Americans, Space Flying Americans, and various art work is housed. We will be relegated to close to the powerful people. It is kinda like putting the kitchen next to the main house, that way you won’t have to hear or deal with the ‘help’.

    On top of that, the AA museum and the Native American museum were paid for by the taxpayers. Of course, the women organizers are self-funding the museum. Makes sense, why would it be important enough for the actual country to support a museum to half of its population. Let’s have a bake sale to support this museum, while the government runs around funding everything else.

    The hell with it, I say put us in the REAL museums and don’t ghettoize us. We are America, make a f@cking National Mens History Museum and relegate it to a place off of the National Mall. We can fill it with beer cans, porn and football memorabilia.

    ((Yes, I am yelling. Sorry.))

  13. Honora, you’re frustrated, as most of us are, and I agree wholeheartedly – why on earth does every other museum or any other venture for anyone other than women get taxpayer funding, yet when it comes to women – empty pockets. I also agree about the Mens History Museum – can you imagine – they could stuff Hugh Hefner and whatsisname Guccione and pose them at the entrance. Seems like a plan. I forgot that hustler guy, he should of course be represented – stuff him too. Flynt isn’t it?

  14. The header was delicious, FF. Well done with extra pickles and ketchup.


  15. karen! Back from London so soon?!🙂

  16. just turned the A.C.the electric company sent me a thank you card..:lol:

  17. HT: There’s the Lesbian Herstory Archives which was a pretty big deal back in the day. I’d say it’s still a pretty big deal.

  18. Just can’t do that yet foxy. Trying to hold out as long as we can.

  19. Sounds about right UW.

  20. “deadenders, on May 29, 2011 at 2:31 PM
    Just can’t do that yet foxy. Trying to hold out as long as we can.

    My house is now 89 w/o air on. It’s on. It’s bad enough working in my garage studio. I just came in. 94 out there now. High humidity too. Time to quit.

  21. Re: AC. I swear, if it weren’t so tacky I’d put ceiling fans in. The bills are KILLING me.

  22. If anyone cares – his Haughtiness is about to “Comfort” the folks in Joplin
    streaming live

  23. See, the problem with the museum and EVERYTHING else about this current third wave is THEY ASK. They don’t DEMAND. And they have become an arm of the Democratic party, imaging that this party that led them on for decades for votes and water carrying, actually gives a shit about them. They give them free passes. Assholes like Maher and Lettermen get FREE passes or lame-assed, obviously luke-warm rebukes.

  24. Honora! I LOVE your passion! And you’re absolutely right!

  25. Karen, the header’s great, isn’t it?

    But – I didn’t know that you like gardenburgers and soy hot dogs! lol

  26. UW, I never heard anyone saying that ceiling fans are tacky. I’ve been at friends’ houses that have them, and they really seem to help! Maybe out this way, where it can be hot most of the year, comfort takes precedence over style lol

  27. hahah lorac, up here nothing says, “Whatsa matter, can’t you afford your home?” or “Not doing so well are ya?” better than ceiling fans.

  28. lorac, try not to encourage Karen to ingest the header.

  29. Uppity, both my sisters have rather grand homes right on the St. Lawrence river – and both of them have ceiling fans throughout the homes. Both of them also have central air, however they rely on the fans most of the time.

  30. Well I guess that should change everybody else’s mind.

  31. We only have ceiling fans on our back patio. Usually spend a great deal of time sitting on the patio all summer though and only use the a/c as needed in the house.

  32. Can somebody please clear up some flourescent tube lighting bullshit for me? A 12″ overpriced piece of shit tube comes in CW. SW, D, and WW. I know what the letters mean, I just don’t know what they MEAN in terms of lighting. How do you know which one to pick? Forget CW, I already know I hate them. I want to know which one actually give MORE GODDAMNED LIGHT, IF ANY LIGHT. I HATE FLUOURESCENT LIGHTS!

  33. UW, I don’t know anything about those lights. Do you have Home Depots out there? Maybe you could call the lighting section, or maybe you even have a lighting specialty store…? Maybe they can help you with just a phone call….

  34. Ceiling fans are tacky? Now I’ve heard everything. American home decorating has become so structured that it is reidiculous. Your appliacnces must be stainless steel, even if you hate stainless steel. Your countertop must be granite even if you don’t have $5,000 to spend on f*cking countertops. All furniture is cheaply made but costs a fortune, and still Americans follow along like silly little sheep. My son just added a huge family room onto his house and they have a big fancy ceiling fan for both winter to move the heat from the humongous fireplace and summer to move the cooled air. They must not know how tacky it is. Whatever happened to individual style.

  35. BCL – amen.

  36. Still running the heater here and wearing winter clothes. Snowed on the mountain last night and today. Utah is getting hammered with rain and snow , flooding everywhere. Was up at Yellowstone yesterday photographing as I do often got great shots of a snowshoe rabbit, grizzly bears and black bear as well as geysers. Snowed on me coming over the Tetons then all the way home rain so hard the wipers did not clear it. 44 degrees so I am so ready for needing a fan.

  37. Hey BCL my mother had stainless steel cooktop with griddle in the 60s, so how’s that for individualism? Some things just make SENSE. What doesn’t make sense is going all rabid over a regional taste about ceiling fans.

  38. utahwoman – still getting snow is not fair. 90 degrees in Ohio today but a very comfortable 90 degrees, especially if you have a ceiling fan (ha, ha). Not putting down stainless steel appliances, just asking why the lockstep culture where everyone has to have them or the young folks will not buy the home. I’ve had many colors of appliances in my lifetime and I liked each one, but stainless has what advantages? None. It’s just trendy right now.

  39. By the way, I have a friend who bought a huge elegant old home in one of our better sections of town that still had the original kitchen – with stainless steel cabinets which she is trying to save. So stainless has been around for a long time, but now it isn’t optional, it’s mandatory.

  40. Stainless is simply practical and looks good as well. I have always liked stainless appliances, even the smaller ones. But granite and marble are NOT practical. For starters, they are POROUS.

  41. if it weren’t so tacky I’d put ceiling fans in.

    EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!???????

  42. I remember when everybody put carpets over their hardwood floors because it was in style. Things do not stand still. There is nothing wrong with change and it does seem that old things do come back. Now hardwood floor is desirable. So what. To me there is nothing worse than walking into a time warp home. You know what I am saying here, Utah. You had to personally do a lot of upgrading to sell your Mom’s home. My God people, live a life. Not changing youir surroundings in your own castle has GOT to be the most depressing thing on earth. It’s like never changing your hair style.

  43. Are you relating ceiling fans with “time warp homes?”

  44. SP has infringed on Uppity’s copyright

  45. Stainless has plenty of advantages. Why do you think restaurants use them? For starters, the outside is easier to keep sanitary for inspections. Refrigerators such as Subzero have been around for decades and they LAST for decades. you can’t tell how old one is. They are worth every penny as are stainless stoves. They are NOT new and they have endured for a reason. This is why they add value to a kitchen, not because of the look alone. I myself have been a fan of stainless for a long time. As I am of wall ovens. My mother had one in the early 60s. It lasted forever. In fact, I would bet money it’s still there. My stainless stove also has a duel burner system. Gas stove, electric oven. I suppose you regard that as superfluous too. Well, as a person who spends a lot of tiime cooking it’s WHAT I WANT. And since it didn’t cost anybody a penny but me, I don’t understand what the gripe is. Stainless is NOT A FAD. It’s been around forever for a reason. Ditto for stainless cookware. The thing is, nobody HAS to have stainless anything if they don’t want but YES, it WILL add value to your home. It ALWAYS did. People caught on to this is all. So what’s wrong with figuring out that there is something better out there? I kind of liken it to red peppers. I rememeber when you could pick up red bell peppers for a song. everybody was eating green bell peppers. Then the secret got out. Red peppers taste better. So now red peppers cost more than green peppers.

  46. LOL FF! Why wouldn’t she. My IQ is about 30 points higher than hers so i don’t mind doing the thinking.

  47. No, FF, I never mentioned ceiling fans with time warp. Ceiling fans are just what people do when they can’t afford AC. To use them both is doubly expensive, Time warp is the person who has the same damned couch they had when they got married 30 years ago. The kitchen is outdated and she is slaving daily in dull surroundings. The phones are still hard wired and there is a socket in every room. One. The shag pr multi colored loop carpet that has been there so long the hardwood floor is ruined is a giveaway, as are the 50s pink fixtures in the bathroom. Houses such as these do not sell, but ironically their owners think they are worth a fortune.

    But since you brought it up, I have never seen a ceiling fan that I though was short of Fugly. I would far rather have a nice light fixture in its place instead of those things people hang on the ceiling fans with the bulb slots. Half of them make wierd sounds in a year and they just aret not very attractive at all, except possibly on a high ceiling. And they freak tall people out.

  48. FF we shall have to see if S**** P**** gets past the button phase. If she does then we will change our theme to something even smarter. I would not want anyone to assume I am affiliated. It would be fun though if one of her people complained that I am using HER logo, since we’ve been here since before she was a glint in Johnny’s eye.

  49. Ah yes the time warp house. Damn I hate when folks can not see a house is something that needs to move with the time. IE I had to take and rewire several including this one I am in now. Good thing is my father was an electrician and he passed his wisdom on to his kids. I just upgraded this breaker box. Who the hell can have a house with 20 amp service ? My bathroom is pink and maroon tile ( oh kill me)
    As a rule I never go with fad though. I go with white appliances and why ? Because when that change comes and they sell crap like harvest gold or poppy orange white will always be there and slide with the change.
    No fad walls for me only neutral tones. NO CARPET EVER !!!!!!!!!! I can not understand how one can have carpet and feel their house is clean.

  50. utahwoman, you hit the nail on the head. Fads are what people say later ‘OMG what were you thinking!’ Put in your home what you want, now what the home industry tells you. It’s your home, put what you want in it and love it. I can name a couple really hot things now in home decorating that in 5 years people will hate. But I don’t want to offend those who have installed them already. Homes are for living, not impressing the neighbors (or at least they used to be).

  51. Some people seek pleasure. Others avoid pain. I’m betting you’re a pain avoidance person, BCL.

    What’s the difference if they hate it. They can change it. Won’t cost YOU a thing. Beige is boring. That’s why it’s all over the office walls.

  52. Definitely agree on carpets, Utah. Not one in my home. Hasn’t been a carpet in years. An area rug gets stained or you are sick of it, you roll it up and get another one. Carpets tend to lock you in to color too. I would hate that because I am an obsessive wall painter. I do like midtones though and light neutrals everywhere bore me.

  53. ……..sputter…….I have a ……gulp!………confession…
    Some of my furniture is NOT against a wall.

  54. HMPH! We have a ceiling fan in my study and one in my daughter’s room. NO WAY would I go to the expense of installing air conditioning and the massive electric bill that goes with it for the two weeks of the year we need to cool the house.
    Seriously- the house never gets that hot- ever. We open the windows and have great cross ventilation.
    We had a couple of window air conditioning units- they sat in a closet for years sucking up space so we finally got rid of them.
    Now down here in Louisiana I can see where they need AC- though it has generally been in the high 80’s low 90’s and I am outside much of the time- in the shade so I don’t burn- but definitely outside. Wish I could store up all this lovely warmth for next winter in the frozen north lol.
    As for furniture- I inherited my dining set- was my grandmother’s then mom now me. Lovely maple.
    Also have a few other inherited pieces- a curio cabinet, rocking chair, a dresser, bureau, mirror and a twin bed set- also maple.
    Love all my old pieces. Sofas definitely need replaced every so often. And agree on the white appliances. At least until I can afford to go all commercial grade stainless. lol

  55. I hate stainless I think it looks tacky. Sorry if I offended anyone but taste is what makes you happy not what is hot on the market or what chefs love or in dinners etc. I am not making my home up to please Wolfgang Puck or some other schmuck . If you like stainless because you like it go for it but to me it reminds me of a red neck joke seriously. They love shinny stuff lmao.
    I had several pieces in my home that dated back to the early 1800’s and scored on an entire set of parlor furniture that is 1800’s Belgin . I do need to have it reupholstered but will do it in blues and mauves which are colors that please me. I agree a house should reflect ones taste or lack of it what ever it is your home. But never do permanent things like tile etc in fad colors that is why I had to remove olive green tile a few months back and will have to remove pink and maroon now. Sheesh . Oh and I hate tile too !!

  56. Utah you hate ray charles and stainless steel and love mauve? Sputter…..

    Please don’t telll me you have some TFal cookware mixed in with that good cast iron.

    Stainless was around long before Wolfgang Puck was making disgusting recipes. I never met anybody who hated ray charles. This is a first.

  57. Well you met one now. Can not stand his voice seriously . He to me could not sing he sounded like a cat with his tail stuck in a door. Hubby loves him but I will not have that disgusting voice in my house ! Fingernails on a chalkboard thing.
    Yes I know stainless has been around a long time that still does not mean I will like it lol. I think it is like walking into a machine shop when I walk into a stainless kitchen.
    Yes Mauve lol and when the country blue and dusty rose was fad I was in heaven. I love the combo but see blue is another color that many walk away from. Their loss I guess lol because I use tons of blues in my home I love blue . No T-Fal. Copper pans all the way with cast Iron. Will not have anything with that silverstone or teflon. I am sure it is what makes folks ill.

  58. Yes hahaha I remember dusty rose! I did a whole bedroom in it and didn’t let it go till I knew I had to spring for new stuff.

    Speaking of teflon making people sick, I was shocked when I found it it kills pet birds and people who have birds can’t cook with the stuff. Jaysus, what does that mean for humans?

  59. Okay, just so youse guyz don’t think I don’t appreciate artful or classic old things, I want you to know that’s not the case. There are old things and then there are Old Things. There is a huge difference in my mind. This is the dresser of a bedroom set I own, handed down to me through generations. it is hand crotched, burled walnut. As is the dressing table and head and foot boards of the bed. For those of you who don’t know what “crotched” is, it means the tree is cut in such a way as there is a mirror image of the two sides of the tree cut on both sides of the drawers here:

  60. ROFL on the stainless utah! Working in restaurants all those years has warped me I guess. I love the stainless – though I have always wanted a cobalt blue 6 burner double oven viking! That would be way to hard to keep the kitchen updated though lol.
    Loved the furniture shots Uppity- that is some serious craftsmanship- no longer available in this country- sigh.

  61. Oh Man, Mom! I know which viking you mean!!! I would KILL of one of those for sure.

  62. Gorgeous piece, UW.

  63. You should see the headboard, NES.

  64. Didn’t I see it last time I was…?

  65. LOL NES I knew something like that was coming.

    I thought you were talking about the furniture piece!

  66. See upps that is how I want my entire home. I love the Victorian furnishings and have quite a collection , some passed down some acquired but all true pieces no reproductions. Also have huge collection of old I mean real deal kerosene lamps and dishes etc.

  67. Hahahahaha, Upps, of course I was. First the dresser, then the bed’s headpiece.

  68. Hahahahaha, Upps, of course I was. First the dresser, then the bed’s headpiece.


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