Weekend fun. Another of life’s lessons: Always put the paint in the trunk.

h/t TownCrier AKA Quipster, who always takes time out of her VERY busy day to give me a chuckle when I need it.

Let’s face it: The news this past week was enough ot make a train take a dirt road.  We are surrounded by fools, A Holes, morons, con men and crackpots. And they are all in charge. We may need an entire Fun Week pretty soon, hey?

Consider the people in the photos below.

The people involved in this little accident had a 5-gallon can of paint in the back seat. No one was hurt except for their pride. But the car is in intensive care.

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  1. Does that car have a trunk? Looks like something my brother would do.

  2. More weekend fun. OMG!


  3. lmao that is funny. See another reason I will not own a pregnant roller stake. Yea I am an energy hog.

  4. ff~ when I first saw that photo yesterday, I thought it was a breast implant and I wondered who would be so stupid to implant anything that size! lol

    just how dumb am I ????

  5. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

  6. Leslie – maybe that should be the next “From the Sky” Header – Breast Implants!

  7. ff~ when I first saw that photo yesterday, I thought it was a breast implant and I wondered who would be so stupid to implant anything that size! lol
    just how dumb am I ????

    Plenty of morons have done it. So the real question is, Just how dumb are THEY?

  8. Nice header, as always, FF.

  9. Leslie, I thought it was a breast implant, too! I had to look at the link twice before I saw the blurb on the right explaining what it was. 🙂

  10. Love the hamburgers and hot dogs falling from the sky! Where’s karen??

  11. LMAO! Great as always!

  12. Nowwww you dunnit FF= Made me afraid to go outside out of fear I’ll be conked by one of those melon BREAST IMPLANTS!!!!! In fact, I’m in the basement, because one of those would surely penetrate the roof!

  13. JO retires in 8 working days and, um, we’re still scrambling to find decent, affordable, medical coverage. Ahem. In this area, AARP is one of the best (ducking and running as Uppity aims). JO spent her career processing various insurance claims. Yeah, kill me now, Upps. Thankfully, if we do go the AARP way, we won’t have to deal with a snotty little shit like the infamous woman at the
    Texas AARP gathering.

  14. Memorial for K9s during war:

  15. Can people really, truly be that stupid? Everything goes in my trunk, and I’ve had to lecture sonny several times about buying alcohol on his ways to get togethers – always in the trunk. I suppose we really are in the age of Idiocracy, and these same idiots bitch about older people telling them what to do. Sigh.
    Hal, good luck on the medical coverage and good luck to both on you re retirement. I was told I would be bored stiff, as I was only 54 at the time, and I was one of those alpha types. It took me a couple of years, but today I’m really enjoying it. It’s a real adjustment at first for sure.

    re the picture of the “breast implant” – must admit, my immediate thought was of a deformed jelly fish – no tentacles.

  16. FF great header as usual. Does this mean that Bill and Pengy are barbeque masters as well as moderators. Can one book their time for bbq’s and do they prepare all the condiments as well? Bill and the Pengys have a future in catering?

  17. Bill gets union rates. And BBQ is not in his job description. So he might moonlight, like the fire fighters do. Cash only. But don’t expect a price break, he’s like them that way too.

  18. I don’t have a truck. I have no need for a truck. Come to think of it, I have no need for a five gallon can of paint either.

  19. What a beautiful K9 tribute. I should put that up.

  20. When you say decent coverage via AARP, you mean supplemental insurance, Hal, right. Medicare is decent and affordable. The supplement covers what they don’t cover. But if you don’t have medicare, AARP has NADA, Zip. Zilch. They pimp themselves to people over 50 but offer them…..well……..nothing you can’t get elsewhere.

  21. Churl, I notice you link to me on your blog sometimes. Please feel free to cross post my work if it gets you some nibs. I don’t mind. Just use a link with it and run with it.

  22. lol imust, if Karen shows up, the bugers will all have bites out of them.

  23. Hey we’re going to have soome calves liver tonight. Shall I serve it with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

  24. I have an SUV. (BAAAAAAAAADD) No trunks in an SUV. I carry a LOT of paint in my SUV. A lot, a lot, a lot. Place MOVING BLANKET on floor of SUV when the back seats are down (they always are) Set paint cans in boxes or paint can flats (Flats will hold 4 gallons or 9 quarts) Paint cans don’t fall over on curves. Five Gallon buckets? Wedge them in. And no matter what you carry, if you hear a “clunk” STOP THE CAR and look. It’s no fun emptying the car, getting up in the back with the hose and flushing 1/2 gallon of green paint off the deck.

    Now, when I had my wreck – rolled 4 times – MOST of my paint was at the client’s – the 2 quarts that were in the car – well……it was totaled anyway. Cleaning it inside wouldn’t have made a difference!

  25. Yes, supplement and we’re comparing rates from a few ins companies. We live in an area where most docs accept Marshfield Clinic’s Medicare supplement called Advocure ….however, my GP does not! Oy vey! Sigh.

    I have Medicare and JO, soon to be 62, will qualify in 3 years. She has Wisconsin Physician’s Service for over $300 a month. Eh, when she was under her group insurance, which expires June 16, it was a whopping $5 a month for her as a hospital employe.

    We’re also checking out Medicare supplements for me from Banker’s Life and U Care, as well WPS . I can’t do the no insurance thing.

  26. Hmmmm, calves liver – but not with fava beans – with carmelized onions That’s the ticket. Although the Chianti is good, and mashed garlic potatos are even better.
    FF, you are a pro, the folks illustrated in the pictures were not. Big difference. I never carry anything in the cab of my car because it is a small compact. Everything goes in the trunk. IN your case, you adjust due to your requirements but take all necessary safety measures to ensure that it is safe. You are smart. The people in the pictures were not smart.
    Bill should post his union rates – does he clean barbeques too? My desperately needs a cleanout and a new burner (and maybe new jets). Bill could have a new side profession (to him more important MK duties).

  27. abolutely. garlic, onions and some bacon. And a bit of red wine in the pan at the end.

    And mashed potatoes.

  28. Hal I only WISH I could find insurance for 300+. Here, single pay is four digits. For One person. The number changes from a 1 to a 2 if you have two.

  29. And spinach with onions and sour cream – perfect dinner – calves liver, garlic mashed potatos, spinach with ontions and a touch of sour cream and chianti – MMMMM good. I wish I could find some decent calves liver here. It’s hit and miss, and I usually have to spend time cutting out the bile ducts and slicing it. Oh where oh where have the butchers gone?

  30. Why it’s important to always let the other person talk first.
    (warning: F bombs, but still funny)

  31. Excellent header!!!

  32. I can now say to my friends and family in Philadelphia, you get earthquakes too. Get off my back about California earthquakes.




  33. Was just listening to a Joan Baez rendition of Where have all the Flowers gone. Where are all the anti war people? Are they like the third wave feminists? Where are all the protesters about the commercial theft of their future? Where are all the protesters?

  34. HT: They stopped protesting when the threat of them going off to war ended.

  35. Oh pooh pooh. We had an EQ one in NY in the late 70s too. A few glasses rattled.

  36. Heavens no. No spinach with liver. Peas sauteed in olive oil and garlic. spinach would be an iron overload. I just don’t see it with liver but that’s what makes the world go round. Corn on the cobb would have been good but our early corn isn’t in yet.

    Got the liver from my polish butcher. All ready for cooking.

    The fava beans and chianti was a satirical reference to Silence Of The Lambs. We don’t drink Chianti. Italians don’t drink it, mayo faces drink it to feel Italian. Heh.

  37. HAHAHA

    BronxZoosCobra Bronx Zoo’s Cobra
    Is it just me or did Medusa have the best hairstyle EVER?

  38. HT – You might be better off buying a new grill if you need new burners and jets. Replacement parts – especially the components that make the thing a ‘grill’ are really expensive. I know – I just ordered some for Charlotte’s grill. And they weren’t anything special – just the drip pan and the pieces-parts that go below it.

  39. Sophie, I suppose so, yet there are some who are still out there – they just don’t get any publicity – I suppose that the oligarchy doesn’t want a compliant populace to find someone who can shake them out of their lethargy.

    Pete Seeger, one of the greatest anti war advocates. (I’d post Bruce Cockburn’s If I had a Rocket launcher, however I think a lot of people would be upset, so I’ll stick with Pete)

  40. ewwww – liver

  41. and speaking of expensive! I bought a new mattress and box springs today. Maybe in a few days I will be able to walk in the morning again!

  42. Hey Sophie, thank you for your very generous donation to Bill’s disgusting habit.

  43. FF, thanks for the info. I’m really torn. My barbeque is 37 years old. The shell is in excellent shape. (I paid over 500 dollars for it all those years ago. It’s a cast iron barbeque and has always cooked things to perfection – bonus I’ve only had to replace the innards twice. Mind you, I cannot find any place that retails the original innards, which makes me rather annoyed. Why should I buy a new barbeque that will disintegrate within 5 years? And trust me, I have checked out all the new models – they are shabby – but they come with all kinds of bells and whistles that will disinigrate coincidentally with the main body of the barbeque. If I can find the internal workings – and I know it will be jets and burners – then a few hundred dollars will be worth it. This barbeque is worth it. I’m not putting out 500 bucks for a piece of c@ap, and that is really cheap these days.

  44. I bought replacement parts for my grill. I intend to install them tomorrow. They were pricey but cheaper than the price of a replacement grill. Plus, I didn’t want to give up my cast iron grates. Since you have to do the assembly work either way, the labor factor was a wash.

  45. Oh yeah I agree. NEVER give up cast iron for cooking. Hope you saw my thank you above.

  46. UW: You call it a disgusting habit. I call him a kindred spirit.
    (It was my own kitties what brought me over to the dark side.)

  47. Ours is about 15 years old and holding up well. But then we don’t BBQ all year around here. I imagine people in warmer climates year-round go through them faster.

  48. OOps, forgot to say, thank you FF for all you do. And new mattresses and box springs – killer. Hope you got a really good one for your hard earned dollar. BTW, I’ve always loved calves liver – cooked properly it’s delicious. I think a lot of the revulsion is more learned rather than a sense of taste. If one is told liver is disgusting or if one is forced to taste badly cooked liver, one learns to hate it. It’s actually quite good, if cooked properly. Geebus, I hope I’m not in line to be the first to be sacrificed when the liver eating aliens come to town.

  49. By the way, real Italians do drink Chianti. You have to go to Tuscany for the worthy kind. The stuff they send here isn’t potable. Ruffino D’Oro is as good as you’re gonna get in the states.

  50. Sophie, you’re Italian too? I love Ruffino, but here I can’t afford it. Any other suggestions?

  51. I had a GF years ago who loved liver. Never could stand the way it smells when cooking. Just me I guess.

  52. HT: I’ve been drinking local CT wines for the last few years. We have a wine trail here with about 30 wineries. Some of the wines are pretty good. Others, not so good. Very few grapes grow well in New England. And I only like reds, so that further limits things. But the joy is in the journey!

    Anyway, there’s a Sicilian grape called Nero D’avola that makes a fabulous dry red. Santa Anastasia was one of my favorite brands, not expensive at all.

  53. Oh and UW: Thank you!

  54. FF – not to worry, some folks have automatic shutdowns for some foods. I can’t eat lettuce – my innards cannot process it. Not sure why cause my sisters all eat it with impunity, but it makes me bilious.

    I do have a question to ask of all Uppityites. In 1974 Marlo Thomas and friends produced a terrific program – Free to Be You and Me. Why are we no further ahead? What the heck happened that stopped us in our tracks. I know it’s not our fault, but what the hell happened?
    For those of you who don’t know about Free to be You and check it out on youtube. She also headed Free to be a Family.

  55. FF, I’m with you on the liver…….uhhhhyuckiepoo!!!

    Did you use your lottery winnings on the new mattress?

  56. LOL Imust – not hardly – I didn;t win THAT much! LOL

    Nope – financed it through Charlotte – on her offer.

  57. as a matter of fact – I am about to go give it a test drive. My back may feel better, but I gotta watch breaking my ankle when I get up. It’s about 6″ higher than my old mattress and Box springs! Hope I remember that in the morning!

  58. Yes I was waiting for someone to say in Italy they drink Chianti. That’s because they have the good stuff.

    I am admittedly a french wine fan. Also like some California wines. NY wines suck, and I’m being nice. California might be ahead on some bad things but one good thing they are ahead on is wine. In fact, California has beaten France in several competitions in the past few years, which really pisses the french off. It’s a good thing I don’t live there because I would be looped from all the tastings.

  59. UW: You call it a disgusting habit. I call him a kindred spirit.
    (It was my own kitties what brought me over to the dark side.)

    How quickly we learn to be co-dependent with our Nipaholics. But it’s his using my credit card for trips to LiveNudeCats.com that disturbs me most.

  60. Hal, Bankers Life is a good company. They pay their claims much quicker than other med sups. Doctors like that. They also charge less for their J-plan that lots of other companies charge for a c or d plan. Just don’t let anyone talk you in to an Medicare advantage plan. They are great if you never get seriously ill. But if you do they will end up soaking you for 4-6 k out of pocket in a bad year. Where your med sup will cost more for the premium, That is all you will ever pay if you get the plan that covers everything. Just do not ever go with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  61. HT you ask “what happened” Complacency happened. People do not appreciate that which somebody else worked for and handed them. For those of the Third Waveless who DO finally notice, THIS is how they think they will get results. They should give it up now.

  62. Geezit, Uppity, if that’s all they’ve got – it’s not anything on what we used to do. Seems like tryouts for “You think you caN DANCE

  63. Yeah HT, that’ll rattle em, huh?

    They need torches and pitchforks for Congress instead of providing the boyz with entertainment.

  64. Wow. It’s Pay Dirt month for Bill. Thanks HT! He’s gonna be shitfaced for real now!

  65. What is wrong – a real protest song has visceral meaning – this is fluff.
    Why can women not get to the gut? Why can they not sutdy real protest songs, learn and come up with something original? Tear the pavement up.
    For example, Bruce Cockburn’s If I had a rocket Launcher – he utilized real footage of the terrible results of the effects of the policies of the oligarchy. We have more than enough proof and videos to boot about the affect of policies on women throughout the world. Why do these ladies rely on Beyonce type videos when they could do something like this.

  66. Thanks for the tips on Medicare supplements, which is what I’m getting, per advice of JO, too!
    She also says Bankers Life is a great Medicare supp and pretty much everyone accepts it, very prompt with payments.

    Just had a nightmare go-round with the AARP plan, applied for AARP membership again and they changed my freaking email address, not once, but twice. Of course, I can’t tell the flockers to cancel now, since they’re CLOSED until Tuesday!!! By that time, my application will be processede with the WRONG flocking email address. Guess I should be thankful, but ngrraugh!!!! (darnit)

  67. Those pictures are hilarious! Betcha the victims were happy they were rendered incognito by the paint.🙂

  68. Hope everyone got a hearty laugh at the expense of some South Africans. (Dec. 2010)


  69. towncrier-So I guess the 25 litres is close to 5 gallons? Anyway, one question?

    Where was the damned lid for the bucket?

    I’m sorry but DOH!

  70. lorac and nes – I’m off to bed and I know you come back in the midnight, so Luvs ya both – and this from someone who is old enuff to be your gran.

  71. That flash mob shit is USELESS…back in the day protests were planned weeks ahead and momentum was built with every out rage in between… the date became a rally cry…I hate the protests in 2 days / one hours everyone come out! twitter garbage! No one shows up…and everyone says no one cares…ram the shit though! . I think it’s used to stop protests myself …they become jokes

  72. women women women… we don’t need to protest for power. What the hell good is that? Where has it gotten us? We have all the power we need. We have to stop being such GD wimps about taking it. Vote women in to office, all of them. Will we get some duds? Hell yes, but congress if full of duds now, male democrats have and will continue to throw us over for the next possibility of a few more males voting for them.
    Vote for women, when we have half or more of both houses, oh things will be different, very different. While democratic males are finding ways to dump us, female republicans would probably love to get rid of the need to cater to the anti-choice, religious about corporate greed ruling the world loonies on their right.

    sigh, we have to stop asking men to understand so that they will finally give us equality. Just take it, we are the majority. Let’s act like it.

  73. Careful Teresa– Some state NOW will raise money to send every man in the state little scales of justice or some other asinine thing. You are right we are the majority we don’t have to ‘ask’ for anything.

  74. LOL Honora. Sad but true–and almost surreal. NOW is out of its mind, instead of leading it has become the example of what’s wrong with the third waveless.

  75. ooooooh!! I love liver 🙂
    Happy Memorial Day weekend Uppityites!!!! 🙂

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