May 31, 2008. The Day Democracy Died in the Democratic Party

May 31, 2008

Democrats on this forum all know what this day means.

This is an open thread. Let it rip.

Tell them We Will Not Forget and why

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  1. Perhaps not dead but it sure smells like it and continues to smell worse every day.

  2. . Big Tent Democrat wrote If the DNC is going to strictly apply the rules … Obama loses May 28, 2008 at TalkLeft.

    . Riverdaughter declared SHAME! This is a day that will live in infamy at The Confluence, May 31, 2008.

    . And, coincidentally, on the same day, BHO threw his church and pastor under the bus when he officially left Trinity United Church of Christ after 20 years of hearing Goddam AmeriKKKa and similar uplifting spiritual sermons. It’s pretty much been his attitude towards the citizenry his subjects ever since.

  3. May 31, 2008, Dem Pesky Roolz!

  4. Thank you for this opportunity, UW although I seem to be on a different tangent this morning because I feel a post card coming on! It will make a brief statement of the problem (as you have) and end with a suggestion that a phone call be made to Robert Casey Jr, Penna Senator for a statement regarding the 5/31/08 decision. Bob, after all, appointed himself Obama’s best friend here during the PA primary.

    These days the mailing list is small. A dozen friends plus my “representatives” in DC will each receive a copy. That would be “the ladies in town,” Casey himself, Toomey (R) and Marino.(R). Plus, I do also keep Boehner informed. 🙂

    It’s really hard to know what will turn the tide, but it seems as if persistence is the only weapon we ordinary folk have.

  5. This was also the day at the Confluence that the blogger SM coined PUMA.

    F*** YES I am not giving up and I hope that none of you do either.

    This is pure unadulterated stealing of the Uncommitted vote.

    I declare a P.U.M.A. = Party Unity My Ass – in honor of Harold Ickes’ words.

  6. UW: Fantastic recap of the rulz and the math on 5/31/2008. Too bad they were making them up as they went along.

  7. From Still4Hill today:

    In all of my many years of witnessing campaigns both victorious and defeated, I have never, ever seen a group of people stick together behind a candidate the way P.U.M.A.s have stuck with Hillary Rodham Clinton who still, after two-and-a-half years has a better sense of what to do for this country than the candidate the “Democratic” Party chose in her stead.

  8. In 2000 the Supreme court stopped the vote count in Florida and Stuck us with Bush who was the OBVIOUS loser in Florida had the whole state been recounted as the Florida Supreme court was about to order. I have never gotten over it. Lots of people like to blame Gore, but I blame his campaign manager who didn’t want to call people to the streets because black people might get hurt.
    In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the clear winner and the DNC, with the manipulations of …, again?, Donna Brazille and the cooperation of Howard Dean, denied to count all the votes and it was BLATANT that they were ignoring their own rules to shove Obama down our throats. Just one rule, the one where you have to be on the ballot to get votes or delegates, was so obviously ignored that Brazille saying “rules are rules” makes me want to laugh in her face.
    You all know that I vote for women, all of them on any ballot. The only thing that would make me not vote for a woman is if Donna had anything to do with her campaign.
    I used to be a big Dean fan, now I think he is clueless and I would never spend another second helping DFA or the DNC, both of which I have raised money for in the past.
    I don’t consider our government a democracy anymore. And Obama is as corrupt and stupid and as much a boat without a rudder as the Shurb was. The corporations chose their candidate and order the news media to support that candidate and the media, particularly TV tell us who to vote for and that is that. They savage the other candidate, they did it to Gore and they did it to Hillary and I would be happy if CNN and MSNBC were dropped in to the ocean never to be seen again along with all of their favorite guests, Eugene Robinson in particular, who was on TV in 5 minutes after Hillary’s win in NH to tell us that the people of NH were ray-cist.
    My guilty white liberal was all rubbed off in 2008. If yours was not, you have no idea how liberating it felt to no longer fall for every race card anyone pulls. I used to admire Jesse Jackson Jr…not anymore. I hope he disappears into well deserved obscurity. To be fair I hope the same for that creepy woman in MO. Claire McCaskill. I can’t look at her without my teeth feeling mossy. I have to go brush my teeth and wash my face every time she appears on TV.
    Jefferson said we should overthrow the government when they stopped working for the people and I am starting to think it’s about time for another overthrow if the government but I am not sure what form that takes. I wonder if we have the power to take back our democracy. Corporate control of our elections has got to stop and the media must be made independent again. I have no idea how we do that. But after 400 + years of my family being Americans and before that “colonists” I am thinking we would be better off somewhere else. But where in the world are the wealthy few not running everything?
    I love this country and I am proud of my family’s history here. Also I am at an age where no other country is really interested in me immigrating there. But if my children or grandchildren decided they no longer wanted to deal with our banana republic government, I wouldn’t blame them.
    Obama’s nomination was a joke, he is a very mediocre President yet no one is going to challenge him in the primary. We are stuck with him or some ridiculous white guy republican clone of Reagan or worse and there is nothing we can do about it.
    I will never forgive the people who made this happen.

  9. I was going to change the header this morning – but it needs to be left up for this post.

    I have spent the last hour watching youtoobs of all the RBC and DNC Protests. I either organized or helped to organize them all. Not kidding here. I did.

    The Nooze media was COMPLETELY WRONG in their assessments of these protests “Must be organized by the Clinton Campaign” – they were not.

    They were organized by me and my friend Jim and LULAC with help from me and Jim.


    Florida Demanded Representation. Instead, we got screwed, threatened and marginalized as voters.

    BARACK OBAMA IS A President who cheated his way into office. Period.

    I simply cannot stand these people.

    Off to work now.

  10. BTW – remember what is coming. Please rewatch “We will not be silenced” and BE PREPARED in 2012.

    PLEASE HELP Gigi if you can and Donate.

    all 4 clips are available on You Tube

  11. FF you can post the yousetubes if you want!

  12. I was going to change the header this morning – but it needs to be left up for this post

    You got THAT right!

  13. We were there and we will never forget- unfortunately the younger generations have no clue – as they watched SCOTUS select one President and then the DNC selected the next. No longer is civics required in school and the Constitution? Well- we know what dear reader had to say about that.
    My heart was broken when it finally hit home on this day three years ago (has it really been three years) Our votes really DO NOT COUNT. Sad- it brings this song to mind

  14. Hey somebody please post Ickes’ speech.

  15. OMG PMM! I was just searching youtube for American Pie and you posted it! 🙂

  16. This video pretty much summed it up for me:

  17. imust! great minds think alike!
    Love the fractured fairy tale! With “Your Cheatin Heart” in the background no less!

  18. OT

    Another wealthy business man has attacked yet another maid at a ritzy NY hotel. This one is an Egyptian named Omar and he is 74 years old.

    Can the castration fairy visit all the rapists, please.;_ylt=Akc3AABWQILz53ZiABF3dRNa24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTM4NnA5Y3FyBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTEwNTMxL3VzX3VzYV9lZ3lwdF9hc3NhdWx0BGNjb2RlA29mZnB6ZjMwcnQEY3BvcwMzBHBvcwMzBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDZWd5cHRpYW5jaGFy

  19. The importance of the Rulze Committee meeting on that day was the most important single event in politics of the Dem party in my life. And I paid close attention all those years. As you guys were, I was a partisan stalwart. I had “dem” all but tattooed on my ass. That day, that ruling, changed me forever. And I mean forever. I can never support that party again. I can of course never support republicans either since they are the reason why I clung to dems for so long. lol.

    My eyes were opened wide and nothing can shut them. I see what it is really all about now. Finally. The whole thing is a money making, lobbyist greasing, organization and they are no more than sports teams. Win for 4 years, screw things up even more, let the other side win one. They get their mansions and millions and we suffer. And they will break every rule as they scarf down their caviar on their yachts.

    Thanks for the enlightenment, Howard, Donna, Nancy, Kerry, Al, Ted, Edwards, Richardson and the rest. 2008 was a hellhole and we won’t ever let the voters of Michigan and Florida forget what happened to them – and to us.

  20. Well well well. Let’s see if Omar gets his ass treated like the same shitbag as that french guy was treated. throw his ass in the clink and let him rot. Then prosecute him. One Egyptian pig down.

  21. I loved that Mad As Hell Bitch! video and that rotten lousy youtube cut the sound on it because of music “violation”.

  22. Funny, I thought of American Pie too!

  23. trailer for a documentary that will be released in November



  24. MAY 31 2008

    The day on which there was a death and a birth.

    The real democratic party died through fraud and deceit

    Party Unity My Ass was born when some people woke up and realised that COUNTRY ALWAYS COMES BEFORE PARTY.
    They became awake and aware and will never forget



  25. I think this email address is still good for D. Brazile. Maybe she’d like to hear from us again now that she got her reward and is running the DNC.

  26. The day my howls were heard in the neighborhood. I was still living across the street from that ridiculous Obamabot. Must have been several days later–when HRC conceded–that I ripped my ‘Vote Democratic’ sticker off the back of my vehicle. Loudly. The neighbors’ ears are probably still burning. I’m STILL burning. My anger has not abated one whit.

  27. the so-called arab spring.
    Lorena Bobbitt classes really needed to be taught in Egypt. That is the only thing these sicko bastards will understand



  28. karen said
    “My eyes were opened wide and nothing can shut them. I see what it is really all about now. Finally. The whole thing is a money making, lobbyist greasing, organization and they are no more than sports teams. Win for 4 years, screw things up even more, let the other side win one. They get their mansions and millions and we suffer. And they will break every rule as they scarf down their caviar on their yachts.”

    And may I add that just like professional sports- they are overpaid and the cost to us- the spectators- is overpriced!

  29. Woman takes attempted rapist’s penis to police station as evidence.

  30. Go Teresa! A most righteous rant! I’m totally with you on voting for the chick on the ticket — how can we do worse, FCS?!

  31. Wow, FF — you rule.

  32. helen, they’re going to find out which ones are virgins so that they can rape the virgins. They’re better off doing virginity tests on their goats. It is easier to examine the goats since the goats, for now, are burka free. It won’t be long. They will want those handsome little horned cuties to be covered up.

  33. The day of the Backroom Obama coup.

  34. K for C:

    There ain’t no “virgin wool” in Egypt.

  35. votermom, yep. When the broke for a “half hour my ass” lunch, Donna was all pouty and pissy with her hands on her hips and wagging her finger at everyone.
    When she came back from the “extended” back room “transparancy my ass” lunch, she was grinning ear to ear and her eyes were full of dollar signs.

    I knew then that the other shoe had already dropped.

    Bastages. The whole lot. We all lost a lot that day.

    Ickes was brilliant. I still get chills and tears.

  36. Sigh.

    I wish I could forget. :~(

  37. myiq, no virgin olive oil either?

    btw – Bibi was incredible in his speech to congress. The world should speak up about what an a-hole leads the US. Canada has made it clear that they support Israel. The US? Not so much.

    Yet, somehow, today, the news is firing up its propaganda machine for obama. Stunning that several articles this morning tried to paint a rosy picture of him. The payoffs must be in their hands.

  38. Many, many years ago I remember my mother telling me not to trust any politician, they were all a bunch of crooks and thieves, in it for themselves. I, of course, knew better, much better. I was young and knew it all.
    By this day in 2008 what little vestige of belief I had left in politics and politicians was destroyed for good. The betrayal, disappointment and fury is something I will never, ever forget.
    Despite all of that, I admit I would vote for Hillary in a heartbeat. I can just see my mother shaking her head at me now.
    Life really is one long learning experience and not always a good one.

  39. Thank you Karen, I can’t tell you how much I admire what you and the others tried to do that day.

  40. Dear Karma,
    thank you for visiting John Edwards.
    Now can you please also visit Donna Brazile and Patti Solis Doyle.

  41. I would love to have been a fly with a recorder strapped to my back during that traitorous backroom deal.

  42. This says it for me – what we could have had without the damned poisonous DNC. Makes me weep today.

  43. Been visiting a few sites today – warning Axelrove’s machine is gearing up – Obots everywhere.

    Uppity, just want to make sure you got the contribution to Bill’s habit. If not, I can put a trace on it. Thanks.

  44. Thanks, Uppity, for posting a remembrance of this anniversary of the infamous unmasking of the Democratic Party we life-long Dems thought we knew and were proud of. I and many of my friends joined the Independents after that and will never go back to any but a Clinton Democratic Party. Yesterday, with all the others who care, I dropped a tear for those who gave their lives for their country. Today, with all the others who care, I mourn the betrayal of our democratic principles. Our country is rotting away, and our only hope lies with the Uppity among us.

  45. I totally agree with this piece:
    Edwards is a jerk and a half, and he needs to be reviled endlessly for that. But, the criminal charges about to be filed against him is plain overreaching; the reason why is well-explained in the linked piece.

    And now I’m putting on my flak jacket for the anticipated incoming missiles. Lawd save me.

  46. HT, I coulda sworn seeing a thank you from Upps to you for the contribution — yesterday evening, or so. Anyway, thought I’d mention that…

  47. I left Baltimore that morning bound for DC on an Amtrak train, as a life long Democrat. I returned that night, drenched from the punishing rains of the day, disillusioned. It was one of the most painful days I have ever spent and three years later it is still too raw to talk about. I have tried a few times today to write down my feelings, and I have erased each attempt.

    For now, I am with you in PUMA spirit.

  48. my email to donna b:

    Dear Miss Brazile;

    Three years ago today, you were instrumental in stealing the nomination from Hillary Clinton and the majority of voters in the party as well as the independents and republicans who were waiting to vote for her. Thanks to you and the race baiting thuggish and plain old cheating of the Obama campaign I now vote for women of either party before I vote for a male democrat. In fact the only thing that would cause me not to vote for a woman is if you were involved in her campaign. I would not mind the lame Obama presidency so much if he had gotten there fair and square. He did not and you and the DNC were right in there fixing the rules for him.
    Call me bitter, you are damn right. After 2000 and the way the party DIDN’T step in to help Gore and you did nothing, I didn’t think I could feel more cheated and disappointed. I was wrong.

    Teresa xxxxx
    former democratic activist

  49. We were all so innocent not to have seen it coming, a mile off. It was our personal Watergate, in that the world of Dem politics will never again look the same to us.

  50. NES, phew, thanks. I missed it. I’m not looking for thanks because Uppity and all of youse guys give me so much pleasure but I’m still nervous about online anything, so I like to double check to make sure it gets where it’s intended. Thanks for clearing that hurdle for me!

  51. Barnburner of an email to Brazile, Teresa!

  52. Honora, I look forward to your right-on rants, as I’m sure everyone here does. Let fly!

  53. Love that letter Teresa.

  54. The re-election campaign is gearing up, indeed.
    BO’s re-election theme: I, ME, MY, MINE, MYSELF and MEEEEE.
    Translation: I’m the greatest; Bush killed our economy; the GOP wants to kill old people; I killed Osama; you’re a raaaaycist; I’m better than the best.

  55. De nada, HT.

  56. Agree with every word, Theresa. Well done.

    It is good that we have others who are deeply upset by that day and still feel the pain of the betrayal. Hell, I’ve gotten over things that should have been more shattering to me than this in shorter time. The hurt is still there, right under the surface. Maybe it is because we were never given closure. They didn’t even acknowledge us much. Just a mocking joke or two in the media about the “handful” of PUMAs. Or maybe I’m holding onto my anger because we still have that THIEF in the WH.

    Yeah, that could be it. He does a good job of rubbing the salt in the wound and keeping it sore.

  57. Just finished taping an interview with John Smart for tonight’s show- heh.
    Teresa- would you like your last name removed from that comment above? I know you are brave and all- but ……..

  58. Teresa, awesome letter!

  59. Yep, HT, I said the same thing above about today. The bastages must have planned it to be today to spring their obot assault. Little freaks are all over the media and the message boards. FUCK. They’re back….

    Grab the RAID.

  60. 9 PM Eastern, MOM is on Blogtalk radio again with John W. Smart. Let’s all meet here at 8:30 and show mom som support by listening together. Is everybod In???? Last time Mom was on our beloved John’s show, the hit count increased. Let’s do it again!

    Don’t make me come over there!

  61. karen, I wish that Raid was all that was required! They are posting the most inane things, and personally attacking other posters without directly addressing the issues that were raised – sound familiar – 2008 is back courtesy of brack and his minions. To quote Bette, fasten your seatbelts.

  62. PMM. yes I meant to remove it. thanks

  63. k for c — We’ll never be healed until we make BHO a one-termer. Then, he’ll have answered for what he did to Hill. Frankly, I think it’s more his fault than the DNC’s — I’m not willing to deflect even an iota of my rage on to them when he so richly deserves it all. He knew exactly what he was doing when he weaponized his skin color and jumped the line, shoving her out of the way. Also, on the topic of the DNC, I think people put too much store in the May 31 date. Fact is the coup against Hillary had much longer antecedents than that. BHO didn’t just wake up one day and decide he was going to take on the obvious frontrunner for the Dem nomination: he was approached by pretty much everyone in the Dem leadership and assured that they would back him if he challenged Hill. We only saw it come full circle at the farcical May ’08 Rules Committtee meeting, but the die was cast in late ’06.

  64. Karen, 2008 was before enough people got smart enough to know what a con and tripe-pusher he is. The only people who can blow getting rid of him are the Republicans and their lame-assed insult for a lineup of candidates.

  65. Teresa- fixed it for you!
    NES- point well made- he was selected – and we really have no way of knowing when- but the die was cast- imo- when he made the speech at the earlier convention. Remind me who “invited” him to give that speech? Kennedy? Kerry?
    One of the traitors for sure.

  66. Honora, take your time. you are surrounded by people who understand how hard it is to express the feelings caused by the terrible treatment we incurred and the horrendous cheating, bamboozling and hookwinking that was 2008.

  67. Yes HT, I did thank you yesterday, I believe. So I will do it again. Well, Bill will do it, since it supports his disgusting habit.

  68. Obots can be everywhere but they aren’t welcome here anyways, so let hm bullshit away in the spam folder with the porn and pimpers.

  69. Mom, what’re you going to be speaking on?

  70. Thanks for the link to tonight’s show Uppity- I know all our Uppityites will indeed listen in!

  71. NES- the non regulation hijab the female troops are being “encouraged” to wear in Afghanistan and the disrespectful treatment my daughter in law received at Starbucks.

  72. Here’s the one who isn’t one a “lame-assed insult” of a GOP candidate:
    I’m praying for a miracle from the Great State of UTAH.

  73. I’ll definitely try to Aunt Upps. Depends on whether I’ll be out of my meeting by then.
    Mom, if I don’t make it, you know I’ll be there in spirit. Crack that whip!!!!!!!

  74. Kerry did, Mom.

  75. Great topic, Mom. I had no idea about the “non-regulation hijab”…chit!!

  76. This is it! Watch and REMEMBER!!!!!!

  77. Somebody PLEASE DOWNLOAD the video I posted ASAP. It was silenced for a LONG time. Mute. Now it the audio is back. We need a COPY. They could silence it again when we need it.

  78. Geez, I haven’t forgotten all of the vitriol, but to see it, all together again – makes me nauseous.

  79. HT dang, did you read the thank you i rewrote for ya?

  80. Dear NES,
    I believe you when you say the charges against Shithead Edwards are over-reaching. To that I say, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Boo Fucking Hoo, John.

    These freaks have been manipulating our lives for decades and everyone of us has been treated unfairly by them. So now it’s their turn.

  81. Dear Islander. Let it rip!!!!!

  82. The squirrels are in the spam folder.

  83. My thoughts on June 18, 2008…..

    “I am so stupid. I mean really stupid.

    I have been so “down” (you know, we women do that periodically!) for the past two weeks since HRC suspended her campaign that I have been floundering all over the web, looking for like-minded souls with whom to commiserate.

    Then, today, I visited Talk Left and saw this by BTD:

    What a surprise! I learned that BO lied about his position on NAFTA and now admits it so BTD thinks he is going to be a spectacular president.

    My God, what have I been thinking? Don’t words matter? Doesn’t what a candidate promises to win the nomination mean anything? Oh, I get it – that’s “just politics” and if I believe a politician, then I really am stupid. And even more stupid that I didn’t realize it.

    Strangely, I do know a little about “politics”, but I never ever got the feeling from HRC that what she was saying was something she would not – at least – try and deliver.

    Even when her gas tax holiday was laughed at by everyone, I trusted that HRC would – at least – propose it and make the case for it…rather than simply say “it will never happen”. (I always understood what she was doing…and, yes, it was politics but it also meant something to “people” like my brother, who had to give up leaving Detroit to be with us on the week-ends because it cost $50 that he didn’t have to drive outstate).

    And I trust her from “day one” that she will fight for a women’s right to choose and all women’s health issues. But with Barack Obama, I KNOW in my soul that this guy will throw women under the bus at the first chance he gets to demonstrate Kumbaya “across the aisle”.


    All I ever wanted in 2008 was to elect a Democratic as POTUS – a Democratic with leadership and the intelligence to clean up the mess that 8 years of GWB has wrought.

    Leadership…not lurkership.

    Obama is a Political Lurker…always in the picture, but never out front, never leading the charge. Even his “famous” anti-war speech resulted in not a single attempt by BO to end the war once he got into the Senate. But then, he was so busy on day one running for his next promotion he forgot that little issue didn’t he?

    (It looks like he’s “busy” again…this time delegating to his minions from a prone position. Can you ever envision HRC doing something like this? Such a presidential image!)

    I remember reading about Obama running into committee members on their way to a press conference about something they had just accomplished. He said, “What’s up” and they told him and he said, “Can I come along”? They said sure – they wanted people on the podium for pictures and then he had the audacity (whoops!) to take the mic and speak as if he had been personally involved in the accomplishment. Staffers were pissed as hell at what he did.

    Obama lurked in CT in 2006 (never really coming out and supporting Ned Lamont). He lurks on pro-choice (using weasel words and voting present). He lurks on race (demanding a dialog and then when things continued to be hot for him, saying we should all move on – pun intended!). Condemning the Gas Tax Holiday proposal when he supported other such proposals three times.

    Where in the world does he really stand on things?

    I don’t know.

    All I know now is that he lied to the voters for the past 8 months. And I’m not willing to take a chance on a lurking liar.”

  84. Yes Uppity, I did, and I’m sorry I missed it previously, but I really was not looking for thanks. As mentioned, Uppityville gives me so much pleasure so turnabout is fair play, as my Mom used to say. Besides, Bill has to power to throw me in the spam filter with all the pron sellers and obots, so I need to stay on his good side.

    I’m not good at downloading, however, the clip you posted is still on ShuttheFreudUP website, although the site hasn’t been active since 2008, so if someone more adept that I can get it from there, here’s the URL.

  85. Where in the world does he really stand on things?

    Ferdinand stands wherever it is most advantageous for himself and Imelda.

  86. I too recall with great sadness and anger the day democracy died in the dem party. I am a Clinton dem, now forced independent since the party has done nothing to rid itself of the treachery displayed on May 31, 2008. Thank you for this post, for remembering, and for all your posts. I’m glad I’m not the only one, maybe we have some hope of salvaging our country, but sadly, it seems unlikely.

  87. Well HT I wanted to make sure you saw a thank you anyways!!!

    THANKS for the website. Whew. I feel better now.

  88. Erica. Two things. First, We will Endure. It’s what we do! Secondly, nothing lasts forever. Not even for narcissists.

  89. On July 12 2010, Murphy raised the same issue with a powerful post:

    In case you didn’t hear us the first time, we’ll repeat. Obama STOLE the 2008 Democratic Primaries.
    And he and his gang will do it again too, if we let them. But this time, Pumas are still sounding the alarm. What happened with the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation cover-up, as well as Holder’s Justice Department’s alleged policy of not prosecuting Voting Rights Act complaints brought by citizens who happen to be white, suddenly has a larger context, a background, a backstory, and, crucially, a THEME. And the theme is: Barack Obama and his Movement will lie, cheat, and steal to win elections. Literally.
    Since many of today’s readers may be new to this site and ones like it, I’ll post a few links for background information on what’s been going on in the Democratic party and in the upper echelons of DC and the national media headquarters since at least 2005….
    [I used the pumapac search engine to get there]

  90. Phew….I got off easy.

  91. well hey I thought it was the other piece.


  92. and then there’s the Company Store featherbed and all.

  93. Oh, I know we’ll endure, Ups, it’s recapturing the country I worry about.

    And nothing lasts forever is true-ESPECIALLY when it comes to narcissists.

  94. it still makes me as mad today as it did then..
    NEVER FORGET!!!! 👿

  95. I happen to have today and tonight off work, so I can hear mom with all of you. YEA.

    Uppity, You are the best! I love mad as hell/bitch and hated that it had no soundtrack for a while there. I can’t believe I watched it again, I lost count of how many times I have watched it, and it still brings me to absolute cathartic tears.

    Somebody tried to tell me in an email the other day that nobody knew how good Hillary would be and how bad obama would be. I should have laughed but instead I fired off a furious email. It led to several emails exchanged and they got nastier and nastier and ended with me writing the person off with a heartfelt “fuck you”. Life is too short to spend time coddling assholes!

  96. karen, every truly liberal woman and man knew – over 18 million knew. The recovering Obots will never admit that they were elmer gantryed.

  97. The anniversary date has made me sad and as mad as hell. It should never be forgotten.

  98. Marsha, Yep, he is a lurking liar. 130 present votes. And they didn’t see that this man would stand there with his thumb in the air trying to decide what to do in any given situation, even small things. I bet he dithers on planning his golf schedule and spends an inordinate amt of time factoring in possible weather scenarios. Wind, rain, sun in his eyes, etc.

    A lot of us went to TL and even though BTD was for bo from the get go, he seemed pretty fair about it all and often gave Hillary credit. Jeralyn was gung ho for Hillary so it made up for it. Then as the time grew close they both were clearly going to be happy with either one winning. The thing that finally made me bolt out of there and not go back very often was the tolerance for obots. They wouldn’t allow the term “obot” even. When I got lectured for saying something in response to an obvious troll, that was that. I was glad I got out when they started cheerleading for obama, as much as Taylor did.

    It was a great site. They had some amazing contributors there that were sharp and informed. One thing BTD did that deserved respect was to always point out the sexist attacks in the media and the insanity of many of the other left boards when it came to Clinton Derangement Syndrome. He did support her even though he was for barky.

    The site got weird. It was likely obots infiltrating it.

  99. In honor of all you here, especially the Uppity Woman: Never forget, never give in, never give up! Bless you all.

  100. And on this anniversary, you can always count on huffblo for the obligatory blow job.

  101. Who is BTD?

    Nobody was more obvious than taylor marsh. It’s a wonder she didn’t land in the emergency room with whiplash from the 180.

  102. WHO.
    Cell phone radiation associated with brain tumor.

  103. 9 PM Eastern, MOM is on Blogtalk radio again with John W. Smart. Let’s all meet here at 8:30 and show mom som support by listening together. Is everybody In???? Last time Mom was on our beloved John’s show, the hit count increased. Let’s do it again!

    Don’t make me come over there!

    You have to connect here in order to be counted in traffic. Don’t break my heart! Show up!

  104. Hey greenlantern! Long time no see! GLAD to see ya!

  105. Sorry, BTD is Big Tent Democrat.

    He was for bo and his partner, Jeralyn, was for Hill.

  106. Ok thanks Karen. I never read him much. Wasn’t impressed. My guess it was mutual. lol.

  107. Ferdinand stands wherever it is most advantageous for himself and Imelda.

    Ferdie was a bad bad man but he had way more substance and cojones than BeerO.
    And Imelda knew how to pick clothes that made her look good.
    Just sayin’.😉

  108. BTD went to Jeralyn after he and the big KOS had a falling out. prior to that he was a Kossack big cheese by name of Armando – he’s a lawyer apparently and was always for BO. Who knows what happened at Kos – one suspects it was dueling egos, however, he has never been a Hillary supporter and at time, over at the Cheeto, he was downright misogynistic about her campaign. One reason I never read Jeralyn was her choice of partners.

  109. Print some T shirts to wear to Democratic functions with the date and the caption that it was the day the party died. Make it visual and the MSM might notice–but then it would be their idea and they’d go off pontificating and trying to educate us all since they are so intellectually superior and all.

  110. LOL votermom! True, that.

  111. Proudly wore my “PUMA 08” t-shirt today.

    We Will Never Forget.

    (And, personally, I will NEVER forgive, either. I am a World Champion grudge-holder.)

  112. AnnE – great suggestion: I will wear that this weekend when I attend the PA State Democratic Committee meeting at Seven Springs where the where the Obot Hacks are already maneuvering to endorse for President ensuring that the Committee’s money will go into the Obama coffers. I WON’T be participating in any fundraisers if that Crooked County Chairs Creepiness passses.

  113. PamelaofthePoconos; Casey strongarmed super delegates to vote for Obama even though few PA districts went for him. His “family feud” with the Clintons and Ed Rendell has made him a full-on assassin of sitting Democrats who don’t rubber-stamp the Obama Agenda, yet those who openly ran against the Occupant of the Oval last fall ( Critz, Altmire, Manchin) were re-elected while the “progressives” lost to R’s. Since the Progressive threat is always to run an opponnent in the Primaries to waste Traditional Democratic Candidates’ campaign funds, Casey well deserves a taste of his own medicine. A female Democrat who announces to run against Casey in 2012 for the Senate in his re-election bid has my support. WGACA – 1st rule of Politics, Bobby.

  114. Dear Vet:

    Eureka! We have our official Grudge Holder!!!! Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to remind us of how horrible these people were and are, should one of us waver. Of course the chances of that are slim and none but you never know! This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

  115. Yeah that casey is a greasy sleezebag, isn’t he? I guess his grudge has to do with his father, a job or something.

  116. 9 PM Eastern, MOM is on Blogtalk radio again with John W. Smart. Let’s all meet here at 8:30 and show mom som support by listening together. Is everybody In???? Last time Mom was on our beloved John’s show, the hit count increased. Let’s do it again!

    Don’t make me come over there! I’m taking names!!!!!

    You have to connect here in order to be counted in traffic. Don’t break my heart! Show up!

  117. UW: His Father, then Governor of PA and a heart transplant recipient, wanted to address the Convention about Right To Life. The Clinton Camp would not take his phone calls nor put him on the roster to speak.

  118. UW @ 2 PM: I downloaded it.I am STILL mad as hell. And I have the T-shirt (For anyone…)

  119. SWP, good for them. More religious nutbags forcing their beliefs down our throats. We should send them all to the middle east for further training. How ironic.

  120. UW and Mom – I am logged in but cannot comment becuz I don’t have Little Marky Zuckerberg’s FaceistBook. Is this correct?

  121. Damn. It’s audio only! WTF.

  122. I sure do luv me them smart ones – “Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.-Fla.), chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, denounced Republicans last week for believing illegal immigration “should in fact be a crime.”

  123. OMG. Hahaha. Something illegal being a crime. Imagine the nerve!

  124. logged in where, FF?

  125. If you mean blogtalk, last time i checked you needed an account and password to comment in chat rooms.

  126. Ah. I have neither and don’t really want to regiater for ANYTHING ELSE. I’ll just listen here and say YAY! a lot.

    I am SICK TO DEATH of “Registration” to make my free speech known.

  127. The friggin’ BOTS never had to self-identify – why should i?

  128. They all just want your email address so they can spam the crap out of you. Whixh is why I have one email address just for all of them. I check it once a week and trash everything.

  129. It says 14 minutes to showtime.

  130. We shall see who comes through tonight. I may have to call in just so they miss me and regret it for life.

  131. OT – can anyone tell me with certainty – If I make my business an LLC, rather than a Sole-Proprietorship, do I have to have an EIN?

  132. I’m on the blog radio site but don’t have an account. I was hearing some music, now, nothing. Is there something I need to do to hear the show?

  133. I’m logged on (CoyoteCreek)!

  134. The show will be on in under one minute…

  135. Hooray–I ran home from work in time to get to listen to all of you.

  136. imustprotest
    marsha – coyote creek

    several guests of mystery – one of them must be uppity woman…

    and jay in la

    so far about 10 people

  137. Not hearing anything. I gave up on blogtalkradio many months ago when they got my password all screwed up and no matter how many times I emailed tech support, could not get it straightened out.

  138. Don’t need a password to listen. Try firefox browser. That should work.

  139. LOL! Lynn saw Weiner’s Weiner pic.

  140. Lots of Uppityites over at John’s! Thanks to all of you!

  141. Hey Mom, family is family!

  142. A weiner link, PLEASE!!!!!

  143. multi-tasking here- popping back and forth in two windows-

  144. I’d be in chat but I forgot my password again. I do wish they would cut the password crap. People aren’t constantly on blogtalkradio to care to mem’rize it.

  145. PMM– Can’t wait to hear you. We Uppity’s are everywhere.

  146. And of course blogtalkradio is one of the few sights that firefox does not offer to save the password lol

  147. uppity, you can click on forgot my password and they’ll send you an email to make a new one.

  148. UW: if you remember the e-mail you signed up with, you can recover your password

  149. I know sophie. It’s just that i have done it so many times, i just don’t bother anymore.

  150. They are not user friendly. They issue this bizarro random password. who the hell is going to remember it. Then you have to get another one and another one and after awhile you just think well screw you people.

  151. Blog ferret at your service Marsha

    As far as I can tell this is one of those end around plays for more control of the net-

  152. YAY MOM!

  153. WOOT!

  154. Weiner “goes to great lengths”? YES!

  155. Tell the male soldiers to wear dresses and checked towels on their heads so not to ‘offend.’ Our military is a bunch of bastards who mistreat women just like their lords do.

  156. Ooo you saw the weener? Was it a good one?

  157. Hijab–“He–Job”. Apt description.

  158. This is outrageous. Making American women in military or anywhere else wear that degrading thing on thier heads. HOW DARE THEY? WHere is the outrage!!!!!

  159. We’re supposed to be in a war, not jerking these goatfu*ckers off. Mom you’re right. If we offend them then let’s get the hell out of there and let them kill each other off, the animals.

  160. The outrage is right here Uppity! Right here!

  161. WTG Mom!

  162. Whooo Hoo PMM!!

  163. Thanks FF! Thanks to all of you who came over and listened!

  164. Mom did you take names so we can do Punishments?

  165. lol Uppity- imust, karen, honora, marsha, sophie all there- you and FF
    And lots and lots of “guests” many of whom I am sure are Uppityites!

  166. For PMM:

  167. Tell the male soldiers to wear dresses and checked towels on their heads so not to ‘offend.’ Our military is a bunch of bastards who mistreat women just like their lords do

  168. PMM
    Thanks for talking up loudly on the phone. So many of these interviews the callers are talking so low I can’t hear them.

  169. great show PMM!

  170. Freedom Fairy
    I read in the last post that you Dad was in the China -Burma – India theater of war.
    So was my father. He was a motor sergeant working on the building of the Ledo Road under Vinegar Joe Stillwell.. He hopped a couple of rides over the Hump in cargo planes.
    Very few people even know about that part of the war.
    If they saw the movie Never So Few they might know.



  171. PMM You have nerves of steel. To have kids putting their lives on the like like you have. Proud is just a part of your picture.
    Blogtalk was good.
    Hey, I have an idea.
    How about if the fabric used to make those hijhab headcovers were silhouettes of Lorena Bobbit with tools.Or maybe snarling dogs…or

  172. I remember clearly what this day means. I still have the war wound to prove it…. Many of us were blogging when watching the “day the music died”. I jumped up when the decision was made to run back to the computer to blog. I hit the coffee table so hard that I have a permanent indentation just below my knee.

  173. Well, there is a feel good story of the day…Bangladesh woman cuts rapist’s penis off and delivers the evidence to the police.

  174. I woke up in a strange, nostalgic mood this morning and couldn’t immediately think why. Then I remembered – this is the anniversary of the day our dreams of a real FDR Democrat back in the White House died. I felt sick to my stomach. The rush of memories came back. What we could have had! And what a sorry excuse we got! I will never forget.

  175. I was on Taylor Marsh at the time. Most of us left. We couldn’t get away from her fast enough.

  176. Oh shoot, I just got home from work – I’m so sorry I missed PMMs blogtalk. I’ll have to watch the archive!

  177. I tried to watch the Mad as Hell video again. I didn’t get very far. I had to turn it off. I just get filled with such rage.

  178. ……..and here’s the Goatfucker news of the day, just found in my email from NES. 19 year old muslim girl stoned to death for entering a beauty contest. One of the little freaks in training who did it says she deserved it under sharia law and doesn’t regret killing her.

  179. Taylor Marsh was where I started. What a traitor. I just realized, her slipperiness and lack of principles were just a precursor to our witnessing those same qualities in Obama. They deserve each other.

  180. I think more penises in the middle east should be removed this way. It would slow them down considerably, ya think? And I think it would be a blast knowing they will be sitting down to pee for life.

  181. No kidding lorac. In 24 hours that hypocrite was all set up front page for Obama blowing. And suddenly she had a LOT of paid ads. And she got a pass to the convention too. There was an echo on her blog within a week. Her comment section was testimony to the bailout.

  182. I’m not sure where I was. Maybe I had returned from the Oregon primary shortly before that so I think I was blogging with all of them that day. No matter where we were, all the betrayals sucked. There were so many.

  183. I remember the day because they had those freakish meetings on TV. I remember thinking that if I was ever going to get high blood pressure, today is the day. I could feel the artery in my neck pulsating. I was that infuriated.

  184. Yeah, I think Taylor Marsh falls right below Donna Brazile on my disgust list!

  185. I think I still have an audio of that godforsaken Donna Brazile messing with the system.

  186. lorac. There WILL be Punishments.

  187. Hey, has anybody seen Greenconsciousness? I am wondering if she’s okay after that stay in the hospital.

  188. Beata what I saw was, within less than a week, TM’s comment section had nothing left in it but tumbleweeds. I inherited a LOT of her people too.

  189. I think its significant that, 3 years later, we are still infuriated by it. I feel as much anger today as I did that day. I can’t imagine ever feeling okay about it, or ever vote for anyone associated in any way with the Obamacratic party. The party will have to be completely purged of the bots before I would even think about voting for another D candidate.

  190. Hilary is the exception to the above of course, but I think I have finally given up hope that she’ll ever run for office again. This was a once in a generation opportunity…..I guess that’s what angers me the most.

  191. “My Mama always said” Ms. Brazile

    Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson,
    Jesus loves you more than you will know.
    God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson.
    Heaven holds a place for those who pray,
    Hey, hey, hey

    Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
    Going to the candidate’s debate.
    Laugh about it, shout about it
    When you’ve got to choose
    Every way you look at this you lose.

    Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio,
    Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.
    What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson.
    Jolting Joe has left and gone away,
    Hey hey hey.

  192. Isn’t this CAR just like a man?

  193. Ah La. Now I can’t resist.

  194. perfect scene! lol

  195. This was a once in a generation opportunity…..I guess that’s what angers me the most.

    Exactly. The pissant narcissist could have waited. It was deliberate.

  196. Oh, UW, take me, take me! lol

  197. You are right imust, it stings as much today as it did when it happened.

  198. Yes, The Fraud could have waited, and yes, it was deliberate. Even if Hillary reappears in 2016, I imagine they’d (try to, anyway) figure out some fierce urgency of now that someone else needed to be elected then!

  199. So, no one answered me yesterday – how DOES one lop off a penis? lol Maybe The Original Lorena could write a how to book and get rich lol (did she go to jail?)

  200. Yes lorac, shades of Lorena. lol

  201. I really like the last statement from the posting.

    “We are treating him so that he can urinate normally without the penis.”

  202. Don’t you remember lorac? Lorena got back together with her former spouse who made her so crazy that she had to lop it off. I think that the year was 2009.

  203. mcnorman – I couldn’t remember the end of the story! And I don’t know how these women are doing it. I want to keep the appropriate tool next to my bed! I hope it doesn’t involve sawing – I hope it can come off in one hard strike! hehe, hehehehehehe (a little black humor tonight lol) But seriously, if you wanted to be prepared for an intruder into your bedroom, you’d need to know how best to neuter/neutralize him – because if you don’t do it well enough and fast enough, he could still be strong enough to kill you. Like, if you didn’t know how to use a gun, and you fire one shot at him but it goes up into the ceiling, and now he’s jumped on you and grabbed the gun and it’s pointed at YOU! You have to know what you can and can’t do, BEFORE the situation arises!

  204. “Some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade”

  205. Well for one thing, the pubic would have been watching him after his primary run and they would have figured out just exactly what he was and what he was wasn’t good, so he would have never been president. He had to cheat just like he cheated in Chicago, finding ways to disable his opponents. He is truly an odious creature, holds everyone in contempt, and it shows in everything he does.

  206. Lorac, I remember you from TM. I was CornfedIndianaGirl there.

    You know, there must be a “Lopping Off a Penis For Dummies” book somewhere. There’s a Dummies book for everything else.

  207. Good night everyone. Aunt Uppity loves yas.

  208. ‘Night, Uppity.

    It was good to get together with you all tonight. Helps ease the pain a little.

  209. I understand NES’ point about how so much cheating and planning had already taken place before May 31. And believe me, I’m ALSO angry about that. But for me, May 31 is so huge, because that’s the date they stole Hillary’s delegates. My whole world view changed – it became much more than about Hillary. I always thought the republicans were evil and the dems were good. So you see – I was knocked up sideways and my head did a few Exorcist spins – I was blown away that “the good side” would cheat – and cheat LIKE THAT! Yeah, whole world view changed. Now an independent and happy to be here. Or maybe it’s better put “Clinton Dem/independent” lol

    I think the caucus cheating was more roughhandled than in the past, but I suspect that the caucuses had some lower level intimidation in times past – but nothing during the 2008 obot thug fest. In caucuses they’re supposed to try to get people to change sides, that’s normal. The thugginess this last time was a big problem. But there was a precedent with getting people to change sides.

    But May 31 stands above it all for me. They stole votes from the winner to give them to the loser, to MAKE him be the “winner”. It was theft, it was absolutely against the rules of the DNC.So while I excuse none of these “any means necessary bands of Obama”, May 31 rises above for me. Laws were actually broken. AND they were broken by lawmakers.

    And to me, that’s why May 31 is the day democracy died.

    And don’t forget, In the past, nominating conventions were all rambunctious, and no one knew going into them, who would come out the nominee. But not so long ago, “they” decided that the nominee should be known even before the convention (then WHY even have the expensive convention, bobos?!!) They wanted Obama to win, and did not want to take a single chance that Hillary would win – and she could have.

    Anyway, my point is that I agree with NES, the machinations were set in place far earlier, but at the end, it was illegal, it was immoral, and it was against the wishes of most of the dem party. It was all about the elites.

    *****and fixit fairy visited herself in this post lol

  210. What lorac said.

  211. lorac, on June 1, 2011 at 12:23 AM said:

    For me it was the mindset of the obot voters perceiving the DNC decision as Robinhood coming in to steal from the elites. Stealing was okay in the circumstance of CDS. That mindf@ck has created one big pole shift in the axis of my brain.

  212. Yahoo Beata, I remember you as well, I couldn’t forget a fellow midwesterner!! 🙂

  213. l-t-da – and that “logic” was also in evidence with the New Black Panthers being allowed to intimidate people outside of the PA polls, and then Eric Holder not prosecuting the slam dunk case he had on them – because he didn’t want hold blacks up to the same standards as everyone else – if he did – they might crrryyyyy…. OR they might burn down the country! (so much for having a country based on laws)

  214. Beata, you have to keep coming here. Uppity sends out punishments if you don’t keep coming! So come back more and more! We’re the bestest PUMA blog in the world, and we have living headers! (thx to FF’s artwork!)

    And most wonderfully – we don’t have any Axis II people here – we can discuss things and disagree, and no fights!

    (except when we fight over who gets FF and NES!)

  215. BTW imust, if I haven’t yet mentioned it one million times, I am SO glad you are back! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  216. And if by any chance we have a lurker named Fifth Dimension, I’m sending you hugs and kisses xxxxooooo!!!!!!!

  217. oh l-t-da, c’mon, he was Robin Hood – he steals from the middle class to give to the corporations, he steals from our grandchildren to give to Too Big to Fail banks (I don’t get that – let them fail! – a new, more efficient bank will take its place – capitalism, baby!) He even steals from the poor.

    The real Robin hood was money went from upper incomes down to lower incomes. With Obama, it’s from all levels up to the upper level.

    Oh, do we have to give him a break? They probably read Robin Hood in his Hawaiian prep school when he was over in Indonesia – he missed it and now has it all screwed up, poor boy.

  218. Lorac at 12:32, well stated. Cheaters and thugs just had to slime their way ahead, and push their weakling past the finish line, because he was totally impotent to do it on his own.

  219. Grrrrr….. UW, Bill won’t let me donate to his weed habit. I click on the usual spot – and nothing happens. What else can I do?

  220. Ahhh Mrs. Robinson…be still my beating heart.

  221. Me too on punishments!

    Mom, I’m sorry I couldn’t tune in today –will listen to a recording soon. Sounds like you were terrific (as always).

  222. Taylor Marsh’s U-TURN left skid marks. I was regularly lurking there until I found me my dearest Uppity.

  223. Thanks for posting that disturbing latest-g’fer-crime piece, UW. Hope those effers hang high.

  224. NES – did you use this same name at Taylor Marsh’s? I ran out of there so fast, but I’m certain I was right behind this beautiful, intelligent, legal eagle – hey, I bet it was you!

  225. NES – do you know why I can’t feed Bill today? Clicking isn’t working as it usual does – it doesn’t take me to a new page. Are there other ways to get there?

  226. So, Greta said that Sarah and Trump had dinner together in a restaurant. People are saying, “what could they have been talking about?”

    But if I were talking strategy, or anything that needed to be kept mum, I wouldn’t do it in a crowded restaurant! I’d do it out of sight, and just have a nice dinner at the restaurant!

  227. Great thread. Reading it has gotten me pumped up! I’m bummed that I missed it and the JWS show! Mom, I will listen to it.

    FF, great header, the headers have been particularly outstanding lately.

  228. Yes Uppity and PUMAs, we are still here, haven’t forgotten and still have a lot of cleaning in DC to do.

    Hope it doesn’t take another 5 years.

    Pitchforks at the ready.

  229. Yay, my Hillary-pal, Shadowfax!

  230. I should go to bed now, but I’m watching NES on Skype right now…. (shhhh she doesn’t know!)

  231. Wow! You guys did let it rip (as uppity’s post suggested should be done). Wonderful.

  232. UW: His Father, then Governor of PA and a heart transplant recipient, wanted to address the Convention about Right To Life. The Clinton Camp would not take his phone calls nor put him on the roster to speak.

    The Casey’s wouldn’t endorse the Clinton/Gore ticket because it was pro-choice. That is the real reason they were denied the right to speak…..and because it would have pissed off a lot of women voters.
    Rendell kicked Casey’s ass in the 2002 primary and became governor. But PA, particularly my part of it, is incredibly Irish Catholic Kennedy loyalist types. Rendell helped shove Bobby down out throats in 2006, but Casey still stuck with the old boy Kennedy idolizing RCC old boys club in 2008. I am so sick of the Irish lawyers mafia running regional democratic politics here. They only have that power because they cheat to keep it and they keep all new people out of the loop. But Hillary KICKED BO’S A$$ in North East PA, because the people know better.

  233. I just imagined Obama saying he was resigning as President to give himself more time to run for President. I imagine he would love to just be a candidate again, but I also suppose he can do that right from the Oval office. Funny, Bill Clinton could run the country while fending off the 40 million dollar republican attack. Obama can’t run the country even with the whole world telling him how great he is and giving him a pass for having no clothes because to tell him he has no clothes would be ray-cist.

  234. Un-f*ckin’-believable:
    Rahmbo doesn’t rule out ’16 WH bid.

  235. Darling lorac, I don’t believe I used this screen name at TM’s (believe I came up with it soon after Upps took me into her parlor). But, perhaps I’m misremembering….

  236. Lorac, MKB said he’ll accept tins of caviar sent by overnight mail.

  237. Hell there was a time when NES was my only member along with about three other people.

  238. Lorac, your hot gaze upon me left me with a burn.

  239. Oh Gawd. Not that thug Rahm. Hi! I’m your new f*cking president, you f*ckers.

  240. MKB said he’ll accept tins of caviar sent by overnight mail.

    …and please remember the gourmet crackers.

  241. And those 3 other people were imust, papoose or patti, and mary, right? There were a few others too.

  242. Yes, NES, definitely imust was there. There were a few others but I lost them because I wasn’t hanging off the left cliff.

  243. …Or the right cliff, for that matter; right?

  244. I have read through this entire thread, I downloaded the video’s and saved to MP4 format.

    That day changed me forever. I no longer think of the voting process in the U.S. as being a “voice” for anyone except Wall Street. Forgiveness is not warranted here as there has never been any acknowledgement nor any apology or a promise to right this wrong. They did this is broad daylight and felt justified STEALING VOTES. This is our country today.

    The best thing to do is to never, ever forget this. There’s a place in my heart where that day resides. I was in D.C…still remember the shock at what I was seeing right in front of me. Nothing is forgotten, forgiven or will ever be.

    The DNC called me last week in fact saying “As you know the republicans are trying to over turn President Obama’s healthcare reform *HAHAHAHAHA* I broke in and said “Oh, you mean the Romneycare “health care for men bill”??? then told her I won’t be voting for her leader and even if I did I’m pretty sure after 2008 my vote doesn’t count anyway so stop calling me.

  245. Alice, you know, even if there WERE an apology, it’s not worthy of acceptance. It’s not as if they jumped ahead of us in line and took the last ipod. This was the future of America and the future of women they screwed with. Screw them. I wouldn’t forgive them if they wrote me a big check.

  246. They really believe that in 2012 this will have been forgotten and go away, they think by 2016 we will all be voting for and working with them again. When the DNC called it was young woman on the other end of the phone. I almost told her how she was being so used but, thought “Why bother?” she’ll find out soon enough and I’m not giving out info to dumbasses who obviously voted for Obama and went along with this cheating. She’ll find out soon enough what they think of her. Screw the Obamacrats.

    2012 third party for me and every year after that unless Hillary runs. I heard Rahm say he was thinking of running? Yeah, just like the Obama party to run someone who is such a low class bully.

  247. ((((UPPITY’S))))))

    I was in DC on 5/31/2008

    f**ck the DNC, BRAZIL,PELOUSY, DEAN and the rest—I will never forget !!–ever

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