How Starbucks (DIS)respects Our Troops- Updated x 2

Update- 6/2/11
FINALLY! A response from the manager! I responded to him and let him know my Daughter in Law has shipped out to Afghanistan and he is to relay all info to me and I will pass it on to her! Thanks to all who have been e-mailing and passing this around! We WILL get action!

Dear xxx,

Thank you for advising me of this situation. I would like to investigate this further, could you have your daughter-in-law contact me by email, I just need to find out when the visit was (what day and the time of the day) and which Starbucks, we operate three at the airport. From that information I can find out who the cashier was. I would also like to send her some coupons she can use in the future.

Thanks for writing,


I still have not heard from the store manager- however, another blogger friend did- and she was told there is no policy barring cash.
Also spoke to a customer service person at Starbucks and was told the same- there is NO policy against cash. That young man told me that the unit at the airport is a franchise unit- and that conversation was pitiful to say the least.
Waiting to hear from the district manager responsible for the unit- will keep you all posted.
My daughter in law has spent the last two months doing a combat skills refresher course in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. She was fortunate to get a weeks leave to come home and see her family before she heads out to GoatF*&kistan. Her flight home left out of Indianapolis International Airport and the military way is to have everybody at the airport at oh dark thirty. She arrived at the airport and cleared security and wanted a coffee. She had plenty of time before her flight so proceeded to the Starbucks outlet. WHERE-

A Starbucks employee wearing the Muslim required head garb refused to accept her good American cash. “Debit or Credit” seemed to be all she could say. No cash accepted.

NO CASH? Excuse me but does our money not say “Legal Tender for all debts public and private”?

I have some questions. Does this company have the right to refuse American money on American soil?


Was this employee perhaps just disrespecting a person dressed in the uniform of our country’s military?

I have sent an e-mail to Starbucks headquarters. Perhaps you all can help me. Here is the info from the receipt- will you e-mail or call the manager and help correct this injustice?

Starbucks A

Indianapolis International Airport

date of purchase 5/28/2011

There is also an employee ID and name but we are withholding this.

Manager Steve G Thomas

Phone 317-241-6224_pnh_highlighting_inactive_common”>             317-241-6224      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 11

His e-mail

Hell of a way to start your leave on Memorial Day weekend no? I will NEVER purchase a Starbucks product again.

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  1. The really horrid thing about this is it happened over American money IN the USA. Very very odd. Has anyone here EVER been ANYWHERE where cash was not accepted?

    I hate their coffee anyways. Won’t be hard for me to boycott that crap they serve. A bare cup of Starbuck’s is a horror to the taste buds IMO.

  2. Mom, I’m curious. Did she pay by debit or credit or did she just say to hell with it? And was there a sign up that said No Cash Accepted?

    What if a person had no credit or debit card? I will tell you this. I wouldn’t had over any plastic to a person who demanded it instead of cash. I would find it odd and not feel comfortable about it.

  3. I’ve heard of refusing debit/credit cards because the computers were down, but never refusing cash.

    O/T – Uppity, Tom in Paine has a good post up about Gerri Ferraro that you might like. Ties in with your post from yesterday.

  4. Wish I had seen that yesterday, don’t you, Delphyne? He did a great job and it was SO TRUE. I remember how they fawned over her when she died and couldn’t believe it, after all the crap they did to her which probably added to her faster demise via stress. These people are just morally bankrupt.

    I wish people would get off of blogspot. Half the world can’t comment there. Google wants to be in your pants or you can’t comment. Many blogspot bloggers don’t realize how many more comments they would get if they dumped blogspot.

  5. If you email starbucks per Mom’s request and they want the counter person’s name, Mom can get it to you. I just thought it’s probably not a good idea to post it because I envision the I Was Doing What I Was Told routine and Now You’ve Besmirched My Name, so Give Me Your House, Mom.

  6. Very very odd. Has anyone here EVER been ANYWHERE where cash was not accepted
    I think I’ve encountered a gas station where cash was not accepted. It was quite some number of years ago, and the policy was to deter theft during off hours. BUT having a rude in-your-face & garbed Muslim confront anyone is unacceptable. Was she being confrontational, or merely ignorant. The meaning of the uniform could not have been lost on her, but the meaning of the holiday may have been. Neither possibility is acceptable. The immigrants need history lessons, diversity training.

  7. I would be really curious to see if they respond to Mom and what they have to say. I thought of the theft thing but it’s an airport! It’s not like there is no security, that’s for sure. Hell, they are practically doing anal probes at security checkpoints.

    Immigrants getting diversity training. Hilarious. And a major statement of just how low America has sunk. What was once assimilation is now colonization. That’s why we have to pay billions to print everything in a zillion languages. Try that in another country and see what you get. In any event, I am not even sure it’s legal to refuse USA money in the USA as legal tender for anything. Although, I do know that people are always warned not to send cash via mail (Doh).

    I know convenience stores sometimes cut the cash in the drawer after hours and demand “small bills only”. But that’s a FAR cry from not accepting legal tender at all.

  8. Devil’s Advocate (for a minute, trying to figure out if there was a non-nefarious reason for the action).– Could it have been that the store was not fully open yet? Maybe the cash draw had not been filled that morning? Of course, she should have been treated with respect (whether or not she was serving our country) and if that was the problem, then it should have been explained.

    Airplanes now only take credit, when you want to buy the horrible food that they used to give to you for free.

  9. I think its legal for a business to not accept cash. I don’t understand the reasoning for no taking it though, unless they are concerned about being robbed. The question for the manager would be if that is the policy for everyone or was your daughter singled out?

  10. I thought of the theft thing but it’s an airport! It’s not like there is no security, that’s for sure. Hell, they are practically doing anal probes at security checkpoints.
    Agreed, now that you mention it.

  11. I have heard of refusing cash. In Los Angeles ( yea imagine) many mini markets refuse it because it leads to robbery. No cash nothing to steal. Interestingly these markets were run by lol ones with towels on their heads. In Las Vegas many establishments practice this as well. I highly doubt this is a corporate Starbucks thing but moreover an independent thing. I would complain to headquarters though but again these are franchises so may not get to far.
    Me I refuse to hand over plastic because they want you to go that route I just set my crap I was buying on the counter and leave.
    People need to dump the plastic anyway even if it is debit. If you carry cash you see how fast it goes and stop spending. Also plastic is a banks game it is a way for them to get you to spend so they can charge. Many places charge a dollar for you to use plastic , why ? Because the banks charge them . I have less plastic these days and will continue to have less by choice. I do not follow the charge and spend game.

  12. Very cheery header this morning FF. Unfortunately my mood does not match. The company that was supposed to relay my hot water heater spill soaked carpeting, clean it and put all my furniture back where it belongs, called and cancelled again today. They want to turn me over to another comapany because they are 2 weeks behind. Didn’t they know they were behind when they made the appt for today? Couldn’t have people over for Memorial Day because I have furntiture in the way everywhere. Called the insurance company and told them not to send the check until Serv Pro finishes the job. End of rant.

    PMM – I heard similar stories some years ago about businesses not accepting cash. Didn’t make any sense then or now. Unless they want to remove the temptation for their employees to pocket the cash, but I say screen your employees better.

  13. “convenience stores sometimes cut the cash in the drawer after hours” …The ones most likely to “rob” the establishment of cash are the clerks who pocket your payment rather than put it into the night deposit slot.

  14. I think ditching credit cards entirely is not a good idea and here is why: Your credit score would drop like a rock. Excellent FICO scores provide many advantages. For example, there are auto insurance companies that lower your rates if you have a stellar score. They do this because they prefer to insure you. Their stats tell them that people with stellar credit tend to submit fewer claims and especially are less likely to submit fraudulent claims out of need for money. Even more importantly, employers often do credit checks. No credit. No history and you are a mystery. Ditto for landlords. They often do credit checks to ensure you can pay. If you have no ongoing history, they have no assurance of that. The idea here is to use credit cards judiciously but to use them. Pay off the balance when the bill comes but be active with them now and then. Not having an ongoing credit history is not a good idea.

  15. Good point imust. It would be great to know if this is the global policy or only the policy for certain “types”.
    We watched banks get away with illegally foreclosing on the homes of service people on active duty, so nothing surprises me any longer.

    If you ask me, there is no industry that has sunk lower than the airline industry, anyways. Treat you like dog crap, act like they are YOUR customer.

  16. At this point I’m not certain what is wrong, but something is. Military should always be welcomed, and feel welcome. If those on the front line of defending this seemingly god forsaken republic are defiled by offensive words or even offensive body language, then changes must should be made.

    I still get solicitations from the USO and others asking me to donate phone cards for the soldiers away from home. Yet every damned day on TV around 5 PM, every channel, and several times during several hours, I hear about “AssurelanceWireless” and “Phonelink?” – name depends upon the state. Free generous and extensive cell phone coverage. You may be eligible if you have Medicaid or subscribe to these SERVICES: SNAP (Food stamps) or SSI.

    Yes, people. Food stamps and SSI and Medicaid are gubmint SERVICES.

  17. Get out of here! We’re paying for cell phones? this is a joke, right?

  18. I wasn’t sure if I was remembering correctly so I looked up my charge card statement from my last trip to see my sister on the west coast. I got into Newark on the red-eye at 4am. There was a Dunkin’ Donuts right near the baggage claim exit. There were two employees behind the counter and they told me they cannot accept cash when I pulled out my change purse. I walked away and asked an airport employee if there were any other coffee vendors. There weren’t so I got right back on the escalator and ordered a humongous coffee and some pastry for the drive home.

    The companies might have the employees pocketing the cash and not ringing up sales in the early morning hours before a manager arrives.

    It isn’t just starfucks.

  19. Uppity- I told my DIL to watch her charges – and according to the conversation Nunly had with the store manager there is no such no cash policy.
    Talked to Starbucks today- the corporate customer care center- who also tell me there is no such no cash policy.
    The plot thickens.
    I pulled the employees name off my original post- thanks for the tip Uppity-

    Seriously- this unit is beyond the security gate- after the TSA screening if a terrorist got by it isn’t to rob a coffee shop.

  20. UW, read this and weep. At this site,
    3w dot

    I typed in my state and got this offering:
    You may qualify for Assurance Wireless if you participate in any of the following government programs: Pennsylvania
    Food Stamps/SNAP
    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    General Assistance
    Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    The National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program (NSL)

    OR You may qualify based on household income. Click here for more info.

  21. Mom check your mail.

  22. Interesting Karen. So that may explain it. They don’t want their employees stealing the cash. I’m sure that never happens. Nah.

  23. if that happened to i would say :)forget it.

  24. MOM, do an update at the top of the post about how there is NO SUCH NO CASH POLICY AT THAT STARBUCK’s.

  25. Updated Uppity- and will keep everyone posted as the story develops.

  26. I do know there are places in the metro dc area will not take cash late at nigh such as convenience stores. But at an airport? That is very odd.

    One of the ways I get around the cash/credit/debit question while traveling is to use those store gift cards. Usually keep around $10 – $15 on them.

    I have Starbucks, Pannera and a couple others.(I always have the Stabucks with me even though I do not frequent them unless traveling because they are everywhere including the PA turnpike).

    This also helps when I have to take the metro into dc (don’t like to carry credit/debit cards). If I am traveling to a new destination I look to see what might be useful in that area. McDonalds, also not a favorite, but they are everywhere.

    This gets me around cash being refused or taking out credit/debit cards in a busy terminal.

  27. I have seen retail stores not accept large bills (50s & 100s) because of counterfeit concerns (less now since the new bills) but never a store that did not take cash. Never.

  28. Hi, haven’t read this blog yet, but just wanted to say Hi to Lorac from the other thread. XXOO’s to you also!!

    Also, Uppity, I downloaded copies of the Mad As Hell Videos, (I did it 3 times just to be sure LOL) so if you need a copy still (didn’t follow what happened after the request), let me know and I can email it to you or put it on a webserver somewhere where you can also download.

  29. This seriously pisses me off. Mom, I am emailing the manager & Starbucks. How dare they pull this lowlife shit?

    btw, I don’t see any updates on my post?

  30. Way to go Fifth Dimension! You hang onto that sucker. DE has a copy too and I have one now that mpg (SONY VAIO is like that!) so I wanted to make sure we have all methods of loading. Please just hold onto it and I know I can get if from you if I need to.

    And now, for a little fifth dimension.

  31. that song brought back some memories. My husband was a redhead who turned red when embarrassed. He was bartending one night and I was pregnant with my son. That song was popular at the time. I went to the bar to see him. I stood at the end of the bar and sang ” Will you marry me Joe” while 8 months pregnant. Yes he turned red and I think he wanted to kill me.



  32. Mom, I am tied up with a ton of things right now settling my mom’s estate and having been in hospital myself but, I want to reply to you.

    My son is a manager at a Starbucks and I can ASSURE YOU that there is no policy about not accepting cash. The employee who told anyone this should be let go. Also, the “outlets” that are allowed to sell Starbuck’s products are sometimes NOT officially associated with Starbucks in that they aren’t actually a Starbucks store. I ran into this at a hotel recently and the girl there couldn’t tell me doodley squat about the Starbuck’s products “We are just an outlet ma’am.”

    My suggestion is to ask to contact the DISTRICT manager and not just the manager of the one store. The district manager is responsible for all the stores in one whole area and believe me will be very interested to find out what is going on at this outlet.

    Tell this “manager” you are going to speak to the district manager and if they won’t give you his or her name then call Starbuck’s head office and get it yourself. I know for a fact that Starbucks will NOT allow this practice to happen again IF that information gets to district and head office. NO WAY this should have happened to you and I am getting that info right from a Starbuck’s manager to you.

    The reason DS said to ask to speak to the district manager is because that is the person who will have the most power over that stores managers and employees and somebody WILL get demerits and likely fired over something like this which is a PR nightmare!! Starbuck’s employees who do things like this get bad marks on their record of employment AND if they are fired are marked as “Not to be rehired” at any Starbucks again, ever. The very least that will happen is district will have points taken off this persons record. Starbuck’s employees get demerits and they can only get very few of those before being fired. But it’s district manager who will have the whole store jumping over hoops.

  33. Alice, thank you for helping Mom out with this. She is really fried about it.

    But more importantly and without prying, are you okay?????

  34. P.S. to the late at night and no cash left in the till stuff. Starbuck’s will give FREE drinks in such cases to certain customers I.E. MILITARY! . They are authorized to do it and they do it all the time to keep customers coming back ESPECIALLY if it’s military or police or something. The employee was utterly negligent and is off policy. Talk to district. Heads will roll at that store.

  35. Uppity, I’m okay. Just clumsy…lol. Broke my ankle and am traveling getting stuff done….slowly. Thanks for asking! XO

  36. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Alice, if this is the case, then this employee needs to move along. Wait till Mom gets your information. I don’t think this should be let go of until it is resolved correctly. Mom does have the employee ID and name as well. Too bad we have no way of finding out what happens. Of course, it would be Racist to fire her, isn’t it?

  38. Yeah, stupid tripping and falling. Swinging around on crutches in airports is for twenty year olds and not people like me. lol!!

    Mom, DS said to tell you if you ever want to exchange information he has a big gift card for your daughter. He’s royally p.o.’d about this since they are supposed to bend over backwards in these situations.

  39. Uppity, the thing is that according to policy that is drilled into their heads from the day they start at Starbucks this person is WAY out of line and knows it. Starbuck’s tells their employees that they sell coffee but, just as much they sell something called the “Starbuck’s experience” that is what has made them so popular. If someone is standing at the counter representing Starbuck’s and pulls something like this….OY!! They will most assuredly be dealt with.

    The proper response in this case would be. “The till is closed *or whatever* but, we’ll just give you a freebee” That’s what they do, they are authorized to do it especially if it’s not a speciality drink and just a cup o coffee. And especially for military. GAD! This employee will have demerits on their record at the very least…and probably if they have ever had any issue like this before will be let go. It’s not this case just with Mom, it’s how Starbuck’s deals with things like this…and it’s a big deal to head office…district gets in a lot of trouble and is under a ton of pressure to keep things in policy at all their stores. MOST of the people there work like dogs to keep things working the way they are supposed to so when someone does something like this it makes everybody p.o.’d but district is the one responsible and will make sure this person is dealt with..there WILL be a “meeting” lol…it won’t be pretty either.

  40. Wow, DS is so cool. So cool.

    And yeah, crutches are NOT my idea of a good time.

  41. Yeah, immigrants need extensive assimulation seminars. They think “free country” means you get to do any damn fool thing that pops into your head. I think that is one of the reaons immigrants now get so much flak, there is no formal assimulation process and they do anything that pops into their heads.

    Hope that this is resolved to your liking PMM–that was absolutely outrageous.

  42. AnnE, immigrants of the past didn’t need seminars. The only seminar they needed was knowing that if they broke one of our laws, including misdemeanors, their asses were going to be hauled back to where they came from. They figured out pretty fast what was and wasn’t acceptable. And we didn’t translate every damned thing under the sun for them either. When they had to do business with the government, they brought a friend who spoke English. These things were their responsibiliies, not ours. I’m sure when your husband came here, he didn’t get a seminar.

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