Cockroach Award: These two women should get a fair trial and then be executed.

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Two women pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of child endangerment a week after an 8-year-old was found dead in their apartment from severe malnutrition and an untreated broken leg and her injured and emaciated siblings were removed alive.
The children’s 30-year-old mother, Venette Ovilde, stared blankly and answered a judge’s questions in a barely audible whisper as she entered her plea through a court-appointed attorney. She remains held on $500,000 bail on aggravated manslaughter and child endangerment charges.

Her 23-year-old roommate, Myriam Janvier, also pleaded not guilty through a court-appointed attorney to child endangerment charges. Her bail was continued at $100,000.

Christiana Glenn died May 22 from severe malnutrition and a fractured femur that authorities said had never been treated. Her 7-year-old sister and 6-year-old brother remained hospitalized for treatment of malnutrition and other injuries after being removed from Ovilde’s Irvington apartment.

Christiana Glenn, all in white and then some.

These two cockroaches were members of some crackpot religious cult – Because nothing says Crazy and Deadly like a church full of  psychotic zealots.  Manslaughter, my ass. This is murder of  a child by means of starvation – a slow and horrible death.

They started dressing in head-to-toe white clothing and white headdresses, dressed the children all in white, removed all their furniture and belongings and piled them in a heap on the front sidewalk, and covered the floors and doorways of the apartment with white material, according to landlord William Weathers. He often heard loud chanting or prayers in Creole and French coming from the apartment, he said.

Well, golly, there was nothing crazy about these two, was there? I mean anybody can see that children would be perfectly safe with these two psychos in charge of their lives.

Personally, I think they should both now be dressed in orange jail uniforms right up until the moment somebody euthanizes both of them and removes them from the human gene pool. Till then, I suggest that they both suffer an untreated broken femur and that nobody feeds them — so they can get the full flavor of how “Not Guilty’ they really are.

The children, once friendly and rambunctious, stopped interacting with family and neighbors and were not attending school. Ovilde legally changed her name to Krisla Rezireksyon Kris and changed the children’s last names to Rezireksyon, after their leader, said Weathers and authorities. Rezireksyon was the name she used in court Wednesday.

The women frequently fasted and restricted the children’s food intake to the point that friends, such as Chanel Fields, the daughter of Christiana’s godmother, became alarmed at how thin they had become.

“The children weren’t allowed to swallow their own spit. They’d spit in napkins or tissues or on the ground,” Fields said. “They said it was because they were fasting.”

There’s more. This could have been avoided if we didn’t have a justice system riddled with judges with their heads up their asses. Ovilde’s mother, who was alarmed at the children’s condition, petitioned the court for custody of the now-dead child, but of course she was denied. Sometimes I think we need to start holding judges accountable for the people they help to kill. How many times do we have to read this kind of crap before we get the point that our system of justice no longer works for victims. If it isn’t freaks like Judge Moxley in Florida, who refused a desperate petition to restrain this psycho-stalker, thereby freeing him up to murder his victim, then it’s New Jersey crackpot judge deciding it’s okay to repeatedly rape your wife because your ‘religion’ says it’s okay, or it’s yet another judge refusing to remove a starving-to-death little girl from the clutches of her crazy-assed zealot mother who is slowly killing her. Why is it we so often refuse to remove these horribly suffering kids from obvious danger by any method other than a body bag–but if a parent smacks her tantrum-throwing little snot in the butt in the supermarket, the social services swat team descends upon her? How many things can you find wrong with this picture????


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  1. I would agree to a “fair trial” if I can be a juror.

  2. WT bloody F! People have to prove that they are mentally and financially responsible enough to drive a car, but any wacked out idiot can have children.

  3. “Why is it we so often refuse to remove these horribly suffering kids from obvious danger by any method other than a body bag–but if a parent smacks her tantrum-throwing little snot in the butt in the supermarket, the social services swat team descends upon her?”
    You got that right Uppity! Try to raise a child to be polite and respectful and the powers that be descend on you.
    But if you claim some crazy religion? It’s like a get out of jail free card.

  4. Frank! Good to see ya, dude! We will make you jury foreman. You can stay home and just call it in.

  5. Everybody remember Happy Frank and St. Patrick Day? This is the Frank.

  6. Rolls eyes and wonders how some people can even think to act like this much less do it. Eh I guess it takes all kinds. I have seen some pretty scary things in my real life involving neighbors and their kids too. Seen horrible things done to women, animals and kids guess this is just all a part of life . Guess the sane and rational are stuck with the evil and irrational huh ? And then we are told we need to give them a break and understand them yea ok. So long as our laws allow for insanity pleas we are stuck with them. I do not give a hoot what makes a mad dog mad I just know this it can not be changed so dead is what mad dogs get. Same goes for humans that are off like this.

  7. In general and overall, judges of all sorts in all places on the judicial hierarchy, have far too much power and virtually no accountability.

  8. Oh this is simply. Priceless. A non-profit state funded agency that will remain unnamed, is temporarily sending me rental checks for a tenant who, for the purposes of confidentiality, I will only say most certainly deserves the temporary help. However, they wanted to let me know that the check for next month will be late due to vacations, which is also okay. At least they weren’t going to make me wonder. But they have also told me on the notice that: “We apologize for any incontinence this may cause”.

  9. Churl, accountability would go a long way toward knocking sense in their discretionary powers, but we also have to consider how slack our LAWs have become.

    Speaking of accountability. It would go a long way toward slowing down institutions where doctors make decisions to release psychos onto the street too.
    And we have laws that endanger us with psychos like that ten year old who killed his parents or tht little nut who shot his mother in the head after a fight over chopping wood…. a.little psycho who can only be institutionalized till he’s 21 and then he’s free to be an even bigger psycho.

  10. The polls are looking good again (for us). Once again, 60+ percent thinks the country’s headed in the wrong direction. Unemploymt. is at 9.1 percent.

    I woke up this morning with a strong hunch that our next president was going to be Romney or Huntsman: Romney if he can overcome the curse of Romneycare to win the GOP primary; Huntsman, if he can’t.
    I’m also firmly convinced Mormon is no longer going to be a perceived electoral ‘problem’ after an AA prez; crazy, but true.

  11. Whoa! JWSmart apparently woke up with the same hunch.

  12. Hilarious on the “incontinence,” UW. Was the apology sincere enough to defray the cost of drycleaning the rug?

    Didn’t know you had a tenant. Love the idea of you as a take-no-hostages landlady.

  13. P.S.: I want to rent a room too! Send me the address.

  14. Actually, a lot of state court judges are elected, so that’s quite a lot of accountability. Federal judges, however, are appointed for life subject only to impeachment for the usual reasons.

  15. Yes I have been a landlady for quite awhile now, NES. Not in my own home proper like on DIY network, though. So I’m afraid renting from me will not give you the opportunity to set up a two way mirror or stand under a window in the snow or something. However, if I had an opening, I would definitely give you a discount and charge Lorac twice as much.

  16. Oddly, Barack has chosen to ignore the jobs situation for quite some time now, having been a complete Failure in that department. Somehow, he actually thinks if he doesn’t think about it, it’s not going to be a problem.

    As for Religion being an issue. Even Mormon isn’t crazy next to Reverend Wright. And let’s face it. Any guy who spent 20 years under that freak’s thumb has a wierd religion.

  17. RATS. Oh well.

    Say, Upps, are you like a real-estate-maven type?

  18. I know, it’s astonishing that he has never focused on jobs. I really have to wonder why that is, given that his a*s is in hauk to the unions, and all.

  19. Love the comment about how the butt smacking of the screeching kids gets parents in trouble, but the psychos don’t have their kids taken from them. So true. A lot of the fucked-up-edness of the country is due to insane judges (like the ones that chose Bush as prez for example). But after reading your post about the rapist in Aussieland that was given the slap on the wrist by the female judge, I guess we’re not the only ones.

    NES, please keep posting the Huntsman nuggets. You always find the interesting stuff. I just read the Time article about him, which talked about him personally, but nothing political.

  20. The new header makes me think of the late ’60s. MKB looking stoned in a sunflower field.

  21. Okay, I will go on record here and say I will vote for anyone who runs against Obama with the following unmovable restrictions:

    I will NOT vote for a religious fanatic who wants to force their beliefs into law. If I wanted that I would move to Iran. I will not vote for a person who wants to rule women’s bodies or denigrate women and gays. This is not up for discussion with me and I don’ t care if it’s a man, woman or aardvark.

  22. No NES, I would not consider myself a maven. I do own property though but I am no slum lord. I rent to mostly moderately middle class people and generally have a good relationship with them. I do my part and expect them to do theirs. As with the blog, my rules are not many but they are not movable. My tenants in general have always been long term and you have to pry them out, so I guess I must do something right. I had a tenant who at the age of early 30s got cancer and I allowed them to stay there without rent for months till he got his disability. They struggled for a couple of years. They were unable to pay me back rent, so I forgave it. He died this year and one of the first stops his wife made when she got the insurance money was to my home, where she insisted on paying all the back rent. So, sometimes you lose some money, but then you win again. For the most part, it’s been a good experience for me. I give respect and expect it in return. Rarely is there a big problem and I take repairs seriously. I have been very lucky with tenants, I think. But bad credit people don’t get a shot unless there is some very obviously unavoidable issue that occurred, say a sickness. Beyond that, sorry, but patterns are patterns. This is why I encourage people to pay attention to credit and not having ANY history is not a good thing.

  23. OK socal, will do.

  24. Uppity, 1) well said, and 2) what a nice story. I’m glad you have good tennants. I’ve heard some horror stories.

  25. But of course you’re not a “slumlord,” Upps. I was using “maven” as in expert/very experienced with, and the like. I think rental real estate investments are a great way to make money. The only real estate I own is my house, and then too it’s really the bank that’s the majority ‘owner.’ If I won the lottery, I’d buy a lot of investment real estate and live off the rent.

  26. Really sweet the way way you dealt with the cancer patient tenant. It’s nice to see good deeds rewarded in the end.

  27. So, Upps, does that mean you wouldn’t back Huntsman or Romney since they’re pro-life? I don’t think either of them would do anything to roll back Roe v. Wade, but the fact is that they’re pro-life (one almost has to be to be a GOP nominee these days).

  28. socal a person’s credit history can tell a serious story before you rent to someone. There is always a snail trail. NES you didn’t need to win the lottery if you bought property back when it was reasonable. Often you can get a mortgage and rent pays the mortgage with profit left over. Rent money is indeed a great way to make money, so long as you understand you assume risk and if you don’t keep things in repair, you become a slum lord. Some years a building could be a wash, but rarely is it a loss. If you keep things looking attractive, you get better, more responsible tenants, which often translates into no defaults on rent or fighting to get rid of a deadbeat. The good thing about renting is you own the property and earn more than the value of the property in rent through a period of years and then you STILL own the property. And in today’s market, you certainly are better off renting a, duplex or two family or four family buiding than you are taking the sale money of the building and putting it in cheapo, no-pay insulting CDs for income. It’s a No Contest. There are just hints you learn along the way about potential tenants. For example I allow one or two cats, but the person has to show me a vet history with regular required shots. You figure a person who vets their cat properly isn’t a person who doesn’t have a whole tomcat who sprays or scratches things up. A dog owner with a dog on the No Insurance List is a no-no. The ways in which you can become liable are endless. Pet owners also will be willing to pay a security deposit. A landlord has the right to determine if a tenant can pay the rent, so credit information is imperative and very telling. A lien from a property management company is a good indicator that the person stiffed his last landlord. Employment longer than ten minutes helps too. lol. While you should never discriminate, you DO have the right to reject tenants who show they cannot or might not pay the rent. Collecting first and last month’s rent helps ensure if you do have to get rid of somebody, you have a buffer. In many cities, you have the right to refuse rentals from programs like Section 8, which automatically weeds out people who might not have the means to pay. Also, in NY, if you live in a rental building and own it, you have the ability to be as subjective as you want in renting out apartments. I have a friend who owns a wonderful building with 5 apartments and lives in one of them, which is really a double — and she gets her mortgage paid, makes a tidy profit and can pick and choose all day who she wants to live “with her”. She layed in some bucks in renovations and sound proofing and the place is enviable. Her apartment is gorgeous. I hate her. lol. Seriously, doing the same thing has crossed my mind. Lower middle class and working families who are striving to grow are great people to rent to. They can’t afford a home or haven’t taken the plunge yet, or are saving. They are generally VERY responsible people who treat their home with respect. That’s what I have found, anyways.

  29. these two bitches will be put in jail. They will get 3 hots and a cot along with medical treatment.
    That little girl went through unspeakable agony and pain. The other two children will be traumatized for life.
    This is not justice.



  30. NES, I will NOT vote for a candidate who minds women’s business for them. To me “Pro life” has become a catch-all term for a person who meddles into other people’s bedrooms and wants to control women’s bodies. Generally, anti-gay is in the mix. They go together like salt and pepper with these people. I do not trust they will do nothing. I am inherently suspicious of theocrats. I do trust they will pander to Extreme Religion and I don’t want them sticking their noses in women’s, gays or lesbians’ pants instead of paying attention to what elected officials really should be doing.

    I will go the mile and predict a low turnout in 2012 right now. Many people would rather stay home than pick from what’s about to be their “Choices”.

  31. Hey, anybody got a flight booked? Here’s a little gift for you to ponder. Watch BEHIND the plane in the foreground. Hey, NES. Can you tell us what those boys are saying in this video? Is it something like, “I gotta change my shorts!”?

  32. FWIW, the twitter account that Canonfire fingered as culprit in the Weiner incident is gone. I knew something was up with that guy when I kept reading how many times he typed LOL.

  33. ……and here is an interview with him. He’s a babbler and a typical right wing dictator, wanting to say what he wants to say and focusing on his own problems and saying Weiner is a predator of young girls and crap like that, fancying himself an expert on these things because he says his daughter got bothered by one or some such thing.

    Anyways, basically at the end of the interview, you get a pic of how he says he got the weiner shot. He says he had weiner’s tweet page up in a tab (and the girl’s tweet page in a tab-wierd, and an obsession as a minimum). He says he tried to retweet it but couldn’t, possibly because weiner had already deleted it. But it still, of course, showed up on his tab. So he copied and pasted it and then tweeted the photo from his own twitter account, probably while the photo had already been removed by Weiner. This makes sense and is quite possible. Any of you who have ever held a page in Tab knows it doesn’t refresh. If he had refreshed, the photo would have been gone because Weiner had deleted it. So unless he’s a liar (and all things are possible with these obsessive fixated bloggers, tweeters), he didn’t hack or post that photo on Weiner’s account. Frankly, he doesn’t seem like a bright enough bulb to be able to do it.

    Also, Smoking Gun published some embarrassing emails this guy sent. I guess he has ex wife problems so what else is new with the far right. They all have ex wives, or two, or three. So, of course, now the right camp is declaring that Smoking Gun is owned by……are you ready…….Clintonistas. Now you just HAD to know they would get Hillary involved somehow. And at the same time, they whine and gnash their teeth over how their mirror image on the left does it to Sarah Palin.

    After reading his interview in total, I would say he’s just another right wing dimwad who had a hardon for Weiner and spent a lot of time, ,maybe too much time, following Weiner around and tweeting how he hates him and just about every other Democrat, party before anything. I saw his tweet account and it was the typical American flag, I’m A Patriot and You Are Not Unless You Are a Far Right Repbublican, Reagan-blowing stuff. Ah well, who knows what’s the truth and what isn’t anymore, anyways? We have no investigative reporters, just extremists from either side figuring out ways to spin things and make it come out the way they want, and then the media taking their stuff and running with it.

    Frankly, I don’t know what to think and don’t care, since they are all pigs, it’s just that only some of them get caught. Sometimes it’s a Republican and sometimes it’s a Democrat, just like one big slimey family. Anyways, I wouldn’t want to be in the guy’s shoes because we all know the far left will do all they can to ruin him and his family ala Joe The Plumber and drive them to suicide if at all possible. Just like the right would do if he did this to a beloved Republican. Two vile hijacked parties, for sure. It’s all just shameful the way the both operate. Truth can never surface with them around groping for their own outcome time and time again.

    So here’s the interview. Plan to wade through a lot of dictatorial babbling and nervous LMAOs.

  34. That Caspian Airlines video is very disturbing. It APPEARS that jetliner (if that was what it was and not another military transport) had no tail section. In fact, it appears as if the entire back of the fuselage and the tail were gone. The video appears to have been taken from a military refueling plane, which might indicate a hostile zone. Was the other plane shot down, or did it just break up in mid-air? I haven’t been to the YouToobs to see if there is a description, but gosh – what a terrible video. A nightmare for those on board.

  35. Yes there were some comments about the tail being gone. Very odd. how frightening for the people in that plane. I mean let’s face it, minutes go by as you realize you are going to die. It’s also possible the plane got sucked in by the wake of the plane and refueler, don’t you think? Doesn’t that create some kind of powerful blast of sucking air or something? But still, the tail section……is odd.

    It was a commercial jet.

    According to authorities, the aircraft’s tail suddenly caught on fire. The pilot circled, trying to find a safe spot to land, but without success. The aircraft was completely destroyed after it crashed into an agricultural field, carving a crater up to 10 metres (11 yd) deep. An eye witness who claims to have been within 300 metres (330 yd) of the crash-site described the event as if “the plane just fell out of the sky”. Three hours after the crash, fires over a 200 square metres (2,200 sq ft) area still remained.[

  36. Don’t understand the language they’re speaking, UW.

    Harrowing vid.

  37. I don’t like the pro-life group any more than you do, Upps. But, I dislike BO more.

  38. Good primer on renting, Upps. Thanks.

  39. So maybe I am a maven. lol.

  40. I think the language might have been formal “I am crapping my pants”.

  41. NES, you find a building, you go to a bank and show them the income it can generate and they give you a mortgage, which you pay for out of rents and still make a profit. Good rental housing is at a premium right now. More and more people cannot afford their homes and look to rent out of sheer economics. The truth is, the meme that you can take your rent and put it into a home you own isn’t exactly all true. When you no longer rent, you have to buy a mower and mow, shovel, fix the furnace, REPLACE the furnace, repair breakdowns, pay taxes and water costs, buy insurance, replace the broken water heater yourself, paint the house sooner or later, fix the faucet, replace things and pray a lot. The additional expense makes what looks like romantic not so romantic when reality hits. Owning a home is work and expensive. Even if it’s a condo, you will pay for services in a montly fee. In reality, Renting costs less. Period.

  42. I don’t like the pro-life group any more than you do, Upps. But, I dislike BO more.

    To me it’s simply Death By Fire vs. Death By Drowning. That is why I will be the I Am Staying Home blogger in 2012. I am going to be very busy pointing out the two crap sides that want your life, unless of course someone with sense comes along to upset the cart.

  43. Nancy says the unemployment numbers are “disturbing”. Well golly, Nancy, nice of you to notice after you spent two years screwing the pooch and ignoring it. I thought you were creating jobs????? You sure said you were. And no offense but LOL on your sudden interest in the middle class you screwed regularly.

  44. Best line in ages: Gonzotx on 44

    “When you put the clowns in charge, don’t be surprised when a circus breaks out.”

  45. Ain’t it da troot.

  46. Picked up an incandescent haul today. 4 60W Sylvania, $1.97. I cleared the shelf. Remember, folks. If you can’t see under those yellow curly bug lights that come with their own hazmat cleanup page at the EPA, if you are a migraine sufferer who freaks at those unhealthy bulbs and the trigger they bring you; if you know that only a stupid person would believe that dim thing is equivalent to a sixty watt bulb, your government says F You. You had best start stocking up on lightbulbs that actually help you see, because that law removing them from shelves is getting closer and closer. Just saying. Stay away from Philips. Their bulbs are absolute crap and pop more often than not when you plug them in.

  47. UW – I just saw your email – I’m still having the problem. Also with FF’s button. I also tried going to Big Pink, thought maybe I could start donating some there, too, but it also wouldn’t work. I wrote to their contact us link about this, but they didn’t write back as you did. So maybe you’re right and it’s me, but… what might be the solution? Any ideas?

  48. lorac you might want to try another browser. If you are using IE, try Firefox or vica versa. Or……spudder…chrome.

  49. ALSO, CLEAR YOUR CACHE and reboot. Run your CCLEANER with ALL BROWSERS closed, reboot and then try again.

  50. Hey lorac, thanks for another well written piece. Feel free to continue. Just let me know if you have something and I will schedule it.

  51. Thanks for the suggestions, UW. I’m doing something else on the computer right now, but then I’ll do those things. And thanks for the writing opportunity. I don’t have the fertile creative mind you do, but I’ll start the creative juices, and eventually something else will gurgle to the top lol

  52. The only problem here is that New Jersey got rid of the death penalty in 2007.

  53. With regards to that airplane crash video, according to one of the commenters of this YouTube video: “this is the video of the crash an Iranian Air Force ILyushin 76 in Sept. 2009 during a military parade (that’s why the inflight refueling of the Phantom jet fighter was being filmed).

    The Il-76 flight crew had reported an engine fire, but on final approach the AWACS radar dome detached sheared off the tail. The crew of 7 died in the crash.”

  54. lorac, your post was great. And I really loved the Geraldine post, made me cry.

  55. socal – xxoo

  56. Well good ferretting Tony. That explains why the refueling. I was puzzled by that like FF was. So this is NOT the flight it says it is. Jaysus, even youtubes has been taken over by the deceptive cranks. NOt that the commercial flight that killed 168 people was a picnic either, I’m sure.

    As for NJ getting rid of the death penalty. It figures. Crank judges and no punishment. The perferct setup. So these two lunatics will be back on the street long before they are too old to do much more.

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