Congressional workplace sexting – your tax dollars HARD at work

Well, as we have all heard, Anthony Weiner has been picked on his whole life because of his last name.  Even now, as an adult, people are hacking into his social media accounts and sending lewd photos of – well, a Weiner he doesn’t recognize.  Here is Weiner so convincingly disavowing any knowledge of these terrible acts, although he is aware that these bad things go on in the world of social media.  And gosh, now they got HIM.  Probably because of his last name.

He is INNOCENT!  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, Weiner took a closer look at that package, and realized it was his.  Or rather, people started coming out of the woodwork claiming that they, too, had been getting inappropriate photos, emails, and phone calls – from this committed democratic politician and deeply devoted virtual-newlywed who is a staunch advocate for women’s issues.  But not to worry – all these women were adults.  Everyone knows that perfect strangers never lie about their age on the internet!  By the way, I’m 29, if you’re wondering.

How incredibly poor judgment.  These guys never think they’ll get caught!  What idiots!  And how can someone present himself as an advocate for women, and then turn around and virtually cheat on his wife, open her up to humiliation, and treat other women as objects for his sexual needs?  He is claiming that he never had a physical relationship with any of these women.  Well, maybe he just got caught before his feelings of invincibility got that large.   And isn’t it nice to know that attractiveness isn’t a prerequisite for narcissism?!!

Who knows, maybe his “advocacy for women” was a subterfuge, or some kind of private penance.  We’ve already got a congress full of politicians who don’t care much for the “special interest” of women’s issues.  Nice to know that even the ones who are “on our side” don’t have a lot of respect for us, either.  They’re all obsessed with the bedroom – we’re “screwed” either way.  Some of them want to regulate what we do in our own bedrooms, and the rest of them want to send their crotch shots into our bedrooms! 

And I hope it didn’t escape anyone’s attention that some of those photos were taken in Weiner’s congressional offices.  Photos of nice, trusting, smiling family members in the background.  Wanna bet the emails and phone calls happened during work hours, as well?  No wonder we always see lone representatives speaking to empty chambers!  Now we know that really means that our tax dollars are hard at work!

Seriously, I want a refund.  I hope they investigate the times and dates of his social media fun’n’games, add up the hours and taxpayer dollars he wasted, and send us back our money!

I’m so fed up with these “representatives”.  They’re either crazy, or not evolved, or lying bastards, or controlling, or just in it for the money and perks.  And these sexual freaks are always men.  We need more politicians who have only one head!  I agree with UW’s excellent idea – from now on, whenever a male politician has a – well, a “special interest”, a “male problem” – they must resign, and their wife will take their place.  We’ll have our 52% representation in no time!

All I know is, Hillary would never have done anything like this.

(and if The Fraud is doing anything like this, I do NOT want to see the evidence!!!!  lol)


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  1. Lorac, a stunningly good post and hilarious as hell! Well done!

  2. My favorite line: we need politicians “with only one head.”

  3. No worries, if the Fraud is doing this…Moo will take care of business quick. I’m sure she has already gone through the Blackberry.

  4. I agree with NES. With “Certitude”

    Oh yeah McN. Michelle would fix his ass and then some if he pulled this crap. And I would be cheering for her.

  5. I’m 32. wanna fool around?

  6. Let me tell you, I might almost even pity this guy if one of his gift recipients turns out to be underage. And if he thinks it can’t happen, then he’s even dumber than I thought.

  7. I think all women would cheer Meechelle on that. I don’t think he goes there. I think he fears consequences.

  8. I strongly suspect that since if he was doing this for 3 years, he might be in deep poo (there is a 21 year old involved).

  9. Gang, I think we’ve got ourselves a bona fide regular contributor to Postdom here. What say you?

  10. One head. Hahahahaha.

  11. I heard on the radio this morning that one of his tweets was to the porn star. He offered legal contact help in case she was outed. She is and he was stupid. He did it over government lines. This is going downhill fast.

  12. Only if that head actually works UW. hahahahaa

  13. Don’t kid yourself. If they were only allowed one head, they’d pick the one in their pants. If it didn’t work, they would pretend it did.

  14. McN, NES posted that porn star link upthread or in the last thread.

  15. Great. BTW, I got another animal down.

  16. The Fuckwad Chris Matthews should be sanctioned for his disgusting crack that Huma is partly responsible for this LONGTIME pig’s actions. Women should be barnstorming that sham of a network right now with torches.

    NOW………where the HELL are you, having a luncheon?

  17. email me on the dog McN. Chit.

  18. There’s something else out there. You can almost feel it.

  19. I actually heard Dr Drew this morning say re : Weiner
    ” remember this is a human being you are aiming at , he is probably deeply hurt. ”

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why no one ever bothers to point this out when they are “aiming at Sarah Palin” ??? Like Jon Stuart did last night ..when his show was back up into her vagina again ??

  20. Good point, Swannie.

  21. I gotta run home ER call, possibly another one. I will get back to you when I find out what is going on at home.

  22. This just proves you can’t trust a weiner

  23. BHO may be too robotic to engage in sex cybersex.

  24. Totally. Lorac has learned from the Master herself!

  25. See the link I posted upthread, mcnorman. It’s got the emails to the (former) porn star. It’s the one where I conclude he must be “mental” (used in the Harry-Potter sense).

  26. That’s why we gotta have pols with only one anatomical head. No choices need be made then.

  27. There’s gotta be lots of phone s*x out there. And, from the office, no doubt, since it’s not something that’s easily done at home.

  28. Odd that his family didn’t change the pronunciation to WYE-ner. I know…let’s blame his parents!!! Run with it, Tingles…the mom’s a woman, the worman’s to blame…you know the rest (jerkoff).

  29. Weiner isn’t sorry , he is sorry he got caught

  30. snarky!!! I like!

    @swannie – what did Jon Stewart say about SP?

  31. NES, unless you are doing it with your spousal unit.

  32. HE’s deeply hurt!!!!????Ohhhhhhh for Chrissakes! These people are out of their minds!!! What’s Dr. Drew a doctor of? Stupidity????

  33. I’d like to Deeply hurt him right now. With a riding boot to his balls. How’s that Dr. Drew, you Pig Enabler.

  34. You know what I LOVE? I LOVE that his wife isn’t giving him the time of day with his own watch on this. He’s on his own. Enjoy divorce court, shitbum! If you think you will be able to be outclassed with a wife again with that froggie face, guess again. Maybe you can date your online hooker friend. Seems more in your category, considering.

    His wife is total class. Whatever she’s got planned for him is between herself and him, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be good. Thank God she didn’t have a kid with him.

  35. I really should leave this issue. I am SO disappointed in this freak who pretended he respected women. If the third waveless doesn’t wake up and break some fingernails, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO screwed!

  36. Riding boots without or without spurs, Upps?

  37. Phone s*x with spousal unit at home…. Now, there’s an idea, endorsed by Upps.
    Can’t wait to get home and try it today.

  38. Not that I know anything about it NES. I read it in a book.


  39. Riding boots with horse crap on them, NES.

  40. Consider this my petition to have a lorac ‘desk,’ of sorts on the sidebar.

  41. She has to agree to be a regular first. Like maybe a Lorac Day.

  42. Mondays. Or Wednesdays. I always run out of steam on Wednesdays. Did you notice?

  43. Not that I know anything about it NES. I read it in a book.

    HAAAA!!!! That’s a Weiner-sized untruth, Upps!

  44. Yesssssssssss, A Lorac Day has a nice ring to it.

  45. Instructions follow. Where’s that book…..

  46. Speaking of riding boots with or without spurs/horse-shit, ABC News is now out for Weiner’s ham:

    He should’ve known better than to lie to the media; having been made to look like chastized fools for pursuing the story, now they’re not going to let this rest. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, I’m thinking.

  47. Here’s an excerpt from one of Weiner’s interviews, where he foolishly scolds the reporter for daring to ask a question re appropriateness:

    KARL: Last question. Is it inappropriate for a member of Congress to be following young women on their Twitter accounts not even from their district? You have several young woman in your account, you…40,000 people follow you and you only follow a couple of hundred.

    WEINER: It’s really outrageous. The implication is outrageous. First of all, if you ask the question, if it’s outrageous, I have a right to say it’s outrageous. It’s outrageous, first of all, to do apparently zero research on how I did Weiner Yes. I went out and I asked do people want me to follow you? I have followed people who have asked me to follow them. I follow many people. You know, I follow Sarah Palin. I follow Paul Ryan. I might even follow you. I mean, the fact of the matter is what you’re saying, to not understand how social networks work, do you really believe I know the age, I know the positions, I know the job descriptions of everyone who asks me to follow them because I say yes. Now, have I made the mistake of not putting up on my twitter page just because I follow you doesn’t mean I agree with you and doesn’t mean I know you. That’s intuitive. Anyone who understands social media today, I have 40,000 followers. I asked people…

  48. I guess he really wanted to be an Oscar Meyer Wiener so everyone could take a bite 😆 😆

  49. He does have a future if Oscar Meyer is still driving the Weinermobile cross-country.

  50. Stole this from my brother-in-law ( don’t tell him)– What Rep. Weiner should have said at the news conference yesterday. Sung to the tune of Oscar Mayer Weiner song–

    “Oh, I wish I hadn’t sent a picture of my weiner, that is what I’d really like to say, for if I didn’t send a picture of my weiner, I wouldn’t be standing here today.”*

  51. One of these times when some politician is confessing his sins with his poor wife standing next to him looking mortified, about half-way thru I want her to haul off and kick him in the balls then scream, “I want a divorce you lying piece of shit!”

    (Pulling a gun and shooting his balls off would be even better but it would probably mean jail time)

  52. OMG Uppity you are 29 !! Me too!

  53. Looks like there are some very unhappy people.

    Big sign left for Weiner at his office.

  54. No HP, that was Lorax. She wrote the post. I said I am 32. Which is obviously the truth.

  55. Yeah Myiq! Would you NOT just LOVE the wife grabbing the mic and saying Excuse me but I have something to say about this piece of shit! Frankly, he can’t even get some wood so it’s amazing that he even bothers. But then the girlz can’t see what a bust he is so I suppose it’s the perfect venue for him. Now I know where all the bananas keep disappearing to. His shorts! And even when he COULD get some wood, he sucked in bed. I mean I’m talking the worst lay I ever had. I only married him because I felt sorry for him. So now he’s all yours! If you want his Swiss bank account number just let me know! Oh and one more thing. No way that’s his dick in that photo. He Wishes.


  57. Where’s Roseann Rosanadanna when you need her?

  58. Well UW, what can you expect from Tweety? In contrast to Wolf Blitzer who was commenting on Weinergate and said that Huma was a “wonderful, wonderful woman and did not deserve this.” Not that anyone does, but kudos to him for his empathy.

  59. UW. Long time no see! Why don’t idiots like weiner just quit? Most GOP pigs that get caught at least quit, before they do their interview and lie. And if I am not mistaken, is his wife a Muslim? I know she was working with Mrs. Clinton. Only in American politics can a human p.o.s. like this not get kicked out of office for this. I bet he was using his work computer to stay in touch with the gals. And to be newly married and be tweeting with a porn star?

  60. […] Congressional workplace sexting – your tax dollars HARD at work (via Uppity Woman) Posted on June 7, 2011 by Uncle Sam's Boot| Leave a comment Well, as we have all heard, Anthony Weiner has been picked on his whole life because of his last name.  Even now, as an adult, people are hacking into his social media accounts and sending lewd photos of – well, a Weiner he doesn't recognize.  Here is Weiner so convincingly disavowing any knowledge of these terrible acts, although he is aware that these bad things go on in the world of social media.  And gosh, now they got HIM.  Probably because … Read More […]

  61. I know AnnE. Tweety has some REAL problems about women. I can’t even imagine what his relationship with his mother was is all I can say.

  62. John, his wife was born here in the USA and then was raised in Saudi. I think that’s where the Clintons met her, or at least they went to Saudi with her. There’s a story here on the blog somewhere about how he let her drive a car and freaked out the Saudis. I have no idea if she is a Muslim but if she is, I’m sure she’s no submissive one considering her success rate. I think she’s remaining quiet for a reason that is not so good for Big and Little Anthony. Now about his computer. Let’s just say you couldn’t give it to me for free and I bet the keys stick.

  63. You know me John. No free passes for pigs and thieves, regardless of party. The only thing that hurts is he was one of the few men who stuck up for women’s rights and the making of their own decisions. So I am more than a little disheartened that he was a pig on the side. We women are running out of help, John. Soon, the old rebellion will need to start up again just as soon as the third wave gets their nails done and figure out that they have lost all previous gains and are so screwed.

  64. Love the post, Uppity, and the song, honora!

    I remember when we could demand judgment and character, if not perfection and purity, from politicians.


  65. Don’t thank me, djmm. Thank Lorac. She wrote the post.

  66. I bet the keys stick..
    Over the top funny, UW.

  67. Following Tweety’s arguement that Huma is responsible for Weiner’s bad behavior…doesn’t that mean Mrs. Tweety is responsible for Tweety’s feet always being in his mouth? You know, it’s always some chick’s fault.

  68. Great job lorac! I’m so disappointed in this jerk. How could anyone think they could do this stuff and not caught. He must be stupid, so what’s the point of letting him stay, even if he is genuinely sorry. Why do we need more stupid men in Congress. We already have a plethora.

  69. Oh, almost forgot, JWS ranted about Chris Matthews in the first part of his show last nite for blaming Huma. It was really good, then he has a funny piece up about it in his Tuesdays Notes. Worth checking out.

  70. JWS did a funny rant on his show last nite about Tweetie suggesting it was Huma’s fault, and today he has a hilarious blurb about it in his daily Notes.

    (sorry if this double posts…this new system isn’t posting some of my comments. Never had that happen here before. Where’s MKB???)

  71. socal spam has been arbitrarily dumping people since yesterday. It’s as if it forgot who is okay and who isn’t.

  72. UW, I thought you meant we should have a day of celebration for Lorac like a big We love you lorac day to convince her to become a regular. I was looking forward to the living header. = )

    On another note, I do think that Tony Weiner should just resign. His wife can stick by him if she wants, that is up to her. But the rest of us do NOT have to put up with him. He is now officially a liability and a huge disappointment.

  73. Great post lorac! I wonder if he will resign. I really thought Vitter would, but he stayed on, so you never know.

  74. Unc Sam: Your redneck is showing…. Of what relevance is it that his wife is a Muslim? They overcame the jewish-muslim divide that rents the Middle East to make a go of if; good for them. I also take issue with your point re “only in American politics can a human p.o.s. like this not get kicked out of office for this.” Fact is, in Europe they think we’re insane for even thinking this should be a cause for his resignation…it’s ho hum there…cybers*x isn’t even like real s*x for them.

  75. Spam isn’t working because MKB is distracted, busily tweeting his ding-a-ling everywhere. Upps, please open an ethics investigation into this inappropriate tom’ish behavior.

  76. Great job lorac! UW…love the sticky keys comments…LOL!

  77. He’ll have to be effectively pushed out, imust. If there’s more waiting to break — and I, like Upps, can feel it hanging heavy in the air — the Dem leadership will shovel him out (or threaten to seriously primary him, to get him to leave).

  78. Oh now you’ve gone and done it. You said Redneck. Now John is gonna post some country western song.

  79. NYS, so tell me. Would YOU take his computer for free?

  80. NES I can do nothing with MK Bill. He is fully in charge. He’s a cat. It’s what they do. Take charge. Imagine if I tried to discipline him. If the Moderator Kitteh Union didn’t come down on me, he would surely get me in my sleep. When I last saw him, he was mumbling something about paying Weiner’s Weiner a visit. Cats LOVE dangling objects, you know.

  81. Not entirely, but I do buy this point:

    The scandal appears open-ended. Weiner’s actions did not involve one just one photo. There are many, to a number of women, and they’re going to keep leaking out to the news media, one by one. For instance, on Tuesday conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, who helped publicize the scandal, said he has an X-rated picture of Weiner he’s holding in reserve. The web site TMZ posted photos of a porn star who said she was one of Weiner’s Twitter paramours. And so on.

  82. We could certainly sponsor that visit by MKB, Upps.

  83. Huffpo does what it does best. Sink low down. The lead in to this story (clickthru headline) is: “Meet Anthony Weiner’s wife– why she is no stranger to a scandal”. Of course you know who they are going to talk about next.
    This will answer your questions, John. It will also show you who this brilliant woman is and why women of this caliber taking a back seat to a piece of shit mediocre guy is something we women are getting damned sick of.

  84. And of course, true to the type of creature who comments there, you will see things like……if you take care of a weiner at home a weiner will stay home…and other assorted sexist stupidity.

  85. Now about his computer. Let’s just say you couldn’t give it to me for free and I bet the keys stick.

    ROFL. Okay, I know other people pointed it out, but I’ve been holding it in my “copy” button till I got down here, so I wanted to get MY guffaw in, too!

  86. Theresain PA – no no no! “Lorac Day” is the day you all send me your naked photos! ROFL

  87. Honora, I love your brother’s poem! Good one! lol

  88. Swannie, I think you’re right, he’s sorry he got caught.

  89. Today was a first! Today, for the first time in my life – someone linked to me!!!!!!
    John did it. Ha ha. I’m movin’ on up! Pretty soon I’ll understand as much about social media as Weiner does! lol

  90. O.M.G. You were all like throwing a party for me, and when I walk in, instead of yelling “surprise!”, and having lots of pies to eat, and Karen chained far away from the fridge, and FF blowing me kisses, what do I find instead? I walk in and find everyone took off! Dang! I guess the 32 year old UW found a NEW 29 year old to fool around with! ROFL

  91. Always good to know where my tax dollars go. I will sleep so much better at night knowing I am paying for some girls harassment and some perv’s sexual gratification. Oh gosh I will go jump in the hot tub and relax and sleep so peacefully tonight.

  92. Thought I said that in my modest proposal, lorac. Sorry you got caught.

  93. Did you see MKBIll’s latest tweet NES?

  94. WTF. I am eating a sandwich with some of that double fiber wheat bread and it tastes like sawdust.

  95. Well lorac, since you are movin’ on up, wednesdays are yours.

  96. Shockka

    The Iranian women’s soccer team was defeated even before it could compete for a spot in the 2012 summer Olympics — sidelined by the Muslim players’ headscarves.

    The team was to play an Olympic qualifying match against Jordan last Friday, but officials of the international football association, FIFA, disqualified the team because the players’ Islamic headscarves violate the association’s dress code

    Read more:

    They also disqualified the Iranian swim team for suiting up in burkas for the meet.

  97. Delphyne….oh Delphyne! (said “sing-songy”)

    You clicked that you liked the post (sank you berry much!)

    But come out, come out and talk with us!!

    or…… are you busy erasing naked pictures from your twitter account? lol

  98. Hoo hoo we’ll give Wednesdays a go…. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity, UW

    But what are you saying about your modest proposal, and I “got caught” – sorry I’m tired, it went over my head lol

    I was so slow getting the housecleaning done last night, and I did this essay last, and I got done around 3:30 my time – ack, I was so worried I’d oversleep lol But I did it!

  99. I don’t understand why the Casey Anthony trial is putting so much emphasis on the dead body smell in the trunk. She’s already said that the baby drowned. They had to get the body to the “dumping ground” somehow…. what am I missing?

  100. His spam got caught in the mail.

  101. No, I didn’t. Where is it?

  102. I suppose the male Iranian coaches have figured out a good way to keep those darn women from playing sports, which is just SO unfeminine – make ’em wear the headscarf, and get eliminated every time you step on the field.

  103. A true blogger is born, lorac! Blogging over sleep…
    Yay on our new Wednesday Poster!

  104. Hahahahaha DE!

  105. UW, did you ever try 12 grain bread? I think it is VERY tasty. I don’t like the 7 grain bread. There’s obviously a secret ingredient in the extra 5 grains in the 12 grain bread!

  106. OK, I saw MKB’s tweet. He lies like Weiner; soon he’ll be crying like Weiner.

  107. My computer is haunted! It’s starting to keep a shadow of my last comment in the box, and it won’t let me erase it! I just have to lower it and strike it out! Is it because I clicked on the huffpo link….? Grrrr!

  108. Santorum is on TV. He seems like a real creep. Just wait until his sexy secrets come out. It’s gonna be GROSS!

  109. You mean Rick “sign this right now Hillary” Santorum. I’ll never forget that debate when he came over to her podium and tried to intimidate her. Whattacreep.

  110. Lorac: Great post!!

    imust: I thought that was Lazio.

  111. Wrong Rick. That was a NY politician, right?

  112. NES: Yup. It was Hillary’s first Senate race. I was so thrilled–MY Senator!

  113. Oops…..sawwwy…color me embarrassed. Wrong Rick!

  114. imust: Don’t be too embarrassed. He’s still a creep!

  115. You mean that moron and scheeve Rick Lazio. The perpetual candidate women despise with every fiber of their being. He will never be elected to anything in NY. The problem is, he’s a member of DENSA and doesn’t Get It. We Remember. But since he’s dumber than a carp, he still runs. And runs. And runs. He’s what you call a Runing Joke.

  116. NES you better watch it with Bill. He can make you disappear.

  117. Lazio is dumb as a brick, seriously. The guy definitely is in the bottom half of the bottom half of the class. That debate cooked his stupid silly ass forever. Now whenever nobody wants to run against somebody they let Rick do it. And he’s just dumb enough to try since he has this huge ACHE to be important.

  118. Santorum is insane. Sorry but it’s true.

  119. Santorum family during his concession speech. Can you find a normal looking one in the bunch?

  120. Okay, well you did today, so you can start next week. I will beg FF to make a sidebar announcing Wednesday as Lorac Day.

  121. ROFL DE. I have a photo somewhere of burqa swimming. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, the hairy neanderthals they are married to are in trunks.

  122. Lorac, I want you to know that I appreciate you taking the plunge. I appreciate the break. I really do. Sometimes, I just burn out.

  123. NES, some lawyers don’t like lawyer jokes, but if you do….

    wbboei just posted this over in the comments at His44:

    That is what has got the Obama bilge rats scrambling. It calls to mind the old story that criminal lawyers like to tell about the judicial system in action. It goes like this.

    A man went to his lawyer to have a will written. When he entered the lawyer’s conference room the lawyer notices that he had a broken arm which was in a cast. He asked him what happened and the man said he slipped in the bath tub. Whereupon the lawyer corrected him and said no that is not what happened. What happened was you were down in the village, you entered a subway tunnel, paid your ticket, waited and when the train arrived you stepped into the car and just as you did the door shut and you fell to the ground breaking your arm. The client said a jury will never believe that story.

    Whereupon the lawyer informed him that he had eight men sitting in his waiting room that who would swear that they were there and witnessed the entire thing. The case went to trial because the subway company produced nine witnesses who clamed that they too were there and watched the man enter the car, that he did so safely and without falling.

  124. EH everybody hates lawyers. Till they need one.

  125. UW, well I appreciate the opportunity, so I guess a 29 y/o and a 32 y/o are a good match lol

  126. 125 comments. Not shabby.

  127. from crazy horse in the His44 comments – ROFL

    who was one of the co-sponsors of the 2007 Keep the Internet free from sexual predators act?

    Tony Weiner! Thank God for his service and dedication.

    Hey, he said he’s been doing this for 3 years, so he must have started his social media sexual predatoring just after he sponsored the bill! I guess the research for that bill opened up a whole new world to him lol

  128. Lorac, Lorac, Lorac…..

    You are smart, you are funny, you are single(?), you love me, you are 29. Now – are you cute too?

  129. Could everybody go here and vote for this soldier who has entered a contest to win the wedding of his dreams for him and his fiance? It only takes a second. Come on gang. This guy is risking his life.!

  130. How do you vote w/o a Facebook account?

  131. Hate the new WordPress comment box – too big – have to scroll down to hit Post Comment. If I reduce the screen – I cannot read it!

  132. I hate it too. Another case of fixing that which is not broken. I also notice that Incoming Links in the stats is blank for several weeks now. THAT I need. Silly bells and whistles in the comment section I don’t need.

  133. So far they have made several changes that mean MORE WORK.

    They eliminated the selection box at top right of administration comment area. Now, to get to drafts, you have go to to POSTs and then hit DRAFTS. Before it was ONE CLICK. Very annoying. I don’t like it at all. How is it an improvement when you ADD CLICKS to something people could do with ONE CLICK before. And yes, you now have to scroll down to post. How annoying is that?

  134. lol the comment box is for blind people now. And if somebodoy wants to login to twitter or that godforsaken facebook they will. They don’t need a box for it in every darned comment they make. Jesus.

  135. FF, I’m 29, I MUST be cute! lol

  136. Well Lorac – I have seen 29 year olds who look terrible – and 50-somethings who are drop-dead.

  137. FF, and how about that BIG HUGE copy of your avatar in your comment area. As IF you don’t know what your own avatar looks like.

  138. Seen elsewhere: New York Post Headline Writer Hits the “WIN” Button With A Sledgehammer: “Erections Have Consequences.”

  139. Facebook is starting to remind me of Google. In your face day and night. I don’t like facebook. I don’t want facebook. Facebook needs to get the hell out of my way.

  140. THere ya go looking at me again, FF.

  141. FF – well based on that, maybe I should change my age to “40” lol just an average woman…. (well, other than the fact that I’ve never worn makeup in my life lol)… People always remark on my eyes…. I’m a Pisces…. heh… that’s all I’ve got lol

  142. New post up.

  143. Yes – with eyes like these – I expect folks comment!

    and just so ya know – other then when I was modeling for Estee Lauder Cosmetics in my teens, make up is pretty rare for me too. But I do like lipstick!

  144. Hey FF. Check out what they just did to the admin comment area. Half blank white space on the right.

  145. WTF now the old comment area is back. What on EARTH are they doing?

    I love Matt . I’m sure when he gets enough complaints on the comment boxes, he will make good on it.

  146. Fools. I just wrote to Matt. told him love him, hate the new comments box.

  147. I still have the new Bulky Comments Box! I was gonna say “WOW! That was FAST!”

  148. No I meant in the admin section.

  149. Gulp…

  150. Love lawyer jokes; loved yours, lorac.

  151. Time to propose to lorac, FF. Make her an honest woman, FCS!

  152. Well said, lorac.

  153. So is it possible this guy’s name (and surely the life long mockery that accompanied), drove him to do such a thing?

  154. Let’s ask lorac that question, Crier.

  155. Well, stereotypes is what the vid implies. Reality is that everyone should put their thinking cap on before jumping into the excitement if the moment.

  156. When you’re on top of the world or think you are, like many teens, athletes, celebrities, performers and elected officials, you soon start to think you are invincible and immune to normal rules of behavior. This leads then to embarassing and regrettable actions by these people that quickly find their way in tabloids and gossip columns as well as Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

  157. Well let’s face it. she goes a long way to help solidify the stereotype.

    She’s dumb as a brick.

  158. They ALWAYS get careless and slip up sooner or later. The list of these egomaniacs is too long to print.

  159. Good advice for Weiner and everyone else in the modern age:

  160. Finally. The point has been made that guys who troll for barely legals on the internet don’t know their real ages and cannot verify that they are in fact legal adults. As you all pointed out, anyone can claim anything on the internet. Why this has been missed by the Weiner-defenders is beyond me!

    & Weiner’s actions show a huge lapse of judgment that he was lucky did not end up in something worse had it been found that he actually was conversing and sexting with children. In all the quick-to-defend-Weiner remarks ending up in comparisons to Clinton … this obvious concern was lacking. At least Clinton knew definitively that he was engaging in sexual contact among consenting adults. That is a vast difference in the so-called consensual relationships Weiner had with his internet women.

  161. Wiener can’t last. Gawker leaked the penis pic.

  162. Mcnorman, yep. It’s out there. He has to resign.

  163. Beata, I don’t see any way for this guy to stay.

  164. OMG, an unvarnished pee pee shot?

  165. I just saw it. Knew it’d happen. Are we sure it’s his? Attached to a tweet or email of his?

  166. Yes, if it fits, he must from Congress FLIT.

    The guy’s stupidity is mind-boggling. Like I said, he’s mental.

  167. NES, Breitbart had his pic of it on his cellphone. I don’t know if it was from an email or tweet. The story is on Gawker so you can judge for yourself if it is Weiner. I’m not going to link to it.

  168. Yup NES. The story is that Breitbart did an interview with the two Opy and what’s his name. They asked to see the picture. All the while, there was a video cam going. No one knew that they had actually grabbed the picture until the video was reviewed.

  169. From The Atlantic

    Unfortunately for Breitbart–and for Weiner–that policy no longer holds, because on Wednesday a pair of radio DJs seem to have leaked a photo of Breitbart displaying the money shot on his iPhone.

    Breitbart appeared on Sirius XM’s The Opie and Anthony Show as part of his media tour in which he’s gloating that he was right all along about Weiner. It seems he was so proud of his trophy he had to show it off.

  170. I can’t even call this stupid NES. There is a serious mental issue here.

  171. Yes, there is mcnormon. He trusted his promising political career to total strangers, online, and fatally sealed his own fate. I don’t get it. It’s mind-boggling.

  172. Maybe he has a flasher-like issue…a cyber-flasher.

  173. I don’t know what possesses a man to throw away so much. I’m talking about his wife Huma. Yes, probably is a flasher like issue. Ick.

  174. It’s not like Weiner was interested in meeting and having sex with these women ( at least as far as we know ). It’s more like he is a cyber-exhibitionist. I wonder if he has problems having a real relationship with a woman? Poor Huma. I hope she will not stay with the creep. Ick is right.

  175. Well, he had plans to meet up with the blackjack dealer in Vegas. I guess he really believes what happens in Vegas, stays there. DUMB.

  176. Speaking of someone who really blew everything to the wind.

    Elizabeth is talking from the grave.

    In a final act of revenge, Elizabeth Edwards secretly recorded a testimony in her dying days that helped prosecutors indict husband John last week, it was claimed today.

  177. “In regards to the photo of Anthony Weiner that was leaked by members of The Opie And Anthony show on 6/8, I want to make it clear that Andrew Breitbart had no knowledge that this photo was being made public. A phone with the photo was being displayed and a camera in the studio caught it. It was then uploaded to twitter [sic], again, without Andrew Breitbarts [sic] knowledge.”

  178. Ugh. Poor Huma.

    Btw, if the source of this news is only Weiner himself, I’m not sure I’m not sure I’m ready to believe it, mcnorman. I don’t put The Weiner to spread this ‘news’ to garner sympathy.

  179. I don’t know NES. WSJ is saying that the first person she went to for advice was HRC. It stands to reason that she is a tough cookie, but this kind of stupidity coupled with a pregnancy would be something no one could have envisioned.

  180. Sources are people linked to her not it NES.

  181. Meanwhile his former advocates are questioning his dragging her through the perpetual mud.!/joanwalsh/status/78575245191168002

  182. Oh like I didn’t see this coming.

    And Breitbart pretenting he accidentally released it because he had no idea tha a cam could capture the shot on his phone. That man might as well give up picks of his own dick as well because he hasn’t got an unsleezy bone in HIS body either.

    She’s pregnant. Aw God.

  183. Weiner is DOUBLY stupid. He KNEW he had naked pics out there and he jerked around about resigning. He’s not only stupid, he’s a moron and a typical freak caught up in power hunger. It’s what they do! They think they are untouchable! First place they go when they get too much power is to their dicks! And the freaking pig has the most deadly combo. Perversion AND Stupidity. This moron was making decisions for the USA, everyone. This is the scum we have in DC. He’s NOT unique. NOT ONE BIT.

  184. Let’s hear it for Elizabeth!!! She nailed him! Even DEAD she is smarter than he is.

  185. Even DEAD she is smarter than he is.

    You better believe it. Kudos to Elizabeth.

  186. Aha, mcn. Well then, she’s scr*wed.

  187. Hell hath no fuuuuuuury like a woman scorned.

  188. Idiot finally said his nekkid pics were his.

    His light is dimming fast.

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