Disgusting Delta, in addition to killing pets, now charges soldiers returning from Afghanistan whopping baggage fees.

Delta really needs to stop embarrassing itself. What a disgusting airline they are. Delta, you truly suck. You should be indicted for this.


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  1. Morning Joe had a good conversation about how we have poor kids fighting a war, while only rich kids go to college. 89 percent of people believe the economy is in bad shape…. and Obama is on TV saying it’s only a momentary blip in the recovery. Or, really, he didn’t even say that. He said he doesn’t know if it is just a momentary blip, but hang in there.
    Obama is the guy who should just resign early and get over it. Biden at least has been around long enough to have a passing chance at getting something right and he would be way more amusing.
    Pretty soon there will be no more poor kids to fight this never ending series of wars.

  2. Well as bad as this is and it is bad believe me airlines in general are taking jabs at soldiers and the rest. I do not fly for many reasons but one main one is I refuse to support an industry that treats it customers like filth. They are unsafe, over priced, rude, oh I could go on so no I will not be going to Europe or other places that I can now afford to go see and have the time to I will stay here and see this country.

  3. This is just disgusting and criminal. If the contract between the US Gov’t and Delta allows for 4 bags, why were these soldiers charged $200?

  4. Thanks Uppity. As a Korean War vet I can really appreciate how the returning soldiers feel when they come home and find those they’ve been defending have no higher morality than the bad guys they’ve been fighting.

  5. This is just disgusting and criminal. If the contract between the US Gov’t and Delta allows for 4 bags, why were these soldiers charged $200?

    Because Delta is the world’s worst uncaring and greedy airline that should be removed from the airspace? I mean, what can you expect from an airline that loses dogs and cats and shows no remorse whatsoever? Delta really deserves a massive boycott and an echo in their planes until they clean up their act.

  6. It really disgusts me, Frank.

  7. Anybody seen Mom?

  8. NES that guy should be arrested immediately.

  9. Delta’s policies are another example of corporate profits running wild in America today, IMO.

  10. Obama is the guy who should just resign early and get over it.

    ITA 3 Trillion times.
    Even O’Biden would be better.

  11. BCL Delta is the poster child for deregulation, proving once again that, left on their honor, corporations have no honor.

  12. Are they violating a govt contract? I would love to see them sued into oblivion.

  13. If they have a contract for 4 bags then they are in violation of their contract and the contract should be immediately suspended. Furthermore the federal government should immediately demand the repayment of any baggage fees collected in violation of the policy.

    Where is our government on this??? Someone she be up Delta’s ass. Maybe if our Congressmen would stop texting pictures of their genitals and instead do their jobs which include oversight……..yep better immediately replace them with their wives if we want actual work for our tax dollars.

  14. disgraceful 👿

  15. Oh big deal. Delta apologized because they are sorry they got caught. They make me sick. If it isn’t one cruel unfeeling thing with this airline, it’s another.

  16. This is a strong statemen of Delta’s stance on supporting the very miitary that gives them the ability to do business in the U.S. and beyond. Fly Delta. Where they will extricate every penny out of you, whatever reason.

  17. WTF?!?!?!?
    Ok let me be a little more clear. Thanks to the downsizing our troops now fly commercial. Remember the incident last year of the troops that were shot dead in Germany? Outside the commercial airport? On their way to Ramstein AFB.
    Not so long ago they would have been flown in a military aircraft to and from their duty station.
    Now we have Delta.
    ps- what the hell is this new look in the comment section? Geez- don’t log in for a few days and poof!

  18. Mom, you’re back!! Where’ve you been?

  19. A Delta person mentioned when this broke that they are allowed four bags if they travel……..are you ready? First Class. Otherwise they have three bags. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE GALL OF THIS COMPANY? Soldiers dont’ fly FIrst Class.They are just grateful they are coming home. Delta is a HORRIBLE company, they have proven it time and again. It is time to pull the plug on Delta and Boycott the SHIT out of them.

  20. Heavens! I flew Delta, whose history I did not know, in 2009 on my one and only trip to Europe, for a few days in Spain re: family matters, and hadn’t ridden an airplane anywhere for at least 10 years before that.

    Losing doggies and charging GI Joes and Janes–shameless.

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